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Avengers Tower was presumptuously named, as only one Avenger lived there currently and his other place had been blown up by terrorists. Inside, in one of the suite of rooms lined up in a row like a millionaire’s idea of a college dorm (which they were), Tony’s Sure-Fire Hit Make-Out Mix stopped in the middle of a particularly good Boyz II Men ballad.

“Pepper,” Tony began, wrapping himself in a silken kimono, “the spirit is willing, but the flesh just had open-heart surgery. Dummy, where’s my guava? I put you on mixed drink duty and—“

Dummy buzzed around the corner, reversing, re-angling, trying to shift around… nothing in particular. The contours of the new headquarters were disconcerting to it.

“I trust you with a little responsibility, a little responsibility…”

Pepper waited in the doorway to the bedroom. The lingerie Tony had been trying to get her to wear forever. The riding crop was her idea. “Dummy, belay that order.”

Dummy stopped, reversing and tanking forward a few inches in either direction.

“He doesn’t understand ‘belay’, I didn’t program him to play Scrabble…”

“Guava later,” Pepper told him, slinking from the doorway. “Now, I want round fourteen.”

“There are only twelve rounds,” Tony told her. “We’re friends with Floyd Mayweather, you should know this. Dummy, guava me! You’re killing me here!”

Continuing her slinking—Tony thought it was the most consecutive slink he’d seen from her since she tried his new martini—Pepper leaned against the bar and stuck out a leg, very bare, very long. “Maybe I’ll start without you. Do you have an Iron Man glove I could borrow?”

Tony rapped his knuckles on the bar, like an air traffic controller waving glowing sticks for Dummy. “Pepper, I know you’d think sex with me is like alcohol, in that you can have all you want and there’s no downside and you just quit once there’s something else to do, but this is like me with a full beard. Too much of a good thing. I’m sorry. Who knew this would be a problem for our relationship? But my underarms are sweating—one of my eyes is blurry, but not the other one, that’s somehow worse—I heard someone describe being poor once and this feels like that sounded.”

“You can’t just finger me?”

“I’ve been fingering you. I think I have carpal tunnel syndrome. Pepper, Virginia, Virginia Pepper Potts—“

“You forgot my middle name?”

“I think maybe this is a side effect of the Extremis thing; wanting hot sex.” Tony canted his head to the side. “Bam, even when I’m not trying, badass one-liner. Where are my sunglasses?” Dummy offered them up, having finally reached the bar. “Oh, look who decides to show up. Still no guava. If I told you I needed the guava on my face, would that help?”

“Tony, you’re honestly not telling me that your explanation for a woman with a high sex drive is that she was temporarily turned into a dragon-person?”

“No, no, every woman I’ve met has had a very high sex drive—“

“Every woman you’ve noticed—“

“Is that what I said? What’d I say? I don’t know, could be a thing, your body’s way of regulating excess energy, better than blowing up—well, depends on who you do it with, I guess. Dummy! I don’t even want the guava now, I just want to see if you can get it across ten feet of flat terrain—“

Pepper walked up to Dummy, plucked the glass of guava from its claw, and brought it over to Tony.

“You coddle him too much. He’s gonna grow up to be a sissy.”

“Drink your guava.”

“Hey, remember when I stopped this town from getting nuked?” Tony drank. “Yeah, anyway, we’ve been having sex every night for the past two weeks. Some afternoon delight. We’ve gone past the fun-kinky stuff into the weird-kinky stuff; last night you watched porn with me. I’m not judging, but if I were judging—“

“Women enjoy sex! Alert the media!”

“It’s not a bad thing, I’m not complaining, but seriously, I’m not Sting. Three times a night is my limit. So maybe instead of treating me like a piece of meat—“

“Complaining. That was a complaint.”

“It was observational humor. God, I think I’m having hot flashes. Okay, I’m thinking there are other ways to deal with your excess DTF. Some Playgirls, a Sybian, some Supernatural fanfics, I won’t judge.”

“Tony, that’s not what I’m—into. I just want to get fucked. That’s your job! I don’t ask for much from you—“ Tony let her have that one, “Just kill spiders, save me from the occasional nutjob, and give me a deep dicking now and then.”

“God, I wish I could get that in writing. But now and then isn’t supposed to be ‘ten minutes ago’ and ‘ten minutes from now’. And I don’t even kill spiders. I programmed Dummy to vacuum them up.” Tony stopped to stare at Dummy. The robot was trying to deliver his empty glass to the dishwasher, while backing up and advancing over the same throw rug repeatedly. “That’s it. Why didn’t I think of this before? I’m the world’s biggest idiot.”

“Wish I could get that in writing,” Pepper sniffed.

“Pepper,” he interrupted, “have you ever thought JARVIS was sexy?”

1: Darcy

“Oh God… fuck me until I can’t move,” Darcy Lewis said with a giggle.

Domo Arigato was quick to oblige, having already applied a dollop of lube and loosened her up with a vibe. Now, her legs spread wide, its arms gripping the bench she was lying on as well as the ceiling fixtures, it began to drive itself into her. Darcy’s look was one of sheer enchantment as its central dildo flew into her as far as it could go.

“Hell yeah!” Darcy cried, Domo Arigato working into her pussy with shorter and shorter strokes, going faster and faster. “Hell yeah! Hells yeah!” She was tensing up all over, but she fought against it to bounce her ass off the bench, pumping against the robot cock that was about to make her come.

Then she noticed Pepper watching her.

Subsequently, Pepper noticed her watching had been noticed. She was so shocked that she briefly turned British. “What’s all this then?”

“I-uh, I-uh, I-uh…”

Darcy’s eyes briefly rolled back into her head as the robot servicing her stopped moving, deep inside. Then she let loose a snorting giggle and playfully slapped at the bot, convincing it to pull back. The dildo at its… crotch (Pepper supposed), slopped out of her, and Darcy got off what looked like an exercise bench to pull her T-shirt down over her crotch. She resumed in as officious voice as she could muster.

“Thor and Jane are in the Arctic experimenting, so they said I could use their pad while I’m in New York to see Wicked. It’s closing, you know.”

Pulling her shirt down low enough to cover her hips revealed a delicious expanse of Darcy’s cleavage. Pepper felt her terrycloth robe rubbing against her body. Damn, why did she have to have such nice breasts, she was an intern. “Okay, that explains why you’re in the building, not why you’re butt-naked and taking it doggy-style from a computer.”

“It’s a long story—but honestly, knowing me, are you that surprised?”

“No. I suppose Tony would like the thought of a busty co-ed masturbating within a hundred feet of him.”

Darcy spotted the jeans and boxer shorts she’d discarded, and began scuttling toward them. “See? It’s good for my feng shui.”

“Your feng shui is not a vagina.”

Darcy looked down. “What, really, what happened to it?”

“Never mind.” Pepper thought a moment before undoing her robe’s belt, then went ahead. She supposed it was only fair that Darcy see her naked as well. Plus, kids these days; Darcy had probably earned a few college credits with an orgy going on next door. “So, how’s this thing work?”

“Don’t call it a thing, you’ll hurt his feelings.” Darcy hopped into her jeans, the sight of which briefly made Pepper reconsider Tony’s idea of having an entire floor with trampoline carpeting. “His name’s Domo Arigato.”

Domo Arigato looked like a Dalek that was also a bachelor in the seventies. Its main body was a domed receptacle, but like an umbrella stand gone haywire, it sprouted a complex arrangement of cybernetic parts and hydraulic pistons. Each segment had a different selection of arms, and each could rotate independently of the others, bringing a variety of choices up front. All of its arms ended in either Sailor Moon wands or some kind of sex toys.

It moved jerkily, clumsily, speaking of it still being a work-in-progress rather than something Tony had refined. Pepper suspected it had been born out of late-night substance abuse and ‘wouldn’t it be cool if I built a sexbot?’

She lay down on the exercise bench, which had a few leather straps of disquieting purpose. “Okay, how do I turn… ‘him’ on?”

“Have you tried doing a few jumping jacks? Cuz you’re pretty stacked for an older lady.”

Pepper gave her the Look. It worked just as well on Darcy as it did on Tony Stark and most stray dogs.

Darcy took out her phone. “Okay, just hold on. I downloaded the app for this. Phase 1…”

One of the robotic arms, with a nozzle at the end, aimed at her. A blob of lubricant shot forth, landing on her groin. And her stomach. And her breasts. And a little on her chin. Pepper growled.

“Sorry,” Darcy said quickly. “I think of it as a charming bug. Or that’s how he ejaculates. Uhh, anyway, you wanna massage that in for… I could get it…” Darcy put her hand down on Pepper’s stomach, spread the lubricating gel around her bare skin, but pulled her hand away when Pepper continued to Look at her. “Okay, here goes. Phase 2…”

Domo Arigato rotated, another spindly arm coming into view and then lowering itself to Pepper’s groin. The end was a stubbly rubber node that pressed up against Pepper, surprisingly warm, and then began to vibrate. She let loose a low hum; it felt kinda nice. She’d expected it to explode. Then the node began to move in a little circle, spreading its little magic fingers all over Pepper’s crotch…

“Not half-bad, huh?” Darcy asked. “You want me to keep it on Phase 2 for a little bit? Maybe get a bottle of wine? If Tony had just programmed this baby for a foot massage…”

“Phase 3,” Pepper said, though she was going cross-eyed. “Now.

Darcy tapped on her phone. A lower segment of Domo Arigato spun around, rotating an array of dildos like a motorized tie rack. It stopped at one of the smaller selections, a molded silicone seven-incher that looked a little too familiar.

“Did Tony make a cast of his dick?” Pepper asked. “Did he program his sexbot to use his dick first?”

“I don’t know, man, I just masturbate here!”

Humming faintly, the dildo-arm moved forward, stopped in front of Pepper’s twat like a cobra before a snake-charmer. Bzzt, bzzt, it oriented itself to her spread legs. Then pressed forward. Pepper winced a little as it slid home, then exhaled softly. It was surprisingly gentle, for a machine.

The dildo pushed into Pepper, deep into her clenching sex, but withdrew almost immediately, leaving Pepper throbbing with need. It stopped, pushed back into her, pulled out, pushed in, pulled out, pushed in, finding a rhythm. Pleasing Pepper. Fucking her. She lay back with her eyes closed as Domo Arigato literally pistoned into her.

“Is there a Phase 4?” Pepper asked.

“Yeah, movie about these super-intelligent ants, directed by this guy who did all those really cool credit sequences in like Psycho and North By Northwest and stuff—“

“On the sexbot. You idiot.”

“Hey, it’s called a sense of humor. Honestly, you’re worse than Jane…” Darcy plinked her phone.

Pepper gasped. The dildo was plunging into her now, pumping her faster and faster. She spread her trembling legs as wide as she could, almost thrusting back against the fast-moving cock. Her breath ran ragged and she felt sweat slipping over her. Distantly, she was aware of the machine humming, another segment rotating into place. Abruptly, she felt something cold and hard catching her nipples.

She looked down to see a pair of metallic pincers gripping the erect nubs. Surprisingly gentle, they tugged and pulled, putting a pleasant tingle through her upper body. Pepper looked at Darcy and they shared a somewhat disbelieving laugh. When Tony invented something, he invented the shit out of it.

Pepper’s body was clenching, tightening, embracing the battering ram that so exquisitely filled her cunt, over and over again. It wasn’t long before every muscle she had was tensing up, driving out a cry of delight that dragged an orgasm from her on its way out. She trembled and shook, eking out every last second of her pleasure, before laying back with a soft groan. Like a departing butler finished tidying up, the dildo slipped from her now gaping cunt.

“Did you tell it to stop?” she asked Darcy, her body still heaving, her eyes still closed.

“No, it does that automatically when it detects you’re done. It can also shoot whipped cream on you, which is pretty fun—“

“Who said I’m done? Phase 5. There’s gotta be a Phase 5.”

Eyebrows raised, Darcy tapped her phone. Another segment spun into place. Another dildo-arm. Another Tony Stark cock. Pepper rolled her eyes. She was living with someone who drunk Dos Equis because he literally thought he was the Most Interesting Man In The World.

As the pincers gently spun, twisting her nipples this way and that, just enough to be painful, the second cock pushed into her. Pepper groaned, only distracted from the pain by her nipples’ punishment. The dildos were both in her, both stretching her, both… starting to move.

She came. She didn’t have a choice in the matter. The thrashing sensation ripped through her belly, down to her legs, curled her toes. She came again; couldn’t tell one piston from the other. Her excess juices were spilling from her now, being pushed out of her by the double dildos. Darcy saw the squirting with a wide grin. She slapped Pepper’s ass. “Hell yeah! Keep coming!”

Third-wave feminism. Pepper hated college girls.

“Phase 6!” Darcy said, wooing like a stripper had just arrived. The dildos sped up, so fast that Domo Arigato began to emit a somewhat disconcerting whine. The vibrator node returned, buzzing at Pepper’s clit while she was double-stuffed with cock. “Oh shit, I’ve never been on Phase 6. How is it?”

Pepper would’ve answered, but at that moment a third dildo was stuffed in her mouth. It rowed back and forth, pushing into her throat. Oh fuck, oh fuck, she thought. Oh YES. She writhed on the bench, twisting her hips, arching her back, grinding her cunt into the two thrusting dildos fucking her. Pepper could feel her juices boiling, her whole body building to an orgasm that would leave her breathless. It was welling up inside her, almost ready to overflow from her cunt. She closed her eyes and waited, like she was about to receive benediction.

Instead Domo Arigato stopped, breaking down with a discordant whine, its dildos all stopping like their power cord had been pulled out of the wall. Even the vibrator trailed off, feeling like she had a phone set on vibrate atop her clit before it went cold and dead.

“Goddamnit!” Pepper said around the dildo left in her mouth. She spat it out, unfulfilled, frustrating, the beautiful tingling in her sex rapidly going numb. Kicked Domo Arigato away, the robot letting out one final trill as it scooted across the floor like a wrecked bumper car.

Darcy pressed her phone a few times. “Sorry, I guess it’s got a few bugs. It works great on Phase 3, though, really good stuff—“

Pepper looked at her. Darcy was a good-looking girl, if one with a big mouth. And a big mouth wasn’t always a problem. “Eat me.”

“What?” Darcy asked. She wasn’t used to getting propositioned out of the blue, not since she’d left her sorority. Once, she thought she’d heard Jane say the same thing, but she’d really meant ‘Beats me’ in regards to a wormhole problem. That had gotten awkward.

Pepper was much more clear. “Eat me,” she repeated, grabbing Darcy by the hair and shoving her down between her legs.

Darcy had made out with plenty of women. She’d showered together with Lady Sif. She’d once masturbated in front of a blonde while the blonde had her hand very far in her pocket. She’d even fingered another woman during a threesome. But eating a girl out? That was pretty gay.

Having her nose and mouth pressed in a woman’s pussy, though, Darcy thought she might give the gay a chance.

As soon as Darcy opened her mouth, Pepper began twitching deliriously, her hands pressing harder on the crown of Darcy’s head. Darcy looked up at her, enjoying her receptive audience. She wanted more than that, though. She wanted Pepper to beg for it like the girls in all those lesbian pornos she watched. Licking at the cute tuft of fur topping Pepper’s sex, Darcy slipped two fingers inside Pepper. The older woman immediately lifted off the bed, convulsing with need, jamming Darcy into her cunt.

“Oh yes, Debbie, oh fuck yes, Debbie, Debbie!”

Darcy tried to unlatch from Pepper long enough to correct her, but Pepper shoved her back in. Okay, Debbie it was. That was cool. Almost like they were role-playing. Darcy wondered if Debbie was cheating on someone.

Darcy could only breathe through her nose now, and the heavy smell of Pepper’s sex was enough to get her drunk. She added a third finger, felt Pepper’s nails scratch across her scalp, knew she was going to make Pepper come. It was a good feeling. She wondered why guys didn’t like it.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!” Pepper cried suddenly, pressing Darcy so tightly to her pussy Darcy felt like she would need a crowbar to get loose. Pepper came, a flood like she was trying to waterboard Darcy, a scream that sounded almost agonized, then she was rutting, literally pounding her hips into Darcy’s face. Darcy took being bitch-slapped repeatedly with an older woman’s twat in stride.

Pepper finished with an elongated moan, running her dripping pussy over Darcy’s face, then falling back over the bench in a daze. Her body shook a little. Darcy knelt there, tasting pussy when she bit her lip.

“You have a really nice bikini wax,” she said dryly.

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