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Back upstairs in Tony’s suite, Pepper fixed herself a warm cup of chocolate milk and helped herself to some jelly beans in the candy dish. She wasn’t looking forward to explaining this to Tony; not that he’d be angry…

“Don’t worry about it, Pep,” Tony said when she was done, “if I were a woman and I couldn’t have sex with me, the first thing I’d do would be lesbianism.”

Pepper let him have that one. She had broken his sexbot. “Speaking of which, about your robot—you built an AI specifically designed for sex work?”

“Yeah,” Tony said smugly. “Programmed it all from memory.”

“Doesn’t that make it a sex slave? Couldn’t it resent its status in some way?”

“Nah, ol’ Ultron loves it. I don’t see him being a problem.”

Tony looked good, now that he’d gone an hour without servicing her. And Pepper had to admit, she felt pretty nice as well. The itch wasn’t gone, but it was at least manageable. She hated to admit it, but this had been a good idea on Tony’s part.

“So,” she asked with a sip, “how long until you have ‘Ultron’ fixed?”

“I have to order some vibranium parts from Wakanda, so it might be a while. The guy in charge over there is a real asshole. Hot wife, though.”

“That’s alright.” Pepper put her hand on his leg. “I can always go green…”

Tony slipped away from her, standing and doing a few paces. “Uh, yeah, ‘bout that. I think I might need more time to recover from open-heart surgery than—“ Tony checked his watch. “Forty-five minutes.”

Pepper stripped off her robe again. She was liking the fluttering it made when she ripped it away. “You’re saying no to this?

“Uhhhh… I’m saying rain-check? No offense, but I’m getting a few of those PTSD flashbacks. Please put your breasts away.”

“Seriously?” Pepper picked her robe back up. “You’ve been a walking hard-on all your life and now that we’re in a relationship you turn into Sherlock Holmes?”

“Sherlock Holmes and Watson were very happy together,” Tony reasoned. He whirled around, hands to his head, as if scanning the apartment for an answer. “Look, I’m not saying you have to be faithful to me. If you want, Darcy seems like she’d be a very good side ho…”

“Darcy is flying out to Oslo in the morning to help Dr. Selvig with some Chitauri tech.”

Tony slapped his forehead. “I am the worst bro ever. I should throw out my beer pong table.”

“Probably, you’re fifty years old…”

Rhodey!” Tony threw his hands down. “He’s my bro, and this is exactly the sort of situation your bro is meant for. If your penis is out of commission, your bro satisfies your girlfriend. That’s just the man code. If I were a woman and I couldn’t sleep with me and for some reason lesbianism didn’t work out, I’d go for Rhodey. I wouldn’t even question it.”

“No homo,” Pepper added, somewhat sardonically.

“It’d be hetero in this scenario, Pepper, I’m a woman, try to remember.” Tony finger-gunned her. “Rhodey, yes or no?”

Pepper was already picturing him naked. “Fine. But only because you’re sick and I’m a nymphomaniac at the moment—I’m still very devoted to this relationship. Is he big?”

“Very.” Then Tony’s eyebrows wrinkled, trying to decide which was weirder, that Pepper had assumed he’d seen Rhodey naked or that she’d been right. “JARVIS, call up Rhodey.”


“…so, since Pepper is temporarily a nymphomaniac, I need you to come to Avengers Tower and satisfy her.”

“Tony, I’m not falling for that again.”

“James, it’s Pepper. Tony’s telling the truth. I know it’s a bit presumptuous to think that you’d be up for a night of meaningless, no-strings-attached sex—“

“I’m on my way.”


Pepper tried to make things comfortable. She invited Rhodey to the guest room, made coffee, talked it over with him first.

“Just so you know, I don’t at all want you to feel obligated or uncomfortable about this. If you want to leave or stop at any time, that’s fine. I’d like to treat this just as a physical act of passion. Obviously, you’re very good friends with both Tony and myself, so you wouldn’t want to come between us, and I wouldn’t want to come between you, but I don’t think Tony or anyone else will be jealous. We all just want to have a good time and explore some things. Oh, and I’m not doing this because of any stereotypes, but because I think you’ll be a caring and giving lover.”

Rhodey nodded understandingly. “Can I ask you a question? Have you ever done anal?”

“You mean like pegging?”

He did not.

That was how Pepper ended up getting fucked in the ass. Aliens were real, magic was a thing, and she was getting done in the backdoor by her boyfriend’s best friend. She guessed the tabloids got it right after all.

“Fuck my ass, Rhodey!” She was bent over the back of a couch—hadn’t even had time to take off more than the skirt and panties of the business suit she’d chosen to meet Rhodes in for some impossible reason. Now her suit jacket was hanging open, her bra thrown across her chest by his groping hands, her breasts giggling within her blouse. She squirmed, jabbing her ass back to meet his well-lubricated dick. “This is—really a lot more fun than it looks!”

Rhodey leaned over her—she felt his smooth cheeks brushing the back of her neck, his cool lips kissing the nape. His fingers dove under her blouse, ripping her bra off entirely, getting a good handful of her soft mounds before he reared back up, hand on the back of her head, shoveling a few more hard thrusts into her. God, that felt good.

“My pleasure, Ms. Potts,” he said sardonically. “Anything for a friend.”

His hands slipped under her body, finding the tattered remains of her panties still strung between her thighs, well below the fucking her ass was taking. They still clung to her damp pussy, and he pushed them aside to enter her with unmanicured nails, callused fingertips. He was so different from Tony. Pepper wondered if that was what made it so good.

“Oh, you’re a really good friend!” Pepper was panting now, her breath sounding pornographic, obscene to her own ears. She sounded like a slut. She loved sounding like a slut. “Give it to me! Please! More anal intercourse!

Rhodey laughed wildly and slapped both his hands on Pepper’s ass, digging his thumbs into what little fat her spin class left and pulled her open to savagely hammer himself into her. Pepper’s head flew up with a wild cry as he jammed into her, deeper than ever.

“Like that, Pep? You want to ream your tight little ass like that?”

“Just like that!” Pepper nodded, as if it weren’t a rhetorical question. “That is exactly the way I want my tight little ass reamed! Harder, if at all possible!

Rhodes had seen a lot of weird shit in his time. Guy breathing fire, robots, the new design for his War Machine suit. But he had the hardest time believing anyone could take the dicking he was giving, much less someone like Pepper, who was tough-as-nails no doubt, but looked like she could catch a fatal disease just riding on the subway. He guessed Extremis had left her with some superhuman endurance, like he was fucking Captain America.

Bad mental image.

“I always knew Tony was a bit of an idiot,” he gasped, outright bucking into her like a wild bull, “but if he’s actually not tapping this every night…”

“Give it to me!” Pepper begged hoarsely. “But just so you know—oh fuck—it’s actually very responsible of him—shit, shit!—to listen to his doctors and not just—fuck me!”

He fucked her harder, part of him taking up a challenge, almost wanting her to beg him for mercy. Good God, she was freaky. Rhodey supposed she would have to be to date Tony Stark, but shit, he’d thought she could just deep-throat, something reasonable like that.

For a split-second Pepper was taken aback, feeling jolts of pain shoot through her, but it quickly turned to pleasure. She had no doubt Rhodey was fucking her as hard as humanly possible, and it was almost enough to overwhelm her. But only ‘almost’. She dug her elbows into the couch cushion and rammed her ass backward every bit as hard as he was thrusting forward. In just a few collisions, her panting breath sucked in, exploded out of her as a shriek of pure release.

To her delight, Rhodey lifted her up, pulling her back flush against his chest in some kind of goddamn Kama Sutra move (as Pepper had failed to recall, she may have been Tony’s girlfriend, but Rhodey was his bestie). In that position, it was impossible for him to continue thrusting, but her throbbing clit was on display like a museum exhibit and he strummed it like a guitar, elongating, intensifying, even redoing her orgasm.

Rhodey wanted to keep going, but he knew his limitations; already, the first of his load had begun dolloping out of his prick. He whirled around, jamming Pepper against the nearby wall, and managed one long lunge into her asshole. Pepper moaned in utter debasement, feeling him come inside her. It was incredible. Every jet of cum she felt shooting into her brought an explosion of pleasure, like a bubble of molten lead that swelled before ripping itself apart into liquid fire.

In short order, Pepper felt her pussy tightening, heating up, slickening like she was getting lubed up again. She closed her eyes, felt a wet relief push inside her sex, and heard the drizzle of herself squirting on the hardwood floor. Rhodey set her down, and she felt her bare feet in a puddle like a melted ice cube on the kitchen floor.

Rhodey looked down along with her. “Now that’s what I call a pepper spray,” he said.

Pepper had always wondered how an actual person like Rhodey got along with someone like Tony, who she could lovingly describe as trash with great hair. She now no longer wondered.

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