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Chapter 4 Blame Game

Kurt Wagner stalked off, looking for someone to talk to. Rahne had reacted poorly to his presence, and he knew it was best to just leave her be for the moment. He had to admit that he felt hurt by the fact that Rahne didn’t want his comfort thru this hard time, but he didn’t want to burden poor Rahne with that knowledge. He wanted what was best for her, and if that didn’t include him, so be it. But he did need someone to talk to. So we went to the lab where he knew he would find Hank tinkering with something. As he entered, Hank barely acknowledged him at all. He was too busy examining the information on his computer.

“ Hank, I would like to talk to you about something…”


“ Hank, if you could spare a moment,”


“Hank, I just fell madly in love with Logan and need you to perform a sex change operation immediately!”

“ I’m sorry Kurt, did you say something?”

“ Never mind. It’s Rahne, she awoke from her coma this morning.”

“ She did? That’s terrific news! How is she doing, all things considered?”

“ I don’t know, really. She doesn’t want me with her right now.”

“ And this you feel hurt by this?”

“Ja. I care for her very much. When we were in Excalibur together, we became very close. Now she can’t bear to touch me, and I don’t know vhy. She’s clinging to Jean, whom she barely knows.”

“ Oh, dear.”

“Vas? Is there something I should know about?”

Hank looked at Kurt curiously for a moment before he responded, “ Umm, it’s a common post traumatic stress reaction among young females. Rahne is clinging to Jean, seeing her as a mother figure and emotionally reaching to her for support to help her cope with everything she’s been thru.”

“ Oh. So what have you been doing here? I saw you here last night, and something tells me that you haven’t gotten any sleep since then.”

“ I’ve been looking over this disc that Logan gave me. The information therein is quite fascinating. The comparative data on the different healing factors possessed by Marrow, Feral and the others reveals so much about the human immune system. They have discovered ways to limit nerve damage from deep wounds, and how to prevent a scar tissue from forming while still healing the wound. Combine that with the data they gathered on Wolfsbane’s ability to transform, and I believe I might be able to synthesize a formula capable of healing the human alm almost instantly!”

“ Wait a moment, mien friend, why are you even looking at this data?”

“I was reviewing the data on what those monsters inflicted on Rahne when I read their findings. The wealth of knowledge contained is enormous…”

“ Knowledge gained at the cost of human lives! Nothing good can come of it, why were you even looking at the data?”

“ I was informed that the disk contained detailed information on the heinous medical procedures that were performed on Rahne. If we’re to be of any help to her at all, we need to know exactly what was done to her body. This other data may be utilized to help her recover, as well.”

“ If you say so. But we use it only to help Rahne. She, and she alone, is the only person who deserves to benefit from what those evil men did to her.”


Cecelia searched threw the shelves, looking for something she thought Rahne could stomach in her condition. Most of the X-Men, herself included, preferred spicy foods or something with taste. But she knew Rahne would have a tough time stomaching anything in her current state, so it was hard to find something she knew Rahne could eat. After a little searching, she found a can of chicken soup.

*A classic, to be sure. I thought you had finer tastes, though Ms. Reyes*

Cecelia spun around and saw Emma Frost, A.K.A the White Queen. Despite how much she wanted to deny it, the woman’s presence disturbed her a great deal. She just had a hard time trusting some one who had caused so much trouble in the past, reformed or not.

“ It’s for Rahne. She’s come out of her coma and she hasn’t had any real food in some time. Those bastards just fed her intravenously, and only enough to keep her body alive for them to experiment on.”

“ The poor child, I can’t begin to imagine what was done to her. How is her condition now? I, along with every other telepath in the school, felt her flash of pain and fear when she awoke.”

“ As far as I can tell, she’s still in shock, emotionally. She’s talking, if only a little bit, which is good. She nearly took my head off when she woke up, though. If or when she fully recovers emotionally though is beyond me. My area of expertise is the body, not the mind.”

“ She’s a very strong girl, so don’t rule out recovery just yet. I… knew her when she was younger. Is there any way that I can be of help?”

“ Yes, I read about your attempts to brainwash her. And I don’t think that’s called for here.” Cecelia said coldly as she started the chicken soup. She made no secret of the fact that she didn’t trust Emma, and took almost any opportunity to remind her of that.

“ That wasn’t what I meant,” Emma scowled, “ and whether you believe it or not, I do care about her well being.”

“ We all do. Excuse me, my patient is waiting.” Cecelia poured the soup into a bowl and walked past Emma without even looking her in the face.


When Cecelia gave Rahne the soup, she pulled Jean aside for a moment to talk to her. To best help Rahne, she needed to know everything that had happened to her, and she didn’t trust the idea that it was all contained in the C.D Logan had given Hank. Cecelia knew it was too soon to ask Rahne, but she hoped she might have volunteered some information, though she knew it wasn’t very likely.

“ How is she? Has she said anything about what happened?”

“ She’s barely spoken a word since you left. All I can sense from her is anxiety and guilt. I think she’s afraid that she’s going to wake from this and still be in that horrible lab.”

“ Doctor Reyesme qme quick! Something’s wrong with Rahne!”

The two rushed into the room, and saw that Rahne was leaning over the side of her bed, vomiting.

“ She was fine a minute ago and then she just got sick and started throwing up, what wrong with her?!” Dani asked frantically.

Cecelia looked at the bowl and immediately saw the problem.

“ Nothing. She’s fine. She just ate the soup too fast and upset her stomach.”

“ I’m so sorry Ms. Reye, I was jus’… so hungry… an’ I …I” Rahne said, almost hysterical.

“ It’s okay, Rahne, It’s okay, calm down. I understand. I’ll bring you some more soup, and you’ll just have to eat it slower, all right? Dani, why don’t you get some towels to clean this up, okay?”

“ I’m…so sorry fer causing ye trouble…” Rahned sod softly.

“ It’s okay Rahne. I’m a doctor. It’s your job to cause me trouble, sweetheart.”


After Rahne finished her fourth bowl of soup, Dani decided that it was time to find out what the hell had happened to her.

“ Rahne, we need to talk about what happened to you while you were a prisoner on that island. What exactly did they do to you on that island?”

“ I don’ remember.” Rahne said without emotion.

“ That’s a lie, Rahne. You never were much good when it came to lying. If you didn’t remember, why would you ask about Kyle? And how did you know that you were held for so long?” Rahne just turned away, unable to look Dani in the eyes.

“ I… don’ want to talk aboot it.”

“ I know you don’t, Rahne, but you need to. You can’t make it thru this alone, and you certainly don’t have too. What happened to you?”

*Dani! This isn’t the time to be interrogating her about what happened to her! She’s traumatized enough!* Jean ‘yelled’ at her telepathically.

*You honestly think that I want to do this? Do you? I have no choice! I’ve been inside her mind more than anyone else in her entire life! I know her! The longer she doesn’t talk about what happened, the longer she has to repress it! Like when we fought the Beyonder, like she tried to do when Doug died! I’ve seen her do it too many times in the past, and I won’t let it happen here!* Dani snapped back.

“Nothing. I DON’ REMEMBER! Please, jus’ stop it…” Rahne begged.

“ I can’t, Rahne. I wish I could, but I can’t. I need to know what happened.”

“ I said I don’ remember!”

“ At least tell me why you’re stone walling me, Rahne, you owe me that much. Just tell me why you don’t want to talk about it, and I’ll drop it.”

“ Promise? On yuir honor?”

“On my honor, Rahne. Just tell me why.” It was a lie, of course. Honor be damned, Dani would sacrifice it a thousand times over to help Rahne, but this way she could at least gain some insight into what happened. Or so she believed.

Rahne looked Dani in the eyes and said, “ Because I deserved everythin’ they did to muh body. Happy?”

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