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Hello, if you’re reading this, hopefully you have just finished reading the fanfic “ In the Name of Science”, and with any luck you have given some feedback (hint, hint). And you may be wondering where I got the idea to put Rahne thru such hell. It’s a long and complex story, so I’ll start at the beginning. During World War Two, the Nazis performed horrible medical experiments on those who were imprisoned in concentration camps. They dipped Russian soldiers into freezing cold water to study hypothermia; they put some victims under sun lamps so hot that they burned the skin and all other kinds of torture. The vast majority of the experiments were simply excuses by the Nazis to put those they deemed inferior to a painful death. No one is known to have survived the Nazis’ medical experiments, and what I put Rahne thru was likely only a fraction of what they suffered thru. But some experiments did actually yield legitimate, possibly useful data (unlike what happened with Rahne, where we knew for a fact that the data could be of use). After the war, the international community was left with the tricky question on what to do with the data. They ultimately decided to basically bury it. Why? Because at first glance, it was an easy question with an easy answer. The cons greatly outweighed the pros. The legitimate data was very small, mostly covering hypothermia. People died to get the data, and they didn’t know how useful the data could be, if at all. Anyone who might have pointed out these people the nazis killed were going to stay dead and the information should be used to give their deaths meaning would be most likely, and unfairly, be considered a nazis sympathizer. (And for the record, I don’t think less of anyone who disagrees with me on the issue of using the information) But, in my opinion, the question on “whether or not it is right to use medical information gained thru torture?’ was never answered. They skirted the line, and took the easy way out. It was a question my eight grade English teacher asked me some time ago, and I couldn’t answer it then. But that didn’t mean that I never thought about it.

“ In the Name of Science” was actually never intended to be a stand-alone story. I intended to write a huge war story using the marvel universe, and what’s now “ In the Name of Science” was intended to be part of the epilogue. But I remembered something rather important. I’m lazy. Looking back now, I can’t begin to imagine how long my story would have had to be or how long it would have taken me to write it. But the idea stuck with me, and I decided to see it thru. Instead of going with some modern Nazis or some such, I decided to ‘paint with gray’. To ‘even out’ the debate, I changed a few things, while leaving the question ‘is it right to use medical data gathered thru torture?’ intact. No large scale war, and Dr. Calvin was a lost soul willing to damn his soul to save lives, not a cruel sadistic Nazis who wanted to inflict pain. And the data that he gathered can work miracles and save lives, via the plot devise of the pancura formula. The pancura formula was created solely to be the ultimate pro to balance out the hell that Rahne lived thru. And so the argument for the ‘use the data side’ becomes a lot less lop-sided and the debate is on even ground. But I left many things the same. The ‘labs’ Rahne survived were almost as terrible as the camps (I doubt I could ever accurately convey how horrible the concentration camps were), the guards just as evil and the experience just as devastating. Also, though you may not have noticed it, I also slipped in the question that “Can we use the data without condoning on some level what was done” via Cecelia. Her comments at the end closely mirrored Dr. Calvin’s, and that was intentional. Just something to think about. As you no doubt know, I feel one way about the subject, though I certainly don’t expect everyone to agree with me. I only hope that what I wrote was provoked thought. Thank you for your time

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