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Chapter 13 Revelations

“…That will be all for today class. And don’t think just because there was an attack this morning that you won’t have to do your homework.”

As Jean dismissed the class, she chided herself leaving Rahne by herself for so long. It had been two hours now, and she never got a chance to tell Dani that she couldn’t stay with her. As soon as Jean had finished her sweep, Cyclops had her stand in for one of the classes and wouldn’t take no for an answer. But now that the short class was over, Jean was finally able to get back to Rahne.

“ Jean?”

Jean turned and saw Dani standing in the doorway with her hands on her hips.

-She’s probably going to chew me out for leaving Rahne alone. Can’t much blame her- Jean thought to herself, “ I know what you’re going to say, Dani, and you’re right. I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t have left Rahne alone so long, I should have called you or…”

“ Don’t sweat it, Jean. I’m not here about that. I’m just here to show you this…”

Dani stepped aside to reveal Rahne, wearing a turtleneck sweater and jeans, without any crutches or the slightest limp, and most importantly, smiling and shedding tears of joy, something Jean never expected to see.

“ Rahne? Is… that you? Where are your crutches?” Jean asked, completely dumbfounded. In a way, Jean hardly recognized Rahne with her joyful demeanor.

“ I don’ need ‘em anymore! I’m completely healed! I ken walk, have children, an’ muh change form is stronger than e’er!” Rahne explained as she rushed to embrace Jean, “ I’m a real woman again!”

“ That’s fantastic Rahne! But how?”

“ Accordin’ tae Cecelia, Hank created a formula tae heal me usin’ all the Shi’ar technology we hae layin’ aboot!”

Jean exchanged a curious glance with Dani,

“ I guess that’s what they wanted to talk to you about…”

“ Jean?”

“ Yes, Rahne?”

“ I know… it’s sudden an’ all, but…”

“ Yes?”

“ Are…are ye still up f’r that picnic? With Kurt, I mean?” She asked nervously.


-Picnic. Who ever thought something so simple could make someone so very nervous?- Kurt Wagner, A.K.A Nightcrawler thought to himself he entered the danger room. He ran his fingers over the controls and brought a program that was an old favorite of his. With a flash of light, a set of rings and bars appeared on the ceiling. With a -Bamf!-, he was in the air, casually flipping thru the bars as he mulled over what he would say to Rahne when he saw her later today. Oddly enough, despite the fact he cared a great deal for her, he truly dreaded seeing Rahne.

-I’ve faced all kinds of threats without thinking twice- He thought to himself, -why can’t this be the same?-. But he knew why this was different than any other situation he had really ever faced before. It was because he was now a priest in training. He half expected Rahne to ask him why God would allow someone as pure and devoted as herself to be raped and tortured for three straight months, and he really didn’t have a convincing answer that he could give himself, let alone Rahne. And in a way, his friend ship with Rahne made matters even worse. They served together in Excalibur, and in that time he had come to know the young Scots woman very well. They had a lot in common, after all. They were both deeply religious (though in different denominations) and both at times had trouble reconciling their faith with their powers. In fact, both Kurt and Rahne had been chased by angry mobs determined to kill them because they were seen as demons. As a result, they had become very close during their time on Muir Island. To be helpless to help her recover was almost more than he could bear. But at the same time, to be expected to ‘explain’ why she was raped and tortured wasn’t something he was sure he could do either. And as ashamed as he was to admit it, he didn’t know if he had that kind of strength.

-Perhaps…-Kurt, for a moment, considered ‘losing track of time’ in the danger room. That way, he would have an excuse not to see Rahne…but he dismissed the thought just as quickly.

-Rahne is my friend, and I well not abandon her in her time of need, regardless of how uncomfortable I may be- He thought to himself, disgusted with the idea of avoiding Rahne.

Nightcrawler quickly flipped down thru the bars and smashed his foot into the control panel, ending the program. He decided that instead of wasting his time working out, he decided that he would take a quick shower, meet Jean and Rahne, and have a good time. As the doors to the danger room opened, he was shocked to see Rahne and Jean, with a picnic basket in hand, standing outside.

“ I thought the picnic was scheduled for later, mien friends. Am I late?” Kurt asked, concerned. How could he lose track of time?

“ It started to rain, and so the professor suggested that we use the danger room.” Jean explained.

“ Oh.” Kurt noticed that Rahne was hanging back, slightly behind Jean. Jean noticed that too, and she pushed Rahne forward a little.

“ It’s good to see you again, Rahne.” Kurt said. Kurt with considerable effort, prevented himself from physically reaching out to her. He knew how she would react, and he certainly didn’t want that.

“ 'Tis…good tae see ye tae.” Rahne replied, “ How… have ye been?”

-Going mad with worry about your welfare- He thought, “ I am an X-Man. I’ve been busy hitting things and blowing them up.”

Both Rahne and Kurt enjoyed an awkward laugh at the joke. While they were laughing, Jean went over the controls and programmed the danger room to create a beautiful, sunny landscape.

“That reminds me, Rahne, have I ever told you about the time when I fought Arcade to save the life of a European princess?”

-Only aboot a million times- Rahne thought to herself, “ Nae, ne’er.”

“ Well, it was quite an adventure, believe me…”



“ I cannae believe I ate so much at dinner!”

“ Well, everyone gets hungry every once and a while, Rahne.” Dani said as she tucked her friend in, “ Don’t let it bother you none”.

“ And everyone was too happy to see you to notice how much you ate, Rahne.”

“An’ even one was surprised that I was smilin’, I wager.” Rahne replied.

“ Well, to be honest, yeah. I surprised at how well you reacted to that treatment, Rahne.”

“ I know what ye mean. And… I’m nae gonna lie t’ ye, Dani, I know that I’ll ne’er forget what happened t’ me. Whit they did tae me…” Rahne paused for a moment, “but, thanks t’ that formula, I feel I have the strength t’ reclaim muh life. Adversity is nothin’ new tae me, after all. I feel now that I ken face it, now that I don’ have t’ face whit they did tae me every day of muh life.”

“ And we’ll be here every step of the way to help you.” Dani said as she ran her hand thru Rahne’s hair. She stood up to leave…

“ Dani?”

“ Yes?”

“ Ye… ken turn off the lights. I… think I ken handle it.”

“ You sure?”

“ I’m sure.”

Dani turned off the lights and waited a moment, to see if Rahne would have a panic attack and need them turned back on. But that didn’t happen. She waited there a few moments before she realized that Rahne had already fallen asleep.

“ No nightmares.” Jean whispered.

“ Huh? How can you tell? I doubt she’s anywhere near R.E.M sleep.”

“ She isn’t. But for a telepath, there are certain tell tale signs that nightmares are developing. And I don’t sense any of them in her.”

“ Well, lets not wake her up.”

Once the two women were outside, they both took a deep sigh of relief.

“ There is a god!” Dani exclaimed.

“ Ever think you that you would see that again? Rahne smiling?”

“ Honestly, Jean? Not in my wildest dreams, and now…it’s the greatest sight I have ever seen.”

“ Well, I’m glad Rahne finally received a miracle after everything she’s been thru. I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more.”

“ Agreed. I’ll have to talk to you later, Jean. I need to meet Cecelia in the medi-lab about something.”

“ About what?”

“ Something.” Moonstar said, deliberately being as vague as possible.

“ Umm, okay. I need to talk to the professor about some curriculum changes and then I’ll probably turn in.”


-This stuff is so over my head- Cecelia Reyes thought to herself as the reviewed data gathered from Rahne’s recovery. Try as she might, she couldn’t understand how Rahne’s nerves repaired themselves, how her body ‘recognized’ the fact that she was missing several internal organs, let alone grow the stem cells needed to regrow them.

“ What’s up, Doc?”

“ I can’t tell you how much I hate that joke, Dani. Bobby already ran it into the ground the second day I was here.” Cecelia said, “ You said you wanted to talk to me about Rahne?”

“ Yeah. A few days ago, you guys told me that you couldn’t use the Shi’ar tech around here to completely heal Rahne. Now she’s healed. Completely. So, what changed?”

“ You got me Dani, you need to ask Hank. He’s the one who came up with that ‘Pancura’ formula that healed Rahne.”

“ I tried that, but he’s sealed himself in his lab. Rahne went by there earlier to thank him, but even then he wouldn’t come out. But I have a question for you; you recorded all the data on what that formula did, right? You told me that the first guy who received it had a piece of bone in his lungs, right?”

“ That’s correct, why do you ask?”

“ What happened to that bone in his lungs? That couldn’t have been healthy.”

“ I’m not sure, but I could check the recordings and find out.”

As Cecelia called up the file, Dani thought about the implications of what she was implying. If she was wrong, than she would apologize to Hank, even though no one knew what she was thinking. But if she was right, there would be hell to pay…

“ Here we go. Apparently, his body somehow released a chemical that could break down the bone that was in his lung, just dissolving it in seconds. Somehow, it could discriminate between bones that were properly set and bones, or in this case bone fragments, that weren’t where they were supposed to be.”

“ Have you ever seen something like this before?”

“ You know, that’s odd, I have. When I examined Marrow, I discovered that her body could release a chemical that did exactly that. It’s basically what kept her alive for most of her life, what with the various bone fragments that would break off whenever she moved the wrong way. But of course it only worked for her.”

“ Quick question about those who have taken the formula thus far. Were they healed or transformed?”

“ Excuse me? What do you mean?”

“ Did their body’s heal at an advanced rate, or did their bodies ‘transform’ into a healed state?”

“ Well, it’s a little bit of both but I guess they transformed for the most part. The first patient lost all his earlier scars and even regained his tonsils, Jono transformed back into a human form, and Rahne’s recovery violated just about everything I ever learned in med school. As best as I can tell, this formula not only transforms them into a healthy human being, but it gives them a healing factor akin to Logan’s, but with no side effects, like turning into a berserker runt. ”

When Cecelia said that, Dani’s eyes narrowed and her heart raced. That fucking bastard…

“ So this formula combines attributes of Rahne, Marrow and healing factors in general. Am I the only one who sees something wrong here?” She growled.

“ Not… really, Dani, what are you implying?”

“ I should think it’s obvious, but I’ll spell it out for you.” Dani spat, “ Marrow’s body can release a chemical that somehow found it’s way into this ‘pancura’ formula. Rahne can transform. They both have healing factors. They were both kidnapped, raped and tortured by the same men. So were Feral, Jack Flag and Wildchild, all of whom had some kind of healing factor. And now, somehow, their powers have found their way into Hank’s formula. What’s more, you told me that Rahne transformed while that formula healed her, like it somehow activated her powers. According the Rahne, the formula also strengthened her change form, almost as if the formula complimented her powers. Now what does that tell you?”

“ Oh…my…lord,” Cecelia said as the truth dawned on her, what Hank had done, “ I’m sure he…he has some kind of explanation…or…”

“ He damn well better.” Dani growled.

Cecelia pressed the comm. button and called Hank, hoping that Dani was wrong and he had some kind of rational explanation.

“ McCoy, could you come out of your lab and to the medi-lab for a second? We need to talk about something.”

“ I’m afraid that I’m too busy at the moment to conference with you now.” He replied.

“ I’ll bet.” Dani said as she stalked off towards his lab. Cecelia unsure of what to do, pressed the comm. unit again and called the professor.


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