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Chapter 2 Why?

As Wolverine cut down yet another guard, he could help but think how familiar this entire situation was. He could smell the drugs and see the medical equipment. He didn’t have to see Rahne to know what was going on here. The entire set up reminded him of the U-Men, Weapon X, and the P.O.W camps in Japan during World War Two. Another monster butchering innocent men and women to suit their agenda.

-Whoever’s behind this, isn’t going to just catch a beating and getting hauled off to jail so they can get out and do it again. - He vowed. One guard tried to sneak up on him from behind. In one fluid movement Wolverine spun around, disarmed the man with one hand and held his claws two inches from the man’s eyes.

“ You look like a smart man, so I think you can answer a question I have. Where’s the man in charge of this slaughterhouse? And before you think of lying to me, remember that my senses will tell me if yer jerkin’ me around. Play straight with me boy, or I play tic tack toe on with your face.”

“ There’s no need to threaten that young man, Mr. Logan. I’m on the top floor, room 201. You can take the elevator up to me, if you like.” A voice said over the speaker system. Logan was surprised for a moment that it could be that easy, but he knew a trap when he saw one.

“ Thanks, I’ll take the stairs.” Logan replied. He knocked the guard out and took to the stairs. He reached the top floor, after a little detour to find Iceman and send him to help the others, and smashed thru door, his body ready for anything. Surprisingly, there wasn’t a guard to be found. He walked down the hall, sniffing the air for any scent of danger. As he reached the door to room 201, he concentrated and ‘reached out’ with his senses. He could hear breathing, slightly shallow, indicating that it was an older man. His breathing was also calm and steady. Wolverine could also smell gunpowder and machine oil, but he’d faced that dozens of times in the past.

“ Please, come in. The door’s unlocked.” The man said. Wolverine casually opened the door. He knew that if the guy wanted to try to blow him away, he would have done it already. The office was filled with expensive furniture, hand-sown rugs and fine china set in a nearby cabinet. Wolverine took one look at the man sitting behind the desk, and recognized him from Angel’s description. Oddly enough, it looked like the man hadn’t slept in weeks, if not months.

“John Calvin, right? I’d say it’s been nice knowing ya’, but it hasn’t been.” Wolverine popped his claws and stepped forward, but as soon as he did, six Gatling guns shot out of the wall, aimed directly at Logan. Wolverine stood perfectly still, waiting Calvin to make his move.

“ Those guns are programmed to fire automatically if you come within ten feet of me. They are computer guided and loaded with mercury tipped bullets and fire a thousand rounds per minute, which would kill even you, assuming of course; they don’t strip all the flesh from your bones first.”

“ You know what your momma always said about assumin’. Sounds like a challenge to me.” Wolverine smirked. Even as he said that, he was running thru all his opinions in his head. He ran thru the vector points, the ricochet patterns and a dozen other factors, planning on how he would get at Calvin.

“ Not at all. I simply want a few minutes to explain myself and I will hand myself over to your mercies.”

“ I don’t have any for a man like you, and I’m not really in the mood for a heart to heart right now.” Wolverine said grimly.

“ I know that, but you know the value of patience, do you not? All you have to do is humor me for a few moments, and then you can kill me.”

“ Okay, then, spill. Why did you do all this? The experiments, the torture. I thought you were a humanitarian, not some mutant butcher.”

“ I_AM_NOT_A_BIGOT! Do you think I enjoyed what I did to those men and women? I fell asleep every night to their screams of pain and torment! Not because I enjoyed their pain, but rather to remind myself of the cost of what I have done! I’m not a monster…” He shouted. He took a moment to calm down, to collect himself before he continued, “ I’m not a monster. I’m just a tired old man. I worked as a doctor around the world, trying to save lives and I worked in the boardroom to save them as well. But after a while, it’s hard. Have you ever looked into the eyes of a man who is dying, how he pleads with you to do something, anything, to save his life when you can do nothing?”

“I’ve seen it more times than I can count, but that doesn’t justify what you’ve done to those poor souls. They didn’t deserve to die like that.”

“ It’s not the same when you’re a doctor. People put faith in you to save them, to ease their suffering. To make them better. I’ve seen young men and women, children even, die simply because they couldn’t get access to antibiotics that were strong enough fast enough. Some treatments simply weren’t effective enough. After twenty years, I just couldn’t… stand it anymore. We needed better, more effective drugs that were cheaper to produce. And we needed them now, not later.”

“ So this is your solution? Cut up some super humans and see what you can get from them?”

“Unfortunately, yes. I had read that there were super humans and mutants who had, by one way or another acquired a healing factor. We decided that attempting to kidnap you or the mercenary known as Deadpool was too dangerous. And the animal called Sabretooth, well… We kidnapped Jack Flag, Marrow, Feral and Wildchild due to the fact that not only did they have a healing factor, but additional powers. That way, we could compare their D.N.A and figure out how their healing factors worked and possibly duplicate it. The young girl, Wolfsbane, was taken so we could examine both her healing factor, however slight, and her transformational powers. With the information we got from her body alone, we’re able to push medical science decades into the future today. Using the information we gathered from Jack Flag, we’ve managed to cultivate cells that could repair nerve damage. From Marrow, we have actually been able to create a substitute for bone marrow that could stave off death in leukemia sufferers until they could get a transplant. We, we did what we had too… to help the world.” Calvin said. It sounded like he had said those lines a million times before. It certainly didn’t sound like he believed it though.

“ The ends justify the means huh? That still doesn’t make what you did to them right. I stopped by the floor where you and your friends were playing god. I didn’t smell a drop of any painkillers or sedative. You tortured those men and women before you killed them, and may have killed that girl.”

“ Painkillers might have… influenced the data negatively. And I wasn’t exactly dealing with normal… moral doctors. With the combined data we collected from them, we were on our way to discovering how to transplant a healing factor, albeit temporarily, into a normal human being. We didn’t have much success at first, and the process killed all those who underwent it, but we had to keep trying.” He replied weakly.

“ So you sacrificed the few for the good of the many. I don’t have to tell you how hollow that sounds.”

“ You have to make hard chs ass as a doctor. Mistakes happen, but they serve the greater good.”

“ Yeah, me and the others stumbled across your mass grave of mistakes. So what are you going to do with all that data you collected? Sell it to the highest bidder?”

“ Not at all. I have never wanted for money in my life. When I discovered you were attacking the complex, I sent the data to all of the respectable health organizations over the world. See that C.D on the table in front of you? It also contains all the information that we gathered.”

“ And why the hell would I want that? It’s drenched in the blood of innocent human beings.” Wolverine asked, “ Fruit of the poison tree.”

“ Because it also contains the data on what we did to Ms. Sinclair. If you want her to make any kind of recovery and have any kind of normal life afterwards, you’ll take it. It’s your choice.” Wolverine didn’t say anything. He knew when to swallow his pride and deal with the hand he had been dealt. He picked up the C.D and placed it in his jacket, swearing to himself that it would only be used to help Rahne. As he did that, Calvin pressed a button on his desk and the guns disappeared back into the wall.

“ You know that with the guns gone, I’m going to kill you.” Wolverine said without a trace of emotion.

“ I fully understand that. I also hope that you make it a painful death. I know I deserve no less for my sins.” He replied. Wolverine walked up to him slowly, taking his time.

“ That girl you butchered and god knows what else, she wouldn’t want you dead. She would want you thrown in jail, and would pray to god to redeem your soul every day of her life.” Wolverine was now almost face-to-face with Calvin, but the man never made a move to get away. Fear was written all over his face, of course. Wolverine popped one his middle claw on his right hand and looked him straight in the eye,

“ But for some sins, there is no absolution.” With that, Wolverine stabbed Calvin in the heart.

“ If you’re going to ask for forgiveness now, it’d be a good time. Not that I much care.”

“ I’m won’t ask… for forgiveness… because I know I don’t deserve it. But that… doesn’t mean I’m not sorry… for what I’ve done. But at least… my damnation will make this world a… better place.” He said meekly. As Calvin died, Logan picked up the phone on Calvin’s desk. This entire situation needed to be dealt with in a professional manner. Wolverine knew that he had to track down the organizations that Calvin had sent the data to and someone had to make sure that information was erased and not misused. And Wolverine knew of only one person in the world who could do that. Dialing a top secret number, Wolverine called an old friend,

“ Hey, Nick, I got a problem here.”


When Cecilia Reyes saw what had been done to Rahne, she felt like she would throw up for a moment. But only for a moment.

“ We need to get her X-rays A.S.A.P! I also need two pints of blood and five milligrams of Haldol!” She yelled as she wheeled Rahne down the hall to the X-Men’s medi-lab, followed by Beast and Jean.

“ Don’t bother with pain killers, Cecilia, I already turned off the pain receptors in her mind, she won’t feel a thing.” Jean explained.

“ I still want that haldol, Grey, now help me and Hank put her on the examination table.” They moved to pick her up, but noticed that she was still strapped to the bed by her wrists and ankles. With an angered look on her face, Jean motioned and pulled the straps clean off with her powers, without harming Rahne. They then gently picked her up and placed her on the examination table.

“ Unless you have some medical experience, Jean, you need to get the hell out of here and let me and Hank do our job.” Cecilia said as she started the scans on Rahne. Cecilia had recently decided to familiarize herself with the X-Men’s Shi’ar technology and was now very glad she had done so. She could now determine what was wrong with her patient in seconds. Jean turned to Hank and pressed her hand against his head and scanned his mind, copying and ‘downloading’ all his considerable medical knowledge before he could even react.

“ I do now. I’ve seen her wounds, and I don’t need to be a doctor to know that you’ll need all the help you can get.”

Cecilia didn’t respond. She knew Jean well enough to know that if she said she could do something, she could. As she read the results from the scans, she found herself speechless.

“ What’s wrong?” Hank asked.

“ Almost everything.” She answered.


“ I want every man here booked and processed. I want the tech boys to go over every communication that came in and out of this place, even if it was just a 1-800 call. I want our forensics team in here and attempting to identify the victims. I also want to know how this happened, why it happened and who made it happen. I want to know why the hell we didn’t catch this before it got this far. And I want to it done yesterday, understood?” Nick Fury asked the men standing in front of him. His men, among the best trained in the world, simply saluted and went about their work.

After Logan had called him and informed him of the situation and the possible consequences, Nick Fury personally headed a S.H.I.E.L.D scrub team to the island. Seeing as how the X-Men had been there first, securing the island was a cakewalk. Within minutes they had the entire complex under control and they went about gathering their evidence. The X-Men, given their somewhat gray legal status, decided to ‘observe’ from the forest, out of sight.

“ Sir, the scanners have detected five live mutants on the island. What are your orders?”

“ The scanners are busted. Ignore them.” Fury ordered.

“ But sir…”

“ Are you questioning my orders, son?” Fury asked harshly.

“ No sir… I just…”

“ Good, I don’t like it when people question my orders. Makes me mad. You got your job to do, so do it.”

With that, Fury stalked off towards the woods and pulled out two of the Cuban cigars that he always kept with him.

“Hey Logan, care to join me?”

“ You’re one of the few men in the world who can always find me, you know that Nick?” Logan said as he came out from behind a tree.

“ Only so many places you can hide so that you could hear everything we said, even with your hearing. Any word on how Wolfsbane is doing? Met her once or twice when she was working with that X-Factor outfit. Sends chills down my spine thinkin’ what they might have done to that nice girl here. Haven’t seen anything quite like this since the big one.”

Wolverine didn’t even ask how he knew the X-Men had rescued Wolfsbane. Nick Fury was the world’s greatest spy, after all.

“ Nothin’. We had to get her back home fast, so we’re stranded here for the moment. What are you going to do with what you found in there anyways? What are your boys doing about findin’ that data that Calvin said he sent out?”

“ I got the tech boys on the emails, tracking it down. If they broke international laws giving this information, which they sure as hell did, then no one’s going to touch that data, even if it’s the cure for cancer. I’m just sorry about what those poor souls who didn’t survive this. What they went thru…for nothin’.”

“ Huh? What’re you talkin’ about Fury?”

“ International law expressly forbids the use of medical knowledge gained thru ‘unlawful’ means. So whatever knowledge they got out of those experiments, we can’t touch.”

“ So, like you said, all those people died for nothing, huh?”

Fury took a long drag of his cigar and sighed.

“ Yep, damn shame if you ask me. You said you need a ride home?”

“ Yeah. I have to admit not knowing what happened to the kid is driving me crazy. Thanks alot, Nick.”

Against his better judgment, Logan decided against telling Fury about the C.D that Calvin had given him.

On the far side of the island, the other X-Men were cooling their heels and listening to Angel trying to deny the truth of what Logan had learned.

“ I knew the man personally, Bobby, and I have a hard time believing that he would be apart of something like this. I mean, he spent all his vacation time volunteering with Doctor’s Without Borders!”

“ I just know what I saw and what Logan told me. I’ve never see anything so sickening in my life, what I saw in there! Besides, shouldn’t you be more upset about Marrow? She was an X-Man, not some sadist like this guy!” Iceman asked.

“ He wasn’t a sadist. His mission in life was to ease pain, not cause it!”

*Sound’s like this bloke just snapped to me*. Chamber suggested.

“ You guys would be surprised about the level of stress that doctors go thru. When I was working at the X-ranch, I knew one young doctor who came by nearly every day for a week after he lost a patient. Poor man just couldn’t deal with the fact that there was nothing he could do to save him.” X-Stacy added.

*What happened to him?*

“One day, his wife came home and found that he hanged himself. The pain just got to be to much for him.”

“ I just can’t believe that a man who dedicated his life to the betterment of others would do something like this.” Angel said weakly. For the longest time, Angel had been honored to counted among Calvin’s friends and he thought of the man as a kindly uncle. That he would do these horrible things and was now dead, was very hard to come to terms with.

“ Saddle up people, Fury’s loaning up a jet to get back to the mansion. We’re done here.” Wolverine said as he rejoined the group.

“ What about Sarah? What are they going to do with her body? She deserves her last respects!”

“ They need to do autopsies on the bodies before they release them to their next of kin. Nick’s got our number. Don’t you worry none, Bobby. That girl was an X-man, and she’ll get the burial she deserves. But right now, I’m more concerned about Rahne.”

“ Think she’ll live?” Warren asked.

“ That’s what I’m afraid of.” Logan replied.

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