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Chapter 3

They stopped by a motel to spend the night at, and Mystique morphed back into the blonde she had been when Logan picked her up.

They both knew no one would even consider giving them a room if they knew they were mutants, so unfortunately it was necessary.

The motel looked shabby, but apparently it was cheap, and that was good, since neither of them were exactly made of money. They heard the tinkling of a bell when Logan opened the door, obviously to alert the owner of visitors.

A man was sitting in the reception, reading a newspaper. He raised his eyes to look at them when he heard their approach, but he didn’t seem overjoyed to see them.

“We’d like a room,” Logan said.

“I’ve only got one with a double bed left,” the man grunted. “20 bucks a night. Will you take it?”

“Double bed, you say? Don’t you have any with singles?”

“Nah. Sorry. Just this one.”

Logan frowned. “So you say. Let’s go Raven. We’ll have to find another place.”

“We’ll take it,” Mystique said much to Logan’s astonishment.


“Yes,” Mystique hissed and gave Logan reproachful look. “Or you can sleep in the car!”

Logan gave in with an annoyed grunt. “Well, okay then…” he grumbled. “I guess we’ll have it. How much is it?”

“20 bucks a night,” the man repeated sourly. “Pay in advance.”

Oh, so he doesn’t even trust us that much, Mystique thought sullenly. Very well, then. She wasn’t going to start an argument.

“Are we paying one half each?” Logan suggested.

“Sure,” she replied and started looking in her suitcase for the money she’d brought with her. She found a creased ten-dollar bill and handed it to the man together with the one Logan dug up from his jacket pocket.

He handed her a key with a number tag. “Room 34, upstairs to the left,” he told them.

The room they’d been given was plain but clean and tidy, with a large double bed, a couch, a bathroom and a coffee table with three chairs.

“Neat,” Mystique murmured. She hadn’t expected anything better, but a warm bed and roof over her head did fine. “Are you sleepy, Logan?” she asked her would-be roommate.

“Nah, not yet,” he replied. “I would have watched TV for a while, if we’d had one.” He smiled to himself. “You know, I still can’t believe I’m here with you. *You* of all people. What do you think brought us together? Fate?”

“Or damn bad luck,” Mystique suggested jokingly. “But anyone except Erik and his teenage slutboy is fine now.”

“Is there any chance you’ll go back to him?” Logan asked.

“I…don’t think so. He’s a finished chapter.”

“If what you say is true, if he really did treat you like that, then he’s an asshole. You’ve done anything for him, haven’t you? You even got him out of that plastic prison, and he repays you like this? What a bastard!”

“Yeah…” Mystique sighed. “It got worse after Toad and Sabretooth left, and when Pyro came. He’s always kind of used me, I guess, but now… I don’t know, I just snapped.”

“Everyone at Xavier’s was very good to me, except Cyke, of course, but I couldn’t stay there. Jean… I’m better off alone. It just is.”

“Mystique nodded in silence. Yes, some people were just better off alone. Unfortunately, she didn’t think she was one of them.

“I’m gonna have a shower,” she told him and started digging for a towel in her suitcase.

“Sure, I’ll wait here,” Logan said.

When Mystique came out from the bathroom, she was in her normal blue, naked shape. The only difference was that her hair was wet and not so neatly slicked back as it usually was.

Logan was sitting in the sofa, smoking one of his cigars.

She looked at him with a frown. “Is smoking allowed in here?”

He simply shrugged. “Who cares?”

“The smoke might trigger the fire alarm, assuming there is one.”

“At this place?” Come on!” Logan sneered and continued to suck on his cigar, creating a large cloud of smoke around him. If he stood up now, he’d look like a pop star entering the stage through artificially created smoke.

“Alright, maybe not,” Mystique said with a simple shrug. “Aren’t you gonna shower?”

“Not now. Maybe in the morning.”

She nodded. Suddenly the whole situation felt awkward, since they both knew they were dancing around the question about the double bed. *She* wouldn’t mind sleeping in the same bed with Logan – hell, she wouldn’t even mind if he wanted to do more than just sleeping. She hadn’t been laid in several months, and she was sure Logan would be the man to fix that. But she strongly suspected that Logan wouldn’t want to come near her. At least not like that. It was too bad.

“You can take the bed,” he said. “I’ll just sleep here on the couch.”

“You can sleep next to me. I wouldn’t mind.”

Logan grinned wryly. “No, ya wouldn’t, huh? Remember when you came to my tent that night, pretending to be Jean? I would have bought it, if I hadn’t felt your scars. My fault, I guess. I really think I’ll sleep on the couch, though.”

She still had those scars, caused by Logan’s one-foot claws. They were fully visible, and would never go away, no matter who she changed into. She silently passed her hands over her belly, feeling the scar tissue beneath her fingertips. Three small puncture wounds, inflicting so much damage…

“I thought I killed you that time,” Logan said. “I can’t be sorry, because you tried to kill my teammates. It was war. I hope you understand.”

“Yes, I do,” Mystique nodded. “I don’t blame you, Logan. You don’t have to be sorry.”

“Anyway, you take the bed. I’ll be alright here.”

Mystique sighed. Perhaps there was no point hoping for something to happen between them?

“Just remember, I can be anyone you want,” she teased him before going to the huge double bed, which had much more space than she needed and was used to. But if sleeping on the couch was Logan’s choice, then so be it.

She was quite tired, after all, and wouldn’t have trouble sleeping. “Sleep tight,” she told Logan before sliding her blue body in between the cool cotton sheets.

“Yeah, you too…” Logan murmured. He thought about trying to sleep as well, but found out that he wasn’t really sleepy. More like…horny. He really had problems admitting it, but it was true. Mystique’s teasing and suggestive attitude had left him horny. He almost regretted not accepting her offer to lie down with her in the bed.

But instead he had chosen the couch. It was hard and lumpy, and not large enough for him. How dumb could he be?

Logan removed his jeans and shirt – normally he slept naked – but he kept on his boxers and undershirt. Just in case. Mystique seemed to be the kind of woman who had seen weirder things than naked men in her days, but he didn’t want her to believe he had anything in mind.

Logan lay down, rested his head on a lumpy cushion and drew the blanket over him. It would be a long night.

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