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Title: Need

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Wolverine/Mystique, with many other pairings implied.

Fandom: X-men movieverse, post X2.

Summary: An angry and emotionally hurt Mystique leaves Magneto and the Brotherhood and hooks up with Logan.

Disclaimer: Marvel owns them, not me. I’m not making any money.

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A/N and warning: Nothing really bad, I guess. Graphic m/f sex, some m/m references, some naughty language… I guess that’s it. Since this story takes place after the second movie, you might expect some spoilers for X2. So if you haven’t seen the movie, and don’t want to get spoiled, I suggesu dou don’t read this. Others, enjoy.

Chapter 1

Mystique opened the door to Erik’s chamber without knocking, and saw something she had gotten royally sick of lately.

Erik was lying on top of Pyro, or “St. John” as Erik himself liked to call him, fucking the boy’s brains out, almost literally. They were so inside their animalistic fucking that they didn’t notice her entrance before she coughed as to let them know that they were being watched.

Erik finally lifted his head and brushed his sweat-slick hair back from his forehead, panting heavily. His pale blue eyes met her yellow ones when he looked in her direction, seeing her stand in the doorway as immobile as a statue. Then he smiled.

“Mystique,” Erik said. “Want to join in instead of watching?”

She knew that the suggestion was meant to make fun of her by now. But instead of showing him her humiliation she smiled back sharply, saying, “I think I have better things to do. And honestly, Erik, I thought you had too.”

It seemed like whenever she went to his private chamber (she only did it when she couldn’t find him anywhere else) she found him fucking that boy, Pyro, their newest addition to the Brotherhood. The boy, however, seemed to enjoy it, and that made him no better than Erik.

“I mean it, Erik,” she said sharply. “Don’t you really have more important things to do than fucking that underage kid? No, wait, I forgot – I do all the work here, and all you have to do is to keep that thing of yours up!”

“Hey, I’m nineteen!” John objected.

“In some countries you are definitely underage,” Mystique retorted coldly.

Erik sighed and removed his spent penis from Pyro’s rectum, and sat down on the bed edge. She noticed that his belly and chest were sticky with the boy’s milky semen. Did they even clean up after doing that stuff? she wondered to herself.

“What is the matter, Raven?” he asked. “Are you jealous?”

“No. Why would I be that? You just don’t give a fuck about anything anymore. Except him, will say. Why do we even call ourselves “The Brotherhood of Mutants”? Have you completely forgotten what we’re here for? What we should do for our people? You just…”

In fact, she was jealous. Before that boy came along, *she* had been Erik’s treasured love, child, and precious little pet. What was she now? Something he simply used to keep things in order? His spy? His housekeeper?

They hadn’t had sex for several months, but that didn’t really bother her. She could always get sex in other places if that’s what she wanted. Her problem was that Erik didn’t even seem to *notice* her anymore – he just took her for granted, trusted that she’d cook for him, clean his room, do his laundries, take his phone calls, etc.

And she hated it. Couldn’t he see what he was doing to her? No, of course he couldn’t – he was too busy watching his tee lit little whore. It was just as simple as that.

Mystique was sure that Pyro would give Erik a heart attack some day. That might serve him right, and teach him that he wasn’t 25 years old anymore, and perhaps not suited for animalistic fucking with a 19-year-old.

Mystique had learned to hate Pyro, and many times thought of breaking his precious little neck when they were alone. The boy wouldn’t stand a chance against her, she knew that. She could imagine how the sound of his neck breaking would sound in her ears, and how good she would feel afterwards.

Of course she wouldn’t. She couldn’t kill anyone of her own kind, not even a cheap little slutboy like St. John. But one of them had to go, either Pyro or she, otherwise everything would crash. It had to be her.

That was when Mystique decided to leave. Simply leave. That would be best for everyone involved, she thought.

“Raven, don’t you have chores to do?” Erik said impatiently. “Go and do the cooking, if nothing else. I can imagine we’ll be hungry after this…”

Pyro started kneading Erik’s shoulders and placed wet little kisses along the line of his neck.

“Come here, we’re not done yet…” he murmured, nibbling the older man’s earlobe.

Erik just laughed, leaning back into Pyro’s embrace. “Are you trying to get me hard again? You naughty boy…”

“I suppose I’ll deal with my chores, then,” Mystique hissed coldly, leaving the two lovers alone. They didn’t even seem to notice that she left.

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