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Chapter 2

She went straight to her room, pulled out a suitcase from her closet, and started throwing in things she might need.

Mystique was leaving. Right now. If she didn’t, she would surely explode and do something she’d later regret. She didn’t pack down much; just some clothes (she realized that even clothes could be good to have sometimes) some of her personal possessions, a toothbrush, shampoo, soap… What else? Money, of course. She didn’t have much cash, but brought what she had and hoped to get more somewhere. But how? By robbing a bank? Sure.

She saw a framed photo of her and Erik, taken a few years ago, when things were still good between them. Mystique regarded the picture for a few seconds, thinking whether she should bring it along or break it. After some pondering she decided to bring it, and threw it carelessly into her suitcase.

Oh, Erik! Of course she still loved him, but he didn’t love or even care for her, so their relationship – personal as well as professional – was over.

She left her room carrying a single suitcase, heading straight for the front door. She had packed down her stuff – everything else here was Erik’s. The villa, the cars, the helicopter and the research compound underneath the mansion. Nothing belonged to her except what she had in her suitcase.

She wasn’t going to tell Erik that she was leaving. Probably he’d just try to persuade her to stay, and make it very difficult for her to go through with her decision. She realized Magneto would have a hard time without his spy, cook, housekeeper and secretary, but what the hell – he had his little slutboy, and may they live happily ever after!

Mystique left the building on foot. She didn’t take any of the cars, since they were all Erik’s, and she didn’t want to leave in something that belonged to him. That would just give him a reason to look for her, and perhaps accuse her of theft.

She walked for a while, until she reached the highway, and decided to hitchhike. No one would even think of picking her up if she was in her normal shape, so she morphed into a pretty, brunette woman, as ordinary-looking as possible, and hoped she would have some luck.

There was none for a while. Obviously people were afraid of picking up hitchhikers, since so many weirdoes were out on the roads nowadays. And mutants, too, of course. It was surely every “normie’s” nightmare to pick up a mutant hitchhiker.

Was there something wrong with her appearance? Was that the reason no one would pick her up? She changed into a tall, lanky attractive blonde instead, hoping to have more luck in this shape.

Soon a middle-aged driver in a white, dirty mini-van stopped, offering her a ride. She could see from the way he looked at her, that he was a horny fellow, perhaps hoping to get lucky tonight, but it didn’t matter, because he offered to drive her, and she needed a ride.

“Hop in, babe,” he said, grinning. The man was about 45, with blond hair, grey eyes, looking quite big. Perhaps a few pounds overweight.

“Thanks,” Mystique muttered, crawling inside the car and settling on the passenger seat.

“Hi, I’m Mark,” the man introduced himself.

“My name’s…Missy.”

“Hi ya, Missy. Where are you headed?”

“I don’t know. Just somewhere.”

“I’m going to Montreal in Canada,” Mark said. “You can come if you like.”

Mystique simply shrugged. Canada? Well, the farther away from , th, the better. But she really didn’t feel like spending many days in company with this man. He seemed to be thinking she was a hooker, and definitely counted on getting lucky tonight. How wrong he was.

But he had something that Mystique wanted. She could see his wallet peeping out from his jacket pocket. Was there maybe a chance she might get it without alerting him? Mark seemed to be a blunt and stupid man, obviously not paying much attention to the world outside his own little sphere.

She stayed in his van for a couple of hours, not trying to converse, and only gave short, almost snappish replies when he tried to start a conversation. What he had to say couldn’t have mattered less to Mystique, and she wished he could just shut up.

I can’t go all the way to Canada with this guy, she thought. I’ll just take his wallet and ask him to drop me off.

Very slowly and silently, she tried to move her left hand toward his coat, trying to keep her features unaffected. She was so close now; she could touch the fabric of his coat, sliding her hand down to his pocket, and…could touch the cool leather of his wallet. But suddenly she felt his hand brush hers, and she flinched, quickly withdrawing her hand.

Silently Mark stopped the car by the roadside. “Get out,” he said, gritting his teeth in anger, squeezing the wheel so that his knuckled turned white.

“What?” Mystique said, pretending to be surprised.

“You heard me, you stupid bitch! Don’t you think I know what you were doing?! I said get out!”

“You can’t just leave me in the middle of nowhere,” she protested, looking at the barren landscape outside.

“Oh, yes, I can. And I will.” Suddenly he reached under his seat and took out a gun, cocked it and pointed the muzzle at her. “So, you worthless hooker, if you don’t get out, I’ll shoot you. Now go!”

Mystique stared at the gun. It honestly surprised her. Mark didn’t seem like the kind of a man who carried a gun, but obviously she had been wrong.

“Okay,” she said flatly and opened the passenger door. Her other option was to try knocking him out, but that was too risky, since the man was armed, after all, and she didn’t want to end up getting shot. He was not worth such a risk.

Silently and without objection she stepped out of his van and watched as he tore off, not turning to look back over his shoulder.

So much for that, she thought. The road looked quite deserted, and it might take a while before another car drove by. Sighing, Mystique placed her suitcase on the asphalt and sat down on it, waiting.

What the hell am I really doing? she thought. Is this really a good idea? I mean, Erik sure treated me like shit, but I still had food, a bed and a roof over my head. What have I here? I’m cold, hungry, and out of money. Really fucking great!

Erik must have noticed she was gone by now. She hadn’t even left him a note. That served him right. But she couldn’t come crawling back to him now, tail between her legs, and apologize. No way.

I’ll cope, she thought. I’ve had worse. I can’t give up after six hours!

Suddenly she heard the sound of a fast sports car approaching. She lifted her head and gazed in the direction of the sound, and saw a deep blue sports car advancing quickly. Mystique jumped to her feet and put her thumb up in a hopeful gesture.

And the car actually stopped. That was more than she had hoped for, in fact. But she was even more surprised by seeing who the driver was. Jesus Christ on a bicycle! It was Wolverine!

Mystique’s chin almost dropped to the ground in surprise. Holy shit! What was going to happen now?

Logan was wearing blue jeans, a chequered shirt and a brown, worn out leather jacket, just as always. He grinned when he saw the attractive, blonde woman stand by the road with her thumb up, but the expression on her face puzzled him. She looked like she’d just seen a ghost or something.

“What’s wrong, baby? Can I give ya a ride?” he asked.

I can never fool him. He’ll know it’s me when he catches my scent, she thought. And then I’m fucked.

She leaned her elbows against the open window and peered into his car. Really dashing, she had to confess. How could Logan the Wolverine afford a car like this?

“So, Wolverine, what brings you out here?” she asked straight out.

Logan looked like a live question mark. “How did ya…?”

Before he could finish his question she gave him the answer by morphing back into herself, smiling at him from the open window.

Logan’s bemused expression turned into a grimace. “Holy shit!” he exclaimed. “What the fuck… So it’s you…!”

“Yeah, it’s me,” she said. “Surprised to see me, or what?”

“Honestly – yeah!”

“I can say the same about you. So, where are you going? And are you gonna give me a ride, or simply leave me standing by the road? One stupid fuck already did that, so I really hope you won’t do the same.”

Logan snorted. “How can I trust you?” he asked.

“Because I’m kinda in a situation right now, and fighting isn’t exactly going to improve that. So yes, you can trust me.”

Logan chuckled. “Okay, sure. Get in. pposppose the company of a woman can never be wrong.”

“Thanks,” she said and got inside his car. He started it and tore off again. “So, where are you headed?”

“I dunno. Up north, I think. I’m not really sure. What about ya?” Logan asked.

“I’m not sure either. But I want to get somewhere far away.”

“No, shit? What happened to you? Fight with your boss, or something?”

“Not really,” she grimaced. “I’m just so sick of him, and that…stuck up little brat.”

“Pyro?” Logan grinned.


“He was always one of a kind. So, what did he do to anger you so much to make you leave? I thought you had dedicated your life to aiding Mags in his cause.”

Mystique sighed. Was she really going to confide in Wolverine and tell him about her personal problems? He was an X-man, for Christ’s sake! A fucking enemy! Never mind. The X-men weren’t her enemies anymore. Just her fellow mutants.

“Let’s just say Erik doesn’t care for me any longer. He’s got his new little loverboy,” she said contemptuously, gritting her teeth at the thought of Erik and Pyro with their limbs entwined, engaged in a passionate act of sex.

“Ah…” Logan said and nodded slowly. “So…he’s dumped you for the preppy little firestarter, huh? Is that what you’re trying to say, Mystique? That you’re jealous?”

“No!” she hissed. “Not jealous! But he doesn’t care about anything anymore, except for banging the boy, and that just pissed me off. Can you imagine listening to that for over a year, like I’ve done? I did all the work, and he never gave me any credit, not even a shitty little “thank you”!”

“Yeah, Magneto’s an ass,” Logan agreed. “I know how you feel.”

“You couldn’t possibly. So, why aren’t you at the Xavier-institute? Any reason?”

Logan shrugged. “The usual. Cyke’s being an asshole, Jean’s dead, and I can’t be around a lot of mutant teenagers who worship me as their new action hero. That’s just not me. I told Charlie I’d leave, but I didn’t tell anyone I’d take Cyke’s car, though. At least he got his bike back.”

“This car belongs to Cyclops?” Mystique wondered.

“Yeah. I took it. So what?”

“Will he miss it?”

“Maybe. But I needed something to leave in, didn’t I, and I liked this best. So why the hell not?”

“I wasn’t trying to preach,” she said. “Do what you want. I’m not the one to judge you.”

“Damn right you aren’t. You’re hardly a saint, are ya, Mystique?”

“No,” she agreed. “Definitely not.”

“We’d make a good couple, wouldn’t we? The two freaks, huh? Wouldn’t that be something?”

“Yeah, maybe…” she murmured. “As for being a freak, it feels good now, not having to pretend.”

Logan glanced at her, but he didn’t say anything. He realized she always had to pretend when she was around “normal” people, and that must be hard for her.

“Have you ever…I mean, have you ever met anyone non-mutant, who wasn’t afraid of you, or thought you were a freak in your real shape?” he asked her.

“No, never,” she replied. “Although I’m glad I have my ability. It must be a lot harder for someone like that Nightcrawler, for instance. I mean, he can never go out publicly without being stared at and feared.”

“Yeah…” Logan murmured. Nightcrawler had been staying at the mansion for the past year, and it actually seemed like he and Storm had a thing for each other. It actually was kind of comical; a beauty like she, in love with a…demon like him.

Okay, that was mean, Logan confessed. Nightcrawler had a good soul, and he was a nice guy. Okay, he did have a tail, fangs, blue skin and pointed ears, not to mention two-fingered hands and feet and a lot of weird tattoos all over his body, but he was just a mutant, like they all were. Anyway, that was Ororo’s business, not his.

Nightcrawler probably didn’t get too many dates, so if they’d happen to get it on, he’d just be happy for them.

Logan looked at his wristwatch and saw that it had gotten late. He was hungry now, and wouldn’t mind stopping by somewheo hao have a bite. And maybe a place to sleep as well. Although Scott’s car was dashing, it was hardly a place for a good night of sleep.

“Hey, Mystique, do you want me to drop you off here somewhere, or are you coming to Canada with me?”

“I might as well do that. I can’t imagine I’ll find anyone who’d give me that chance anywhere else.”

“Very well. But I’m staying somewhere over the night. Is that alright with you?”

“Sure. Just don’t take me to any place expensive, because I’m really short of cash.”

Logan smiled mischievously. “I say, you know… Maybe you should ask Magneto for alimony? He’s kinda rich, isn’t he?”

“Believe me, his money is the last thing I want. I mean it.”

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