Mommy's Mutant Whore

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Caitlin Strucker knew it was wrong, but she just couldn't stop fucking her daughter. She took every opportunity, including this one, so the second her husband left she ordered Lauren to take off her clothes and start playing with herself while she got herself equipped with her strap-on. She then covered it with an extra portion of lube, because she wouldn't just be fucking her baby girl's slutty little ass today. No, she'd be doing something arguably more extreme. Something she promised she'd never do. Officially take her daughter's last cherry. Arguably her real cherry. Which was the most wrong thing about this, but Lauren had been begging her repeatedly for it, and Caitlin just couldn't resist anymore.

So after a few long minutes of watching Lauren play with her pussy and those giant tits of hers, and of course beg for what they both so desperately wanted, Caitlin got on the bed, crawled in between the other girl's legs, and then captured her daughter's lips with her own. Lauren of course immediately kissed back, mother and daughter becoming lost in the simple act of romance which should have been forbidden to them. In the middle of it Caitlin replaced Lauren's hands with her own, gleefully squeezing a boob with one hand while using the other to push a finger into her daughter's twat and start fucking her. Which was wonderful, but just not enough for either girl, not on this night.

Then after Caitlin added a second finger Lauren broke the kiss and protested, but not for the reason she should, "No Mommy, please, don't be gentle with me. I hate it when you're gentle."

"But sweetie, it's your first time?" Caitlin protested.

"I don't care, I want it rough. I need it rough!" Lauren pleaded, "Please Mommy, pound my cunt! Treat me like the Mutant Whore I am!"

If Lauren really did want it that badly Caitlin would give it to her. Also there was an advantage to doing it fast and hard, namely getting the pain of the cherry popping out of the way. With that in mind, Caitlin kissed her daughter again, while she removed her fingers from inside her and replace them with her cock. She did initially give some warning by pressing against Lauren's entrance and leave it there for a few long seconds, but this had the teen whimpering impatiently, so with one hard thrust Caitlin pushed the first couple of inches into Lauren's pussy, taking younger girl's virginity just the way she asked for it to be taken. Predictably this caused her to scream into the older woman's mouth, and then break the kiss and whimper which broke Caitlin's heart.

"It's okay, honey." Caitlin promised softly, "The worst is over now. I promise. Just relax and it will start to feel good."

"It already does." Lauren whimpered unconvincingly, before insisting, "I love it! I love it because you're inside me. Oh Mommy, you just took my cherry. That's all I've wanted for so long. Please Mommy, keep going. Mmmmmm, stick every single inch of your big woman cock inside me and make me yours forever! Fuck me Mommy, fuck me!"

Which made Caitlin grin with sadistic delight, kiss her daughter again, and start pushing inch after inch of cock inside of Lauren, just like her baby girl wanted. This earned her mostly cries of joy from the most important person in her life, which continue to be the case as Caitlin slowly pushed forwards until every inch of that cock was buried inside of Lauren's pussy. Caitlin then waited there for a few long seconds, allowing Lauren to get used to the sensation of her twat being so full. During this time Caitlin broke the kiss, partly so she could wrapped her lips around one of her daughter's nipples, and partly so she could enjoy her little girl letting out a cry of pleasure when she started officially to strap-on fuck her cunt.

Lauren had known this experience would hurt, but it would be totally worth it for the joy of having her Mommy take her virginity in every possible way, and she had been so right. The popping of her cherry hurt like hell, and her pussy ached for quite a while afterwards, but the feeling of that Mommy cock slowly entering her cunt more than made up for it as far as she was concerned. Just before that had been great, but she wanted to get fucked so bad Lauren tried to beg for it, only for her words to dissolved into a long happy cry, followed by an even longer moan, as her Mommy gave her what she so desperately wanted. What she'd wanted ever since their first time together, with this arguably being better.

After all, this was her Mommy officially taking her virginity, which pretty much ended up being her last virginity to be taken, and her Dom Mom was taking her in the traditional position that board straight couples did it in, and making it anything but boring. Also, minus the cherry popping it was pure pleasure, although that was almost a strike against it, because Lauren found herself missing the pain. Thankfully that pain returned thanks to her wonderful Mommy doing exactly what her Whore daughter needed. She had to 'endure' plenty of pleasure first, and worse, gentle pussy pumping, but then the real fun started when Lauren found them positions suddenly being switched so that she was on top in the cowgirl position, and her Mommy was smacking her ass.

"Ride me." Caitlin ordered in between gentle smacks, "Come on Lauren, mmmmmm, you wanna be fucked like a whore? Prove it by riding me like one. Oh yes, that's it, ohhhhhhhh, good girl."

It took a few long seconds for Lauren to get her bearings, which thankfully earned her some nice hard strikes to her bottom. Better yet her Dom Mom continued providing those smacks, seemingly just for fun, each one causing her meaty cheeks to jiggle and the sound to echo throughout the otherwise quiet room. Of course, not counting Lauren's whimpers, gasps and cries of pure pleasure as she worked herself up into a steady rhythm. She wasn't sure whether it was because she wanted to be punished, or just because she was a horny little slut, but Lauren found herself bouncing up and down much faster than she intended, and before she could correct herself she received hard strikes, and a scolding from the woman she loved.

"No! Don't make yourself cum yet, you shameless little whore!" Caitlin yelled throughout the now brutal spanking, and then when Lauren finally slowed down she scoffed, "That's better, but it doesn't stop me from being ashamed of your behaviour. I thought you had learnt your place by now? You have to listen carefully and do whatever Mommy says. You exist for Mommy's pleasure, not your own."

"I know, I'm sorry Mommy!" Lauren apologised, before crying out as she was brutally spanked again.

"What makes you think I want to hear your excuses?" Caitlin spat, "In fact, why don't you shut your self up by sucking on your own ridiculously big tits! Yeahhhhhhhh, come on bitch! Suck those tits! Ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkk, my daughter is such a God damn whore!"

"Yes Mommy." Lauren whimpered.

Desperately trying to make up for her mistake Lauren grabbed her tits and began shoving them upwards while craning her neck downwards. Even with her huge titties it wasn't exactly easy, but luckily she'd had plenty of practice lately, and with little effort Lauren was able to wrap her mouth around a nipple and suck it. And bite it! And oh, Lauren licked it too, while twisting her other boobs with her other hand. Just like her Mommy had taught her. Although honestly, Lauren would probably do this even if she wasn't asked. Because again, she loved pain with her pleasure, and now she was providing both to herself, not counting the occasional strike she got to her big butt for the next few glorious minutes as her top watched the happy little bottom with a mixture of disgust and lust.

As it seemed to gradually become more and more a look of lust Lauren wrist increasing the suction on her nipple ever so slightly. She also switched between that, and pulling her mouth back slightly so she could physically show her Mommy her tongue sliding around each of those nipples in turn. Which the older blonde did seem to enjoy, but she also increased the force of her blows, which in turn just made Lauren moan happily around her tits. Which was all heaven for quite a while, but then the urge to cum slowly started growing inside her. Oh God, Lauren was going to cum while her Dom Mom fucked her virgin pussy! She was going to cum while she rode her Mommy's strap-on cock with her virgin cunt! Oh fuck, this was so hot!

Of course if she wanted to cum Lauren knew she was going to have to beg for it, but she knew if she beg too soon she would be punished. So she tried to hold back for as long as she could, but then when Lauren did open her mouth all that came out was a loud cry of pain as her top pushed her hands away from her tits, grabbed two big handfuls of them herself, and twisted them. Although that cry barely got out before her Dom Mom was smashing her lips against hers in a brutally rough kiss, which was nothing like the gentle, loving kissing her Mommy had given her at the beginning. No, these were the kind of kisses, and the kind of tittie abuse, Lauren adored, so even though she cried out in pain she was also very much loving it.

The pain was just enough to bring her down from her high for a little while, but as soon as she adjusted to it the urge to cum returned. Her Mommy was currently daring her to try begging again, because shortly after that she broke the kiss in favour of moving down to Lauren's neck and then later her big tits so she could lick, suck and particularly bite that sensitive flesh. But Lauren had learned her lesson, she needed to wait for permission to even beg at this point, and if that was what she had to do so be it. Sure, it was now agonising, especially with the way that her tits were being twisted and slapped, but it would be worth it in the end, and oh, did her Mommy ever prove her right.

"God, these tits really are ridiculously big. I bet the guys go crazy for them, huh?" Caitlin taunted with no sense of irony, given just how crazy she was going for them, "Yeahhhhhhhh, I bet every guy that sees you wants to stick his dick in between these huge boobs and fuck them! Even Andy! Mmmmmm, and I bet you like that, huh? Would you like Andy to fuck your big tits? Answer me!"

"YES!"  Lauren exclaimed, before whimpering, "I'd love to have Andy fuck my tits! Mmmmmmm, ooooooooh yessssssss, I want him to fuck them hard and shoot a big load all over them, ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk, and then suck them off! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, I wanna suck Andy's cum off of my tits while you fuck me Mommy! Oh please, please, mmmmmmm, fuck me!"

"Yeahhhhhhhh, you're a filthy little whore who will let her brother do any perverted and taboo thing I want to her!" Caitlin moaned deliriously as she continued abusing those big titties, "Mmmmmm yessssssss, I can't wait to see my little boy fucking his older sister's whorish tits! Yeah, that's what I want! I want to see you get fucked like a whore by your own brother! Ohhhhhhhh yessssssss, he is going to fuck these ridiculously big tits, mmmmmmm, that sexy fat ass of yours, ooooooooh, and that pretty little face and cum on it! And in your fucking throat! Maybe I'll let him fuck this pussy too... but I don't think you can be trusted not to get pregnant, so maybe I'll keep that for myself. The rest though, I'll whore out to your brother and anyone else I want, because you're nothing but a stupid little fuck hole, isn't that right Lauren?"

"Yes, yes, YES!" Lauren quickly agreed, "I'm just a fuck hole! A stupid little fuck hole for my own Mommy, and anyone else she wants. I'm your whore Mommy! Mmmmmmm yeeeeessssss, I'm Mommy's Mutant Whore!"

"Good whore!" Caitlin smiled, "Now, cum for me! Oooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeessssssss, show you know your place by cumming all over my cock! Mommy's cock! Oh yes, oh baby, that's it, cum!"

As soon as she had permission Lauren started hammering herself up and down, barely getting started when she made herself cum. Or was that her precious Mommy, who gave her cunt a well timed thrust, as well as twisting her tits and grinning at her with delight? Honestly, it was probably a combination of both, which went for a lot of the orgasms Lauren was gifted with over the next few minutes, but honestly it was really hard to care. Yes, all Lauren cared about in that moment was the amazing pleasure she was receiving, and more importantly the fact that she was pleasing her Dom Mom. After all, these were the things she lived for, making her blissfully happy for a few long moments.

Caitlin loved it when her baby girl came on her cock, and again this was extra special because she was literally covering it with her girl cum after giving up her virginity to her. Honestly it was so hot it was hard for Caitlin to not flip them over and start hammering Lauren's cunt, or at least start constantly thrusting upwards. But no, they had done this enough times, and Caitlin had been on the other end of it enough, to know that the best course of action here was to wait until Lauren exhausted herself, then Caitlin could take over and push her little girl to even more climaxes. In the meantime there were other fun things she could do, like continue abusing her daughter's big tits and fat ass.

She also slapped Lauren directly in the face, and spat on her, mostly in the face, giving her little pain whore of a daughter sub what she wanted so badly, which definitely succeeded in making her cum harder and more frequently. Although of course what was most effective was shoving a couple of fingers into Lauren's slutty little ass hole. Oh yes, that made her baby girl go off like a rocket, and in turn pushed Caitlin over the edge of a climax of her own. Several more followed of course, the other end of the harness bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of fucking her own daughter easily enough to make Caitlin have multiple orgasms, as always, but also as always she pushed through them for the sake of their mutual pleasure.

As anal had quickly become their favourite thing they did together it was very tempting to switch holes, especially when Lauren started slowing down, prompting Caitlin to switch their positions. That was something Caitlin was definitely going to do in the future, but considering this was her first time pounding this pussy she felt it was only right to concentrate on that. So she did, with a primal growl starting to hammer her little girl's cunt with every ounce of her strength, and keeping that up for a few long, precious minutes. Minutes where she couldn't physically abuse her pain slut any more as she just had to concentrate on relentlessly hammering her cute little twat.

There was one indulgence Caitlin allowed herself, namely to kiss her daughter. Part of it was practical, as the neighbours had been complaining about the noise, but mostly she just wanted to end this wonderful act the way she had started it, and in some small way show Lauren that she truly did love her. Perhaps that she was even falling in love with her, as her baby girl had quickly proven to be everything that Caitlin hadn't realised that she wanted, to the point where she couldn't imagine going without it. No, instead she imagined all the wicked and wonderful things she could do with her sub daughter in the future, focusing mostly on something she mentioned earlier. Which caused her to cum so hard she collapsed on top of Lauren in exhaustion, mother and daughter lying there for a few long seconds as they tried to get their breath back.

Then after a few long seconds Lauren whimpered, "Oh God Mom, I love you."

In response Caitlin smiled against her daughter's skin, "I love you too, my little Mutant Whore."

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