Mommy's Mutant Whore

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"She's going to ruin everything." Phoebe grumbled.

"I wouldn't go that far." Esme said softly.

"Wouldn't you?" Phoebe spat.

Taking a more gentle approach Sophie reminded her sibling, "If Lauren is hurting Andy in his dreams, that mean she's stronger, and we can't have the weaker half of Fenris. Besides, what if she really hurts him?"

"She wouldn't do that." Esme softly argued.

"How do you know that?" Sophie pushed.

"Well, what do you suggest?" Esme folded her arms.

"That we do the same thing to her, that we do to you, whenever you get out of line." Phoebe smirked.

"Only, it won't be us..." Sophie smirked wickedly as she and her other sisters' eyes glowed blue.


Lauren Strucker sat straight up in bed, waking with a gasp, and then a whimper. She used to dread falling asleep because she would see her brother again, who had abandoned her family, but she also looked forward to it because it gave her a chance to try and talk him out of what he was doing, and more importantly it gave her information on the organisation he was working for. But over the past few days she hadn't mentally connected with the other half of Fenris. No, her dreams had been of someone else, and they were obscenely inappropriate and twisted, the type of which should have Lauren throwing up in disgust. But instead, her body was having a very different reaction, making her both dread and crave more.

Right now it was more the former than the latter, which was a huge problem, because with her Dad away searching for a 'cure' to his mutation she actually had the opportunity to do something about it. And she would. She would get the hell out of Dodge so she couldn't succumb to this twisted temptation. Or, at least she would try. But they were living in a rundown, creaky apartment, and she barely made it to the door before her parents' bedroom door opened to reveal her mother in a tiny, white nightdress. Which Lauren should have thought nothing of, but for a brief moment she thought how well it complemented her Mom's body. Then she noticed the angry look on the older woman's face, and she quickly tried to placate her.

"Mom, I..." Lauren began.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Caitlin snapped.

"I, I was just..." Lauren stammered.

"Leaving us, just like your brother?" Caitlin snapped again.

"No, never." Lauren swore, "I just needed some air."

"You're lying to me!" Caitlin practically growled, "You're sneaking out to join your brother in that murderous cult, and you don't have the decency to even be honest about it? That's it, I've had more than enough of your arrogance, disrespect and disobedience. I'm going to do to you what I should have done a long time ago. Bend over my knee! You're getting a spanking."

Normally Lauren would be appalled by such a thing, as for one thing her mother was totally being unreasonable, and she was way too old to receive a spanking from a parent, and she'd never think of obeying without at least putting up a fight, but that's exactly what she did. She was even too distracted to realise her mother's eyes were flashing a familiar blue, or her own were doing the same as she was bombarded by memories of her dreams, and the arousal which came with it. All she could focus on was those memories, the stern look on her Mom's face, and how badly she wanted this. However once she was standing in front of the older woman, who was now sitting down on the couch, she was stopped before she could get into proper position.

"What do you think you're doing?" Caitlin protested, "Everyone knows a real spanking has to be bare bottom to be effective. So get those jeans down. Underwear too. Mmmmm, you know what? Take it all off! I want this to be as humiliating as possible for you so you never do it again."

Again instead of protesting Lauren found herself obeying without a word of protest, even whimpering, "Yes Mommy."

She could have been wrong, but it looked like the response delighted her Mommy. Lauren would have to remember that for later, as now more than ever she wanted to please the woman who gave her life. Which was why she obeyed her latest command, although it didn't explain why she did it so slowly, or why her mother looked at her with something that could be easily mistaken for pure lust the entire time. Or why her Mom was recently looking at her tits when she pulled off her top and then bra, only looking away from them when she pulled down her panties to reveal an embarrassingly wet pussy, which her mother stared at for a few long seconds before addressing her again, without looking away from that most private of areas.

"Turn around! Slowly!" Caitlin again practically growled.

"Yes Mommy." Lauren repeated, again trying to please the older woman.

There was a long silence, Caitlin's gaze obviously staying where it was, meaning that she went from looking at her daughter's wet pussy to her meaty cheeks, and then again, then she growled, "What are you waiting for slut? Bend over my knee."

"Yes Mommy." Lauren replied and obeyed again.

Caitlin had no idea why she'd just called her daughter a slut, or anything that had just happened. It was like a rollercoaster, that she just couldn't stop. That she didn't want to stop, especially when her little girl positioned herself awkwardly over her knee, immediately making it clear that she wasn't a girl any more. Partly because while they were virtually the same height now Lauren was much more wider and curvier, making her heavier, putting a real strain on the other woman's knee. But it was totally worth it to have that big juicy ass presented to her, and just waiting for Caitlin to spank. And oh, how she wanted to spank it, especially as it was one of the many things she had been dreaming about pretty much non-stop.

Although at first Caitlin couldn't resist indulging in one of her other recent fantasies, namely simply reaching out, grabbing that perfect little bubble butt and giving it a good squeeze. Oh God, it felt even better than she thought it would. So soft, and full, and round. Oh fuck, this was going to be so much fun. Caitlin hadn't had the opportunity to spank another woman in a very long time, and while before she thought it was a weird irony that her daughter possessed the kind of body that she was normally into now she was very grateful for it. Which should never be a thought entering a mother's head, but she just couldn't help it, and to be fair Lauren let out a cute little gasp and moan from being felt up, and her pussy was wet, proving that slut was the perfect description for her.

The fact that Caitlin moaned too, or spent nearly a full minute caressing her own daughter's butt was irrelevant. Lauren was the one who had done something bad, and tried to do something worse, and now Caitlin would punish her for it. She would punish her for it by giving her the hardest, roughest, nastiest spanking she had ever given. But to do that, and properly punish her daughter, she would need to start out slow. Oh yes, she wanted to take her time and enjoy this. Needed too. And Lauren had always been good about taking a punishment, so Caitlin should go a little easy on her. So after their first initial strike which echoed throughout the room, along with the cry that Lauren let out, the mother of two dramatically toned down the force of the following blows.

She also continued gleefully caressing that big fat ass, massaging only some of the pain away and ensuring that her perfect daughter continued gasping, moaning and crying out with mostly pleasure as she was spanked. Which was pretty much heaven for Caitlin, especially as even during that stage those meaty cheeks wobbled like jelly in an earthquake. Then, once she really got going, they jiggled more obscenely than she had ever seen an ass jiggle before. And oh, it discoloured so beautifully, quickly turning a bright pink, then a light red, before finally a dark and angry red, all of which looked so beautiful. And yet still Lauren's cries were mostly of joy, and her little twat continued to be ridiculously wet.

Lauren was desperately hoping that her mother somehow didn't notice that, because it was pretty embarrassing and she didn't know what she could possibly be thinking because of it. So when the strikes to her ass came it was kind of a relief, as the pain and humiliation was very distracting. Initially it was more the latter than the former as she couldn't stop thinking about how she was bent over her own mother's knee, completely naked and receiving a spanking, but there was also something else. Something really weird. Namely her Mom caressing her ass, which was surely a way to make it easier on her. But this was supposed to be a punishment, wasn't it? And the way her mother was squeezing her butt was kind of sexual, and for some reason it only made her wetter.

Her treacherous body had a similar reaction when the pausing to caress her butt was gradually phased out in favour of constant blows which were even harder than the ones she had received in the beginning, and certainly harder than the ones she'd received in between. Lauren whimpered and cried out pathetically because of it, but she didn't truly protest. After all, even without her Mutant ability Lauren had a weight advantage, which meant that all she'd have to do was roll off, or push her mother away, and that would be the end of it. But she didn't. No, she took every single blow, and a sick and twisted part of her liked it, even when she was literally crying with pain and shame. Then suddenly the spanking stopped and her mother's hand slid down to her wet pussy, making Lauren whimper pathetically.

For a few long seconds Caitlin rubbed that pussy in disbelief, and then she exclaimed, "Oh my God, you're getting off on this?"

"I'm sorry." Lauren whimpered, "I-"

"I don't want to hear your excuses!" Caitlin cut her off angrily, and then ordered, "Stand up! Facing me! Hands behind your back, mmmmm, stick your chest out!"

"Yes Mom." Lauren whimpered, quickly doing as she was told.

Once her daughter was in position Caitlin immediately grabbed her daughter's big tits in the way she'd wanted to do so desperately for the past few days, and then growled, "God, how did you get tits this big? No one else in our family has them... are you sure you didn't use our money for a boob job?"

"NO! I, AH!" Lauren tried to protest, but she got a hard double smack to her boobs for her trouble.

"Don't lie to me you little whore!" Caitlin snapped.

"I'm not." Lauren whimpered, before crying out as her nipples were twisted.

"Well, somehow they feel real..." Caitlin mumbled thoughtfully as she continued playing with her daughter's tits, "But we've established you're nothing but a filthy liar, so I'm going to have to test some more. Mmmmm, and punish you some more. Of course, if you enjoy this shit there really is no helping you. And don't you dare fucking move! Mommy is trying to help you."

Automatically Lauren opened her mouth to reply 'yes Mommy', only for her words to dissolve into another cry of pain as she received another hard double smack to her tits. Which was pretty much repeated over and over again, the spanking continuing, except this time it was to her boobs. And just like before, there were initially pauses where her wonderful Mommy massage some of the pain away, only this time she also provided another form of it by pinching Lauren's nipples. Occasionally it just hard enough to feel good, but other times it felt like her nipples were about to be torn off. Actually, some twisted part of Lauren enjoyed even that, especially given how happy it seemed to make her Mommy.

When she was bent over the other woman's knee it was easy for Lauren to pretend she was the only sick freak getting off on this, but seeing the excitement and wicked glee on the older woman's face it seemed she wasn't the only one. Which was only confirmed when her Mom seemed to give up the pretense and just suddenly lean forward to wrap her mouth around one of her own daughter's nipples. Instead of freaking out when she should Lauren tilted her head back, let out a loud moan and cupped her mother to her breast as for a few wonderful minutes the woman who gave her life frantically licked and sucked that sensitive little bundle of flesh. Then the other shoe dropped, and her Mom bit down so hard on her nipple Lauren thought for sure she was about to bite it off, causing her to cry out even louder than before.

"They taste real too." Caitlin mumbled thoughtfully, before doing the same to the other nipple while sliding one hand down to her daughter's cunt, and then pulling back and growling, "But you're still enjoying this way too much young lady. Luckily I have one more thing we can try... follow me."

"Yes Mommy." Lauren whimpered, following her mother into her parent's bedroom. Her eyes then went wide as from underneath the bed her Mom pulled out a box from underneath the bed with a tag which read 'To Discipline Your Daughter, Kisses, The Frost Sisters', which was then open to reveal a bunch of sex toys, making Lauren exclaimed, "Mom!"

Caitlin admitted, "I know, I was shocked at first, and I was going to throw it out, but it seems our telepathic enemies know just what kind of twisted little freak you are, and luckily this is given Mommy some ideas of how to finally put you in your place. Now, hands behind your back again!"

For a few long seconds Lauren paused, earning her a stern look from her mother, then she lowered her head and whimpered, "Yes Mommy."

Caitlin of course had to punish Lauren for the pausing with a few more minutes of tit spanking, and then a few more minutes on top of that just to make sure the little slut got the message. And just because those giant tits of hers looked so good jiggling and bouncing for with every blow. And they were becoming almost as discoloured as Lauren's red ass. And again, this was supposed to be a punishment. Then without thinking for a moment that this could be considered ironic Caitlin wrapped her lips around one of those nipples again and treated them to the same shameless licking, sucking and later biting as before. Of course this was just to prepare Lauren properly for the next punishment, and sure enough when Caitlin was done those nipples were as hard as rocks, further proving just how perverted her daughter was.

Out of rage and frustration Caitlin grabbed hold of a nice big pair of nipple clamps from the box of goodies and then attached them one by one onto Lauren's nipples. They were attached by a chain, which already had a couple of adorable bells on them, but over the next few minutes Caitlin gleefully attached more bells, and a few weights, to that chain, each time causing Lauren to cry out pathetically. Each cry earned her a few hard smacks, mostly to her tits, but a few times she smacked Lauren's ass too. In fact once she had applied all the bells and weights Caitlin delivered a series of strikes to both areas, and a few even to her daughter's cunt, in an attempt to make her baby girl finally stop enjoying it, but it was to no avail.

"God, you're still loving this you filthy little whore!" Caitlin screeched after she started rubbing her daughter's pussy again, finding it even more wet than before.

"I'm sorry Mommy..." Lauren whimpered, then moaned, "But please, mmmmm, don't stop."

"What? You actually want me to fuck you?" Caitlin scoffed, and then when Lauren didn't immediately deny it the older blonde scrunched up her nose in disgust and scolded her, "Lauren! That's disgusting! I'm your mother, for God sakes! Have you no shame? No, clearly you don't. But fine, I'll fuck you. I'll fuck you in a way no girl should like, which will either punish you, or turn you into a total whore. And I think we both know which one it will be. Now, get on your knees so you can get a good look at your present."

"Yes Mommy." Lauren whimpered, lowering her gaze so she couldn't see what else the other woman grabbed from the toy box before she came to stand in front of her.

"Awww, does the little slut wanna lick Mommy's pussy?" Caitlin mocked when she caught her daughter staring at her snatch, which to be fair was right in front of her and being rubbed by Caitlin. Then Caitlin scoffed, and as she strapped on a massive dildo exclaimed, "Please, licking my pussy is a privilege reserved for good girls, mmmmm, and you haven't been a good girl, have you Lauren? No, you've been a lying whore. God, now I think about it, if you had just told us the truth from the beginning we wouldn't be in this mess, meaning that everything has happened to us is your fault. Yes, and now I'm going to punish you for it. Oh yeah. Oh fuck yeah, you see this big cock? Huh? Well, every inch of it is going up your fat ass! Do you think that you'd like that? God, I hope not, because then I really would have to disown you. But we'll discuss that if it comes to it. For now, just get up on the bed. Mmmmm, on your hands and knees. I want to take you like the lying little mutant bitch you are."

"Yes Mommy." Lauren whimpered and obeyed again.

As she spoke Caitlin rubbed lubricant into her cock, and did it right in front of Lauren's face so her daughter could get a good look at just how big it was, and hopefully scare her thinking about such a massive object entering and stuffing her forbidden hole. She clearly succeeded in this, but instead of begging for mercy Lauren not only obeyed without hesitation, but she actually look turned on by being threatened with such a heinous act. Like she was actually still enjoying this. And sure enough, Caitlin could clearly see from this position her baby girl's pussy which was glistening with wetness. Caitlin heard those juices calling out to her, but that would have been a reward, so she forced herself to focus on her real target, Lauren's tight little virgin butt hole.

For a few long seconds she just stared at her prize, then Caitlin covered her fingers in a generous coating of lubricant before rubbing it into her own daughter's ass hole. But there was no way that would be enough considering what she was about to do, so Caitlin slowly pushed her finger into her baby girl's back door. For some twisted reason both blondes then cried out, and then even moaned, in pleasure as the older one buried her finger inside the younger one. And Caitlin couldn't even be ashamed of Lauren, because she was too busy being overwhelmed with lust herself, so much so she only spent about a minute pumping one finger in and out of that virgin hole before replacing it with her cock.

"Spread your cheeks sweetie!" Caitlin growled, "Spread them for Mommy!"

"Yes Mommy." Lauren whimpered and did as she was told.

Caitlin might've literally drooled from watching her own daughter reach back and spread her cheeks, offering her own mother her virgin ass hole. She could have stared at it for hours, but then Lauren would tighten up and the fingering would be for nothing. So instead she pushed forward forcefully, Caitlin's mouth opening silently as Lauren's virgin butt hole slowly but surely stretched to allow the head of her cock to slid through it and into her daughter's virgin bottom. Unsurprisingly this caused both women to cry out, Lauren mostly from pain, and Caitlin from overwhelming joy as she officially popped her own daughter's anal cherry, something which echoed in her mind for several long seconds.

Then Caitlin pushed forwards a little faster, harder and deeper than she should, causing several inches to disappear into Lauren's ass hole and her baby girl to cry out with pain and clutch her cheeks. Impressively Lauren didn't remove her hands from her cheeks, which made Caitlin beam with pride, but that cry also kind of broke her heart, because this was supposed to be about the humiliation more than the pain. So she made sure her next thrust was much more slow and gentle, and only lasted long enough to push another inch into Lauren's butt. As this at most got a gasp out of her little girl Caitlin repeated the process again, slowly stuffing inch after inch of her cock into Lauren's forbidden hole until her thighs came to rest against her cheeks, announcing every inch of her strap-on was buried in her own daughter's butt.

For a few long moments Caitlin savoured that fact, then she slowly pulled back until about half of the dildo was out, and then she pushed it all the way back in. She then repeated that process, albeit with shorter thrusts, officially beginning to sodomise her own daughter at a slow and steady rhythm. Which she got the best possible view of thanks to Lauren continuing to spread her cheeks like the perfect little anal whore she apparently was. Part of Caitlin was disgusted by that, but not as much as she was turned on by it. Then came something rather disturbing, and even more disgusting. Lauren moaned. Her own daughter moaned in pleasure from getting fucked up the ass, and they had barely gotten started.

"Did you just moan?" Caitlin asked in disbelief.

There was a long pause and then Lauren whimpered, "No."

Which was such an obvious lie that it angered Caitlin, so she growled, "Take your hands off your cheeks."

"Yes Mommy." Lauren whimpered.

This time Lauren was hesitant to obey her command, obviously guessing what Caitlin had in mind. However Caitlin was a good Mom, and allowed her daughter a chance to redeem herself, even willing to let the lying and the moaning go if she could avoid enjoying her punishment, at least so early. Of course once again Lauren let her down by moaning softly, and then increasingly loudly in pure pleasure, until Caitlin had no choice but to give another half a dozen smacks to that fat ass, making the cheeks jiggle obscenely again. Which only made Lauren look more beautiful, and spank-able, but as this obviously wasn't being effective enough Caitlin was going to have to step up her game. Initially that meant a harder spanking, but when that didn't work she came up with another idea.

"You lying whore!" Caitlin snapped during those blows, and then once she was done yelled, "Is there no helping you?"

"I'm sorry." Lauren whimpered.

"Don't be sorry, be normal." Caitlin spat, "Stop being such a little whore who loves it up the ass."

There was a brief pause and then Lauren began with another whimper, "I-"

"I already said I didn't want to hear your excuses." Caitlin snapped again, before suddenly pulling her cock out and lying down, "Here, maybe it won't be so much fun for you if you're doing all the work. Facing me! Mmmmm yeahhhhh, that way if you're still enjoying this shit I can punish those titties of yours."

"Yes Mommy." Lauren whimpered again.

Lauren had never felt more humiliated in her entire life, and somehow it was turning her on. Everything about this unspeakable act was turning her on, and at this point she couldn't see a way to stop it, and she didn't even want too. No, Lauren just wanted to cum. Ideally with her own mother's cock in her ass, which made her a total freak, but she didn't care. She just needed it so bad, and she would happily take whatever punishment her Mom had to give her. After all, she deserved it. She was a lying whore, and a little slut who apparently loved anal sex so much that even the initial penetration and ass stuffing was pleasurable for her. Well, mostly mentally, but it very quickly became physically too once the sodomy officially got underway.

The second time she was anally penetrated was even more humiliating than the first, which was really saying something. But to actually have to crawl on top of her mother, to look into the eyes of the woman who gave her life as she lined up her butt hole with a strap-on was almost too humiliating to bear. Yet despite that she again felt a tremendous mental joy from it, and from the initial penetration and butt stuffing, which was a lot less painful the second time. It still hurt, and made her feel like she desperately needed the bathroom, but somehow Lauren found herself enjoying those sensations. Although not nearly as much as the moment her ass cheeks came to rest against her mother's lap, announcing that once again every inch of the dildo was buried within her bowels.

Initially Lauren tried to savour that perverted moment, but she was punished for it by her Mom slapping her ass and ordering, "Get on with it whore!"

"Yes Mommy." Lauren whimpered yet again and did as she was told.

Bizarrely she was both grateful and disappointed that her Mom slapped her ass, because as sore as her ass was the nipple clamps were making any attention to her titties far worse, which Lauren both wanted and didn't. Of course in her delirious state she hadn't realised that was going to happen anyway, because while Lauren's tits had been pressed against the bed sheets when she was face down once she began bouncing her butt up and down it caused her huge boobs to jiggle along with it. This caused a gentle tugging on her nipples, creating the most delicious mixture of pain and pleasure which already had Lauren whimpering with joy and shame, and her mother grinning with delight.

For some twisted reason that grin made Lauren's heart flutter. She had always taken pride in being a good daughter, and making her parents proud of her, but this was something far different, and far darker. Something she should be desperately trying to put a stop too, but instead Lauren yearned for more. So she gradually increased her pace, sodomising herself more passionately and causing her tits to bounce up and down more rapidly. This inevitably caused more pain, but it was overwhelmed by the ecstasy she was feeling. Or added to it. Honestly Lauren wasn't sure at that particular moment, she just wanted more of it. More importantly, she wanted to cum, and she was so close she could practically taste it. Then a series of slaps to her ass told her this was the wrong thing to do.

"Slow down bitch!" Caitlin yelled when that wasn't enough, and then when Lauren finally did as she was told she wasn't given a chance to reply before Caitlin grumbled, "Finally! You don't deserve this, but I want to try one more time to help you, so just keep bouncing nice and slow while Mommy punishes you."

Lauren opened her mouth to give her now usual response, only for the words to be turned into a cry of pure pain as her poor tits received a devastatingly hard double slap. She got a few seconds to recover and then the double slap was repeated again, and again, and again until there were little tears in her eyes from the agony of it. Then all of a sudden those clamps were being removed and her mother gave her a random series of strikes to the tender flesh, which made her cry out even more loudly. Finally her Mom lean forward and wrapped her lips around one nipple, and then the other, giving them a gentle sucking, which felt good and soothing, but also kind of painful after what had just happened, and honestly Lauren was expecting the bite which eventually came.

When it did Caitlin removed her mouth from that nipple and growled, "I said keep bouncing slut."

"Yes Mommy, sorry Mommy." Lauren whimpered yet again.

She tried her best, but Lauren could barely get back to the initial speed of her thrusting. Thankfully it was apparently enough for her Mom this time, or more likely she was just so lost in Lauren's tits that she barely noticed what her daughter was doing. Either way Lauren entered a delirious state of pain and pleasure, overwhelmed by both as her mother reattached the nipple clamps, twisting her tits before and afterwards to maximise the punishment, before repeating the breast spanking all over again. Which was initially unbearable, but as the process was repeated Lauren found herself enjoying even that, and when her Mommy finally noticed she completely lost it.

"What? Really? You're still enjoying this?" Caitlin exclaimed, "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"I'm sorry Mommy." Lauren whimpered.

"Mommy? I don't think so." Caitlin snorted, "I can't have a daughter who's this big a lying anal whore."

"But..." Lauren began.

"Shut the fuck up!" Caitlin snapped, delivering a hard slap to Lauren's sore ass, "I'm not done. Not by a long shot. You see, I should just toss you out on the streets, but I can't run the risk of you falling into the hands of the Inner Circle, so instead I'll keep you around. But not as my daughter, but as my personal Little Mutant Whore. Oh, you like that, do you? Mmmmm, I thought you would. Oh yeah, you want to be Mommy's Little Mutant Whore, don't you Lauren? Huh? Answer me!"

"Yes!" Lauren quickly answered when she had permission, "Yes please Mommy, make me your Mutant Whore!"

"Get on all fours!" Caitlin ordered, "Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, get on all fours like the Little Mutant Whore you are and beg for the privilege of being mine."

"Yes Mommy." Lauren whimpered, reluctant to get off the cock but eager to beg, "Please Mommy, please make me your Little Mutant Whore! I want to be your personal Little Mutant Whore! Yours to fuck however you want! Please use me, use my ass! Use it for your pleasure! Treat my ass hole as your own personal fuck hole, and my tits as your playthings. Make my entire body your plaything. Please Mommy, I wanna be yours! All yours! I wanna be Mommy's Little Mutant Whore, Mommy's Little Anal Slut, mmmmm, Mommy's Little Lesbian Sex Slave! Turn me into whatever you want, just fuck me hard and make me cum! Oh Mommy!"

It took longer than Lauren wanted it too, but finally her Mom shoved her cock back up her butt. Literally! No slow and gentle penetration this time. No, her mother literally rammed her dick deep into Lauren's ass, practically getting every inch inside her in that first thrust. Then once she really was fully embedded she started sodomising her straightaway, building up a rhythm until she was giving her everything she had. Which hurt Lauren quite a lot, but for the most part she enjoyed it, especially when the force of the ass fucking was increased until the sound of her Mommy's thighs crashing against her ass cheeks were echoing in the room almost as loudly as Lauren's screams of pleasure and it felt like she was being spanked again as the butt pounding was so brutal. Which of course meant, her clamped tits were bouncing obscenely, the bells attached to them jiggling like crazy.

Just before the anal sex became what maybe a literal rectum wrecking Lauren experienced the most powerful climax of her life. It caused her body to shake, her cum to squirt out of her cunt and her mind to melt inside her head. And somehow, it was followed by another, and another, and another until she could no longer think coherently. Which very much sealed her fate. She would have done anything just for the pleasure she'd felt being butt fucked by her Mommy. But this? This was worth truly anything, and Lauren's last coherent thought was she was so looking forward to being her Mommy's Little Mutant Whore, who happily did anything to please her Dom Mom.

Caitlin was going to make sure Lauren wasn't lying this time, that she meant every one of her words, because this couldn't be a one time thing. It just couldn't be. No, Caitlin needed to fuck her former daughter every day, and make sure this little whore knew her purpose in life was to be Caitlin Strucker's walking fuck hole. Especially her anal fuck hole, something Caitlin plan to hammer home by ramming this big jiggly butt multiple times a day from now on, just so she could see this beautiful girl like this. On all fours, thrusting that big ass of hers back at her top without even needing to be asked, that giant ass of hers jiggling like jelly in an earthquake. And those equally big tits bouncing just as much for her, something Caitlin knew all about thanks to the jingling bells.

Wanting to hammer home her dominance even more Caitlin reached down to grab a big handful of hair, twisted around into a ponytail which wouldn't come loose, and then use it to pull Lauren's head back. Even this seemed to make the little whore cry out in pleasure, which just like with everything else had Caitlin grinning sadistically. Then she started yanking that hair back at random, and smacking that ass with the other hand, at first just to punish the daughter she had just verbally disowned. Although inevitably she decided to remind her of that, and further verbally humiliate her while continuing to brutalise her butt hole with more bowel wrecking thrusts.

"Take it! Take it! Take it you little bitch!" Caitlin growled, "Take it up your big fat ass like the whore you are! Ohhhhhhh Gooooooddddddd, how could I ever think a filthy mutant like you could ever be good enough to be my daughter? Why didn't I recognise you for the dirty whore you are? Huh? Mmmmm, especially when it's obvious this is all you're good for. Oooooooh yeahhhhhhhh Lauren, you good for nothing fuck hole! That's all you are! Just a fucking fuck hole! Mmmmmm yessssssss, and now you're Mommy's fuck hole! Yesssssss, you're Mommy's Fuck Hole, Mommy's Anal slut, Mommy's Lesbian Sex Slave, mmmmmm fuckkkkkkkk, You're Mommy's Little Mutant Whore! Ooooooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeesssssssss, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk!"

Of course neither women had unlimited stamina, and inevitably Caitlin was forced to trail off in favour of concentrating on the sodomy. She also let go of Lauren's hair and stop taunting her so instead she could grip firmly to her waist and give every ounce of her remaining strength to trying to make sure that her daughter wouldn't be able to sit down for a week. Or take a shit. Or even stretch. Not without thinking about how she had been taken and claimed by her own mother, the very thought of it combined with the harness bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of butt fucking her own daughter making Caitlin cum over and over again. Which caused Caitlin's mind to melt until she became a savage animal pounding into her submissive mate, her own daughter becoming truly nothing but a fuck hole to her.

Even when Lauren collapsed face down in exhaustion Caitlin somehow found the energy to continue on. Little did she know the reason she continued despite feeling she had no strength was from a little help from three perverted minds, who caused Caitlin's eyes to glow bright blue as they pushed her on for a few long minutes while each one of them came without being touched. Then they left her mind completely, allowing Caitlin to collapse in exhaustion down onto the sweaty body of her daughter underneath her. She then had a few long seconds of confusion before like her daughter she passed out, blissfully unaware of the consequences she'd have to deal with in the morning.

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