Mommy's Mutant Whore

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"Andy... Andy... Andy"

Andy Strucker groaned as he heard his name being called, slowly awaking him from his sleep. Which was a real shame, because he was having such an amazing dream. One where a blonde girl kissed her way down his chest while slowly beginning to stroke his shaft, to the point where he was practically rock hard by the time she was sliding her lips up his dick and taking the head into her mouth. Oh yes, he was getting a blow job from a very familiar looking blonde girl, and in his dreams he felt no guilt over it. The dream was so vivid that he still found pleasure when he woke up, only for it to be kind of ruined by having his Mom leaning over him when he opened his eyes, giving him a fright and kick starting his guilt tenfold.

"Mom, what are you-" Andy startled.

"Shhhhhh, just relax and enjoy." Caitlin cooed, pressing a finger to his lips, "We wanted to reward you for coming home to us."

"What?" Andy frowned in confusion, before stifling a moan, making him suddenly realise he wasn't just remembering the pleasant dream, he was actually feeling pleasure.

"Me, and my well-trained little whore." Caitlin explained, cupping the bulge in between the bed sheets.

He was still dreaming! That had to be it. Surely that was the only reason to explain what was happening right now. That a teenager was having a wet dream, and his Mom suddenly popped into it to ruin it. Apparently this was a frequent nightmare for teens his age, but to his shame while it was horrifying it didn't spoil the mood for him. No, he stayed rock hard in that nice, soft, wet mouth, his eyes now glued to where that head was bobbing up and down in the bed sheets. Because that's absolutely what it was, as he could see the body attached to it underneath the sheets. He wanted more. He wanted to see the girl sucking his dick. Or perhaps, who was sucking his cock, because he had his suspicions. Which was ironically why he couldn't seem to lift the sheets, although for better or for worse that was taken care for him.

"You see Andy, a lot has changed while you've been gone..." Caitlin explained almost casually, "And with your father now... gone, it's more important than ever that I keep you kids in line. Well, Lauren has proven herself unworthy to be called my kid, mmmmmmm, but she does make the perfect little whore for Mommy. Isn't that right sweetie?"

"Uh-huh." Lauren moaned in agreement around her brother's cock, finally able to look up at him as their mother pulled the sheets away to reveal her.

"Oh my God!" Andy exclaimed, although it was telling he didn't do anything to stop it.

"Oh yes, mmmmmmm, she's the perfect little whore. Eating Mommy's pussy, taking Mommy's cock in all her whore holes, and doing every nasty little thing I could possibly want." Caitlin growled, "She even confessed to me how badly she wanted you inside her. To fuck her own brother! Can you believe that? Mmmmmmm, I'm betting you can though, because you haven't stopped her, have you? No, and I've seen the way you look at her, since you got back. Lauren was right, you want her as much as she wants you. And you can have her whenever you like, as long as you promised to stay with us and never leave us again. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, then you can fuck that pretty little mouth of hers whenever you want it!"

Given that he was a teenage boy Andy had, of course, had a lot of wild dreams before, but nothing compared to this. This was the wildest, nastiest dream he had ever had, but it was also the best, because each of those twisted words were giving him more pleasure than he could ever have imagined, considering just how good Lauren's imaginary mouth was making him feel that was saying a lot. Also, he now had the incredible visual of his sister staring up at him, Lauren's pretty little lips wrapped tightly around the first few inches of his dick and she bobbed up and down on it, and her hands stroked the lower half. Oh God, it was beyond anything he could describe. And somehow, it then got even better.

"Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, go ahead Andy, fuck that pretty little mouth of hers!" Caitlin encouraged her son by whispering directly into his ear, "Face fuck her like a whore, because that's all she is! Oh yes, since you've been away Lauren has become Mommy's Mutant Whore, and now she's going to be the family whore. That's what you want, and that's what she wants. Isn't that right Lauren?"

"Yes Mommy, that's what I want." Lauren confirmed, continuing to stroke her brother's cock as she looked into his eyes and without hesitation told him, "I want this. I've always wanted this. We're Fenris! We are meant to be together, and when we are, amazing things happen. Why do you think Fenris hasn't been activated, huh? Because this is a dream? No Andy, it's because this is meant to be. We are meant to be. Oh my God Andy, fuck me! Fuck my mouth with your cock! Please? I want it! I need it! I crave it! Fuck me Andy, fuck my mouth and cum all over my fucking face! Oooooooooh yessssssssss, fucking cum for me Andy, cum!"

With that Lauren wrapped her mouth around Andy's dick again, and amazingly, slid her mouth all the way down it. Feeling that, feeling his cock entering her tight throat and being squeezed by it, which was just too much for him, and he experienced the most powerful orgasm of his life, shooting the first blast of his seed straight down her throat. She then quickly pulled up and started rapidly stroking his shaft, while sticking out her tongue, allowing the following shots of sperm to cover her face. First her cheeks, chin and tongue, before she pointed his dick upwards to cover her forehead and nose, while even getting some in her hair and possibly in her eyes. He didn't know for sure, only that it made him literally whimper pathetically, and then again when she took him back into her mouth and sucked the last few drops from him.

Lauren had some experience sucking cock, ironically thanks mostly to her Dom Mom. Sure, she had been a popular teenage girl, never going long without a boyfriend, because while she didn't give the boys everything they wanted, she was willing to keep them happy by sucking their cocks. She had got very good at it, too. Or at least that's what they said. Admittedly they didn't have much more experience receiving then she did giving, but she never failed to make them cum, so that was something. However their dicks had never been as big as the dildos her Mommy now regularly used on her, and naturally the older woman had more experience on the subject, turning Lauren from an amateur to a professional cock sucker, who could deep throat something much longer and wider than what her brother had to offer.

Of course, enthusiasm for the act couldn't be taught. Her mother hadn't needed to tell her that, but her Mommy enjoyed reminding her several times, because Lauren truly did love every single part of it. She wondered if that was simply because recently she had been sucking the cock of her top, who she truly loved, and perhaps most of all another woman. However, Lauren loved Andy just as much as she loved their Mom, which was really saying something, and while he certainly wasn't as dominant as the woman who gave them life he had something else to offer. Namely his salty load, which she loved having sprayed over her face, making her feel like a porn star. Which was yet another thing she hadn't done before.

"Well, don't you look pretty?" Caitlin chuckled, moving away from her son so she could get a good look at her daughter's face, "Mmmmmm, you've never looked better."

"Thank you Mommy." Lauren beamed, after swallowing the cum that was in her mouth.

"It makes you look like a slut. Which is exactly what you are, isn't it?" Caitlin pushed.

"Yes Mommy, I'm a slut." Lauren confirmed without any hesitation.

"A cock sucking slut?" Caitlin pushed further with a wicked smile, even adding, "Mmmmmm, your brother's cock sucking slut!"

"Yes..." Lauren blushed, hesitating briefly before confirming, "I'm a cock sucking slut! I'm my brother's cock sucking slut! Oh please Mommy, can I scoop some of the cum off of my face and eat it? I know you wanted him to cum on my face, and I really loved that, but I also really, really loved the taste of his cum, and I want more. Please Mommy, let me get more."

"I suppose that would be okay, you greedy cum whore." Caitlin graciously agreed, proving just what a good Mommy she was, "Just make sure you leave some. Mmmmmmm, Mommy wants your face to still be covered in your brother's cum when you fuck him."

"Yes Mommy, of course Mommy." Lauren eagerly replied, quickly wiping her cum coated eyelids first and then moaning happily as she pushed those fingers into her mouth.

She then repeated the process with her forehead, chin, and her cheeks, being careful to leave a certain amount, just as ordered. Which honestly was hard for her, because the thing she liked most about sucking cock was swallowing cum, and she had already been denied so much already. Also this was her first time tasting it since going on the run, which reminded her of just how much she missed it. Well, there was what had landed in her mouth, and been shot directly down her throat, but that wasn't nearly enough for her, and now it felt like she finally had a chance to savour it again. In fact, more so than ever before, because she no longer feared acting like the slut she truly was. Instead she proudly showed it off to her watching family members, who both seem to really enjoy the show.

"Good slut, now get up and show off that amazing body of yours." Caitlin ordered.

"Yes Mommy." Lauren grinned, only too happy to oblige.

It's not like that was hard, as literally all she had to do was throw off the covers and stand-up. Oh yes, under the orders of their mother Lauren had crawled into her brother's room and slid into his bed only wearing what had become her favourite items of clothing, that being a nice big butt-plug stuffing her ass hole, and her collar. Basically the collar had become her prize possession, as it had a tag which read 'Mommy's Little Whore'. It was probably intended for a Sugar Mommy's plaything, rather than a Mom's real daughter, but it worked perfectly for the relationship which had form between them. Now if they could only find one which said 'Mommy's Mutant Whore' it would truly be perfect. Of course, Andy probably didn't notice that, as he was too busy staring at his sister's big tits.

"Turn around slowly, show your brother everything." Caitlin commanded.

"Yes Mommy." Lauren again eagerly obeyed.

"Stop!" Caitlin commanded once her daughter's back was facing the bed, at which point she reached round and pulled apart Lauren's butt cheeks so that Andy could see the plug in between them, "I like to keep my little whore's ass nice and stretched, so I can use it at a moments notice. Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, Mommy just loves fucking her little girl's big fat ass!"

Lauren cried out as her Mommy emphasised her words by smacking those ass cheeks nice and hard with both hands, making them jiggle, pausing just long enough for Lauren to add, "And I love it when you do. Ooooooooooh yessssssssss, I love it when my Mommy fucks me up the butt like the nasty little anal whore I am! Ah fuck!"

"Shut your mouth and turn around." Caitlin snapped, moving back for a moment, and then addressing her son again, "Like I said, I love this ass. I love it so much... that I just can't bear to share it. Even with you. Mmmmmmm yessssssss, Lauren's ass hole is Mommy's personal fuck hole. My private property, to use whenever I want. And I'm sorry Andy, but you just can't have it. But do you want to know what you can have?"

There was a brief pause, and then Andy breathlessly replied, "What?"

"These big, fat tits!" Caitlin growled, pressing her body against Lauren's back, reaching round and grabbing those big tits, making her daughter gasped. Then Lauren moaned happily as Caitlin briefly reached down to rub her pussy with one hand, before bringing that hand back up to start working on those huge boobs again, explaining in the process, "And this tight, hot, wet pussy. Mmmmmm yesssssss, if you promised to stay with us, always, you can fuck your sister's pussy. But you have to ask my permission first, at least for that. Oh yeah, I don't want to make her cunt too lose yet. But her mouth? You can fuck that whenever you want. Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, this bitch can do with the practice. And you can definitely fuck these ridiculously big tits. Mmmmmmm, fuck yeah, I'd love to see that. I'd love to see my son fuck my daughter's big tits!"

Another brief pause, in which Andy watched his mother play with her daughter's tits, Lauren's eyes now closed and her mouth open in a shameless moan, which was so captivating he couldn't speak for a few long seconds, then he stammered, "I, I can't."

"Why not?" Caitlin grinned, "You clearly want too..."

She clearly looked down to his dick, which was painfully hard, something Andy hadn't noticed, which made him blush and stammered, "I... I... I..."

"Go. Ask your brother nicely for the privilege of tit fucking him." Caitlin whispered into Lauren's ear, before slapping her tits and roughly pushing her forward.

"AH! Yes Mommy!" Lauren cried out, landing on the bed and then crawling in between her brother's legs while begging, "Please Andy! Please tittie fuck me. I want your big dick in between my fat titties. Oooooooh yeahhhhhhh, fuck these big fat tits Andy! Fuck them and cum all over them!"

Yet another long pause, and then Andy squeaked, "Okay."

Andy tried to be good and say no, but those tits just looked so inviting, especially when Lauren fondled and slapped them herself, or when their mother did it, and that combined with all the words just made it impossible to say anything else. He might have already cum, but he was a teenage boy, and it didn't take much to get him ready to go again. Which Lauren took full advantage of, as with a wicked grin she moved forward ever so slightly and wrapped her big boobs around his dick and started stroking it up and down. Oh God, those titties felt so wonderfully soft around his cock, and yet there was a wonderful amount of pressure thanks to how hard Lauren was squeezing them together that it made Andy's toes curl. And that was before those mountains of flesh were pushed up and down.

When they were Andy just tilted his head back and let out a loud moan of pleasure. He then closed his eyes and just savoured that feeling for a few long seconds, which just made the whole thing even more intense. It also gave him the opportunity to imagine this was someone else, literally almost anyone else, but he found he didn't want too. Instead he was soon opening his eyes and looking down, where his big sister was fucking him with her big tits, which was easily one of the most beautiful sights he'd ever seen. Maybe the most beautiful. And he should have been more than content with that, but it made him want to do something else. Something even more unspeakable. Namely fuck those tits himself.

Just when he didn't think it could get any hotter, or more perverted, his Mom started taking off her clothes. He tried not to look, but watching Lauren's huge boobs jiggling around his dick was no less perverted, so ultimately he look just in time to see his Mom taking off her bra and then pushing her underwear down, leaving her as naked as her children. Not counting Lauren's collar, or the butt-plug up the younger blonde's butt, he thought with a blush. Another thought which made him blush was the acknowledgement that his Mom had a nice pair of tits. Not as big as Lauren's, but nice. And the rest of her body, wow. He quickly returned his focus to those big titties, trying to get lost in the feeling of how good they felt around his dick, and not on who was doing this to him, or how else was naked in this room.

"That's it baby boy. Mmmmmmm, fuck those tits." Caitlin gleefully encouraged him a few minutes later, "Mmmmmmm, fuck them good and cum all over them. Yesssssss, mmmmmmm, fuck them!"

The last few minutes had been hard for Andy as he began to become lost in the pleasure. Along the way he has started thrusting upwards into those giant tits without realising it, and when hearing that encouragement made him focus on it instead of pulling it off he completely lost himself to it. He even placed his hands over Lauren's hands, squeezing on them to provide more pressure to his dick, so he was basically using his sister's huge boobs to masturbate. Then he rapidly increased the force of his thrusting until he was fucking those titties with every ounce of speed and strength he possessed, until he had one of the most satisfying orgasms of his life. Which Lauren seemed to enjoy even more than he did.

Lauren couldn't feel pleasure from this in the same way she would if he was inside her pussy, or better yet her ass, but she knew at least one of those was coming soon, hopefully followed by the latter someday. Although she had to admit, she rather liked the idea of her slutty rear fuck hole being the exclusive property of her Dom Mom, who continued giving them encouragement, as Andy went from simply enjoying the tittie fucking, to being an active participant. That was the part Lauren liked the best, even if her brother wasn't as rough as her mother with her tits. He was still pretty brutal though, squeezing them roughly, although clearly that was by accident.

Then of course came the wonderful moment that he started cumming, the first shot shooting up onto her chin it was so forceful. But the next few shots landed in between her boobs, and then she pulled back and started yanking on his dick, making sure the rest of his salty load landed over the big mountains of flesh themselves. She then took him back into her mouth to get the last few drops, before pulling back so he and more importantly their mother could get a good look at her cum coated boobs. After showing them off proudly Lauren cup them both upwards and leaned her head downwards so she could lick some of the cum off of them, Fuck, she wanted to get it all so bad but those weren't her instructions, and Lauren couldn't bear the thought of not following her Mommy's instructions to the letter.

"Good girl, mmmmmmm, now it's time for your reward." Caitlin announced, "Go get me a cock to fuck you with."

"Yes Mommy." Lauren replied and obeyed immediately.

Just in case things went poorly they left the strap-on out of sight, meaning Lauren had to quickly go back to her Mommy's room to fetch it. But she was able to do it pretty quickly, and when she returned she not only got the honour of strapping it onto her Dom Mom, but actually taking it into her mouth for a little blow job. Lauren even thought she tasted the remnants of her own ass from this morning's butt fuck. God, she couldn't believe it had been that long since she'd been ass fucked by her mother. It was a literal nightmare, one she would hopefully not have to go through again now Andy knew what a slut she was. Better yet, she would do things like this all the time. A thought which made Lauren moan happily as she bobbed her head up and down the fake dick.

"You see Andy, mmmmmmm, this is why your sister is so good at sucking cock. Not from being a little whore for boys, ohhhhhhhhh, but being a whore for Mommy." Caitlin gleefully explained as she stroked her daughter's head as it bobbed up and down her dick, "Ooooooooh yeahhhhhhh, Lauren is a total whore for Mommy's cock. An anal whore! Oh yes, bend over honey. Let's show your brother just how big a whore you really are."

"Yes Mommy." Lauren replied and obeyed eagerly.

Which involved getting on all fours on the bed, directly above her brother. Lauren was kind of hoping that he would be hard again, so she could slip him into her pussy, but it wasn't quite there yet, so that would have to wait. Not that it mattered, because her Mommy was kneeling down behind her, grabbing hold of the butt-plug, and beginning to slide in and out of her ass hole, making the shameless anal whore moan happily. Although not as happily as when the plug was pulled all the way out, and pushed into her greedy mouth. Oh yes, Lauren truly loved that, both because it meant she could taste her own butt, and because it meant she was about to get her back door violated by her Dom Mom's big dick.

"Andy, spread her cheeks." Caitlin ordered, pushing her luck, "Mmmmmmm spread your sister's fat ass cheeks for me Andy. Oh yes, give me her whore hole."

Caitlin grinned with delight as Andy barely hesitated to spread his sister's cheeks and present Lauren's slutty little ass to her, still loose and gaping, and very much ready for fucking. Which was a wonderfully perverted sight that Caitlin couldn't help savour for a few long seconds, in which she spit into that open hole to provide a little more lubrication, and then slid the tip of her spit covered cock up and down her daughter's ass crack, before finally pushing her way inside Lauren's bitch butt. And of course when she did her little whore moaned in pure pleasure from getting her most private hole stretched and filled. Not that there was a lot of stretching, thanks to the butt-plug, and the earlier ass fucking Caitlin had given her baby girl. Or more accurately, ass fucking.

The little mutant whore continued moaning happily as Caitlin slowly slid inch after inch of woman cock into that shameless dyke ass. Not that it was necessary of course, Caitlin just liked the beautiful and nasty sight of her own daughter's shit hole swallowing her strap-on. God, if other Moms just knew how erotic and beautiful this was, and how powerfully it made Caitlin feel, they would probably join her in sodomising their daughters. Which might actually keep those sluts in line. But then again, probably not, because she knew Lauren was aching to give her ass up to virtually anyone, including her brother, because again, she was a shameless anal whore who needed it up her butt like most people need oxygen.

Which was why Caitlin now no longer felt an ounce of sympathy towards Lauren for what she was doing to her. Lauren was born to be a whore, and Caitlin was doing the walking fuck hole a favour by giving her the privilege of being her Mommy's little lezzie slut. At least this way she wouldn't get pregnant. Or at least they could postpone what was perhaps inevitable. Besides, Lauren had made it very clear that she adored being the fuck toy of her own mother, adored doing every nasty little thing Caitlin wanted, and even craved her own brother. And soon she would get it again, in another new perverted way. Something which would make what they were doing even better.

At this particular moment that didn't seem possible, as Caitlin finished burying her cock deep inside her daughter's big butt. Oh yes, her thighs came to rest against those meaty cheeks, announcing every inch of that huge dick was deeply entrenched within the teen girl's rectum. Something which caused Caitlin to grin widely, and briefly paused to savour the moment, before she pulled her hips back, causing inch after inch of dildo to slide out of Lauren's ass hole, before she pushed it straight back into that big booty. Then of course Caitlin repeated the process, officially starting to fuck her favourite little fuck hole, while Andy continued to put it on perfect display for her, and Lauren continued moaning like the anal whore she was.

Suddenly realising something Caitlin grinned widely and teased her son, "Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh Andy, now you see! Now you see what a whore your sister is. An anal whore! Ooooooooh yesssssssss!"

Andy blushed furiously at this. His Mom hadn't actually said that much to him, but the way she looked right at him and grinned made it clear she knew exactly what he was doing. Not that he was really doing his best to hide it. There didn't seem to be any point, considering what the rest of his family were doing right in front of him. Which should have been off-putting, but instead it was the hottest thing he'd ever seen. So hot he just couldn't resist touching himself. He didn't think he'd ever get hard again after cumming twice, but actually watching Lauren get butt fucked by their mother had just been too much to take, and as soon as the Dom was distracted enough, he took one hand off Lauren's butt cheeks and started frantically jacking off.

Even when it was clear the other two were aware of it he didn't stop. Partly because instead of ridicule or shame, they encouraged him, mostly silently, but they did it. And gradually his dick return to full hardness again, and he even felt the urge to cum, but not as much as he wanted to keep this feeling going. Which was why after initially straining his neck to try and get a good look at the anal penetration he just focused on the ecstasy on Lauren's face, and those giant boobs of hers bouncing back and forth as she was ass fucked. Although he got close to cumming again just from his Mom leaning down to cup those big tits, and then twist them, before giving him another perverted offer.

"Do you wanna fuck her? Huh?" Caitlin purred, "Mmmmmmm, stick your dick in that tight little pussy of hers? Yesssssss, I know you do. So do it. Ohhhhhhh yesssssss, it's not like her loose whore ass, or her overly experienced mouth. No, it's actually tight. You'll love it. And she wants you to, don't you Lauren? Ooooooooh yesssssss, my personal whore wants your cock inside her cunt, so we can have a nice family DP."

"It's true Andy." Lauren quickly agreed, "I want you! Mmmmmmm, I want your cock. Give me your cock, oooooooooh fuck, please stuff it in my whore cunt! Double stuff me! I want to be double stuffed! Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, I want a nice family DP, ooooooooh yesssssssss, please give it to me! Please? Please Andy, oooooooh yesssssssss, oh Andy, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss!"

Unable and unwilling to deny the request Andy fumbled in getting himself into position, but as quickly as he could he pushed himself as deep into his sister as he could go. Which wasn't actually too difficult, given that he was directly below her, but he wasn't quite in the right position, and he was overwhelmed with lust, so it was a few embarrassing seconds before he could actually penetrate that pussy. But when he did it was well worth it, as that twat was so wonderfully welcoming. Hot, wet, and tighter than he thought it would be, given everything he'd seen tonight. Obviously their Mom spent a lot more time pounding Lauren's fat ass than she did slamming her cunt. Which was a thought which almost made him cum, but to his credit he was just about able to stop himself.

That was because the two women above him did the courtesy of remaining nice and still, for a few long seconds, while he got into position, stuffed Lauren's cunt and then savoured the moment, before resuming the butt fucking. They were also probably savouring the moment themselves. After all, he had no reason to believe this wasn't Lauren's first DP. Sure, she was a whore, but he doubted that was a lie. Especially given how overjoyed Lauren seemed. Which could have been because she'd done this before, but he didn't think so. And honestly in that moment, he didn't care. All he cared about was being able to stop himself from cumming too soon, which wasn't easy, considering what was happening in front of him, and what he would be cumming into.

Lauren hadn't thought anything could be possibly better than being butt fucked by her mother. Losing her 'traditional' virginity to her had come close, but there was something extra nasty about taking it up the ass, which not only felt extra good, but seemed extra appropriate. The only thing that she could think of that would be better would have been to have Andy inside her at the same time, something Lauren was proven wonderfully right about when her brother finally pushed himself inside her pussy, making her double stuffed for the first time. Because sure, her Dom Mom had taken her with multiple toys at the same time, and that had been hot, but not even that could compare to having two different people fucking her at the same time. Two family members, no less.

Which made it feel like Lauren was truly the biggest whore in the entire universe right now, which was almost enough to make her cum. That, and after all the wonderful butt sex they'd been having her Mommy quickly and easily loosened her rectum to the point where she was feeling nothing but pure pleasure, and her big fat ass was so slutty at this point even the gentle build-up was probably unnecessary, and they were beyond that point now. Oh yes, most likely because she was just as excited as the younger blonde, the older one increased her pace in record time, which combined with everything else brought Lauren to the edge of orgasm in record time. Something she wanted so desperately now she was willing to say or do anything to get it.

Fortunately Lauren suspected all it would take was a few words, "Fuck me Mommy! Fuck me harder, ohhhhhhhh, fuck my big fat ass and make me cum on my brother's cock! Oh yes, mmmmmmm fuck! Fuck! Ooooooohhhhhhhh Goooooooooddddddddd, fuck me! Ruin my shit hole right in front of Andy Mommy! Show him what a total anal whore I am! Oooooooooh, mmmmmmm, what a total anal whore I am for my Mommy! I am my Mommy's Mutant Whore! I love being your whore Mommy! Oooooooooh yesssssssss, wreck my ass while my baby bro is cumming in my pussy! Oh yes, mmmmmmmm, that's what I want Andy! Cum inside me as Mom fucks my whore butt! DP me! Make me the family DP whore! Oh yes, cum for me Andy,then I can cum for Mommy! Ooooooooh yessssssssss, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!"

It took longer than she might have wanted, but eventually Lauren got the climaxes she wanted. First Andy, then herself, and probably their mother afterwards. Oh yes, her Dom Mom had confessed that she could cum just from fucking her, which warmed Lauren's heart knowing that she could please the other woman this way. It was probably only a fraction of what she was feeling right now, but at least it was something, even if she wasn't aware of it. Meanwhile she was very aware of Andy's orgasm, as he fired shot after shot of hot sperm deep into her cunt, threatening to get her pregnant despite the birth control. Which made Lauren picture herself in this exact position, except with a big baby-filled belly, which was ironically what sent her over the edge.

The truth was while part of her definitely wanted that she hoped it wouldn't be for a very long time, as she wanted to spend many years being nothing but the whore of her own family, especially her Mommy. Oh yes, she loved Andy, but she was in love with her Dom Mom, and desperately wanted to do everything possible to please her. To be her whore, and whatever else she wanted to call her. As long as it was hers. And as long as it meant experiencing incredible orgasms like this. Which was the last coherent thought Lauren had for quite a while, as the last remaining members of the Strucker family kept fucking. Or more accurately, Caitlin Strucker gleefully ass fucked her daughter into unconsciousness, while her unconscious son lay beneath them, which certainly created a new family dynamic. One which they would all enjoy for years to come.

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