Netflix and Chill

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Karen Page was standing outside of the apartment of Claire Temple, trying to work up the courage to knock. Last time she was here she didn't know what she was getting herself into, but now she knew she was here to Netflix and Chill. And not simply the literal, chill out with some girls and watch Netflix, but the euphemism for sex. In this case lesbian sex with pretty much every woman she knew. Which should have kept her away, as she considered herself to be straight, but she just couldn't stop thinking about what happened last time, and all the things that they might do if she came back for more. So now here she was, and even though she knew she could back out at any time, it truly felt like if she knock on this door there would be no going back.

Instantly she was reminded why when a goddess of a woman answered the door when she finally knocked, who smiled widely greeted her warmly, "Karen! I'm so happy you came."

The obvious joke combined with just that beautiful smile, and once again thinking about the other night, had Karen blush in and stammering, "Well, you know... I..."

"You don't have to explain." Claire reassured softly, before stepping back and holding the door wide open, "Please, come in."

For a few long moments Karen hesitated, but really, how could she resist enough like that? Or refuse Claire anything? Which of course, was what Karen was afraid of. And yet, here she was, especially nodding her head and walking into the Lions den knowingly and willingly this time. Which seemed to be a fight to accurate chronology, given she pretty much instantly walked into the main room, where Colleen Wing, Misty Knight, Jessica Jones and Trish Walker were all waiting for her, and instantly look at her angrily. Predictably they then had the decency to then look away to give her a chance to catch her breath, all accept Jessica of course, which was just as predictable. What wasn't as predictable was Jessica then getting up and strolling over to her.

"Hey." Jessica smiled softly.

"Hey?" Karen replied nervously.

"You want a drink?" Jessica offered.

"God yes." Karen admitted softly.

"Great..." Jessica said, reaching out and grabbing Karen's hand, "Come with me."

Briefly Karen hesitated to comply, which meant she stumbled forwards when Jessica started pulling her along, which caused her to cry out in a mixture of surprise and pain, although was more the former than the latter. Then again Karen was confident there was going to try and force her to do anything, and she was almost as eager for a drink as Jessica seemed to be eager to give her one. No doubt so they can get started with what the brunette actually came here for. Which just made the blonde was nervous again, to the point where as soon as she was given a beer Karen pretty much downed it in one, which got a predictable response from the infamous Jessica Jones.

"Wow, a girl after my own heart." Jessica quipped.

"You have no idea." Karen grumbled before downing another beer, and then quickly clarifying, "I, I mean the drinking thing. Not the, you know. Well, maybe. I'm, I'm still figuring that part out."

"Relax honey. Just breathe." Jessica soothed, "That's totally normal. So I'm told."

"Really?" Karen breathed a sigh of relief, "So you went through the same thing?"

"God no. I have known what I wanted since I was sixteen." Jessica confessed.

Recovering quickly Karen quipped, "Kinky lesbian sex?"

"Trish." Jessica corrected, before grinning, "Well, both. But mostly Trish. Always Trish."

That last part was surprisingly vulnerable, and caused Karen to smile as she gently pried, "She makes you happy, huh?"

"More than anyone." Jessica admitted, before realising what she was doing, grabbing a beer and quickly downing it after dismissing adding, "Cause you know, the sex is great."

"I remember." Karen blushed, hesitantly asking, "Is, is that how it always is between you?"

Jessica hesitated, "This is off the record, right?"

"Absolutely." Karen reassured, "I don't want it getting out that I was doing stuff, you know?"

"I don't mind that." Jessica admitted, "I just don't want to be quoted saying and doing anything sappy. I have a reputation to uphold. But..."

"It's hard to be grouchy when you're in love?" Karen offered.

"Hey! You do more than grouchy if you'd gone through half the stuff I had." Jessica narrowed her eyes.

"I know." Karen said softly, "It wasn't a criticism. I'm glad to see you happy. I hope to find someone who make me that happy one day."

Jessica hid her reaction to that by downing another beer, before admitting, "We didn't get a great start. Me and Trish. But then I saved her from an abusive relationship, and then one thing led to another. Back then she was at the peak of her fame, and I'd just got my strength, but it was like... all we really had was each other. We are both starving for affection, and only source was each other. That kind of connection, that bond, I didn't think anything could break that. But then something did, something truly terrible, and it was never truly over. Even when I... and, and I just wanted to run back into her arms, but being anywhere around her made her a target, and it just... it broke me. But now he's gone for good, and I finally got to be with the person it feels a meant to be with, and is even better than I imagined."

"Wow..." Karen murmured, not sure what else to say.

"And yes, she was always the top." Jessica smiled, trying to get them back on track, although she had to get serious again to do it, "See, back then, just didn't have all the choice in her life. She didn't have the luxury of choosing which would you do, or who she wanted to date, as Mommy dearest made all those decisions for her. Hell, Dorothy was the one who pushed Trish and acting in the first place. All Trish could controls was what she put in her body. Apparently her Mom didn't care what she was taking, as long as she did everything she said. But Trish used to say that her first real choice, was me. Sure, I was her knight in shining armour, but I never would have asked her for anything in exchange. But, after years of not being control, that was the only thing she craved when together, and it was more than happy to give it. Because, because I felt guilty about being the only surviving member of my family I welcomed her taking control and punishing me, right from the start. Even if it did get real kinky, real quickly."

"Really?" Karen grinned and blushed at the same time.

"Uh-huh." Jessica grinned, "She had all my cherries before I was 18, and I was addicted to her the second I tasted her pussy. Mmmmm, if I had to be monogamous with anyone it would be her, and I would happily munch on that theme for the rest of my life. But as to really great thing about my relationship with Trish. We decided early on we were too young to commit to monogamy, and now? Things are better then than they've ever been, and I have all these amazing women who literally fight each other to give me what I need. And I really, really hope you'll be one of them."

"Me too." Karen softly admitted.

"So..." Jessica grinned, "Can I eat your pussy?"

"What?" Karen blushed.

"Sorry, I've got no fault. And trying to do better, but, you know. Now, what's a nice, PG way to say that?" Jessica asked herself thoughtfully, before then asking Karen in a deliberately high-pitched tone and almost mocking smile on her face, "Please, can I go down on you?"

"No, it's fine, I got it. It's just... Claire text me that tonight the focus was going to be on you." Karen explained.

"Making it easier for you to come here." Jessica nodded, "Well don't worry, Claire didn't lie you. In fact I get pretty cranky if I don't get gang banged at least once a week."

"Don't you mean crankier?" Karen scoffed.

For a few long seconds Jesse just stared at her, enough to make Karen slightly worried, then Jessica chuckled, "I knew I liked you. Yes, crankier. And if we met a few months ago, when I was still going on months without being with Trish you know just how good you have it, even compared to me now in a bad mood. But now I'm in a very, very good mood, because tonight or for the woman in their going to take it in turns to fuck my slutty little ass, mmmmm, and any other hole they want, in the way they want, because I know each of them can give me exactly what I want. But newsflash, reporter, everyone here easier to play with the new shiny toy. Even me. Or maybe especially me, because while your little friend is imagining how cute you'd look face down and taking her strap-on, I want what she already had. What she moaned happily about the entire time, and told this was the yummiest little treat she ever had."

During that speech Jessica slowly, and even initially cautiously, approached Karen, who backed up against the wall, but make clear with flirtatious smiles that she didn't mind, then softly murmuring, "Yeah?"

"Yeah?" Jessica confirmed, leaning in to grow in Karen's ear, "Here's the plan... I'm going to take you back in the middle of that room, sitting down on the couch, and while you and the others pretend to watch Netflix I'm going to slide my mouth all over your body. Worship it, until I reach your pussy, and finally learn how you taste. See if it's as good as Claire said it is, which I'm sure it is. Then I'm going to lick your pussy nice and slow until you beg me for more, and then I'm just going to keep licking you. Mmmmm, and I'll keep licking your little pussy until you tell me exactly what you want, and even then, I may not give it to you. I might just keep torturing you for the fun of it, until I feel like getting gang banged. Or Trish tells me otherwise. Then, I'll fuck you with my tongue until you cum in my mouth and all over my face. That sound good to you?"

Karen gulped, and then softly admitted, "Yeah."

"Good." Jessica grinned, pulling away, grabbing some beers and back towards the main room, "Remember to grab what you came for."

For a few long seconds Karen just stayed exactly where she was, her mind racing about what had just happened, and what she should do next. There was still part of her screaming to run, especially after that speech, but equally because of that speech a bigger part of her want to stay, so that was exactly what she did, albeit after a moment to compose herself. Then she slowly made her way back into the main room, barely remembering to grab what she came for, despite Jessica reminding her, which made Karen blush. She then blushed even more when upon her return all eyes focused on her, which Karen could still feel after she lowered her gaze and slowly made her way back to the seat waiting for her in the centre of the couch.

A little worried by her friend's nervousness Claire asked, "Are you okay with this?"

"We've already discussed it." Jessica said impatiently, "Don't you trust me?"

"No one was talking to you." Claire grumbled, before turning to the reporter who blushed and nodded.

Just in case that wasn't enough for her friend Karen softly said, "I'm good."

"See? It's all good." Jessica grinned, downing her latest beer before walking over to the reporter, straddling her and telling her with another grin, "Now, let's get started, shall we?"

Jessica didn't really give Karen a chance to agree given that she pretty much instantly leaned down to kiss her, but to be fair to her that agreement came in the form of the other woman pretty much instantly kissing her back. Even initial hesitation was probably more out of the suddenness of the escalation therefore hesitation. After all Karen had come here expecting something like this, and had been given more than a fair warning, and now? Now she was massaging Jessica's tongue with her own and moaning into the kiss. Karen even allowed her hands to wander, albeit after Jessica had already started cupping her tits. Which was over the clothes, and Jessica felt she should get some credit for that, even if it didn't last.

As far as Jessica was concerned she should even get credit for sliding her hand underneath Karen's clothes to massage her bra covered breasts while moving her lips to her neck, because as far as she was concerned that was PG-13 for this night, at least compared to other stuff which would come later. At least one of which Jessica was eager to get too, even if it involved pulling away for a few long seconds to take off her own clothes. Jessica wanted to tear them off, but a stern look from Trish reminded her that the best thing under this circumstances was a strip tease. Especially as it clearly pleased the others, including Trish, and more importantly Karen, who stared lustfully at her the entire time. Then just return to the couch, and with a little help from the others and the reporter herself removed Karen's clothes.

Once they were both naked Jessica straddled the reporter again and gave her another long kiss. Well, it was a long kiss by her standards, especially when she was eager to move on to more fun things. Then she got her head down to Karen's tits and wrapped her lips around a nipple. Which to be fair was more foreplay bull-shit, but with their lips no longer attached Karen was free to let out these adorable little gasps, whimpers and moans as Jessica began switching back and forth between swirling her tongue around that nipple and sucking on it gently. Then Jessica kissed her way from that breast and over to the other one so she could give it the same treatment, before going back and forth between them.

Unfortunately just as Jessica was about to move on she felt a hand on the back of her head firmly encouraging her to stay where she was. She had her eyes closed so she wasn't exactly sure who it was, but it was pretty much a safe bet that it wasn't sweet little Karen. No, it was most likely Claire. The bitch. Or possibly Trish. Actually, Trish was the most likely candidate, especially when Jessica opened her eyes and looked up to see that Claire was kissing Karen, which annoyed her, both because this was meant to be her one on one time with Karen, and it was muffling those adorable sounds. Oh well, eventually that hand encouraged her to go downwards, and Jessica didn't need to be told twice. In fact, she practically dived down and started attacking her target.

Karen certainly wasn't surprised that Jessica would need prompting from Patsy to slow things down, but she was very grateful to the former child star for doing just that as she was still very new to all of this, and very nervous. She'd like to think that regardless of how bold Jessica was she wouldn't run screaming, because it wasn't everyday a superhero was going down on you, but Karen was very grateful for this intervention as it allowed her time to relax before they moved on. Just enough time as it turned out, because when Jessica Jones finally dived her head down and slid her tongue over the reporter's pussy Karen cried out in pure pleasure. Which unfortunately broke the kiss that she had been enjoying with Claire, although it was worth it to properly savour the moment.

After all, this was another woman going down on her, something which had only happened once before, and that was by a different woman. The woman sitting to her left. Her dear friend who had dragged her into this insanity, and now Karen was getting her pussy eaten by her second ever woman. And not just any woman, a superhero. Jessica Jones, a foulmouthed, intimidating woman who Karen had been equally impressed and intimidated by when they first met. And now here she was, munching her cunt like it was nothing. Oh fuck, Karen thought she might cum just from the mental stimulation of it. Or Jessica's eager licking? Probably both.

For better or for worse Trish gently smacked Jessica on the back of her head, which was all it took to make this superhero who was stronger than the rest of them combined slow her role, and then preen as her girlfriend awarded her by stroking her head like a pet when obeying the silent command. Which was equally amusing as it was hot, and while it didn't exactly stop Karen from wanting to cum the decreased pace of the licking meant it was much farther off. Which was almost definitely a good thing, as it gave her a chance to savour this, and more importantly it allowed Clare to lean over and kiss her again. Oh yes, Karen liked that very much.

What she liked even better was when Claire moved down to her neck Trish took over kissing her lips, the two tops then taking it in turns and once again making Karen feel like a piece of meat to be ravaged by hungry animals, just like she had last night. That rather vivid image became even more potent when Misty and Colleen were added into the mix, at first just kissing her feet, before moving up to take over kissing her lips and neck while Claire and Trish moved down to lick and suck her tits. And of course, while that was going on Jessica was gently licking her pussy, with a surprising amount of patience for her. Which was more than welcomed, something Karen made very clear whenever her mouth was free.

Mostly Karen did that with moans, gasps and whimpers, but occasionally a few words slipped out, such as, "Oh Jessica, mmmmm, that feels so good! Sooooooo gooooooooddddddddd, mmmmmm yesssssssss! Lick me! Lick my pussy you beautiful bitch! Oooooooh yesssssss, oh fuck! Lick me! Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yessssssssss!"

Jessica was mad at the others for interrupting Karen's words and muffling her sounds of enjoyment, but at the same time she couldn't blame them, as she knew how hard it was to be forced to just watch and not participate in the fun. Besides, in a way they were helping her by overwhelming Karen with so much passion that she couldn't even think of leaving, which was the last thing any of them wanted. Which included Karen, whether the reporter was aware of it or not. That was very clear given the way that her body was responding to Jessica, especially that incredibly wet and unsurprisingly yummy pussy of hers. Oh yes, this pussy was telling Jessica all she needed to know about just how much Karen was loving this.

Of course that pussy was also the main reason that Jessica wasn't complaining right now at not getting Karen all to herself. After all, as a lesbian sub, worshipping pussy was one of the things Jessica lived for, going right back to the very first time she tried it. As always when going down on a woman Jessica found herself flashing back to that fateful night, shortly after she had saved Trish from her mother for the first time, and one thing had just led to another, resulting in Jessica finding the best possible way she could show Trish just how much she cared about her. True, she didn't care about Karen nearly as much, but it was still thrilling to be licking pussy, especially for the first time.

Which was why she had admittedly got a little carried away at first, but Trish's firm hand on the back of her head was more than enough to put her in her place. It always had been, even during their first time together, and once again Trish was guiding her to do the right thing, slow down and make this last. To savour the taste of Karen's cunt, which of course couldn't compare to Trish's twat in Jessica's very biased opinion, but it was still amazing, the pussy addicted 'superhero' instantly loving it and craving more. And more was exactly what Jessica got, just those initially gentle licks more than enough to give her plenty of yummy liquid to collect.

To be sure she got the majority of it right from the start Jessica had wrapped her mouth around the entrance to Karen's cunt, and for the most part kept it there throughout the pussy licking. There were a few exceptions, like when she started lingering her tongue on the reporter's clit, and then later took it into her mouth to suck on it. The latter of which she normally saved for making a woman cum, but Karen resisted begging for more for a surprisingly long time, which was at least partly because most of the time her mouth was busy. This meant Jessica had to be a bit more creative than usual, and while she tried to resist doing that for a while just in case she got permission from Trish or Claire, ultimately she just couldn't resist pushing Karen to her limit, and then inevitably beyond it.

Karen felt very proud of herself for stretching her limits before begging for more. Granted, it helped a lot that she was constantly being kissed by one of four other beautiful women, while the fifth was constantly licking her pussy and the others were worshipping other parts of her body, but she still felt she deserved a lot of credit. Especially as she had done better than the night before. Partly because Karen and Jessica just didn't have the same connection as Karen and Claire, although Jessica was more than making up for it with her skills as a pussy licker, which might even surpass Claire's, something Karen wouldn't have thought possible when she had arrived here tonight. But it became undoubtedly true, especially towards the end.

It had been bad enough when Jessica had been attacking her clit with her tongue, but to wrap her mouth around it and actually suck it? It was just too much, especially with Colleen and Misty currently sucking on her tits, Trish kissing her neck and Claire kissing her lips. Karen broke the kiss to try and beg for more, but apparently Claire wasn't ready for her to do that, as her closest friend here grabbed the back of her head and pulled her into another forceful kiss, silencing her once more. This actually happened a few times as Jessica continued tormenting her, relentlessly trying to get what she wanted, until finally Claire took pity on her and allowed her to give the Private eye what she so desperately wanted, so she could get what she wanted even more desperately.

"Make me cum!" Karen cried out desperately once her lips were free, adding with a whimper, "Oooooooh please, pleassssseeeee Jessica, mmmmm, make me cum! Fuck me and make me cum! Ohhhhhhhhh yessssssss, please just, ah fuck, oh yesssssss, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddd yeeeeeeessssssssss!"

Unsurprisingly as soon as Karen started begging Jessica moved her tongue to her entrance, and after a few long seconds the brunette pushed her tongue as deep as it would go into the blonde's pussy and then started thrusting it in and out. Although Jessica barely got a chance to work up a rhythm before Karen went crashing over the edge of a powerful climax which made her let out a loud scream. She continued letting out happy sounds, albeit they were muffled as once again her friends took turns kissing her, although Karen barely kissed back, and any amount that she did was just out of instinct, as her whole world revolved around Jessica Jones, that incredibly skilled tongue of hers, and of course her orgasms. So, so many orgasms.

She got a surprising amount of time to savour that first one as even Claire left her alone, happy to watch Karen enjoy the moment, while Jessica was busy swapping out her tongue for her mouth so she could greedily swallow girl cum. But then the onslaught continued, quickly overwhelming Karen to the point that she could no longer think coherently. Although her last coherent thought was how much she wanted to keep going back to this ecstasy. And more importantly, to return it. Oh yes, she felt an increasing need to go down on another girl, and while Claire was the obvious candidate for that Karen also very much wanted to eat all these women out, and right now she especially wanted to return what Jessica was making her feel.

Jessica knew that the plan was for Karen to immediately return the favour by strapping on a dildo and filling her pussy up while the others took turns on Jessica's ass and mouth. That was more than enough for Jessica, as it meant there would be one extra person using her slutty little ass. If Karen wanted to directly return the favour later Jessica certainly wouldn't object, but honestly she would only want to do it if it could be in a 69 so she could get more of this yummy treat. Besides, it always felt weird to just receive oral pleasure to her, even when Jessica was alone with her girlfriend, as it always felt like it was something she should be doing so she could fulfil her role as a lesbian bottom.

So she was more than happy to fulfil that roll now. She had been throughout the pussy licking, but now Karen's cum was squirting out of her cunt, which was Jessica's favourite time during a rug munching, because even though it meant that sadly it was the beginning of the end for at least this act it meant she got the reward she had been working towards. A reward she swallowed every drop of, at least at first. Of course Jessica could hold any woman in her strong grip, and used her enhanced abilities to get every drop of cum any girl had to offer, but she'd never do something so dominant. Besides, it was fun to deliberately not keep up, as it meant her face was covered in first pussy cream, and then girl cum.

Most of the liquid she would get later, or one of the other women would most likely lick off of her face and feed it to her, but Jessica like leaving at lease some of it where it. Which was to remind her that she was a pussy loving slut, especially while she was getting fucked by cock wearing women. But there was for later. For now she simply concentrated on swallowing cum, and of course giving Karen as many climaxes she could. Which involved her shoving her tongue back inside the other woman's pussy pretty much as soon as Karen's first climax was over and returning to the tongue fucking until she made the reporter cum again. This process was then repeated over and over again, like always, although there was one slight variation this time.

Normally Jessica wouldn't even consider using her fingers, as that seemed far more like a top thing to do, but Karen was very much like her it seemed, and Jessica knew how much she loved it when particularly Trish fingered her. So she made the tremendous sacrifice of moving her mouth from Karen's entrance to her clit and began ravenously licking and sucking it while slipping first one and then two fingers into the other girl's cunt. Which immediately got a positive result, making Karen cum so hard and frequently Jessica soon felt a tugging on the back of her head, signalling it was time to stop. As always she was reluctant to do so, but sensing how exhausted Karen was, and very much wanting her to be awake for this next part, Jessica reluctantly pulled away from that yummy treat and jumped back onto the reporter's lap.

Karen had been on the verge of passing out, so it was mostly good this had happened, but she still whimpered with disappointment when those talented little fingers and that hot little mouth moved away from her pussy. Deep down she was also grateful, because she knew it would mean more pleasure in the long run, but she just couldn't help herself. Then all of a sudden Jessica was in her lap and kissing her, making Karen taste herself on her lips. Which she remembered receiving last time, and compare to other things it was no big deal, but she was just so exhausted it was hard to kiss back, and the amount that she did was more out of auto-pilot than anything consciously she did. Then just when she was recovered enough to get back into it they were told to stop.

"Jessica, take Karen to the bedroom and equip her with a cock." Claire suddenly ordered, "Mmmmm, and then start preparing it for your slutty little pussy."

"Yes Claire." Jessica beamed, not even waiting for her girlfriend to confirm as it was an order she so desperately wanted to obey.

Which meant that Karen suddenly found herself pulled up into strong arms and carried across the room, into the bedroom and gently laid down on soft sheets. Which she certainly didn't object too, it was just weird for a girl roughly the same size as her to do this so effortlessly, almost like she weighed nothing. Then the next thing she knew Jessica was strapping a dildo around her waist, which felt weird and wrong. It was also weird for Jessica to start sucking her cock, but Karen objected to that a hell of a lot less, because it was one hell of a show, and also one hell of an ego boost to have Jessica Jones bobbing her head on a cock sticking out of her crotch. Especially when far more dominant women were gathering around her, and collecting and attaching cocks of their own.

"Okay, that's more than enough for your slutty little cunt. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, push Karen's cock into your twat so we can take turns with your other holes." Trish ordered firmly.

"Yes Patsy." Jessica cheeked, clearly trying to annoy her girlfriend so she would 'punish' her with a harder ass fucking.

Although Karen certainly didn't dwell on what Jessica said, and it was unlikely anyone else except maybe Trish did, as the infamous Jessica Jones crawled on top of a dildo wearing reporter, lined herself up with that toy and then pushed downwards on it. Jessica then let out a loud moan as her pussy was penetrated and then slowly stuffed with strap-on cock. Karen's strap-on cock! Oh God, this woman who could crush her without breaking a sweat slowly pushed her pussy all the way down a cock sticking out of Karen's waist, until she was sitting on her lap with the full length inside her. Then after briefly savouring the moment Jessica began bouncing up and down on Karen's cock, much to the delight of all involved, most of whom just watched for a few long seconds, before getting involved again.

Then Trish softly asked, "Lube, or spit?"

Turning to her girlfriend Jessica made her answer very clear, "Give me your cock! I want to suck your cock! Mmmmm fuck, please Trish, spit roast me. Make me suck a cock while I'm riding one. Please? Ohhhhhh, you know my slutty little ass hole doesn't need lube, oooooooh, and you know how much I love sucking cock, mmmmm, especially your cock, so give it to me. Give me your cock. Please Trish? Mmmmmm, please Patsy, give me your big fucking cock! Ooooooohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, give it to me, oh fuck!"

For a few long seconds the other women just listened to Jessica beg, which Karen could definitely understand given what a filthy mouth Jessica had on her. Then one by one they went up to her for a spit shine, although each of them stayed where they were which then allowed Jessica to go back and forth between them for a little while. Karen wasn't sure what was more impressive, just how deep Jessica took those dildos down her throat, would eagerly she sucked them, or the fact that Jessica kept bouncing up and down on her cock the entire time. No, the most impressive thing was that Jessica took whatever the other women had to give her, which included a little face fucking, most notably from Trish, and yet this little slut clearly still loved it.

"You like that, huh? You like that?" Trish taunted while thrusting in and out of Jessica's mouth, and then after she pulled out she pushed, "Say it again! Go ahead, call me Patsy again. See what happens."

Which of course led to Jessica boldly looking at Trish and taunting her, once she had regained her breath, "Is that all you got, Patsy?"

"God, I love you." Trish chuckled, shoving her strap-on down Jessica's throat and fucking it even more brutally than before for a few long seconds, then pulling out and ordering, "Now, you want me to fuck your ass? And really think about your answer."

"Yes... Trish." Jessica pleaded, deciding not to push her luck, "Please ass fuck me like the anal whore I am!"

"Good girl." Trish condescendingly kissed Jessica's forehead, shooing the other tops away while she got down behind her girlfriend and ordered, "But we both know you can do better. So go ahead, do it. Beg me to fuck your slutty little ass hole! Mmmmm, and spread your cheeks while you're at it. No, Karen, you spread her cheeks. Oh yeah, show me that pretty little fuck hole I own, while she just concentrates on begging to be ass fucked like the shameless anal whore she is."

Obediently Karen spread those cheeks as Jessica shamelessly begged, "Please ass fuck me Trish! Ass fuck me in front of all our friends, mmmmmm, including that reporter. Give her the best story in town, ohhhhhhh, which she won't print, because she totally wants to be in my place. Yessssssss, I can tell this cute little bottom doesn't want to be your friend, Patsy, mmmmmm, but she does want to be butt fucked by you! Oooooooh yesssssss, fuck me Trish! Fuck my ass! Please baby, I wanna be fucked in the butt by you, mmmmmm, while ride another cock with my pussy. Oh yes, I want to be double stuffed, please double stuff me, oooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, stuff my front and back holes, oh God, then my mouth too, ah fuck! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhh, fuck me!"

Trish just admired the sight before her for a few long seconds before pressing the tip of her strap-on against Jessica's ass hole and pushing forwards. Shameless anal whore that she was Jessica first moaned with delight, then cried out with pure joy as her most intimate hole stretched wider and wider to accommodate Trish's cock until that man-made meat slipped through her back door and into her butt. Honestly Trish wasn't sure what she loved more, that incredibly perverted sight, or Jessica's reaction to it. Which continue to be the case as she pushed inch after inch of dick deep into her girlfriend's bottom, as Jessica continued encouraging her.

"More! Give me more, mmmmmmm, oh Trish, give me every inch! Ooooooooh yeahhhhhhh, give me every inch of that cock up my ass!" Jessica moaned shamelessly, sounding more like a porn star than the grumpy woman that Karen had first met, clearly completely lost in her lust, "Yesssssss, fuck me! Fuck my ass! Oh Trish! Stuff my ass Trish! Stuff it full of cock! Oh fuck, I want every inch in my tailpipe! Yeahhhhhhhh, every inch of one cock in my butt, mmmmmmm, while there's another cock in my cunt! Oh shit, give it to me Patsy! Mmmmmmm, fuck yes, you know what I need! You always have. Oh God yes, ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhh!"

Much sooner than was decent Trish's thighs came to rest against Jessica's butt cheeks, announcing that 'Patsy' had buried every inch of her girl cock into the bowels of her bitch. Then after a brief pause she officially began to sodomise the other woman, pumping her hips back and forth and thus causing the dildo to slide in and out of Jessica's slutty little ass hole, which continue to be on perfect display thanks to Karen continuing to spread Jessica's cheeks. Oh yes, everyone was getting a good look at Patsy butt fucking her submissive girlfriend, Trish once again slipping into the fantasy of filming this kind of debauchery and posting it online so everyone could see what had become of their childhood hero.

As a child star Trish Walker just couldn't escape her past, no matter how hard she tried to be taken seriously. The media had raked her over the coals for problems with drug and alcohol abuse, some of which she deserved, and every little fashion mishap or relationship which didn't work out was all over the gossip magazines. But oh, if only they could see her like this, in the middle of a lesbian orgy and fucking her girlfriend in the ass. And not just any girl, but the infamous Jessica Jones, a woman with superhuman strength who everyone thought was topping her. Almost certainly this would end her career, if it ever got out, but what a way to go, and bizarrely she would probably earn the respect of some of the people who mocked her for a living.

When they were home alone Trish would become so lost in this fantasy that she could sodomise Jessica for hours with a smile on her face. For better or for worse she had to share now, something Claire reminded her of with a simple cough, and honestly Trish wanted too. She really did. It was just so hot to see Jessica in such an intimate way, and she knew just how much her slutty bottom adored it. But that didn't make it easy to stop fucking Jessica and let someone else have a turn, especially when she was sodomising her best friend turned girlfriend. So even though Trish was awoken from her thoughts by that cough she initially ignored it in favour of getting to fuck Jessica's ass for a little longer.

Claire knew exactly what Trish was doing, and she certainly couldn't blame her for it. She knew from experience just how hot it was ass fucking the infamous Jessica Jones, and just how hard it was to give it up when it was someone else's turn. Besides, as Jessica's girlfriend it was up to Trish to loosen up Jessica's ass for a fucking. Those were the rules which they had all agreed to, even if Jessica was the last person who needed the help. Besides, it seemed only right that Trish get first dibs on Jessica's most intimate hole. However as much as they liked to give each other some leeway when it came to this it was definitely someone else's turn, namely hers, and there was only so long she could wait before insisting upon it.

"Come on Trish, share the wealth." Claire gently prompted.

"Yeah Trish, let someone else have a turn." Jessica quickly agreed, "Mmmmm, there's plenty of my ass to go around."

"You just want an excuse to get a cock in your mouth." Trish playfully scolded her girlfriend.

"Duh, that's the whole point of the night." Jessica pointed out, "Besides, it's not like you don't get this ass all the time, mmmmm, and we both know you love to triple stuff me, so please Trish, oooooooh, please just do it. Triple stuff me! Make me airtight! Ohhhhhh yesssssss, stuff all my holes, ah God!"

In the middle of Jessica begging for what they all wanted Trish abruptly pulled her dick out of the other girl's butt, shuffled back a bit and then smirked at Claire. Which was all the encouragement Claire needed to replace Trish and shove her cock up Jessica's slutty little ass. Well, she did take a few long seconds to admire the baby gape Trish had created, and silently promised herself Jessica's butt hole would be gaping at least twice as wide by the time they were done, a thought which was no doubt shared by her friends. Then came the second anal penetration of the night, much faster than the first as Claire knew that the last thing Jessica wanted was for her to be gentle right now. Something Jessica was only too happy to confirm.

"Fuck my ass Claire, fuck it good!" Jessica pleaded, "Mmmmmmm, stuff every inch of your cock up my butt and pound me like the anal whore I am! Come on, don't wuss out on me. Fuck me! Fuck me in my slutty little ass nice and hard while Patsy fucks my throat! Ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss, just like that, oooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Happy to oblige Claire steadily pushed forwards until every inch of her dick was buried as deep as it could going to Jessica's butt, and then she started pumping her thighs back and forth and thus officially beginning to ass fuck the infamous Jessica Jones. And oh, it was just as satisfying as it always was. God, Claire still remembered meeting this rude bitch, and if she had known what she knew then that first meeting might have ended differently. Ideally with Jessica bent over a toilet seat, her dirty jeans and underwear down around her knees as Claire hammered her ass hole with just about anything she could find. Which had happened several times in between then and now, but it was even more satisfying to sodomise this bitch in front of company.

Especially as that often meant Jessica was taking it in multiple holes at once, in this case a nice little DP were each and every thrust Claire gave to Jessica's slutty little ass pushed her equally slutty cunt down on Karen's dick. Sweet Karen, who continued looking overwhelmed by everything that was happening, but at the same time welcomed it, even as things became more twisted. Namely by Trish shuffling around until she was kneeling directly in front of her girlfriend, her ass flavoured cock about an inch away from Jessica's face. Of course if Jessica wanted to be made airtight she was going to have to beg for it again, something which she obviously had no problem with.

"Gimme that cock! Please, I want it!" Jessica whined, before sweetening her tone, "Please Trish, give me your cock. I wanna taste my ass on it. Mmmmmmm, get every single drop like the ATM whore I am! Oh Trish, I'm your ass to mouth whore Trish! Oooooooooh yeahhhhhhhh, I'm your ATM slut, but please make it crystal clear to everyone by shoving your cock in my mouth. Please? Do it while my other holes are being stuffed so I can be your little air tight whore too! Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, that's what I want! Fuck me! Fuck all my holes, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, I love it! Please Trish, give it to me! Oh please, mmmmmmffffffffffff!"

"Well, since you asked so nicely." Trish smirked, after giving Jessica what she wanted.

Colleen was feeling very jealous right now. Of Jessica? Absolutely, especially when Trish finally pushed her ass flavoured cock into her girlfriend's mouth, Jessica moaning loudly and shamelessly as she tasted her own butt and was officially made air tight. Which was a wonderful humiliation Colleen was very, very familiar with, and as she continued watching she couldn't help wishing it was her taking a cock in each one of her holes. But she was not here tonight to be submissive. No, she was here to be dominant, which wasn't a problem for her, as she was just as jealous of Karen, Trish and especially Claire right now as they had their way with the infamous Jessica Jones. But at least for now, Colleen could indulge in her submissive fantasies.

In truth her preference was by far submitting only to Misty. After all, Misty was the one to take her anal cherry, forever connecting them in a wonderfully perverted way, and meant it just felt natural to submit, which was why Colleen found herself mostly the bottom in their relationship. Hell, even as Jessica Jones was getting triple stuffed Colleen found her gaze wandering over to her girlfriend and thinking certainly not for the first time how amazingly hot, powerful and dominant she was just standing there wearing her strap-on. Which of course led to Misty giving her a grin, Colleen blushing and then going back to watching the triple fucking and trying to imagine herself in the place of one of the dick wearing women.

She tried to concentrate on Claire, who looked like she was in heaven pounding Jessica's submissive little ass, but mostly Colleen found her eyes drifting to where Jessica was sucking Trish's strap-on. Mostly because the giant slut was already pushing the dildo into her throat, meaning it was only a matter of time before she had cleaned that cock of every drop of her butt cream. Which was hardly a surprise, because they all knew what that meant, namely Claire pushing her dick into Jessica's whore mouth and giving her more ass juice to clean. Which in turn meant that Jessica's ass would be available for fucking, and as much as Colleen wanted to be the one to fuck it, there was something she wanted even more.

"My turn." Misty said firmly, and then when Claire gave her a look she protested, "What? Trish's cock is clean, which means this ass to mouth ho has got to be desperate for more butt cream. Isn't that right, Jessica?"

Somewhat reluctantly removing her mouth from Trish's dick Jessica confirmed, "Yes please, mmmmm, please Claire, give me your cock! I want it in my mouth so I can keep tasting my slutty fucking ass!"

There was a brief pause, and then Claire reluctantly pulled her dick out of Jessica's ass, then slapped those meaty cheeks nice and hard, "Fine, but just so you know, I'm not done with your whore ass!"

"I hope not." Jessica grinned, before opening her mouth wide like a baby bird.

Happily taking the hint Claire shoved her dick into that open mouth while Misty quickly got behind Jessica and roughly shoved her cock up her ass before anyone had the chance to take her place. Like Colleen, who now more than ever was jealous of the woman ass fucking the infamous Jessica Jones, and yet at the same time jealous of the Private Eye for having her girlfriend's strap-on up her butt. God, as good as Misty looked just wearing a cock she looked even better when she was pounding it in and out of another woman's ass. Especially as her own meaty cheeks jiggled with every thrust, almost as much as Jessica's, which reminded Colleen of another frequent desire of hers, namely pounding that big black booty. Oh yes, that would be a true heaven.

Jessica definitely felt like she was in heaven right now. Or possibly as close to it as she would ever get, given the things she felt responsible for. Then again, she wasn't the same overwhelmingly depressed woman she'd been in the past. She couldn't possibly be, not when she was once again back with the love of her life, meaning everything was right in the world. In fact, everything was better than it used to be, as instead of having one beautiful woman to dominate her and give her what she needed she had multiple women, all gang bang her right now and treating her like the shameless lesbian slut she craved to be, which again, made this an absolute paradise for her. Which was why she desperately ignored the growing need to cum.

She always held back during sex. Partly so she didn't hurt anyone, but perhaps more importantly, and certainly more pleasantly, Jessica was used to holding back so she could savour every precious moment of the pleasure she could feel from it. And not just her own selfish pleasure. No, a true bottom like Jessica desperately needed to pleased the dominant women around her. She also craved their approval, something which they all knew, even Karen, because she didn't need to be told. It was so obvious. Luckily these wonderful women were only too happy to give her what she needed, whether that was gently stroking her hair, and sometimes her body, laughing and chuckling with delight, or best of all giving her the kind of verbal encouragement Jessica lived for.

The downside to verbal encouragement was that it made it harder and harder for Jessica not to beg to cum. Especially as the amazing women around her continued to share her holes like the piece of meat she was, taking it in turns with their favourite fuck hole, and the one Jessica most like to be fucked, and then shoving their ass flavoured dicks into her mouth for cleaning. Better yet there was more of them than ever before, as Karen was voluntarily the one stuffing her cunt. Which might be the reporter’s new permanent role, and Jessica was definitely okay with that. Then again, Colleen had surprised her, and continue to do so tonight whenever it was her turn, so much so that it was actually the thrill of the more submissive switch pounding her ass than a total pro which pushed Jessica into pleading for mercy.

"Harder! Please fuck me harder and make me cum!" Jessica whimpered with desperate need, becoming louder as the others gave her a chance to continue begging, which was difficult as another cock was shoved in her ass, "Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssss, that's sooooooooo gooooooooooodddddddddd, mmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk! Mmmmmmm fuck, I love it! I love it up the ass! But I need more! Please give me more. Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddddd, make me cum! Or at least fuck me harder! Please? Oh God, pound my fuck holes, mmmmmmmm, fucking destroy them with your girl cocks! Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, I want my ass wreck by big fucking strap-on cocks like the little lesbian slut I am! Please, please, please, please, please fuck me, ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss!"

Once again proving how wonderful they were the other women ignored her until tears of need were literally sliding down Jessica's face. Then Colleen finally began increasing the pace, which was all it took to pushed Jessica right to the edge of orgasm, and leave her an completely incoherent wreck. Something Colleen left her for an impressively long time, before a series of things pushed her over that edge. Namely Colleen was again increasing her pace, Trish shoving her strap-on back into Jessica's mouth, meaning that even though it was clean Jessica was taking it in three holes again, and even Karen helped by thrusting up into her cunt. All that, combined with the fact that her ass and particularly her pussy were being fucked by practically two bottoms, reinforcing the fact that she was the biggest bottom of the group, made Jessica cum maybe harder than she'd ever cum before. Which in itself was kind of an appetiser to what came next.

Misty was so proud of her girl. Colleen had always been an awesome top when she wanted to be, which was unsurprising as she was a total bad ass, but she submitted to Misty so freely that it was sometimes easy to forget just how capable she was. Then again Jessica Jones was the biggest bottom Misty had ever met in her life, and if anyone could coax dominance out of the most submissive of women it was her. The fact that submissive little Karen was now literally fucking Jessica was proof of that, even though she only continued with the occasional awkward thrusts upwards instead of transitioning into the constant pussy pounding that Colleen would given the same situation. Which really made Misty appreciate what her girlfriend usually bought to the table under these circumstances.

However what Karen was doing was more than enough to make Jessica cum that little bit harder than she would if it was just one cock in her ass, with Colleen doing most of the work for a few long glorious minutes. Then without needing to be asked Colleen pulled her dick out of Jessica's butt and moved aside, allowing someone else to take over. Which Misty had been making sure would be her by standing real close, and thankfully no one tried to stop her as she had enough of sitting on the side-lines. Which was the one downside for Colleen being an additional ass fucker, but luckily Jessica Jones had superhuman endurance, which would no doubt allow her to take everything they all had to give her.

The shameless butt slut certainly cried out with pure pleasure when Misty shoved her cock pretty much all the way up her bitch ass in one hard thrust and then started pounding that slutty little booty nice and hard right from the start. Admittedly Misty didn't give her everything she had right away, because even Jessica Jones had to have her limits, but if anything this was harder for her to hold on as the submissive bitch began putting an extra bit of superstrength into thrusting back at her, almost knocking Misty off her in the process. That was unacceptable, so Misty quickly began increasing her pace until she was giving the other woman everything she had. Which admittedly didn't stop Jessica from thrusting back at her, but at least Misty was better prepared for it.

Having done this countless times to particularly Jessica and Colleen, but other girl she hooked up with too, Misty was an expert at holding back her own climaxes, even if it had never been so hard with all the build-up, especially being so proud of her girlfriend for pounding Jessica's ass like the anal slut she was. And sure enough, she was able to make Jessica cum multiple times before she even felt a strong urge to do so herself. But after the great performance her girlfriend had put on, and considering the pure tops were next, Misty tried to hold herself back longer than ever before to make this butt fucking truly epic. She wasn't sure that she succeeded, but when she started cumming it was hard for her to care.

Claire in turn was very proud of both Colleen and Misty for their performance, but most of all she was proud of Karen. Oh yes, for someone who had been so hesitant and timid about all this Karen had once again fully embraced the kind of naughty things they did together, and without even having to be asked she was thrusting up into Jessica's pussy, making the superhero cum even harder. Sure, it certainly wasn't constant, and Karen looked hesitant and nervous, especially when compared to the effortless confidence that Colleen and Misty were showing, but there was something so endearing about it. And honestly, just plain cute. Especially as it perhaps proves that while Karen wasn't comfortable in the role of being a switch, she could at least top Jessica, making Jessica Jones still the biggest bottom of their little group.

Of course Claire's priorities shifted when Misty pulled her dick out of Jessica's ass, leaving that little fuck hole open and practically begging for more. Claire gave Trish a chance to be the one to take it, as after all Jessica was her girlfriend, but when she turned to her the Radio Host simply indicated that her bitch's whore hole was hers for the taking. Which honestly wasn't surprising, as Trish liked to solidify her dominance over her childhood friend by going last, but Claire thought she would at least offer. Then as soon as she had permission Claire eagerly kneeled down behind Jessica Jones and shoved her dick into her slutty little ass hole, making the superhero moan in pleasure, and whimper in frustration.

See, unlike Misty who rammed her dick into Jessica's ass and then started teasing her Claire started the teasing straightaway, slowly pushing every inch of her strap-on into the superhero's forbidden hole and then sodomising her just as slowly. Which of course was completely unnecessary given just how well prepared this ass was. In fact, it was made for fucking. But Claire just loved teasing the mighty Jessica Jones, and the other women around her for that matter. Admittedly Misty and Colleen looked impressed, but Trish looked at absolutely furious. Mostly they, and even Karen, give her motivation for her to get to the hard ass fucking, to the point she even received encouragement, especially from Jessica.

"Pound the bitch!" Misty called out.

"Fuck her hard." Colleen agreed.

"Do it. Make her cum!" Karen added, almost too soft to be heard at first, but gradually getting louder, "Fuck her as hard as you can and make her cum on my cock again. Oh God yes, make her cum on my cock!"

"You like that Karen, huh? Mmmmmm yeahhhhh, you like it when I cum on your cock." Jessica grinned, before calling out, "You hear that Claire? Huh? Your little girlfriend likes having me cum on her cock. Ohhhhhhh yesssssss, your girl loves it when I cum for her. Maybe you'll be next? Huh? Yeahhhhhhhhh, maybe you can get in the middle next time, ooooooooh, and you can cum on her cock. Or maybe she can fuck you? Oooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh, I'd like to see that. Mmmmmmm, but not as much as I'd love to cum for you, on your girlfriend's cock, so please, ooooooooh please, make me cum Claire! Pound fuck my little ass hole and make me cum!"

"You want her to cum?" Claire asked Karen, completely ignoring Jessica, "Huh? Then help me! Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, pound that slutty little whore pussy as hard as you can! Ohhhhhhhh, come on Karen, you can do better than that. Oooooooooh yesssssss, that's better. Fuck the bitch! Make her cum! Oh yessssssssss, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

It took a moment for Karen to comply, as she was clearly taken off-guard by that request, but she impressed Claire more than ever before by taking a deep, calming breath and beginning to constantly thrust upwards into Jessica's pussy. She lacked confidence and power, and even enthusiasm, which again proved that Karen Page was a total bottom, but still just about capable of topping Jessica Jones, which was just the way that Claire liked it. Hell, just watching it almost made Claire cum, but she held back a little longer to increase the pace herself, she and Karen working together to make Jessica cum over and over again. Then ultimately, themselves, giving the Night Nurse a wonderful reminder how enjoyable it was taking her payment for everything she did out of Jessica Jones's ass.

Trish certainly wasn't faking her annoyance for Claire slowing things down, as it meant she had to wait that much longer for her turn, and the nurse got the lion share of the hard butt fucking. Most of all, she was annoyed because she had been the one who wanted to slow things down. Both because she also loved teasing Jessica, and also because even though she'd never admit it Jessica Jones had her limits, and even her super slutty and super durable butt hole could have probably done with a break at that point. So Trish couldn't protest too hard about it, and more or less patiently waited her turn. However it also made her more determined than ever to make her mark.

So when Claire finally pulled away from Jessica's ass Trish smacked that sore butt and ordered, "Jessica, get off Karen's dick and lie down on your front. I don't need any help making you cum."

"Yes Trish." Jessica groaned in reply, slowly doing as she was told.

"And that means from you, so stay still." Trish ordered firmly.

"Yes Patsy." Jessica grumbled, clearly trying to enrage her top.

Normally it wouldn't be that easy, Trish shrugging off her girlfriend's little jabs like they were nothing. Or more accurately she would save them for occasions like this, to motivate her into giving Jessica Jones what she had always wanted, namely Trish fucking her hard and deep, and making her cum. But maybe especially fucking her ass to prove who was the top and who was the bottom in their relationship, Trish only too happy to oblige by shoving the full length of her strap-on into her girlfriend's back passage in one hard thrust and then beginning to butt fuck Jessica Jones with everything she had. Which of course made the woman she loved cry out with pure joy like the shameless anal whore she was.

While Trish used a variety of different positions to fuck Jessica this was perhaps the most intimate, as pretty much the full length of her body was pressed down against the full length of the other woman's. Trish even positioning herself just right so even her legs were over Jessica's, the palms of her hands clutched the back of Jessica's, and of course her tits pressed into her back, but most of all Trish's mouth was right by Jessica's ear, so she could directly tell her whatever filthy little thing she wanted. Of course while she started off softly she was practically screaming into Jessica's ear by the end, and taking a hand off hers so she could reach around to choke Jessica a little. All of which of course just made the slut cum harder, and Trish too, until she was barely sure what she was actually saying.


Of course Trish knew that Jessica wouldn't be staying still very long, if at all, but at least her childhood friend did have the courtesy of letting her get a good rhythm going first. Hell, she even made them both cum a few times before Jessica started pushing herself back against her. However Jessica just couldn't get the same leverage as before, and Trish had been writing this wild steed since she was 16, so she effortlessly held on and continued wrecking Jessica's rectum until every ounce of her strength was gone and she collapsed onto the sweaty body of her girlfriend. Then after a few long seconds of gasping for breath she kissed Jessica's shoulders and neck, and then nuzzled against her as she enjoyed the afterglow, and after-shocks, of her orgasms, the other end of the harness and the sheer joy of sodomising Jessica Jones having more than done the job, just like it did for the others.

"You're such a good girl for me. Mmmmm, so good. I love you so much." Trish whimpered deliriously.

"Yeah..." Jessica blushed, hating anything to do with emotion, especially around other people. Then she grinned, "Thanks Patsy, but do you think I can clean some cock now?"

Trish scowled, smacked Jessica's sore ass, and then reminded her, "You know what you have to do first, right?"

"Uh-huh." Jessica grinned eagerly.

"So do it." Trish ordered, slowly beginning to pull her cock out of Jessica's butt hole, "And don't forget to make sure Karen has a good view."

"Yes... Patsy!" Jessica cried out as the cock was removed.

Karen wasn't sure what was more amazing, the amount of time she had cum while just laying back and watching Jessica do all the work, the amount of orgasms they both had while staying conscious, the fact that even with Jessica's abilities any of them had any energy left, or how much Trish and Jessica seem to love each other despite their banter. No, the most amazing thing was just how widely Jessica Jones's ass hole was gaping when open, Karen gasping as the infamous detective got on to her knees, turned around and spread her cheeks while pointing her butt at her. The other women then gathered around to enjoy the view, and complement each other on their fine work, while Karen just stared in disbelief. And shuddered in the fear at the thought that soon that would most likely be her.

Then Jessica grumbled, "Can I suck some cock now?"

"I suppose." Trish shrugged.

"Wait, I want to save mine for Karen." Claire chimed in, then quickly pointing out, "She has been a really, really good girl."

"No fair!" Jessica whined.

"Yes fair." Trish corrected, before adding sternly, "Consider it a proper punishment for your cheekiness. And no complaining! Mmmmm yeahhhhh, for every complaint Karen gets a new cock to suck."

For a few long seconds Jessica stared at her with her mouth open, clearly struggling not to complain, before she simply nodded, "Whatever."

"Good, now get to sucking." Trish ordered.

With that Jessica practically dived in between Trish's legs and started rapidly bobbing her head up and down her cock before she changed her mind. Well, she initially lingered on the head to savour the deepest part of her butt, but then she began the shameless blow job Karen vividly remembered her giving Trish the last time they were all in a room together. Except this time there were other cocks waiting for Jessica to suck, including one still strapped around Karen's waist. Which, given Jessica's reaction it was surprising that the Detective didn't get to before Claire kneeled down besides Karen, pressed her strap-on against her lips and looked at her expectantly.

"You wanna be one of us?" Claire gently asked when she saw Karen was hesitant, and then because she already knew the answer continued, "Then be a good girl and suck it for me. Mmmmmm yessssssss, suck that cock like that slut Jessica is sucking cock right now. Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, that's it. Good girl. I knew you had it in you."

They both knew how badly Karen wanted to join them now, so the other words weren't necessary, and Karen barely heard them as she was too busy closing her eyes, leaning forward, and wrapping her mouth around the head of that dick and tasting Jessica's ass. Which wasn't nearly as bad as she feared it would be, Karen even moaning with perverted delight at what she found herself doing. It was something she found herself dwelling on for a few long seconds. Well, that and the fact that she was savouring the moment, and the taste of girl butt. Then she started bobbing her head up and down the dildo, much to Claire's delight, who gleefully stroked her hair, and ultimately provided more encouragement.

"Yessssssss, get it girl! Get every drop of Jessica's ass." Claire chuckled, "Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, that greedy bitch wanted that ass cream all to herself, but I insisted that my favourite little bottom get her turn tasting butt. Isn't that nice Karen? Aren't I a good friend to you? Mmmmmmm yessssssss, taking you out to meet new people? Doing fun things with them? Tasting their asses on my dick! Fuck yeah, I'm a great friend. And I want you to be a good friend to me Karen. So go ahead and blow me! Mmmmmmm, fuck yeah, blow me good and get every drop of Jessica's anal juices. I don't care if you can't deep throat it all, just get it, before that greedy bitch Jessica does. Ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss, good girl, mmmmmmm, suck it!"

Despite being let off the hook Karen tried her best to take every inch of that dick down her throat, but she just wasn't Jessica Jones level of slutty, or resilient, so she had to end up licking the last few inches clean. That gave her the opportunity to watch Jessica work, and it really was a marvel how easily she could take those dildos down her throat. Hell, it looked like she'd already got all the butt cream, and now was just going back and forth between the other women, who had generously lined up, making it easier for her to do so. It made Karen wonder if she would be that slutty after it was her turn to be the centre of attention, and despite blushing at the thought she actually found herself hoping that was the case.

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