Netflix and Chill

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Karen Page couldn't remember the last time she had female friends. Well, she could, but it felt like several lifetimes ago now. Even back then she preferred the company of men, and during most of her life her friends had been exclusively male, at least up until now. Hopefully that was about to change, because as much as she loved Foggy there were things she just wasn't comfortable discussing with him. Although there was one thing she could only discuss with him, and Matt who was probably dead now, which was all things Daredevil. Thankfully she could discuss it with these women, as they were all in some way part of the vigilante team protecting New York that had been nicknamed The Defenders.

Most notably there was Jessica Jones, a private investigator with incredible super strength, and an intimidating attitude. Trish Walker, a radio host and former child star, who probably wouldn't be here if she wasn't Jessica's best friend, although Karen was very grateful she was as her presence seemed to soothe the super strong beast. Then there was Misty Knight, a bad ass Detective with a robot arm and her best friend Colleen Wing, two women who weren't officially part of The Defenders, but they should have been, and Karen definitely wanted to get to know them better. Then there was a woman she knew the most, and ironically like her wouldn't be here it wasn't for her connection with other superheroes, that being Claire Temple.

As soon as she had arrived Claire had given her a big smile, a welcoming hug, and most importantly of all a beer which helped with Karen's nerves. Then after more greetings and small talk they settled down to watch Netflix, at which point Karen started noticing some strange behaviour. For one thing the mighty Jessica Jones was sitting on her best friend's lap because allegedly there wasn't enough space, but there was another chair no one was sitting on. Almost as weirdly Colleen was sat in between Misty's legs, and about five minutes into the movie Misty started playing with her hair, which made Colleen preen happily. And Claire seemed to be watching her more than the movie, which suddenly made the couch feel very cramped.

So Karen finished her beer and made her excuses, "I'm going to get another drink. Anyone want anything."

There was a chorus of 'nos' and then Karen jumped up and headed for the kitchen. Once there she leaned against the nearest wall, took a deep sigh, and looked back into the room. Then she felt stupid. Everything seemed normal, and if anything she was the one being weird. She needed to turn her reporter brain off and stop seeing things that weren't there and just concentrate on having fun. Nevertheless she finished the beer on her own in the kitchen, which of course prompted her thoughtful friend Clare to come check on her, making Karen feel really embarrassed about her behaviour. Although then she found out something which would change her life, or at least the rest of the night, dramatically.

"Hey, are you okay?" Claire asked softly.

"I'm fine." Karen lied, and when Claire gave a look like she knew it the reporter defensively asked, "Why wouldn't I be?"

"Well, it's always weird being the fifth wheel." Claire pointed out, "But hopefully it'll be easier now we have each other."

"What do you mean?" Karen frowned.

For a few long seconds Claire just stared at her, before smiling, "Take a look in there. Tell me what you see."

Karen frowned, but did as she was told, "Erm, four women watching Netflix?"

"Yes." Claire nodded her head, "And?"

Another few long seconds pause, and then Karen shrugged, "Nothing."

"No, not nothing." Claire leaned in and whispered conspiratorially, "Four women, two couples."

Yet another long seconds pause, and then Karen looked at her friend wide eyed and said, "Oh my God, I'm so dumb."

"You're not dumb." Claire chuckled.

"I am!" Karen insisted, "I'm supposed to be a reporter! Oh my God!"

"Hey, you at least half expected something, right? Jessica is in Trish's lap when she doesn't have to be, for God sakes. You must have noticed that." Claire attempted to soothe.

"Yeah, but... I still didn't figure it out." Karen grumbled.

"I'm sure you would have done eventually." Claire reassured, before smiling, "Although I kind of wish I hadn't said something now, just to see how long it took you."

"Clearly not quickly enough." Karen whined, before frowning, "Wait, they were together before, weren't they?"

"Jessica and Trish were. They're just incredibly good at hiding it, at least in public." Claire explained, "Apparently they've been on and off since they were like 15, but had been off since that whole mess with the mind control guy started, and now he's finally dead Jessica trusts herself enough to be with Trish again."

"And the other two?"  Karen asked out of curiosity.

"Oh, that's all thanks to me." Claire grinned proudly, "See, I hooked up with Misty, and then Colleen, and then spent like more than a minute with them so I knew they had feelings for each other. They just needed a little push in the right direction, so one threesome later, there we are."

"One threesome with who?" Karen asked without thinking, before blushing, "Oh."

"Well, it wasn't just the one." Claire admitted with another wide grin, "One definitely did the trick, but they were so grateful they invited me back a few times. We're not dating... but, every so often, we have a night like this."

"A night like this?" Karen parroted, becoming pale.

Claire nodded, "You know, to Netflix and Chill?"

"Oh..." Karen blushed.

"But only if that's something you're interested in." Claire added quickly, "We're happy just to drink a few beers and hang out for a while, and save the sex for after you've gone. Well, Jessica will probably whine and complain, but don't worry, we can handle her."

There was a long pause, then Karen asked, "What, what makes you think I'd be interested in that?"

"I don't know..." Claire sighed, "I just get the right kind of vibe from you, sometimes. Other times? I'm not sure, but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask, right?"

Another long pause, then Karen blushed, "Well, I'm flattered, but... I, I've never..."

"Never? Really?" Claire questioned, and then when Karen just nodded she reassured her, "Well of course you don't have to do anything you don't want to do, but... just think about it? Okay?"

"Okay." Karen promised, quickly finishing the beer she'd grabbed and then taking several more as she was confident that she wouldn't be able to think of anything else for the rest of the night.

Not that she was given a chance to do it, because as soon as they walked back into the living room Jessica blurted out, "So, is she in?"

"She just needs to think about it." Claire reassured.

"Well do yourself a favour honey, and think fast, because the answer should be simple."Jessica grinned wickedly, before looking at Trish, "It was for us."

"Jessica, honey, don't pressure her." Trish scolded her girlfriend, before turning to Karen, "Seriously, no pressure."

"Right." Karen grumbled, before asking out of curiosity, "So, how exactly did you guys get involved with this?"

"We were asked." Jessica grinned.

"It wasn't quite that simple." Trish protested, and then when everyone else was giving her a look she pushed, "What? It wasn't! We'd just got back together, and we weren't sure this was right for us."

"You weren't sure." Jessica corrected her.

"But we talked about it..." Trish continued.

"I talked you into it." Jessica butted in.

"And we've never been happier." Trish finished.

"Wow..." Karen mumbled.

"I already told her the rest." Claire told her friends, who nodded.

There was yet another long pause in which Karen just stood there awkwardly, making everybody else worried she was going to freak out, so Jessica tried something risky, "Do you wanna see us making out?"

Another pause, this one brief, and then Claire blushed and nodded, "Okay."

Which of course was all it took for Jessica Jones to turn to Trish Walker, grab her face and slam their lips together in a bruising kiss. Misty and Colleen were more reserved, but they fell into a fierce kiss of their own while Claire just continued looking at Karen nervously. Which Karen actually found sweet as it proved she had at least one female friend worried about how she was feeling. Well, either that or Claire was just worried about scaring her off before she had the chance to fuck her. Honestly it was likely a bit of both, which Karen couldn't exactly blame her for. She would probably be doing something similar if the roles were reversed. Which didn't make this any less nerve wracking, but still.

This wasn't exactly a first for Karen. She had been to plenty of bars where drunken girls had attempted to make out with each other as a weird way of attracting men. Hell, she had even been one of those girls. But this was different. Now she was the man, and instead of just being the target of one of these ladies all of them wanted her, which was as flattering as it was scary. Although perhaps it was more the latter, as Karen was feeling very scared right now. Although that was mostly because of what was happening to her body as a result of what she was watching, instead of what she was watching, somehow while she had never really paid attention to the girl on girl kissing before now she couldn't look away from it, and surprisingly it was having quite the effect on her.

It just looked so... beautiful, and the women were just so into each other. In a way it made Karen feel like she was intruding on a private moment, and yet she wasn't, because she had literally been invited to be there to watch, which was bizarrely thrilling. The only downside to it was that poor Claire was completely left out, becoming an unnecessary third wheel, or in this case fifth wheel, to the proceedings. Of course, Karen could change that, if she was just brave enough to offer, but it took a while, and a lot of beer, to offer up the nerve to ask. That, and again she was just so lost in the sight of two pairs of amazing women, including at least one superhero, making out in front of her.

Finally though Karen walked over to Claire and timidly asked her, "Can I... I mean, can we... erm..."

"Absolutely." Claire grinned and pulled Karen down into her arms.

At first when she was grabbed Karen tensed up and prepared to argue, but then she remembered that Jessica was right, and she should embrace this unusual offer and just see where it went, because it wasn't the kind of offer she got every day. Besides, watching the kissing had done wonders to calm her nerves and replace them with almost overwhelming desire. Of course when she found herself being pulled into Claire's arms her nervousness quickly returned and she almost protested, until their lips came together and she found herself relaxing again. Because God, Claire was so good at this. Ridiculously good, to the point where Claire found herself melting into a kiss in record time.

That kiss seemed to last an eternity, and when it was broken Karen suddenly realised she wasn't sitting on Claire's lap any more. No, somehow the positions had been reversed without her even noticing, and that was far from the only change, as while Claire moved down to gently kiss Karen's neck the blonde reporter became intensely aware of the rest of the women staring at her intensely. It made her whimper with nervousness, which Claire took as an invitation to kiss her again, which was a wonderful way to distract her, even if it took a few long seconds again for Karen to get back into it. Then the pattern repeated until Karen seemed at ease with her audience, who very much wanted to be more than an audience.

"Do you want us to leave?" Trish suddenly spoke up, her words deafening in the mostly silent room.

Karen gulped, thought about it for a few long seconds, then hesitantly answered, "No."

This caused the other women to smile, Jessica even chuckling and looking like she was going to say something, before Trish cut her off with another question, "Do you know who I am?"

Awkwardly nodding Karen hesitantly replied, "Yes, I... I love your show."

"Thank you." Trish smiled softly.

"Your radio show! Not..." Karen tried to correct herself, before admitting, "Well, actually your old show too, but I know you hate it when people talk about that. But seriously, I listen to Trish talk all the time. Cl, Claire will tell you."

"I'm sure she will." Trish said, eyeing the woman currently worshipping Karen's neck, "But I'm also sure she'll tell you, people knowing about me and Jessica would be one thing. It's a poorly kept secret, which everybody knows, or at least suspects already. But this, well..."

"I won't say anything. I promise Ms Walker." Karen quickly promised.

"Thank you." Trish smiled again, briefly hesitating before moving closer and confessing, "Can I tell you a secret, Karen? Something else you have to promise not to repeat?"

"Yes." Karen replied hoarsely, then letting out a soft moan as Claire's teeth grazed her neck.

"My life would have been a whole lot better if I just been able to admit to myself that I like pretty girls, like you, more than any guy I forced myself to kiss." Trish admitted softly, "That the things I used to do with Jessica weren't just practice for the real thing. That it was the realist thing I ever felt, and I never wanted it to stop. Especially the kissing. Mmmmm, and kissing Jessica is wonderful. It's what I've always wanted from her, and she's so good at it, and we finally both admit that it means something. But we also really, really like kissing pretty girls like you, because it took us both so long to admit that's what we wanted to do. Which is why we are constantly kissing pretty girls now. Like Claire, and Colleen, and Misty, and it's why we'd like to kiss you now. So, can we? Please Karen, can I kiss you?"

There was a brief silence and then Karen nodded, even managing to squeeze out a soft, "Yes."

Which of course caused Trish to smile softly, leaning in and press her lips against Karen's. Patsy lean forward and kissed her! Patsy kissed her! And okay, this wasn't the character she had watched growing up, just the actress who played her, but it was still a total head rush and Karen was struggling not to freak out. Which was extra hard, considering one woman was kissing her neck and the other kissing her lips at the exact same time her childhood girl crush was kissing her, because they were all doing it at the same time. Which might actually explain why this was happening to her, as Karen suddenly vaguely remembered admitting to Claire after a few drinks she'd had a childhood crush on Patsy. Yes, she had mostly dismissed it as hero worship, but now she wasn't so sure.

Her so-called friend was definitely using that information against her now, although Karen couldn't really complain when it felt this good, and she was getting to fulfil a certain fantasy in the process. Before she could get over that Karen found herself fulfilling another fantasy as the moment her kiss was done with Patsy her incredibly soft lips were replaced by another pair of lips which were almost as soft, yet tasted somehow more of alcohol than Karen did. Which was because Jessica Jones was kissing her. THE Jessica Jones! Official member of The Defenders, and a total bad ass. And so, so freaking hot. And an amazing kisser. And just... fuck! How was this her life right now?

Instead of getting an answer to that question Karen just received another pair of soft lips to her own, followed by another as Colleen and Misty took their turns, before once again Claire was kissing her. The process was then repeated over and over again, albeit with the two couples sometimes pairing off to kiss each other when given half a chance, and then later different combinations pairing up. Hell, a few times Karen was just left to watch, too far gone to complain or even think about leaving, or even remembering why she would ever want too. At least until a hand slid underneath her shirt, causing her to tense up and realise hands had been roaming her body for quite some time now. It also of course caused the groping and kissing to stop in favour of thankfully the other women checking in with her.

"Can we?" Claire asked softly, and then when her friend didn't immediately reply she quickly backtracked, "We, we don't have too, of course. Like I said, you can just watch."

Karen gulped, then after a long pause softly admitted, "It's okay... I... I want this."

"Oh?" Claire grinned.

"But, you first." Karen quickly added, "All of you."

Which of course caused Jessica to smirk and quickly reply, "Works for me."

It pretty much only took a few seconds for Jessica Jones to strip off her clothing, obviously eager to get started with the real fun. Everyone else was a little more slow and sensual about it, especially Trish Walker and Claire Temple, the two women that Karen easily wanted the most. Karen then tried to follow their lead, although she was clearly nervous and unsure of herself, and it didn't help that the other women chuckled at this. Then, realising their mistake, they sat back down around in front of her on the couch. Surrounding her. Which should have been scary, but again Karen found herself welcoming it, especially as it felt like seconds later her clothing was gone and lips were once again on hers.

Then lips were on her neck and lips, then neck, lips and breasts, then just... everywhere. Well, not quite literally, but it felt like it, as while Misty worked on her neck and Claire worked on her tits Jessica and Colleen were kissing her feet, and Trish was kissing her hand. Which should have been too much, far too much, especially at this early stage, but it wasn't. It was wonderful, and Karen couldn't get enough. Especially of Claire's lips, which went back and forth between already hard nipples where she could take them into her mouth and swirl her tongue around them, flick them, and just suck them, all of which just made her crying out with pure joy.

Karen was used to men spending the very minimum amount of time on her tits before moving on to more fun things, but Claire seemed to linger there for an eternity, bringing her hands into the mix along the way before finally kissing her way down Karen's stomach. Then just as Karen thought she was going to get some relief Claire ignored her pussy in favour of kissing her way up to and down her thighs, making Karen squirm under the attention. Especially as her childhood crush Trish Walker took this opportunity to go after her boobs. Which was a bit of a squeeze, and an awkward position, but Karen was grateful for it. Although she was also annoyed by it, because it was more of a tease, and that was the last thing Karen wanted more of right now.

Things got so bad Karen actually found herself whimpering, "Please, fuck me! I need to be fucked. Please... Claire, eat my fucking pussy! Oh fuck, oh fuck, ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk!"

Which of course made Karen blush as she couldn't believe she was actually saying that to another woman, but before she even had time to really think about it she felt something finally touching her pussy. Something she recognised as a tongue, only this was a woman's tongue. Claire's tongue. Claire pressed her tongue to the bottom of Karen's pussy and slowly slid all the way up, before lingering on her clit. Which was mentally overwhelming, but only added to the physical pleasure she received from that first lick, so as a result Karen cried out in pure pleasure. Which was then quickly followed by a whimper of need, because one lick just wasn't enough. Thankfully, it wasn't long before she was receiving more.

There was a few long seconds in which presumably Claire allowed Karen the chance to adjust to the idea, especially given the other women stopped whatever they were doing and held their breath, obviously afraid that Karen was going to freak out. And initially she was, it was just that everything felt too good for her to put a stop to it, especially that lick to her pussy. So the only thing that came out of Karen's mouth was more cries and whimpers of pleasure, along with gasps and moans of equal delight, when Claire finally started licking her pussy again. Which took longer than Karen would have liked, but then her friend quickly established a slow but steady rhythm which made it easy to forgive her.

Shortly after this Jessica kissed her way up one of Karen's legs, passed Claire and up her stomach to join her precious Trish in worshipping Karen's tits. Initially Trish just seemed so lost in what she was doing she was reluctant to let anyone join her, but then she saw who it was, smiled around a nipple and then moved aside so that two people in a relationship could simultaneously work on Karen's tits. God, what a thought? What a reality. And if that wasn't enough, Misty cupped her face and pulled her into a soft yet demanding kiss, which Karen thoroughly enjoyed... but it meant she couldn't enjoy the sight of all that was happening to her, so eventually she broke the kiss and looked pleadingly at the cop. Thankfully Misty got the message and went back to worshipping her neck, Colleen eventually joining her even though again it was a tight squeeze.

Many years ago Karen had been part of a so-called devils threesome with two guys. Sexually it had been one of the greatest nights of her life, and despite everything surrounding it she remembered it fondly. Especially the part where she had been the centre of attention, two people pleasuring her at the same time. Although now she thought back to it her lovers had been rather selfish, shoving their cocks into her pussy and mouth like she was a cheap whore. Which had been part of the charm of that night, but this was different. This was multiple people worshipping her at the same time, and not just two guys, but five women, making her the centre of a lesbian gang bang. Which was overwhelming, but Karen was honestly loving every second of it.

Despite believing herself to be straight at the beginning of this 'Netflix and Chill' session Karen would be very happy for this lesbian gang bang to last all night, or maybe even forever. Which should really make her rethink the whole being straight thing, especially as she was enjoying it all so much. And maybe later she would have a proper sexuality crisis and freak out, and probably drink a lot, but right now Karen was too lost in pleasure to truly be afraid about that. Although there was one thing she was worried about, namely whether she'd be able to return the favour so she could do this again. If, if she could eat pussy so her friends would fuck her again? Or more accurately, could she eat pussy even a fraction as good as Claire was eating hers right now?

Honestly Karen doubted that she could, but maybe she could return just enough pleasure to be able to be included in the next Netflix and Chill night. And it would probably be easier if she started with Claire, as she was most connected with her, and therefore most comfortable with her, and more than anything Karen wanted to return this favour. But she had to admit, the idea of going down on THE Jessica Jones? On a bad ass cop, and a Ninja? On Patsy? That was some ideas that she was finding increasingly appealing, almost to the point where she was considering asking one of them to sit on her face as Claire made her cum. But before she could work up the courage she suddenly received one of the most powerful climaxes of her life.

While she had been lost in her own head Claire had been busy increasing the attention to her clit, going from brushing against it with every other lick to almost every lick, and then to every single lick. Then she started lingering on it, and taking it into her mouth where she could really lick and suck on it passionately. Which alone was easy enough to bring Karen to the edge of orgasm, but just as she fully realised it was happening Claire pushed her tongue inside her pussy. At the same time Jessica and Trish bit down on her nipples, while Misty and Colleen were now sucking on her toes, the combination of those things just all too much for Karen.

That powerful climax was quickly followed by another, and another, and another as all five women seemed to effortlessly work together to squeeze the most amount of pleasure out of her, then just as she was about to pass out they brought her down from her high just as effortlessly and took turns kissing her back to life. Claire was last, and unlike the others she didn't spend time pressing her lips to other areas on Karen's body. No, she went straight from her pussy to her mouth, which was something Karen had experienced before with guys, and to experience it with Claire was amazing. Each of those kisses were long, but especially the last one, giving Karen plenty of time to taste herself on Claire's lips and tongue before her friend pulled back and smiled at her.

"How do you feel?" Claire asked softly.

It took a few long moments for Karen to find the words, then she grinned, "Like I've been covered in chocolate and thrown to the lesbians."

Which got a chuckle from the others, though Jessica protested, "Hey, there are no lesbians here. Except maybe Patsy."

"Jessica!" Trish hissed.

"What? You know it's true?" Jessica pointed out to her girlfriend, before turning back to Karen, "You think Claire is good, just wait until you let Patsy eat your pussy. I swear, no one's ever been more eager for anything."

"Sounds like a plan." Karen flirtatiously grinned at Trish.

"Hey, I'm not done with you yet." Claire complained playfully.

"Oh?" Karen raised an eyebrow and returned her attention to her best female friend, "What did you have in mind?"

Claire blushed slightly as she hesitantly began, "Well..."

"This is were we break out the toys." Jessica jumped in, wanting to get things moving, "The plan was to make you watch me and Colleen get fucked, and maybe make you consider joining in. If you like you can join right from the start, or you can just watch for a while. Either way Trish is going to fuck me in the ass right now. Right Trish?"

"In the-" Karen blushed.

"You are such a bossy bottom." Trish grumbled.

"I... I've never..." Karen stammered.

"I prefer the term power bottom." Jessica said dryly.

"I'll watch." Karen said firmly.

"Great." Jessica grinned, getting on all fours in the centre of the room and then focusing her attention on Trish, "You know what to do."

"Brat." Trish grumbled fondly, even as she and Misty got up to retrieve some strap-ons.

"Are you sure this is okay?" Claire double-checked, sitting beside Karen while her friends got into position, "That was a lot for a first time, so no one will think any less of you if you want to call it a night."

"No, it's okay, really..." Karen insisted softly, before admitting with a blush, "I, I kind of want to see this."

"Yeah, seeing Jessica Jones getting ass fucked is pretty hot, right?" Claire grinned wickedly.

"And Colleen Wing." Karen said softly.

Karen was about to ask if Colleen was getting ass fucked too, but before she could summon up the courage to ask she got her answer. Well, more accurately she got a very strong hint, but if it was a story it would be definitely enough evidence to print, which made Karen think about printing her experience tonight. Which of course would never be published in any serious newspaper, but just the idea of it was kind of hot. Extremely twisted, but hot. Especially if she imagine the part about watching two women sodomising another two, including Trish 'Patsy' Walker butt fucking Jessica Jones. Although she could definitely get some attention by printing it online.

The point was Misty and Trish were now equipped with cocks, kneeling down behind Colleen and Jessica, and pulling something out of their girlfriends' asses. It took a few long seconds for Karen to figure out what they were from this distance, but Trish was nice enough to hold herself where she could see it, making her realise it was a butt-plug. Karen barely got the chance to blush over that when Misty was handing hers to Colleen, who put it in her mouth and started sucking it. Jessica then did something similar, except Trish shoved hers straight into her mouth, which the super strong woman seemed happy about given the way she was moaning. Or maybe that was from the taste of her own ass, or a combination of both.

After giving Colleen and Jessica a few long seconds to clean those plugs Misty and Trish grabbed hold of their strap-ons with one hand so they could guide them to their targets, while using the other hand to pull apart the cheeks to make sure they would have plenty of access. It was so intense to look into the eyes of Jessica and Colleen as they were penetrated, especially when their eyes widened and they cried out, indicating the deed was done, but it wasn't enough for Karen. No, in that moment she needed a better look, so she suddenly got up and walked around so that she could see that Jessica Jones was indeed taking it up the ass, and she wasn't the only one. Oh God, two women were getting butt fucked in front of her. Oh God!

"Oh God!" Karen gasped, placing a hand over her mouth.

Which caused everything to stop and Claire cautiously ask, "Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, it's just... wow!" Karen murmured, before smiling a little, "You two are so slutty."

"Yes we are, now stop wasting time and fuck me!" Jessica groaned, prompting chuckles from most of the other women.

Obviously eager to oblige Trish pushed forwards a little bit, causing a few inches of dildo to disappear into the most private hole of Jessica Jones. Misty then followed suit with pushing some of her dildo into Colleen's butt, and then the process was repeated, except this time the ass stuffing was simultaneous. Which Karen got the perfect display of as those cheeks continued to be spread, first with one hand, then with two once the toy cocks were very far enough up the back passages of Colleen and Jessica. Something which deeply disgusted Karen, and yet she couldn't look away from the obscene sight. Oh fuck, things had escalated really quickly, and she had gone from hanging out with her first real female friends to this. Oh fuck!

"Oh fuck..." Karen found herself murmuring, and just in case the other women took that negatively she quickly added, "Fuck them! Fuck their asses!"

Happily picking up the ball and running with it Jessica cried out, "Ohhhhhhh, fuck us! Fuck us hard and deep! Oooooooh Goooooddddddd, fuck me Trish! Oh Trish! Give me every inch of your dick! Mmmmmm, I want it all in my ass! Please? Give it to me! Fucking fuck me! Oh Trish! Ooooooohhhhhhhh Trish, aaaaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk yessssssssss!"

Seeing Karen was now on board with this twisted act Trish wasted no time burying every inch of her cock inside Jessica's slutty little ass and then started to fuck it, while poor Colleen was made to wait as Misty continued to go slowly, most likely because she was savouring the act, although one way or another it might have also been for Karen's benefit. Either way Karen appreciated it, because it was an interesting contrast, her eyes constantly switching between the dildo still slowly disappearing into another girl's ass hole while a different girl's ass hole was now officially getting fucked. Although she enjoyed watching two butt holes getting fucked just as much, and it wasn't long before Colleen was officially getting sodomised too. Which Karen became so transfixed on she didn't notice Claire sneaking up behind her.

"Can I do that for you?" Claire asked softly and hopefully.

Karen frowned and initially wondered what she meant, before realising she was touching herself. And these were no casual touches she could brush off, but one hand wrapped around her left breast and the other rubbing her cunt. This revelation had her blushing, partly for doing this publicly, but mostly because she had been so lost and turned on by watching four women having butt sex she hadn't even noticed her hands moving to those places. Now though she could think of little else, especially as she couldn't stop, at least not for long, Karen slowly getting over her initial shock and tearing her eyes away from the incredible sight in front of her to smile bashfully at Claire, even as she started touching herself again.

"I'd... I'd like that." Karen admitted with another blush.

"Good." Claire grinned widely and wickedly, moving closer and then softly encouraging, "Just relax. I got you."

It took a few long moments to do so as Karen was just so on edge, but loving friend that she was Claire slowly eased her into it, gently stroking her back and side, while kissing her shoulders and upper back. This actually caused Karen to let out a deep sigh, close her eyes and tilted her head back, allowing Claire to press her very feminine body against her back, the blonde unable to deny what was happening as the brunette's boobs, and particularly her hard nipples pressed into her back. Also, Claire's wet pussy was now resting against Karen's butt, soft lips were against her neck and knowing hands was sliding over her body, soon taking over from her own hands by gently pushing them away and making Karen feel even better. Which was really saying something.

For a few long moments Karen became lost in those soft touches, so much so she almost forgot about the other four women in the room. Hell, the entire world fell away and it was just herself and Claire, indulging in her first ever lesbian experience. Well, mostly. Karen was still vaguely aware of the sounds of pleasure coming from the other women, especially Jessica who was constantly swearing and calling out Trish's name. That last thing was actually kind of sweet for Jessica Jones, although inevitably it was abandoned in favour of begging for more, which was something Karen just couldn't miss, even if Claire pushed a finger inside her during the begging, making it harder for her to concentrate on what the other women were saying.

"Fuck me harder Trish! Oh fuck, pound my ass and make me cum!" Jessica moaned, more or less repeating that for a few minutes, before inevitably getting more graphic, "Tear open my fucking ass hole and make me cum like a bitch! Ooooooooh yeahhhhhhh, harder Trish! Mmmmmm, harder! Fuck my ass hard and deep. Give me everything you got. Come on, give it to me! Ohhhhhhhh shit, give it to me now, you washed-up has-been. Oh yes, I want Patsy to pound my butt hole like the kinky little lesbian top she turned out to be! Oh yeah Patsy, wreck my fucking ass! Destroy it! Please Patsy, ass fuck me and make this so-called superhero your bitch! Yesssssss, that's it, ohhhhhhh yesssssss, mmmmm, who's an amazing butt fucker? It's Patsy! It's Patsy! I really, really want to cum for you! Oh my God, ohhhhhhhh, fuck yeah, fuck me and make me cum, aaaaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeesssssssss, oh Trish, oooooooohhhhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddddd!"

When Jessica finally became incoherent Colleen simply cried out, "Please Misty, make me cum! I want to cum for you. Please? Oh please Misty, mmmmm, make me cum! Oh God!"

Either because she wanted to annoy Jessica, or just because she wanted to hear her girlfriend beg, it was quite a while before Trish actually increase the pace, but when she did this big strong superhero came almost instantly. Meanwhile Colleen barely got started when Misty gave her what she wanted, resulting in the deadly Ninja almost cumming just as hard and as frequently. It was hard to tell whether this was because Misty was taking pity on Colleen, who was normally not much of a talker, or whether it was more to annoy Jessica. It was probably a combination of both, but Karen wouldn't be surprised if it was more the latter. Either way the result was the same, unlike the initial sodomy Jessica and Colleen receiving the same treatment almost simultaneously, and then continuing to receive it for an impressively long time.

That treatment involved Trish and Misty pounding into the asses of their girlfriends so hard that it was almost like they were the ones with the superpowers. More impressively they held on as Jessica and Colleen started hammering their asses back against them, which was particularly impressive in Trish's case as at least Misty didn't have to worry about super strength. Hell, it probably should have been impossible, but Trish rode Jessica Jones like she was a wild horse being broken in, the surprisingly submissive superhero violently cumming in the process. Colleen too, at times their cum literally squirting out of their cunts, making Karen more curious than ever to try anal, even as her butt hole quivered in fear over the brutal pounding that two other butt holes were taking at that moment.

Karen could even vividly picture it in that moment, a huge cock pounding in and out of her most private hole, ideally while her pussy was being fingered just like it was now, meaning that she would be getting fucked in her back hole and her front. Ideally by Claire Temple. Oh yes, her friend seemed to know her body better than she did, easily bringing Karen to the edge of climax and keeping her there for an agonisingly long time, to the point where she thought she might just cum from watching the obscene sight in front of her. Then, just as she was finding the words to beg for it, Claire finally showed her some mercy by pushing a second finger inside of her and beginning to rub her clit, which was all it took to finally push Karen over the edge of orgasm.

Just before this Karen had started pushing her butt back against Claire to at least return some of the pleasure, prompting her friend to start grinding herself against her back and her backside in a way which had them both whimpering. To Karen's surprise this was actually enough to make Claire cum, which was actually a bit disappointing as she was hoping to reward her dear friend for everything she had just done for her. Taste her very first pussy, and make another woman cum in her mouth. Hell, if Claire had asked for her ass Karen would have probably given it up in that moment, but she didn't ask. No, instead she gently brought them both down from their highs, as first Misty and then Trish abruptly pulled their cocks out of the asses of their girlfriends.

Which of course inspired Jessica to complain, "Hey!"

"Oh relax." Trish scolded, slapping her girlfriend's ass, "You can ride me later, but Colleen clearly needs a rest, even if she won't admit it, so why don't you show Karen the kind of fun we have after anal?"

Jessica raised an eyebrow, "You sure."

"Don't worry Jess." Claire grinned against Karen's neck, "She just has to watch, for now."

"You too." Misty told Colleen softly, just in case there was any confusion, "Do what Jessica does."

Which was surely bad advice to take in most circumstances, and as far as Karen was concerned this was definitely one of them given after briefly shrugging Jessica turned around on her knees, wrapped her lips around the dildo which had just pummelled her butt hole and began greedily sucking it. The perverted whore even moaned loudly and shamelessly from tasting her own ass, and then continuing to do so as she bobbed her head up and down the strap-on she had been sodomised with. If that wasn't bad enough Colleen did the same with Misty's strap-on, albeit giving it a long, slow blow job compared to Jessica practically inhaling the toy. Fuck, Jessica even took the whole thing down her throat, which was another thing which Karen shouldn't have found enticing, but she did.

If that wasn't bad enough the ass holes of Jessica and Colleen remained widely open even as the minutes ticked by, proving that their girlfriends did one hell of a number on them. Which was probably alright for Jessica, as Karen was pretty sure she would eventually heal thanks to her supernatural powers, but Colleen looked like she was crippled for life. Which should have been the final straw to make Karen run screaming, and promise herself she would never try anal sex, or anything she had just seen. And yet somehow, even that extreme seemed worth it for the type of powerful climaxes that Colleen and Jessica had received. Hell, it might just be worth it for the orgasms Claire had given Karen.

Actually the last orgasm hadn't been quite as satisfying as the others. Easily better than what she could give herself, but... it was kind of like a tiny candy bar. It gave her an initial sugar rush, but she was craving more soon after. Which probably had a lot to do with the fact that Claire didn't stop, her body continuing to be pressed against hers so intimately, and her hands gently stroking her pussy and tweaking her nipples. Oh yes, Karen was ready for more already, and it was extremely difficult not to beg for the kind of treatment Colleen and Jessica had just received, given the powerful effects it had on them. At the very least Karen should go down on Claire, and return the favour from earlier, right? Although surprisingly, Claire didn't seem to agree.

"You should probably go." Claire said dismissively as she suddenly pulled away from Karen.

"Wha, what?" Karen stammered.

"You should probably go." Claire repeated, before pointing out, "This was only supposed to be a preview to see if you wanted to join us properly on our next Netflix and Chill night. So, think it over, and if you decide you want to do more, just come back next week. If not, we'll understand, and we promised to find time to hang out with you without having sex with each other."

"Oh." Karen blushed, bashfully adding, "Okay?"

"Now, like I said, you should probably go, because things are about to get even weirder." Claire grinned.

Karen kind of wanted to ask what she meant by that, but at the same time she really, really didn't. Honestly, Karen didn't know for sure. She was so confused. But Claire was probably right, she should get out of here, sober up, and have a serious think of what she should do next. Although it became extremely hard for her to continue collecting her things, getting dressed and leaving as she watched the other five women exchanged kisses and disappear into the bedroom for yet more lesbian fun, the pretense of Netflix clearly well and truly over for the evening as they embraced what they were really here for. God, Karen was so jealous of them, which she couldn't have imagined when arriving, and made her blush as she turned off the TV and finally left.

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