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"I wanna go down on you!" Karen blurted out.

Karen Page had been psyching herself up all day, and all evening, for this moment. Had practised exactly what she would say to Claire Temple the next time she saw her. In every scenario she was nervous and excited, but she managed to keep her cool long enough to flirt with Claire a little before she told her that. Of course all it took was for Claire to open the door and smile at her for Karen to forget all about her plans, and she barely made it into the apartment before she embarrassed herself by blurting those words out and just standing there blushing for a few long seconds while Claire savoured her distress before breaking the silence which had fallen between them.

"Really?" Claire purred happily, before she truly registered Karen's reaction and then softly told her, "Because you don't have too. Please don't feel obligated to do something you're not ready for. And even if you're never ready for it, that's okay. We just like having you here. I... I like having you here."

"Thanks." Karen continued blushing, "But I want too. I really do, and I've been preparing myself for days, and I think if I chicken out now I might lose my nerve and never do it. So please Claire, whatever you have planned, skip that, and just let me eat you out."

"Well, how could I possibly turn down an offer like that?" Claire chuckled, while closing the distance between them, "But you seem a little nervous, so I'm going to see if I can take the edge off, okay?"

"Okay..." Karen replied softly, her eyelids already drooping as their lips were now so very close to each other.

Which of course made Claire grinned wickedly and then tease Karen by keeping those lips away from her as for a few long seconds she gently pushed her back against the closed door and gently wrapped her arms around her. Karen even opened her mouth to point out that she wasn't made of glass, and that she liked a little force with her making out, but before she could get a word out another soft mouth was pressed against hers, and Karen again found herself being kissed by another girl. Something which was becoming very familiar to her. Especially kissing this girl. And honestly, Karen kind of wanted it to become more frequent, because Claire was a really, really good kisser. A fact which was reinforced for several minutes as the two friends continued making out, before they were rudely interrupted.

"Hogging her all to yourself?" Misty Knight teased.

"No." Claire murmured against Karen's lips as she rather slowly pulled away from them and turned her attention to her friend, "She was nervous. I was helping her out with her nervousness."

"I bet you were." Misty grinned.

"You want a turn?" Claire offered, "She just offered to make this the first night she tastes pussy. My pussy, before you get any ideas. And well, look at the poor girl? Have you ever seen anyone more in need of relaxation?"

"Maybe you." Misty quipped, before grinning again, "And shit, I'd love too. Anything to help you out. And you."

"Yeah, because this is such a big favour to ask of you?" Claire teased Misty right back.

Instead of dignifying that with a verbal response Misty just grinned wickedly at the nurse before turning her attention back to the reporter, Karen smiling nervously at her before Misty close the distance between them and kissed her. Which admittedly Karen didn't enjoy quite as much as kissing Claire, but Misty was no slouch, and just because they weren't as close didn't mean that it was any less pleasurable to kiss this girl. This process continued as one by one the other women came to see what was taking so long, Claire happily filling them in as Karen made her way through them. Naturally the impatient Jessica Jones was next, followed by Colleen Wing, and then finally Karen's childhood crush, Trish 'Patsy' Walker. All of them kissed her in turn, mostly softly, but certainly all passionately.

Somewhere along the way they started gently moving her through the apartment and into the bedroom, stripping her along the way without really breaking the kissing. Then all of a sudden Karen was being pushed back onto the bed, at which point she found herself surrounded by fully clothed women, which was a little intimidating. But the person who had pushed her was the same person who last kissed her, namely Claire Temple, who grinned wickedly, before beginning to strip off her own clothes to reveal her breath-taking body. Then she lowered herself down on top of her for another kiss, this time with their now naked bodies pressed and then rubbing against each other in all the right places.

Which thoroughly distracted Karen, at least until Claire whispered into her ear, "Are you ready?"

Claire's only response was Karen nodding nervously, and then when that earned her a look from the nurse she quickly flip them over and started kissing her way down her chest. This got a delighted chuckle out of Claire, but it also resulted in Karen reaching unexplored territory before either of them was ready for it. But especially the reporter apparently, as she backtracked and started kissing Claire's neck, which momentarily had the brunette worried she was allowing the blonde to go too fast when she wasn't truly ready for any of this. Then those fears were at least somewhat forgotten as the other woman grabbed her boobs and started playing with them. Sure, it took a while to get the hang of it, but it was definitely a step in the right direction.

It helped that now Karen was nice and distracted their friends took this opportunity to take off their own clothes. Jessica was first of course, but the rest soon followed, in some ironic way making it more comfortable for the two women on the bed, and more importantly right now giving Claire quite the show. Especially when the impatient Jessica kissed her girlfriend, Trish quickly taking control while Misty and Colleen fell into each other's arms for a far more gentle kiss. Although Karen kept nibbling on her neck and gently caressing her tits until she worked up the nerve to move her mouth down to one of them, wrap her lips around a nipple and began gently sucking on it, making Claire cry out with delight.

That cry of delight was followed by moans, gasps and even whimpers as Karen hesitated before moving over to Claire's other nipple and giving it the same treatment, even managing to kiss her way up and down the soft flesh surrounding them as she began going back and forth. Which presumably was just everything Karen was used to having done to her, but it was still welcomed, Claire letting her know that through those sounds, and reaching down to gently stroke Karen's long blonde hair. She even got to give the blonde a small smile when the other woman looked up at her nervously while her mouth was still busy working over Claire's tits.

Emboldened by all this Karen gradually grew more confident, adding her tongue into the mix and beginning to slide it all around those nipples while sucking them more passionately. She also used one hand to cup the boob she was working on more firmly into her mouth, while using her free hand to play with the other. Then finally she kissed her way down Claire's flat stomach until she was resting in between her legs, a.k.a. where the nurse wanted her the most. Naturally then there was a little pause, Claire narrowly avoiding reminding Karen she didn't have too, which she was sure that her friend already knew, before she got what she really wanted. Namely Karen Page sticking out her tongue and sliding it across her pussy lips.

Karen hadn't actually been hesitating so much as she had been admiring. Her appreciation of the female form had skyrocketed thanks to these little Netflix and Chill sessions, and she'd got pretty good look at her friend before, just not from this angle, and wow, there was truly no part of Claire's body Karen didn't find attractive. Most of all, she was eager to finally try this for herself, after first Claire and then Jessica had treated her to such a skilled pussy licking. Admittedly she had to take a deep breath and summon all her courage, but eventually Karen Page leaned forward, closed her eyes, stuck out her tongue and slid it over Claire Temple's pussy, and thus tasting her very first pussy.

Which was... fine. Karen didn't immediately fall in love with the taste, but she didn't hate it either. So maybe she wasn't completely gay, which was a relief if she was being honest, as she wouldn't have wanted to be going after the wrong gender for so many years, and she certainly wouldn't want her previous relationships to be devalued. At the same time, she was curious enough to repeat that lick, which she did. Over and over again Karen licked pussy, gradually liking the taste more and more as she established a steady rhythm. Most of all though, she loved the reaction she was getting from Claire the entire time, because while she had been getting some things similar sounds during the foreplay was nothing compared to what she was getting.

Which included Claire moaning, "Ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss, lick me! Lick my pussy! Oh Karen! Karen! Oh God! Mmmmm, lick that cunt you hot little, oooooooooh fuck!"

Honestly given her previous track record Karen was surprised that her friend wasn't saying a lot more things. Explicit things. More importantly, she was surprised at her friends weren't saying them. Seriously, how was Jessica Jones getting so quiet? Karen was so curious she opened her eyes and looked over to where Jessica had last been standing. Of course she didn't pull her tongue away from Claire's cunt. No, she was having way too much fun returning the favour for that, and it wasn't like Jessica was hard to find, and... of course. Karen should have known the only way that the foulmouthed detective would be quiet right now was if her precious Trish was kissing her. Meanwhile Misty and Colleen were looking at her intensely while she continued licking pussy, which was both encouraging, and a little disturbing.

Deciding to focus on it being encouragement, and the fact that Trish was probably stopping Jessica from becoming a distraction, Karen redoubled her efforts, focusing an increasing amount of attention on Claire's clit as she knew from experience how effective that could be. Especially from Jessica doing it. Oh yes, it was thrilling for Karen to think she was taking a page out of Jessica Jones's playbook by not only increasingly lingering on Claire's clit but ultimately taking it into her mouth and sucking on it. Actually she thought that Claire might have done this too, but by that point she had just been so out of it Karen had barely been aware of it. Whatever the case, she was sucking hard now in the hopes of truly returning the favour in making Claire cum with her mouth and tongue.

Claire certainly felt herself getting close to that already, but the question was, did she really want to when she had been waiting for this for so long? Because she had wanted the other women which were now surrounding her, and still did. All Claire had to do was open her eyes and look at them to be reminded that the fact that she'd be a fool not too. However they had been easy. Well, as it turns out Karen Page had been easy too, but Claire had been so convinced that the reporter was 100% straight. That she didn't have a chance. That she'd never gets to eat Karen's pussy, let alone that they'd ever be here. And yet... they were. Karen Page was eating her pussy, and the mental high of that alone nearly had her going over the edge already.

Combined with the fact Karen was choosing to push things into high gear prematurely made it difficult for Claire to tell her to stop. After all, this was what Karen wanted to do at this point, why would she stop her? Especially when it felt so good. But ultimately Claire decided it was for the best. Mostly for the most obvious benefit, as she wanted longer to savour the heaven which was Karen Page going down on her. But also it had become very clear to her that her friend was a pure bottom, and it was important for a top to train her properly, otherwise however would she please other women in the future? Besides, she would be gentle about it, while other women might not be.

So even though a big part of her didn't want to ultimately Claire cried out, "Oooooooh yesssssss, that feel so good Karen! Soooooooo goooooodddddddddd, mmmmmmmm fuck! Too good. Seriously Karen, what's your rush? Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, take your time. Enjoy it. Don't worry about these other sluts. Mmmmmmmm yesssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhh, they'll wait their turn. Oooooooh, fuck yes, that's it, slow down just like that, mmmmmmmm, not too much! There! There it is, ooooooooooh Gooooooodddddd, that's just right. Right there! Ooooooooooh Karen, ooooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeesssssssssss! Oh Karen, eat my pussy just like that! Oh yeah, tongue my twat just like that, oh fuck!"

Thankfully it didn't take much to make Karen slow down. Perhaps even the newcomer had been expecting the command, and had merely been pushing Claire to see what she could get away with. Oh yes, that was a delightful idea. Not that it really mattered, because either way Karen decreased her attention to Claire's clit, removing the danger of cumming. At least for now. It was only a matter of time before Claire would want, and then need, more, but for now she just tried to relax and enjoy getting maybe the thing she wanted most, with the possible exception of Karen's anal cherry. Would it be greedy for Claire to see if she could get that too? Maybe even tonight? The answer was almost certainly yes, but Claire couldn't help hope for it anyway.

She couldn't continue down that line of thinking, as it drove her just too close to cumming again, so instead Claire decided to focus on her friends, who without giving them their undivided attention. Even Jessica had stopped kissing Trish. Which was mostly Trish's decision, and mostly Jessica just looked jealous not being the centre of attention, but still. As for everyone else, they were mostly looking at her with jealousy, and imagining themselves in her position. At the same time she was sure some would be wondering what it would be like to be Karen right now, and Claire did have to admit as much fun as she was having on the receiving end she kinda wished she was 69'ing with Karen right now so she could return the favour while receiving this kind of amazing pleasure.

For a few long seconds Claire closed her eyes and vividly imagined it. Sitting on Karen's face, her pussy pressed nice and tight against that hot little mouth, which would be constantly open so her juices could flow directly into it, and down the other girl's throat and into her belly were it belonged. Karen's eager little tongue sliding all over her cunt, only occasionally brushing her clit and entrance, until Claire gave her permission to do more. Oh, and Karen moaning against her twat, the vibrations of that sound amplifying the pleasure. All of which Claire was enjoying now, with the added bonus of looking down to see pretty blonde hair between her legs, but she really wanted to be resting against that face, and more importantly licking the yummy treat between the reporter's legs, a flavour which the nurse could vividly remember.

It was so vivid that Claire could taste it in this wonderful moment, but that just pushed her closer to orgasm so reluctantly Claire opened her eyes again to try and decrease the stimulation. Of course that backfired terribly, as an invitation to look down and see Karen Page on her knees and licking her pussy was so overwhelming she couldn't resist doing it a few times, and if that wasn't bad enough her friends had decided they had enough of waiting. Thankfully they didn't turn their attention to her, ganging up on her the way they had ganged up on Karen, but seeing Trish spooning Jessica from behind and fingering her with one hand while using the other two cup her tits was almost as good. Especially as it was actually Colleen doing the same to Misty, instead of the other way around.

Which was just enough to push Claire to plead, "More! Mmmmmmm, give me more. Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeesssssss, mmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkk! Oh fuck! No! Oh God Karen, don't make me cum. Not yet. Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssss, don't make me cum, just lick my clit some more. Oh yes, that's it, ooooooh yesssssss, lick me just like that. Don't worry, I'll tell you when you can make me cum."

Proving that she would in fact make the perfect little lesbian bottom Karen pretty much obeyed her commands perfectly, beginning to linger on her clit just enough to push Claire to the edge of orgasm without pushing her over that edge. Although admittedly she did get very close a few times, especially when, under Claire's orders, Karen wrapped her lips around her clit and sucked it just a little bit too hard, but even then she quickly slowed her role when she was told, and looked up at the top apologetically. Then their eyes locked for a while, making the moment even more intense between them. Ultimately too intense, as it alone made Claire feel like she was going to cum, which was unacceptable. Oh yes, she needed to cum in Karen's hot little mouth and all over her beautiful little face, and that was exactly what she was going to do.

"Make me cum!" Claire blurted out when she could no longer hold back, "Ooooooooh yeahhhhhhh, make me cum, mmmmmmmm, make me cum in your hot little mouth, ohhhhhhhh, and all over your beautiful little face! Fuck me, fuck me with your tongue! Tongue fuck me Karen! Oh Karen! Oh fuck! Oh God! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddddd yeeeeeeeeesssssssss, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Thankfully it didn't take much for Karen to obey, and very much the second she slid her tongue into Claire's cunt it triggered an incredibly powerful orgasm. Cumming so quickly was embarrassing, but Claire was sure that not even Trish or Jessica could mock her for it. At least not without becoming huge hypocrites, as she had seen first-hand what kind of effect they could have on each other. Misty and Colleen too, but Colleen wasn't the mocking type, and Misty was normally more reasonable. Not that she could really think about her friends right now. Hell, Claire couldn't even really think about Karen right now, as that incredibly powerful climax was followed by another and another and another, until she was robbed of the ability to think clearly.

Karen had thought she was prepared for this, having watched a lot of lesbian porn lately, and more importantly been on the receiving end of it thanks to especially Claire. But really, she had no idea. Which was mostly a good thing, as she couldn't have actually imagined how much she would love the taste of pussy, and more importantly right now girl cum, but it had one very big downside, namely that Karen didn't feel like she knew what she was doing. Having Claire give her commands was incredibly helpful, but now those commands were gone, and she was left to her own devices. Luckily there were certain amount of instincts which kicked in, but they didn't stop her from wasting so much precious liquid which was now squirting out of Claire's cunt.

She just hadn't expected there would be so much of it, and it would hit her face quite that forcefully, and when it did Karen lost a few precious seconds feeling shocked. At least she pulled out her tongue in the process, meaning that when she recovered she got to wrapped her lips around that entrance and tried swallow as much heavenly liquid as she could, but by then it was far too late to even get the majority of it. Considering it was her first time she probably didn't do too badly, but it was nowhere near enough to make her feel better about herself. Luckily she had a chance for redemption, and Karen took it, barely allowing Claire the chance to recover from that climax before shoving her tongue back inside her.

This time she got a few long seconds, or maybe even a minute, of having her tongue buried inside another woman, and then an equal amount of time thrusting that tongue in and out of Claire as hard as she could, which was telling beyond words for Karen. Then Claire was cumming again, this time Karen far more prepared for it and that she was able to pull out her tongue almost immediately and start swallowing girl cum. This process was then repeated over and over again, Karen both eager to make up for her initial performance, and just frantically trying to get more of that heavenly cream which appealed to her addictive personality. Oh yes, Karen could see herself very easily becoming addicted to girl cum. Or at least Claire's girl cum. Which might actually be better for her.

Given the task at hand Karen really didn't have much of a chance to think too hard about her latest addiction, as she just became totally lost in it for a few blissful minutes. Honestly she kind of hoped this would last all night, but unsurprisingly the firm grip which was on the back of her head pulled her away from that yummy treat. She whimpered with disappointment when this finally happened, and looked up to Claire to plead for more. However before Karen could open her mouth it was covered by Claire's, the two women becoming lost in another incredibly intense kiss. Although this kiss was unlike their many others, because Claire was getting to taste her own cum and pussy cream on Karen's lips and tongue.

"Oh baby, that was amazing." Claire moaned with delight when she broke the kiss, and then caressed Karen's face as she asked softly, "Please, please tell me I can return the favour? Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, I want to make you cum just as hard as you just made me cum."

"Actually..." Karen began with a blush, before forcing herself to add, "I... I was thinking of something different."

"What?" Claire asked, trying not to get her hopes up.

"I, I want you to fuck me." Karen admitted, and then when Claire gave her a look she clarified, "With a strap-on. I, I want all of you to fuck me with strap-ons, make me airtight, just like you did to Jessica. Oh God, that was so hot, and I want to know what it's like to be a shameless little slut like she was."

"Oh fuck." Claire growled lustfully, before gently pushing, "That means I can have your anal cherry, right? You want me to take this sweet white ass of yours?"

"Uh-huh." Karen blushed, forcing herself to play along, "I wanna give you my anal cherry."

"Good girl." Claire beamed, before ordering without looking away from the reporter, "Jessica, strap on a dick and lie in the center of the bed."

Jessica moaned her agreement, although it was understandably disappointed as Trish moved her fingers away from her cunt without allowing her to cum. Also she would definitely prefer to be the one being triple stuffed, but she'd have that privilege last time, and it was only fair to let someone else have a turn. Besides, she could easily cum this way, so the second Trish moved away from her Jessica scrambled to retrieve a harness, step into it and then take the place that was just vacated by Claire. Of course she wasn't the only one, as everyone except Karen also tooled themselves up, and in most cases covered their dildos in edible lube. Jessica's cock was unlikely to need it, as she could sense how wet and ready Karen was for this, but just in case Claire was nice enough to give her a chance to prepare it anyway.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Get on Jessica's cock."  Claire ordered, smacking Karen's butt playfully, then telling her, "And if you need to, you can totally suck it first. It will be good practice, as you'll be sucking a lot of cock tonight."

Which made Karen blush adorably, but she was quick to crawl in between Jessica's legs and after a brief hesitation slide her tongue up the length of the dildo. She then slied it downwards and back up again, the reporter repeating the process over and over again for a few long minutes, before taking the cock into her mouth and bobbing up and down on it. She didn't go all the way, but she did give it a decent sucking before straightening up and positioning herself over the strap-on. Clearly she was excited, and Jessica didn't blame her. In fact, this was bringing back very pleasant memories of the first time she rode a cock strapped around the waist of Trish Walker. Something that Jessica had thought would be a one-time thing back then, but was really the first of many.

She was awoken from these very pleasant memories by Karen letting out a loud pleasure filled cry as she penetrated herself, something the blonde savoured for a few long seconds before pushing herself down further on the brunette's fake cock. As Jessica correctly guessed Karen was so horny at this point she was able to take it with ease, to the point where it felt like barely minutes between the initial penetration and the other girl coming to sit on her lap with every inch of the dildo buried in her cunt. Something which again Karen savored before beginning to bounce up and down, their friends just enjoying the show for a few long minutes, before Claire kneeled down behind the reporter and gave her a soft command.

"Mmmmmmmm, that's good baby. But stop a minute, okay? Oh yeah, I wanna lube up that tight little virgin hole of yours and get it ready for my big dick." Claire practically moaned with delight into Karen's ear, and then again when the other girl did as she was told, "Oh yes, mmmmmmmmm, good girl. Just relax, and give me that ass."

Before Jessica's sarcastic side could kick in Claire gave her a warning glare. Jessica almost said something anyway, in the hopes of later punishment, but nervousness was radiating off of Karen, so instead she thought it would be best to keep her mouth shut and just enjoy the sight of Claire working. Not that she had a good look at it from this angle, but from the look on Karen's face it was pretty clear that Claire was pushing a finger into her butt. Only this was no medical exam, something which was made clear by Claire no doubt adding a second finger to really stretch out that virgin hole, and the fact that she was seconds away from shoving her cock up there and making that ass hers.

"Are you ready baby?" Claire softly asked after a few long minutes of anal fingering.

"Yes." Karen promised softly, before adding more firmly, "Fuck me! Oh God, fuck my ass. Double stuff me, mmmmmmm, I want to know what that's like."

"Good girl." Claire purred, pulling her fingers out and sucking them clean before ordering, "Jessica, spread those cheeks. Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, I want to get a good look at what I'm doing."

"Gladly." Jessica replied, reaching behind Karen, grabbing two handfuls of butt cheeks and spreading them wide apart to show Claire her target.

Claire pressed the tip of her cock against Karen's butt hole and took a few long seconds to savour the moment she had been waiting for, and then she began gently pushing forwards, causing that tight little virgin hole to start stretching for her. Which unsurprisingly had the little anal virgin initially gasping, then whimpering as she started to be stretched back there by an invading force, and then again when she was stretched wider than ever before. Shortly after that Karen cried out as Claire's dick stretched her back door open enough for her to slide right inside, making it official, she had just taken the other girl's butt cherry. Something which made Karen cry out loudly and whimper again, while Claire again savoured the moment.

She savoured it for much longer than a few seconds, mostly for her own benefit, but she also wanted her inexperienced friend to relax and get used to the feeling of a cock in her ass. Especially as Claire planned on making sure it became a frequently enjoyed experience for her friend, and hopefully future butt slut. Then just as Jessica was about to complain that she was taking too long Claire started pushing forwards slowly, making the other brunette grin widely. She was pretty sure she could sense the other woman agreed to, but she wasn't really aware of it. Hell, Claire wasn't really aware of Jessica's grinning. She saw it out of the corner of her eye, because her main focus was on her strap-on slowly sliding into Karen's now formally virgin ass hole.

It was a sick and twisted sight which Claire had loved since first watching Trish fucking Jessica's sarcastic little ass, and especially after getting a piece of it herself. But as intoxicating as it was to sodomise a superhuman Jessica was very much in love with Trish and vice versa, while Claire felt connected to Karen, now more than ever, making this even more special than the first time she did this with anyone. Maybe even more special than any other first time she'd ever had, with Karen or otherwise, but it was just perfect, especially with Jessica spreading those cheeks for her and providing the best possible look of Karen's formally virgin butt hole taking inch after inch of dildo inside it until her thighs came to rest against those cheeks, announcing every inch of the strap-on had been embedded within the other woman's rectum.

"Yes, that's it, mmmmmm, good girl. Just a little more, a little more, oooooooh fuck yes!" Claire had begun softly encouraging as she reached the halfway point, getting more excited the further she got until she was all the way into Karen's ass, at which point she gleefully added, "You're taking it so well for your first time, mmmmmmm yesssssssss, good girl! Oh yeah, that's every inch! Every single inch inside your tight little virgin butt! Well, not so virgin anymore. No, mmmmmmmm, your tight little back door is officially open for business, ooooooooooh and you're going to love it. I promise. Oh yes Karen, you're going to love getting fucked in the ass like an anal slut!"

Unsurprisingly there was no response from Karen who just whimpered from the huge toy stuffing her rectum. What was surprising was that no one else said anything, not even Jessica. No, they just stayed silent while letting Claire enjoy this truly special moment. Although it wouldn't be long before her friends were demanding a turn, so as much as Claire wanted to savour this moment by the others, if not more, it wasn't long before she slowly pulled her cock out of Karen's ass hole, waiting until she was about halfway out before pushing back in and repeating the process, arguably officially beginning to butt fuck her best friend. Something which Claire got to enjoy for a surprisingly long time before Colleen spoke up.

Colleen had drawn the short straw, or more accurately been lumbered with it, when Trish pointed out that because it was Claire's first time with Karen's ass she was going to want it for extra long at first, likely to the point that it would impact how much time the next person got. Which rang true, especially for Claire, who could be greedy, or Trish whenever she got to be the first to sodomise Jessica. Also Colleen begrudgingly had to admit she was a candidate for that position, as she was often more the bottom in her relationship with Misty then the switches they were supposed to be. Case in point, while watching the nurse totally dominate the reporter Colleen found herself jealous mostly of Karen instead of Claire.

There were definite benefits to Claire's position, benefits which Colleen was very much looking forward to when it was finally her turn, however she knew from experience just how good Claire Temple was with a strap-on. Just the memory of it had her own ass hole quivering with lust, and jealousy. But she couldn't afford to dwell on such submissive thoughts, not tonight. No, Misty had promised her if she impressed tonight she would get a chance it that big black booty of hers, and Colleen was definitely in the mood for it. So instead she concentrated on how much love and care Claire was using on Karen's butt, and more importantly her annoyance that the nurse was hogging the reporter.

Although it was Misty who finally spoke up, "Come on Claire, stop hogging that ass and let someone else have a turn."

"Someone like you, you mean?" Claire teased.

"Anyone." Misty shrugged, before insisting, "Seriously Claire, share that slut butt."

There was a pause as Claire bit her lip, then she protested, "Just five more minutes. I've been waiting for this for months."

"So have the rest of us." Trish grumbled.

Realising she had to speak up, especially if she was going to impress, Colleen stepped forwards and proclaimed, "Claire, it's my turn now. Give the rest of us a go. We'll give her back. I promise."

Another brief pause, then Claire grumbled, "You better."

With that Claire pulled her cock out of Karen's ass hole and stood aside, Colleen briefly admiring the baby gape before stepping forward and taking her turn. She didn't take quite as long with the anal penetration and ass stuffing as Claire had, but she tried to strike a balance in which she was able to get a decent turn and still go easy on the inexperienced girl. Colleen felt she achieved that given the lack of real complaint from Karen, even when she started sodomising her with the full length of the dildo just as Claire had done before. She even got what sounded like more than a hint of pleasure from the blonde, which Colleen was confident that even she could turn into pure pleasure given enough time. Sadly she had no doubt she wouldn't get it.

She got far more than she thought she would, mostly because it was the turn of her girlfriend next, and Misty seemed content with letting Colleen top the other girl. Hell, Misty even gave her some encouraging smiles, nods, and eventually words, even if they weren't quite as graphic as normal. Which might have been actually better for Colleen, because she found the other women around her often talk too much, which could be distracting. Although not as distracting as Claire gently pushing her dildo fresh from Karen's ass against Karen's lips, the inexperienced blonde woman hesitating only briefly before she parted those lips and allowed the butt flavoured dildo to be pushed into her mouth.

Karen was relieved that losing her anal cherry wasn't nearly as bad as she thought it would be, although that was at least partly thanks to having another cock in her cunt at the time. It still wasn't exactly pleasant, but she had to admit there was some great satisfaction to doing something so naughty. And to please Claire. Especially when the dominant women started sharing her ass like a piece of meat. Then came the moment she had been looking forward to the most, and dreading the most. The moment she was actually made air tight, but not with one of the available clean dildos, but with one that was straight from her ass. But again because it was naughty, and please Claire, she did it without question.

Again to her great relief the taste wasn't nearly as bad as she had feared it would be, then when she gradually got used to the taste she even started to like it. Or maybe that was just because when the reporter initially took the nurse's strap-on into her mouth Claire chuckled wickedly with delight, and started stroking her hair in a way which made Karen's heart flutter. Which in turn made Karen start sucking the ass flavoured dick and sliding her mouth up and down it once the first few inches were thoroughly cleaned, which inspired more encouragement, this time of the verbal variety. Although it wasn't from Claire. At least, not initially. Not that it took Claire long to get in on the action.

"Yesssssss, suck it slut! Suck that cock! Suck it good! Oh fuck yeah, ohhhhhhh fuck!" Jessica eagerly encouraged, gleefully taking the opportunity to get back at the other girl for when they were in the opposite positions, "Now who's the slut, huh? Now who's the whore? Yeah, take it in all your holes bitch! Become as big a slut as me."

"Not possible sweetie." Trish teased.

"Yeah, it's going to take a lot of work to get her anywhere close." Misty chimed in.

"But she can try." Claire brought the focus back to where it should be, "Yes Karen, sweetie, take it in all your holes. Try as hard as you can to get close to Jessica's level of sluttiness. Yessssss, deep into your mouth baby. Show me what you can do. Show me what an amazing cock sucker you are. Show us all how much Karen Page loves to suck cock, mmmmm, especially when her other holes are stuffed. Oh God Karen, that's so hot. You look so good getting all your fuck holes filled with strap-on cock like a total lesbian slut. Now baby, take it all! Oh yes, take it all in your mouth, the same way you're taking it all in your pussy and ass. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, I wanna see you really take it all."

While Jessica's words should have been mortifying they only turn Karen on more, much like when it was in the reverse. As for Claire's request, how could Karen possibly refuse? Especially after Karen had promised to do anything to please her. But it was more than that. Karen wanted to get the entire length of those cocks inside her for her own benefit, as she had no doubt doing so would make her cum in the most hard and twisted way possible. Oh yes, the discomfort in her butt was rapidly fading and being replaced by pleasure, and every thrust was impaling her cunt upon another cock, so soon she would be cumming like a total lesbian slut. Just like Jessica Jones. So she might as well act the part.

So Karen put her everything into cleaning Claire's cock, sliding her lips lower and lower until the dick pushed all the way into her throat, and then fighting the urge to gag as she went further, and further, and further down with every bob of her head. It took a while but eventually she was deep throating the entire length of Claire's shaft, at which point Karen sucked that strap-on just as passionately as she had before once the butt cream was all gone. The only difference was that instead of keeping her eyes tightly closed as she concentrated on her task she stared up lovingly at Claire, hoping for approval, which she got, mostly in the form of stroking her hair and giggling.

Although Claire did provide a little more verbal encouragement, "Yessssssss, every inch. Every single inch down your sweet little throat. Oh fuck Karen, that's so hot. I knew you could do it. Mmmmmmm, and now, my girl's got herself fully stuffed in every possible way. Ooooooooh baby, we're gonna make you cum so hard."

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves." Misty interrupted, "It's my girl's turn with that mouth, and my turn with that bitch's butt. So swap over both of you. Come on, share the wealth."

Claire hesitated briefly, before smiling, "Of course."

Which made Colleen realise she hadn't answered yet, and she quickly nodded, "Yeah, take that ass Misty! Show this reporter who's boss."

Misty was very tempted to tear off Colleen's strap-on, bend her over right next to Karen, and show her who's boss. She knew Claire wouldn't mind, as long as she took a few moments to stuff her cock into Karen's mouth straight from Colleen's ass so they could have more fun making the reporter air tight. And they could also spit roast Colleen, allowing Colleen to taste Karen's ass on Claire's strap-on in the process. Which was a very, very tempting thought. But no, Misty would have plenty of chances to put Colleen in her place later. Now she was finally about to get a piece of Karen's butt, and there was no way Misty was passing that up. No way in hell.

So as soon as Colleen pulled her cock out of Karen's ass hole and moved aside Misty happily took her place and shoved her dildo up the reporter's butt. Only she was a lot less gentle about it. Mostly because she had watched her girl and Claire work, and could tell from the way Karen was moaning that she was ready for some rougher treatment. Also, Misty was just in the mood for it. Not that Karen complained. No, she cried out joyfully at the rough anal penetration, providing Colleen with a wonderful target. And sure enough, her super quick girlfriend moved round just in time to shove her dick in Karen's mouth, meaning she was already being triple fucked again.

Which made Karen moan in delight, which in turn made Misty chuckle and gleefully encourage, "Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, moan you little slut! Moan for us while we fuck you in all your holes. You like that, huh? Yeah you do. You do. Oh fuck!"

The only response Karen gave to that little bit of taunting was to moan more loudly and shamelessly, the once timid newcomer really getting into the debauchery as after a few long seconds of savouring the taste of her own ass she began eagerly bobbing her head up and down more of it. But yet Karen even pushed her ass back against Misty's thrusts, inspiring the black woman to pound that lily white ass even harder. Not too hard of course, they weren't anywhere near ready to make Karen cum, but enough to push her closer to the edge than she was before. Well, maybe Misty got a little carried away, but not enough to risk pushing Karen over the edge, causing her any harm. At least not yet.

Suddenly Misty was reminded of the first time she was in Karen's position, and she was so overwhelmed with submissive feelings that she had almost stopped. Almost. Luckily she was too much of a bad ass for that. It was pretty close though, as up until that point she'd rarely given up her ass, so to have three women take it in turns with her big booty left her sore and aching back there for weeks. So there was part of her which wondered if this would scare Karen off, but hopefully she would reach the same conclusion that Misty had. Namely that the pain and humiliation was worth it for the pleasure and especially the orgasms she received from it. Only what Misty really hoped was that unlike herself, Karen wouldn't want to just get it occasionally, but all the time so she could fuck this tight little ass some more.

Karen definitely wanted to do this again. All of it. Every twisted little thing she'd done with these women so far she wanted to do again, and again, and again. But she didn't want to get lost in thinking about all the fun they might have in the future, when she was being bombarded by pleasure in the present. Oh yes, this was the kind of pleasure people dreamed about, so to be anywhere other than the moment seemed ungrateful. Besides, she had to concentrate on stopping herself from begging for more without meaning too, as she wanted to make this last as long as possible. Even if that got increasingly painful, especially towards the end. Perhaps most importantly of all, she had work to do.

After all, these women were bombarding her with pleasure, so the least Karen could do was do her fair share of the work, even if her body was running on adrenaline more than actual strength right now. And that didn't just mean sucking cock. That was the majority of her work, and Karen was giving out more passionate blow jobs than she'd ever given before, especially when she was presented with a new cock fresh from her ass, which was often as the other women constantly kept switching holes, making sure she was always going ass to mouth. But Karen was also pushing back against the dildo pounding her butt, and then down on the dildo stuffing her cunt. Which certainly didn't make it easy to avoid begging, but she just about managed it. At least for a while.

Of course ultimately everything caught up with her, and the next time her mouth was free Karen pleaded, "Make me cum! Ooooooooooh please make me cum! Fuck me hard and make me cum! Ohhhhhhhhhh Claire, Trish, mmmmmmmmm, Colleen, Misty, ooooooooooh, and even you Jessica. I want all of you to fuck me. Pound fuck all of my slutty little fuck holes and make me cum like the whore I am! Like Jessica! Ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss, mmmmmmmmmm, I wanna be fucked like Jessica Jones, a total triple stuffed whore! Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, gang bang my little ass, mmmmmmmmm, pound it good, soooooooooo gooooooodddddd, mmmmmmmmm, oh fuck me, yesssssssssss, fuck me and make me cum fuck me and make me cum fuck my ass and make me fucking cum AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKK! OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

Honestly Karen was expecting more taunting, and even to have to beg for longer, but thankfully Misty was currently in her ass, and she was probably more sympathetic to Karen's plight, being a switch in all. Although Karen really didn't care what her reasoning was, as all that really mattered was Misty began gradually picking up the pace until the sounds of her thighs smacking against her cheeks were echoing around the room and making Karen feel like she was being spanked the butt pounding was so rough. Hell, she'd easily be screaming the house down if Colleen's cock wasn't in her mouth, which was proven later when her mouth was free and the real tops were giving her ass everything they had. But before that Misty showed she had more than what it took to make her cum.

Admittedly Karen initially came long before Misty gets to giving her everything she had, as everything just caught up with her. Hell, she might have even cum just from Colleen pushing her ass flavoured strap-on into Karen's mouth, which happened shortly after the blonde became completely incoherent. Then the floodgates were open and Karen found herself cumming over, and over, and over again, especially when the other women began taking it in turns with her slut butt again, Colleen taking her turn right after Misty, and then after another impressive showing from the usually submissive woman it was Trish's turn, which was when things really picked up. Oh yes, Karen quickly lost the ability to even think coherently when Patsy started pounding her butt.

Trish was very proud of Misty, and especially Colleen for their fine work. Considering neither one of them considered their selves tops they had done an excellent job of loosening up this reporter's ass and getting it nice and ready for Trish to give her the kind of brutal pounding it deserved. And oh, did Trish love pounding it. Jessica's slutty ass was amazing, and still the best she'd ever had, but Karen's cute little butt actually came close. Especially because it was really satisfying to know that unlike Jessica's whore butt Karen's poor little back door would not eventually returned to virgin tightness. No, after this it would never be the same again, they would all make sure of that, but especially Trish and Claire.

It was fairly normal for Trish to go last when Jessica was in the middle like this, as she was her girlfriend, and likewise it seemed only right that Claire should go last now, given the way she felt about Karen. However Trish wondered if Claire was now regretting that decision, as obviously Karen didn't have Jessica's enhanced stamina, so there was a very good chance she wouldn't survive this ass wrecking. Oh well, at least her friend got to take this woman's anal cherry, something Trish was now very jealous of her for. In fact, she kind of wished she hadn't saved her strength for the hard anal pounding, because this was really a lot of fun, especially when Jessica started giving her unnecessary encouragement.


Those words did indeed inspire Trish to pound Karen's ass harder, but they also pushed her over the edge of orgasm. The other end of the dildo bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of sodomising a fresh piece of ass, of DP'ing another woman with her girlfriend, a reporter no less, had a lot to do with it, but despite all that Trish had been just about holding back, until now. Oh God, now she was receiving the kind of incredibly satisfying climax she only received when butt fucking another woman. Sadly this meant it was the beginning of the end, but as an experienced top Trish was able to push herself through several orgasms before finally having to stop.

Honestly she probably took more than her fair share, staring at her girlfriend the entire time, promising the little anal whore she get her turn soon enough, a message that Jessica clearly got and was delighted by, which only made Trish cum harder. Then she was pulling out of Karen's ass, and becoming fully aware of her surroundings again, and Trish was suddenly very impressed that not only was the reporter still conscious, but she cried out with pure joy as Claire finally got her turn giving her girl a butt pounding. And oh, was it a glorious sight which warmed Trish's heart, and a wide smile on her face. Eventually it even had her calling out encouragement, at least when Jessica gave her the chance.

"Stepping up to the plate, huh? Mmmmmmm, yeah you are. Go ahead, this bitch clearly wants more! Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, she wants you to fuck her Claire. She wants you to fuck her in the butt!" Jessica gleefully encouraged her friend, "Oh yes, she wants you to fuck her in the butt like the slut she is. The slut you made her! Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, take that fucking ass! OHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHH, MMMMMMMMMM, FUCK IT! FUCK IT HARD AND MAKE HER CUM LIKE A BITCH WITH A DICK IN HER ASS! OOOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSS, THAT'S SO HOT! SOOOOOOOO HOT, MMMMMMMMMM, OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS, FUCK HER!"

"FUCK HER HARD!" Trish interrupted loudly and with a wicked smirk on her face, "FUCK THAT TIGHT LITTLE ASS OF HERS AND MAKE IT INTO A SLUTTY LITTLE WHORE HOLE! Oh yeah, that's so hot, FUCK HER! Butt fuck her and make her squirt all over Jessica's dick! Again. Yesssssssssss, that's it, mmmmmmmmmm, make her fucking cum for you! Oh fuck yeah, fuck her!"

Claire didn't so much ignore them as the whole world fell away and there was nothing but herself and Karen Page, and then just her strap-on wrecking Karen Page's ass hole, and then eventually just that perfect little pale booty which was in front of her. Which was hardly surprising, as she had been waiting for this since the moment she met this beautiful woman. Yes, Claire had met a lot of beautiful women lately, and had sex with most of them, but she hadn't connected with any of them like she connected with Karen Page. There was just something about her. They clicked. And Claire really, really wanted to make Karen hers, and now finally she was getting the opportunity she had been so patiently waiting for.

Her friends had come dangerously close to fucking Karen into unconsciousness, but her girl had proven that she was perfect for this lifestyle by not only surviving up into this point, but pushed herself back against each hard thrust into her butt, and then pushed herself just as passionately down onto the dildo in her cunt, maximising her own pleasure. Oh yes, Claire was proud and grateful to all of them, but Karen most of all, and after this performance she wanted Karen to be hers more than ever. Something she hope to achieve by making Karen cum a record amount of times, and more importantly more than with any of her friends. Something she was very sure she achieved, just before she lost track and became obsessed with ruining Karen's butt hole.

Such a thing was arguably counter-productive to what she was trying to achieve, but Claire wanted to leave Karen with a constant reminder of the ecstasy she had received tonight. And if she was being honest, just a constant reminder of her. Oh yes, Claire wanted to make sure Karen remembered all this, and more importantly her, every time she sat down. Or even moved for that matter. For the first week or so because of the incredible pain she would be in, which hopefully she would enjoy as much as Jessica, but after that it would be remembering what Claire had and her friends had done now, the nurse determined to make sure that was unforgettable for the reporter.

Only time would tell whether she truly achieved her goal, but Claire would certainly never forget this, especially when everything caught up with her and she received the most satisfying climax of her life. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, but Claire powered through them in the name of achieving her goal. In the name of making Karen Page hers. Of making her own Jessica Jones. A pure bottom so slutty that there was no level of depravity she wouldn't stoop to in the name of pleasure, and perhaps more importantly pleasing her top. The idea of that made Claire cum so hard it forced her to stop, which was good as it made her realise that Karen had finally slipped into unconsciousness, and despite how twisted these nights could be no one here was interested in fucking an unconscious woman. Although it didn't mean the fun had ended.

Arguably the best part was over, but Claire certainly got a thrill out of pulling her dick out of Karen's ass hole and admiring her handiwork, enhanced by Jessica as she ordered her, "Jessica, spread those cheeks. Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, show me my handiwork. I mean, our handiwork. Oh yes, that's it, show us that gape! Oh fuck yeah!"

Karen whimpered softly as she was forced back into a conscious state by the feeling of something being amputated. Or at least it felt that way, a feeling which made her blush as she realized exactly what it was, namely Claire's big dick leaving her ass hole, leaving it feeling horribly empty and unloved. It was gaping open obscenely wide, a fact which was obvious before Jessica shamelessly spread her open to emphasise the 'handiwork' of the tops. Which was one of the most humiliating moments of Karen's life, especially as it felt like just another thing piling on this debauchery. And yet like everything else in this night, she somehow found it enjoyable, and any level of humiliation was worth it for those orgasms. Oh God yes, it was shameful, but Karen really would do anything to feel that way again.

Putting that to the test Claire asked, deliberately vaguely, "Karen, what are you?"

"Yours." Karen whimpered without hesitation. "I'm all yours. My holes are yours to use as you please. Please, let me be your Jessica. Mmmmm, your lesbian slut."

Which was exactly the response Claire wanted, despite her chuckling, "Not what I meant, but I'm glad to hear it. In fact, I've wanted to hear it ever since I met you, and I can tell you're going to make a great lesbian bottom for me. But what about everybody else? Huh? Do they get a turn with your fuck holes? Will you be a good slut for them? Come to all our Netflix and chill nights, and let us all fuck you?"

"Yes, yes, yes!" Karen whimpered even more enthusiasticly as she felt at lease some of her strength return, "I'll be a slut for everyone here! All of you can use my fuck holes however you want! I want to come to each and every Netflix and chill night you have so I can worship your sexy little bodies, mmmmmm, and so that you will have your way with mine."

"Good girl." Claire approved, "And I know just how you can prove it... suck our cocks, starting with Jessica's! Oooooooh yessssss, you've tasted your own ass on a cock, now taste your cum and pussy cream on one. That's it, take it in your mouth. Deep into your mouth! Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, just like that, good girl! Oh fuck!"

The encouragement continued, not just from Claire but of course from the other tops who gleefully watched as Karen slowly got off of Jessica's strap-on, crawl down the other bottom's body, and then wrapped her lips around the cock she had been violently cumming on for countless intense minutes. Or at least, Karen had been unable to count them, as she had been too busy receiving devastating orgasms. Something she was reminded of with every little movement of her sore body, to the point Karen wasn't sure even those words could give her the strength, or more accurately the adrenaline, to do as she was told. For those few long seconds she was terrified of failing the tops, especially Claire, only to be saved by her own flavour.

Once the flavour hit her taste-buds Karen moaned happily and was overwhelmed by a desperate need for more. This in turn was more than enough to push her to eagerly bob her head up and down Jessica's dick, eventually taking it all the way and getting every drop of her cum and pussy juice. Which was delicious when she tasted it on Claire's lips, but this was so wonderfully new and twisted, and Karen loved every minute of it. Although what she loved more was then turning her attention to the dildos of the tops, who gathered around her and allowed her to go back and forth between them while of course dishing out their usual encouragement.

"Good girl, suck those cocks clean!" Trish encouraged, "Mmmmmmm, make sure you get every single drop, just like Jessica does. Oh yeah, follow my whore of a girlfriend's example, and get every drop of your own butt juices. Oooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh, looks like you got yourself a real ass to mouth slut here Claire. Just like my Jessica."

"Yeah I do, mmmmmmmm, yeah I do." Claire agreed with a moan, happily telling the new addition to their group, "Oh Karen, you make me so proud. Oh yeah, soooooooo, proud of the way that you're taking those cocks deep down your throat so you can get every drop of those anal juices like a real ass to mouth whore! Oh yes, that's so hot! So fucking hot, mmmmmmmm, keep sucking until you get every drop. Fuck yeah, good girl. Good little cock sucker. Good little triple stuffed slut! Yesssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, you're one of us now Karen. Which I promise you baby, is going to lead to a lot more fun like this. Oh yes, we're going to Netflix and Chill all the time now!"

Most of this was white noise to Karen, at least at first, because she was far too focused on cleaning those juices from the cocks. But she also tried to focus on what Claire was saying, and more importantly what the nurse was doing whenever she got the chance. Which was mostly when she was sucking Claire's cock, Karen looking up hoping for attention and often getting it in the form of soft smiles and strokes to her hair which made her heart flutter. It was the treatment she was getting from everyone else, which also thrilled her, but this was different, because Claire was now her top, and she desperately wanted to please her more than anything. Partly just for the joy of it, and partly just a thank her for introducing her to the fun of Netflix and chill.

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