In This City

BY : Prentice
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Written for this misplaced comment on the kink meme. Gen with OT3 friendship. References to drug use and non-con drug use (and Matt basically turning into a big contented house cat when he's high).

“This is delightful.”

For a long uncomfortable moment, silence reigned in the office, twin looks of muted horror passing over Foggy and Karen’s faces as they watched Matt carefully rub Foggy’s jacket and Karen’s scarf against his face. He did it slowly, head swaying back and forth between the two like a drowsy contented cat, the sound of his stubble-covered cheeks and chin a quiet underscore to his –his –

“Is he purring?” Karen asked, tone incredulous and bemused. “I mean, I say purring, but – “ She made a vaguely aborted hand gesture, eyes widening when Matt – purred? – louder, nose burying itself in the fold of Foggy’s jacket, lips opening to mouth happily along the collar.

“He’s definitely purring,” Foggy confirmed, expression switching from muted horror to something a little more indefinable and self-conscious as Matt – groaned? Growled? – and rubbed his face further into the jacket. As if he were trying to rub his – scent – into it. Or maybe rub Foggy’s scent onto him.

It was  – kind of – not adorable because what the fuck – but also kind of – Karen didn’t know. She didn’t know and wasn’t sure she wanted to know. She just hoped she could get her scarf back before it got the same treatment.

“Foggy, what the hell is – ?”

A loud purring snuffle interrupted her, Matt lifting his head to once again mouth along the fabric. His expression was – dazed, contented. A cat who’d gotten the cream and the goddamn canary.

Karen blinked, Foggy making a rough noise inside his throat from beside her.

This was just so – it was –

“He ate those brownies, didn’t he?” Foggy asked flatly, expression once again morphing from indescribable to something that might have been irritation if it wasn’t for the slow flush that was crawling up his neck. “The ones that woman – what was her name? Patricia? Psycho Bitch?– dropped off yesterday?”

“What -? No!” Karen denied, head shaking as Matt hummed from the other side of the conference room. It was a strangely happy noise, for all that it sounded slightly ragged. “After you told me about her, I threw them – ” Karen stopped, eyes widening further as she remembered. “ – shit! I forgot – I mean, I meant to – but I put them on the corner of my desk to throw away before I left but then Mr. and Mrs. Martinez came in and,” she shook her head again, “it slipped my mind.”

“And they weren’t on your desk when you came in?” Foggy prompted. The look on his face was enough to tell her he already knew the answer. Especially with Matt – purring – in the background.

“No,” she replied. “They were gone but I didn’t think anything of it. I thought you must have…you didn’t?”

“No, “Foggy answered, hand lifting to scrub irritably at the side of his face “I told Matt not to go out with her! She was a psycho bitch in college and she’s a psycho bitch now. Fuck! I can’t believe he’d be stupid enough to eat anything she gave him!”

“You mean she–? What? Drugged them?” Karen asked disbelievingly, the hope of getting her scarf back dying a quick and painless death as Matt finally turned his attention to it and wrapped it around his head. It was – she – it was pink – baby powder pink – and she’d only worn it this morning because the wind had threatened to turn her hair into a rat’s nest and now Matt was – was – she really needed to find her phone and record this. For blackmail material if nothing else.  “I just thought you didn’t like her so we were throwing them away on principle!”

“I don't like her! And, yes, she drugged them!” Foggy growled, hand falling from his face to slap hard against the table. The sound was enough to make her jump, Matt pausing momentarily in his - marking? - of Karen’s scarf to growl as well before he went right back to – doing what he was doing. “She tried it before, when we were in college. Only, Matt wasn’t the one dumb enough to eat them; I did!”

“You – she – and you didn’t press charges?” Karen asked because, as strange and funny as this was, it was also really really not. Especially if some woman was trying to – what? – drug Matt into liking her? Dating her?

“Yes,” Foggy started then shook his head. “I mean no. I mean,” he sighed. “I didn’t know for sure that it was her until now. Plus, it was college. I figured if it wasn’t her, someone in our dorm must have left them for us. It wasn’t that unusual, if you know what I mean.”

Tentatively, Karen nodded, because – college. She had plenty of her own weirdly uncomfortable stories to tell. Not that she ever would, especially if it involved questionably illegal substances and her lack of clothing afterwards.

“So,” she said after a few minutes of them both watching Matt growl, snuffle, and purr his way over her scarf before he decided to drape Foggy’s jacket over his head as well. “Is this, you know, usual for him? When he’s –?”

 Foggy shook his head. “No, he’s usually – he’s usually a lot worse, if I’m being honest. Matt’s always been kind of sensitive when it comes to this kind of thing. I think it has something to do with him being,” he hesitated, “blind, I guess. He told me once that his other senses are really delicate. That’s why we never really did much – you know.”

Karen nodded again.  She did know. “And does he always act like a big contented house cat? ”

“Yeah,” Foggy replied, hand lifting from the table to rub against the back his neck. “Kind of. It’s a thing. Just be glad he’s not doing that” he gestured to where Matt was seemingly scrubbing his face against both their clothing, “to you.”

“He does that? I mean – he did that? To you?”

“Yeah,” Foggy revealed, voice dragging out the word slowly.

Karen stared.

Foggy – coughed.  “Anyway, he should be fine in a few hours. I mean, we could bring him to the hospital, but they won’t be able to do much for him and he’d probably be pissed at us afterwards anyway. Best just let him,” he flapped a hand, “do his thing.”

“But, what should do with him? I mean,” she glanced at the clock, “aren’t you two meeting a new client later? That referral from your cop friend Brett?”

“I’ll meet them by myself,” Foggy decided. “We can’t have them seeing him like – “ Matt purred “ – this, and anyway, he won’t be any use. We’ll just have to leave the blinds closed and keep him in here until they’re gone. That way we can keep an eye on him too.”

“But what about – ?” Karen paused because Matt was – was – he was actually…

“Okay, it’s time to leave,” Foggy said quickly, hand settling firmly on Karen’s shoulder as he pushed her towards the door. Behind them, Matt growled out a noise from beneath their stuff, something that sounded vaguely like the word “delightful” as he – he – a hand settled over her eyes as Foggy shoved her the last few inches out the door.

A soft growling groan drifted out the room before the door was slammed shut behind them.

For a moment, Karen could do nothing and then – she giggled.

“He does that too, huh?”

Foggy sighed, hand lifting from her eyes to pinch the bridge of his nose.

“I don’t want to talk about it.”  

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