In This City

BY : Prentice
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Disclaimer: I do not own Marvel, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Inspired by a prompt on the daredevil kink meme. Sugar Daddy AU. Karen Page/James Wesley.

In another universe, Karen thinks perhaps her life wouldn’t be this way. It would be easy, she thinks, proper. She’d have a job – a good, steady, dependable job – and her own apartment – no roommates or troublesome neighbors – and her own means to support herself.

That is not this life. Will never be this life, most likely. She has accepted it as best she can; has developed a certain level of pragmatism towards the things in her life she can’t – or won’t – change.

The last year and half has taught her that. Has stripped away the smooth edges she came with and left behind something sharp and jagged. New and tender flesh hardened into something she likes to pretend not to recognize.

She does, though. She has to – the life she lives now doesn’t suffer fools lightly and the one thing she always promised herself was that she would never be a fool. Not for anyone.

Even if it would make her life easier.


His hands are larger than hers are. His fingers longer and perhaps a shade too masculine for the manicure he gets every Monday. Sometimes she likes to think of them.

Not sexually, so much of their relationship revolves around sex and the careful give and take that has slowly been established. Instead, she thinks of them in other ways. Gesturing vaguely, cradling a cell phone, holding utensils. 

It somehow makes it easier, thinking of them in such normal ways. Those hands – these fingers – they could never hurt her if they’re busy being normal. If they are occupied with simple tasks.

They can’t hold her tether.  Hold her leash. They do, though.

They do.


He tells her to call him ‘Wesley’ at first, the corners of his mouth pulling down in vague dissatisfaction. It’s not what he wants from her – not really – and they both know it but neither of them are willing to push. Her especially.

She doesn’t like to think to the things she’s agreed to. Doesn’t like to think of what it says about her. Money, it makes the world go round and she’s proving it each and every day.

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