In This City

BY : Prentice
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Inspired by a prompt on the daredevil kink meme. One-sided Fem!Foggy/Matt. Always-a-Fem!Foggy has been in love with Matt for longer than she ever cares to think about (or admit to).

Sometimes Foggy wishes she’d never met Matt Murdock. It’s an uncharitable thought – an unthinkable one most days – but occasionally, it’s the truth. She loves Matt – loves him; perhaps more than is entirely healthy for her own mental and emotional wellbeing – but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t occasionally feel like kicking him in the balls.

 Or, well, you know what, she usually feels like kicking him in the balls. Mostly because he deserves a kick in the balls from somebody and she’s pretty sure those leggy supermodel-types he sometimes brings home won’t do it. Kiss his balls, maybe, but not kick them and, really, that’s enough of a reason for her to want to kick them.

Which is kind of shitty because – well, because of reasons – but that doesn’t mean it won’t make her feel better. About herself. About the world. About – everything.

Only, you know, not, because Matty is actually – he’s pretty great. Awesome, really. The best kind of friend she could have ever asked for but didn’t because Frances ‘Foggy’ Nelson doesn’t have many friends and hadn’t realized what she’d been missing.

Having a best friend, especially a best friend like Matt, isn’t something she’d give up. Not without a fight and tears and possibly some threats of litigation. Because she’s a lover, not a fighter, and her words – her voice, her mind – is where her power lies, not her fists or chubby thighs – god, she hated her thighs; she really needs to lay off the churros.

Anyway though, yeah, having Matt – as a friend; always a fucking friend, god her life sucks – is probably one of the best things in her life right now. Which makes it all the more frustrating, the more soul-sucking, to have to have all these – these fucked-up emotional attachments to the guy when she already knows she never stood a chance. Not in a million fucking years.

Like, the chances of the sky opening back up and spewing out another round of aliens is probably higher. Having Tony Fucking Stark stop by Nelson and Murdock for some lawyering is probably higher. Hell, having the sink in her craptacular apartment with its thrift store furniture and overcrowded kitchen actually stop dripping for once is probably higher.

So, yeah, it sucks, but it’s also great, because – Matt.

Matt Murdock.

Matt oblivious-to-your-feelings Murdock.

God, she really wants to kick him the balls sometimes.   

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