Disney Sex Magic

BY : Zev95
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“You must be the Prince!”

Tony twisted around. This time, he’d landed in the yard of a palatial manor, the kind of thing he’d expect in the Hamptons, with two sisters coming out to greet him. They… were not his speed. It wasn’t the weight—he didn’t mind a little extra cushion for the pushing—but both of them had hair so bad, a boy haircut would actually be an improvement.

“We heard you were coming,” one of them said, grabbing Tony’s arm.

Just in case Tony tried to leverage his other to break free, the second sister grabbed that. “Using your glass slipper to find the girl who danced with you the other night. Well, you’ll find I—“

I am the woman you shared such passion with!”

Just like that, Tony was frog-marched inside, both women kicking off their shoes. “Go on, then! Let us try it on!”

“Yes, it’ll fit me, I know it will!”

The only thing Tony thought should fit those feet was Dr. Scholls, and fast. He guessed he was in the middle of Cinderella; if he saw a cat around, he’d give it a kick for being an asshole. First, though, he had to scare off these two before Grandma Cersei got home.

“Actually, I don’t have a glass slipper,” he said.

“You don’t?”

“But we can tell from your garments—you must be royalty!”

Tony shrugged. “Different prince. But I am looking for someone to marry. And it’s someone I met at the ball.”

Sister 1 hipped the other aside. “As she was saying, she danced with the Prince. You must’ve met me!”

“I never said I danced with the Prince, I said I was with a prince—this prince—the one with a goatee…”

This was quickly turning into a word puzzle, which Tony hated. “You see why I’m going from door to door like a Jehovah’s Witness with a foot fetish. I mean, why my brother is going from door to door… look, the woman I was with, she had a pretty unique talent. See, this dick?” He unzipped himself. “She took all of it.”

Sister 2 was gaping. “Where? In her hand?”

“I could take that.” Sister 1 nodded desperately to herself. “Yeah, sure, I mean, I could suck it at least.”

“She took it up the ass.”

Sister 2 threw her hands up. “It wasn’t me.”

“Me either.”

Tony nodded, tucking himself away. “Anyone else here?”

They didn’t get the name wicked stepsisters by being charitable. “No, just us.”

“You’d better leave. Since it wasn’t either of us.”

“Couldn’t possibly be anyone else.”

“Cuz there’s no one else here.”

“So you don’t mind if I check upstairs? I thought I saw a mouse trying to get my attention over by the stairs.”

They blinked. “A mouse?” “You can’t just—“

Tony coughed. “Ladies? It’s the Middle Ages, I’m royalty, you’re peasants. I’m pretty sure I could say you were witches because I sneezed too hard a half-mile from here. Fuck off.”

He went up the stairs, quickly finding a door with a chair lodged under the knob. He removed it, opened the door, and there was the Princess, sobbing on her bed in a chambermaid outfit like he really had done anal with her.

“My prince…?” she asked, raising her head. She was good-looking, even without the Fairy Godmother makeover. Slender, well-proportioned, with a soft shape to her face and a curvy figure of fair skin. Rome robust musculature from all the cleaning. Her eyes twinkled blue, her lips gleamed pink, and her hair fell in soft bangs of strawberry blonde all across her shoulders. “When did you grow such an amazing goatee?”

“Age eleven. Look, this is gonna sound kinda off—“

“But he had sex with someone at the ball last night,” Sister 1 said behind him. She and Uggo Number Two had followed him up.

“Probably a whore like you.”

“If you hadn’t been here crying over your dead mother’s rags.”

“Like a little bitch.”

“Now he’s looking for whoever let him fuck her in the ass.”

“Not that there’s room for such a big dick in that skinny little hide of…”

Tony walked to the doorway, grabbed them both by the heads, and crashed their skulls together. They went down. He shut the door.

“And that’s why I can’t work in the service industry,” he told Cinderella.

“Is it true?” she asked him. Her eyes darted down to his groin. “Are you looking for someone who… had such an encounter with you?”

“Yeah.” Once again he unzipped. It was a little harder this time, with her appreciative gaze making his dick twitch. “I’m looking for the girl who fits this.”

Her hands were up by her face. “I can’t rightly claim to be the woman you met… but… perhaps we should rule me out. Just so you don’t harbor any doubts.”

“My thoughts exactly. And as long as you’re on the bed, turn over. Hands and knees.”

Surprise turned quickly into obscene excitement; then Cinderella obeyed, turning over, leaning down to cushion herself on folded arms so that her back sloped down from her elevated ass. Groaning happily at the submissive position she’d adopted, Tony flipped her skirt over her ass. She seemed comfortable. He guessed she’d spent a lot of time on her hands and knees. Only after this, things would get messier instead of the other way around.

“Spread your legs more. Show me where you want this cock. And come back toward me so that sweet ass is on the edge of the mattress.”

Cinderella did as told, then turned her head to look back at him. Her cheeks colored, staring at him over the bubble of her own naked ass. “Are you really going to fuck me in the ass?”

“Until you beg me to stop, princess.”

Cinderella trembled in excitement. “Good. That’s good.”

Tony grabbed her ass, filling his hands with the cheeks of her luscious ass, then spreading them open to see the neat pink rose of her anus. He bent down, starting her off with a few quick kisses to the lovely fill of her ass, getting an approving giggle, then licking his tongue up and down her valley.

“Oh!” Cinderella said, stifling herself now, squirming with his mouth on her flesh. She trembled fitfully, like she didn’t know what to do with the motion in her body, the sudden urges that became uncontrolled, almost violent quaking in her muscles. “Yes, do that!”

He squeezed her ass tighter, pulling the delicately curved mounds further atop, watching her anus stretch open to form a tiny black hole for him. He slid his tongue in, prodding with its wet tip at her opening.

“Eat it! Oh please, eat it!”

He could smell her cunt growing fragrant, its wetness carrying the scent of her arousal. His goatee brushed against its outermost edge as he tried harder and harder to stuff the full length of his tongue into her ass, which she helpfully screwed back against his face. His lips pressed wetly against her puckered little hole, Tony feeling the oppressive warmth of her cheeks all over his face.

“Oh God, oh Jesus, my ass!” Cinderella cried. Tony pulled away for a moment, fishing his cock out of his pants, spitting in his hand, and jacking himself for lubrication. It made Cinderella scream in dismay. “Not yet, not yet, don’t stop now!”

He gave her ass another deep kiss. It barely satisfied her.

She was rocking back and forth on her knees, banging her ass against Tony’s hungry mouth, impaling herself on his stabbing tongue. In rare moments, she seemed to get enough of it, and screwed her hips about in a tight circle, feeling his licks all throughout her body. But the feeling was fleeting, and inevitably she’d cry out again as she thrust back into him like she was trying to knock him flat.

“Stick it in me! Stick it in! Oh God, it’s like a fire inside me… driving me crazy!”

He was in her, deep as he could go, and her ass was as wet as he could make it. Plus, if he stroked his cock anymore, he’d either come in his hand or friction away all the spit. Tony withdrew and Cinderella followed, trying to recapture his tongue’s lapping presence, but he was too quick for her.

His hand lashed out, collaring the back of her neck and shoving her face down in the mattress. She moaned at his forcefulness. Her ass wagged as he spat in his hand once more, rubbed his rigid cock as if for luck, then moved in with the tip of his phallus. He let her feel him. He let her feel him right against her hole.

“Oh God… I hope I can take that!” She could tell, just from the head, how big he was.

“Don’t you mean you wish?” Tony asked. “Because a dream is a wish your heart makes. And you’re definitely going to be dreaming about taking this dick.”

He clapped his hands onto her waist, holding her tight. In a single fluid motion, he thrust inside her. Cinderella screamed. It wasn’t in pain.

“God… it’s big… it’s too big… it hurts!”

But her slowness in reporting the pain told him it was pleasure far more than it was pain. There would be more of both to come. He’d put in just the tip, but he was still in. The fierce way her ass tried to expel him told Tony as much. He leaned in, pressing his weight upon her, just to stay inside her, and her muscles squeezed in, trying to crush him, squeeze the life out of him, stop him—not succeeding at any of it.

“Loosen up,” Tony told her. “Relax. It’ll hurt more if you don’t.”

“More?” Cinderella moaned in disbelief. Her grip on his cock was like a vise and she was starting to press her legs together. There was only one way to overcome it. He had to thrust into her, make her really feel it, so she’d loosen up naturally.

“Bibbity,” Tony quipped, switching his grip to Cinderella’s thighs, digging his fingers in as he thrust as hard he could. Cinderella screamed, but her ass gave. He slid forward.

“Bobbity,” he continued, her ass continuing to clamp down on his cock, testing his erection, but it was a losing battle. He was in her good and deep, too far to turn back down, and already moving in and out, rocking back and forth, tunneling deeper in. Cinderella moaned and sighed in equal measure.

“Boo!” he finished with another hard thrust, winning all her ass, seeing her anus gape against his groin. He rested, feeling her suffocating heat all over his dick, and knew Cinderella felt the same intensity. She huffed out her pain, but kept pleading with him.

“Don’t stop… it’s nice… feels so nice… “

“It doesn’t hurt?” Tony asked solicitously, since he already knew the answer.

“It hurts nice… and so deep… so thick and hard, and so far inside me…” Like she was swaying to the tune of a song, Cinderella pressed back unconsciously to meet him, rocking on her knees like a bitch in heat. Her ass was as tight as ever, but slippery now, letting him in and out with an insistent rhythm, his balls swinging against her wet cunt like church bell clappers.

“It’s coming,” Cinderella huffed out, like the words were being driven from her by his ever-expanding dick. “Oh, god, it’s coming…”

Tony grabbed her again, this time wrapping his arm around her slender waist and pulling her whole body to his as he thrust heavily, desperately, into her. “And here…” Cinderella squealed, suspended in the air against him, as he pushed her to the limit. “It…” He fell on top of her again, jamming her through the mattress, his thrusting cock offering her no respite. “Comes!”

Cinderella felt him fill her, his cock growing to its ultimate size with the sperm passing through it. “A perfect fit!”

She came as he did, like her body had to, like it was forced to climax by accepting his explosion inside her ass. His cum gushed out, filling her clenching tunnel and more, splattering out around his cock as well. His balls ached, keeping up the steady flow her body demanded. Still she fucked her ass against him, swallowing his length to get even more of his seed from him.

Groaning, Tony pulled away before she could crush him, and without his hardness inside her, Cinderella seemed totally limp. She fell forward onto the mattress, spread-eagled, still oozing cum. Tony staggered back a few steps, barely managing not to fall before he leaned against the wall to observe his handiwork. Only then did he noticed that Cinderella had been touching herself as he fucked her. Two fingers were still buried to the knuckle inside her cunt. They seemed very wet.

Absently, Tony wondered if a buttfuck counted when it came to sex magic. If not, he didn’t think Cinderella would object to another go. And with the way his cock was aching, it wouldn’t take more than a few minutes to try again.

Unfortunately, Tony felt himself fading again, even as Cinderella turned over to look at him. She saw the magic at work.

“Oh shit, please tell me you’re not a mouse,” she said before he disappeared entirely.

Damn. Girl was kinky.

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