Disney Sex Magic

BY : Zev95
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“Tony, something’s glowing,” Pepper said. “I worry when things glow.”

Tony made a ‘pshaw’ noise like it was his ringtone. There wasn’t much that could get him to pay extended attention to a monitor—except caffeine, and that was a factor too—but right now, he was engrossed in the scans he was getting. “Relax, Pep. Just a tiny little Infinity Stone.”

“Infinity Stone.” Pepper stared at the glowing object that had become the centerpiece of Tony’s lab, muffled as it was by transparent shielding and diagnostic equipment. “Like the Tesseract. Or Loki’s Scepter.”

“Or the Aether,” Tony said. “Thor found that one.”

“So, one of the things that glows and helps bad guys try to destroy the world, then.”

That,” Tony snapped his fingers, “is actually exactly what we’re all about today. I’m gonna need that ham sandwich.”

Pepper looked to Tony’s left, seeing a sandwich planted out of his reach. With a long-suffering sigh she went to him, licked the sandwich, then pushed it into his range. Without looking, he scooped it up and took a bite. Then talked with his mouth full.

“This is a new one, got it from Ant-Man—“ Tony paused to give a little shake. “Ant-Man. So random.”

“Very random, Tony,” Pepper agreed.

“I don’t know what it does, but I think I can deactivate it.”


“You know—protons, electrons… spinning things, bright lights, the usual. And if I can render it inert, then I can do the same for the rest of them, and we can stop worrying about Loki or any of his fuckwit friends stealing them from SHIELD or Asgard or whoever, starting a big to-do, all that nonsense. I’m being proactive.”

“So you don’t know what it does and you’re going to try to turn it off?”

“Yeah.” Tony finished his sandwich. “Relax. I’ve already double-checked my work, which is twice as much checking as it needs.”

“Uh-huh.” Pepper was backing away. “I suppose you’ve consulted with Bruce about this? Or Jane? Selvig? Anyone?”

“Okay, Bruce? I love him, but he turns into the Jolly Green Giant when he spills coffee on himself. Jane got an ancient artifact lodged in her rib cage and nearly destroyed the world. Selvig, also, helped nearly destroy the world. I, on the other hand, have built a couple dozen superhero suits—Selvig has none—I own a Fortune 500 company, I’ve reenacted Wild Things with Denise Richards and Neve Campbell, and when I bid on something on eBay, they just give it to me. If anyone should have the final say on doomsday weapons, it should be me.”

Uh-huh,” Pepper repeated. “I need to go to the grocery store. If I take my nana’s ashes with me, it’s not because I don’t trust you—“

“Hey, fine by me, I told you you should put that stuff in a security deposit box if it means so much to you.”

She was my nan.”

“And she’ll still be your nan in a vault with six inch walls.”

The door slammed shut behind Pepper.

Finishing his sandwich, Tony fired up the machine. Was he sure about it? Sure he was sure. Talking with Pepper had convinced him that the risks were far worth the reward: being able to throw this in Pepper’s face whenever, wherever. And after all…

“What’s the worst that could happen?”


One mystical explosion later…

“Shit,” Tony said, sitting up, “maybe I should triple-check my work.”

When it involves cosmic forces beyond all mortal understanding, yes, came a persistent voice in his head, which sounded unduly like Pepper.

He looked around. Looked like he was in the middle of an episode of Cosmos, standing on apparently nothing, with stars and nebula surrounding him at a millionth of their real size. There was a sun on his right the size of a basketball, planets orbiting it as big as marbles.

Then Tony heard something growling. He turned around, ready to eye some alien dictator, and instead saw a very ordinary—which is to say, very big—African lion.

The fact that it was just a fucking lion—not even six legs or anything—actually scared him a bit more than it being a huge man-eating carnivore with no other apparent source of nourishment around, this being the starlanes of the Milky Way Galaxy and not the savannah or anything.

“It’s alright, Mufasa,” came a soft, bell-clear voice. “He’s a friend.”

Tony turned again, this time to the source of the voice. “I’d… yes. I’d really like to be your friend.”

The woman who’d spoken was beautiful, her skin fair except for her rosy cheeks, most of it exposed by her glistening blue dress, all of which was transparent to one degree or another. Wavy blonde hair ran to her shoulders, held by a blue hairband, framing her Jean Harlow face as her slender body was framed by the large, clear wings on her back.

Offhandedly, Tony recalled that his dad had fucked Jean Harlow. Christ, he had issues.

“Tony Stark,” she said, her voice so honeyed it was on the verge of simpering, but she stayed just behind the line. “You’ve done something very bad.”

“Yeah?” Tony gave her a panty-dropper grin. “You gonna punish me?”

The lion roared, earning him a sharp look from the lady. “Please, Mufasa. If you’re not going to be polite to our guest—it’d be best if you left, really.”

With a distressed sound that only a cat could make—it seemed to contain a note of disgust at its owner’s intelligence— Mufasa prowled away through the heavens.

“This is serious, Tony. Unknowingly—very unknowingly,” she chided, “you’ve put both our worlds into risk.”

“What world? Where am I? Was that a lion just now?”

“Mufasa,” she stressed. “He’s a real pal, once you get to know him.”

Who are you?”

“I’m the Blue Fairy. And this is the Disney Kingdom.”

Tony blinked. “Really. Where’s EPCOT?”

“Just listen, Tony.”

Blue held her hands up. A star appeared between them. Not just any star—it was a stylized, five-pointed representation of a star, golden, and far brighter than anything else in the cosmos that surrounded them. Tony couldn’t actually look at it, but he recognized the general shape from the Infinity Stone Ant-Man had brought.

Seriously, though, Ant-Man…

“This is the Wishing Star. A long time ago, a young man from your world made contact with ours, much as your father found the Tesseract and unwittingly opened a passageway to other realms. However, I was far more benevolent. This man—your Walt Disney—had a pure heart and wanted only to bring joy to the hearts of children.”

“Not the Jewish children,” Tony muttered.

“What was that?” Blue asked sharply.


“As spiritual leader of the Disney Kingdom—so we came to call it—I gifted him with the Wishing Star, to share its magic with the children of the world, and fill it with the second-most powerful magic in the world. Laugher, love, and belief.”

Tony held up his hand to block out the light as he faced Blue. “What’s the first most?”

“We’ll get to that later. It was a mutually beneficial relationship. The belief of your world’s children gave our kingdom magic, while you enjoyed classic stories of mirth and merriment.”

“And Home On The Range,” Tony muttered.

Blue darkened. “Stop interrupting me.”

“Sorry, sorry.”

“Your Disneyland was built as a conduit and collector for this magical energy to pass through your world and into ours, giving us our happy endings.”

“What about Disneyworld?”

“That, too.”

“And Euro Disney?”

“That’s not important. You, Tony Stark, have broken the connection between our two worlds. The belief of children no longer flows freely into us. Without it, our crops will grow barren, our people will take ill, and all hope will abandon our land.”

“So… anime?”

Blue darkened again. “Will you please take this seriously?”

“I’m sorry, it’s just—the Blue Fairy. Pinocchio. Kinda has some bad connotations with me.”

“Yes, well, I’m a fairy, and even I know better than to build a killer robot to solve my problems.”

“Yeah. Thanks. Pile it on.”

Blue pressed her hands together, shrinking the star to the size of a silver dollar. When she pulled her hands away, the lines of a necklace led to it. “Here. Wear this.” She placed it around Tony’s neck. Moved fast for a lady in a floor-length gown. “It will collect the magical energy necessary to reopen the connection, and allow the Disney Kingdom to flourish once more.”

Tony paced as she spoke, already turning the Wishing Star over in his hands. “Uh-huh.”

“I will teleport you to the beacons where our most powerful magic flows. Repower the Wishing Star there. When enough beacons are shining once more, then I will have enough power to send you home.”


“These beacons take the form of Princesses of Heart—fair maidens with hearts of pure light, and no darkness in their soul.”

“Girl power, got it.”

“To gather power with the connection severed, you cannot use the usual means. Instead, you must use the darkest, and most powerful, of magicks.”


“You will merge your male essence with the female principle of the Princesses of Heart. Their power is essentially passive, receiving and being filled by the magic, as the chalice, the cup, the grail. It is manifested and invoked from within themselves.”


“As a male, you are the Will. You have no magic, but you can seek and master forces outside yourself. You can penetrate the veil with your male principle, entering and possessing the female aspect with your wand, your sword, your maleness.”

“Okay! Good talk! Let’s get started.”

“You do know what that is, right?” Blue asked.

“Sure. Of course. Absolutely. But why don’t you say it, just so I know that you know.”


Now Tony stopped. “What now?”

“Intercourse,” Blue clarified. “Why do you think no one ever has sex in Disney movies?”

“Because… they’re… for kids?”

“No. In our kingdom, sex magic is so powerful that even discussing it is verboten. It is only done between man and wife, in the strictest privacy, so that there’s no chance of such dangerous magic causing harm.”

“Right. So—basically—you want me to find a bunch of women and have sex with them?”

“No, no, no. You can also unite your male essence with their third-eye chakra. This spiritual connection will siphon the necessary power into the Wishing Star, should you be unable to share your male essence inside them.”

“Okay, I definitely never want to hear you say the word ‘essence’ again. But yeah, third-eye chakra, that sounds a lot more like something Pepper would let me get away with. How do I do that?”

“I will demonstrate for you as we perform a spell to send you to the first of the Princesses of Heart.”

Reaching to the straps of her dress, Blue pulled them off her pale shoulders, then lowered her hands as her clear sleeves and gown fell away. She was wearing nothing underneath it. Her breasts were firm but small, blue nipples set in her skin like gemstones in a piece of jewelry, while her hips were a narrow target with a triangle of pale gold hair the bullseye. She stepped out of the heap of her gown, which had fallen into something more like a puddle of water than anything crumpled, and her blue pumps carried her up to Tony.

“Now Tony—do you have any idea how to generate sexual energy?” she asked.

“I’m getting a few.”

That’s when a cricket jumped on Tony’s shoulder. “Now, Tony, I know you’re not going to cheat on that nice Pepper lady. Surely, there has to be another way to…”

Tony flicked the cricket away.

She kissed him, but Tony didn’t have much interest on that, not when her pussy hair had been so moist, glistening like the rest of her. He ran his hands over the outsides of her thighs, then the insides, letting her kiss him until his hands met between her legs and she gave a sharp cry of delight that took first base off the menu.

Tony dropped to his knees, inhaling her strangely vanilla scene before sawing his tongue at the slickened outer lips of her cunt, tasting every flavor her sweet furrow had, listening to her shriek in ecstasy, her wings beating at the air and her hips undulating against his face. Her wings hummed so hard that she came off the ground, such as it was, and Tony caught her to hold her to his tongue as it strummed at her clit. Blue’s breasts flapped up and down as her wings kept failing to pull her away from Tony’s pleasuring.

His hands clung tightly to her small ass, nearly eclipsing it as he dug his face eagerly into his meal, forking his tongue as deep into her moist interior as he could, tasting her juices flowing into his mouth. And as he ate her, Tony unzipped his fly and began to stroke his growing erection.

“That’s good!” Blue moaned. “Lots of energy! But to complete the spell, you must do more than receive, you must act in accordance with the male principle! You have to fill the cup!”

“How’s that?”

Fuck me!”

Tony didn’t have to be told twice. His goatee dripping with her copious juices, he caught Blue around the waist and pulled her down atop her own discarded dress, where he grasped her by the knees and spread them apart. Then his hard body dropped onto hers, holding himself up with one hand beside her waist while with the other he fisted his cock’s thick, throbbing head to her sex. When she was moaning with its lodging against her, he planted both hands firmly on the ground and… rolled his hips, lightly running his cockhead over her labia.

Blue stared up at him with naked desire, the irritation in her eyes not matching the little mewls of excitement spilling out her mouth. Her fingers curled on his broad shoulders as she braced herself to receive him. His cup, his grail…

Then she looked down and her eyes grew wide.

“You look like Pinocchio after telling a lie!”

“Must’ve been a big lie,” Tony shot back.

Tony didn’t give her much time, knifing his cock forward, giving a savage grunt of pleasure as their bodies came together. Blue gave her own wavering scream, feeling him rammed halfway up her clasping sheath. Tony moaned in satisfaction at her tightness, letting it tug at his long prick for a moment before he began working his hips, feeding himself into Blue’s writhing, whimpering hunger, never managing to fully quench her thirst.

She locked her ankles around the small of his back, bucking her hips to help him impale her. It spurned him on, forcing a series of animalistic grunts from him as he strained every muscle to jam himself as deeply into her as he could. Their bodies smacked together, moist and rhythmic, and Blue dug her fingers into his muscular back, always trying to pull him in deeper, always trying to keep him from winding up to thrust into her again, as if she feared the very pleasure that had her screeching so loudly.

“How do you like that magic?” Tony asked, locking himself inside her every time he made another deep plunge, always escaping a moment to return again.

“Oh God!” Blue panted hoarsely, the breath knocked out of her with every thrust. “Fuck me! Fuck me good!”

“Only way I fuck,” Tony said, going faster and harder, reducing Blue to nothing more than movements and feelings—her head tossing from side to side, her body writhing in ecstasy, her wings snapping against the ground like pounding fists. “I don’t know about a fairy godmother, but you’re definitely going to be a mom after this.”

“No! Wait! I have to show you how to access my third-eye chakra!”

“Think I learned that in band camp, lady.”

“No! Pull out! You have to come on my face!”

“That I can do!”

Despite her words, Blue moaned in dismay when Tony pulled out of her satiny cunt, scrambling up onto his knees to straddle her. He grabbed hold of her breasts, brought them together around his cock, and the feel of that warm flesh burying his manhood was all it took.

Blue whimpered in delight, stretching her pouting lips wide apart as jets of his cum shot out from his dick, spattering over her face and into her mouth. Only when he was finished did her tongue loll back inside her mouth, her pink lips seal, her throat gulp. She ran a hand down her cheek, running it through his cum, then down her graceful throat, between her breasts.

“Your male essence has been accepted beyond my feminine veil. The male and female principles are in balance. The spell will begin.”

“Uh-huh,” Tony agreed impatiently. “Say, are they gonna start calling you the White Fairy from here on out?”


She scowled at him—an effect somewhat ruined by his seed dripping off her chin—as he faded away in a flash of magic.

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