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BY : Zev95
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Snow White laid still, eyes closed, lips slightly parted, breath coming deep and even. She was aware—somewhat—of the outside world. Sometimes she could open her eyes a crack, though she saw little but the forest around her, the glass of her coffin reflecting back her appearance of hair black as ebony, lips red as the rose, skin white as snow.

Perhaps she was just modest, but she didn’t think she could be the fairest in all the land. Queen Grimhilde was quite beautiful herself, with her sternly lovely face. Snow’s own face was plump, her round rosy cheeks matching the poof she wore her hair in, as well as the vibrant curves of her pouty lips and her thick black eyelashes. Fair was right, she thought. Not beautiful or exotic, but fair.

Abruptly, she heard footsteps in the fallen leaves surrounding her glass coffin. Through the wilted flowers that the dwarves had festooned it with, she saw a man approaching. He appeared quite scruffy in all but his meticulously trimmed goatee—one of the Queen’s huntsmen, perhaps? She didn’t think so. He didn’t wear armor or anything she recognized, just some kind of tight black tunic and pants made from the hide of some beast she had no familiarity with.

He saw her. With a curious look on his face, he picked his way across the tributes her forest friends had left to her and stooped over the coffin, brushing the detritus off it. “Babe, don’t take this the wrong way, but I think you’ve had too many.”

With a moment’s looking, he found the clasp on the glass, undid it, and lifted the top of the coffin away. Snow almost shivered as she felt the coursing of the breeze over her body, but of course, she was fast asleep.

“Hi there,” he said, patting her hand. “I’m Tony Stark, and you must be Snow White. Still a weird name for a kid. Did your last name just happen to be White? If we’re going to go all L.A. on naming you, your parents could’ve at least done something with the ‘lips as red as blood’ thing. Blood Lips. Very metal. Anyway, don’t freak out on me, but I think I know just what to do.”

He leaned down, his eyes closed, his lips parted, and Snow felt her heart soar as he kissed her.

But that was all that happened.

“Uh, hello?” Tony waved his hand in front of her face. “That do anything for you? C’mon, wakey wakey.” He snapped his fingers. “I need your help with something, c’mon. Okay. Okay… think, Tony, think.”

He looked around, hands pressed to his head, as the wind blew again and the breeze stirred her skirt up her calves.

“Okay… alright… this isn’t some Last Action Hero Thing where I’m actually inside the damn movie, I’m in some parallel world that inspired all this Disney stuff. It still had to go through studio notes and committees and test screenings—if anything, I’m in the director’s cut. Okay, okay then.” Tony pushed his hands on his cheeks now, scrunching his face up. “Yeah, that has to be it. Because in the cartoon, you’re fourteen, and there’s just no way you’re a fourteen-year-old girl. Not unless Doc gives out boob jobs… original fairy tale, Brother Grimm stuff, what happened there?” He snapped his fingers. “Shit, where’s JARVIS when I need him? Right, Walt Disney took out all the metal stuff—making the stepsisters dance in red-hot shoes, having crows pick people’s eyes out—but in the original story, you… you were pregnant! You had a baby and it woke you up because when the prince found you in the original story, he didn’t just kiss you, he… oh.”

Tony stopped his pacing. “Well, that’s out of the question. I do not have nine months to wait around and I’ve never fucked a sleeping woman, except for that time Pepper took all that Benadryl and she gave me permission to finish. So there’s gotta be—“

Snow talked in her sleep. “Fuck me…”

Tony started. “Was that you?” he asked, staring at Snow once more. It seemed to him she now had a tiny smile on her face.

And why shouldn’t she? After all, this was shaping up to be a very fun dream.

“Look,” Tony said, “you’re hot and all for someone who isn’t Ariel or anything, but I think I’m just gonna try the kissing thing again. I probably just didn’t do it right.”

The pedestal under Snow sagged as Tony sat down beside her. With him seated on the coffin, Snow could see his cock inside his pants. It was hard and thick and whatever strange fabric held it, it seemed to be trying to point right at her face. But then it hid from sight again, Tony bending over her to press his mouth hard against hers, his fingers cupping her chin, forcing her lips to part so he could drive his tongue into her mouth.

She let him, accepting his tongue as if she were a limp ragdoll. Her own passivity was arousing her. The thought that she was his to do with as he pleased kept running through her mind. He was a handsome man. She wanted him to do what he pleased. She wanted to please him.

But she couldn’t do a thing about it.

Snow White felt him stand, her eyes barely open enough to see him casually pull down some kind of fastener on the groin of his pantaloons, releasing his cock. If Snow’s eyes could, they would widen. Even accounting for the dwarves’ proportions, it was quite clearly the biggest she had ever seen.

“Okay then, maybe a kiss won’t do the job. Not enough sexual energy or whatever. But a little head—that’s not so bad. A blowjob hasn’t been a big deal since Bill Clinton. If it helps any, I would totally be comfortable with a guy banging my mouth while I slept, if it was for the greater good.”

He moved forward—she felt him rub his cock against her cheeks. It was so warm. It seemed much hotter than the kiss. His cockhead crossed her lips; she felt its wet tip just inside her mouth.

God yes, she thought. I really want to suck your cock.

He read her mind. Pushed his cock forward, made her mouth stretch wide open to let it in. He thrust to the back of her throat, then pulled out smoothly, Snow passively taking the face-fucking even when all she wanted was to catch that cock in her mouth and suck hard. Tony moved slow in and out of her mouth, like he was trying to hold back. She heard his breath rasping in his throat; heavy and uneven. No sooner had she tasted a droplet of precum—delicious—then he pulled out entirely.

“Lady, you’ve got a mouth made for sucking cock and the gag reflex of an angel. But if I cum in your mouth, I think you might drown. It would put a major damper on our relationship. How about a little foreplay instead? What woman can complain about some foreplay?”

Grabbing hold of her blue bodice, he ripped it open, letting out a low whistle upon seeing her high breasts bound out. “Well. Glad the Kristen Stewart movie got that wrong. Maybe if she’d had a pair like that, I would’ve bought Charlize Theron being jealous of her…”

He caught her breasts in his hands, digging his fingers into him, his thumbs flattening her nipples before they gave in, tensed, grew longer. Snow actually felt her breath coming fast as her nipples grew erect. They felt… awake. Full of pleasure. Tony’s mouth fell on one, sucking it, biting it to add to the pressure from his kneading hands.

Snow felt like she might moan, but controlled herself. Even if she could, she didn’t want to. She wanted Tony to keep treating her like this. She didn’t want the pure, chaste love of the storybooks. She wanted to lie there like a piece of meat, to be fucked by him or anyone else.

Tony’s strong hands moved all over, ripping and tearing her dress to shreds until she was naked before him. She felt his callused fingers pressing into her, her labia parting automatically, her cunt squeezing against his fingers with a wet, sucking pressure. The breath shot from Tony’s mouth, striking at her breasts as he held his head inside her heaving cleavage. With a growl, he bit at her other hardened nipple, mouth sucking and pulling at the turgid peak. Finally, he ripped his mouth away.

“You’ve got a nice wet cunt, Snow,” he gasped. “And I’m pretty sure this is the only option left. If you’re in there, think of England.”

He brutally pulled her legs apart, no longer bothering to be tender with her. After all, she was going to be fucked. There was no changing it. His big cock was going in her virgin cunt. Snow wondered if he could feel her trembling with excitement.

His body still sheathed in its strange garments that rasped against her body coolly, he spread his big, hard body over her small, soft one. Her naked flesh quivered, but she didn’t think he noticed. Even better, she didn’t think he cared. His cold knees pressed her thighs apart; Snow felt her labia open almost of its own volition. Tony fell upon her heavily, his muscular chest flattening her breasts, his face coming down beside hers like he was embracing her. His breath rasped noisily in her ear as she felt him steer his cock into her cunt.

The dream flashed with nightmare adrenaline. She screamed inside herself—too big! Too long! Too small to take him! But no pain came, just a pleasant something as she was pierced, stretched, given over to him.

“Think there’s a snow coming?” Tony quipped as he fucked her, too engrossed in the warming of her cunt to notice that she was gripping him with her thighs, bucking against him out of sheer instinct. Then he stopped himself, holding his cock deep inside her. “Still dreaming? I’ve got one last wake-up call for you…”

One arm wrapped behind her back, jerking her up to the lapping tongue kisses he made across her naked chest, he dropped his hand to her ass, squeezing her bare flesh, bringing the blood rushing down to flush in her pale skin, making her nerve endings flicker to life. Then his hand abandoned her and Snow would’ve screamed in protest if she could, but before she even had a chance, his palm returned with a sharp, hard slap. His caresses had left her buttocks not just warm, but flammable. The fire spread from her ass to her thighs, upward as well, as his hand came down again harder.

“Don’t wake up yet,” Tony told her. He’d wrestled her into a spread eagle over his cock, rocking inside her as he used her exposed ass as he saw fit. “Not until I’m finished…”

He spanked her again, her ass bobbing up and down, her bottom a burning lake of tender, reddened skin. Every slap burnt in a little deeper, a little hotter. It turned her on more and more.

Tony pulled her to his chest, the arm around her back holding her steady atop his bounding cock, his eyes shooting down over her shoulder to her jutting, wiggling asscheeks, feasting hungrily on the sight of the red aura his hand had left on her white flesh.

Then, when it seemed her ass couldn’t possibly hurt anymore, he pulled her cheeks open and plunged his middle finger into her asshole.

A gurgle of astonishment welled in her throat, but didn’t make it out. Tony rocked back and forth, slow but hard, fucking into her cunt as he finger-fucked her asshole. Tears filled Snow’s eyes, the pleasure too much for her to handle after so much time lost in dreamless sleep. He fucked his middle finger deeper into her asshole, lips and tongue working all over her naked skin.

“Yeah!” he panted against her pale flesh. “Yeah, I’m fucking you, I’m fucking you with my hand, I’m fucking you with my cock—fucking you in the pussy, fucking you right up the ass. And pretty soon I’m gonna come. And you’re gonna come with me, got it?”

Another finger rammed into her ass; two of them filling her to the hilt, twisting around lewdly, pushing her right to the brink of orgasm. Snow sobbed within herself, overcome with pleasure that climbed higher and higher.

“I’m not gonna stop fucking you and I’m not gonna stop fucking your ass until you come for me, so you might as well come, bitch, you might as well just fucking come.” Then, fucking her cunt, fingering her ass, he felt Snow clench. “That’s it. Make it nice and tight for me, you sweet bitch. Be a good girl.”

She’d been just about to climax. But when Snow heard him hiss good girl into her ear, it took her over the edge. Far over the edge.

Her orgasm shot through her like a bolt of lightning, making her quake uncontrollably, seizure like she was trying to throw him off, if only her spasming arms hadn’t wrapped around his body and held him fast.

“Such a good girl,” Tony muttered, as she fell limp and powerless under him, lips moving soundlessly, still and silent but for the tremors of pleasure continuing in her throbbing pussy.

She felt him roll off her and, denied the possibility of still more pleasure, Snow White’s eyes snapped open. “Finally, my prince has come!”

“Not yet, sweetheart,” Tony said. He was standing beside the coffin, one hand on his cock, long fingers moving as fast as he had inside her. It was so close that Snow could see the bluish veins that ran through it, pulsing and throbbing and growing. She watched breathlessly as his hand worked across the massive shaft, until his crotch pressed forward, his head drifted back, the cock in his hand jerking and straining to escape from his grasp. “Take it, bitch! Take it all!” Tony growled.

He squeezed down on his cock, firing it, letting loose a thick stream of milky white cum straight into Snow’s face. His seed hit the princess’s lips, her eyes, her cheeks, her chin. Once more, she had to close her eyes, though the sound of Tony sighing in relief spoke more than sight ever could.

When she felt the deluge stop, she opened her eyes again. He was standing still, his own eyes blearily shut, his cock slowly sagging, pouring out the dregs of his orgasm onto the ground. Snow looked over to the lid of her glass coffin, seeing that her reflection was much changed from the unending sameness the Evil Queen had cursed her with.

Now, she was absolutely masked with cum.

“Well,” Tony laughed, “if they didn’t call you Snow White before, they’re sure as shit going to now.”

Snow licked her lips. It tasted wonderful. So much better than dwarf cooking. She turned to Tony with pure adoration in her eyes. “My prince! We can be married in the morning!”

Tony cocked his hand to his ear, pretending not to hear as he faded away.

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