Healing Touch

BY : Wren
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Remy ran into the mansion pulling Angie behind him, giving her no time to assess her surroundings. All she knew was that this place was big and she was very lucky to be alive afthe the stranger's driving. He had told her nothing of why he needed her help, seeming lost in thought, and had skipped most of the red lights. She made a quick mental note to make a complaint about the lack of traffic cops out at night.

Remy dragged her into what looked like an elevator and hit the bottom floor. His face was withdrawn and he kept clenching and unclenching his fists. Angie chose to stay silent, the last thing she needed was for him to go berserk on her in a strange elevator, in a mansion, and in an area she didn't know without any possible way home.

The doors to the elevator opened and Remy dashed down a short hallway and pushed through some doors, obviously expecting Angie to follow. She did. What else could she do? Turn around and what? Find a phone, call Danny, and tell him the handsome stranger had kidnapped her. He'd rout her on!

The room past the doors vaguely resembled the emergency rooms she had seen on ER but had many more machines. Remy stood next to a furry blue animal in a long white coat stood over a hospital bed. As she approached the bed she noticed the man laying on it had wings.

Gasping she closed her eyes and turned away from the bed, the wings were broken. Not just a simple break, the looked like they had been crushed. Opening her eyes she noticed a man in a wheelchair looking at her intently from the side of the room. Next to him were a beautiful redhead and a man with dark glasses. She stepped back and looked around for a place to hide herself. What was she doing here? She felt like such an intruder.

A hand on her arm made her jump slightly. "Quick, he is in so much pain." Remy pulled her urgently towards the bed.

"But, I can't. Where are we? Who are these people?" Angie struggled weakly as he pulled her hands to place them over the man's wings.

"Please, pet'te, 'elp him!" Remy locked eyes with her and she noticed he had removed his sunglasses. Staring into his red on black eyes she saw his pain and.. love. He loved the winged man.

Smiling weakly at him she rubbed her hands over the man's wings seeking out the largest breaks first. Her mind began reconstructing the bones, placing bits and pieces back in place. She could see and feel the structures that the bones should have been. Slowly she weaved the fragments back into place, one break at a time.


The sound of a bird singing brought her back to reality. Angie sat up slowly, feeling her head complain loudly as she lifted it off the pillow. Reflectively she put a hand to her head, must've overdone the healing thing again. Taking a deep breath she opened her eyes slowly.

She was in a plain room with sparse furnishings. It looked clean though, like a hotel. Well, she thought, they better have some strong painkillers or they're going to start wishing I'd left bird-boy broken.

She rolled slightly onto her side and swung her legs over the edge of the bed. Clasping tightly with one hand she pulled herself up. Well isn't that nice, she thought looking down, they left my clothes on, just in case I felt weird waking up in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people, this way I know they didn't take a peak while I was out. What a decent bunch of freaks.

She pulled the door open slowly and peaked out - no one in sight. Well, that’s damn trusting of them, no guard. She stumbled down the hall to a staircase she had seen and began climbing down holding tightly to the handrail and her head.

"An' where do ya think you're goin, girlie?" A ruff voice caused her head to drum even harder.

Clutching the rail tighter and continuing her hesitant descent down the stairs which now seemed much much steeper she forced her voice to be heard. "Aspirin."

Angie closed her eyes quickly as her head did another intense spasm. Leaning against the rail she allowed herself to slide down onto the stair behind her. She released her hold on the rail and placed her hands quickly over her eyes. Trying desperately to even out her breathing she rubbed her fingers over her eyes applying even pressure.

Rough hands grabbed her arms and pulled her up. "Wha.."

A grunt was her only reply as she was carried down the stairs. With her eyes squeezed shut and her hands blocking out any obstructive light she did not know where she was going but the sound of an elevator told her she was going down.

"Oh my stars and garters, what has happened?" A voice and the lack of movement told her she had reached whatever destination she had been carried towards.

Cracking an eye hesitantly she blinked fast. The brightly lit lab was the same as it had been last night minus the commotion. It smelled sterile and clean which was somewhat of a relief but the lights were bright.

She squirmed in the arms and they dropped her unceremoniously onto a bed. As she bounced lightly on the firm bed her head swam so she laid it down gently.

As a door slammed she wondered if there was anyone else in the room with her. Testing her eyes she slowly opened them to find a big furry blue face staring down at her.

Upon seeing her eyes open the face was quickly replaced by a bright light. Throwing her hands up in pain she swung blindly at the light and squeezed her eyes shut.

A pained moan escaped her lips. "No... no light.."

As swiftly as the light came it was removed. Peaking through squinted eyes she saw the room dim slightly. Opening her eyes fully she stared into a blue cat's face. Its eyes peered into her eyes for a second before he lifted his hands to awkwardly pull back her upper eyes lid. Pushing his hands away frantically she rolled over the opposite side of the bed and with struggled heaving emptied the few contents of her stomach.

When she rolled back onto the bed the creature had a cool towel for her head and a glass of water. Pushing the glass ways she grabbed the towel and quickly dabbed her forehead and neck.

"Please... tylenol, the strongest you have.. and ice.."

"My dear, you are obviously suffering from the exhaustion your mutant powers….”

Cutting him off, she rose to a sitting position on the bed and unsteadily got to her feet. “Just point me to the right area and I’ll get it myself”

As she started to stumble towards the cabinets she felt herself lifted off her feet. Not again, she thought, as she moved her hands to try to steady her head.

“My dear, you need a thorough evaluation and..”

“No, I need Tylenol!” She squeezed her eyes shut as a tremor of pain went through her. “Now may I please have some?”

“Young lady, refusing medical treatment is not..”

“Just Tylenol.” She ed hed her teeth as pain rippled through her. All I need is silence, a cool cloth, a dark room, and lots of painkillers, she thought to herself.

“Very well.” The creature gave her some pills and a glass of cool water. She threw the pills in her mouth and gave the glass back to him. Swallowing the pills she lay back down and grabbed her discarded towel.

“If you decide to reevaluate your rash decision in foregoing the examination..” She rolled onto her side and squeezed her eyes shut willing the world away and the return of blissful sleep.


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