Healing Touch

BY : Wren
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Healing Touch
By Wren aylapolgara@hotmail.com

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SUMMARY: A new girl (OC) helps an X-man.


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"So what's the plan, girlfriend? Clubbing tonight or movie?" Danny peered at Angie over his sunglasses. He leaned gracefully over the heaps of magazines and newspapers piled up on the newsstand. Angie regarded her friend with a skeptical eye; she knew which club Danny wanted to go to, the local gay one that held a drag show every Friday night.

Not that she had any problem with Danny being gay, it was just that whenever she went he tried to set her up with one of his lesbian friends and his version of setting her up reeked. He would introduce the woman who he though was just "perfect" for her and then abandon her to meaningless conversation with the poor girl. It never worked out, the girls always thought her too boring or not attractive enough, not that she could blame them, they were looking for beauty and finesse and all she could offer was her own nerdy interests in computers and the news.

"Actually, I was kinda thinking about stayiome ome tonight." Angie shuffled around inside the newsstand in which she worked. It had been a fairly busy day and she had to restock the piles of papers, most of which were being blocked by Danny's thin frame. Pushing him aside she laid out some more copies of the latest Newsfinder.

"You know you won't meet anyone at home on your couch unless you count the animals you keep in that zoo you call your family room." Angie had a soft spot in her heart for animals so whenever she found one injured she would take it home and nurse it back to health, many times the animals would become so attached to her that she would simply adopt them afterwards.

She looked over to her friend about to defend her pets when a man approached her stand.

"Pardon me, cher, but do you 'ave a copy of de Wallnut Times?" The man's accent startled her for a moment but she quickly handed him a copy of the magazine.

"That'll be $2.15, please." She shot Danny a glance telling him to keep his mouth shut. The man was beautiful. Auburn hair brushed his broad shoulders and his thin frame hinted at well-developed muscles.
He had high cheekbones and luscious lips that were just a smidge thin but that only gave his look more appeal.

He gifted her with a quick smile as he handed her $3.00 and turned away saying, "Keep de change."

Danny leaned cr tor to her as he watched the stranger walk towards the street, mesmerized by his ass. "Angie, now THAT is the perfect guy!"

Angie shook her head sadly as she put the money into the register. When would Danny learn not to meddle in her sex life?

"Danny, you know he's not my type." She glanced at the man's back and knew Danny could smell that lie a mile away.

"Oh yea, that right, sweetie, you only go after the nerds and losers, why is that?" He fixed her with a stern look.

"Because no one like that would ever look twice at me, and not all the people I've dated were losers, remember Karla?" Her eyes followed the man as he made to cross the street. Why would he want to cross the intersection with so much traffic, did he want to get killed?

"Yes Karla, she left you for a man didn't she?" Danny's voice mocked her but she didn't even notice; her eyes had shifted to a large truck that was on an intercept course with the man.

"Danny, watch the shop for me will you?" Angie didn't even wait for his reply as she flew out the door on the side of the stand and raced towards the man. She was too late.

The man barely had time to look up and emit a strangled cry as the truck struck him in the side and kept on going. His body was tossed to the side of the road with his arm bent at a strange angle beneath him.

Throwing herself at his side she assessed the damage. His arm was definitely broken as well as his hip. There may be a few cracked ribs as well. Not wasting anytime she let her hands roam over his body seeking out the most critical injuries first. She felt around his ribs and found two of the dangerously close to piercing his lungs. Drawing in a deep breath she concentrated on shifting and weaving the bones back into place. With that done she went to his hip looking momentarily at his face to make sure he was still unconscious. She ran her hands along his hip, forcing the pieces of bone to go back into place. Just as she finished she heard him moan lightly and looked up so see his eyelids fluttering open.

"Shh, you were hit by a truck and broke a few bones, lie still and I'll help." She placed a hand lightly on his chest to be sure he wouldn't move as he reached up to bring his broken arm around. He cried out in pain and jerked his head to the side. "Almost done," she said softly.

Placing her hands at his shoulder and elbow joint she entrentrated again on moving the bone fragments into place and re-knitting them together.

"There," Angie smiled down at him, "Can you stand up?"

The man looked at his body in shock. "How did you..?"

Looking into the man's eyes she noticed that they were red on black and seemed to glow intentlyher.her. Angie grimaced slightly and backed away from him bumping into someone standing in back of her. Looking around she noticed that had drawn a crowd, she had forgotten to be careful with her powers. Now she felt as if the crowd was choking her and she feared they would ostracize her for being a mutant. Turning quickly she pushed her way through the crowd and past Danny standing near the newsstand. She ran down the street as fast as she could not hearing the man callher her to stop.


Danny watched his friend run out of the crowd and down the street and realized she was deeply upset. He grabbed the keys off the side of the newsstand and began packing it up so that he could lock it and go after her. He had no idea what was wrong, he had seen the man go down and Angie had run over to help, he hoped the stranger hadnied.ied.

"Mon ami, I 'ate to bother you but.." Danny spun around to come face to face with the very man who had been lying in the streets moments before. Staring at his bloody clothes realization hit him. Angie had used her power, in public, in front of all those people to help him.

Composing himself quickly he gave the man a once over before replying, "How can I help you?"

"De woman that was here, do you know her?" Danny lifted his eyes to the man's face and noticed the red on black eyes. They stared intently at him as the man waited for an answer.

"Look I don't know wha.. who you are but maybe you should just leave her alone, you're feeling better now right? So just let it go, call it a miracle if you want." He turned away from the man and locked down the door and window to the stand. Turning back to leave he found the man still there.

"Perhaps you could give de petite a message for me then?" Danny stared at the man in wonderment. He seemed sincere enough so Danny nodded his head.

The man drew a card from his pocket and held it out to Danny. "Tell her dat Remy 'preciates what she did and thought that maybe if she ever want to talk dat she can reach me der."

Danny took the card from the stranger and he turned to leave. Looking down at the card he read 'Xavier's School for Gifted Children.' Thumbing the card lightly he wondered with this mad, this Remy, had to do with the school.


"Oh come on Angie! He seemed genuine!" Danny sat on Angie's bed watching as she paced the room.

"How do we know that? Hoe do I know that? I don't know what possessed me to do that! In from of all those people! I can't go back to work; most of those people buy papers from the stand everyday! They know me and now that know what I am!" Angie bereted herself again and again, how could she allow herself to show off her ability so easily? She had been able to keep her powers a secret from everyone except Danny for years yet as soon as some stranger - no scratch that, some drop-dead-gorgeous stranger - walks out and gets himself hit by a truck she has to rush out and save him. She didn't know why she did it, she'd never been cut out for being the hero, hell, she couldn't even order her own pizza, she made Danny do that for her!

"Look, it says Xavier's School for Gifted Children, why don't we just call up the place and find out what its about. We could even go check it out under the pretense of having a child we'd like to enroll - You can be the daddy and I'll be the mommy." Danny smiled at his little joke, for years Angie had been extremely blunt in her wish to never have children herself while Danny envied her ability to have them at all.

Angie giggled a bit; the thought of Danny dressed up like a housewife and herself like a businessman was comical. "Okay, but you have to call."

Danny grinned at her, knowing he had won. "Of course, don't I always?"


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