Healing Touch

BY : Wren
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"You WHAT?!" Angie rolled screamed over the roar of the music. She had let Danny drag her down to the club in a celebration of her lack of employment. She had called the newsstand's owner and left a message on his answering machine saying simply she wouldn't be working there anymore. She didn't expect a cbackback, the machine was probably full of messages from the stand's patrons about the disgusting mutant her had employed.

"I said I invited that guy, Remy, here." Danny leaned casually back in the chair. He knew Angie would never have come down here if he had told her that the stranger from the streets was coming so he had lied. Something he wasn't proud of but didn't linger on much, Angie was like a puppy, willful but with no clue what was good for her.

"Honny, he said the school was for "gifted" children in the genetic sense and was very sorry to hear you'd lost your job over him. He even offered to find you employment!" Personally Danny thought the man was a bit crazy but he had been sincere and he had never been one to deny a man with such a fine ass.

"Danny, I can't believe you!" Glaring at her friend Angie stood up and grabbed her coat off the back of her chair. "I have better things to do then sit here waiting for some loon to show up!"

"But, sweetie, what will I tell him?" Danny rose from his chair, he'd known he shouldn't have told her about the guy coming but she would have hated having the guy show up completely unannounced too.

Angie just shook her head and walked over to the door. She didn't want to be here when the guy showed up. The last thing she needed was some mutant hater - well he might not be that, hell, he could be a mutant himself but still she didn't need him around. She was fine with just her animals.


Remy stepped out of his black BMW and looked up at the building in front of him. It obviously catered to the city's gay population. So dis is w'ere de petite 'angs out, he thought to himself. Just then he saw a figure run out of the club. Das her!

He ran after towards the figure as she slowed down. Her hair was loose and fell just slightly past her shoulders in unkempt curls and waves. Her chunky figure was dressed in a tight pair of velvety pants and a long sleeved blue shirt that stretched tightly across her chest. She moved sure of herself now when she was thought she was alone. He remembered her stumbling self-conscious movements when she realized a crowd had formed around them the other day.

He watched her a moment, walking silently behind her before he cleared his throat. "Petite?"

Angie gasped and spun around to face him. Her face was pale and her eyes held shock. Obviously she hadn't been informed of his invitation. "Leave me alone!"

"I am truly sorry if I 'ave taken you by surprise, but I mean no harm." He took a step towards her as she took a step away from him. Sighing he spread his hands in front of him. "Look, jus' give me an hour and if you still want me gone, I'll go."

She looked him up and down, her eyes hesitated on his glasses and he briefly wanted to take them off for her, so she could see his eyes, but her reaction the other day still had him guessing. Had she been frightened of them or merely surprised? Had she really given much thought to them?

He was pulled from his thoughts by her voice. "Okay, you have 45 minutes, no more, let's go to that coffee shop across the street."

She turned and started walking towards a dimly lit cafe across the street. He shrugged his shoulders slightly and smiled as he followed her, she had some strange mood swings.


She looked across the table at her stalker. They had picked a dark corner of the coffee shop to sit and he still hadn't removed his sunglasses. She wanted to see his eyes again, they had startled her at first but she had found those eyes haunting her dreams lately.

Lord, if all stalkers looked like this shshedshed she had more. No, bad girl, she thought to herself, he is just curious about your powers, remember no sane person would ever want you. She lowered her gaze to her hot coco and absentmindedly dipped a finger into the whipped cream.

"Ya didn't let me say t'ank you de ot'er day." Remtchetched her stick a finger full of whipped cream into her mouth and slowing pull out her finger again.

"S'kay, I shouldn't have done it." She blushed slightly and dipped her head. This was the last thing she had expected, he actually seemed genuine. Maybe Danny was right, for once.

"No really, petite, it was a good thing." He smiled over at her wondering about he sudden change, she seemed so shy and embarrassed now.

"Yea well.." She buried her head back in her hot coco. Why was he being so nice, she was just an ugly mutant, nothing to see folks.

Remy sensed she was uncomfortable with his thanks so he decided to just get to the point. "How long 'ave you 'ad your powers?"

Angie looked up somewhat surprised. Why would he want to know that? "I dunno, I guess I've always had them."

Remy quirked an eyebrow at this, most mutant genes became active around puberty. "'ow do you do it?"

She shrugged weakly and let her eyes wander the room. "I dunno, I just do. I will the bones and stuff to knit itself back together." She started picking at her nails. Her brow furrowed slightly and she smiled remembering when she had first found out she had powers. "When I was 6 years old my father and I found an injured bird during a hike in the woods. He told me to leave it alone, it was going to die anyways, but I picked it up and took it home. I cared for it for 3 days and it showed wing no improvement. One night the bird started chirping like it was in pain and I couldn't stand it anymore. I picked it up and held it in my abeggbegging God, anyone, to mend its wing. The bird became silent and when I opened my arms it's wing was healed."

Remy was silent throughout her tale. He watched her face as she talked looking for any hints of resenting the powers but saw none. He noticed that when she talked about helping the bird her eyes twinkled and she seemed to really smile.

"'ave ya ever t'out ta look for ot'er people wit' abilities like yours?" Remy leaned over the table slightly eager to find out if this girl would be interested in going back to the mansion with him. He hadn't told the Professor much about her because he wasn't sure how thrilled she'd be with a group of X-Men on her doorstep talking about the 'cause'.

Angie shrugged slightly and looked around the coffee shop. "Not really." She kicked the leg of the table softly. "Why are you here anyways?"

"You saved dis Cajun's life." Remy smiled at her as she took a sip of her drink, trying to decide how to to tell her. "An'.. de school I work at. It specializes in people like us. Its a place where you could belong."

Suddenly a ringing sound came from the Remy's coat pocket. Smiling apologetically at Angie he withdrew a cell phone from his pocket and placed it to his ear. "'ell?"

Angie looked away trying not to listen in on his conversation. She looked at her watch and realized it was getting late, she should probably make up an excuse to leave soon. No sense staying out all night with some guy she really doesn't know. Even if she did it would be the highlight of the evening. No, she shook her head slightly, she didn't need this stranger, she was fine by herself, with her books and laundry.

"Be righ' dere." Angie looked hearing panic in Remy's voice. She watched Remy put his cell phone back in his pocket quickly and rise from the table.

"What's wrong?" She rose to stand beside him wondering what the phone call had been about.

"We must go to de mansion." He grabbed her elbow and led her out of the coffee house at a brisk pace.

"We? what's this we? Hey!" Remy ignored her questions as he opened the car door and pushed her inside.

Seating himself in the driver's seat he turned on the car and floored the accelerator. "A good friend of mine is hurt, I need your help."

Angie looked over at this man she barely knew. His sunglasses shaded his eyes but his jaw was clenched tight and she could tell he was worried. She sighed and turned to look out the window, somehow she knew this was going to be a long night.


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