Contest of whorines

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Smoke poured from the nearby buildings at the humans all rushed for cover doing whatever they could in hopes of escape. Watching as they scurried about like pathetic rats the wolf prince couldn't help smiling. Maybe it wasn't right to enjoy suffering but right now he didn't really care they had been foolish enough to oppose his family and that deserved punishment. Suddenly his eyes drifted to a beautiful redhead talking into some kind of device and explaining their people were under attack.


“Mary Jane Watson reporting live from the scene of what can only be described as tragedy with some alien freak destroying our beautiful city.” Mary Jane reported as the wolf shot her a look that said careful on the insults. While they had decided to enjoy playing a game with him before the second round got started he didn't like hearing those insults. Nodding that she understood it was none the less clear that it was supposed to get him bothered and rush at her making the woman into his prize. Growling as he descended to her level the wolf made it clear he was going to enjoy punishing her for that little remark.


“Well it's my city now and that means you're now my personal little reporter slave.” Kovu laughed before grabbing the woman and ripping her outfit to shreds on live TV. Much as he'd debated that part she'd eventually gotten her wish and now in the game he was going to claim her for everyone to see. Reaching down he grabbed the woman's now exposed waist and began lining his dick up with her pussy rubbing it against her groin every now and then. Seconds later the conquering warlord smiled before pushing into her tight little snatch making the girl cry out in lust.


“As you can see they aren't content with simply destroying our city they will be viciously assaulting our women.” MJ explained as the wolf continued bouncing her on the creature's massive dick. While she didn't exactly want to give him the satisfaction of it the girl couldn't resist letting moans escape her lips. Gripping her waist even tighter her captor increased his pace making it clear the woman belonged to him now. Seconds later the girl cried out in lust as she climaxed on the wolf's dick and the young prince fired deep inside her.


“Okay you've had enough fun and you'll be leaving our planet now.” A voice explained as the prince let his red haired captive go just barely avoiding what could have been a dangerous attack. Gazing up toward the rooftop he couldn't believe that fortune had seen fit to give him two beautiful women in the same day. Silver hair and beautiful smile aside the woman had a killer body and it was going to be used to service her new master. Growling in defiance he watched as the young woman flipped off the building onto the ground below and landed on her feet.


“Black Cat thank goodness you're here this monster's destroyed our city and is defiling our women.” MJ explained as the wolf looked at her smiling and revealing his fangs. Suddenly in a burst of speed the woman had closed the distance and placed her foot on the wolf's chest sending him backwards albeit not very much. Giving her a look that questioned what she'd been thinking his next slave responded that it was part of their game. Unlike the red haired girl whose job was being on television and giving reports she was a heroine and that meant defeating villains.


“Very well if you're looking for battle it will be my honor to defeat and humble you just like her.” Kovu replied making both girls wink at him with lust in their eyes. While it had taken much longer than either girl would have liked it appeared that he was finally coming around to playing her game. Growling at the woman he rushed towards her swiping at her making the girl flip backwards to avoid his attack. Smiling while landing on her feet the woman rushed at her opponent giving another swift kick this one nearly catching him in the face.


“Don't think it will be that easy beast.” Black Cat explained as the young woman reached into her belt and pulled out the grappling hook which in the past had defeated many would be villains. Aiming it towards her opponents feet she pulled its trigger watching as the cable ensnared his feet. Giving it a tug she couldn't help laughing as the wolf fell over in the most dramatic way possible making it clear he was playing it up for comedy. Watching as he landed at the silver haired woman's feet the girl smiled knowing at least for the moment she'd restrained the would be attacker.


“Very clever although not good enough.” Kovu growled once the girl was close enough and used his claws to rip into the cable which restrained him. Slicing through it like a knife through hot butter the wolf laughed knowing the girl was inside his range and swinging his claws upwards ripping off some of her outfit. Gasping at the sudden attack she leaped backwards doing whatever she could to put some distance between them. Watching as the girl realized part of her outfit had been damaged she reached down ripping it off exposing her breasts and navel to her opponent.


“Getting distracted by my outfit being shredded at the work of your claws would give you the opening necessary to defeat me.” Black Cat explained before giving him another wink making it clear he was about to defeat her in the game. Nodding that he understood the woman leapt into the air giving what could easily be her most obvious move to date waiting for him to react. Grabbing her foot the warrior pulled on it yanking her back onto the ground below where he ripped off the remainder of her outfit using it to restrain her. Giving her a wicked smile the beast hoisted the girl onto his left shoulder bringing her over to a resting spot next to his other captive girl whose look made it clear they were both doomed.


“Now little cat your doggy master wishes to bury his rod inside of you.” Kovu explained lifting the girl up and slamming her down onto his dick. Crying out in a mixture of pain and lust the girl couldn't help moaning as she bounced up and down on his cock. Making a comment about soon her breasts would get bigger storing milk for his children the girl climaxed on his dick lowering her eyes in shame. Seconds later the wolf prince fired deep inside her laughing before untying the girl knowing she'd had more planned for their game instead of a simple fucking.


Watching as the silver haired girl made her way over to a nearby console she began pushing a few buttons. Seconds later the image of a destroyed city vanished and was replaced by thick forests greener than anything he'd seen before. Glancing over at their bodies he noticed their outfits had changed as well since now both girls had collars and leashes around their necks. Red hair was dressed in a slutty version of her old reporter outfit with a skirt that was short enough to reveal her pussy and silver was dressed in a skimpy version of her old costume with the breasts and pussy covering missing.


“Several months ago these bitches dared to challenge me now they have an announcement to make for you my warriors.” Kovu explained making both of the women blush at his comment. Giving their leashes sharp tugs he made it clear the wolf prince didn't want to spend a long time waiting for their reply. Nodding they understood silver hair walked over to him flipping his loincloth upwards and licking his dick. Red hair meanwhile crawled over next to him and began licking and kissing his nuts making sure both cock and balls were getting their proper attention.


“We are no longer free bitches our pussies now belong to master's giant cock.” Silver hair managed to get out between licks of his dick. Nodding that it was accurate he grabbed the woman's waist and pushed her down on his cock making her cry out in lust. Bouncing her up and down with a frenzied pace the wolf prince smiled enjoying the moans which escaped her mouth. Crying out in passion the silver haired girl climaxed on her master's dick before the wolf prince fired deep inside her then pulled her off grabbing the red haired slave.


“Any would be challengers were defeated long ago now this world and its people belong to master.” Red hair explained as she was lowered onto her master's dick. Gasping and moaning as it entered her pussy the girl moaned knowing this was her new destiny riding his dick whenever their master required pleasure. Bouncing her up and down on his cock the woman moaned in passion with each swing her of well developed breasts. While she couldn't be entirely certain both her own and the silver haired girl's breasts seemed to have increased lately meaning if his promise of getting them knocked up was accurate he'd succeeded.


“Soon both of these women are going to deliver new heirs for our kingdom and then be impregnated once again.” Kovu explained as the girls both nodded he was in control. Giving her a few more bounces the girl moaned as she climaxed on his dick before the prince fired inside her moments later. When they had finished with their screwing he pulled the girl off and motioned towards a camera which had been filming both of them. Smiling at the cameras both girls assumed their position on their hands and knees offering their master a clear view of their pussies which now belonged to him.


“Mary Jane Watson and Felicia Hardy signing off now please join us again in one years time when our pussies give birth to master's children.” Both girls recited at the same time as the wolf plunged into the silver haired girl's pussy making her cry out in lust. After her moan ended he pulled out and shoved into the red haired girl making her cry out in lust as well. Grabbing their leashes he pulled on both laughing as he started alternating which girl's pussy received their master's cock with each thrust. Moments later both girls cried out in lust and the prince howled in triumph as he released his seed on the girl's naked bodies.


“Well that game proved most enjoyable girls but tomorrow marks the start of round two so let's get some rest.” Kovu explained as both girls nodded he was correct. Grabbing their leashes he used them to lead the girls down the palace's corridors towards his bedroom feeling a little guilty. While he understood the reason he couldn't reveal they were actually lovers just yet it didn't seem right to act like they were just common slave girls. Staring downward at his girls they both nodded it was okay before reaching his massive bedroom and curling up on his bed.


“Speaking of round two have you decided which girls will be squaring off next.” Black Cat questioned before crawling up next to his dick and licking it repeatedly. Nodding that he'd indeed selected which girls faced each other next he grabbed a nearby remote and fiddled with it cursing himself for not hitting the right button. As the girls both chuckled at the idea of getting things set up right being problematic even in the future the wold prince sighed before hitting the right button. Watching as two screens emerged one showed a beautiful purple haired girl in a tight blue outfit and the other showed a fierce and determined girl with metal claws emerging from her hands and feet but there was something very different about her appearance.


“Why does she have fur covering her lower areas while you girls didn't?” Kovu questioned as the girls laughed at him saying it was fur that covered her private area. Smiling as they both gave him a passionate kiss the wolf prince felt his girls curling up next to him their hands resting on his chest. Giving them both a little kiss on their cheeks his own paws reached down and started rubbing their belly symbols enjoying the idea of such beautiful women giving him children. When he'd finished rubbing their bellies his concubines looked at him smiling before the silver haired girl looked deep into his eyes and chuckled.


“It's hair my prince some girls like it bushy down there and others keep it shave although in her case it's more likely because of her nearly feral mindset.” Black Cat explained as the prince smiled at the girls blushing at his little mistake. Questioning if the prince liked it better shaven or with a little bush the girls looked downward awaiting his reply. Giving them both a little pat on their butts he explained that while he preferred a nice forest it didn't bother him if they were bare. Before he could even finish explaining both girls had promised they would grow it out to cover their own privates if that would make their lover happier.


“Very well but it must be done naturally.” Kovu explained making it clear he didn't want them using potions. Sure there were liquids that could have grown out their pubic hair overnight but there wasn't much fun in that process. Now he'd get to watch as they went from being completely shaven to having forests that matched the dark haired girl's body. Cuddling up next to his girls the young prince smiled knowing that come morning the second round would begin and the girl who lost became his newest concubine.


(Okay end of chapter 2. Next fight is going to be X-23 versus Psylcoke please give me input on who should be the winner if you can please)


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