Contest of whorines

BY : KnightmareKingUnlimited
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Gongs rang out filling the arena with their loud echoing and signaling the beginning of the second round. Moving towards his seat the young wolf prince couldn't help smiling as both of his conquered women followed behind the royal. When he finally reached his seat the prince was no sooner on his throne before the girls lifted his loincloth and started licking his dick. Giving them a little grunt of satisfaction he looked at their new outfits and smiled knowing they were meant to show his role as their master.


Silver hair was dressed in an outfit that resembled her old combat attire but with several key differences. Now that she was his property she no longer wore leggings and while the outfit still hid the woman's most sacred parts it was cut so that her belly with his mark and her under boob was always visible. Red hair meanwhile was dressed in a familiar t-shirt which had at one time contained her would be lover's symbol on it now replaced with a wolf's head over her breasts. Underneath them she wore blue jeans that had zippers built into it allowing the prince to unzip it for any time he desired claiming his rightful prize.


“Welcome everyone it's time for our little events second round to get started bring forth the next combatants.” Kovu explained as the guards nodded and opened the doors. Watching as the girls entered the arena he was glad to see zapping both into compliance wasn't necessary. Glaring up at him with looks that could've skinned him countless times over the dark haired girl with metal claws looked for some way to reach him. Meanwhile the girl with purple hair in the blue jumpsuit merely stared at him making it clear she was looking for any kind of weakness in his defense.


“Competing to see which of his is going to be his plaything is just stupid.” X-23 explained as the young woman's claws popped out making it clear she wasn't going to lose. Nodding that she agreed the purple haired woman drew the sword at her waist before running a hand along it's blade. Watching as purple energy flew into the blade it was clear the prince was going to be receiving another wonderful concubine at the rounds conclusion. Making their way into his arena's combat grounds they smiled at each other before silently looking at him with frustration.


“Alright then lets get our second round going.” Kovu explained as the gongs rang out again starting the match. Watching as both girls rushed at their opponent it was amazing the speed which both girl possessed. Seconds later the dark haired girl's claws scrapped against the purple haired woman's blade making both combatants more than a little excited. Despite being used in the prince's cheap display of control both girls were fighters and unleashing their attacks upon each other was getting them excited.


“Seems we're quite evenly matched.” X-23 grumbled as the purple haired woman nodded that she was correct. While those claws had proven very dangerous lining her blade with psychic energy was enough to prevent any real damage. Dropping into a ready stance the purple haired girl made it clear she was getting ready for some kind of amazing flurry of her own. Getting ready to cheer his choice for the second round the prince was just about to rise from his seat with the red haired girl's tongue slid along his dick.


“Master is quite excited has our ruler picked a girl to win yet?” Mary Jane questioned as the prince let out a moan signaling that her efforts were getting him excited. After giving him a few more licks the red haired girl chuckled as he reached down and pulled on her zipper. Watching as it slid down the metal bindings the prince whistle in appreciation as the outfit parted to reveal his concubine's pussy. Getting into position on her knees the girl wiggled her ass enticing her master's gaze making him laugh before slamming his dick into the girl earning several moans in reward for his actions.


“I'm not sure yet they are both great warriors and either girl is bound to make a wonderful slave.” Kovu replied enjoying the feeling of the slave riding his dick. Giving her several more thrust she began making quite the spectacle moaning about how massive and wonderful the prince's dick felt inside her. Blushing at her comments the silver haired girl made it clear the red head was simply playing her role with a little more enthusiasm than necessary. Considering her profile listed the girl as having once been an actress the prince wasn't really that surprised at her performance.


“When you're done it's my turn.” Black cat explained as the red haired girl nodded then cried out releasing on his dick. Seconds later the prince howled in victory before firing deep inside his concubine's pussy. When they had finished recovering the red haired girl climbed off him and the silver haired woman got on his dick moaning as it entered her. Grabbing the woman's leash he used it to continue bouncing her while looking at the battle unfolding in the arena beneath them.


“Seems the prince is quite virile if nothing else.' Psylocke chuckled before winking at her opponent. Clearly that little wink had been a little upsetting because the dark haired girl rushed at her growling. Swinging her claws in what could only be described as sensational with its flurry of dangerous swipes the girl was clearly an impressive fighter. Watching as the purple hair girl countered each attack with her own blade the prince couldn't help smiling thinking about either girl riding him with lust etched upon their beautiful yet intimidating faces


“Well you'll be finding out soon enough.” X-23 explained before the purple haired girl delivered a few blows of her own. Watching as the sword came down across the dark haired girls waist the prince silently hoped it wouldn't cause any real harm. Before he could even register what he'd just seen the gash on her waist had disappeared and she looked completely fine albeit rattled. Growling in frustration she lunged at the purple haired warrior her attacks coming more frequently and much closer to hitting miss purple hair's exposed legs.


“Don't be so certain it would appear the prince is more of a feral lover.” Psylocke replied making the dark haired girl look at her in frustration clearly injured by the words. Maybe this was just some act until they could determine some weakness in the prince's defense but calling her feral was quite mean. Suddenly the girl flipped high into the air before coming back down her claws grazing the blade leaving marks upon it. Giving the purple haired girl a look that made it clear she wasn't about to let her insult the woman and expect there wouldn't be repercussions.


“Master they're arguing over which girl is more deserving of your wonderful cock.” Black Cat explained as the prince smiled at her comment. Giving her more thrusts she cried out in ecstasy as the powerful orgasm she'd been expecting claimed her body and she fell against the prince's chest. Smiling at the look of utter bliss on the woman's face he thrusts inside her twice more before unleashing his potent seed deep inside her. After they'd both finished panting from the vigorous lovemaking session the prince directed his attention back at the sexy warriors fighting each other.


“Seems their done with mating.” X-23 growled as the purple haired girl nodded that it was time for her plan. Rushing straight at her the dark haired woman jumped onto her blade and the purple haired woman lifted it up. Watching as the dark haired girl went flying into the sky both girls hoped it would be enough to reach his little viewing box and make him regret pitting them against each other. Much to her surprise it was enough that she reached his box only for her eyes to light up in dread as the prince clicked a button on the nearby table.


Watching as both girls collars lit up he could almost hear the sound of electricity running through both girls. Cursing his name both girls fell onto their knees before the prince sighed at their idiotic attempt upon his life. Making his way down from his viewing box and onto the battlefield he sighed before clicking another button which made twin columns with shackles rise from the ground. Grabbing both girls in different arms like it was an easy task he chained both of them to separate columns before looking at their bodies knowing he was going to enjoy both of them.


“Did you really think planning my assassination was something that my guards wouldn't report back to me.” Kovu explained as both girls looked at him rage burning in their eyes. While they'd known he was intelligent neither of them would have believed that he'd installed microphones inside their cells. Reaching down the wolf prince used his claws to rip both of their attires off enjoying the look of fear in their eyes. Grabbing their chains he pulled on them making sure neither girl would be able to break free as his silver haired girl looked up at the crowd.


“Both of these sluts have dared to attack our master so now we leave their fate up to you his people.” Black Cat explained as the large video screen used to ensure all of his people saw the fights lit up with options. Both girls struggled against their chains not liking any of the options but realizing it was ultimately pointless to fight back. Watching as the votes came pouring in both girls were more than a little surprised that nobody was voting for execution but then again he probably wouldn't end their lives even if the girls begged for it. Grinning with lust as the results finished the prince wasn't surprised by the outcome although his newest slaves were clearly upset by the idea.


“Seems a public mating is their punishment.” Mary Jane explained as both girls resumed their struggles. Never one to deny his people the prince grabbed dark haired woman's legs and pulled them apart smiling at the look on her face. Grabbing her waist the prince shoved into her making the girl cry out in a mixture of pain and humiliation as her virginity was stolen from her by a wolf. Making sure the girl couldn't do anything except receive her pounding the wolf prince howled before the girl climaxed on his dick.


“As you can see their bodies cannot deny me even if their mouths aren't ready to admit it yet.” Kovu laughed as the crowd erupted in thunderous applause making the dark haired girl blush and lower her eyes in shame. Grabbing her collar the prince attached the silver metal leash to it before using it to ensure the girl was made to endure his conquering the girl's body. Moments later she cried out with another powerful orgasm claiming her before the wolf howled and pumped his seed deep inside her.


“Get ready ninja bitch you're next.” Black Cat laughed as the wolf moved from the dark haired girl over to his new purple haired slave girl. Wrapping a chain through her collar as well both girls were a little embarrassed as the words combatants disappeared and were replaced by wolf breeding slaves. Giving her well firmed ass the paddling it deserved the wolf smiled as the girl moaned with each strike clearly getting some primal reaction from her. Chuckling at the look of embarrassment on her face at being dominated like this in front of his people the wolf smiled knowing she might have been defiant and orchestrated this plot but she was his now.


“Greeeeat and powerful wolf claaaaim this ugggh slave as your own making sure that our children are powerful.” Psylocke manged to get out between his thrusts making the wolf prince smile. Knowing that it wasn't because she'd given up to him already she clearly was formulating some kind of plan. Giving her a few more thrusts the girl climaxed on his dick yet again and seconds later the wolf howled firing deep inside of her. When they'd finished panting from their claiming session the girl moaned before he released the girls and stared at both of their sexy curves which now belonged to him.


“Wonderfully done as usual master now let the guards clean both girls and they will be delivered into your waiting arms.” Black Cat explained as the wolf prince nodded that she was right. Grabbing her leash he pulled on it leading the girl back towards his private chambers. When they arrived he smiled as both girls stripped naked and began licking and kissing his dick waiting for his newest slaves to arrive. Nearly three hours later both girls had finished riding him and were cleaning his dick when the doors opened and his new slaves were brought into the room.


“Very good now leave us.” Kovu ordered as the guards saluted and left the room. When the doors finally close the prince watched in surprise as the purple haired woman grabbed her fellow slave's leash and pulled her over to his bed. Crawling towards his dick both girls silently licked and kissed it making the prince groan in satisfaction before he placed the dark haired girl on his cock. Shoving into her pussy the girl cried out with less shame but even more pleasure than her last experience.


“Master we understand it waaaaas wrooong of us to atttack you pleaaaaase forgive your humble sluts.” X-23 managed to squeak out between getting pounded by her new master. Raising an eyebrow at her newfound submission the prince was going to question her but decided to focus on riding her for now. Giving her a few more thrusts the girl cried out in lust climaxing on his dick before she fell onto his chest panting. Watching her curled up against his massive chest the prince couldn't believe this girl had dared attack what she now called her wonderful master.


“I read your mind and know what you have in store for us explaining it to her via telepathy while your guards cleaned us we decided it was better for us if you claimed us for the harem.” X-23's companion explained helping the girl off his dick and licking it clean herself. When she'd finished cleaning him the girl raised up and crawled over to him so that her pussy was aligned with his massive dick. Giving him a wink she lowered herself onto it moaning in lust as it filled her completely making it clear she was meant to be riding his cock. Bouncing her up and down on it the girl couldn't remember the last time she'd rode anything nearly as big although when she thought about it the woman couldn't remember ever having a lover before him.


“Very good but since you attacked me you'll have to make up for it by accepting your punishment tomorrow.” Kovu explained as the girl nodded she understood the climaxed on him yet again. Giving her another couple of pounds the wolf prince howled firing deep inside her and then watching as his two already claimed girls approached the new ones. Watching as the symbols appeared on the new girls belly he was surprised and delighted to see both girls wolf head's that were now permanently gracing their bellies were lighting up already. As he looked at them with passion in his eyes the girls noticed that unlike the other girls their wolf head possessed fangs with dark hairs being one blue and one pink and purple hair was both pink.


“What do these symbolize master?” X-23 questioned as she looked at his first two girls who possessed the symbol but no fangs. Smiling as he pulled the girl over to him she blushed and then lowered her mouth taking his dick inside and giving him a blowjob. Clearly the girl understood her new place was giving the wolf prince whatever he requested of her. Moments later the girl climaxed amazed that just sucking his dick could trigger it before he fired his seed inside of her mouth.


“Seems my new girls are blessed with twins as for its coloring that's pretty obvious.” Kovu explained as the girls realized it represented the gender of his children. Nodding as stating that it was indeed a blessing the girls both curled up next to him as red hair and silver joined them in licking his dick. Smiling at the knowledge of having conquered both girls he was only just getting started. When they'd finished he pulled the girls up next to his chest letting them rest upon his body already formulating the plans for the new girls apology to him.

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