Contest of whorines

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Watching as the first two girls entered the coliseum with thunderous applause the wolf prince couldn't help smiling. Knowing that he'd designed it to where eventually they'd all have to fight on another he'd expected this battle much later on. Still it was quite a wonderful sight knowing that before long either a silver haired woman in black or the blonde in white fell and became his plaything. As the gong rang out the combatants both rushed at each other neither one holding anything back.


“Nothing personal Gwen but yours truly doesn't feel like becoming a wolf's plaything.” Black Cat explained as the prince ordered data pad's on both of them be delivered at once. Nodding before rushing off into the control room his servants returned a few minutes later carrying the requested pads. Containing everything from their real name down to favorite dish it was all there for him to see clear as day. Watching as the girl in white leapt into the air swinging on some kind of webbing the prince smiled knowing that she'd make a beautiful slave.


“I'm not about to lose either.” Spider-Gwen replied as she fired off what could only be described as web balls at her opponent's hands and feet. Knowing it was because the girl didn't want to hurt a friend the prince smiled wondering if these attachments would eventually lead to a girl's defeat. Dodging the web balls with an impressive amount of back flipping and other theatrics she was clearly very used to dealing with those attacks. Watching as the final web ball actually hit its desired target she found her arms encased in the sticky white substance.


“Don't forget kitties posses claws.” Black Cat chuckled as there was a loud ripping noise and her claws emerged from the padding in her costume. While she couldn't hope to match someone with powers just by swinging around the gadgets at her disposal were more than enough to keep her going. All she needed to do was keep the audience entertained long enough to make sure the prince bought into her act then she'd reveal her master plan. She'd already figured out none of them were leaving and his words about freedom couldn't have been more of a lie but at least this way she could elevate her status.


“I remember and you should keep in mind spiders are very powerful.” Spider-Gwen replied as the woman leapt from her perch on the web rushing towards her opponent. Jumping backwards the silver haired girl narrowly dodged an impressive blow that left a decent sized crater in the arena's ground. Watching as the two girls continued fighting to see which of them would become his first plaything the wolf felt his excitement growing. Directing his gaze at one of the nearby guards he snapped making the guard salute before awaiting his prince's request.


“All this fighting is exciting me go find a suitable human girl to entertain me until the fight is over.” Kovu explained as the guard nodded and rushed off looking for a suitable woman. Moments later he returned with a beautiful red haired girl that looked frightened by everything going on around her. Giving her a few moments to collect herself the prince laughed as she gave him a look that said he'd be defeated before the contest was over. Reaching down he pulled on her collar reading it and smiling at the name knowing certain primates enjoyed having many names.


“Mary Jane Watson as you can see this is my coliseum which means if the guards are ordered to do something they won't hesitate to do whatever is asked of them. With that in mind you have two options crawl over here and use that tongue of yours to pleasure me or my guards can have fun passing you around.” Kovu explained as the red haired woman blushed at his comment. At first he wasn't entirely sure if the girl was smart enough to behave properly but then she began crawling towards him. When she reached the prince she lifted his loincloth and gasped at the size of his giant dick before the prince instructed her to begin. Sticking her tongue out just a little she dreaded how it would taste but finding that it wasn't so bad the girl proceeded to lick up and down its length.


“I thought your first slave would be from the combatants in our arena.” Anarius questioned as the prince moaned at the feeling of his plaything's tongue licking his dick. Nodding that his father was correct he said that in just a minute the prince would explain but right now he wanted to enjoy his slave. Giving her a look before motioning for her to take it in her mouth the red haired girl sighed knowing there weren't any other choices right now. Moving his dick into her mouth she began sucking on it making the prince groan in satisfaction.


“She's just a plaything the first slave to be gifted with my seed in their womb and produce a child will be the first girl to be defeated.” Kovu explained resting against his seat and letting the girl continue her work. Smiling at the look of pure hatred in the woman's eyes he knew it was just a matter of time before he'd fucked the defiance out of her. Moments later the girl cried out as she felt the prince's seed fly into her mouth and the red haired woman knew she'd be expected to swallow it. When she'd finally drank every last ounce of his seed the young red head left a bit strange as if the prince was somehow looking even sexier.


“Good work slave now clean up and report to my bedroom once this match is over you'll be joining the loser in riding me.” Kovu explained as the red head still unsure what had just taken her mind nodded and crawled over to a guard handing it the leash. Watching as the guard pulled her away towards his bedroom the prince could already imagine the fun he'd be having whenever the current battle finished. Watching as the combatants danced around each other he couldn't believe they were actually fighting so hard knowing that victory meant the other girl would become a slave. Minutes into the fight he nearly cheered himself as the white costumed girl nailed a direct hit on the silver haired girl making her reel backwards.


“I concede there's no way beating of me beating her without all of my gear which means this pussycat is now yours.” Black Cat explained raising her palms upwards in surrender. Growling in frustration the prince accepted her defeat although it was clear she didn't really believe anything she'd just declared. Watching as the pillory rose from the ground where his prize's would be secured after they lost his guards pulled her towards chains only to be stopped when the royal heir produced their claws. Deep inside the woman's eyes he could see that her mind was still turning leading the prince to smile and wave them off.


“Bring her to my royal chambers we have much to discuss and then she will ride me.” Kovu explained as the crowd erupted in thunderous applause. Watching as the silver haired girl was collared before a leash was attached to her neck the guards pulled her away smiling with each step. Making their way past the blonde haired girl that had defeated her in combat she was just about to give her an apology when the silver haired girl winked at her. Grabbing the leash her escort pulled on it making the girl's attention return to walking and minutes later they arrived at the largest bedroom she'd ever seen.


“I thank you for bringing her to me now leave, seems you've got a plan up your sleeves care to share it with me?” Kovu questioned as the silver haired woman smiled knowing she'd understood there was more than just brute savagery to him. Making his way over to the massive bed located in the middle of his room the prince clicked a few buttons making the silver haired girls outfit vanish. Grabbing her leash the wolf pulled on it making the girl stumble forward eventually falling onto the bed mere inches from his dick.


“Wow after seeing that pillory you'd had me believing that mating in front of the entire crowd was your goal.” Black Cat explained before noticing that her mask was gone. Red flashed across her cheeks not from being seen naked by the prince it was his right but she'd rarely if ever gone without that mask. Grabbing the leash he pulled on it making the girl crawl forward towards his dick and instructing her to begin kissing and licking it. Seconds later he felt the young woman's lips kissing its entire length her red lipstick being imprinted upon him with each kiss.


“Such honors are reserved for women that fight until they are defeated not traitorous wenches scheming their way into my bed chambers now finish up down there so you can ride me and explain this plan of yours.” Kovu grumbled as the woman nodded before placing his dick between her tits and massaging it. Whenever his dick came into view she'd give the head a little kiss making it clear she knew her role in the bedroom. Spending most of her adult life as a professional thief had taught her that sometimes you needed to sacrifice something to get an even better prize. Moments later the prince grumbled before pulling her leash making the girl rise up and walk over to him swaying their hips with each movement.


“Most of the girls are terrified because you said slave our history tells us that such women got treated very poorly being tortured and mocked. What if instead of a girl's defeat making her a slave it made her a concubine?” Black Cat explained as she reached her master's waist and lowered herself onto his dick. Moaning in a mixture of lust and surprise the girl felt him piercing the woman's hymen which surprised the vixen. She'd given her virginity to a certain wall crawler years ago but considering their species level of tech and magic she guessed restoring it was pretty easy. Giving the prince a lusty wink she began riding him grinding the woman's pelvis against his whenever she lowered herself down far enough.


“Concubine? You'll have to elaborate this word doesn't exist in our language.” Kovu explained as the woman giggled at how they were advanced enough to have body restoring tech but not simple words. As the prince increased his pace inside her the silver haired woman cried out in pleasure amazed at just how good the wolf felt buried deep inside her. Moaning with enough passion and volume she was certain the entire palace had been clued into what the prince was doing she found herself arching her back as the most wonderful orgasm of her life ravaged her body. Screaming that she never wanted to go a day without him inside her the woman felt his seed pouring into her and when he'd finished the prince laid back on his sheets and the girl curled up on his wonderful chest.


“Basically we'd dedicated to pleasuring you...but unlike a slave we'd have rights...such as no man other than you would be allowed to touch us...wives but dedicated to pleasuring you whenever the mood strikes you.” Black Cat managed to explain between pants that served as reminder of just how good the wolf prince was in bed. Gazing into his eyes she found that he wasn't enraged by the idea like she'd believed he would be instead he was actually considering her idea. Moments later he pulled the silver haired woman off his dick got up and walked over to a computer where he began typing something. At first she was a little shocked that having just made wonderful love he was doing something with a computer but then he picked up the screen and brought it closer to her.


“Very well lets set up the rules for this concubine idea of yours we'll start by saying that any woman deemed my concubine is off limits to other men but in return they must pleasure me whenever their king feels like it?” Kovu questioned as the silver haired woman nodded that it was acceptable. Grabbing the computer screen from him she began inputting rules that made her new lover smile before handing it back to him. Admittedly the list was pretty short but what he saw the prince and future king liked deciding it was better if they could be talked into willingly being with him. When they had both finished with their typing he looked it over and smiled before pulling on the other leash in his palm making the red haired girl crawl into the room.


“Concubines are to wear clothes that serve as reminders of their former lives but allow easy access to their king's pleasure, they will never be mistreated or hurt in any way and doing so is punishable by having that pain inflicted on the attacker, concubines will bear their lover children and will make love whenever he requests it of them, concubines will refer to their king and lover as master simply because he likes hearing that word. Above all else the concubine will only ever have eyes for the prince and will report to him the second his desire for her is required.” Black Cat read aloud before nodding that it was acceptable before signing her real name on the document. Nodding that it was better for everyone this way she handed the pad to his red maned concubine who sighed before signing it as well. Smiling as the prince wrote his full name the silver haired girl could see why he preferred going by Kovu. When they had all finished signing the document he smiled before picking the red haired girl up and pushing her down onto his cock smiling at the moan of lust she gave in response to his efforts.


“Seems our years of fighting over the wall crawler didn't really mean anything did it Felicia?” Mary Jane quipped as the silver haired woman nodded that she was right. While they'd always dreamed of being with their cities greatest hero is seemed destiny had cast them as wolf brides. Crying out in pleasure as the wolf increased his pace the girl was beside herself with just how amazing the prince felt thrusting inside her tight cunt. Seconds later the girl cried out in passion as the powerful orgasm claimed her making the woman climax on her new lover's dick before he fired inside her.


“Well Miss Hardy it would seem you're a brilliant tactician and decent fighter all in one package.” Kovu chuckled as the silver haired woman blushed at his praise. Crawling up next to her fellow concubine she whispered something in the red haired girl's ear making the woman nod in reply. Seconds after their little whispering party both girls had crawled up next to him and put his dick between their wonderful breasts. Watching as the silver haired girl worked on the right side while the red haired girl worked on the left he couldn't help admiring his concubines excellent teamwork.


“Master what's this symbol on our bellies mean?” Mary Jane questioned as she flipped over and pointed to a symbol which had just appeared on her belly. Blue and resembling a wolf's head it was quite beautiful although she guessed it's purpose was more about functionality than it was about looking good. Reaching down between his concubines the wolf prince ran a hand over their bellies rubbing the symbol and laughing that red hair's was blue and silver hair's was pink. Grabbing both girls he pulled them away from giving him a titfuck and smiled knowing there would be plenty of time for enjoyment in the next couple of days.


“Well the symbol on your bellies means your now carrying my offspring within you as for the color you can probably guess its meaning.” Kovu explained as both girls blushed realizing it meant they were not only his property but soon they would be mothers. Much as it surprised him the future king actually enjoyed the idea of his children's mothers being something other than slave girls. While he'd eventually have to explain this new rule to his father and get approval he felt certain the old warrior would agree upon seeing how wonderful it made all of them feel. Knowing that it meant he'd be busy with making such arrangements for quite some time his silver haired concubine raise a hand making him smile.


“Master why not let it be a surprise to your future concubines they believe it's going to be slavery then you surprise them with making them a concubine. After every girl in your tournament had become a concubine then you can approach your father and we'll show him our bellies heavy with child to bring his mind over to our way of thinking.” Black Cat explained as the prince nodded that it was a great idea. Watching as both girls curled up against the young prince he couldn't believe that in one day he'd gotten two beautiful women and they were already planning their future with him. Cuddling up next to him the prince smiled as the red haired girl kissed him with passion and then her silver haired friend did so as well. Rubbing their bellies he smiled knowing that his children would be perfect just as their mother's had demonstrated themselves as pure angels.


“Well the next round isn't for another two days which means until the next round we'll be enjoying each other.” Kovu explained as the girls blushed and smiled at his meaning. Nodding that it was going to be wonderful the prince knew he'd snagged beautiful prizes but was caught unaware as the silver haired concubine kissed the red haired concubine full on the lips. Giggling as she explained that part of her always wanted to kiss her greatest rival the prince explained they would be having a lot more fun all three of them in the coming days. Smiling as the girls curled up next to him rubbing their bellies he drifted off to sleep knowing tomorrow was a new day and with it came brand new opportunities at making love.


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