Ghost-Spider, Interdimensional Slut

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“Come on,” She-Hulk sighed, exasperated by Gwen’s reluctance to relax.

There were only a few days left before the get-together with Jen’s friends, and so it was of the utmost importance to train Gwen with the bare minimum of obedience. The blonde had the perfect body for a submissive little fuck-toy but lacked the discipline to fully embrace her new life style.

“I’m trying as hard as I can, okay?” Gwen replied as she looked over her shoulder while nibbling her bottom lip. Her cheeks couldn’t have been any redder with embarrassment.

“It’s outbursts like that one that make me wonder if we should even go to the party,” She-Hulk sighed as she continued to hogtie Gwen’s wrists behind her back.

“Maybe we shouldn’t…” the girl tensed, already expecting the harsh swat to her rear before it even landed.

“When you become a domme then you can make the decisions,” Jennifer smirked before slapping the blonde’s ass again, this time infinitely harder. The sound echoed through the room, causing Gwen’s ears to ring as well as leaving a large, red handprint on her pale skin. “And that’s for tensing up for the first one. Again. You need to relax…”

“I’m trying. This is hard, okay?” Gwen whined. “I’m just now kind of getting used to being naked in front of someone else and you want me to be okay with being tied up and all exposed? Don’t you think we’re moving kinda fast?”

“Moving fast?” She-Hulk narrowed her gaze and arched a brow while finishing up the knots around her pet’s wrists. “We fucked when you broke in. If anything, being exposed is a step backward.”

“I mean, yeah,” Gwen gave as much of a shrug as she could, given her current position on the floor. She laid her head against the ground while She-Hulk grabbed her by the ankle and pushed the girl’s heel against her glowing, red ass cheek. “But I wasn’t naked then. I still had the suit on. And I was trying to leave… but someone decided to force themselves upon me…” She accusingly waggled a finger, despite her bound position.

Jennifer stopped what she was doing and shook her head. “You did an extremely terrible job of explaining your situation… especially the part where you vowed to be my pet, and not to mention your eagerness to cum. Also, who breaks into a professional dominatrix’s house without the intent of sex? I usually just call the cops…”

“For the last time, I didn’t break in!” Gwen yelled.

Another harsh slap was applied to the exact same spot. The pain was like a hard pressure at first, a sensation that the blonde knew should have hurt more than it did. The feeling blossomed into a harsh burning torment that radiated through her ass while making the air feel suddenly chilling against the afflicted area.

“Don’t raise your voice to me,” She-Hulk calmly spoke as she continued to bind her pet.

“Y-yes, mistress,” Gwen, still wincing, said a little louder than a whisper.

She-Hulk grabbed the main line bound to Gwen’s ankles, wrists, and torso, easily lifting her off the ground. The green amazon eyed her pet, curiously adjusting her to the optimal height and securing her there.

The girl’s cheeks were a light shade of pink as she swayed back and forth, fully exposed. Rope wrapped around her shoulders and upper chest to keep the weight balanced, while her elbows and wrists were bound as close together as possible. Each ankle was secured as well, keeping her legs bent and her knees spread wide, giving unrestricted access to her visibly wet pussy and the thick plug stretching her asshole.

Jennifer approached her pet with a smile. “I think rope bondage suits you. You always look so cute and demure.”

“Thank you, mistress,” Gwen knew to keep her backtalk to a minimum now that the lesson was under way. Chitchat and jokes were fine during the set up, but had quickly learned in her week under She-Hulk’s tutelage that simply watching the tone of the situation was the best way to stay out of trouble and avoid those harsh and punishing spankings. She had certainly had enough of them. 

“So, what does my little slut want to do today, hm?” She-Hulk still smiled as she ran her fingers over Gwen’s exposed and helpless body.

“Whatever you like, mistress. I am yours to command,” Gwen responded.

“Oh, whatever I command?” Jennifer chuckled. “Then break free. I command it.”

Gwen blinked. With absolutely no way to gain leverage, and as perfectly placed as each knot was, there was no way the blonde could ever do that. “Um, I can’t, mistress.”

“Of course you can’t,” She-Hulk smiled as she continued to caress her pet’s body, reaching underneath and gently pinching her hard, defenseless nipples. “You’re supposed to be docile and willing to obey, but words have meanings. You should watch your phrasing in the future, especially around people you don’t know. Agreeing to ‘whatever I command’ around magical types will get you killed at worst, or lost in a hellish nightmare, depending on who you encounter.”

“O-oh,” Gwen blinked and nodded. She certainly hadn’t thought that hard about it, but it made sense that not everyone had her best interest in mind when it came to stuff like this.

“I understand this is a different world than you’re used to. But, think of it like this,” She-Hulk paused, obviously thinking of the best way to phrase this, “you wouldn’t trust everyone with a super-power, right?”

“Right,” Gwen awkwardly nodded as she looked up at her mistress.

Jennifer pinched the girl’s nipple a little harder.

“—mistress!” Gwen added with a yelp.

“So,” She-Hulk continued, letting go of Gwen’s breast as she walked around her, “in the same way as you wouldn’t trust everyone with a power, you don’t give a dom too much control. I don’t know if magic exists where you’re from, but it’s definitely real here.”

“Yes, mistress,” Gwen replied. “There’s all kinds of magic on my Earth. Most of it’s already kind of evil…”

“Good, then you already know how dangerous it can be. The point is, watch your words and never—and I mean never—give up more control than you’re comfortable with,” Jennifer sternly said. “So, Let me ask again. What does my slut want to do today?”

Gwen paused for a moment, really thinking her answer over. And yet, the blush on her cheeks only intensified. “Your slut wants to get fucked hard, mistress.”

“And why should Slut get what she wants?” She-Hulk stepped between Gwen’s legs, grinding her clothed bulge against the girl’s wet and exposed pussy. Just for fun, she tapped the base of the expanding butt plug once more, causing it to move on to the next width.

“Your slut needs to—O-oh!—” Gwen winced as the plug thickened, causing her eyes to roll back all of a sudden, “—Y-your slut would like to cum, please, mistress.”

“And where does she want it?” She-Hulk smirked.

“A-anywh—,” she remembered her previous lesson and changed course, “—I mean, in my pussy, if it pleases my mistress.”

“Such a smart slut. She learns so quickly,” She-Hulk ran her fingers over Gwen’s inner thighs, watching the girl attempt to wiggle and squirm away, but to no avail. “I suppose she’s earned a little treat…”

Gwen felt her heart jump as she heard she’d be feeling her mistress’ dick deep inside of her again. For as much training as she had received there had very few orgasms for her. It was always like a carrot on a stick for the girl—something that she’d feasibly never get to experience unless she was completely obedient. Sure, Gwen could play with herself any time she wasn’t serving her mistress, but it was never quite the same.

Not to mention every time she climaxed that plug in her ass vibrated and expanded temporarily. With an already added bit of width to the device, she wasn’t sure if asking to get fucked had been such a great idea all of a sudden.

Jennifer had already removed her pants and stepped around to the girl’s face, idly stroking her hardening green length. Gwen eagerly opened her mouth as it was pressed between her lips. Her tongue swirled around the thick head, her cheeks hollowing somewhat as she sucked on it lovingly. She-Hulk ran her fingers through the girl’s hair and held her in place before gently introducing more of her member into her mouth. The width strained Gwen’s jaw as her mistress’ massive cock bumped against the back of her throat, immediately causing the girl’s eyes to water as her gag reflex triggered. She-Hulk held it there for a few more moments before pulling back. Gwen coughed and sputtered while strands of drool arched from her chin to her mistress’ big dick.

“One day,” She-Hulk smirked. “One day you’ll be able to take it all. For now, I guess I’ll have to settle for your needy, little pussy.”

“Th-thank you, mistress,” Gwen managed to cough out between breaths.

Jennifer simply spun Gwen around since she was secured from that single dangling rope. The blonde’s heart raced as she was defenselessly turned the opposite direction. Any motion was too much as far as Gwen was concerned since she still felt like she was going to fall at any moment. The idea of landing face-first against the ground was simply terrifying.

“I’ve been doing this a while, you know. I’m not intentionally going to let one of my pets fall.” She-Hulk chuckled as she rubbed her spit-lubed dick against Gwen’s pussy.

“Y-yes, mistress. I know,” Gwen whispered.

“Then stop wiggling around so much. I can tell you’re nervous,” Jennifer accented her words by thrusting her hips forward, easily slamming half of her massive dick into the blonde’s dripping sex.

Gwen gasped, her whole body tensing as she felt that sudden penetration. She loved the way her mistress’ cock felt stretching her so wide. It was a sensation she had longed for, wishing she could feel every pulsing vein rubbing against her hot, tight cunt. Her mistress slowly pulled back before thrusting forward again, burying the entirety of her bitch-breaking length into Gwen’s tight pussy.

“Oh fuck,” Gwen gasped, her eyes already tightly shut.

“Is it everything you dreamed of?” She-Hulk commented, somewhat taunting her pet. “I bet you’ve been wishing I’d fuck you again after the first time. Should I let you cum this time? I’m curious to feel how tight you get when you do.”

“F-fuck yes, p-please…! Make me cum, m-mistress. I wanna cum all over your dick,” Gwen squeaked out.

“As you wish, Slut,” the green amazon smirked as she slowly pulled out.

Gwen was in heaven as she felt every bit of her mistress’ thick cock slide out. There was a slight pause where Jennifer simply waited, watching the girl squirm with anticipation of her thick member sliding back in. The girl attempted to thrust back but it was impossible for her to gain any leverage. She-Hulk gripped the blonde’s hips and carefully pulled her back, slowly hilting herself once again in her pet’s dripping pussy. Each thrust bumped against Gwen’s hips, bouncing that thick butt plug against Jennifer’s flat, toned stomach. The blonde whimpered as the thing was pushed deeper into her for a split second each thrust.

The whole time, Gwen’s eyes rolled back in ecstasy, her mouth slightly agape as she felt her climax building up with each slow and teasing thrust. She only hoped and prayed this wasn’t some kind of sick punishment to leave her on the edge. Gwen wasn’t sure she could endure such a tease at this point. She just needed a bit more… a little harder…

“F-fuck…!” Gwen cried out as her bound body trembled. The sensation of her climax welled up within her before it completely overwhelmed her. Her toes clenched against the bottoms of her feet as she moaned with pleasure. She wanted to buck back against her mistress but only managed to tremble and squirm about. Gwen was completely at She-Hulk’s mercy, and oddly enough, that just wasn’t good enough for her. “H-harder, mistress! Oh, fuck me!”

“Be careful of what you ask for, Slut,” She-Hulk smirked as she firmly gripped her pet and slammed forward with everything she had. Over and over again, the green amazon’s massive rod slammed completely into her pet with no hesitation at all. Each thrust was more savage than the last, and it was everything Gwen could ever wish for.

Her moans turned to staccato yelps, with each thrust slightly knocking the air from her lungs as she was fucked so wildly. Each powerful stroke of Jennifer’s enormous shaft made the blonde’s pussy tighten in a helpless attempt to hold She-Hulk in place. A puddle of their combined fluids dripped onto the floor as Gwen’s orgasm never seemed to subside.

She simply ignored the plug in her ass, despite the intense stimulation she felt. It only heightened the ongoing sensation of her climax. Sweat beaded over her skin, adding to the mess on the floor as it dripped off her body. She didn’t know how much more of this she could endure, but such a wonderful opportunity might never happen again. Gwen would simply have to tolerate the treatment and savor the sensations being forced upon her.

Jennifer continued to pound into her pet’s soaking wet pussy. She didn’t show the slightest signs of fatigue as she sent Gwen on a seemingly endless round of orgasms. Just because She-Hulk wasn’t tiring didn’t mean she wasn’t approaching her own climax, though. In Gwen’s state of moaning, drooling, and cumming, she hadn’t noticed her mistress’ thick cock pulsing with the threat of imminent release. The green amazon tightly gripped the blonde’s hips and increased her frenzied pace, filling the room with the wet, sensual sounds of flesh penetrating flesh.

And with a final thrust, She-Hulk slammed her hips forward as her throbbing cock erupted within her pet. A thick, gooey load of jizz easily filled the smaller woman’s cunt. Jennifer slowly pumped a few more times, savoring the wonderful release into her sweet, submissive pet while spurt after spurt of cum started to overflow from Gwen’s well-fucked hole.

Gwen could finally catch her breath. Her whole body tingled with the afterglow of her orgasms and exertion. She was so tired she hardly even noticed her mistress pulling out until she felt the copious loads of jizz drooling from her pussy, the impact to the ground making an audible splashing noise.

She-Hulk spun her pet around once more, lifting her head while smiling down at her. Gwen glanced up to her mistress for a moment, but it was hard to ignore the still-hard length of cock right at eye level. She knew what she was expected to do and opened her mouth.

Jennifer eased her hips forward, pushing the head of her thick cock between the girl’s lips. Gwen was instantly hit with the heady scent of their combined juices as she licked and sucked her mistress’ cock clean. She couldn’t fit the whole thing in her throat yet, so she cleaned what she could before letting the massive member out of her mouth before she cleaned the rest with her tongue. She bathed each side while She-Hulk held her pet’s swinging form in place. After Gwen was certain she was done, she placed a little kiss on the head and looked up at her mistress with a coy glance.

“I think you’re forgetting something,” She-Hulk looked down at her expectantly.

The blonde was confused at first, but quickly caught on. She tilted her head down a bit more, nuzzling her nose against Jennifer’s cock while she struggled to lick at the green amazon’s balls. Normally she’d be able to move the massive cock away from her face while she did this but with her arms still bound behind her back she would simply have to deal with the demeaning action. She-Hulk’s shaft rubbed all over Gwen’s face as she licked and lapped at her mistress’ balls. The blonde dutifully serviced both heavy nuts, wrapping her lips around each one and suckling as much as she could. After she was done, both orbs glistened with her spit.

“Good slut,” She-Hulk smiled. “I think tomorrow is the day.”

“What for, mistress?” Gwen blinked as she was led on by the vague statement.

Jennifer’s expression turned more serious as she spun Gwen around and stared at the girl’s dripping cunt once more. She ran her fingers over the blonde’s still-dripping sex, causing Gwen to shiver from over-stimulation.

“I think it’s time I finally claim you completely,” She-Hulk clicked the base of the butt plug again, causing the already enlarged mechanism to thicken once more.

Gwen had grown accustomed to the current stretching by now. Feeling her pink, little asshole stretching once more was a shock, though, causing her to let out a whimpering groan as the discomfort started to set in once more. “Ohmigawd,” the blonde felt like she was at her limit and was frightened to move.

“It needs to be one more step larger for you to safely take my dick,” She-Hulk smirked as she spun Gwen around again and knelt down to look her directly in the eyes. “I’ll be back in… three hours to bump it up again.”

Sweat still dripped from Gwen’s forehead as she tried to process what was going to happen to her. Something that couldn’t fit all the way in her mouth was going to be shoved in her ass in less than a day…?!

“You don’t seem enthusiastic about that,” Jennifer still grinned.

She-Hulk shrugged and stepped away for a brief moment, going to a nearby table littered with devices and toys, and ripping some lengths of tape. Gwen didn’t need to ask to know this had now turned to punishment. Cold plastic was placed against her nipple and then fastened in place with the tape. The same was done to the other nipple, and finally her clit. The little connecting box to the vibes was secured to the ropes holding Gwen up. The humming vibration started low, only to intensify rather suddenly.

Gwen tensed as her overly sensitive body was pushed to its limits. This was going to be a harsh punishment to endure after the fucking she had just received. And then she thought of what was going to happen when she climaxed.

The blonde’s eyes widened and she shook her head, trying to struggle all of a sudden. “W-wait! Hold on…! M-mistress! N-no! I can’t cum again! Th-the thing in my butt—!”

“—will get bigger. I know,” She-Hulk smiled as she walked away. “You’ll definitely be ready for tomorrow at this rate…”

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