Ghost-Spider, Interdimensional Slut

BY : TiffyB
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Gwen was left in the darkness for at least twenty minutes. It felt like an eternity, swinging back and forth, bound with her own webs. Her wrists were tied together, calves bound to her thighs, and a few more strands to balance her out as one single rope held her from the ceiling.


The situation would have been bad enough as it was, but the crotch of her costume was still embedded into her dripping pussy. It had been used as a condom, shielding her from She-Hulk’s massive dick as it pounded her for all she was worth… and she had loved every moment of it, even when the suit had ripped and all of She-Hulk’s thick, gooey jizz coated her pussy. Twinges of anticipation ran up her spine as she imagined She-Hulk’s cock hammering her again. The near constant drip of wetness and jizz leaked from her well-fucked cunt, creating a lewd puddle underneath her dangling body.


Gwen wanted nothing more than to clear her mind and relax from the ever-present thought of being fucked again, but she was constantly overwhelmed with the slight musk of She-Hulk’s cock. After all, the green amazon’s boyshorts were still balled up in her mouth. She would be a good girl and keep them there until the woman returned. A smile crept over her lips as she thought about what might be her punishment for being a bad girl.


Without a second thought, the blonde pushed the underwear out of her mouth, which were now more soaked with her saliva than She-Hulk’s essence. And, like clockwork, She-Hulk walked back into the room almost as soon as the garment hit the floor.


Jennifer glared, holding a few things in her hands as she approached the bound girl. “Just as much of a rebellious do-gooder as I’d expect. What do you think I should do with you, hm?” she mused, although it was obvious she already had a myriad of ideas running through her head.


“You could let me go,” Gwen pleaded. “I know you’re a good person. You’re a lawyer. You help people all the time. So just trust me when I say you’ll never see me again if you let me go.” And yet the blonde already knew how She-Hulk was going to react and deep down she couldn’t be happier.


“Wow, that’s uh,” She-Hulk chuckled, showing a mix of confusion and surprise at the same time, “that’s interesting. Me? A lawyer. I don’t see it, personally, but who am I to argue with a supposed dimension-hopping slut. I get paid to allow people to become their true selves.”


“Excuse me?” Gwen arched a brow.


“I’m a dominatrix. Most of my clients prefer things a little on the rougher side. I’m sure you noticed that little detail by now.”


“So you’re a prostit—”




She-Hulk slapped Gwen across the face, sending her spinning in her bondage and just a little more than startled by the hit, even if the woman hadn’t used her full strength. “Don’t ever call me a whore. I do not get paid to fuck my clients. The only reason I fuck someone is if we consent.”


Gwen scoffed. “That’s funny. I’m not sure I asked for it.”


Jennifer grabbed Gwen by the chin as she knelt down in front of her so they were looking into each other’s eyes. “Not all consent is verbal. I’ve been doing this long enough to read someone’s body language. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you loved every moment my big, green cock slamming into your little pussy. Isn’t that right, slut?”


Gwen’s cheeks burned with embarrassment as she tried to muster the courage to tell She-Hulk she was wrong. “Th-that’s not it at all…”


“Fine,” Jennifer shrugged as she ripped down the already weakening webbing, allowing Gwen to stand to her feet. “You broke into my house. I gave you one hell of a freebie. But, if you really didn’t want it then you can leave. And I sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding. Isn’t that what you said you wanted in the first place? To leave?”


The blonde blinked, stretching very briefly to work out her joints from being in such an awkward position for so long. She even gripped the crotch of her suit, finally tugging the drenched parts that were still pressed deep into her pussy. Gwen hadn’t expected to be given a choice to leave, though. She wanted to fight, struggle, and rebel while still being fucked senseless. The blonde could blame her insatiable slutiness on her treatment while still feeling like the scion of purity. But with a choice to leave? The decision to bathe She-Hulk’s cock with her tongue and be her little fuck toy would be by choice alone.


“Well?” She-Hulk smirked, “Still thinking it over?”


“N-no,” Gwen blushed and shook her head.


“Then why are you still in my house?” Jennifer stood defiantly with her hands on her hips. She had changed out of the rags of her previous clothing, now wearing a loose midriff-bearing t-shirt. The green amazon still wore nothing from the waist down, making her that much more intimidating now that her semi-flaccid cock was fully on display. “The choice is easy. You either submit like the slut that I know you are, or you leave like the repressed coward that you pretend to be. Which is it?”


The blonde blinked as she was faced with a choice she knew would change her life. She could try to figure out what went wrong, get back to Earth-65 and go back to balancing her life between fighting crime and being a normal girl. And yet her overwhelming curiosity was too strong. She wanted to experience what She-Hulk could teach her. The idea of being at the giantess’ beck and call sent shivers down her spine.


Nibbling her bottom lip she dropped to her knees, looking up at Jennifer while her cheeks still burned with humiliation. “I submit. I want to learn who I really am.”


She-Hulk smiled as she approached Gwen, that thick length of cock still forcing the girl to steal glances. Jennifer placed her hand on top of the blonde’s head and pushed her gaze downward. “Never look your mistress in the eyes unless she says so.”


“O-oh, sorry,” Gwen stammered.


“And always address me as ‘mistress,’ understood?”


“Y-yes, mistress,” Gwen said the words, having to suppress a slight giddiness in her voice.


“Oh,” She-Hulk scoffed, immediately noticing, “You’re happy to be my little slut? Do you think this is a game?” She lifted Gwen’s head up, staring down with a blank, serious glance.


“No, mistress.”


“Excuse me?” She-Hulk glared.


“N-no, mistress. I don’t think it’s a game. I understand this is very serious.” The blonde squirmed, finding it hard to contain her excitement.


“My slut certainly has a funny way of showing it. You have a long way to go to be trained into a proper pet. Right now, you’re just a dirty, disobedient slut.” She-Hulk grabbed her dick and pressed it to Gwen’s lips.


The girl quickly opened her mouth, wrapping her plush lips around the thick, green head of She-Hulk’s cock without the least bit of hesitation. The giantess pulled it away before slapping Gwen’s face with the hefty length. The blonde was shocked and a little embarrassed as she held her cheek.


“Bad slut,” She-Hulk scolded her toy. “You are to always ask permission. Just because a dick is resting on your lips doesn’t mean you get to suck it. Show some basic self-control and maybe I’ll finally let you cum.”


Gwen winced at the reminder. She still needed to cum so badly. Just a few pumps of that wonderful, massive cock into her dripping pussy and she’d be finished. She would be able to clear her head and obey properly instead of making so many dumb mistakes. Or, if allowed, she would finish herself off in less than a minute. The thought of climax caused her mind to wander.


And then she felt She-Hulk’s cock slap against her face again, knocking her out of her stupor. “Pay attention. If I catch you daydreaming again then I’ll really have to punish you. In fact, I may be going too easy on you already. So many things to work on,” She-Hulk sighed.


“I’m sorry, mistress. Please forgive me. I’m just so distracted. I need to cum.”


She-Hulk scoffed. “You need to learn to obey. When you’ve shown you’re a good slut then I’ll let you cum, and not a second before. Do you understand?”


The blonde squirmed again. She was starting to regret agreeing to this but she knew it would be worth it. Gwen nodded as she responded. “Yes, mistress. I understand. I’ll be a good slut for my mistress.”


“Wonderful. Now, lose the rest of that silly costume,” She-Hulk commanded. “You won’t be needing it anymore.”


“Oh, but… uh,” Gwen blinked, obviously wondering what she’d be wearing instead.


“Is my slut questioning my orders already?”


“Just that,” Gwen nibbled her bottom lip, “I’ll be naked...”


“Do you see me wearing pants? And like I’d allow an undisciplined slut to wear clothes anyway. At this rate you’re lucky I’m still interested in you. You’d make one hell of a trade to my rougher domme friends. They love ‘em dumb and cute like you. They make them into proper slut toys in days. So hurry up and lose the tights, or I can do it for you.”


Gwen swallowed, knowing She-Hulk would have no problem simply ripping the suit off. After all, she had already left a giant hole in the crotch. She raised a hand and flicked her wrist, shooting webbing at the zipper on the back of her neck before pulling it down. She hesitantly glanced up at the green giantess for a second before quickly averting her gaze back to the floor while tugging the skintight suit from her shoulders.


She-Hulk had already had her way with the blonde wallcrawler but Gwen found it difficult to expose herself to the woman she now called ‘Mistress.’ She knew the Amazonian woman was glaring as she looked down on her, impatiently waiting for the girl to obey. Gwen took a deep breath before tugging the suit down and exposing her pert breasts to her mistress. Her hard, pink nipples begged for attention. Even the sensation of her suit brushing against the erect nubs sent shivers of desire through her core, further reminding her that she needed to cum.


Gwen glanced up once more, catching She-Hulk tentatively nibbling her bottom lip as she stared in appraisal of the blonde’s body. She quickly went back to it, sliding the tight suit further down her torso while standing up. Gwen had a dancer’s body, further toned and strengthened by her duties as a hero. Her stomach was flat and defined, leading down to the slight hint of a ‘V’ shape of her hips. It was certainly nothing compared to the very obvious ‘V’ of She-Hulk’s abs, which led to that mammoth cock between her legs. Gwen’s mind started to wander again, but she quickly snapped out of it before She-Hulk noticed.


Pulling the suit over her hips, Gwen continued to tug it down her thighs before She-Hulk interrupted. “Turn around.”


Gwen spun on her heels with her ass now facing her mistress while continuing to pull the suit down her thighs. Bent over, She-Hulk had a perfect view of the blonde’s round ass. She slowed down for a bit, having to unlace her ballet shoes and remove them before taking off the rest of the suit. Setting the shoes aside, Gwen continued to roll the suit down her calves only to feel She-Hulk’s massive hands against her rear.


A light blush covered her cheeks as she wondered if she should keep going or not. She hadn’t been given any other command though, so she kept removing the suit before setting it aside. She-Hulk was focused on the blonde’s ass, rubbing and massaging the soft, muscled flesh. Gwen started to stand up, but was quickly rebuked with a firm slap to her rear.


“Stay bent over,” She-Hulk commanded.


Gwen did as she was told and leaned over, her palms pressing against the ground while she fantasized about what her mistress was going to do to her. She was dripping wet while imagining She-Hulk’s colossal dick spearing deep into her pussy again. However, Gwen had no say in what her pleasure or torment was going to be. She-Hulk’s powerful hands kept squeezing the blonde’s ass cheeks before spreading them wide and holding them apart. A light blush covered Gwen’s face, but it suddenly deepened as she felt She-Hulk’s mouth shove forcefully against her rear.


“O-oh!” the nude blonde gasped while her mistress held her ass in place. She-Hulk’s tongue poked and prodded at Gwen’s tight, puckered ass, swirling around the little pink hole. It was definitely a new sensation to Gwen and she couldn’t decide whether she liked it or not. She squirmed a bit, but She-Hulk’s heavy hand slapped against her ass before returning to keep her spread wide. The strike made the blonde gasp and jump, but she settled down and knew to stay as still as possible while her mistress did as she pleased.


The powerful tongue became more bold as Gwen grew used to the feeling. She-Hulk focused her licks at the center of the blonde’s butthole, pushing the tip of her tongue forward as she lubed Gwen’s ass. All of the attention finally paid off as She-Hulk’s tongue gained entrance to the girl’s ass, garnering yet another surprised gasp from the slut. At that point, She-Hulk ramped up her efforts. Her tongue pushed in and out of Gwen’s asshole, swirling around the inside rim and stretching her previously virginal ass.


Gwen bit her tongue as she endured the odd, new pleasure. She arched her back, her juices freely dribbling down the insides of her thighs while her ass was eaten. The blonde clenched her eyes shut while she was certain she would reach her climax, even as she tried to process how that was even possible with this strange new feeling. A smirk crept across her lips as she practically thrust her ass back against her mistress’ face.


And then She-Hulk pulled away, delivering a harsh swat to the blonde’s pale rear.


Gwen yipped at the sudden hit, almost falling backward as She-Hulk moved away. Breathing heavily, she glanced over her shoulder, only for another swat to be delivered to the other cheek, leaving matching red hand prints on her ass.


“Don’t question your mistress,” She-Hulk smirked. “You didn’t say anything, but your expression sure as hell did.”


Gwen had already turned her head forward again and glanced to the floor. She needed to cum so badly. And then she felt something cold rubbing against her spit-lubed anus. There was hardly any resistance as the plug pushed forward, her asshole clenching around the narrowing piece of metal before the base of the plug pushed against her ass. The plug itself was thick. Much thicker than anything she’d felt before, almost on the verge of uncomfortable—especially the longer it lingered inside of her.


And then there was a gentle tap of She-Hulk’s finger against the base, followed by the plug expanding. Wincing, Gwen wanted to look over her shoulder again, but the slight stinging sensation on both of her ass cheeks was more than enough to remind her to simply endure it.


“Good girl,” She-Hulk chuckled. “I guess you can be taught. Maybe there’s hope for you yet.”


“Thank you, mistress,” Gwen winced, swaying her hips from side to side as she tried to find a position that wasn’t so uncomfortable with the plug inside of her.


“You’ll get used to it,” She-Hulk gave a gentler smack to Gwen’s ass. “And at that point I’ll expand it again.”


Gwen groaned, not particularly keen on the idea of the plug stretching her ass at all.


“You’ll thank me for this training when I shove my cock up your ass,” She-Hulk chuckled. “Now, kneel before me. This is position one. Remember it.” Gwen turned around and knelt, still wincing. She was getting used to the thickness in her ass but it was still very uncomfortable. 


“Good,” She-Hulk smiled as she took her hardening prick and placed the head against the blonde's lips.


Gwen wanted nothing more than to suck her mistress off. Instead, she stared cross-eyed at the intimidatingly massive cock while doing nothing at all. She inhaled deeply, savoring the heady musk of She-Hulk’s cock mixed with her own juices. After a few moments, She-Hulk stepped back.


“So cock hungry and yet so quick to learn your place. I’m glad I decided to keep you after all. There’s no telling what Sue would have done had I given you to her,” the green amazon chuckled before kneeling down before the blonde. She took a purple and black choker and casually placed it around Gwen’s neck, clicking it shut. There was a slight pressurized hiss as it tightened. It wasn’t restrictive, but it was a constant reminder of her position in this agreement.


“So,” She-Hulk ran her fingers through Gwen’s hair, smiling as she let her thumb press against the blonde’s lips once again, “does my slut have a name?”


“Gwen,” she replied, not gazing up at all.


“Hm, Gwen,” She-Hulk pondered the name for a moment. “That’s a pretty name. And what is it now?” she asked rhetorically.


“Slut, my mistress,” Gwen said, having to suppress her joy again. “My name is Slut.”

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