Ghost-Spider, Interdimensional Slut

BY : TiffyB
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“Position one!” She-Hulk commanded while standing a few feet back with her arms crossed over her chest. She wore a pair of black, latex hip-hugger shorts that hardly contained her considerable secret. The matching high heel boots made the already massive woman seem that much larger while accenting her toned legs at the same time. Her top was a simple open vest, strung together like a corset and tight enough to bring attention to her chest.

Gwen was quick to fall to her knees. She was still completely naked, aside from the thick butt plug that she was slowly getting used to. She looked up to her mistress, waiting for the next command before she realized her mistake as the green amazon glared at her. The blonde’s eyes widened and she lowered her gaze while maintaining her posture.

“Good,” Jen narrowed her eyes. “I’m glad you realized your mistake, but a slip-up like that would make me look like a fool in public.”

“I apologize, mistress,” Gwen spoke up while still glancing at the floor.

“It will be added to your end-of-day punishment,” She-Hulk casually spoke.

Gwen knew better than to speak up or make her opinion on the matter known. It had only been a few days of training thus far. The blonde had learned her lesson after receiving a grand total of around a hundred swats to her pert, pale ass the previous night.

The original punishment had only been for ten swats to her ass, but her immediate outburst, questioning She-Hulk’s judgment, had doubled the number to twenty.

And so she took her position over She-Hulk’s lap, expecting something akin to a lover slapping her ass—a little pain, but nothing she couldn’t endure and that wouldn’t leave her excited and wanting more. The idea kind of turned her on, considering she still hadn’t been allowed to cum yet. She kind of looked forward to the sexy roleplay of being a naughty girl that needed to be punished.

And yet, the harsh sting of her mistress’ palm swatting against her ass made Gwen gasp and attempt to pull away. Jen had already expected that reaction, though, and had her other hand pressing against the middle of Gwen’s back, keeping her in place over her lap.

“Forty,” She-Hulk stated.


“Eighty. And I want you to count each one.”

It didn’t matter to Jen how high the number went. Gwen, while untrained, was at least smart enough to keep her mouth shut at this point. She steeled herself, trying to relax as much as possible before she was struck again.

“Nngh—Two…!” Gwen winced, already feeling the heat radiating from her ass.

“Tsk tsk,” Jen shook her head, “The count resets every time more are added.”

Again, the blonde was silent, despite that upsetting information. The next hit came and Gwen groaned. “T-two…!”

The count went on until Gwen lost track, too distracted by the pain. Sweat dripped from her forehead while she was certain her ass was on fire. And yet she was too exhausted to make any kind of scene at this point. Gwen wanted this over as soon as possible. This time she started over and finished after what felt like forever. She-Hulk gently placed her hand upon her pet’s glowing, red ass, caressing her in soft, circular motions.

“Good girl,” Jen cooed, “Today’s punishment is over. You’ll be a better girl tomorrow, won’t you?”

Gwen only whimpered, nodding her head while holding back tears. “Yes, mistress. Slut will be a good girl.”

She-Hulk smiled as she eased her hand between Gwen’s legs and gently caressed the girl’s wet pussy. The blonde willingly spread her legs, allowing her mistress to do as she pleased.

“Such a dirty slut. You got so wet from that. Does my pet secretly like pain? Should I keep spanking her?” She-Hulk asked.

“N-no, mistress,” Gwen gasped. “Slut would like some rest… if mistress would allow it.”

She-Hulk smiled. “Very well. I suppose you’ve earned it.”

It was a relief to Gwen, until she felt Jen’s fingers moving a little higher and suddenly grasp the base of her butt plug. She unceremoniously pulled it from the blonde’s ass. It actually wasn’t all that bad considering she lacked the resolve to clench any longer. Not having that plug in her ass seemed like a foreign sensation since she had grown accustomed to it over the last few days. The feeling of emptiness was quickly forgotten as She-Hulk pushed her middle finger inside and pumped it in and out a few times. Gwen arched her back, moaning as she nibbled her lip. She wanted more—needed more. She was so desperate to cum that she was certain it would only take a few more pumps of She-Hulk's thick finger to send her over the edge.

Jen added a second finger, barely pushing it in at all before she met resistance from Gwen’s asshole. She didn’t try much else before removing her fingers from her pet’s ass and pushing the thick plug back in place. It was actually a relief for Gwen to feel that familiar and constant stretching again. She-Hulk tapped the base twice and she felt the whole thing expand inside of her. The plug itself increased a little, but the neck of it doubled in size, stretching her tight, little hole and causing Gwen to blush and gasp.

“Don’t worry,” She-Hulk chuckled. “It’s just getting you ready. There’s no way I’ll fit, as tight as you are right now.”

It was a double-edged sword. Gwen was already so desperate to cum, and yet this continuous edging made her so much more willing to obey. She was certain it was part of the process and not just an unintended side effect of the training.

“Th-thank you, mistress,” Gwen whimpered, desperate to obey…

Gwen wiggled even as she knelt on the floor. Sitting on anything hurt, and it was only made worse by keeping proper posture during it all. Her back was to be kept straight while she stared down at the floor. Her knees were to be spread just slightly. Being a slave was a lot of work—more work than Gwen had imagined.

The rules weren’t particularly explained until she had violated one. The only guidelines she had been clearly given were standards of expected hygiene. Every morning she would wake up, have breakfast and shower, and then groom herself. She was to always keep her pussy shaved. The slightest bit of stubble would result in added punishment.

She-Hulk circled her pet, checking her form as she knelt. Satisfied, she walked in front of her. “Position Six.”

Gwen hesitated for a moment before pushing herself up and standing at attention. She quickly spread her legs a shoulder-width apart and placed her hands on the back of her head while looking forward, awaiting inspection.

Jen circled the blonde again, more critical as she looked her slave over. She ran her fingertips over Gwen’s torso, causing her to flinch from the somewhat ticklish sensation. The green amazon poked and squeezed at the girl’s lithe form, appreciating her light yet powerful frame. Fingers circled Gwen’s pink nipples, quickly drawing them into an aroused state before pinching and flicking them back and forth. The blonde knew this was only to test her, though, so she stayed as stoic as possible despite the overwhelming urge to moan or gasp in pleasure.

Without any fanfare, She-Hulk cupped her large hand against Gwen’s crotch and gently teased her with her fingertip lightly pushing in and out. The girl was soaking wet and would have done anything to cum at this point. Of course, getting her slave off wasn’t the reason for any of this—not yet anyway. After teasing her, She-Hulk caressed her pussy, thoroughly feeling for any stubble before sliding her fingers over the blonde’s smooth mound.

“Good girl. I’m very glad you’re taking this seriously,” Jen complimented. “Position Two.”

Gwen dropped to her knees again, her legs spread while leaning forward and placing her hands on the ground in front of her. Her back arched just a bit while her ass hovered over her heels. Aside from any standing position, this was the next best thing since she wasn’t putting any pressure on her still-glowing pink ass.

“Why do you want to be my pet, slut?” Jen asked.

The blonde didn’t understand why she was being questioned again. She had already submitted. It just seemed redundant. “I’m not sure I understand the question, mistress…”

“You’re aware this is a very long term commitment, right? I’m training you to be my pet. I’m making sure you understand what that entails. Just because you’re in training doesn’t mean I’ve accepted you. You’re brand new to this lifestyle—hell, to this dimension!—and I don’t want to end up in a conversation a week or a month from now with you telling me this was fun but it turns out that it just wasn’t for you after all. It’s a waste of our time. Keep that in mind… You can quit at any point, slut.”

She-Hulk knelt down, looking Gwen in the eye. Her demeanor was far more serious and less domineering than usual. She was actually talking to Gwen as a person and not a subservient pet. It was a little confusing to a new initiate like herself.

“I’m being serious. This is you and me speaking here. There aren’t many times we’ll break play without a safe word. We should establish that now… in case things get too out of hand. It’s only going to get more intense from here on,” She-Hulk explained.

“Oh, uh, what’s a good safe word?” Gwen blinked, a slight blush covering her cheeks.

“Something you’d never say during sex. So, usually not something like, ‘stop,’ or ‘no.’ You want something that would be clearly understood and not be misconstrued as part of the play time.”

“Uh, so something like ‘chocolate milk?’” 

She-Hulk grinned and shrugged. “Sure. That works.”

“W-wait!” Gwen blinked, realizing how absolutely childish that made her sound.

Jen shook her head. “Too late now. That’s the safe word! Besides, we shouldn’t be having to say it all that often anyway…”

“R-right. That makes sense…” Gwen leaned back a little more, her posture beginning to slacken as she tried to comprehend more information.

“Straighten your back, slut,” She-Hulk noted.

Gwen immediately obeyed, a little shocked by the command out of nowhere. “O-oh, I thought we were taking a break.”

“We were. But we’re done with that. Now, you get to show me just how badly you want to be my pet. And I can be as rough as I want to be—now that you have a safe word.” She smirked, as if already imagining what she was going to do to the blonde. Jen reached up, wrapping her fingers around Gwen’s neck and applying the slightest bit of pressure. Her other hand eased behind the girl, gently caressing her dripping folds. The amazon’s fingertips didn’t hesitate long before rubbing against her clit.

Gwen leaned into the hand, despite the slight sensation of choking herself. The electric sensation from her clit made it hard to focus. She just wanted to grind against her mistress’ fingers. It wouldn’t take much to push her over the edge. She-Hulk’s attention was only a slow, circular motion around the little bundle of nerves. The blonde leaned into her mistress’ hand, further choking herself. The lack of air only added to the euphoria as she pushed herself closer to climax. Her eyes flickered and she nibbled her bottom lip, every nerve ending tingling with pleasure.

She-Hulk continued to toy with her clit, the wetness flowing from her needy and eager cunt. That’s when Jen’s grip tightened. Gwen’s eyes widened with surprise as her breathing was further constricted. The startled blonde panicked for a second but kept her hands firmly against the ground while maintaining her posture. The stimulation to her clit hadn’t stopped, which was more than enough incentive to maintain her position. She knew if she deviated from the plan then this pleasure would stop and she’d probably receive punishment for failure to obey.

Gwen started to see stars in her eyes the longer she went without proper levels of oxygen. A grin crept over her cheeks as her mistress’ finger still worked her over. Her eyes flickered while her body tensed and tightened. Her abs flexed and relaxed as the powerful orgasm rippled through her body. Still, She-Hulk’s finger continued to rub at her hard, little bundle of nerves, further pushing her over the edge. It was like everything she had ever wished for.

Jen pulled her hand away from Gwen’s neck, then slowly pulled the other hand away from her dripping pussy. Her fingers were absolutely drenched in wetness, which she presented to the blonde. Gwen contentedly leaned in, licking and sucking her own juices from her mistress’ fingers as she gasped for breath. She felt as if a great burden had been lifted from her shoulders—like she could finally concentrate again.

Satisfied, She-Hulk pulled her fingers away from the eager blonde’s mouth. “You got me all worked up, though, watching you cum so hard. I think it’s time you worked on me.”

“Yes, mistress,” Gwen nodded, paying attention to Jen’s length as it strained against her hip-huggers. Her body still tingled as she came down from her orgasmic high. “What does my mistress wish of me?”

“I think you know what to do…” She-Hulk smirked.

Gwen nodded as she remained kneeling in front of her mistress. She then reached up and unfastened the button and unzipped her shorts. The massive bulge along the side of the shorts was so intimidating, and she didn’t have a lot of practice at this. She only hoped she wouldn’t receive any punishment for doing something wrong. With the shorts undone, she tugged them down, finally releasing the goliath, green cock from its restraints. The blonde looked up at her mistress, as if asking for permission. Upon Jen’s smiling approval, Gwen hesitantly wrapped her fingers around the length and aimed the head toward her face.

“You understand why I’m stretching your little ass now, hm?” She-Hulk chuckled, flexing her cock and making it bounce a little in the girl’s hand.

Gwen nodded, wondering if she’d even be able to fit something like this in her mouth, much less in her ass. She blinked in delayed realization of what was said to her, previously having no context of why she was being stretched and prepared. She hesitated for a moment as she licked the head of her mistress’ cock while trying to imagine the monstrous thing ever being able to fit in her rear.

“You’ll have to be more enthusiastic than that. Aren’t you happy to be serving your mistress? Or maybe I should just leave you alone, tied down with some bullet vibes taped to your nipples and clit? Or, I suppose I could just force you to wear a ring gag and see how much of my cock you can take. Do you want to know a secret? The answer is… every last inch until my balls slap against your chin, slut.”

Gwen stared up at her mistress for just a moment before licking the head once more. “S-sorry, mistress! I forget myself!”

“It’s fine, slut. It will be added to your punishment tonight,” She-Hulk smiled down at her slave.

“O-of course,” Gwen hated to hear of more discipline but she knew it could have been much worse. She wrapped her plush lips around the head, gently sucking while her tongue flicked over the slit at the tip. The blonde took more of the head into her mouth until it bumped against the back of her throat. Gwen was tiny compared to her mistress, so even with the cock pushing so deep into her mouth, only a small portion of the member was actually in her.

Her tongue swirled around the head in clockwise motions. She pulled away with an audible pop, before reaching up and cradling She-Hulk’s massive green balls in her petite hands. Gently massaging the heavy orbs, she leaned in and placed gentle kisses upon them before playfully licking and worshiping them.

After Jen’s nuts were coated in saliva, Gwen wrapped her fingers around the green amazon’s wide cock and slowly jerked it off. She continued to lick and lap at the head while stealing cute yet slutty glances up at her mistress. She-Hulk moaned as she was so perfectly teased by her pet. She wanted nothing more than to shove her pet onto her hands and knees and fuck her as roughly as possible… but with her current training it just wasn’t possible.

Nibbling her bottom lip, Jen grabbed her cock and started to jerk it off herself. The motions were quick and hard, all while still aiming her member down at Gwen’s slutty and innocent face. “Position two, slut. Get ready!”

Gwen was already kneeling. She just needed to lean forward and open her mouth, and she knew exactly what was coming next. She-Hulk nibbled her bottom lip as she grunted while finally climaxing. Thick white ropes of cum splattered against the blonde’s cheek, causing her to wince at the sudden projectile near her face. A few more shots splattered against her lips and chin, which she happily tried to lick up while it dribbled down her face. Even with just a few loads of jizz, the amount covering her visage was staggering.

She-Hulk smiled down at her pet and pushed the head of her cock against the girl’s lips. Gwen happily licked and sucked at it, swallowing down any cum she could get from it. Jen ran her fingers through the blonde’s hair with a sigh of satisfaction.

“Good girl. You’ve made a lot of progress, but there’s still a lot to go before you’re ready for Friday’s party,” She-Hulk commented with a smile.

“A party, mistress?” Gwen nervously asked. The thought of others seeing her like this caused her heart to race as she had a mini-panic attack.

“It’s nothing major. It’s just a little hangout among dommes. A few of us get together and chat about things, compare slaves—stuff like that. And our slaves—or ‘pet’, in your case—gets passed around the room like a joint. Basic stuff.”

“Wait, what?!” Gwen exclaimed.

She-Hulk narrowed her eyes at her pet’s outburst. Gwen winced, already knowing she had just added more to her nightly punishment…

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