The Seductive Spider-Harem

BY : Rubicon_Cross
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There are moments in every life that you'd give anything to relive. To do it another way. But if there's one thing Peter Parker has learned in his time, it's that the clock can't be turned back. Seconds lost are lost forever. The spider hits his hand and bites, and he has no way to turn it aside after the fact. The robber runs past Peter, and Peter just lets him go, angry at the promoter who's cheated him -- setting the dominoes falling that would lead to Uncle Ben's death. Peter revealed his identity to the world and then a sniper... took... aim... Aunt May... Mary Jane... something...

No, he wasn't sure what that was but it didn't matter. One of the moments Peter spent his life reliving, over and over again, was watching the platinum blond girl in the skirt and easy smile be thrown from the top of the George Washington Bridge by the Green Goblin. He yelled, throwing himself after her, desperately webcasting down -- that moment of sheer joy when the webbing hit, not realizing that her body would be thrown into unimaginable whiplash, snapping her neck and killing her instantly...

Later he'd meet her clone, not to mention the otheruniversal 'Spider-Woman' who was bitten instead of her Peter Parker, but neither of them were actually Gwen Stacy... the woman he'd failed. The woman he'd lost.

And here was a djinn who was giving him a do-over, but only if it involved sex.

"You can't be serious," he said, finally -- his voice choked up.

"I am," Ovyah said. "Peter... you have fought so long and so hard... and whether you like it or not, you are my master. If you do not want to use my talents to make your life better... I cannot force you. But you don't have to use my abilities for your own gratification... you can use them to make the world a better place. Gwen Stacy is just a beginning."

She smiled a bit more. "And... of course... since you can save Gwen Stacy, even after all this time... don't you have a responsibility to save her?" Ovyah giggled. "Save her with your penis?"

Peter's head was spinning. He closed his eyes, putting his hand over his eyes. He expected his Spider-Sense to be screaming out warnings, but it was staying completely quiet. There was no danger here... except there was nothing but danger here....

"You can't change the past," Peter said. "I know you can't. I know it..." There was another throbbing pain in his head, as if he could almost remember something... a wedding day? "There's always a price to pay!"

"Of course there is," Ovyah said, giggling. "But you've already paid it. You saved me from those horrible men who wanted me for power. And of course you can't change the past, but you don't have to. I can save her from the fall... and leave a duplicate, neck broken and all. The past unrolling as it has to unroll... the present entirely intact... only the real Gwen Stacy will be alive." She smiled more broadly. "So long as you make it sexual."

Peter shivered. His erection was almost tearing through his uniform, reacting to Ovyah's presence, and even that could barely compete with the thought of Gwen alive... sex or no sex, didn't he need to... didn't he owe Gwen this much?

"...all right," he said. "All right. I wish Gwen Stacy never died, and was right here... ready and willing to..."

"To what?" Ovyah asked, wickedly. "To fuck?"

"...yes," he said, shivering. "To fuck."

Ova's laughter filled the room, and she began to whirl, her skin turning blue and her hair polychromatic, her appearance again becoming the composite figure of all Peter Parker's sexual desires as she whirled through the sparkling, gleaming flow of time itself....



...the night Gwen Stacy died...

It was 1:21 in the afternoon when the Green Goblin had pulled her to the top of the George Washington Bridge. She was half-awake when Spider-Man arrived to save her, running for her. Shouting something... hearing something about his being Peter Parker... but Gwen couldn't believe that. Spider-Man had her father's blood on his hands, that couldn't be Peter--

And then there was a rush of air, and Gwen was falling, tumbling helplessly from the bridge. She heard Spider-Man -- heard Peter scream her name, scream "No!" Scream about needing to save her, catch her before she hit the water, images of her father, of Mary Jane and Peter and romance and grief flooding her even as she saw the web-line arcing towards her legs... even as lights and sparks and multicolored fire swept all around her....

...and then she was... somewhere else... floating, no sense of falling... mists and energies around her... playing over her skin even as the adrenalin hit her body... her nipples hardening and her vulva moistening with the rush of energy and danger alike...

...and a blue woman with a multi-color corona of hair around her head floated before her. "It's all right," she said, laughing. "You don't have to die today."

"Wha-- who are you?" Gwen demanded. "What's going on -- Spider-Man... Peter... the Goblin--"

"Mmm... I can feel turmoil and torment beating in that human heart of yours," the woman said, fingers of mist seeming to slide over Gwen's heart... and down along her ample breast. "We need to do something about that if we're going to save you."

Gwen shuddered as desire seemed to seep into her nervous system. "What are you doing?!" she asked, feeling an almost sparkling feeling in her abdomen.

"Awakening you," the woman said. "But let me make a few things clear, first." She gestured, and a scene rippled into view -- Spider-Man and her father fighting Doctor Octopus -- the Doctor losing control, her father dying-- Spider-Man... Peter trying to stop it....

"...he didn't kill my father? But -- he was responsible--"

"Oh honey," the blue girl said, shimmering as she moved close to the woman, her face close enough to brush her lips to Gwen's. "When there's a sudden rainstorm, Peter Parker finds a way to take responsibility for the Mets game being called. There was nothing he could do to save your father. Not then, anyhow. But you and he can still save him... if he can finish saving you."

"We ca-- how? How?"

"My power. I've plucked you out of time because Peter Parker would do anything to save you. Years later, he still took the chance to save you... and accepted the cost. A cost you bear too."

"What... what cost--oh!"

The blue woman laughed once more. "You're feeling it all the more now, Gwen Stacy. My powers are vast, but are tied to lust. His love couldn't save you, and your love couldn't bring you back. But if you two join your lust the world is yours."

"...I... I can't... I don't..."

"Shhh... here... let's get you caught up on what you've missed...."

"What? What are you--"

And then with a rush, images, facts, knowledge, impressions... all those flooded through Gwen's mind even as hormones soaked her endocrine system and prepared and honed her desire. Peter's grief and anger. The cloning of Gwen and her father and the costs they bore. The marriage of Mary Jane and Peter and the specter of Gwen hanging over them. The malefic pact that tore that marriage away to save Peter's Aunt May... the Black Cat, the coming of Morlan. The Spider-verse -- even a Gwen Stacy given the power instead of Peter... fighting alongside him, the two talking about losing their respective Gwen and Peter and watching each other's back....

Gwen Stacy loved Peter Parker. She always had. In the moments before what seemed like her death, she had her world rocked, but in the end she knew he was the man she always believed. And now he was pulling her back through time itself. She could see the last glimmers of Spider-Man cradling a dead girl on the bridge, knowing now that wasn't really her but instead a duplicate....

And the mists began to clear... and then... she saw him. In costume but without a mask -- years older with more care etched into his face but still so clearly Peter....

Staring at her with those eyes so wide. "Gwen?" he whispered.

Shuddering... her body reacting to panic and horror and lust and life... she could only moan. "Yes, Peter," she said. "I... it's me. Really me!"

The blue woman smiled more, and the energies flowing around Gwen swept over to slide over Peter. She could practically feel the hormonal rush through his body. "Gwen -- Gwen I... you--"

"It's all right," she half-whispered, tears flowing from her eyes. "I know. I know everything. Everything that happened. Everything you endured. Your joys and tears... Peter?"


Gwen opened her arms slowly. "There's only one way this works," she said, softly. "And I have waited so long. Longer than I could have imagined."

With an almost feral growl, Peter closed the distance, their lips locking, his hands sliding over her body and back, hers scratching his back through his costume. And then he was lifting her so effortlessly, kissing her neck, tearing the black sweater off her chest and the white lace bra beneath it, his lips locking over her nipple--

Gwen arched, crying out. "God yes, Peter!" she shouted, pulling her skirt up to let her wrap a leg around his body, hearing its fabric tear. She hadn't even taken off her green overcoat--

Peter practically slammed her onto his double bed, throwing himself over her, ravaging her breasts like an animal possessed. And Gwen responded, her whole body feeling electric from the inside out, the fact of her near-death, her chance at life combining with every missed second the two had ever had. She tore at the fabric of his costume with her fingernails, desperate to bear him even as he tore fabric out of his way, clearing a path, the skirt bunched up to her waist like a loose belt, his hands on her white lace panties... the sound of fabric tearing again filling her ears....

She felt the head of his cock now, seeking her vulva... parting the folds which themselves had opened, so wet -- so wet. She wasn't a virgin -- not that she'd ever told that story to Peter, though she knew he knew -- he'd dealt with the repercussions years later. Still, there had never been anything like this for her... his thickness pressing deep... pressing hungry... piercing through and true, her legs sliding up to almost his shoulders as she desperately received him--

So full... her inner walls clenching and milking and her hips bucking up to meet him as he thrust into her. Once, the two had believed their first time would be soft and romantic and loving... there was none of that here. This was a savage coupling -- a denial of death through the purest expression of life, in its rawest form, cock thrusting into pussy, body quivering and hungering. Gwen was alive and Peter wasn't going to hold back at all! She felt him graze her cervix, shifting to the side, hitting her g-spot as accurately as he hit targets with his webbing--

Gwen shrieked, her body clenching and her muscles locking desperately, shaking her head to either side as the most intense orgasm of her life flooded her body. And still he kept thrusting, kept taking her... kept pushing her to come again... obliterating all thoughts of all the time they'd lost and creating this one perfect moment--

With a final scream and her own... third? Fourth? Another orgasm, at the least, she felt his muscles lock and hold and felt the heat of his seed flooding deep inside her... and Gwen screamed, pleasure and joy and grief and fear and pure reaction combining in that one astounding moment.

A long, long time later, Gwen felt herself stir. Peter was still on her... still in her, though he was mostly soft, now. She felt his tears on her face, his own pressed against her's. "...I'm so sorry," he whispered.

"Peter?" Gwen murmured. "In all your time with Mary Jane, you should have learned one lesson. After having an epic fuck? Never apologize." She giggled softly. "Wow."

Despite himself, Peter laughed too. "You're alive," he said, softly.

"I am," she said. "I never died. I remember every second. I remember seeing your webline shooting for my legs..." She snickered. "Never come on my legs, okay? That'd just be weird. And then I was pulled out by... by that woman..."

"Ovyah!" The voice was bubbly and cheerful, which didn't stop Gwen from shrieking and Peter half-flipping off her--

Ovyah, still in blue Djinn form, was sitting in a director's chair, eating popcorn. "Veeeeery nice," she said. "Ten out of ten. I liked the savagery. I'm looking forward to seeing your range with each other."

"You watched?" Peter half-shouted.

"What, you expected me to leave? I'm your djinn of sex. Hi, Gwen. We met briefly and eternally in the mists of time. Call me Ovyah. I'm a sex djinn."

"...I gathered," Gwen said. She then blinked. "Wait -- you said you could save my father the same way you saved me!"

Peter blinked. "Of course," he said. "We could... wait. Do... I have to have sex with him, too?"

Ovyah smiled. "Would you?"

"If I had to."

Ovyah looked at Gwen. "Would you?"

Gwen blinked, flushing. "That's disgusting. I'm his daughter." She paused. "Yes. Of course I would."

"Well, we don't need to go that far. I suppose I could fuck him but... mmm... that misses the personal touch. But there's always Mary Jane, or Felicia, or... you know, Janet Van Dyne or Carol Danvers might be interesting--"

"I can't just wish my friends into having sex against their will, even to save Captain Stacy!"

"Mm. That makes sense. Of course... you could ask..."

Gwen shivered. "Peter -- we... we know this can work. We don't need to rush so long as we..." She paused. "Um... I just... thought of something..."


"...I... I'm not on the pill."

Peter froze. He then looked at Ova.

"Hey -- don't look at me," Ova said. "There's no sexy way to morning-after or abort a fetus. At least, not that I can think of." She smiled. "Anyone for round two?"

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