The Seductive Spider-Harem

BY : Rubicon_Cross
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Twenty minutes later, pizza had arrived and furniture had been moved around in the living room to make everything a little easier for people to watch. Peter sat on his couch, with Gwen sitting next to him, looking for all the world like a tiny dog about to attack a doberman to protect her beloved master, which Tony figured was about right. Cindy Moon slid onto the other side, draping against him in such a blatantly sexual way that Tony didn't know why Mary Jane wasn't spitting fire.

Mary Jane herself was pulling a loveseat out into the middle of the room. "You'll sit here, with Ovyah--"


Mary Jane looked at Ollie. "What?"

"My master got around to naming me. I'm Olivia Vayne. My friends call me Ollie. I'm a Freshman at Empire University. I was made Peter's workstudy intern by Doctor Curt Conners. I have decent grades and a stipend paid out of a trust fund set up by my sadly deceased parents. Oh! And I have a Starbucks gold card so I get free lattes after every hundred 'stars' and I can have free refills of brewed handcrafted drinks.'"

Mary Jane turned to look at Peter. "You named her Ollie?"

"I panicked."

"He named me Ollie Vayne. I love that last name. I'm gonna insist you all use 'You're So Vain' for me as a ringtone."

"That song's about a man," Cindy said.


"Okay, I know it may not look it, but I actually do have things I spend my time doing, and by definition I'm not doing any of them so..." Tony looked around. "Bunny Arbogast may be having an aneurysm as we speak. Can we get this on the road?"

"Absolutely," Mary Jane said. "You'll sit here with... Ollie, and we'll let people ask nice, polite, relevant questions."

"Why did you look at me when you said that?" Cindy asked.

"I didn't."

"You thought about it."

"All right," Tony said. "Though... let's... not abuse the mammary of veracity. Though before we go on... seriously, Pete? Why... why have me hold her naked tit? That seems..." he looked away, thinking. "That seems more my playbook than yours."

"Because Ollie's wishes have to be sexual in nature," Peter said. "They're incredibly open, but you have to relate it back to lust or desire. And... this way, it's a controlled environment that won't lead to accidental violations of someone's civil liberties, while also being appropriate... um... sensual."

"That... is as good an answer as I think I could have expected. Which is weird." Tony shifted, rubbing his sore lip, before looking back. "Wait. You... brought Million Dollar Baby over here back from her swan dive through Miss Vayne's delights. How does that work. Did you... have sex with her to do it?"

"Yes," Peter said.

"I take back what I said before," Tony said to Mary Jane. "Peter's methods beat mine all hollow."

"And you already knew that," Cindy said. "We used Gwen's revival as an example when we explained Ollie's powers to you."

"Yeah, well," Tony looked out the window. "It's always good to get a second opinion. See how things match up. You know how it is. Something Bobbi Remorse over here should think about after this little confab. This is just my truth. Reed or Steve probably would say things differently."

"Let's get this over with," Gwen snapped.

"I totally agree," Tony said, turning to Ollie. "So, do we get naked now? Who's got the hot oil? Are there fluffers available? I mean, I'm confident in my ability to perform on camera but you never know when things might need a quick fix."

"Yes," Ollie said, arching her back and letting her shirt ripple to the ground, leaving her in a pair of bikini purple bikini briefs, her other clothing having vanished, her skin glistening and her breasts frankly magnificent. She was in her 'proper' blue skinned form now, with the polychromatic hair.

Tony, despite himself, was caught staring. He then looked back at Mary Jane. "When the Avengers got a sex powered member, it was Starfox. I'm thinking we were shortchanged."

"There's always Jessica Drew," Cindy said, idly.

"Hey, I figure there's even odds she'll end up in the Spider Harem," Mary Jane said. "Let's not be mean. All right. Have a seat, Tony."

"Should I take my shirt off too? I mean, you know. Equality? Sauce for the goose, Mister Savvik? All that?" He looked around. "All right." He sat down on one side of the Loveseat.

Ollie walked -- or more properly flowed -- over to where Tony was sitting. "Do you agree to allow my ability to compel only truthful answers, Mister Stark?" Ollie smiled, rather wickedly.

"I... absolutely. Though I don't promise to call in the morning. Be gentle, it's my first time."

Ollie did a turn, flowing into the seat and sliding up into the crook of Tony's arm... taking his hand and sliding it up her body, filling it with her ample breast, the erect nipple pressing into his palm.

Tony arched an eyebrow, massaging slightly and shifting to squeeze slightly. Ollie fairly purred. "Nice," he said. "Good heft. Feels like it would handle well in the curves. Were you always like this or did you come out of the lamp brand new."

"The latter. I appeared as what my Master would find most attractive."

Tony nodded, looking at Peter. "Nice design work. Remind me to have you do the exterior work on the next version of the Rescue armor. Pepper's lacking a certain... je ne sais quoi."

"How about we get to the questions?" Mary Jane said.

"Agreed," Peter said. "Gwen... this is your show."

"Fine," she said, glowering at Tony. "So. What do you remember from the events we're discussing? When you and your friends drove a wedge through the entire heroic community."

"Directly? Nothing at all." He took a breath. "Like we said before. I apparently had... contingencies in place. When they named Norman Osborn as the Director of H.A.M.M.E.R., I apparently knew that I couldn't let him have the database with... with everyone's secrets. So... it was purged out by a virus -- all the systems that had access had cached information wiped. They'd all be designed to refer back to a master database, and that was in a specific reformatted part of my brain."

"How does that even work?" Cindy asked.

"Extremis. My brain had been remade by the Extremis virus. It was effectively a supercomputer, and that included file storage and encryption. From what I've gathered, when I left, I wiped their access and was the last copy of the database. And... I'm told I decided to eliminate it. Which meant completely erasing it and the entire file system on that system -- zeroing it out and repartitioning it."

"But... that was your brain," Cindy said.

"Yeah. And that meant everything that was me would go with it. And it was. I... don't remember any of that either, but it must have been horrible. I mean, I know the process as it was designed to work. Imagine... your mind, getting slower, less capable, more simple and stupid with every second. Knowing you were losing your mind, literally, and trying to get it to happen faster before they found you." He closed his eyes.

"But here you are," Gwen said.

"Yup. I had friends. Maria Hill. Pepper Potts. Don Blake. Others. They found me. Took me in. And got access to a backup I made."

"Of your... brain?" Mary Jane asked.

"I believe in good information technology practices. But it dated back to the beginning of the Extremis situation. Before... before the Stamford Incident. Before the act. Before the war. In effect, I closed my eyes, and when I next opened them, all that was behind us, and there was a siege of Asgard which had apparently appeared over Oklahoma, and the Green Goblin was the Government Appointed Poobah of super heroes and was using my technology as his armor, leading a pack of super villains wearing the uniforms and names of my friends, and calling themselves Avengers. And Bill Foster was dead and Steve Rogers had been assassinated -- though he'd just come back. And Spider-Man... Spider-Man had... been... punished... for... doing what he thought was right, and believing in his heroes."

"His heroes?" Gwen asked, softly.

"Me, Miss Stacy. Me, and Reed, and Hank -- the man we thought was Hank."

"Actually... Hank Pym wasn't my hero," Peter said, quietly. "He always seemed... high strung. I like Scott Lang better."

"Yeah, Hank had and has demons that plague him. So do I. So do we all. But Hank's my friend. Even after everything. And... it's worth noting... Janet always defends him too."

"We're getting off track," Cindy said. "And a little inside baseball."

"All right," Gwen said. "So. Do you know what you did to Peter during this... time."

"I... have been briefed and done some research. Including asking Peter."

"Go ahead. Summarize it."

"Well, where do I begin. I took him in. Told him he was the key -- that if Spider-Man came in, agreed to register, revealed his identity to the public... that would be the major first step and everything would go well. I'm told he was worried, so I agreed to bring his... girlfriend and aunt in. Edwin Jarvis, a majordomo of the Avengers who used to be the family butler for the Starks... he tells me he got quite chummy with May Parker during those days. We'd protect them since he was... worried... that... his enemies would take their revenge on his loved ones."

"Out of the goodness of your heart, you were going to protect them?" Gwen snapped.

"I'm... given to understand I had other motives. If we had Mary Jane and May under our protection, it would help guard Peter about... second guessing his decision. But... I'm also told we actively, legitimately wanted to keep them safe. And... I have to believe never wanted them to be hurt."

"But you were willing to arrest them when Peter ran."

"Aiding and abetting a fugitive's a crime, Miss Stacy." He paused. "I... am not trying to make excuses."

"What about the armor, huh? The Iron Spider you offered to Peter after he did such a good job revealing himself publicly?! Huh?!" Gwen was shaking with anger.

"Gwen... shh. Try to stay calm," Peter said. He looked unhappy -- these were clearly bringing up memories he didn't like. Mary Jane looked the same.

"Well, I'd designed the original Iron Spider after Spider-Man became an Avenger," Tony said. "And I remember that. Remember seeing his abilities and thinking of ways I could enhance them. Peter's defenses are based on speed and his spider-sense. Great until something either slowed him down, turned out to be just as fast, or jammed the spider sense. You know, like Venom or Carnage do by existing. Or Kaine. Or--

"Don't remind me," Peter muttered.

"So... I wanted the Iron Spider to both close the gaps in Peter's defenses, as well as force multiply his abilities. Enhance his strength and speed, without blunting his senses. Give him more options and weapons without making him reliant on them. If possible, enhance and improve his spider-sense, the same way that my helmet improves my vision, my hearing..."

"So that's why the armor analyzed his spider-sense?"

"In my original design? Yes. Clearly... I decided to use the armor's capabilities to... monitor Peter. Monitor his movements. And work out how his spider-sense worked so we could jam it, if he... turned out to be a problem."

"Yeah," Peter said. "Yeah you did."

"Though to be fair, you did turn out to be a problem."

"After I saw your Negative Zone prison, and heard you and Reed not only defend it but take pride in it!"

Tony looked down. "Yeah. I... I don't... I don't have an answer for that. Look. I know it was terrible. And I wish... God I wish I didn't do it, and I don't remember it."

"So why did you do it?" Gwen snapped. "Huh? Why did you do it?"

"I... can only guess."

"Then guess!"

"Because... because I'd believed in people and been fooled before! I told you before, about Obadiah Stane and his campaign to drive me into an alcoholic pit until I'd never be able to crawl out. He used people to do that, in part. Like Indries Moomji... who sought me out... used pheromones and advanced techniques to draw me in and seduce me... then crush me like a grape so I'd hit the bottle hard. It happened more often... the people you most want to believe in... the ones you most want to..." He took a deep breath. "You learn to not trust your instincts."

"Sure," said Cindy. "Like with Clytemnestra Erwin."

"Who?" Peter asked.

"Objection, your honor!" Tony said, jumping to his feet, letting go of Ollie and throwing his hands up. "Relevance!"

"Sustained," Mary Jane said, looking over her shoulder at Cindy.

"Why do you get to be the judge?" Cindy asked, arching an eyebrow.

"I'm the only one with a connection to both Peter and Tony." She shifted more, to look at Gwen. "And I found a way to forgive him."

Gwen opened her mouth, then looked away.

"What," Tony asked. "What's that look for."

"I saw a lot of things when I was brought back through time," Gwen said.

"Which makes me wonder something," Cindy said. "I understand why you were brought up to date on people like MJ or me, and on the basics of what happened to Peter in the registration act debacle... but you said you saw 'the list of a hundred?'"

"I... know of that list," Tony said. "Though not what was on it. Except Facility 42. The... flashpoint of why Peter elected to tender his resignation."

"That's my point." Cindy frowned. "Most of that list had nothing to do with MJ or Peter or the people Gwen was close to. So why did she get to see it?" She turned to look at Ollie.

Ollie shrugged. "I did what I could to acclimate Gwen during the process. I don't promise everything was immediately relevant."


"Are we done here?" Tony asked. "Can we get back to either Gwen hating me or someone explaining why you called me in the first place."

"I... I just have one more question," Gwen said, lips pursing.

Tony looked at her, then nodded. "Fine." He walked over to the loveseat, then nodded towards Ollie. "Shove over, Blue Man Group. I need to get back into the hotseat."

Ollie sat back up, smoothly, and Tony sat back down, letting her slide back into place and re-sliding his hand to cup her breast. "This really does beat traditional lie detectors all hollow," he said to Ollie. "We should talk replication and distribution. I think there's legs in a product like this."

"Don't talk about replicating abilities right now," Gwen said. "I said I had one more question."


"You know Ovyah's power. You know Peter can unlock it. It can do many amazing things." She lifted her chin. "So if Peter wished to restore all your memories that you lost in your wipe -- everything except the database... so all your decisions, all your bad and good moves... all your reasons and justifications... by you having sex with me... would you take that deal? Would you let me fuck perspective back into you, Mister Stark?"

"Gwen!" Peter said, aghast.

"Shut up, Peter. You know we're not going to be faithful in this project. And sometimes we're going to fuck for the greater good. If Mister Stark is up for it."

Tony stared at Gwen, then looked down. "I can't say I'd mind the method... but I'd rather not get those memories back."

"And why not?"

"Because there's one of two things I'd learn if I did, and I don't know which would be worse."

"And those are?"

Tony looked back up. Looked Gwen in the eyes. "Either I'd learn why I made all those choices and decisions and terrible moves and realize none of it was worth it and I was horribly wrong... or I'd learn why I made all those choices and decisions and terrible moves and decide I was right." He kept looking. "Look... I'd thought about all this before. I knew that sooner or later the government would come down on us or the people would rise up against us. Look at how they treated Peter all these years. Or the X-Men. Or the Thing. I knew we'd hit a crisis point. I didn't have a solution. And right now, I can see that the solution we tried was wrong." He broke his look, looking down at the floor. "I don't want to lose that perspective. And I don't think I'm strong enough to see all of it and know it was wrong. Call me a coward. Call me weak. I don't care what you call me... I think the world's better off with that part of Tony Stark lost for good."

Gwen looked at Tony, then looked down. "You told Steve Rogers it wasn't worth it," she said, softly.

"I did?" Tony looked back up at Gwen. "When?"

"When his corpse was delivered to the Helicarrier."

Tony stared, then looked away. "Then there you are. Jesus, how much of this did you see?"

"Too much." She shivered. "I'm sorry I punched you."

"Yeah, well. I've had worse. I don't blame you. I'd punch me too." He sighed. "So can we get past this?"

"We have to get past this. We need you."

"Why?" Peter asked. "Seriously, I don't know why any more than Tony does. So--"

There was a sudden hammering at the door. "PARKER! You lousy reprobate! You open this door this instant, you menace!" The door slammed open, and a force of nature burst into the room. "This is worse! You never leave a door unlocked, Parker! Haven't I taught you better than that! This is why--"

Peter had half jumped up, staring. "Jonah! You-- hey, c'mon, let's..."

J. Jonah Jameson stared at Peter. Then at Cindy, at Mary Jane, at Gwen... blinking at Gwen. And then at Tony, groping Ollie's breast.

"J. Jonah Jameson," Tony said, cheerfully. "You look good. The mustache's only about a four point two on the Hitler scale. Nicely pulled back."

Jameson stared at Tony, then shook his head, stomping into the kitchenette. "All those years I crusaded against Spider-Man -- clearly I needed to be looking more closely at Iron Man! Tin-plated two-bit--" He opened the fridge, peering inside. "Who the blazes drank my Moxie!"

Tony shifted to face him, letting go of Ollie. "In my defense, I didn't like it."

" blasted idiot... Parker, get your coat. Robbie Robertson called me and told me what he did! Damn foolishness. Come on! I'm buying you lunch! Clearly I'm the only good influence on you. Hello, Gwen. Glad to see you stopped being dead."

"Thanks," Gwen said, quietly. "You look good."

"I've heard. PARKER! Stop lollygagging and come on!"

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