The Seductive Spider-Harem

BY : Rubicon_Cross
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(The following was a scene that took place between parts 1.1 and 1.2, where Peter first got to try Ovyah's more esoteric abilities out. Please enjoy this DVD extra.)

Peter swallowed. His mind was swirling around the different possibilities. Some of them people he'd known for years. That felt... invasive? At least wrong.

On the other hand... one of his earliest memories as a hero -- his most exciting moments... was meeting his neighbors, the already world famous Fantastic Four. He'd gotten to be friends -- or frenemies, anyway -- with hotheaded Johnny Storm, and he and the Thing had the kind of understanding a couple New Yorkers could understand. Reed Richards just intimidated him back then... and still did, a lot of the time, though he'd had a few tense moments with Mister Fantastic over the years...

And then there was Sue.

Sue Storm. Sue Richards. The Invisible Woman -- Girl, back in the day. Funny, strong, tactical, powerful...

...and so stunning...

"Say it," Ovyah half-whispered. "Say the wish, Peter." She smiled, an almost predatory gleam in her eye.

"...okay. I... wish Ovyah would... become Susan Storm. AndthattheFantasticFourneverfindsout!" Peter, still flushed, looked down.

Ovyah chuckled, arching and rising up into the air, her skin flickering back to blue, polychromatic light flowing around her, leaving nothing in her wake...

Peter blinked, looked around. He didn't sense Ovyah anywhere -- and his senses were sharper than most. "...uh... hello?"

A hand touched Peter's shoulder, and he jumped, spinning. "What--"

The tall, blonde woman behind him took a step back, a forcefield springing up between them as a precaution. "Whoa -- calm down, Spider-Man. It's just me." She smiled a bit. "Sorry to surprise you. I do that a lot."

Peter froze, staring...

Her hair wasn't quite shoulder length and was well cared for despite her active career. Her tight blue uniform with the '4' logo accentuated curves half of America had loved for more than a decade. She'd had two children but that had no impact on her beauty beyond filling her out in amazing ways. And more than all of that, her eyes -- the bluest eyes Peter could remember -- looked with concern and care, her easy smile filling his chest to bursting...

"...Sue?" he half-whispered.

"Hello, Peter." She dropped her force field. "I'm honestly sorry. I didn't mean to startle you -- you looked like you were worried, so I was taking precautions."

"Well -- well, sure... I..." Peter looked around, then back. Was... was this really Ovyah? Everything about her screamed Susan Storm -- from her demeanor to her ready compassion to her strength to the force field that had felt strong enough to hold even Peter back. Could... could the djinn's duplication really be this precise -- this accurate? What if this was Sue, against all odds?

"Peter?" Sue cocked her head. "What is it? Are you okay?"

"I... yeah. Yeah, I'm okay." He cleared his throat, looking down--

His erection was still straining his costume -- in fact it was worse now--

Peter yelped, leaping back and spinning to put himself back-to the woman. "I -- can... what can I do to -- would you like some tea or--"

Sue smiled, very slightly. "Peter, it's okay. I've seen hard-ons before. I have children and help train teenagers. I'm flattered." Her cheeks turned very slightly pink. "I admit... it's actually kind of nice. Knowing people like... well, the women you've dated... it's nice to feel like I can compete with a supermodel or the Black Cat."

Peter blinked. "Sue... you can compete with anyone. Seriously. If you weren't married--"

Sue arched a blonde eyebrow. "...if I weren't married... what?" She seemed more amused than anything... though... Peter could see her nipples showing through the unstable molecules fabric of her uniform, more than a few moments before.

Peter ran his hand through her hair. He was wound tight as a wire -- he knew this had to be Ovyah, but... but years of looking but not touching, spending time close by -- even being a member of the Future Foundation for a while... it all screamed that this was Susan Storm -- Susan Richards...

"Peter..." Sue's smile turned a bit crooked, and she cocked her head slightly. "If I didn't know better, I'd almost think you were interested in me."

"...well... interest is one word for..."

Sue began to walk forward. "Is it, now? Is that the word you'd use? Or are you feeling something else?"

"Sue?" Peter almost squealed.

Sue smiled a bit more broadly, biting her lip. "You know, Peter... no one actually knows I'm up here." She slowly reached behind herself with both hands, causing her breasts to arch outward. "So... if you were... interested... I don't think it would cause any harm to look, do you?"

Peter stared, turning back to face her. "Su-Sue..."

"Of course... there's only so much you can see--" There was a sound like a pressurized seal releasing, and her skintight suit suddenly loosened, sliding down her arms, revealing...

...nothing at all, save her head floating in air. "Oops," she said, her uniform pooling on the floor, letting her step out, from the look of the uniform shifting since even her feet were invisible. "That's no good. You can't see anything right now, can you? Hm. Let me... concentrate..."

Slowly, a sheer blue lace bra and bikini panties shimmered into view, in exactly the right places for her otherwise invisible body. "Oh, well... that's a start at least," she said, laughing lightly. And you seem to like them..."

"...oh yes," Peter fairly squeaked.

Susan laughed again. She looked down -- though her breasts were invisible even through the sheer bra, her very erect nipples clearly outlined in the fabric. "Well. They seem to like you. Or is that not what you meant?"

Peter felt a sweat break out all over his body, unconsciously adjusting himself to give his erection more room.

Susan let her eyes trail down to that erection. "Oh you like them a lot...." So saying, the bra suddenly loosened, the straps sliding down invisible shoulders... off invisible arms... the cups falling away from invisible breasts... which didn't stop Peter's eyes from widening.

Susan turned, her head shimmering and vanishing, leaving her entirely invisible except for her still visible panties, which turned profile. "Mmm. Peter?"

"Yeah?" Peter was still staring.

"I'm still figuring out just why you can't see me... would you mind... peeling these off me?"

Peter blinked... and slowly moved closer... reaching out with his hands gingerly...

A hand touched one of his, lifting it to what was clearly an ample breast with a very hard nipple. "Mmm... oh, I think I see the problem," Sue's voice said from nowhere. "You're still in your costume. Take that off, would you? Especially these gloves.

Her hand let go of his, and he pulled it back, off the invisible breast. He struggled a bit, but managed to get his costume down off his body, leaving him very naked and very visible indeed...

"Oh my," Sue's voice said. "You are a big boy now, aren't you. I keep forgetting you've gotten through college. Mm. How about those panties? Little help, here?"

Peter approached, sliding to one knee, and reaching to touch, and cup Sue's invisible flesh, hooking fingers into the straps of her panties...

"That's it," Sue crooned.

Peter peeled them down her perfect legs. Toned and well muscled, warm and smooth... _astounding _in every way...

"Oh good," he heard Sue say... and then felt his hands on his chest, pushing him back. "Now... just relax... and let me do something to help you."

"Help m-me?" Peter asked... then gasped as he felt lips begin to work over and down the head of his shaft, licking under the glans while fingers traced and moved the skin. He could see the skin moving, feel the mouth covering... see the head swell slightly as she sucked...

"Oh God," he moaned as Sue's mouth engulfed his cock, not obscured at all thanks to her invisibility. He fell back prone on the floor, lying on both his and her uniforms as he felt her heavenly lips coaxing a reaction... "God, yes..."

"Mmmm..." Sue said, along with a few slurping sounds. He could almost see her head bobbing as she worked his erect shaft, moaning with pleasure, and he shivered, feeling his orgasm coiling like a spring deep in his pelvis, ready to snap--

Suddenly, her mouth and hands were gone, making Peter cry out at the sudden lack of sensation.

"Shhh..." he heard Susan say... and felt her warm skin on his hips, her own knees sliding to either side of him... he felt the tip of his cock brush something warm, and moist...

Peter felt all the breath leave his body as the stunning pussy of Sue Storm engulfed him, squeezing his shaft... he could see the effect of every bit of her inner folds on the skin of his penis as she took him all the way, holding herself deep within. "...oh, Peter, she moaned..."

With a ripple, Sue came into view over him, back arched as she sat atop Peter, his penis buried to the hilt in her hot vagina, her body so perfect as she began to move. "Yesss," she hissed. "It's been so long..."

"Susan," Peter managed to choke out, even as his hips began moving up against and into her. The pair moved faster now, their breath quickening and their hunger growing... the orgasm that had been denied was boiling up inside him now. "Oh God I can't hold it long," he panted.

"Don't!" Susan shouted. "Let it loose. Come in me! Do it... oh God do it to me, Peter!"

With a shout, Peter reached up and grabbed Susan's hips, pulling them down sharply. As he did, she vanished again, his erect cock visible as it began to twitch. He could see the semen gush from the very tip, then vanish almost instantly... the moment it stopped coming out of him and being in her...

"Oh God," he moaned, even as Susan shrieked, her body and pussy locking around him, her body flickering back into view as she contorted in a massive orgasm of her own.

Finally, she collapsed atop Peter, breathing hard. "...I had no idea," she said, breathlessly. "Oh God, why did we wait so long to do that..."

"Susan," Peter said. "Susan, I... I don't..."

"Shhhh..." Her lips found his, and she kissed him, long and hard. Her lips smelled and tasted just slightly of strawberry lip gloss. Peter's cock twitched inside her body, causing her to moan again....

"...yes..." she whispered as she rippled back out of view... his cock slipping out of her now, as she nestled on top...

" God," Peter whispered again... then blinked as he felt Susan begin to tingle... her proportions shift, and with flickers of light she came back into view...

Ovyah smiled languidly, still atop Peter. She was as naked as Susan had been before, though Susan's uniform was gone, now. Peter felt his seed dripping out of the djinn the same as it had been dripping out of the Invisible Woman... "Bobcat?" Ovyah whispered.


"...whatever else you believe of me... tell me. Am I a liar? And while you think about that, tell me this?" She giggled softly. "Do I grant a decent wish or don't I?"

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