Gwen Stacy’s Sinful Acts

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“Ms.Stacy,” the head scientist said catching Gwen’s attention as she worked on her chemicals,

 “Yes sir?” She asked,

 “Mr.Osborn would like to see you in his office.” He said and Gwen nodded and got up to head upstairs to the main office…she walked passed her intern colleagues and supervisor into the elevator and when the doors closed….she grinned. She passed Harry who smiled happily at her and Gwen gave him a small smile and a nod…he was cleaning the lab floor…like a janitor…Gwen shook her head with a disgusted look once she left his sight, she arrived at the marble doors of Norman Osborn’s office, she knocked and he said to come in which she did and he grinned at her,

 “Hello Gwendolyn, close the door please.” He said with his hands together and once Gwen closed the door he motioned for her to come to him which she did with a growing smile,

 “You wanted to see me sir.” She said as she stood in front of him..her grey knee length skirt…white button blouse with a black blazer and a white lab coat with her hair in a ponytail and she wore her boots,

 “Mr.Osborn?” Gwen asked with a smile catching Norman’s attention from her body, he cleared his throat,

 “Yes uhm…I wanted to ask you, have you  been enjoying your internship?” He asked her and she smirked at him as she looped her hands together,

 “Well it has been a very rewarding experience..working with real scientists along other people my own age..” she said and Norman nodded at her while eyeing her lips,

 “Well…I’ve been hearing good things about your work from your supervisor and how studious you are with your academics.” He said with a impressed smile and Gwen let out a low giggle and moved her thighs together,

 “Mr.Osborn you're making me blush.” She replied and Norman chuckled at that and he eyed her exposed legs…Gwen licked her lips at him and put her hands on her hips,

 “So…is that all Mr.Osborn?…” Gwen asked with a knowing smirk…


Harry tried to follow along with the instructions but it was proving to be too complex…he ended making a mess in the lab by mixing the wrong chemicals together making a overflow of foam and liquid all over the table and the floor, the supervisor was annoyed to say the least being that he hasn’t been making any progress the past week so he was put to help clean the mess while the others watched and snickered at him…the son of the CEO cleaning crap up with a rag…


Once again Norman felt Gwen Stacy’s warm, moist, succulent mouth on his tool as she bobbed on him up and down taking him down her mouth, gums, and even her throat, he sighed as she used her tongue to flick around his member as it pulsed and released his precum and she was on he knees so her sweet apple ass was showing in her skirt so Norman had to touch it with his hand which made Gwen moan with his dick in her mouth and she used her teeth to nip him a bit,

 “Ughhhhhh ughhhh” Norman groaned feeling her teeth on him and he gripped her butt which only made the blonde bob her head faster on him and the slurping could be heard now…Norman was getting sweaty as he felt his dick being sucked on like a popsicle by the intern and he felt the blood rush to his tool and Gwen now had a hand on his member so she can pump hum as she licked the head of his prick, he gasped when she licked all over the leaking bulb and she smiled at him,

 “How is my performance Mr.Osborn?” She asked him and he licked his lips and he ran his thumb down her face into her mouth and she sucked on it too for a moment,

 “I can think of several improvements you can make.” He said with a smirk and she smirked back at him then she leaned up and kissed him with fever and moans in her throat, they mixed their tongues and lapped on top of one another, Norman felt up Gwen’s body from her legs to her hair while Gwen was pulling on his cock some more to keep it hard for her use. 


After being chewed out by the supervisor in the lab, he told Harry to report what he did to his dad in his office…Harry felt everyone’s smirks and stares as he walked down the hall then into the elevator, he rode it up to the executive level where his dad’s office is, he passed by some receptionists and business people who actually rolled their eyes seeing him on that particular floor…they saw him as the goose with the golden egg, everything is his anyways so why should he be there while his father is still in charge…Harry sighed heavily as he reached his dad’s door, he did as he was instructed to do as a child and knocked on his door.


Norman and Gwen stopped their frantic kissing and groping to look at the closed door.


“Dad?…” they heard on the closed door, Gwen looked at Norman in a panic,

 “A moment!” Norman called out and he led Gwen to his own private closet and he pushed her inside and closed the door before adjusting his clothes and sitting back down,

 “Come In!” He shouted and he saw his son timidly enter while looking down with a embarrassed look…Norman let out a sigh and rubbed his forehead….Harry must’ve screwed something up…


Gwen bit her lip to stop from giggling after hearing Mr.Osborn lash out at Harry for making a mess in the lab…Harry had told her he was trying hard in his internship but boy was he really screwing things up, Harry should’ve just stayed home and watch tv Gwen thought to herself, after a few more minutes she heard Harry leave the office then Norman opened the closet door and he smiled at her,

 “Shall we continue?” He asked but Gwen smirked at him with her hands on her hips…her mouth was still stained with his salavia,

 “Mr.Osborn…I’ve been in your office for about 20 minutes…people will wonder where I am or why I am in here for so long…” she said with a knowing smile to him and Norman let out a huff,

 “Understandable…shame my son had to ruin our fun.” He said and Gwen giggled,

 “Maybe we should get our own place.” She said and Norman chuckled at that,

 “Maybe, now should head back to your work station.” Norman turned around but then…Gwen grabbed his hand…he turned to look at the blonde teen who was biting her smiling lip at him,

 “Maybe…a quick one will not go noticed by others…” she whispered then she let go of his hand…then she put them up her long skirt…Norman drooled seeing her pull her red panties down her slender legs over her heels…she dropped them to the floor and she winked at Norman…he huffed with hungry eyes and undid his belt…then he slowly closed the closet door that matched the wall of his office…hiding it from sight.. 


Harry had gone back to the lab after being yelled at by his dad for screwing up in the lab…he had told Harry to be mindful of where and who he is and to try harder to be able to par with Gwen Stacy’s clearly superior intellect, Norman had even said Harry should just quit if he’s gonna keep breaking expensive things in the lab but Harry promised to try harder and not screw up. Once he had gone back he was put on what was basically temp work like handle the paperwork and help collect the gear which he did much to the humor of the interns around him who were actually doing scientific work…he was grateful Gwen worked on a higher level so there was little chance of her seeing him work like a basic assistant. 


Ughhh ughhhhh aughhhhh ohhhhhh ughhh ugh” Norman grunted and groaned as he thrusted his hips into Gwen’s pussy as he held her against the wall, he couldn’t see her butt because of the skirt but the sound of her pussy juice squishing with his precum made him harder so he put a hand on her breast covered by her clothes. He had a hand on her mouth to silence her squeaky moans and he felt her swab his palm with her tongue which made him grip her breast tightly making her gasp as she felt the warm member push through her walls that were squeezing Norman as he kept going and going,

 “Ohhhh ohhhhh My Lord ohhhhhhh Gwen ahhhhhhh ughhhhhhh Gwen!!” Norman started to moan as he felt his tool overflow from the tight tunnel around him, he put his both hands on Gwen’s arms to hold her still so now only her ass and legs were moving from his thrusts while her body was pressed against the wall and her breasts were meshed so roughly that Gwen felt her nipples rub against the cups of her bra making the nips red and hard from friction,

 “Ughhhhh ughhhhhhh ohhhhhh” Gwen’s groans became more deep and rough in her throat.


Alice, Norman’s assistant, glanced with wide eyes when she heard a loud moan coming from Mr.Osborn’s office…no else was around the floor so only she could her the sounds coming from the walls,

 “Ahhhh ahhhhh ohhhhh Goddd ahhhh ahhhhh ohhhhhhh Yesss ahhhhh” she could her the girl’s gleeful moans through the wall…she could also her Mr.Osborn’s loud grunts which clearly meant he was going faster…


“Ughhhh ughhhhh Gwendolyn I’m almost there!!! Ughhhh ughhhh ughhhh ohhhhh Where!?!” Norman asked with a red sweaty face since they had forgotten about a certain rubber item they should’ve used, Gwen panted and moaned as her hands were on the wall now while Norman’s hands were on her ass gripping her cheeks under the skirt,

 “Ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhh ohhhhh ohhhh cum on my ass ohhhhhh ughhh ughhhh ahhhh  just on my butt cheeks not inside!!! Ahhhhh ahhhhh” Gwen replied with increasing grunts and groans, she felt her body warm up for her release as the liquid was about to burst through, her mouth open and her voice squeaky while Norman kept grunting and hissing feeling the hot walls squeeze his tool now as he moved in and out, they grew hot with passion, sweaty from want and panting like dogs….things have really escalated for these two..


She gasped when she heard..

 “Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Norman!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh” A loud female moan then,

 “UGHHHHHHHH JESUS CHRIST OHHHHHH” An equally loud grunt and moan coming from Mr.Osborn…she sighed and rubbed her head knowing it was only him and the intern inside.


Gwen stepped out of Norman’s office and she waved goodbye to the receptionist…who saw the intern rub her ass with her hand as she went into the elevator…


Gwen was with Harry walking down the hallway after the shift ended for the day, Gwen played a supportive face when Harry admitted to screwing up in the lab,

 “Don’t worry about it Harry, no one gets it right the first time.” She had told him but in reality….she wanted to call him an idiot for not knowing that those two chemicals would have negative reactions with each other since he was supposed to know about them before work. They were about to walk out when,

 “Harry!” Someone called out from behind and the pair looked back to see Norman with the supervisor from Harry’s spot, Harry had a nervous look but Gwen smiled at him and patted his back in support before he walked to them….Gwen snickered as soon as Harry was out of range, she watched them talk then Harry sulked as he looked back at Gwen with a apologetic look…then Norman walked up to her as Harry walked with his supervisor back upstairs, Gwen gave Norman a smirk with crossed arms,

 “What did you do Mr.Osborn?” She asked and he smiled at her,

 “Well the supervisor and I agreed that Harry should be taught the safety procedures here at the labs…as in right now.” He said and Gwen giggled with a roll of her eyes,

 “Guess I’m walking home by myself then, well goodnight Mr.Osborn.” Gwen said with a chuckle but Norman chuckled as well,

 “I’m not gonna let my good friend’s daughter walk the city streets at night, come I’ll drop you off on my way home.” Norman said as he walked in front of Gwen meant to lead her and she chuckled again,

 “I do have to be home soon…my dad knows what time my shift ends Mr.Osborn..” Gwen said with a knowing tone and Norman looked back at her as they walked into the empty parking lot,

 “Then I guess we could…” Norman started with a look at Gwen and he glanced at something that made Gwen gasp with a shocked laugh,

 “Are you insinuating I’m willing to make love in that!?!” Gwen asked with a laugh as she pointed a finger at….the porta potty across the street that was next to a empty construction site…Norman chuckled at Gwen who smirked at him,

 “Not make love my dear, I meant quick sex.” He replied and Gwen bit her lip with a growing smile…luckily she never put her panties back on…

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