Gwen Stacy’s Sinful Acts

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In Another Universe…..Something Sinful Is About To Happen


He watched her as she walked down the hallway, fine legs in a work skirt with her heavenly figure clad in a turtleneck sweater and lab coat, he smiled at her and she nodded a smile at her boss as they passed each other. He looked over his shoulder to watch her ample perky ass sway as she walked with her cute ponytail swinging as well, god he loved her since the moment he first laid eyes on her the day she started her internship in the genetics lab and she wore a sexy black skirt that fell above her knees and a black button shirt…oh how he wanted to fuck her right there in the lab but….he was nearing 60, and she was just 17 years old…and friends with his son since he was a child. 

   But Norman Osborn grinned evilly as he he entered his office as he remembered a few things about that: he witnessed her blossom into an elegant, attractive young lady since she was in 8th grade when she met Harry and had started to come over to hang out since both their families come from high society, he collected a certain photo where the Osborns and Stacys went to the beach together last summer and Gwen wore a blue one piece swimsuit that hugged her body perfectly…Norman stared at the photo and ran a finger down Gwen’s body on the photo as he visualized himself touching it and caressing it in his master bedroom,he reached under his pants and stroked his member at the thought. 

  Osborn Mansion-Late Evening 

Norman entered his home to find his son watching tv with a huge grin on his face, he walked by when Harry spoke up,

 “Hey dad, guess what.” Norman was facing away from Harry so he didn’t see him roll his eyes at his son,

 “What is it son?” Norman asked with a fake smile,

 “Gwen and I are dating.” He said happily and Norman raised his eyebrows in surprise,

 “Really? After all this time as friends? Why now and how did it happen?” He asked Harry,

 “Well you know…we’re gonna be seniors and we’ve been friends since forever, plus her crush, the nerdy school photographer started dating the slut cheerleader so I guess she moved on.” Harry said plainly, and Norman simply nodded at him and left the room, 

 “Oh yeah Gwen’s here too” Harry said through the long hallway and Norman stopped and grinned to himself..he figured there’s only one place she’d be, he went to the hallway where the bathroom was and sure enough, Gwen came out of it. She gasped when she bumped into Norman,

 “Oh Mr.Osborn I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were home.” She said to him and he smiled down at the blonde,

 “Harry told me the good news, you two are seeing each other now” he said to her and she shyly looked down,

 “He told you, we only decided to date earlier at school.” Gwen said with blushing cheeks and Norman stepped closer and Gwen looked up at him with her green eyes,

 “Guess that means you and I will be seeing more of each other as well, I look forward to that Gwendolyn” Norman said with a soft voice with his hard deep voice that made other weak men quake in their boots, and Gwen gulped…he knew he succeeded in digging into her mind,

 “So do I sir” she said with her soft raspy voice,

 “Gwen please…call me Norman” he said and leaned in close, she gulped again and simply said “ok” and went back to the living room, Norman looked back to watch her sweet rear swing with her hips. He grinned at his luck. 

  Several Weeks Later 

 Norman had been watching Gwen whenever she visited the mansion, when she was at Oscorp doing her internship, or simply at school since he had a glass tinted car to hide himself as he watched her. But he noticed something throughout the past few days: Gwen was pinning for Peter Parker, Harry’s lower class friend from Queens…he huffed the time he saw her hug Peter as a casual hello and there was an occasion where she chose to hang out with Peter rather than accompany Harry to a banquet last week. She certainly was an attractive young woman and he loved watching her everyday. However on this particular day he saw something…Gwen kissed Harry goodbye as he got in the limo and went off after the school day had ended, Gwen then made her way down the street…alone..Norman face grew a smile on it and he told the driver to follow her and luckily this was a car he kept for himself and no one knew about it except for the driver of course. She walked down the street until she reached her home which was a fancy apartment building that had its own elevators and fancy doorman, along with security cameras. Once Gwen went inside Norman waited a bit before going inside and demanding to speak to the building manager. 

    A while later Norman left the building with a smirk on his face…he convinced the manager, who was obese and clearly a creep, to install some secret cameras he got for a couple thousand dollars in her home and he was more than eager to agree since he too clearly noticed her gorgeous body for a teenager. 

   The Next Few Days 

Norman watched as Harry and Gwen went on their little dates at the theater and at restaurants hidden among the crowd as he just focused his sights on Gwen and her mannerisms with Harry…she was…bored with him…her face was one clearly plastering a fake smile to maintain composure with her date. Norman chuckled to himself whenever he saw this and on this particular day, he got a call, the cameras were set. 

  Later that Night 

 Norman was in his large office, the floor was nearly empty since it was almost 2 AM and everyone went home except for the security guards on the lower floors so he was able to fully relax…and he unzipped his pants as he was checking on the video feed that records and streams it back to his personal hard drive.

  Earlier That Day-5PM 

  Gwen Stacy walked into her bedroom and put her bag aside and removed her coat since it was cold that day. She closed bedroom door and…she started to unbutton her blouse, she removed it revealing her nice smooth skin, her cute little belly button,slim waist and her sweet breasts that weren’t big but were not small, they were grippable and had some bounce in them whenever she was running in gym class, she rubbed her stomach and sighed as she went to her long mirror and looked at her reflection as she undid the ponytail and let her hair fall free as she stretched her arms. She reached back and unclasped the white bra that held her tits, she put her bra aside as she felt the air hit her bare breasts and she shuddered slightly as her nipples hardened a bit and she went to her drawer and pulled out some sweats, then her hands went to her skirt and she unzipped it at the side and it fell off revealing her slender legs that had a real male desire about them, they were smooth and her thighs were gorgeous and her butt was so sexy and spankable in the black lace panties she had on. 

 Present Time 

Norman huffed as his hand worked his cock into overdrive as he pulled on it while watching Gwen’s Stacy sweet its ass as she completely undressed and her luscious body was in his view through the various cameras installed in her room. He pumped his cock as she knelt down showing her ass in full view to the camera he went faster imagining his dick pushing inside her pussy from behind, oh how he would spank it, grip the flesh in his hands, and even kiss it to show how lovely it is. Norman kept jerking off as Gwen grabbed her sweatpants and hoodie much to Norman’s displeasure since it hid her skin and butt. He sighed and he just decided to frame some screenshots of her butt and her breasts for later but he did see Gwen answer her cell phone and he figured it was Harry who had called her since he could see Gwen’s face become one with annoyance and impatience for the conversation to end which made Norman chuckle at the sight as he put his cock away since Gwen had ended her changing session but seeing her use her phone gave him another idea. 


Norman decided to work at home after hearing that Gwen would be stopping by to hang out with Harry so he was in his home office just watching out the window for the blossoming blonde with a glass of whisky in his hand, then there was a knock on the door,

 “Yes?” He called out,

 “Hey dad, can I talk to you for a minute?” Harry asked and Norman gave his son a stare,

 “Isn’t Gwen on her way? So surely a discussion takes longer than a minute does it not?” Norman asked his son with sarcasm and Harry of course cowered at his voice and he just sighed and rubbed his head,

 “Very well, what is it?” Norman asked him and Harry couldn’t even look his father in the eye,

 “Well…the thing is uhmm…how do I know if Gwen is…uhmm…happy with me?” He asked and Norman chuckled at the stupid question, but then he had a thought…has Gwen…..,

 “Well Harry..” Norman started as he poured himself another glass,

 “It doesn’t really matter if she’s happy, what matters if she’s….satisfied, is she satisfied son?” Norman asked with curiosity and Harry of course had a look of dumbness on him,

 “Well she likes the food we eat when we go out and she likes the movies we see.” He replied and that answer was all Norman needed to know as to Gwen’s untapped pussy. Norman just told Harry to keep taking Gwen on dates and to be mindful and respectful of her when they’re alone which only made Gwen more bored with Harry much to his obliviousness. Harry thanked his dad as he left his office, Norman smirked to himself as he held a photo of a half naked Gwen Stacy in his hand…her breasts in full view while her pussy and butt was hidden under her cute pink panties. 


Norman was working on some files in his office when he heard a knock on his door,

 “Yes?” He said and the door opened slightly,

 “Excuse me, Mr.Osborn?” Gwen said and Norman smiled and got up,

 “Gwendolyn, come in.” He said and she gave him a smile as she stepped inside and closed his door, she approached the desk,

 “What brings you here?” Norman asked with a friendly smile as his eyes roamed all over her body, she wore a nice knee length black skirt that showed her apple ass with a cute white button top showing off her slim frame and growing chest, she seemed nervous from her smile which only made Norman’s cock grow hard,

 “Mr.Osborn I just wanted to ask you something..” Gwen started with a curious look to Norman who nodded for her to continue, Gwen put a hand to her hip and smirked at Norman,

 “Did you enjoy the show?” She asked with narrow eyes and Norman feigned a confused look and that’s Gwen took something out of her purse and put it on Norman’s table that made him sweat….it was the small camera,

 “Let me ask you something Norman Osborn…” Gwen started to say and Norman gulped in fear of a NYPD SWAT team barging in any second, Gwen put her hands on his desk and leaned in with a grin which only confused Norman even more,

 “Did I make you cum?…” Gwen whispered as her hand went to play with Norman’s tie and he breathed in deeply from her alluring face and smile nearing his,

 “Well Mr.Osborn….did my body make you ejaculate?” Gwen asked again and Norman just nodded making Gwen let out a cute giggle, then she backed away and she went around the desk and Norman was red with sweat and his heart thumping against his chest as she stood in front of him with a grin, then she hopped onto his desk and she winked at him and she went on her knees and her hands made quick work of his belt and pants,

 “ Gwendolyn!? What are you…” Norman’s shocked question was cut off by Gwen’s mocking smile,

 “Like you haven’t masterbated thinking of this.” Gwen countered and Norman’s head fell back against his chair with a gasp and deep sigh when his member, which hasn’t seen a woman’s hole in several years, was engulfed by the young woman’s moist mouth and her tongue licked the head of his tool as she took him little by little making little moans sounds as she did taking him deeper and deeper into her mouth with her tongue swirling around his growing dick. Norman was in heaven…he couldn’t believe this was happening, he put a hand to the top of her head and he felt her soft blonde hair only confirming that this wasn’t an illusion and he looked down and saw that Gwen was staring right at him with mocking eyes as she bobbed her head faster on him, 

 “Ohhhhh Gwendolyn ohhhhhh ohhhhhhhh” Norman moaned feeling his body go light as she sucked him and swirled her tongue around his tool like a snake and Norman’s hand played with her hair making Gwen moan more and more and his other hand went to grip her other hand which she allowed so now they held hands as she sucked on the old man who has been in her life for as long as she could remember…and now she was on he knees, blowing him, and she enjoyed his taste,

 “Grhhhh grhhhh rghhhhhh ughhhhh grhhhhh ghhhhhh rgghhhh” Gwen gagged on his tool, she took him whole and let it throb in her mouth as it neared her throat, Norman groaned and he gripped her hair making her groan in her throat too, then she nipped him lightly with her teeth…..and that was it,

 “UGHHHHHH” Norman cock pulsed once more in her mouth before it popped and he cam inside her gums, Gwen sighed in her throat as she drank his semen and licked his tool clean while Norman was in a daze and a wide grin on his face, he felt Gwen’s mouth let his cock go and he felt the cool air hit his rod as it leaked out his cum, he sighed and rubbed his head to clear his vision….and he saw Gwen wipe her mouth free of cum and wink at him….then she played with the hem of her skirt,

 “Care to return the favor Mr.Osborn…oral for oral?” Gwen teased with a small cute smile and Norman just stared at her for a few moments…then he grinned….Harry was with his tutor at home so he knew Gwen had time, and the blonde girl smiled at him,

 “I think this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship Mr.Osborn…oh and I plan to break up with Harry because he is so dull and pathetic.” Gwen said with a mocking smile and Norman scoffed a smile,

 “Of course he is…Ms.Stacy…I must ask you…” Norman cleared his throat before he asked the daring question but Gwen cut him off already knowing,

 “I cheated on Harry….” Gwen started to say as Norman narrowed his eyes at her while she gave him a cheshire grin,

 “I lost my virginity to someone in the internship program…someone who attends Midtown with us….someone from the poor streets of Queens.” Gwen said in a mocking tone and Norman’s face grew a wide smile…then he pulled her close and Gwen gasped and laughed when he put his mouth right on her pussy and started to enjoy his meal…Gwen moaned out and groaned….thankfully Peter Parker had already worn out her used to be virgin pussy so now it was ready for anything…even a old man who made her wetter by the flick of his tongue…


   And That’s How It Started…..


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