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Chapter I II: AKA I can quit whenever I want

“Oh, well, it’s a trophy, something like the enemy’s scalp!” Jessica shrugged, wishing that Trish didn’t find anything else so compromising.

Too late. Trish was already holding it

“What about this?” she squeaked, waving the purple and black babydoll in front of her.

- Shit!- Jessica cursed in her mind.

“It’s only sex, nothing else!” the detective repeated, growing nervous.

“Jessica, I’m worried for you.” Trish murmured, concern in her tone.

“Why? It’s not a drug.” Jessica scoffed. “I can quit whenever I want. You know what? I’ve already quit.” she assured, walking her friend to the door. “All I need right now is just and only sleep!” she greeted her, going to bed, finally.

Jessica had just done what ever addict does: deny they have an addiction.


It was deep night when Jessica woke up, but she felt as if it was late morning.

It doesn’t matter if the dark outside the window kept proving it was deep night.

Not even her alarm clock that indicated it was 2:30 a.m. seemed to fully convince her.

She was still a little numb due to the jet-lag, but she was hungry as well.

She had dinner at a really weird time of the night or she had very early breakfast, with a bowl filled with cereals and milk that miraculously hadn’t expired yet, during her days far from home.

She laid down on the sofa, with the bowl on her lap, as she watched her iPhone.

She was lost in her thoughts when she opened the gallery.
She didn’t know why she had still stored the pictures of herself she used to send to Kevin some weeks before.

She deleted them all. Easy. All it took was a click.
Too bad there wasn’t a click for her thoughts, too.

- Will he be back? Will he be still in England?- she wondered, sinking the spoon in the bowl, without lifting the spoonful.

She had another question in her head, while she checked her phone book under the K letter.

- Will this number still be active? -

There was only a way to find out.

After all she was a detective and she could consider it an investigation… to find out if she still had a valid number of her sworn nemesis.
Oh c’mon, her heroine duty was asking her to do that!

She preferred not to eat, to avoid that the crunch could cover the ring.
Only a single, super fast, fleeting ring.


- Yep, it’s ringing, so it’s still active. -

That was her accurate detection and she was about to end the call.

“Jessica?” she heard an answer from a male tone of voice that was anything but sleepy.

- Shit! How fucking fast was he? Does this damn man ever sleep? Well, you’re not sleeping as well. Maybe he’s fighting with jet-lag as well!-

“Jessica? C’mon, I know it’s you… you didn’t even make a private call!” Kevin chuckled from the other side.

- Sure, a private call, what a fucking idiot! There are the basis of being a detective!- the girl blamed herself.

“I would figure out it was you anyway. I can always tell when it’s you.” the man purred.

He was accustomed to phone calls in which he was the only speaking part.

He had the feeling that that call would last for a while, so he sat on the moquette, his back against the long side of his bed.

Jessica placed the bowl on the floor and sank better on the sofa.

“But it doesn't make sense to make just me talk. After all, you started the call!” he made her notice.

The girl took a long breath before speaking.
She had called him. Kevin was right. She owed him that.

“I was just trying to find out if you still had this number.” she cut it short.

“As you can see, I have.”

He couldn’t have been more obvious.

“So, useless waste of existence, are you back in New York?” she asked him, as ‘lovely’ as usual.

That attitude did nothing but entertain her listener.

“Is it your kind way to ask me if I had a nice flight?” he chuckled. “Well, I suppose I had. Since I was the only passenger onboard, I really have nothing to complain about.”

“Th-the only passeng…” the girl stammered, as her mind recorded that info giving her the creepiest, more grotesque and macabre scenario ever.

A scenario of multiple, innocent deaths.

“Look, I didn’t make anyone kill themselves. Oh, c’mon, you’ve just to quit thinking the worst of me!” the man pretended to be insulted.
“Thinking the worst of you always put me on the right track!” she struck back, although she was really impressed by his revelation.
“Someone told me not to always choose the gory way.” he made her smile

Oddly, she had decided to believe him, at least that time.

“How did your journey go? Let me guess. Stressful. Endless, with an unbearable number of connecting flights, pressed by people in narrow and uncomfortable places.”

Killgrave has just practically described how Jessica’s return really was.

“Just… how?” Jessica frowned.

“Until you stick to beggar level, this is what you’ll get.” he denigrated her. “Don’t you recall the high standards when you used to be my Princess?”

“I wasn’t a Princess and even less I was yours!” the girl barked at him, as unpleasant memories overwhelmed her.

“You’re right. Back to those days, you weren’t mine. Not completely at least.”

Kevin astonished Jessica with that admission.

“But you were mine, some evenings ago, in that room. Only me and you. And you were mine, both with your body and mind, both with the words and the actions. With the hugs, the kisses, the scratches and the bites. We’ve burnt with passion and we did crave each other, Jessica, just like two normal lovers do,” he said, almost moaning.

Jessica kept the mobile stuck to her ear, going into raptures with that voice.

Ironic. With the power he had, Killgrave could have even had an insulse, cracking, annoying voice.
Nothing like that.
He had such a manly, deep, suave voice, caressing like silk, but that could also become roaring like a thunder.

- Not to mention his damn sexy British accent!- Jessica added to her own considerations, too engrossed in listening at him to strike back, as she loosened the neckline of the beige tank top she was wearing.

It was getting rather hot there.

Hey you, say that you're only having fun and then
You call me up at three A-M again
Baby you got me doing dirt, doing dirt, doing dirt

“You know, it’s rather funny, I’ve spent ten hours wondering how I could approach you and then you call me up at three a.m.. Again.”

Despite his irresistible British accent, he was pissing her off once more.

Her mind was invaded by the flashbacks of those nights where he went away on purpose, leaving her alone, her mind filled with the doubts Killgrave himself created. Unavoidably, Jessica ended up calling him up at three a.m. or even more late, lacking sleep, lacking self-confidence and lacking happiness.

“You, fucking asshole, you had ordered me to be desperate and jealous without you!” she retorted, furious.

“Maybe I had, but I haven’t ordered you to call me now, just like I didn’t ask you to rush to my house a couple of nights ago…” he made her notice.

- Dammit! Why does he always have a prompt answer for anything? And why am I feeling hot again?- Jessica bit her lower lip, frustrated.

“Oh, Jessica, it had already been so wonderful to have you in my arms when you were so defenceless and weak…, but to have you there, in front of me, with all your power, that wild fury you dominated me with…. “ he groaned and… was it the noise of a lowered zipper what she had just heard?

- Oh, shit… is he really ….?- she wondered, caressing her neck, unconsciously.

“Faster and faster, more and more violent, my beautiful and untamed Amazon … I can still feel you… your legs wrapped around my hips, as tight as bolt cutters, your heat, your moans, the fire you had in your eyes… that fire burns just and only for me, doesn’t it? Jesssicaaahhhhh….” he went on giving pleasure to himself, increasing the rhythm along with the hot memories he recalled.

Jessica didn’t want to miss a single instant, her hand pressing hard her mobile to her ear, almost piercing it, her other hand that started teasing her breasts, already free from the uncomfortable bra. She just had to make her hand slip under the tank top.

“Jessica, you know how I feel towards you, more than once I’ve played with an open hand. About what you feel for me, it’s not clear but you do feel something. There’s something between us, something you can’t just ignore…” he murmured, engrossed in his activity.

Jessica didn’t talk anymore, but she was finding suddenly unbearable all the dresses she wore.

“Oh, Jessica if you were here with me, right now… don’t you want to know what I would do to you?” he asked her, slowing down.

“N..nope.” was the girl’s way too weak answer.

“I’d rip your clothes off, with no poetry, with no patience, I’d lift you in my arms, you would wrap your legs around my waist, maybe still wearing your booties… and then I’d push you against the wall and we would make savage love, right there, against the wall, I would surely not be afraid of breaking you…I would bite every inch of your skin I can have access to, and then…” he started displaying his erotic fantasies, his eyes already closed.

"Tell me, Jessica, tell me what you would do to me, play with me, imagine I am right there with you, caressing your..."

There was a noise Killgrave didn’t like one bit.

Jessica had just hung up and that had spoilt the magic.

Hey you, don't wanna love you on the telephone

You're hanging up and I am all alone

Baby you got me doing dirt, doing dirt, doing dirt

It had been good loving her on the telephone, but to Kevin it wasn't enough.
That rejection, no matter if only virtual, sent him back to loneliness and unsatisfaction.

-That girl will drive me mad!-

And now I wanna find you but you're off the run

My heart's exploding like a burning sun

And I know you like it when it hurts, when it hurts, when it hurts

Maybe he should have gone to her, but something told him it wasn’t the right move.
It was better not to force anything.
Maybe she would have come to him or maybe not, but something told him it was better to wait.
He felt that this time everything was different.
A Jessica he couldn’t control was a brand new Jessica and it would be even more satisfying to try and conquer her.
He felt his heart exploding like a burning sun, just at the thought that she could really feel something for him. Something not ordered.
And perhaps it was already happening.

- Maybe she didn’t hang up because she was disgusted… but scared. Scared by herself and what she feels for me… whatever it is. I should play on this, a little bit.-


Kevin wasn’t wrong.
Jessica had promptly hung up distressed, but only for a realization that struck her.

- Oh, shit, I do have an addiction! -

Being panic-stricken was utterly useless.
She was good with fighting addictions.
She had helped Malcolm getting out of that, why shouldn’t she have helped herself?

- I just have to avoid Kevin as much as I can. You can’t be tempted if the temptation is not there! - she encouraged herself, confident.

But she just had to close her eyes to hear again all the things he had said to her, with that silky voice that made her shiver… not for the power it had over any other people, but for what it triggered within her.

It was just a matter of seconds, before her hand made its way under her pajama shorts and her mind made its way through memories and hot fantasies.

After all, even beating Kevin turned her on, even more when she made him bleed.
Between them it was a sort of twisted foreplay.

Her hand did its job until she got the warm, wet and viscous reward, a moment before receiving a text message on her mobile.

And she had no doubt about who the sender was.

‘You did it, too, didn’t you? Oh, c’mon, I know you did. Goodnight, my dirty, dirty girl. K.’

- Oh, shit!-



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