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thank you so SO much for reading '24 hours' and 'My way'.
Well, I'll never know if you liked them... but here's the sequel ^^

Chapter I: AKA I can quit whenever I want

Killgrave would hardly forget such a burdensome humiliation, he mostly was used to humiliate other people.
It hadn’t been easy to wait for the tranquilizer to expire its effect and it had been even harder to ask for someone who would have unavoidably seen him.

His ultimate choice was between Frederick or Robert, because to make a woman see him like that would be even more embarrassing than ever.
Finally he chose to call Frederick: a simple waiter would have to meet him less frequently than a bodyguard who was practically his shadow.

At the beginning Killgrave thought he had been smart enough to ask the waiter to come in with a knife, keeping his eyes closed, but then he wasn’t sure anymore it was a good idea to make someone who couldn’t see bring the sharp blade so close to his wrists.

Although he was disappointed, Killgrave had ordered the waiter to open his eyes and he hadn’t miss the flicker in his servant’s eyes.
He hadn’t told him anything until he had been free again, but once he had wore his clothes again, his order hadn’t take much to arrive:

“Forget what you’ve just seen and if, for some reasons, one day you should recall it, put your head into an oven at 200 degrees.”

- After all, Jessica advised me not to make people gouge their own eyes, she didn’t say anything about ovens. Besides, there’s a large chance that this meaningless being will never recall what he saw this morning. -

Killgrave was thinking about all this stuff, as the car was taking him to Newcastle airport.

After all, Jessica had told him she was waiting for him to come back to New York, why should he ever keep her wait?

- I’m coming back to you… and I don’t know how long I’ll hold back before seeing you again, even if I had to double my bruises!-

The man needed time to elaborate his thoughts, reliving the events of the previous night.
Yes, Killgrave had to wait until the morning after, before his servant set him free, Jessica had used a very powerful sedative.
That girl’s determination kept fascinating him. She had studied her plan in every slightest detail and she managed to fool him, getting what she wanted.

- That’s the main point. What do you really want, Jessica? You keep giving me way too many mixed signals.-

“You’re lucky, Sir, there’s still one free seat. We have just start the boarding, so we should be able to add you onboard. I see you’ve just one hand baggage.” the hostess took his mind off his pondering.

He had asked her news about the first available flight to New York and she was just doing her job.
Kevin turned his gaze towards her. She was rather attractive, tall, blonde, with blue eyes set off by the square glasses she wore. She wore an aquamarine suit that enhanced all her sexy curves.
She was a real splendor.

Unluckily  (or luckily)  Kevin had eyes only for another girl, a girl he had to reach as soon as possible.
Knowing her as he knew her, Jessica must have taken the cheapest flight back home, with a number of ports of calls and hour of travel really hard and unpleasant to tolerate.

If only she had stayed with him, she could have reached home in about just ten hours, first class, spoiled in every possible way. Spoiled by him, mostly.

“Do you travel alone, Sir?” the hostess asked him.

That gave him an idea.

- I need time to think. Ten hours on my own could be the solution.-

“You had it right. I travel alone. You’re going to make me travel all alone. The only passenger on board.” he answered, his almost hypnotic voice echoing in the hostess’ mind.

No wait. Without the ‘almost’.

In half an hour a group of quite unaware, puissed off and confused people were forced to leave the plane and go down. Who had not boarded yet found the staff preventing them from boarding. On the tapis roulant the passengers’ baggage show edup. The staff removed them from the plane as well.

Killgrave walked among those unlucky and unhappy people. To someone he suggested to leave for a completely different destination, he convinced someone else to spend more days in Newcastle, with someone he was a tad eviler and didn’t resist the temptation of making them develop a sudden fear of flying.

He smirked satisfied, before boarding on his flight. Literally his own flight, now.

In one way or another he had taken care of all the passengers.
Without killing anyone.

- I’m making huge progresses … or rather I’ve softened way too  much. It’s a matter of point of view, I guess which one would be Jessica’s. - he pondered, as he decided which seat to take.

The advantage of having a flight to your whole disposal.


Jessica was so totally worn out after that flight of twenty-three hours that she was about to kiss the ground when she finally arrived to JFK airport.

Very laboriously, she dragged herself home. She arrived home at dawn. All she wanted was to reach her bed, but she realised it was an utopy when she saw who was waiting for her there.
Someone with arms crossed at her chest and a clearly disappointed face.

“Is this the way to disappear? What were you thinking? You left such a short message saying you were going to look for Killgrave, on your own?! I haven’t been sleeping for two days straight!” Trish snapped.

Concern was consuming her, as she approached to her best friend and sister.
After all, her eye bags didn’t lie about  her lack of sleep.

“I’m so glad that you didn’t find him, you regained your lucidity and came back home!” she added, hugging her.

“Actually… I did find him.” the brunette informed her, accepting the embrace.

Patricia instantly pushed Jessica away from her, terrified.

“So he’s controlling you now, isn’t he? And probably he wants you to kill me, but, let me warn you, I’m going to fight to the bitter!” the talk-show star threatened her, ready to resort to every martial art she knew.

Jessica dodged her, a little bored, laying on her bed.

“Yeah, right. As you play the ninja, I’m going to have a little nap.” she murmured, closing her eyes.

“What? You’re not controlled?” the blonde wondered in awe, still keeping her fighting position.

Whenever Killgrave was involved, you could never be prudent enough.

“Oh yeah, very, very controlled. Actually, Killgrave himself ordered me to have a nap, before dealing with you,” the detective grumbled, ready to get some more than deserved sleep.

Too bad that someone was preventing her from having it.
A hand shook her shoulder, not even too gently.

“Fuck, Jessica, I’m serious!” Trish grew irritated.
“If Killgrave had controlled me for real, I wouldn’t have given you even the time to speak!” the brunette made the joke end.

Now she was forced to stay awake.

“He can’t control me anymore, at least for now. But I’m going to do everything in my power not to let him control me ever again!” she swore to her friend but even more to herself.

“Wait. Stop, rewind. You said you saw Killgrave, right? You mean that you saw him from afar.” Trish frowned.

She was understanding less and less about that issue and it was a sensation that she hated.

Jessica recalled the previous night. ‘From afar’ definitely wasn’t the exact word to describe her closeness to Killgrave. ‘From within’ would be more fitting.

“Nope, Trish, I’ve faced him, that’s why I know that he can’t control me anymore.” the detective admitted.

“How? How did you manage to do that?” the speaker kept interrogating her.

Jessica pondered what to do.
It would be enough to tell her that she had found out where Killgrave was hiding, that she had bravely faced him and he had been panic-stricken so he had tried to ordered her something, but she had deliberately disobeyed him.

Maybe she could tell Trish that she had managed to grab Killgrave’s arm, he had yelled at her to let him go and she hadn’t loosened her grip, until someone else intervened and helped him to get free and escape.
Yeah, it could be a believable hypothesis, a tale that could sustain itself on a structure of lies that was solid enough.

But she was talking with Trish. Her dearest friend. Her sister.
She couldn’t lie to her sister.

“Okay, you’re right. I’ll tell you everything. It’s just fair to let you know. Besides, I feel like I’m going to explode if I don’t t confess it to someone!” Jessica decided once for all, walking towards her desk to take the bottle of wicky she kept in the drawer.

“Jess, for God’s sake, it’s six o'clock in the morning!” Patricia made her notice, grimacing.

“Trust me, we’re gonna need it.” the other replied, filling two glasses.

“You’re so exaggerate … and you have serious alcohol problems, too.” the blonde rolled her eyes at the roof.

Jessica knew which buttons she had to push.


“What if I told you that Killgrave managed to deprive me from my powers for a whole day?”

“I would say ‘fill me another glass and tell me everything!’” her friend replied, shocked.

Jessica obeyed, smiling as she filled their glasses.

“Trust me, this is not even the part for which you’re going to need to drink!”


“Oh, c’mon you can’t be serious!” Trish grumbled after Jessica’s tale and after her third glass.

“I am damn serious! Given that my months of captivity with him had been a living hell, now things changed… when we had sex and I hadn’t my powers… he was so sweet, gentle, caring… and it wasn’t just about sex.  We played, we joked, we teased each other in a funny way… it almost felt like a date… well, before he fucked everything up and revealed who he really is…” Jessica remarked, after her fifth glass.

“You should never forget who he really is,” the blonde acted like her Talking Cricket.

“I don’t. When I went looking for him, my first goal was to beat him up, hurt him physically and make him pay for what he did to me. I wanted to get my revenge… but then things went pretty heated,” she confessed, pondering if she should have her sixth glass, but she decided not to.

“The point is, when he controlled me it was horrible, awful, I couldn’t lead my own body, I barely was aware of what was going on, but now it’s me who decided everything… and I’d never thought I would enjoyed that so fucking much!”

“Jessica Campbell Jones, are you falling in lo…”

Jessica had to stop Trish before she could end that sentence.
She had even used her full name, she only did for very important issues.

“Nooooooooooooooooooooo. Of fucking course, not! Do you want me to throw up all the whiskey?” she stuck back, with her best disgusted face. “It’s not even a Stockholm Syndrome, it would be so pathetic and super heroes can’t suffer from that! It’s just about physical attraction. Hormones. Chemistry. Something animal-like.” the detective argumented, before finding the proper remark. “I mean, what about your muscle monster? You love him or you have just fantastic sex with him?”

Trish almost splitted the glass she was holding , startling with an awkward face. She wasn’t even prepared to answer.

“You have already answered to me.” Jessica chuckled. “See? You can understand me, then.” she went on, wondering why her friend had got up and now was opening the cupboards of her bedroom. “Not-controlled sex is incredible, I have the total control, although Kevin still like to try and lead the games…”

“Kevin?!” Trish questioned her in disbelief, her arms crossed at her chest.

.”Well, this is first name, after all, isn’t it? It’s not that I called him… I don’t know ‘my sugary fluffy sweetheart’ … eeeew, oh, god, I’m going to puke now!” the other snapped.

Trish had finally found what her suspicious instinct was looking for.

“The hell with the puke, why don’t you explain this to me?” She interrogated her friends, drawing out from the last cupboard Killgrave’s purple jacket.

(End part I)

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