The Erotic Phoenix Saga: Dark Passions

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The Erotic Phoenix Saga: Dark Passions
Chapter 1: Convergence

AN: This story takes place after the events of the previous two volumes. It also represents the last in the overall trilogy of the Erotic Phoenix Saga, so to speak. It’s been two years since Cyclops and Jean Grey encountered the Phoenix Force. Emma Frost just returned from her stay in Limbo. Madelyne Pryor now leads the Hellfire Club out of Madripoor.

Disclaimer: I don’t own X-Men, Avengers, or any Marvel characters. I am making no money off of this. They are the property of Marvel and Disney. Please don’t sue.

‘These mean inner thoughts or psychic communication.’

Warning: This story contains graphic depiction of sex and sexuality. If you are uncomfortable with that sort of thing, I discourage you from reading this. That said, I welcome any and all feedback. Please post it on the fanfiction website or contact me directly via email. Either way is fine. Enjoy!

X-Corp Headquarters – Penthouse

Things had never been better for Scott and Jean Grey-Summers. Together, with the power of the Phoenix Force and the perspective it gave them, they created X-Corp. It started as a new vision for fostering peace and understanding between mutants and humans. Whereas the X-Men actively protected both, X-Corp sought to learn, grow, and create meaningful opportunities for mutants everywhere. That bold vision had since grown into something so much more.

X-Corp wasn’t just one of the most successful and influential non-profit organizations on the planet. It had fostered productive partnerships with many organizations. From the X-Men to the Avengers, from the royal family in Wakanda to the newly reformed Hand in Japan, X-Corp had become a major player in powerful circles. Governments, businesses, and superhero communities alike had come to respect the unique perspective it shared.

Along the way, in pursuit of this status, Scott and Jean had also forged important relationships. Some were more personal than others, ranging from productive business ties to more intimate connections. Their open, passionate approach to intimacy had become the stuff of legend and even a little lurid fodder. More than a few tabloid stories in the Daily Bugle had documented their seamy escapades.

Those stories were rarely accurate. It didn’t bother them how colorful they got, at times. No matter what connections they’d made with others – be they casual or intimate – the one they shared together remained the strongest. Their love and their success complemented one another. It also showed in the many passionate nights they shared in celebrating their achievements.

“Yes! Yes! Ooh Scott!” Jean exclaimed in the master bedroom of their penthouse. “That’s it, my love! That’s it!”

“Jean…my lovely, fiery wife,” Scott gasped.

Each blissful moan coincided with the heated movements of their naked bodies. They’d been making love since they returned from a business dinner that ran late. This was supposed to be their weekly date night. Then, a major government donor called them up, requesting their assistance in founding SWORD, a new defense organization that would function as Earth’s space defense. Scott tried to push it to tomorrow. Their representative, Abigail Brand, was not willing to compromise.

While disappointed, the two lovers weren’t the least bit dissuaded. They still met with her, Nick Fury, and SHIELD representatives at a fancy hotel in Houston to offer X-Corp’s partnership. They succeeded in providing X-Corp’s support, but had precious little time to salvage their date night.

“It’s late. We’re stressed out, restless, and horny as hell. We’ve got time!”

Those had been Jean’s playful words the second they arrived back in New Mexico. The sun had set and most of X-Corp’s offices had shut down for the night. Like a couple of horny newlyweds, they rushed up to their penthouse, tore off each other’s clothes, and entered the bedroom. From there, intense passion and burning desire took over.

They took their time, enjoying extensive foreplay that included plenty of touching, groping, and caressing. It also included plenty of kissing, both on the lips and on various other parts of their bodies, especially the sensitive ones they’d come to know so well. By the time the lovemaking began, they were fully engaged, channeling the energy of their love and the Phoenix Force that supplemented it.

That energy afforded them more flexibility than most married couples. They could make love on the bed they shared, on top of a mountain, or on the dark side of the moon. This time, they kept it simple. They just crawled under the sheets, aligned their bodies, and indulged in the loving ecstasy they’d come to appreciate.

“I’m close again, Scott!” Jean panted, another orgasm approaching. “I’m so…so close!”

“Me too, Jean!” Scott grunted, his face buried in her neck.

They’d done it every which way, staring with Jean on top, riding him cowgirl style. From there, they just played around, sharing a little mutual oral in a 69 position before Scott took her from behind. They often held hands, interlocking their fingers along the way, as if to guide one another through the feeling.

It eventually culminated with what had become their favorite position. It required some light use of the Phoenix Force, but that helped make it unique. Surrounded in a halo of cosmic flame, Scott and Jean hovered inches off the bed. Jean had her legs hitched around his waist. He had one hand on her butt and while the other grasped hers. Together, in what they called the lotus position, they rocked their naked bodies together in a push for their final peak of the night.

“Ooh my God! I’m coming, Scott! I’m coming!” Jean cried out.

“Jean!” Scott exclaimed.

When it happened, the fiery halo around their bodies flared up, briefly illuminating the room. Their naked bodies arched and contorted together, hot pleasure coursing between them as rush washed over them. As inner muscles throbbed and hot fluids mixed, they came together in a deep kiss. It marked a basic, yet powerful manifestation of their love.

Their lovemaking complete, they settled back onto the bed together, satisfied and content. Jean curled up within her lover’s arms while Scott lightly stroked her lower back. It hadn’t been the date night they’d planned, but it got the job done. It was tempting to just fall asleep and enjoy the fruits of their labor, but they remained restless.

“Astonishing. Isn’t it?” Scott said as he gazed out the window on a cloudless night.

That goes without saying. Quality lovemaking has that effect,” Jean said, her eyes half-closed.

“I wasn’t just referring to that,” he said with a half-grin. “Not entirely, anyways.”

“I know. Some things always astonish us…no matter how many times we experience them.”

“I don’t disagree. With a perspective like ours, it’s easy to see how far we’ve come.”

Jean opened her eyes fully and looked up at her husband. He continued gazing out at the star-filled sky, even as she caressed his unshaven face.

“Relatively speaking, that is,” she said to him. “Two years ago, we were about to die in a space shuttle. Now, X-Corp is forging powerful connections all over the world. Mutants and human…Avengers and X-Men…opportunities and visions…friends and lovers. I’m astonished we’ve kept up with it all.”

“Astonished, but not surprised,” Scott said as he turned to face her.

“That also goes without saying. But just admiring our handiwork isn’t your style. What else are you seeing, Scott?”

He cast her a humored grin. Jean knew him too well. This wasn’t his usual pillow talk. After such heated lovemaking, Scott was usually content to just enjoy the afterglow and fall asleep. When something was on his mind, it showed and he didn’t bother hiding it.

“When I first started leading the X-Men, I saw every mission a certain way,” Scott said, his voice becoming more distant. “It was simple. Go from here to there. Find this or that. Guide the team every step of the way and get them out. It’s not always smooth…especially when Wolverine is on the team.

“You just love belaboring the caveats. Don’t you?” Jean teased.

“Some are worth belaboring, but that’s beside the point,” he continued, staying serious. “Being with you, encountering the Phoenix, and building X-Corp…I realize how limited that approach really is. Things are rarely that linear. With each recourse comes reaction…resulting in more reactions that lead to greater consequences. There’s always a bigger picture, but it’s often so much bigger than we think.”

“You don’t think we see enough of it?”

“Enough to be astonished? Absolutely,” he said confidently. “Enough in general…that, I’m not so sure about.

A heavy silence followed. Jean grew more serious too. As she contemplated his words, she got on top of him. As their naked skin pressed together, she locked eyes with him. Even without his ruby-quartz glasses, his eyes glowed with that distinct reddish energy. She could still see and sense so many conflicting feelings within him.

As those feelings came to surface, Scott tightened his embrace on her. His serious demeanor became tempered with the deep affection that had so defined their love.

“Jean, I love you,” Scott said. “I love the connections we make…the perspective we share…the visions we’ve built. Everything we’ve done to make it work…I can’t tell you how much it means to me.

“You don’t have to, Scott,” Jean replied. “I know the extent of your love…just as you know the extent of mine.”

“Then, you know why it’s so precious to me,” he went on. “That’s why I’ve tried to see everything from a greater perspective…looking beyond the mission and appreciating every recourse. There have been challenges and complications along the way. But we’ve overcome them.

“And we’re stronger because of it.”

“That, we are. But no matter how hard I try…I still feel like there’s something we’re missing. Like there’s a larger recourse born out of everything we’ve done. We just haven’t seen it yet.”

“You almost sound worried, Scott,” Jean said with a hint of concern.

“I am. I’m just trying not to be paranoid. Guess I’m not doing a very good job.”

Jean offered a comforting smile. As much as Scott had grown since his days as the X-Men’s uptight leader, he still had a tendency to overthink. It could be as frustrating to him as it was to his teammates. However, Jean knew it came from a place of genuine concern. Having a cosmic perspective didn’t change that.

It wasn’t entirely unwarranted, either. In the process of forming X-Corp, they’d encountered some complications along the way. Most were manageable, but there had been a few incidents with the Hand, Spider-Man, and Dr. Strange that hinted at a larger threat. They resolved those incidents, but the nature of the threat remained a mystery.

It was an outstanding concern, but things had since become quiet. They hadn’t had an incident like that in quite a while. Whereas Jean saw that as an encouraging sign, Scott felt different.

“I don’t think it’s that bad, just yet,” Jean said, “but it’s close.”

“Close?” Scott questioned.

“Maybe that’s not the right word. But I get where you’re coming from. I still remember what the Phoenix Force told us. The choices we make and don’t make with this power…they have consequences.

“I haven’t forgotten, either. How could I?” said Scott with a half-grin.

“And we’ve tried to confront them,” Jean pointed out. “We’ve sought and accepted help every step of the way. But we can only be so proactive in what we do.”

That seemed to calm him to some extent, but Scott remained tense. As he held onto her, more feelings bubbled it the surface.

“That’s just it, Jean,” Scott said. “My gut tells me we’ve done all we can. We’ve made the right choices. We’ve embraced the right feelings for the right reasons. And yet, there’s still something out there…something we can’t see, but know is there. Like a looming shadow or something.”

“Now, you are being paranoid,” said Jean.

“Sorry, Old habits, I guess.”

“That’s okay. I didn’t say it was wrong.”

Jean cupped her husband’s face with both hands. Since the early days of the X-Men, Scott walked a fine line between caution and paranoia. That didn’t make him popular with his teammates, especially Wolverine and Iceman, but his concerns were always sincere.

A lot had changed since those early days. He had changed, as well. The insights offered by the Phoenix added more angles to consider. Scott, being so tactically minded, tried to make sense of them all. Jean might not have possessed the same battle instincts, but she picked up in those same shadowy uncertainties.

“I see it too, Scott. I even sense it from time to time,” Jean told him. “Even with all the connections we’ve made…form Dr. Strange to Dr. Strange to the Hand…I know there are complications we’ve yet to face.

“So, what do we do about it? What more can we do?” Scott wondered.

“Those are the wrong questions to ask. You said it yourself. We’ve done all we can. We can take comfort in that.”

“I do, Jean. I just…wish that it was enough,” he said distantly.

“It is, my love. I believe that. We just have to have faith. Whatever we do…whatever we face…have faith that we can overcome it together.”

Another silence followed. As Jean lovingly trailed a finger down his cheek, Scott took her hand in his and squeezed it firmly. His concern showed in his grip, but so did his reservations. They’d come so far and achieved so much. Naturally, he sought to protect it. Not knowing what or who he was protecting it from was the hardest part.

“I do have faith, Jean. I just…” Scott said before his words trailed off.

“Shhh,” Jean said, giving his hand a reassuring squeeze. “We’ll deal with it when the time comes. I believe we’re strong enough. Don’t you?”

“Of course,” he said without hesitation.

“Then, let that be what guides us,” she said strongly, “whatever we end up facing…whenever we ultimately face it. In the meantime, we must stay strong…for everything we’ve built together.”

He remained concerned, but his distress eased under her loving strength. She had that effect on him, especially when he walked that fine line between concern and paranoia. Scott cast her a warm smile. She smiled back, the warm touch of their naked bodies reaffirming that strength.

“Stay strong,” Scott said. “Yeah, I can do that.”

“Good!” Jean said curtly. “Now kiss me before you’re too astonished to sleep tonight.”

He gladly obliged, capturing her lips in a soft, loving kiss. It wasn’t as heated as the many gestured that accompanied their lovemaking. It was a simple act of love, affection, and strength. For what they’d dealt with and the challenges they’d yet to face, it was still so powerful.

As they savored the gesture, the married couple settled into a more relaxed state. Scott and Jean had exhausted their passions for the evening. They had also acknowledged enough of their lingering concerns about the future. For now, they focused solely on the present and each other.

Together, they let out a content sigh before settling in for the night. It was just past midnight and it had been a long day. They could use a full night’s sleep and then some. They were content to nod off in each other’s arms, as they often did on their date nights, especially after making love.

They were abruptly jarred from such contentment by the sound of their front door buzzer. Almost immediately, they emerged from their peaceful state.

“Damn!” Scott cursed. “There goes my hopes for a full night’s sleep.”

That’s annoying,” Jean groaned as she slipped off the bed, and telepathically retrieved her bath robe. “It also shouldn’t be possible. You said you locked the penthouse down for the evening.”

“I did,” he affirmed as he retrieved his robe, as well. “The staff also knows this is our date night. They’re not supposed to call us unless Galactus has landed on the White House lawn.”

“That’s alarming,” said Jean. “Now, I’m starting to feel paranoid.”

Disgruntled, yet concerned, the couple turned the lights on and made their way to the foyer. Along the way, they secured their robes and fixed their disheveled state. Scott retrieved his ruby-quartz glasses to shield his glowing red eyes while Jean secured her messy red hair into a ponytail. Since none of the various alarms that Hank had installed went off, they chose not to don their old X-Men uniforms just yet.

That didn’t stop Scott from approaching the front door cautiously. Jean stayed close, mirroring his careful demeanor. While X-Corp got many visitors on any given day, few ever made it to the front door of their penthouse. Only a select few were authorized to show up uninvited, especially after hours. That was supposed to be their private time.

If their time in the X-Men had taught them anything, unexpected guests after midnight was rarely a good thing. Having not forgotten that lesson, Scott kept his eyes on his ruby-quartz glasses as he unlocked the front door and opened.

To their surprise, they were greeted by a woman they had never seen before. She had platinum blonde hair, a shapely figure, and wore a white outfit that looked too custom-made to be cheap. As soon as she saw them, she came barging in as though she didn’t need an invitation.

“Who the hell are…” Scott began, only to be cut off.

“Scott and Jean Grey-Summers?” the blonde woman said as she entered the penthouse. “Good, it’s you. My name is Emma Frost. We need to talk.”

“Wait!” he said defensively. “Emma Frost? How did you even get in here through all our ssecurity?”

“I’m a telepath and I have big tits. Use your imagination,” she retorted.

That took him and Jean aback. They were too surprised to prevent her from entering their home and locking the door behind her. They exchanged looks they watched the mysterious blond scan the penthouse anxiously, as though she expected something to attack from the shadows. She had the demeanor of someone who’d been through something quite arduous. That didn’t bode well for the rest of their date night and beyond.

“I know you have questions. I promise I have plenty of answers…some more disturbing than others,” Emma said. “But first, you both need to read my mind. You need to know what I know! And chances are it’s already too late.”

Madripoor – Hellfire Tower

“Don’t stop! Keep reveling in your meaningless desires. Appreciate them while I watch on with envy…and maybe a little bemusement.”

The powerful, commanding, less-than-sane voice of Madelyne Pryor carried great weight in Hellfire Tower. Even in the heart of Madripoor, a city known for lawlessness and deviance, it shook the souls of even the most demented deviants. Even from the shadows, it sent looming dread and morbid curiosity through the city. Thanks to an endless army of goblins, ninjas, and symbiote clones, she had total control, free reign, and near limitless resources.

It was still not enough to quench her insatiable thirst for deviance. The epicenter of it all was the top floor throne room that once housed the Hellfire Club’s Inner Circle. Now, it was occupied only by one royal figure, the Goblin Queen.

“Please…no more,” groaned the weak, muffled voice of Mystique.

“Need to…want to stop,” groaned an equally dazed Daken. “But I still…desire.”

“I hate that I want it! But I want it!” said Illyana “Magik” Rasputin.

“Shut up, you pussies!” shrieked Carnage, who was the only one still deranged enough to enjoy himself. “The queen says revel. Let’s fucking revel! Hahaha!”

These desperate groans for mercy echoed amidst the various grunts, gasps, and noises that coincided with one of Madelyne’s decadent orgies. There was no plan or purpose behind it. She wasn’t recruiting new allies or torturing those who continued defy her. She just ordered them into the throne room, demanded they strip naked, and overwhelmed their bodies and minds with lust.

Daken, Mystique, Carnage, Magik, and the five Stepford Cuckoos were the Goblin Queen’s top pawns. She told them they each had a critical role to play in the fulfillment of her purpose. She rarely gave them specifics, but she never missed an opportunity to intensify their desire to aid her. Her preferred method often involved mixing pleasure and pain, aided largely by the endless hordes of Goblin Studs, Venom Husks, and assorted demonic creatures from Limbo.

She’d become disturbingly adept at utilizing those methods. She had the Goblin Studs focus on Mystique, laying her out in the corner of the throne room and ravaging her with a succession of gangbangs. Each seething creature took turns, getting on top of the shapeshifter and hammering away into her pussy until they climaxed. To keep her from cussing them out, others knelt beside her, shoving their cocks into her mouth and making her suck them off until they climaxed too.

Magik was in a similar position nearby. Instead of the Goblin Studs, she was ravaged by special demons from Limbo. They were more vocal, hissing and screeching as they held up the teenage girl in their arms, penetrating her pussy and asshole simultaneously. Unlike Mystique, she didn’t bother cussing them out. Her corruption in Limbo had gotten to a point where wanting something and hating it didn’t make a difference.

“Fuck me! Fill me! Ravage me! I don’t care how, just do it!” Magik yelled out, her Russian accent replaced with demonic undertone.

The creatures hissed louder as they climaxed, simultaneously filling her orifices with their demonic fluid. The Russian girl barely had time to catch her breath before two more demons picked her up off the floor, sandwiched her between them, and resumed fucking her through double penetration.

The creatures didn’t let up, their minds and bodies fueled only by dark lusts. Carnage, the only one who ever seemed to enjoy himself, channeled that lust even more. He was often tasked with ravaging the Stepford Sisters. The Goblin Queen made it a point to inflict a harsher brand of decadence on them. Given how their genetic mother, Emma Frost, remained the only one who’d escaped her clutches, she refused to offer a shred of mercy.

“Thank your mother for this,” Madelyne often told them.

“She has my gratitude! Ha!” Carnage said in response.

His laughter filled the throne room, along with plenty of other fleshy noises. He had all five sisters – Esme, Mindee, Phoebe, Celeste, and Sophie – pinned up against the wall next to the Goblin Queen’s throne. Their wrists were bound over their heads. Leathery, reddish black tendrils wrapped around their ankles to force their legs apart.

As they hovered helplessly, Carnage covered their mouths with his symbiote flesh and created penis-tipped tendrils to fuck all five of them simultaneously. However, he always left one of the Cuckoos free for him to fuck directly. He even used the same symbiote flesh to make his penis thicker and longer, adding to their punishment with every ravenous thrust.

“Take it, blondie! Take it like your mother should’ve!” Carnage seethed.

Esme, the Cuckoo he’d been fucking since the revelry began, could only whimper with her mouth muffled. Cranage looked her in the eye when he climaxed inside her, taking sadistic glee as he filled her with his thick fluid. Her other four sister could only watch while getting fucked by his tendrils, dreading who he’d take next. While Esme slipped deeper into a defeated daze, the deranged figure withdrew from her and pulled Sophie into his grasp to fuck.

‘Our mother escaped this. We cannot. She abandoned us!’ they all said through their hive mind.

Their fate was so cruel. That only seemed to embolden the Goblin Queen. She cast the five girls a faint grin, as if to remind them they were at her mercy. Unlike their mother, they could not escape.

The mere thought of escape might as well have been a dream. Some still clung to that possibility, but Daken had since given up. Having seen and experienced so much decadence, he was numb to it all. He barely made any noise while he had his way with several female Hand Ninjas and several male Venom Husks. The Venom Husks fucked him from behind anally while he ravaged the undead female ninjas in front of him.

It didn’t matter how many times he came. It didn’t matter how many times the others came. The line between pleasure and torment had long since disappeared. The Goblin Queen took that from him. In the two years since she brought them all together, he’d experienced her wrath and her madness. The only way to ensure was to just do as she desired. It spared him from far worst torment.

‘And to think, I thought my father was an asshole,’ he often thought to himself.

Whatever lives they had before didn’t matter.

Whatever purpose once defined them had long since faded.

Two years of living through the deranged desires of Madelyne Pryor had broken every one of them. They could hate her all they wanted. They could resent their condition, just as much. None of that mattered, so long as they desired what she desired.

She’d go on and on about it for hours on end, obsessed with fulfilling a purpose that had been ingrained into her at a cellular level. She claimed it was within her grasp. She constantly assured them that they had a role to play. She only revealed the specifics to an select few, as if to torment them with the mystery. All they could do was wait and brace themselves, never knowing where their perverse desires would lead them.

Night after night of debauchery left some, like Daken, wondering if that time would ever come. Madelyne Pryor took so much perverse amusement in controlling the desire of others and making them engage in depraved acts. This night seemed to be no different.

Then, just as the decadence approached the midnight hour, the often-aloof Dr. Miles Warren entered the throne room.

“My Queen!” Dr. Warren greeted with a respectful bow.

“You’d better tell me something I want to hear, Doctor,” the Goblin Queen said in her usual unbalanced tone. “Two years of purpose and planning have me feeling restless.”

“Then, it’s a good thing I come bearing a promising update.”

That quickly got her attention. She actually stopped watching the debauchery around her and turned towards the disfigured man before her. He wasn’t the least bit concerned or put off by the displays of debauchery unfolding around them. Like everyone else, he became numb to it. For that reason, his excited demeanor sparked Madelyne’s intrigue.

“I finally did it!” Dr. Warren said with beaming pride. “It took longer than I’d hoped, but I did it. The recombination matrix is finally stable.”

“That better mean…” she began, her words trailing off into a string of menacing threats.

“It does!” he said intently. “I can adapt my cloning techniques to Nathanial Essex’s genetic purification process. Together, you’ll get what you want! You’ll be able to conceive a child…the perfect child, by every genetic standard.”

Hearing this triggered a rare reaction in Madelyne Pryor. For an instant, her demeanor shifted from her usual poise of obsessive madness. She even smiled in a manner that didn’t come off as perverse or depraved. It was as though she’d just been freed from prison. There was real elation, but some of that feeling was tempered.

Still sitting her throne-like seat, the echoes of the decadent acts muted in her mind, the Goblin Queen took a moment to appreciate this news. She’d been working towards it for so long, not knowing if it would ever happen. Now, her purpose was within her grasp.

“It’s funny,” she said distantly. “I’ve been working towards this for so long…plotting and planning with every resource I’ve gained. I admit it’s been quite messy, at time.”

Just as she said those words, Carnage climaxed with Sophie, raking his claw-like fingers over her naked body. She could only let out a muffled moan while he savored another perverse climax.

“Fuck, yes!” Carnage roared. “This is my kind of messy!”

Madelyne cast Carnage a bemused glance, rolling her eyes before sighing to herself.

“And yet, this news does not excite me as I thought it would,” she said.

“But my queen!” Dr. Warren said intently. “I’ve…we’ve done everything you asked of us. We desire nothing more than to help you fulfill your purpose.”

“Of course, you have. I made sure of that,” she scoffed.

“And now, you can! The procedure is ready. I can craft the ovum this instant. I can implant it in you before sunrise. You need only obtain a sperm sample to complete the process. What is the issue?”

“That’s just it, Doctor. There is no issue. I’ve long since prepared for this moment. The money, the manpower, and the resources…I’ve left nothing to chance. I have everything necessary now. But to simply fulfil my purpose is not enough. It can’t be!”

Rising up from her throne, the Goblin Queen casually walked about the spacious throne room. Even while surrounded by the sights, sounds, and smells of so many depraved acts, she remained stoic. Exercising such control over the desires of others, especially her pawns, was one of the few things that gave her some semblance of satisfaction.

It was hardly sufficient, but it was meant to temper her broken soul until she could fulfil her purpose. Now, she questioned just how much she’d tempered in the past two years.

“Nathanial Essex, my short-sighted creator,” Madelyne said, “birthed me with a singular task in mind…bear the child who would become the ultimate mutant. To him, it was simple math. The genetics of Scott Summers and Jean Grey are such that their offspring had the greatest potential of any mutant.”

“And I’ve verified those calculations repeatedly,” said Dr. Warren. “His math was not wrong.”

“I never doubted his calculations. I simply abhor his methods. To give me that purpose, creating a false identity in Madelyne Pryor and positioning me to seduce Scott Summers, was just so inadequate. In another world, it would’ve been easy. I simply find this man, have sex with him, and let nature take its course. But that’s just not enough for me. It can’t be enough!”

Such conflicted musings didn’t go unnoticed. Daken, Mystique, Carnage, Magik, and the Stepford Cuckoos sensed the tension within her, even as they remained trapped in dark grasp.

‘Make it stop…no more…too much…I can’t…I must!’ the Stepford Cuckoos shouted with their minds, their mouths still covered by Carnage’s flesh.

Others heard those projections. Their muffled moans perfectly embodied their trapped state, able to think and contemplate their state, but powerless to stop it. All they could do was resent and endure.

“Greedy…selfish…psychotic…bitch,” Mystique gasped, barely able to catch her breath before another Goblin Stud stuck his cock in her mouth.

“In Limbo…we call her far worse,” Illyana said before she was silenced by the cock of another demon.

Their words had little effect on Madelyne, but the implications behind them still resonated. The Goblin Queen had defined herself a certain way for so long. Her every thought, whim, and idea centered around it. Now, after two years and all the chaos she’d wrought, she began seeing it from a different perspective.

“From my very first breath, I’ve had a singular drive,” Madelyne said distantly. “I didn’t choose it. I cannot change it, either. All I can do…all I’ve sought to do since that fateful day…is fulfill this purpose my way. Not Sinister’s way. Not Belasco way. My way!”

“And now, you can,” Dr. Warren pointed out. “You can achieve everything you desire to the utmost. What more do you need of us?”

“That’s a question I’ve been asking myself more and more lately. I find the lack of answers maddening.”

“Maddening…right,” Daken muttered before burying his face in another female Hand Ninja’s breasts.

“I know only this,” Madelyne said. “The only thing I can control…the only act in which I have a tangible choice…is how I achieve this one, intractable desire. If this is my destiny – to be a mere vessel for the ultimate mutant – it must be perfect! I don’t care what it costs. I don’t care what or who suffers. This is my ultimate purpose. It may have been given to me, but I’m going to make it my own!”

Such musings almost seemed too coherent for a woman who’d caused so much upheaval. Everything suddenly became more focused. Her purpose had a real, tangible endgame. She was to bear the child who would become the ultimate mutant. Everything aside from that was superfluous. Her creator, Mr. Sinister, had seen to that.

Now, there was a greater sense of urgency. Madelyne had set out to fulfill this purpose in the best manner possible. Nothing less that perfection was acceptable. She’d spent two years making sure of that. With that goal in her grasp, she could finally take that step. There were still risks and uncertainties. They strained her already fail sense of being. So long as she remained in control, the Goblin Queen was ready to take that final step.

Exercising that immense control, she turned her attention to her pawns. With a devious grin, she raised her hand and tapped the power she’d spent two years securing. Using both magic and telepathy, she ordered the Hand Ninjas, Goblin Studs, Venom Husks, and demons to stand down. They did so without question. Daken, Mystique, Magik, and the Stepford Cuckoos let out a distressed gasp, their naked bodies collapsing to the floor in a heap of sweat, sex, and despair.

“Get up, you pussies! The queen demands your attention!” Carnage said, the only one still full of energy and excited about their queen’s next move.

Madelyne cast the deranged killer a bemused grin. She also adopted a new demeanor. With clenched fists and burning resolve, she stood over her loyal pawns with domineering authority. The time for meaningless decadence and debauchery was officially over.

“Rest up, my decadent cohorts,” she told them. “Clean and clothe yourselves, as needed. We have work to do and roles to play. There’s just one last ingredient to secure.”

“I weep for their soul,” said Dr. Warren. “Shall I prepare some Venom Husks in preparation?”

“Not yet, Doctor. Your husks and my goblins have other tasks to complete. This piece of my purpose – the man I was literally created for – is something I intend to procure myself.”

X-Corp Headquarters – Secure Conference Area

‘Madelyne Pryor…the Goblin Queen…a clone, a deviant, and a monster. This is the face of the chaos we’ve caused. And it’s my face! After all the work we’ve done and choices we’ve made…this is what we’re up against. It’s almost too cruel.’

Jean stared distantly at the image on the holographic projection screen before her. She’d been standing at the head of the conference table with folded arms, aghast at the disturbing revelations from Emma Frost. She and Scott had been bracing for something like this since they founded X-Corp. The Phoenix Force had told them that pursuing a new perspective would come at a price.

Now, that price had manifested in the form of Madelyne Pryor, a woman cloned from her own DNA. Just looking at the holographic image, which hung prominently in X-Corp’s most secure conference room, left Jean feeling sick to her stomach. It further compounded the disgust she felt when Emma first revealed what she’d been through during her horrific encounter with Madelyne.

‘Unbalanced…unhinged…willing to torture and manipulate others. What she did to Emma…it’s unconscionable! Bending desires to match her own? Using mutation, magic, and demons to pursue her sick goals? How could my own blood create someone so monstrous?’

She hugged her shoulders and turned away, fighting the burning disgust. Emma had projected some very vivid details when she opened their mind to them. They included what Madelyne did to the Hellfire Club, as well as depraved sexual torture she inflicted on the former White Queen. Her actions were bad enough, but it was her motivations that left Jean most shaken.

‘She went on and on about fulfilling a purpose. Every reprehensible thing she did had an endgame in mind. Depraved or not, she has an agenda. And if it’s as bad as Emma claims, then we must confront it! All this chaos and destruction she seeks…it’s our responsibility. We must stop it!’

As upset as Jean was from these revelations, she remained as determined as Scott. Disturbing or not, they now knew the source of the dread they’d sensed while building X-Corp. The consequences of their efforts had manifested into something they could confront. They had no intention of backing down.

Scott was already hard at work, putting together a battle plan and a mission. He didn’t even change out of his robe. He managed to hide his revulsion to Madelyne Pryor’s atrocities well enough to activate X-Corp’s defense contingencies. Like the War Room at the Xavier Institute, Beast constructed a hub from which they could go on missions of their own. It was intended for emergencies that could not be addressed by the X-Men, SHIELD, or the Avengers. This definitely qualified.

Once the equipment booted up, Scott opened a secure link to compile the relevant data. Emma worked with him, carrying herself with just as much determination. Having suffered Madelyne’s wrath, she was just as motivated to stop her.

“There!” Emma said upon finalizing the uplink to X-Corp’s servers. “That should be everything…every last bit of information I’ve compiled from my brain, my contacts, and my considerable resources. It better be enough.”

“We’ll make sure it is,” said Scott as the data began compiling on the holographic screen, “but we’re going to need time. This is lot to digest.

“What? Those memories of me getting gangbanged by a bunch of demons was too much for you?”

“It’s not that, Ms. Frost,” Scott replied in a diplomatic tone, “although, I admit that part was uncomfortable.”

“Good! It damn well should be.”

“But as bad as that was, we have to approach this carefully. This woman…the Goblin Queen, as she calls herself…she’s more than just another threat.”

“You have no idea, darling. You have no fucking clue how depraved this woman is!” Emma said strongly.

“I don’t blame you for feeling that way,” Scott said, attempting to calm her. “We’re working under the assumption that she’s capable of much worse.

“Which is exactly why I came here. Believe me, if I thought I could take this bitch out myself, I’d have done so already. And I wouldn’t have been careful about it!”

Emma spoke with such ruthless certainty. It echoed with the same callous drive that helped make her the White Queen of the Hellfire Club. She hadn’t provided that much information on her former organization or their role. She only told them the basics, namely how they sought to utilize their mutant status to gain power and influence all over the world.

She didn’t hide her role in the organization, nor did she hide her selfish actions that led up to her encounter with the Goblin Queen. She showed no remorse for her actions, but she carried herself as someone who had been deeply affected by the Goblin Queen. Scott, always the diplomat, tried to offer sympathy and understanding.

“Then, it’s a good thing you made that choice,” Scott told her. “Because trust me. Carelessness is the worst possible tactic against a threat like this…especially when it’s so unstable.”

“And perverse…and cruel…and crazy,” Emma added.

“That too. And I promise, Ms. Frost. We’ll confront the Goblin Queen. And we’ll make sure you’re part of any effort to stop her.”

“For your sake, and mine, you better keep that promise.”

That came off as both a threat and a promise. It echoed with the pain and humiliation that Madelyne had caused Emma. Scott still offered a kind gesture to console her. Emma callously brushed it off and went back to scolding the Goblin Queen’s holographic image.

Scott still cast her look of concern. Emma put up a great many cold barriers, but that was to be expected, after what Madelyne did to her. She wasn’t going to be calm or rational about confronting the threat the Goblin Queen posed. It was too personal for her. Turning back towards Jean, Scott offered his wife a calming gesture, which she accepted. Looking at the same image, the scope of wait awaited them had started to sink in.

“This is it. From the moment I embraced the Phoenix Force, this is what I’ve been dreading,” Jean said as she clung to her husband’s arm.

“And we’ve been preparing,” he reminded her. “All the connections we’ve made…the resources we’ve assembled…this is where it pays it off. Now, we can finally put a name and face on that dread.”

“But it’s still my face! My body! How were we prepared for that?”

Scott could offer no solace this time. Seeing the face of his Madelyne Pryor left him with plenty of distressing feelings. This woman was a gross, depraved perversion of the woman he loved. Madelyne was the ultimate antithesis of all the life, love, and connections they had pursued since embracing the Phoenix Force. She seemed intent on destroying all of it.

“We knew something or someone was there…lurking in the shadows, no matter how much good we did,” Jean said as she gazed at the image of her clone.

“Jean, come one. We can’t start doubting ourselves now,” said Scott as he held her closer.

“I’m not doubting us, Scott. I just questioning that bigger picture we tried so hard to see. We knew that doing what we did with the Phoenix…the better choices we made and the greater good we pursued…it was going to be a price. Dr. Strange said it himself. A better path always comes at a price.”

“He also said we’re strong enough to follow that path,” he reminded her.

“And I still think we are. But after seeing all this…my God, Scott! Where do we even begin?”

That was still a daunting question. They had the information, thanks to Emma. Through their efforts with X-Corp, they had the resources and connections to respond. However, given the strange nature of the threat, the first step still seemed like the most challenging.

Emma Frost remained numb to the extent of that challenge. She just glared at the image of Madelyne Pryor and the intel they had with cold, calculating hatred. For her, the answer to those questions were simple. She’d been wronged, hurt, and humiliated. She intended to repay the Goblin Queen in kind. That was all there was to it.

Turning back towards the overwhelmed couple, she approached with apprehension and impatience.

“It doesn’t matter where you start. One way or another, you’ll have to face this bitch,” said the former White Queen. “Either we find her or she finds us. And trust me! You want the former, not the latter.

“We believe you, Emma,” Jean said as she offered to console the angry woman. “But trust…”

Emma slapped away her gesture. She then narrowed her gaze on Jean. Her perfect resemblance to Madelyne nullified any understanding she might have had.

“Don’t!” she spat. “The last thing I want is your sympathy.”

“Emma…” Scott began, getting between the two women.

“I don’t even want your trust, either,” Emma said, pointing her finger right in his face. “I’m not trying to be another one of your connections.”

“We’re not asking that you be one,” said Scott defensively. “You came to us, remember?”

“And don’t make anything more of that,” she added, getting up in his face. “This is partnership is purely transactional…your resources and mine, combined to take down the Goblin Queen. That’s it!”

“We want that too, Emma,” said Jean, keeping a measured tone. “Call it whatever you want, but this matters to us too.”

“I couldn’t care less about your personal stakes. Now, you know about the Goblin Queen. You’re rightfully disgusted. Have yourself a good retch later. If you don’t want to endure what I did, you’ll make use of all those connections you’ve made. Because rest assured, that bitch will use hers!”

Her hostile demeanor raised the tension in the room. Scott grew more apprehensive, discouraging her from lashing out as his wife more than she already had. The former White Queen remained cold and callous, driven solely by her hatred towards Madelyne. She didn’t seem at all open to friendly cooperation. Unlike the many other connections they’d pursued, this was a shallow partnership.

It didn’t sit right. At the same time, Emma’s demeanor stood as a testament to the scars the Goblin Queen left on her. The fact she escaped that woman’s grasp spoke volumes, as well. Emma had been hurt badly by this devious agent of chaos. Since he and Jean likely influenced her actions, they were partially responsible.

As irate and unreasonable Emma might have been, this was the situation they had to deal with. She was the first and only person to provide insight into this threat that had been looming over them since the arrival of the Phoenix Force. Like it or not, she was their best hope at ending it once and for all.

“Jean, call Beast and the Professor. Get them up to speed,” said Scott, still scolding Emma as he made his way to the communication hub. “I’ll make a few calls to SHIELD and the Avengers. We’re going to start cashing those favors we’ve been banking.”

“I’ve already woken Bobby and Warren up telepathically. They’ll take care of X-Corp’s core operations while we get the ball rolling,” said Jean, turning away from the White Queen’s angry gaze as well. “We should have everything ready before sunrise.”

“Good. My associate, Sage, will provide the necessary uplinks,” said Emma, ignoring their disdain for her attitude. “Just make sure I’m part of whatever plan you hatch. I don’t know what this cunt has planned. I just know it’s in everyone’s interest to stop her!”

Years From Now – The Ruins of the Xavier Institute

The end was near.

The destruction of everything was at hand.

The fate past, present, and future hung in the balance.

This could very well be the last hours of humans, mutants, and all life on Earth. Such dread had been a common since the Sentinels took over, wiping out mutants on mass and imprisoning a select few in camps. Recently, that dread took on a very different form, which added to the chaos. It threatened to end more than the remnants of humans and mutants. The very fabric of time, space, and reality hung in the balance.

“Over here, Kitty! Hurry!” urged a desperate, determined Rachel Summers.

“It’s getting worse. The time fissures…they’re spreading everywhere!” said a tired, but equally determined Kate Pryde.

“Then, push those old-lady legs of yours even hater! We must get to the M’Krann Chamber. It’s our last hope!”

Rachel Summers, the daughter of Scott and Jean Grey-Summers, reached back and took the hand of the older woman. Kate Pryde, formerly Kitty Pryde of the famous X-Men, struggled to keep up. Given her age, that was not surprising. However, they couldn’t let age keep them from their destination.

Navigating the rubble of what had once been Westchester, New York, they ran through pouring rain under darkened skies. All around them, the very fabric reality itself seemed crack around them. In some areas, the harsh reality of a Sentinel-dominated dystopia lingered. Ruined cities, mutant internment camps, and ghettos of remaining humans dominated the landscape. In others, a more hellish reality showed, dominated primarily by goblin-like creatures, mutant monstrosities, and powerful figures wielding the god-like abilities that had destroyed Asgard.

“All hail the Apocalypse Queen!” the creatures screeched.

“Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!” the Sentinel armies blared, often clashing with the swarms of creatures.

The skies above were ablaze. Battles raged between killer Sentinels and creatures from what had once been Limbo. Across the landscape, and all over the world, tears between realms and timelines formed. Some remembered the struggle of one timeline. Others recalled both. Many had been driven mad by such conflicting memories. It was as though two competing realities were fighting for dominance. Either one would overtake the other or both would perish. In both cases, humans and mutants alike suffered.

That was exactly what Kate and Rachel sought to avoid. They made the treacherous journey into Westchester knowing they were the last hope of ending this horror. Many teammates, friends, and family perished to get them here. The last remnants of the X-Men, the Avengers, and the Fantastic Four fought hard to make them an opening. They took it, knowing this mission was the end for all of them.

As the two women charged through war-torn Westchester, they didn’t dare look back. They couldn’t entertain the thought of mourning their lost friends. They just stayed low, hiding in rubble while Sentinels and demonic mutants few over. Some tried shooting at them. Others crashed nearby, causing more time fissures in the process.

Despite being dirty, tired, and desperate, their destination was within sight. Even though the Xavier Institute was destroyed years ago, the secure sub-levels remained intact. Those untouched areas, buried by rubble and destruction, were where they planned to make their final stand.

“Hold on! I’m phasing us through!” Kate said, her body on the brink of breaking down.

“I’m ready!” said Rachel.

Just another monstrous mutant creature descended from a time fissure, Kate phased both herself and Rachel through a thick pile of rubble and into sub-levels of the Xavier Institute. Having the mutant ability to phase through solid objects, she was the only one who could get through. Rachael, her face permanently scarred after being turned into mutant-hunting Hound, carried with her one last bit of her parents’ legacy.

“We’re close to the end. Such chaos, discord, and madness…it doesn’t work. It cannot work. It must be fixed!”

Rachel’s eyes briefly flared with the cosmic flame of the Phoenix Force. It had become less and less stable with every time fissure. Even the primordial forces of creation were being torn asunder by the chaos. Her parents had been unable to stop it, but they entrusted her with what remained of their cosmic gift. They also trusted Kate to lead her to their final haven.

Together, they had what they believed to be the only way to end this horror for good. They could still hear the noise of the chaos outside. The crashing noise caused some of the halls and chambers to buckle. Dim lights flickered and the foundation cracked. Once on stable ground, they made their move.

“We’re in! Try and stabilize the structure,” Kate yelled out.

“On it!” said Rachel. “Mom…dad…I’ll need you for this.”

The young telepath stood in the darkened hallway and summoned the cosmic power within. For a brief instant, the ruined sub-levels lit up with the fiery glow of the Phoenix Force. Along with the flame, Rachel tapped the psychokinetic power she inherited from her mother and used it to stabilize the structure. It kept the corridors from caving in. It also sealed shut any openings that might have formed.

It was strenuous. Rachel’s eyes flashed brighter as more time fissures destabilized the world outside. She could still hear the screeching demons and the attacking Sentinels. Even after she fortified the sub-levels, the fiery halo around her kept flickering erratically.

“Ungh! The Phoenix…getting unstable,” Rachel groaned, falling to her knees briefly as her legs gave out.

“She’s in good company,” said Kate as she caught her friend to help her up.

“That’s part of the problem. One minute, we sense Sentinels and interment camps. The next, we sense renegade goblins and demons. It’s like all of reality has gone mad!” the redhead groaned as she rubbed her head.

“Forge used more technical terms, but…yeah, I’d say that’s a fair description.”

The two women caught their breath. Looking around, they saw what remained of the institute sub-levels. Most had been ransacked from battle and neglect. Some areas were destroyed while others had just gathered dust. Nearly all the lights were out, but some emergency power remained from old generators. That was the first positive sign they’d seen in months.

It was proof that Scott and Jean Grey-Summers had prepared for this. Before they evacuated the Xavier Institute, they worked with Professor Xavier on one last fail-safe. It was so secret that nobody else knew about it, believing it had to stay hidden until the time was right.

With time fissures ripping through every part of the world and beyond, that time had come.

“My mom warned me about this,” Rachel mused as she and Kate made their way through the ruins. “Before she died, she started sensing things …strange things that twisted her mind. She said it was like memories from two different lives were clashing against one another. Forge suspected something was happening with the timeline…events from one bleeding into the other, like tangled wires getting crossed.”

“Well, I hope she remembered enough of both,” said Kate. “I’ve started having memory blanks too. I’m not sure where the Sentinels begin and the demon hordes end.”

“You and every other telepath. The last thing she and dad did together was make this chamber. They scrapped what was left of Cerebro, the Danger Room, and Dr. Doom’s time machine to create the last stable domain on the planet.”

“Or universe, at this point,” said Kate, her body aching with every step. “Franklin seemed fairly certain of that.”

“I trust his word as much as my parents. They all told me the same thing. We have to be in the M’Krann Chamber if we’re to do this. She said it could protect us from Sentinels, demons, and time fissures…to a point.”

“Let’s hope it’s enough,” said the older woman. “Because we’ll only have one shot.

The two women continued leaning on each other as they made it past the north wing. Initially, they encountered a wall that appeared to be an endpoint. However, a small Phoenix symbol – one Jean Grey-Summers carved herself – hinted otherwise.

Tapping her power again, Rachel touched the symbol and it started glowing. Moments later, the wall opened to reveal the egg-shaped chamber that few knew about. Unlike the rest of the Xavier Institute, it was in good condition. It contained supplies, shelter, water, and electricity. It wasn’t very big, but it didn’t have to be. It just had to keep them safe for a certain amount of time.

As soon as they entered, Kate activated the security locks. The doors sealed shut and the chamber locked itself down just as another time fissure ripped through the heart of Westchester.

“There! We’re sealed in,” said Kate with a sigh of relief. “If those temporal dampeners work as Beast intended, we should be safe from the fissures.”

“We can’t assume that safety is permanent,” said Rachel. “My dad said we must expect the chamber to be breached at some point.”

“Yeah, that sounds like your dad. He was always paranoid when it came to timing.”

“He was usually right too,” Rachel pointed out.

“Which is why we can’t waste time catching our breath,” Kate said strongly. “Come on! Let’s do this.”

The older woman shook off her lingering soreness, hunger, and fatigue. She had already pushed herself far beyond her limits, but she needed just a little more.

Rachel was already mentally preparing herself. Her eyes were still glowing, but the remnants of the Phoenix Force inside her had stabilized. While she stood ready to carry out her mission, Kate pulled up a small bed that had been set up in the center of the room. It was large enough only for one person. She sighed to herself, knowing the mental rigors she was about to endure. After what she’d been through and after everyone she’d lost, the battle-hardened woman was still willing and able.

“You know the drill, Kate,” said Rachel as she approached the bed. “I can project your mind back in time, but only to a point. It’s helped us get out of many jams, but this time we’ll have to go farther back…more so than I’ve ever attempted.”

“You don’t have to warn me. I’m aware of the risks…and the discomfort I’m about to endure,” Kate said without fear or reservation.”

“I’ve been practicing and preparing. But the Phoenix is on its last gasp. The best I can do is just before first Sentinel War…or Limbo invasion…or whatever the hell happened back then!”

“Don’t worry about the specifics,” said Kate. “Just send me back and I’ll take it from there!

“And if you succeed…well, I’ve never sent anyone back this far. So, who knows? This timeline…our present and their future…it’ll be completely different.”

It was risky on so many levels. At the same time, it offered the greatest possible reward. The prospect of not living in this hellish future made any risk worth taking. The thought alone was enough to make Kate smile, a rare gesture in a world that was on the brink.

“Then, we’ll have to make every choice count,” Kate said strongly. “I memorized the notes your parents gave me. I know what I have to do.”

With renewed strength of her own, Rachel smiled back and nodded.

It was still very risky. Every time Rachel sent someone’s mind back in time, they took a chance on further disrupting the timeline. She’d only discovered this ability shortly after absorbing her parents’ remnants of the Phoenix Force. She trained hard to master it, sending the minds of resistance fighters back hours, days, or weeks into the past so that they could evade detection. It helped them survive many Sentinels and goblin monstrosities. It all led to this critical moment.

As the weight of that moment sank in, Rachel took the hand of Kate Pryde, one of her closest friends and last remaining allies. Tears were already streaming down her face, not knowing if this was the last time they ever spoke. For all they knew, they were about to erase their own existence.

“I wish we had more time,” Rachel said, already choking on her words. “But…”

“I know, Ray. Thanks,” said Kate as the younger woman’s words trailed off. “Your mom and dad…they’d be so proud.

Her smile widened. More strength returned to her. Her eyes flashed brighter and the halo of the Phoenix Force surrounded her once more, illuminating the chamber. Outside, the war continued raging. The time fissures tore at the foundation of the Xavier Institute. Creatures and Sentinels seemed to sense the chaos had past the point of no return.

“I won’t let them down! We have our part. They have theirs,” said Rachel.

Taking a deep breath, Rachel placed her hands on Kate’s temples. The older woman swallowed nervously, clenching the sides of the bed in anticipation.

There was no other way.

This was their last hope.

“We’re out of time. I’m ready!” said Kate.

So am I. Close your eyes. Relax,” Rachel instructed her. “The Phoenix Force and I will do the rest!”

Another time fissure caused the chamber to shake. The two women remained undaunted and determined. Channeling their strength and power, they commenced what they hoped would be their final mission to rewrite the timeline.

As the fiery halo around Rachel intensified, her hands started glowing bright yellow. From them, a rare form of telepathic energy flowed into the head and mind of Kate Pryde. The initial onslaught caused her body to contort erratically. Rachel had to hold her down to keep her stable. That was normal, but they were already in unknown territory. Even after she settled, Kate let out a faint groan before her body becoming deathly still.

Already, Rachel sensed the older woman’s mind going back into the broken timeline that had led to this hell. So far, their plan was working. However, their hope for a better future now resided in the days of the past.

“Life, love, and connection…from the past, present, and future…this is it! This is our last hope to set things right!”

Up next: Cautious Cooperation

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