The Erotic Phoenix Saga: Dark Passions

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The Erotic Phoenix Saga: Dark Passions
Chapter 5: Conceived Chaos

Secret Military Installation – Project Wideawake

“All active Sentinel units, defend the front gate! We’re under attack! I repeat, we’re under attack by the X-Men!”

The urgent voice of Bolivar Trask echoed throughout the facility that housed Project Wideawake. Alarms blared and defense mechanisms at all levels activated. Much of the uniformed officers and government personnel had already fled into bunkers, leaving large contingents of Sentinels to attack the X-Men.

It was a daring, dangerous stunt, attacking a facility that housed the most advanced Sentinel technology in existence. Trask responded with the full force of his mutant-hunting creations. However, that was just what the X-Men expected. It was also instrumental to the plan they had hatched.

“Remind me again why we agreed to this?” asked Sunfire as he soared overhead, hitting the first wave of Sentinels with fireballs.

“Ye telling me ye don’t enjoy trashing Sentinels, lad?” laughed Banshee as he flew next to him, letting out sonic blasts on the second wave.

“I don’t deny the inherent satisfaction,” said Sunfire with a half-grin. “I simply recall being a reserve member after I left the X-Men. I did not know that entailed full frontal assaults on Sentinel factories.”

“Keep making extra noise, guys! You’re giving me plenty to work with!” said Dazzler from below as she conjured a barrage of dazzling energy bolts.

“That is part of the plan, Dazzler!” Banshee reminded her. “We make noise. We get their attention. Our friends do the rest.”

“And if they choose to attack with every Sentinel in this facility?” Sunfire questioned.

“Ha! Then, we make even more noise!”

Banshee’s enthusiasm and confidence extended to his attack. He, Dazzler, and Sunfire had just descended on the front gate on the south end of the facility. Like most secret facilities that contained mutant killing machines, it was well-guarded and inconspicuous. It might have looked like an old military base that had been decommissioned, but it hid plenty of advanced defenses, as well as active Sentinels.

Those Sentinels emerged from hidden compartments and took to the sky as soon as the three X-Men arrived. They hadn’t been subtle, opting to attack in broad daylight in the early afternoon. Just as they’d hoped, they threw as many Sentinels as they could at them, having identified them as current and former X-Men. Banshee led the charge, unleashing sonic blasts that shattered windows and cracked concrete. Sunfire and Dazzler followed suit, hitting any that remained standing.

More Sentinels emerged from underground chambers. Other defense systems, including automatic turrets and electrified barriers emerged. Dazzler took on most of them, using the commotion caused by Sunfire and Banshee to hit them from multiple angles. Between their noise and her flashy display, they soon had the entire base on full alert.

“Initiate secondary emergency protocols!” Trask yelled over the intercom. “All functional Sentinel units, converge on the attackers! All Project Wideawake personnel, get to your fortifications! Do not let the muties through!”

“I swear he’s trying to make this more satisfying,” Sunfire commented. “Now, I want him to throw more Sentinels at us!”

“Now, you’re getting into the spirit!” Banshee laughed.

As more Sentinel forced poured out form the base, the three X-Men escalated their spectacle. Sunfire flew higher and faster, unleashing torrents of larger fireballs on the oversized robots below. Banshee and Dazzler followed his example, staying low and bombarding any units that Sunfire didn’t sufficiently damage. More fell, but more attempted to fire back.

“Destroy! Destroy the mutants!” the Sentinels blared as they attacked with their hand-mounted blasters.

Banshee and Sunfire evaded the shots in the sky. Dazzler took cover around empty trucks and rusted tanks. Any that tried to corner her got blasted or blinded by more of her sound-based energy attacks.

As the battle unfolded, the foundation of the facility trembled. Chaos throughout the area escalated, causing confusion and panic throughout Project Wideawake. Even if it was part of a larger plan, the next part still carried great risk. Banshee, Sunfire, and Dazzler created an opening with this chaos. It was now up to Kate Pryde, Rogue, and Charles Xavier to use it.

“Dang! They fortified the heck outta this place,” Rogue commented as she took in the sight from afar. “Whatever they’re hidin’ here, it must be something.”

“Trust me, Rogue. It more than something,” said Kate Pryde, who wouldn’t even look at the Sentinels.

“You sure they can hang in there long enough? They got enough Sentinels in this place to last ‘till Christmas!” said Rogue.

“They only need to keep them occupied for a while. We just need to get to Senator Kelly,” said Kate.

“And you’re certain he’s in there?” asked Professor Xavier, who’d been scanning the facilitate with his telepathy. “This whole complex is heavily shielded from telepathic intrusion. I can sense many minds inside, but I cannot single one out.”

“He’s in there, Professor. Trust me,” Kate answered strongly. “What happens to him – what will happen – it’ll make this place infamous for generations to come.”

While the action unfolded on the north side, Kate had Rogue and Professor Xavier took a position just outside the perimeter of the east end. It was just outside the outermost walls and gates of the facility. Behind them was a thick, heavily wooded area that included a high ledge overlooking a rocky creek. It too had been ladened with sensors, which Kate helped them sneak past or destroy. She knew the area well.

She probably knew the area better than anyone working inside it. As she stood between Rogue and the Professor, who sat in his special hover chair, she looked back behind her one last time before narrowing her gaze on the facility.

“In less than a year from now, this whole area will be converted into Master Mold One – the heart of all Sentinel operations,” Kate said distantly. “This entire forest will be leveled – cleared to make way for more factories to produce more Sentinels. It’s the first step in an all-new, all-different Project Wideawake.”

“And we never even knew it was coming,” Xavier said as he looked up at the facility with her. “I thought we’d done enough. Between the efforts of the X-Men and X-Corp, I truly believed we were on the right path. My dream felt like it was becoming a reality.”

To Charles Xavier, the stakes were high. His dream hung in the balance. Kate, even through the eyes of her teenage self, appreciated the extent of that dream. She’d watched it turn into a nightmare with many friends and loved ones. She also watched hopes and spirits shatter. She offered him a reassuring gesture, hoping to never witness such horrors.

“You weren’t wrong, Professor. Don’t think for a second that dream was a farce,” Kate said strongly. “You fought all the right battles for all the right reasons. It was the Goblin Queen who derailed everything.”

“And all because that crazy bitch had to hedge her bets,” said Rogue, having only recently learned of Madelyne Pryor’s plot. “It ain’t enough to throw demons, monsters, and evil ninjas at everyone. She’s just gotta make sure we all lose if she loses.”

“She’s worse than that, Rogue,” said Kate. “The Goblin Queen doesn’t give a damn about mutants, humans, dreams, or even nightmares. She seeks chaos…chaos for everyone, except herself. It helps her to maintain control while everyone else suffers.”

“And Ah thought mah daddy was an ass,” Rogue commented.

“Today, she unleashes the first wave of that chaos,” Kate went on. “She knows she’ll get resistance on one front. That’s why she opens up another…one she knows we can’t control.”

It seemed so devious, yet so cunning. There was nothing too tactical about the Goblin Queen’s approach. She sought control for herself and chaos for everyone else. It gave her every possible advantage. It also doomed everyone caught up in her madness.

Looking back at the facility, Kate didn’t just see a small part of an emerging nightmare. Through her memories of the future, she saw vast plots of land turned to mutant internment camps. She’d spent time in those camps. She lived day-to-day, wearing the same ragged gray clothes with a suppression collar around her neck. She’d watch as new models of Sentinels used young mutants as target practice. The memories of their mangled bodies and pained cries haunted her dreams.

If she, the X-Men, and their many allies succeeded, those memories would vanish. To Kate, that was every bit as important as saving Charles Xavier’s dream. For it to endure, her future nightmares had to disappear.

“Let’s get moving!” Kate said with an assertiveness that contrasted with her youthful appearance. “I can phase us through the main barriers. Once inside, we must find Senator Kelly and Bolivar Trask!”

“If their psychic shielding is only moderate, I should be able to lock onto their minds,” said Professor Xavier, already preparing himself for the coming challenge.

“That might not be necessary,” said Kate. “I know where they’ll be. We just have to make sure we’re there before Mystique finds them.”

“Ah can handle her,” said Rogue strongly. “Mah mama and I have some unfinished business. And she ain’t disappearing on meh again!”

“That’s just one of the reasons why you’re tagging along,” said Kate. “The others won’t matter if we don’t stop the assassination!”

They all knew what was at stake. They were finally ready to act.

The attack by Sunfire, Banshee, and Dazzler escalated. Fireballs, sonic blasts, and dazzling energy sparks shot up into the daytime sky. What remained of the facility’s defense forces rushed towards the north end to counter. It left behind the opening they’d been waiting for.

Not wasting another second, Kate placed one hand on Xavier’s shoulder and the other on Rogue’s. They all exchanged glances. Xavier activated the silent function on his hover chair and prepared his mind. With determination beyond her years, she phased them through the outer barriers and led them inside. As they began navigating the advanced facility, much of which was underground, they did so knowing the Goblin Queen was still in control.

“Time is already working against us,” Kate said, “and if memory serves me right, the Goblin Queen is about to make the next move.”

Sinister’s Lab – The Goblin Queen’s Private Quarters

“Scott? Oh Scott?” said a seductive, feminine voice. “Wake up, my handsome stud. It’s time!”

“Hnn…Jean?” Scott replied groggily as he awoke.

“Not quite. But close!” the voice laughed.

Scott opened his eyes to what seemed like a nightmare and a fantasy. He was not where he remembered. Before everything went dark, he and Jean had been flying through the skies within the fires of the Phoenix Force. They were wailing in a mix of confusion and pain. The Phoenix cried out, as well. It was as though a distant alarm had sounded, one that only they could hear and feel. It had been so distressing and disorienting. Something devious and powerful had taken control of them.

As Scott became more lucid, he realized he was still not in control and in more ways than he recalled. At some point in the chaos, he blacked out completely. He lost sight of Jean, where they were going, and everything else. He didn’t remember someone knocking him out, taking him into some strange bedroom, stripping off his clothes, and tying him to a bed. But that was where he was.

He wasn’t alone, either. But it wasn’t Jean by his side.

“Madelyne Pryor,” Scott said, even before his vision fully cleared. “It’s you, isn’t it?”

“You’re just as perceptive as your wife,” the other redhead replied. “Hopefully, that’s another gift that runs in the family. Guess we’ll find out soon enough!”

He sensed her approach. Scott tried to move, only to uncover that his wrists and ankles were bound with metal shackles. He was strapped to some sort of bed, completely naked and trapped. He looked around to get a feel for his surroundings. In doing so, the nightmare fantasy only deepened.

Scott quickly surmised this was no ordinary bedroom. It looked like a cross between a honeymoon suite, a laboratory, and an occult ritual chamber. There was lab equipment and monitors along nearby walls and corners. The bed he was strapped to had soft white linens with pink and red rose petals littered atop the comforter. The floor around the bed had an array of occult symbols, some of which he recognized from his and Jean’s dealings with Dr. Strange. It was all illuminated by several rows of candles, each giving off a scent that radiated sex and lust.

It might have seemed romantic, if not a bit kinky, but there was something else in the air besides sex. Scott had a dark, foreboding feeling in his gut. Every thought and instinct told him he needed to escape. He tried using his optic blasts to shoot through the shackles, only to discover that his powers were being suppressed. He attempted to use the Phoenix Force, as well. That too was being suppressed.

Then, there was Madelyne Pyror herself. She really was Jean’s clone. She looked exactly like her, from her fiery red hair to her womanly physique to her distinct facial features. Even the shape of her breasts, the hue of her lips, and the color of her eyes was identical. Had he not known better, he would’ve easily mistaken her for Jean Grey.

“What’s the matter, my darling?” Madelyne asked casually. “Is the setting not romantic enough for you? You should know I worked long and hard to make sure the ambience was just perfect.”

“Perfect for who?” Scott muttered, still struggling with his restraints.

“Unfortunately, that ambience required some additional resources. I had to adapt the dampeners from the null chamber into my private quarters. It was no easy task, I assure you. But I had to ensure that neither your powers nor the Phoenix Force hindered this moment. I am not exaggerating when I say I’ve prepared my entire life for this.”

That answered a few questions, but it raised plenty more. It was disturbing enough that she had the resources and ability to block his powers completely. It was even more disturbing to hear it in a voice so similar to Jean’s. However, hearing her talk and seeing into her devious gaze revealed just how different she was from the woman he loved.

Even though she sounded like Jean, Madelyne spoke with a distinct undertone that was nothing like her. The way she looked at him, leering over his naked body with a distressing amount of dark lust, left him feeling very unnerved. Clone or no clone, this was a very different woman driven by very different desires. She gave off an aura that hinted at something deviant and chaotic. Being trapped in her room, powerless and bound, filled Scott with growing dread.

“And I must confess,” Madelyne continued, “I wasn’t sure how I’d react when we finally met. It was always going to happen. Time, fate, and forces far stronger made sure of that.”

“I question the judgement of those forces,” Scott groaned, frustrated by his restraints.

“And yet, here we are,” she pointed out. “You and me…together at last. You…the man I was programmed at the molecular level to desire…here in my bed, ready to fulfill my ultimate purpose.”

“Only because you forced it,” he pointed out. “That’s not fate.”

“It doesn’t matter what you call it. We’re still here…together at last. And I must say, I’m somewhat relieved. My desires left too much for the imagination. Now that I see you in all your manly glory, I understand. You are a remarkable specimen of a man!”

Madelyne’s voice took on a more erotic overtone. She climbed onto the bed so that he had a much more intimate view of the woman who’d been cloned from his wife. She carried with herself a very devious aura, but one that still exuded intense sensuality.

It helped that she had dressed with the intent of setting a very sexy mood. She wore very scant, revealing attire. It included a silk nighty with transparent areas that highlighted her well-shaped breasts. When she crawled up towards him, like a predatory animal in heat, she also revealed a matching thong that did little to conceal her private areas. Had she not revealed such dark inclinations, Scott might have found it sexy.

Unfortunately, some parts of his body weren’t on the same page. As the devious redhead straddled his torso, playfully grinding along the base of his manhood in the process, Scott felt various sexual reflexes activate. His penis stiffened and his heart began to pound. He swore he could smell the growing arousal radiating from her inner thighs.

Everything this woman was doing had a singular purpose. Part of that purpose just happened to involve sex.

“I sense certain parts of you understand, as well,” Madelyne teased while rubbing her thong-glad butt against his member.

“Don’t mistake reflexes for understanding,” Scott said strongly. “What’s this about? And what have you done with Jean?”

“Oh, come now!” she scoffed. “I go through all this trouble to set the mood. And you try to kill it by mentioning another woman?”

“A woman who happens to be my wife,” he pointed out.

“Yes. Yes. You love your wife. But even her clone in expensive lingerie isn’t enough for you? That’s annoying, but not unexpected. It simply affirms that you’re a decent man, even in the presence of a beautiful woman…one who wants nothing more than to jump your bone.”

She leaned in and caressed his clean-shaven face. In doing so, she also revealed that she’d applied expensive lipstick and perfume for this raunchy setup. Had she not tied him to the bed, suppressed his powers, and rendered him completely vulnerable, he might have respected her efforts.

Despite his lack of appreciation, Madelyne continued smiling seductively. She also kept rubbing her butt against his groin, trying to get more blood flowing away form his brain. It was difficult to fight basic male anatomy, but Scott continued resisting.

“If it makes you feel better, your wife is still alive…relatively speaking,” said Madelyne, not hiding the devious subtext.

“That doesn’t help,” Scott replied strongly.

“Too bad. That’s all I’m willing to say about Jean Grey. I’ve been defined by her from the moment I drew breath. And honestly, it’s maddening …if that’s not too fitting a word.”

“It is,” Scott muttered.

“But I suppose that’s unavoidable,” Madelyne sighed, even as she kept caressing his face. “My creator always intended for me to be an extension of that woman. He even set it up so that I had false memories, a false history, and paperwork to back it all up. Madelyne Pryor was always meant to be a lie, albeit one with a purpose. Her fate was to bear the child who would grow up to become the ultimate mutant.”

“A child? The ultimate mutant?” Scott questioned, his mind racing almost as fast as the blood around his genitals.

“He never got around to the specifics. Maybe he’d put me in a position to come between you and Jean. Maybe he’d make it so we had a drunken one-night stand where you mistook me for her. Or maybe Jean just unexpectedly dies, our paths cross, and we go onto get married and have a child.”

“That’s ridiculous!”

“I know, right?” the redhead laughed. “Jean just happens dies, we just happen to meet, and I just happen to look like her…so much so that we fall in love? It’s crazy! And coming from me, that’s saying something.”

Madelyne burst out laughing. Scott just remained under her, trying to keep his head straight while his body complicated things. She didn’t make that easy for him, but she finally made the stakes clear.

When Emma Frost recounted her ordeal with the Goblin Queen, she mentioned how the devious redhead kept referring to some vague purpose. She went on and on about it with maddened obsession. Now, it made sense in a perverse sort of way. She’d been created to bear a child. Specifically, she’d been created to bear his child. That filled Scott with a new level of dread.

It also raised even more questions, from the identity of her creator to the motivation behind creating such a child. All that was secondary, at the moment. This woman had somehow attacked him and his wife, subdued them with ease, and rendered them utterly at her mercy. His only concern now was how he and Jean could escape.

“But enough dark comedy,” Madelyne said, her laughter ending abruptly. “This isn’t about what could’ve been or should’ve been. My creator is not in control. I am in control!”

“Yes. I get the sense that’s a big deal for you,” said Scott, glancing briefly at his restraints.

“It has to be this way,” she went on, her palms now firmly planted on his chest, “at every level at every turn. It’s not enough to just throw myself at you, have sex with you, and let nature take its course. That would make me nothing more than a vessel…a human incubator with a pulse. That simply will not do.”

“Are you expecting sympathy from me? Because we’re a bit past that point,” Scott told her angrily.

“I don’t expect anything other than cooperation and cum, Scott Summers. I’m simply offering a larger perspective…something I know you can appreciate. For when my purpose is fulfilled, you and so many others will feel the impact.”

The Goblin Queen’s voice became more intense. She dispensed with the seduction, grabbing his shoulders and digging her nails into his skin. Her grip was full of lust and madness. She was truly driven by something beyond desire. In her eyes, Scott saw a woman with a very perverse and very corrupt perspective. Her going to such lengths to exact so much control was deeply distressing.

“It took over two years to gain sufficient control of my purpose,” Madelyne continued, her words thick with a dark desire. “If I cannot change my fate, then the next best thing is to control it. And once fulfilled, I’ll need that control to guide it. What I am and what I’m going to do, even after my child is conceived…that’s something my creator never finalized. I intend to make that choice.”

“Is that really the only reason? You caused all this chaos because you’re a control freak?” Scott retorted.

“When you’re literally created for a specified purpose, you have few alternatives,” she quipped. “I know that by birthing this child, I’ll bring more chaos. And since you and Jean have fostered so many friends, allies, and connections…such control is necessary.

“That won’t stop our friends from coming to help us,” Scott warned her. “You can’t hope to control that.”

“I don’t doubt they’ll find you eventually. Even if they’re too late, I’m sure they’ll only compound the chaos. That’s why I’ve taken precautions. With all the resources and personnel I’ve assembled, I’ve made sure the chaos unfolds on my terms!”

Her sinister tone, along with an equally sinister expression, indicated that she was not bragging. The way she clung to him, hovering atop him with such dominating presence, hinted at a woman who went to every extreme and crossed every line to get what she desired. Even if she didn’t know about the tracking implant within him and Jean, Scott didn’t doubt for a second that Madelyne had gone to great lengths to control her destiny.

She already had an army of goblin creatures, but he suspected she had much more. She had two years to prepare and consolidate her resources. Scott still hoped the X-Men, the Avengers, SHIELD, and every other connection they’d made would come to their aid. He just dreaded what they might face.

He opened his mouth to say more, if only to keep Madelyne talking to buy time. She silenced him by grabbing his jaw, holding his mouth shut, and locking her eyes on him. At the same time, she shifted her pelvis so that her still-covered pussy rubbed along the underside of his dick. That got more blood flowing in the wrong direction.

“But enough about the path that led us here!” the Goblin Queen said strongly. “It’s time we focus on the here and now. Nothing else matters. All other perspectives and passions are trivial. It’s just you and me, Scott Summers…you, me, and the desires we’re primed to fulfill!”

“Ungh!” Scott grunted as he struggled to respond.

While maintaining her grip on his face with one hand, the devious redhead casually snapped her fingers. Almost immediately, a small portal opened next to the bed. From it, one of her small goblin creatures emerged and leapt onto the bed. The creature had in its hands a small syringe filled with an unknown clear fluid. Scott instinctively began fighting his restraints with greater fervor.

“Kween!” the goblin said as it presented the syringe to her.

“I trust that means the dosage has been properly calibrated for male biology,” Madelyne said as she took it. “It must induce the proper effects, both for the act and the aftermath.”

“Kween!” the creature responded, but with more glee.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” the Goblin Queen laughed.

The creature bowed its head before leaving through the same portal. The devious redhead then held up the syringe, tapped the side with her finger, and grinned in anticipation.

Scott, full of growing dread and desperation, tried with all his might to fight his restraints. He even tried to get Madelyne off him. That did nothing other than make her laugh. In fact, it appeared to turn her on.

“I’d love to explain what’s in this syringe, what it took to create, and what it’ll do to you,” Madelyne said casually, “but I’m just too impatient and horny to care.”

“I don’t care what it is!” Scott spat defiantly. “You stick me with that and I promise you…we will stop you. You will lose control over this!”

Again, Madelyne just laughed at his threat. It might have turned her on even more.

“You are a proud man of your word, Scott Summers. That, I don’t doubt,” she said. “But you’ll have to make an exception this time. I’ve worked so hard and tormented so many to get to this point. Now, my purpose…my child…our child…it’s finally within reach!”

Her voice thick with excitement, as well as a hint of madness, Madelyne Pryor firmly gripped the syringe and stuck it right into Scott’s neck. A sharp sting followed. He let out another angry, defiant groan that filled the chamber. It only grew louder as the devious redhead injected the foreign substance into his body.

“Aaghhh!” Scott groaned.

“Relax, my darling. Breath deep. You’re way past the point of no return,” Madelyne said, almost sounding affectionate.

“You…monstrous…bitch,” he gasped, his breathing already labored.

“Be careful, handsome. You don’t want those to be your last words,” she teased as she tossed aside the now empty syringe. “This union was always bound to happen. You and me…this child we’re about to conceive…it was written in destiny. And if we can’t escape it, we might as well enjoy it!”

As those words echoed with devious glee, Scott began feeling the effects of the injection. His heart rate jumped and his breathing intensified. His exposed skin grew hot. He quickly became lightheaded, his thoughts becoming spacy and disjointed. He could barely make sense of his surroundings. However, the most noticeable effect manifested in his penis, which became fully erect with unnerving efficiency.

“Ungh!” he groaned.

“Ooh! So hard, so fast!” Madelyne said, already briming with excitement. “Guess the dosage was a little high. But don’t worry! It shouldn’t have any lasting effects…to a point.”

Her words did not sit well. Scott let out a distressed groan, but she ignored it. She just kept rubbing her but along the top side of his cock, her inner thighs now noticeably soaked with arousal. The Goblin Queen was getting so horny could barely contain herself. It was a sensual, but terrifying sight.

The intense arousal in his body left Scott disoriented. He already felt himself losing control. He wasn’t just rock hard. The way his dick bulged with arousal, already throbbing with Madelyne still rubbing against it, felt so synthetic. He wasn’t a feeling born of desire or even a natural bodily reflex. It had been induced within him, forcing his body to match the desires of another. Even in his dazed state, it disgusted him.

“Your body is ready,” Madelyne told him, leering over her with a lustful glance. “Your mind and your desires still need to catch up, but I can work with this!”

With perverse laughter, Madelyne removed her lingerie. She slid her nighty off with erotic zeal, revealing her breast while Scott looked on. Like the rest of her body, they were identical to Jean. Every hair, freckle, and sinews resembled the woman he loved, right down to the shape of her nipples. When she leaned over, rubbing her cleavage right in his face, it left Scott even more disoriented.

“Nnn…Jean,” he said with slurred words.

“No!” Madelyne barked, grabbing his face and eyeing him menacingly. “Not Jean, my darling. Madelyne! Madelyne Pryor…the Goblin Queen!”

She took on a more predatory demeanor as she stood up on the bed, her feet still planted at his side, and slid out of her thong. Now fully naked, she stood over him with such domineering poise. It was like she’d placed herself at the center of his world, making it so nothing else mattered. In his current state, Scott might as well have been an insect looking up at the sun.

“This body…these breasts…this pussy…this womb,” Madelyne said, gesturing to her naked figure, “it might have been molded from another woman’s genetics. But today, it’s mine! If you cannot accept anything I say, be sure to accept that!”

Scott tried to respond. He only got out some incoherent groans. His heart and breathing had settled, but his mind descended further into Madelyne’s dark grasp. She was in control now and she was going to use it.

Encouraged by his silence, the Goblin Queen licked her lips intently and got on top of him. In a display of both dominance and sensuality, she kissed along his lower neck. From there, she trailed her lips down his chest, following along the sinews of his abdomen. Her lips were soft, but her touch was so strong and domineering. Again, Scott’s body responded favorably while his mind remained disgusted. In his bound state, however, he could do nothing about it.

Madelyne let out soft, predatory purrs as she worked her way down to his pelvis where his unnaturally hard cock awaited. She went out of her way to gradually trail her tongue along the top of the shaft. Now kneeling perfectly before his cock, look up at him while he looked back with his vacant eyes, she grasped his shaft with both hands and guided hit towards her lips.

“Mmm…such a nice, hard cock,” Madelyne purred. “For once, you should listen to it, Scott. It clearly wants me. And I need it in ways no woman has ever needed a cock!”

With desire in her eyes that went beyond mere lust, the devious redhead licked up his shaft again. She was even more thorough than before, tasting every inch and highlighting every fleshy detail. She also began stroking it lightly, showing uncanny care and caution. When she finally pressed her lips against the tip, tasting the sensitive glans, she made it a point to savor every bit of his flesh.

“Hngh!” Scott groaned at the feelings that ensued.

His body tensed, his wrists and ankles straining his tight shackles. Her soft lips and slithering tongue provided intense sensations. They were so raw and unfiltered, flooding his body with many familiar feelings. Like the rest of her body, Madelyne’s lips and tongue perfectly resembled Jean. Even her method for sucking his member was uncannily similar.

She started with slow, heavy deep-throating, getting as much of his length into her as possible. Then, she hungrily trailed her lips up the shaft before lightly teasing the tip. From there, she got into a rhythm, suckling and slurping along his length. More hot sensations followed, further confounding his mind and body.

“Delicious!” Madelyne purred. “This dick…the key to my purpose…so delicious!”

She continued sucking it, going harder and faster. As she sucked him, she rubbed her thighs together, as if to prepare her pussy for the next step. She approached giving him oral sex with a distinct urgency, as though her very existence demanded such effort. It still compounded Scott’s dread, but the resulting pleasure further clouded his mind.

From his body’s perspective, it was Jean’s mouth sucking his dick. And she was sucking it in just the way he loved. It got his heart racing, his passions flowing, and his lust for sex running on all cylinders. It turned basic arousal into intense desire. His brain still recognized that this wasn’t Jean. It was a gross perversion of his wife, the woman he loved and made love to with such desire.

However, no matter what his brain told him, every fiber of his being urged Scott to give in. The body and mind were at odd, but the body was winning out. At one point, he nearly climaxed. Sensing this, Madelyne ceased her oral sex immediately.

“Easy there, my handsome stud. Don’t want you popping off too soon,” the Goblin Queen teased, still gripping the base of her cock. “You know how proper baby-making works. To conceive our child…the ultimate mutant…you must come inside me. And to ensure conception, we’ll have to be very thorough!”

The way she said it made it sound fun, but only for her. Scott, his body aching for sex and his mind on the brink, it came off as extended torture. He kept trying to resist, if only mentally. That further encouraged Madelyne, eager to exert more control as she mounted him in preparation for their sexual union.

Now hovering over him in a perfect cowgirl position, she held the base of his cock with one hand while holding onto his waist with another. Her demeanor suddenly shifted. She went from being overly excited to overwhelmed.

“This is it,” the Goblin Queen said distantly, “my ultimate purpose…literally within my grasp.”

They were not the words or tone of a woman with a healthy perspective on fate, sex, or anything. The devious redhead looked like someone whose mind couldn’t fully process the situation unfolding before her.

Scott could feel her hands tremble, even as the outer folds of her pussy rubbed over the tip of his dick. He looked back at her, still powerless to use his optic blasts or the Phoenix Force. Not knowing what to expect from this woman, he shot her a defiant glare.

“Madelyn…you will fail,” Scott told her through labored breath.

Madelyne reacted strongly, her gaze narrowing and her grasp tightening.

“No! I won’t,” she said intently.

Abandoning whatever reservations or sanity had been holding her back, Madelyne Pryor drove her hips downward. Through that singular act, purpose became action.

Scott closed his eyes as the onslaught of sensations followed. His rigid, masculine flesh entered her womanly folds, penetrating her hot depths to the utmost. She was so hot and tight, the extent of her arousal even more apparent. This time, however, there was no bodily confusion. This was not Jean Grey. But it was too late now. Madelyne had started moving her hips, working the tight folds of her vagina along the rigid length of his cock.

This was happening. He was having sex with Madelyne Pryor and she had every intention of conceiving a child through this act.

“You feel that, Scott? Because I sure do!” the Goblin Queen exclaimed. “You’re inside me! We’re making love! We’re making our child!”

Her every word and action echoed with maddened lust. Now gripping his waist hard, her nails digging into his flesh, she gyrated her hips in a succession of intense movements. She seethed and squealed with delight, the feeling of their bodily union giving her a rush that went beyond that of a basic sex act. Madelyne ravaged him with a dark passion that defied description, controlling his body and his passion with perverse pleasure.

The bed rocked hard in wake of every motion. The sounds of smacking, slithering flesh echoed over the Goblin Queen’s lustful hissing. The shackles around his wrists clanged and clashed, his body writhing under the secure restraint. Scott kept his eyes closed, even as the sensations intensified. But the deviant woman wouldn’t let him shut her out. As she rode him harder, she grabbed his jaw with one hand and forced him to look at her.

“Don’t you dare shut me out, Scott! Look at me! Be part of this moment!” Madelyne commanded. “We’re not just making a child! We’re creating the ultimate mutant!”

Under her cold grip, Scott opened his eyes. What he saw before him affirmed that he had crossed a point of no return.

This devious, yet beautiful redhead was having sex with him. He watched as her naked body gyrated and swayed at a heated pace. Her breasts bounced and a light sweat formed on her skin. The drug flowing through his body, as well as the sensations their sex evoked, effectively numbed any further thoughts of defiance or dread. Thoughts lost any lingering connection with the raw physicality of this act. Only pure, unthinking lust guided him.

“Hnn…Madelyne,” Scott groaned, his voice flat and vacant.

“Scott…my stud. Our fate. My destiny!” Madelyne panted through more movements.

Scott’s body effectively went into autopilot. He stopped resisting and focused on simply processing the feeling. Harder and faster, the Goblin Queen fucked him, her tight pussy squeezing his cock mercilessly with every motion. She wasn’t drawing it out for the sake of passion or pleasure. She wanted him to come. She wanted him to fill her with his manly seed. In her eyes, touch, and movements, this was her sole motivation. She would not stop until she achieved it.

In short order, Madelyne’s intense riding quickly brought him to the brink of orgasm. He couldn’t fight it. He had little to no inclination to do so, the drug and the feeling having tempered all of it. Scott could also see in her expression how close she was, but it was hard to tell if that meant an approaching orgasm or a greater feat of fulfillment.

“So…close,” Scott panted incoherently. “I’m gonna…gonna…”

“Do it, Scott! Do it!” Madelyne yelled, her voice wrought with maddened lust. “Fill my pussy! Seed my womb! Create our child!”

The Goblin Queen stepped up the pace, her excitement crossing over into obsessive intent. She dug her knees and feet into the bed. She leaned over slightly and grasped his shoulders, raking her nails along his flesh with little regard to the marks she left. The expression on her face, as well as the way her body moved, left no room for ambiguity. She was going to climax too.

Scott couldn’t fight it anymore. Madelyne Pryor was in control. She had complete control of his body, his sex, and his desires. In that powerful moment of utter submission, it all culminated in an intense sexual release.

“Ungh! Madelyne!” Scott groaned.

“OHHH YESSSS!” the Goblin Queen cried out.

Her cries echoed with a perfect blend of ecstasy and depraved madness. The feeling that followed went beyond basic physical pleasure. It brought with it a dark meaning with darker implications. And it was too late to escape either.

Scott’s face tensed. His entire body shuddered as the orgasmic heat consumed him. In a release that numbed his every fiber with pleasure, he shot his seminal load up into Madelyne’s pussy. She even aligned her torso just right, making sure he sprayed it right into her uterus. He felt her inner muscles squeeze his member, lapping up every last drop. As the ripples of pleasure washed through him, Madelyne’s body shuddered as well from a powerful release.

The loudness and derangement of her cries left Scott’s ears ringing. It was part orgasm, part descent into insanity. The act of obtaining the last ingredient she needed to fulfill her purpose and bear his child was finally inside her. That act brought with it a pleasure that went beyond any orgasm.

“I…I’m coming!” Madelyne gasped, her body still trembling. “I’m fulfilling my purpose…and I’m coming!”

Saying it out loud only deepened her satisfaction. Even as her pussy stopped throbbing and her body settled, she remained in a euphoric state. It was still sinking in, the greater implications of what she’d just done. After all the planning, treachery, and debauchery she’d pursued since her creation, the Goblin Queen actually had what she desired. In that moment, the redhead experienced something no previous act had given her.

“Satisfied,” she said distantly, “I finally feel satisfied.”

She made it seem so profound. Scott could barely make sense of her strange demeanor. His body was still reeling, but his dick remained hard. He was still locked in, physically and mentally. He could do nothing other than observe, still very much under this woman’s control.

With a strange look of intrigue and elation, the naked redhead rose off his cock. She made sure to keep all the sexual fluids inside her, not wanting to waste a single drop of precious seed. She then laid on top of him, her breasts pressing up against his chest and his masculine sinews entwined with hers. Her touch was almost affectionate, but her demeanor remained distinctly devious.

“So, that’s what it’s like,” Madelyne said, “to carry out an act of desire…and actually feel satisfied. I must say. I didn’t understand why others were so unbalanced when I denied it to them. Now, I do!”

The redhead laughed, showing no remorse whatsoever. Scott, still dazed and bound, tried to look away again. The Goblin Queen had what she wanted. At the very least, he could resist compounding her satisfaction. Again, she grabbed his face and made him look her in the eye.

“You have no idea what it’s been like,” she went on, “to pursue so much control…to engage in so many acts of desire…and to never come close to this feeling. It would make anyone mad!”

She laughed harder. She also began pawing his chest again while rubbing her thigh against his still-erect cock. His mind was still dazed by the pleasure, but his body was already primed for more. Madelyne, despite having what she wanted, seemed ready as well.

“The act is done. Your role in my purpose is complete,” the Goblin Queen told him. “But, satisfied or not, we can’t leave it at that!”

Her sensuous touching escalated. As she rubbed her inner thighs against his cock, Scott sensed she was still aroused. Her body remained hungry for more sex.

“You ejaculated inside me. And I’ve got fertility drugs flowing in my blood,” she said as she trailed her lips down his chest, just like before. “That should be enough to achieve conception. But I prefer to be thorough.”

“Hnn…can’t,” Scott managed to get out through the mental fog.

“Oh, you can, my handsome stud. The drug in your system will see to that. Plus, you’re still under my control. That means we’re going to keep having sex. You’re going to keep coming inside me. And we’re not going to stop until I desire otherwise!”

It was a daunting prospect, but one Scott could not escape. He didn’t fight his restraints. He didn’t even protest the prospect of being ravaged by this woman for however long she deemed fit. He just fell silent, his body still in a sexual overdrive. Even if his mind was ambivalent, his body remained receptive.

Madelyne took full advantage of that, realigning her body so that she was facing away from him. She eyed his cock, still erect and dripping with her feminine juices. She briefly rubbed it between her breasts, if only to keep the blood flowing at full throttle. She even licked the tip, tasting their mix of sexual fluids. It was already her favorite treat.

“Mmm…the flavor of fulfillment,” she said as she licked her fingers. “Truly the sweetest of the sensual fruits!”

That taste got her blood flowing to all the right places, as well. A renewed eagerness consumed her and she mounted his cock again, this time in a reverse cowgirl position. She grasped the tip of his dick again, planted both feet firmly at his sides, and aligned it with her pussy once more. With the same eager lust as earlier, she plunged her hips downward, his flesh once again penetrating hers. It wasn’t the same spectacle as before, but Madelyne’s reaction was just as favorabe.

“Hngh!” Scott groaned.

“Ooh fuck!” the Goblin Queen exclaimed. “More sex! More seed! More satisfaction! I want it!”

A fresh onslaught of ravenous movements commenced. Now leaning back, aligning her pelvis at just the right angle, the deviant redhead rode him with the same fervor as before. She worked her hips rapidly, her womanly folds slithering smoothly along the length of his cock. Hot sensations and equally hot pleasure followed. Scott just tried to keep up with it, clinging to whatever coherence his mind still allowed.

“So hot…so tight,” he grunted.

“And still very fertile!” Madelyne added through a round of lurid laughter.

She kept riding him hard, pushing and straining the durability of masculine flesh. It felt so good, but so strenuous. The line between pleasure and pain quickly blurred. More sex and continued torment became the same thing in Scott’s mind. However, his body remained too far ahead of him. He was already on route to another climax.

That shouldn’t have been possible. Even when the Phoenix Force was active, he could only do so much to achieve another orgasm so quickly. The drug in his system had effectively hijacked his body. Nothing was under his control anymore. Madelyne wanted more of his cum and she was going to get it.

“Augh!” Scott groaned, his face tensing to the strenuous ecstasy.

“Ooh! You’re coming again, aren’t you?” Madelyne taunted. “I feel it too! Go on! Fill me up again!”

He tried to hold back, hoping to let his mind catch up. The Goblin Queen offered no such mercy, bouncing her hips harder to send him over the orgasmic threshold. Despite the strain, his body still shuddered under the hot release. More seminal fluid shot up into her pussy, supplementing the large load he’d already deposited. The feeling of that hot mix inside her evoked another euphoric moan from Madelyne.

Her body writhed and shifted in accord with the sensations. It was hard to tell if she was having another orgasm or if this was just the pleasure she felt in fulfilling her purpose. There was something distinctly perverse about it, but it didn’t matter. The Goblin Queen still experienced a special, albeit dark ecstasy.

“Mmm…more seed! More satisfaction! I love it!” she exclaimed.

The devious redhead slowed her movements, tensing her inner muscles in an effort to milk his cock for every last drop of cum. Even after she got it all, she resumed her movements. She was still not done ravaging him.

Scott, his eyes half-open and a trail of drool streaming down his chin, barely had time to catch his breath. Moments after his mind and body had been racked with orgasmic sensations, their sex continued. His dick remained hard, still very effected by the drug. His body remained in a sexual overdrive, fully eclipsing his brain’s ability to process the feeling.

“This moment…is mine,” Madelyne said as she continued fucking him. “This sex…this child…this purpose…it’s mine to control!”

Things became a blur. Under this woman’s control, every perspective – the same perspectives that he and Jean worked so hard to develop – became muted. They no longer applied or aided him. His entire world had been reduced to a singular role in conceiving this child with Madelyne Pryor.

Like a woman possessed by lust and madness, the Goblin Queen continued raving him with her sex, riding his cock and savoring his flesh. She didn’t just stop at riding him. She hungrily pawed his chest, licked around his nipples, stuck her fingers in his mouth, and nibbled on his ears. She was so domineering and unrestrained. She was also devoid of the kind of passion and affection that made his sex with Jean so special. At no point did Madelyne hint that she cared for Scott as anything more than a means to an end, even if it was a means she enjoyed using.

“Satisfaction! Fulfillment! So powerful!” the Goblin Queen exclaimed every time she achieved orgasm.

Her control over him was so absolute. The pleasure, both for her and for him, perfectly aligned with her every whim. It was so complete that Scott didn’t barely noticed when the restraints of his wrists loosened. At one point, while Madelyne was forcibly kissing him with heavy tongue, she fully unlocked them.

His arms were now free.

He could finally fight back, resist, or even end this depraved act.

However, Scott did nothing of the sort. He couldn’t muster the desire, let alone make such a choice. His eyes remained opened and his mind remained aware, but Madelyn’s control on him remained secure. Even unbound, he was completely at her mercy.

“Mine! It’s all mine! You can feel it, can’t you?” she said right into his ear.

The naked redhead reinforced her point by grabbing his wrists, guiding his hands to her breasts, and having him squeeze them. He did so as though it were a reflex. It was so automatic that it triggered another orgasm in Madelyne.

As she shuddered through more euphoric bursts, Scott felt an unexpected surge of energy. His heart pounded faster. His breathing became more ragged, so much so that he gasped hard for air. It was everything under his skin was on fire, but he still couldn’t control it. His body was still going through the sexual motions, intent only on satisfying the naked redhead before him.

“Madelyne…Goblin Queen,” Scott said through his daze.

“Yes! I feel it too!” she exclaimed. “Show me! Show me one more time before your heart explodes!”

Her demands were vague and her choice of words were ominous. At their current level of exertion, his body threatened to fail completely if he didn’t regain control. That seemed like a remote possibility. Through the strain and subjugation, Scott heeded the Goblin Queen’s request.

Somehow, his body knew what to do before his mind connected the dots. In a swift shift of bodily alignment, he grabbed Madelyne’s hips and laid her down in the center of the bed. He then got on top of her, the restraints on his ankles undoing themselves in the process. Now in a perfect missionary position, Madelyne spread her legs and locked them around his waist. Scott, his dick still throbbing with arousal, grunted through the continued strain and thrust into her.

More sex unfolded. Scott dug his knees and feet into the bed as he humped her hard at a heated pace. The bed rocked, as did their naked bodies. He grasped her hips with increasing desperation. He could feel his heart thumbing in his chest. His cock ached as it pumped into Madelyne’s pussy, slithering seamlessly within a mixture of sexual fluids. He was set to climax again, but any pleasure that came with it barely registered. His mind and body were just too detached.

“Aaghh!” Scott exclaimed, sweat pouring down his face as the distress intensified.

“Oohhh yes!” Madelyne cried out while raking her nails down his back.

More seminal fluid entered her depths. At this point, however, Scott wasn’t sure if he had any left. This woman was truly intent on milking him dry of his seed. That was how thorough she intended to be in having his child. It didn’t matter if it broke his body in the process.

“I can tell you’re running on empty, so to speak,” Madelyne said into his ear, her tone as devious as ever. “Honestly, we didn’t need to do it this much to conceive a child. I just really, really wanted to!”

Her mocking further intensified Scott’s strain. Hearing that it wasn’t even necessary made it far worse. With the way her legs remained wrapped around his waist, it was clear she still wasn’t done.

“I could keep doing this to you until you die, mid-coitus,” Madelyne continued, “but that would be a waste of a perfectly serviceable man. And since you’ve proven so obedient and endowed, I think it’s only fitting that I…”

This time, the Goblin Queen didn’t finish. An unexpected tremor shook the room, causing the lights to flicker and multiple candles to go out. For the first time since Scott woke up, something happened that she didn’t expect or control. It was minor and passed quick, but it almost instantly killed the mood.

“Damn,” she said flatly. “I don’t want that to be what I think it is. But I cannot take that chance. Not now!”

In an abrupt, but jarring show of strength, the Goblin Queen pushed Scott off her. She wasn’t the least bit gentle she shoved him aside, nearly knocking him off the bed. He remained dazed. His dick finally softened, but his heart kept pounding and every breath was still labored. He fought to regain control of his body. Before he could even lift his own arm, Madelyne grabbed his left wrist and strapped it back into the shackle. She made sure it was even tighter than before.

“Don’t even think about leaving my grasp, Scott Summers…not that you could,” said Madelyne, her voice now callous and cold. “You’ve may have served your purpose, but I may still have use for you…provided I remain in control.”

That prospect of her having more control was still distressing, but Scott could do nothing more at this point. Another tremor followed. This time, several candles fell over. Numerous assorted items on nearby tables fell, as well. Something was definitely unfolding outside this facility, wherever it was located. Scott might have been out of it mentally, but he hadn’t forgotten the about the tracking mechanisms that he and Jean had implanted. That meant it was only a matter of time before friends and allies came to their aid.

However, Madelyne didn’t look the least bit concerned. She just looked annoyed. She barely showed any urgency as she retrieved a black bath robe and a change of clothes from a nearby dresser. She didn’t even turn her head when one of the monitors became active and a voice echoed through.

“My queen! It’s, Jackal!” said an anxious, but disfigured man. “I know you explicitly stated not to disturb you, but I have dire news. We’ve got an incoming force descending over Whiltshire. The Cuckoos claim it includes the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, SHIELD, and even Spider-Man! Spider-Man…that cocky little shit just won’t leave me alone!”

“Yes, yes. It’s an overwhelming attack from X-Corp’s many friends. Don’t act so shocked,” Madelyne said, as though it were no big deal. “I always knew it would happen. I’d just hoped they’d be more inept at finding us.”

“What shall I do, my queen? The final synthesis of the Legacy Virus still needs more time!”


“Then, focus all your energy on that and that alone, Jackal. Our defenses will keep them occupied. I didn’t assemble an army of ninjas, goblins, demons, and symbiote monsters for my own amusement…not entirely, anyways. Plus, Mystique is set to provide a critical distraction very soon.”

“But what about you, my queen?”

“Me? Ha! You need not worry, Jackal,” she laughed. “I have everything I need now. It’s only a matter of time and process…two things I can readily control.”

The Goblin Queen turned off the monitor before Jackal could reply. He had his orders. She expected him to carry them out. She also wasn’t done completing her purpose. Turning back towards Scott, now wearing her robe, she cast him an ominous grin while rubbing her abdomen.

“If you’re expecting your cadre of allies to save you, you’re expecting too much,” Madelyne told him. “It’s too late! Our child has been conceived.”

“But…” Scott began, his voice still weak and distant.

“If you’re expecting to get nine months of leeway, then you’re just not giving me enough credit,” she continued. “Parts of my broken soul come from Limbo, a place where time is almost as broken. If you’re smart, you’ll close your eyes and not wake up. You might not like the fruits of our desire. But if you want to see the full extent of my purpose…well, you’ll have a hell of a perspective!”

The Goblin Queen’s sinister grin widened as a portal opened behind her. Several of her goblin creatures greeted her, screeching and cheering her on as she entered it. As she vanished from view, Scott fought hard to remain conscious. The temptation to just pass out and succumb was real. His heart, lungs, and aching muscles urged him to just let go. In his drugged state, it would’ve been the easiest way to end the torment.

However, the former X-Men leader kept fighting. Despite being so weak and on the brink, Scott fought in hopes of regaining some semblance of control from the Goblin Queen.

“Can’t…give in,” Scott said weakly. “For Jean. For my friends. For…my child.”

Whiltshire, England – Outside Sinister’s Lab

It wasn’t often that Earth’s mightiest heroes, its most famous family, and its most recognizable group of mutants teamed up as a single force. It took a major threat from a powerful foe to get them to assemble. Based on everything they had observed – from magic, technology, and their own eyes at this point – there was no lingering doubt.

This was one of those threats.

This adversary – the Goblin Queen – was worthy of such a united front.

“Holy Hell! And yes, I admit that’s in poor taste,” said Iron Man as he flew over the facility that had appeared out of Stone Henge. “Are you all seeing this?”

“I’m seeing it, Stark. We all are,” replied General Nick Fury from the bridge of the SHIELD Helicarrier. “As for believing…that might take a while.”

“Be shocked later. We’ve got our order and our targets, now!” said Captain America, who stood next to the General, his iconic shield already in hand. “Let’s hit ‘em and hit ‘em hard!”

The old school super soldier was already on his way to the top deck of the Hellicarrier where the rest of the Avengers had gathered. Anyone still in shock at the scene below quickly shrugged it off. Captain America was leading the charge. That was all the reassurance they needed.

Plenty remained daunted, including Nick Fury and his second-in-command, Maria Hill. From the main bridge, they could see the sizable forces that had gathered on the surface below. Even though Fury had ordered British forces to clear every civilian within a 40 kilometer radius of Stonehenge, the area swarmed with an assortment of inhuman creatures, hideous monsters, and undead ninjas. Some resembled threats they had faced before, such as demons, goblins, and agents of the Hand. Others were less familiar, such as the hulking humanoid creatures that Spider-Man had identified as symbiotes. Their form was diverse, but their efforts were well-coordinated.

Every figure and creature had congregated around a facility that had appeared from the ground just a few hundred feet away from the ancient structure. It resembled a small pyramid, which had been covered in an energy dome to act as a shield. According to Reed Richards and Hank Pym, the design and signatured resembled the Celestials, beings that Thor once described as gigantic space gods. It assured them that the extent of their forces matched the seriousness of the situation.

“Still think we overdid it, General? Getting the Avengers, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four to come together for this battle?” asked Maria Hill, who kept a stoic demeanor, as she often did.

“Not anymore,” Fury answered flatly.

As the Helicarrier settled over Stonehenge, the rest of their attacking forces surrounded the facility. Most consisted of SHIELD transport shuttles, each carrying various units equipped with standard Hulkbuster attire, courtesy of Tony Stark and his friends at X-Corp. A few contained other allies they had picked up, including Spider-Man, Elektra, Elizabeth Braddock, and Kwannon.

In between the fleet of shuttles, the Fantasticar flew in ahead of the pack, led by the famous Fantastic Four. Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben Grimm were all suited up in their famous attire. Ben seemed especially eager to get down to the surface and start punching through the hordes of creatures.

“Step on the gas, Stretch! X-Corp invited us to clobber! And I see plenty of uglies to clobber!” the Thing said while cracking his knuckles.

“You’re more eager than usual, Ben,” said Johnny, having flamed on moments ago.

“What can I say? I clobber harder for dames I’ve seen naked.”

“You still love holding that over my head, don’t you?” Johnny quipped.


“Keep your heads out of the gutter, boys! This is not the time,” said the Invisible Woman, already putting a barrier up around the team.

“In more ways than one, darling,” said Reed, whose brilliant mind was already working hard to assess the situation. “We now know this conflict has serious implications for the future. We must all be mindful of our next course of action.”

“So long as I can stick to the clobberin’, be as mindful as you need!”

Ben, the ever-loving Thing, chose to make the first move while his friends did the thinking. He got up from his seat in the Fantasticar and jumped out into the stormy skies, just as they flew in over the front line defenses of the facility. Neither Reed nor Sue tried to stop him. They just exchanged glances and shrugged while Johnny flew in to catch up.

As soon as Thing landed, creating a sizable crater in the process, every creature in front of him took notice. The Hand Ninjas, goblins, demons, and symbiote clones let out roars and shrieks. They showed no signs of humanity or higher thought, but they demonstrated clear signs of controlled coordination. A large wave of creatures charged towards Thing, who remained undaunted.

“This is gonna be the second most fun I’ve had with X-Corp,” he said as he cracked his knuckles.

“Not if I take out more than you!” taunted Johnny as he flew in and started launching fireballs.

“Ha! You’re on, Matchstick!”

Thing started swinging his fists, hitting several attacking symbiotes and goblins. The Human Torch hit the rest of the wave with an attacking column of fire. The undead Hand ninjas took notice and fired a barrage of energy arrows at him. None got close, thanks to his sister coming in and putting up barriers. Reed flew them in closer to draw more fire, which caused several more defenses to come online.

From the ground, numerous laser turrets and defense barriers shot up. Like the facility, it bore the distinct style of Celestial technology. That offered a new set of targets for the Avengers.

“Well, there goes the element of surprise,” said Iron Man as he flew in to catch up with the Fantastic Four.

“You honestly thought Thing was going to be subtle?” said Captain America as he appeared on the deck of the Hellicarrier.

“Subtle?” the armored Avenger scoffed. “Where’s the fun in that?”

Like the Fantastic Four, Iron Man didn’t wait for orders. He began targeting the Celestial defenses below, hitting with unibeams and rocket attacks. That attracted more attention. This time, it included swarms of flying demons that had been position near the entrance to the facility. It brought more complications and chaos to the battle, but not enough to derail their new attack plan.

Captain America, now needing to catch up, joined up with the rest of the Avengers at the front end of the Hellicarrier. It, along with the rest of SHIELD’s forces, had settled into a hover just over the site. It put him and the Avengers in a perfect position to attack.

Waiting for his orders were his teammates, which included Hawkeye, Black Widow, Thor, Quicksilver, Vision, and the Scarlet Witch. They were all ready for battle. Hawkeye had a full quiver of arrows. Black Widow had the latest model of energy batons equipped with her stingers. Thor’s eyes were already glowing and the skies above echoed with thunder.

“Please tell me we’re not about to let Iron Man have all the fun, Cap,” said Hawkeye.

“I won’t tell you anything you don’t already know,” said Captain America, marching towards the edge of the deck with the poise of a hardened solider. “The stakes were already high. Now, we know they’re even higher than that. We don’t always understand the true cost of failure. This time we do.”

“And rest assure, Captain. Tis a cost we shall not pay,” said Thor confidently.

“Not if we hold tight, fight harder, and see this through! That’s how we’re gonna win, Avengers!”

“That, and a little extra trickery on the side,” said Quicksilver with a half-grin.

“I prefer a lot,” said Vision. “For our friends at X-Corp, we can do no less.”

“As though we needed the extra motivation,” said the Scarlet Witch in anticipation.

The Avengers didn’t usually need such personal stakes to charge into battle. Many on the team had ties to X-Corp, as well as Scott and Jean Grey-Summers. Some were purely logistical, thanks to their efforts to foster connections and cooperation with mutants. Others were more personal, many of which included intimate moments.

Those moments were all on their minds as Captain America led the charge, jumping off the ledge of the Hellicarrier and letting the Scarlet Witch’s powers guide him to the front lines below. His team quickly followed behind him.

“Avengers assemble!” yelled Captain America as he descended towards the battlefield.

Like the Fantastic Four, they landed right in the front lines. Iron Man and the Human Torch had already drawn fire from the Celestial defense turrets. Thor, Vision, and the Scarlet Witch hit back, blasting the larger defenses with a potent blend of lightning, lasers, and hex bolts. That cleared the way for Captain America, Quicksilver, Hawkeye, and Black Widow. As soon as they touched down, they joined Thing as he clobbered his way through a wave of demons, symbiotes, and Hand ninjas.

They quickly made a small, but noticeable dent in the front line. More shuttles from the Hellicarrier flew in, deploying a large contingent well-armed SHIELD troopers armed with Hulkbuster equipment. They all followed Captain America, but they remained in close contact with Nick Fury and Maria Hill.

“All SHIELD attack units, form up!” Nick Fury ordered from the bridge. “Follow Captain America through the front lines. He’ll clear the path. You’ll clean it up. If these creatures try to surround you, make them regret it!”

Dozens upon dozens of units affirmed his command by flying in at high speeds, hitting anything the Avengers and Fantastic Four might have missed. They helped add numbers and manpower to the larger firepower provided by Earth’s mightiest heroes. Together, it helped knock out the front Celestial defenses with ease. The turrets fell first. The defense barriers followed, thanks to some well-placed arrows and shield throws by Hawkeye and Captain America. They were still quite a way from the main facility, which remained shielded. That was expected to change very soon.

In one of the many shuttles flying over the evolving battlefield, Captain Marvel stood just outside the hatch alongside Emma Frost and Dr. Strange. Another shuttle flew in closer. Standing in close view was Spider-Man, Elektra, Kwannon, and Betsy Braddock. They all had a part to play as well. Now that the first wave of attacks had unfolded, they could commence with the second.

“I trust you’re ready for what lays before us,” said Elektra, her tone stoic as she stood ready to fight.

“Would it matter if I said I need to go to the bathroom?” said Spider-Man jokingly.

“No. It wouldn’t,” the assassin said flatly.

“Right. I forgot,” said Spider-Man. “All business when evil ninjas are involved…and demons…and goblins…and symbiotes. God, I hate the symbiotes.”

“Far worse monstrosities will emerge when all is said and done. Be sure of that, Spider-Man,” said Dr. Strange.

“Is that from another possible future?” Elektra asked.

“I’m afraid not,” said the Sorcerer Supreme.

As if on cue, the chaos below escalated. More Celestial defense mechanisms appeared out of the ground. In addition, a series of circular portals opened up near the base of the pyramid-like structure that the vast armies of creatures were so determined to protect. From those portals, a new fleet of winged goblins and demons flew out to attack.

They were larger in stature, bearing bulging muscles and spitting fire with their breath. They also flew higher and faster than those in the first wave. They immediately attacked Vision, Iron Man, the Human Torch, and any SHIELD trooper or shuttle that got too close. It didn’t stop their advance, but it did slow things down. As they pushed forward, more portals opened and more creatures poured out.

Even from afar, it created a more daunting challenge.

“Well, on the bright side, I don’t have to pee anymore,” Spider-Man commented.

“At least they’re predictable,” Betsy noted. “They’re just throwing themselves at us, hoping to slow us down.”

“The Hand often employs the same tactics,” Kwannon noted, already wielding two psionic blades, “usually as part of a larger strategy. That must mean time’s a factor.”

“It always is, I’m afraid,” Dr. Strange signed.

“Even when time travel is involved?” Spider-Man asked.

“More so than usual,” the Sorcerer Supreme conceded.

They all held on as they descended towards the battlefield. The ride was considerably turbulent. Several winged demons flew by, spitting fireballs at them. Dr. Strange fired back with some mystic bolts, which did some damage. Captain Marvel, her body already surrounded with energy, fired some shots of her own. That did considerably more.

However, her part in the battle wasn’t restricted to firepower. That had been part of the initial plan. They had since tweaked it. Emma Frost had adjusted her strategy, as well. Even before the X-Men arrived on the scene, she had an important role to play as the primary telepath of the attack. As they got closer, she did a thorough scan of the facility below. What she sensed confirmed some fears while raising others.

“That’s not the only cause for concern,” Emma said, her hand on her temple as she narrowed her focus. “There’s considerable psychic shielding within that facility…more so than expected.”

“You said we should expect a lot,” Captain Marvel commented.

“Of a certain kind,” she clarified. “There’s two types of psychic shielding…passive and active. The passive is easy. It’s basically Magneto’s helmet scaled up. Active, on the other hand…that bitch must have a psychic inside!”

“Then, we’ll have to take it out,” said Captain Marvel. “You’ve got the brainpower. I’ve got the firepower.”

“And we’ve got whatever else you need…assuming that means webbing and funny quips,” said Spider-Man.

“Do us a favor, Spider-Man. Stick to the webbing!” said Kwannon.

The former Hand assassin, alongside Betsy and Elektra, didn’t wait for more funny quips. Together, they leapt out of the transport and onto the backs of several winged demons, narrowly avoiding fireball breath in the process. From there, they attacked the creatures, downing them or redirecting their next round of fire breath towards the approaching hordes.

Spider-Man, after narrowly dodging a stray fireball, got the hint. He showed more concern for the symbiote creatures gathering below. They all bore a strong resemblance to his nemesis, Venom, as well as the creatures that had captured his wife. While he didn’t often join in on these large scale battles with big time superhero teams, he made an exception. Like so many others, he owed it to Scott and Jean Grey-Summers.

“If only quips were a superpower,” he sighed. “Guess I’ll have to settle for beating up symbiotes. Hope this isn’t too therapeutic!”

Following the others out the shuttle, he used his web-slinging to ride a couple of flying goblins down to the surface. A legion of six-armed symbiote creatures met him. Spider-Man, the memories of what they’d done to him in the past, didn’t hold back as he attacked. More reinforcements came in, but there remained a narrow path for the facility ahead.

Only Emma, Dr. Strange, and Captain Marvel remained on the shuttle. The pilot had already bailed, leaving the aircraft on autopilot for the rest of the trip. Whereas the others led the large-scale attack, their role was more targeted. They couldn’t defeat the Goblin Queen by simply mowing through her mindless armies. Eventually, they had to confront the devious redhead directly.

“She’s close,” Emma said under her breath. “I can’t sense her mind, but I know that bitch is close. I can feel it!”

“I’ll trust you on that, Frost,” said Captain Marvel. “Normally, I’d warn someone against going into battle with too much focused hate.”

“Except nothing about Madelyne Pryor is normal,” Emma added.

“Or predictable, for that matter,” Dr. Strange added. “Even with the benefit of foresight, I see great obstacles in our path.”

“We’ll get through them,” said Emma strongly. “To confront her again, I’ll fight through anyone and anything she throws at us!”

There was no shred of doubt in her voice. Emma Frost was going to confront the Goblin Queen again. That had always been the endgame, but the path towards that point was less certain. That changed earlier when the X-Men arrived in the X-Jet.

However, they hadn’t arrived with a full team of X-Men. As the shuttle neared a small hill near the main facility, the X-jet descended from the clouds above. Standing outside the hatch was a small team consisting of Storm, Wolverine, and Colossus. They were all in full uniform, ready for battle. Wolverine had his claws drawn and Colossus was in his full metal form. Storm, already using whirlwinds to cover their trail, signaled the shuttle with a bolt of lightning. It also signaled the Goblin Queen’s forces down below.

“We’re here, X-Men! You have your task. And our friends have made an opening,” said Storm.

“I gotta say. I ain’t used to being so selective with my claws,” said Wolverine, “but after what Kitty showed us…hell, I’ll pass up all the reckless stabbing this time.”

“Words I never thought I’d hear you say, Wolverine,” Storm commented.

“I already have my own mission,” said Colossus. “If my sister is down there, I will find her! I will save her!”

“That’s just one of the many things we must change about this day, my friend,” said Storm. “Trust that Charles and our friends will do their part. Honor their trust by doing ours!”

Taking her position as leader of the X-Men, Storm directed her winds to carry her, Wolverine, and Colossus out of the jet and towards the clearing below. Along the way, Dr. Strange flew out of the shuttle to follow close behind. Captain Marvel followed suit, taking Emma Frost by the arm and carrying her through the unfolding chaos.

Several screeching demons and goblins flew near, spitting fire at them from multiple directions. Wolverine and Colossus knocked them away. Captain Marvel and Dr. Strange blasted them out of the sky. More portals opened and more creatures came out to meet them. Dr. Strange countered with some sorcery of his own, closing or warping the portals so that the reinforcements couldn’t overwhelm them. It helped keep the skies clear as they closed in on the base of the facility, which was still surrounded by energy.

Getting through was the first of many challenges, but it was a necessary step in their pursuit of the Goblin Queen. Before they landed, Dr. Strange flew up higher to start attacking the barrier. Surrounding himself in mystical energy, he took on a meditative state as he channeled the power of the Sorcerer Supreme to get through the barrier.

“I will bring down the shield with the Ruby Rings of Raggadorr!” Dr. Strange announced. “Be ready the moment you see your opening.”

“Don’t worry, Doctor. We’ll be ready!” said Storm.

“Some more than others,” Emma Frost said, her hatred of the Goblin Queen showing in every word.

“Hey! Stay focused, Frost,” Captain Marvel advised as she blasted several winged demons that flew by. “We still gotta follow the script to a point…especially if we want to change the outcome.”

“I haven’t forgotten, Captain,” said Emma, her gaze narrowing on the site below. “I’ll still go through the necessary motions. But trust me! When I face that redheaded bitch again, I’ll see to it her future ends today!”


Chaos had descended upon the former lab of Nathanial Essex. Now the site of the Goblin Queen’s final effort to fulfill her purpose, it had been built to thwart any disruptions. Even an army of Earth’s mightiest heroes could only do so much at this point. The Goblin Queen spent over two years working, plotting, and tormenting anyone and anything she needed to make this moment real.

To those serving her perverse desires, it seemed like she was in complete control. Even when chaos arrived in the form of SHIELD, the Avengers, and the Fantastic Four, it wasn’t at all disconcerting. It was just as their queen had predicted. Those with close connections to Scott and Jean Grey-Summers would come to their aid. They’d likely come in full force. It might have occurred sooner than expected, but they were still ready for it.

The armies of goblins, demons, and symbiotes converged alongside advanced defenses driven by Celestial technology. That didn’t count on the other surprises and traps the Goblin Queen had prepared. Even if they made it through, they couldn’t stop her. She had so much control over the situation, from those protecting her to those attacking. Neither she nor her subordinates had any reason to expect an outcome that didn’t involve their queen triumphing.

However, Daken sensed something amiss.

“Something about this doesn’t smell right,” he mused, “and for once, it’s not Carnage’s breath.”

“I heard that!” screeched the sadistic symbiote. “Good thing I’m too stoked to give a damn! All this violence and destruction…it’s my own fucked up version of Heaven!”

Daken didn’t expect his bloodthirsty associate to sense it. Carnage had already jumped into the horde of attacking monsters, on the look-out for someone to maim. He might have been the only one besides the Goblin Queen who enjoyed this chaos.

He and Carnage had all been tasked with overseeing the defenses. The three of them had been stationed near the main entrance to the pyramid-shaped facility, which now towered over the Whiltshire landscape, vastly eclipsing Stonehenge. They had orders that they were expected to carry out to the letter. Those orders still sickened him. He had little hope of changing his situation until moments ago when he picked up a familiar scent.

In the past, it had filled him with rage. He’d once built his entire life on pursuing that scent and the man behind it. Now, that man had found him. Daken might not have lost control of his life, his body, and his desires. However, he might have a chance at regaining control of his fate.

“My fate has been a cruel cycle of despair and torment,” he said as he looked up at the skies above. “Either that ends today…or I end it on my terms. And if that means falling by my father’s hand…so be it.”

Up next: Contrived Control

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