Abby’s demise

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To make it worse for Abby, she used her godlike powers to create a second pocket universe within the original pocket universe. Of course, the second pocket universe was nowhere as big as the original pocket universe that was created for her for her revenge on Abby as both parking universities we're basically Abby's permanent  prison from now on. 

The first pocket universe allowed Typhoid to have a seemingly limitless lightning powers, but that's not all the pocket universe granted her since she was basically the goddess of the pocket universe, but it also gave her the power to create pocket universes within the pocket universe. 

Typhoid put Abby inside a bubble that was the second pocket universe. The pocket universe on the outside was only a few feet in diameter. The inside of the pocket universe was tens of light-years across and Abby suddenly found herself being completely immobilized, unable to even move an inch with your body completely immobilized by being chained spreadeagled to an invisible force field of some sort.

Typhoid made it so that whenever lightning attacks she unleashed into the package universe bubble it would be trillions upon trillion times stronger in one second in the pocket universe's time (The one Typhoid is in) Would equal googleplex to the googolplex power years. 

Typhoid made it so that no matter how much time passes in the time bubble, Abby would not age at all. 

Then, Typhoid aimed her fingers at the time bubble that Abby was in. However instead of seeing a bubble she saw Abby right in front of her but Abby could not see typhoid, all she saw was an empty expanse of what looked like the night sky. 

All of a sudden, The entire night sky began to grow  White, and what looked like bolts of lightning began to very slowly snake their way down all around the sky. Abby didn't know this, but this was the beginning of typhoid strong as ever attack she was using as she was now going all out but the reason everything was descending so slowly was because of the extreme time dilation inside the inception like time bubble that she was in. 

Without warning, Abby felt something weird between her legs and all of a sudden Aycock appeared in on her with balls. And then a hologram of Typhoid's appeared in front of her which was obviously pre-recorded and the Holo of Typhoid said coming from all sides. "Dear Abby, from now on you will be a futa. You will  be checked by my lightning bolts till you come you will still have your pussy ass and you will also be simultaneously fucked in all of your holes my my emails as I watch from outside the tiny tiny bubbles that you aren't as your tiny little body is consumed by the strongest fire that ever existed. This is many times stronger than even the fires of hell, and you get to Experience it firsthand for being so helpless so young and so scared. I like my victims, young, vulnerable and petite, just like you. Just to show you how much I want you to be completely utterly helpless, what you about to experience is somehow completely unbelievable to you and despite everything you've been through already you still may find this hard to believe but here it goes." 

Abby felt herself getting smaller, skinnier, and tighter. She had no idea what what's going on but it was absolutely terrifying her. Still Abby was still thinking the same way. But what she did not realize was that physically she reverted Abby to her the size of her seven-year-old self, however, herself. 

After some time several devices appeared in front of Abby. The devices amid it that turned into the shape of two hands that hovered in front of her cock and balls while the two phallic shaped object hovered in front of her pussy and ass, while several more lightning hands hovered over ticklish and other sensitive areas of her body such as her belly, armpits, nipples, belly and bellybutton. 

Without any warning the lightning can dildo begin to jerk off Abby's cock while the rest of the lightning hands and dildos begin their sexual electrical and ticklish assault on her tiny body. The lightning hands begin to caress Tickle and chakra body while the two wedding dildos begin to relentlessly electrofuck her pussy and ass.

The machine driven lightning assault barely lasted a minute and already Abby had her first forced cock orgasm as thick blobs of white cum squirted out of her cock and on her tight/athletic belly/chest and her thighs. The cum didn't turn to water like it was real life but it stayed as fresh as it if it just came out, and it stayed that way as the electrical molestation/tickle torture of her body continued by the machines while the lightning from above slowly descended towards her and while the machines were doing were just preparing her for what was going to happen to warn her up for it as the pre-recorded voice of Typhoid's voice told her that those machines were just in preparation before the real deal and that the machines were going to increase the power more and more eventually to the point where her body will catch on fire but that she shouldn't worry as in the either of the pocket universes no harm to come to her body and that the flames are coming off her body would be what would happen in real life if she were attack that bad. 

Fast forwarding several hours later (for Abby) abby was coated in Cum all over her body, with a good amount of spilling off her side onto the floor below her mid-air suspension. 

The lightning attack itself was still only halfway down can I be really intelligent estimated that will probably take the very least a few days to almost 7 months or even years before the attacks or reach her. 


unbeknownst to Abby, typhoid was using her powers to briefly slow the time dilation, do you know where one second was only one hour. And the lightning was now seeming to descend much, much faster. And Abby's eyes went wide with fear in her peoples became extremely dilated to the point they were like pinpricks, she was that terrified now. 



hearing those terrified pleas of mercy turned Typhoid on even more, which made her lower the rate to where one second for Typhoid, was now only one minute. 

Then, Abby saw was a wall of white descending upon her. Her screams and please for mercy got louder and louder and she knew she only had seconds before the wall of whire hit lightning  struck ber true.

The wall of weight that was very quickly advancing towards Abby was not a collection of waiting bolts but was one lightning bolt. Because the second parking universe intensified the bolts so much, One lightning bolt was about the size of the entire solar system and Abby was at the very center of the bolt as it advanced towards her. 

and in the blink of an eye Abby's world turned white and she felt the worst white hot pain  imaginable course throughout her whole body and she was struck true by the unforgiving giant bolt. Not even a second after impact they were ready flames shooting off her body that we're going hundreds of feet into the air and screams of mercy so badly turning Typhoid on that she only made the attack stronger and stronger which made her scream louder and then turned me typhoid for even more energy into the lightning bolt as much as she wanted. 

to Abbys other three small lightning bolt. Front of her or she was fully absorbed and shocked by the main bolt itself. 

The five bolts were hovering in front of Abby were three phallic balls ans two hand shaped  bolts.


The three ohslluc lightning bolts without warning began to fuck Abyy's pussy, ass and her mouth affectively silencing her pleas for mercy my gagging/electrocuting her mouth even more so then she was already being electrocuted, now that her never ending orgasm had began.

A few minutes later Typhoid had stopped her lightning attack and when she appeared into Abby's existence Abby was hovering above an ocean of cum that covered almost the entire pocket universe she was in, all 10 light years of it. 

Abby's first round was over. 

now that it was over typhoid asked Abby. "Hi, you wanna go home?" 

Abby's reply, "home." was her only reply. She completely was gone, her mind completely and utterly broken she only know existed for the sole purpose of being typhoid's personal toy. In the real world not even one second had passed since Abby had been kidnapped on her way home from school. Turns out moment Abby was ground from behind she was grabbed from behind and teleported into a pocket universe and because she was being performed she didn't remember the teleportation. From the moment of teleportation she was not with a pocket universe where One hour in the real world will equal to trillions and trillions of years in the first parking universe, that typhoid creed second part of the universe which Abby thought it was the first one and then created a third pocket universe. Such a Typhoid only a few minutes have passed since Abby was kidnapped while to Abby she had forgotten who she was and why she was even being tortured to her it was not torture it was just merely her existence to be never ending shut my lightning and she still remember the terror of when it first happened but she forgot as to why it all happened in the first place and she even forgot who Typhoid was in also forgot everything from before the moment she was kidnapped even though the real world it was only literally a second earlier. 

Elektra, who was taking a shower was certainly interrupted when she heard a loud noise from outside of her bathroom when she stepped out she saw a nude now hybrid Futa Abby that was being held in a chokehold by Typhoid.,

Elektra begged and begged Typhoid to let Abby go. But instead, she sensually told Elektra what had happened to Abby of over the last few minutes. Electra could not believe what she was hearing it wasn't possible. Not believing what she was hearing she looked at Abby and actually saw her soulless dejected defeated and brief spurts of terror in her eyes. And what was even more shocking to you Electra was that Abby it looked like she was only child barely 4 feet tall but Electra knew that was Abby because of the energy she gave off. 

"Abby's mine, and yes I reverted physical form to watch she was eight years ago." 

typhoid Van telepathically gave Electra a glimpse of what Abby went through and after a brief look of horror Electra felt something she could not believe she likes pleasure/desire, the desire for her and Typhoid to have their way with Abby. 

Elektra realize if you can't beat em, just join em, but that wasn't the entire truth. Electra did have lustful feelings towards Abby  colluding the desire to dominate her and win electric was given the job by who she thought was the head to assassinate Abby, the thought of her Having her way with her well she didn't pull the trigger but instead decided to save her. 

But the thought of pulling the trigger and ending her did turn her on a great deal, she even had fantasies of interrogating/torturing Abby for information about being the treasure.

Before long, Elektra joined Typhoid and the two of them against you have their way with Abby. And in the pocket university both had that much powers without a tag teamed every moment for the rest of her existence.

but in the brief moment before they tag teamed her, Elektra used The Kimagure technique to restore Abby's sanity, mostly to prepare her for round two, which will never end. 

they cloned Abby with an exact replica with all of her memories and the personality I will be exact in every way shape and form the Abi clone would not remember anything different and would have the same exact memories to the point and was left at the very spot where the original Abby was  abducted by Typhoid and she arrived home, just as she was supposed to and to her father, and to her everything was normal and the Abby clone got to live a happy normal life. 

While, the real Abby was being electrocuted, electric electric tickled and had cock vagina ass nipples and breasts almost fucked and masturbated and was vaporizing and reanimated over and iver and over again she was personally tortured by typhoid and Electra themselves who are having  their way with her for the rest of eternity. 

She was being vaporized and reanimated over and over again, and her torture never stopped. The only break she got was when Typhoid and Elektra got tired of torturing her and needed to sleep, which for Abby was the only relief she got as Abby was tortured for googol the the googol power years every day, and the worst thing was that she didn’t age as Typhoid and Elektra made it so that they could sexually torment the young martial artist for all eternity. 

Abby would cum so much when they’re that her come was enough to make oceans for planet sense it was such a long time that she was in there and they cum  would not dry up but accumulate due to different laws of physics there, that was just from either her pussy or dick the juices from her pussy we used to make oceans for desert worlds become habitable. 

If you ever find yourself in a particular pocket universe(s), see, you will see snd hear a little girl’s laughter, shrieks, loud never ending claps of thunder and you will see lightning bolts tormenting and ravaging her tiny petite body by two super powered females as they use lightning powers to torture her and sometimes use their bodies to torture her personally as well. So if you look closely you will see her squirt juices out of her pussy and cum squirt out of her dick.  You sill also see milk from her nipples is being eternally electro-sexually tortured vaporized and reanimated over and over and over again for all of eternity! 


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