Abby’s demise

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Abby Miller’s life has returned to normal for the time being. Only a few months earlier, Elektra has been hired to kill her, yet in fact it was a ploy by her master Stick to save Abby from people who actually wanted to kill her father and kidnap her as she was the Treasure. The Hand wanted to use Abby for their own nefarious purposes. Abby was even killed by Typhoid and the scared girl went down like a sack of potatoes when Typhoid poisoned her Indonesian warrior bead. Abby was revived by the Elektra using Kimagure. 

Since that day, Elektra has become the chosen one, Abigail’s life has returned to normal. She even began attending a normal high school, instead of being homeschooled. She had moved back to New York City with her dad. 

It was Abigail’s first day in 8th grade since her expulsion for fighting in Baltimore. She attended James Madison Middle School in Manhattan. On her first day at school she wore a crop top, a mini skirt and long socks with combat boots with a fishnet under her crop top. 

Her belly were flat and the contours of her abs showed whenever she moved it around or swayed her belly due to how slim she was. 

After her first day of 9th grade, Abby got out of school and was walking home.

Abigail took the usual shortcut she always took. All of a sudden Abby’s vision went dark and the next thing she knew she woke up in only her underwear and tied spread eagled with a gag in her mouth. 

“MPPPPPHHHHHHHHH!” Her eyes went wide with fear as she saw Typhoid standing before her spread eagled form.

“I’m going to do so many things to you my sweet little Treasure, so many devious things before I finish you off.” 

Abby’s were wide with fear as Typhoid Mary began to feel up and down Abby’s firm, athletic belly, beginning to tickle her. 

“MPPPHPHPHPHPPPPH!” Abby laughed into her gag. 

Soon, Typhoid lifted up Abby’s bra and began to tickle her nipples and budding breasts, causing screams of laughter from her gag.  

“Mmmmm, the cute little treasure has ticklish titties. Let’s see what’s gonna happen when I tickle that cute little ticklish pussy of yours.” Typhoid then proceeded to cut off Abby’s panties and without any warning began to tickle her clit. 

Despite being the treasure, Abby was only a small little thing, and the bonds holding her in were extremely tight, and Abby could barely even wiggle her tiny skinny body, as Typhoid began to torment her bald, Virgin Clit. 

Then, Typhoid begin to finger Abby’s clit while simultaneously tickling her belly and breasts. Abby was helplessly moaning, screaming and laughing into her gag.

“Mmmmm a vidgin, but you wont be for long little Abby, right Abigail Miller. I bet your dad is all worried about you at home. But don’t worry, he’ll never see you again, as by the time I’m done with you, there’ll be literally nothing left of your tiny little body, little Treasure!”

Then, Typhoid in addition to her power to poison people by blowing her poisoned air into them, she developed lightning powers. Her lightning powers ranged from from a tiny bolt that would tickle someone to complete and utter incineration. 

Typhoid was Initially only fingering Abby with one finger, but then increased to 2 and to three fingers, and before long she was fisting Abby’s virgin pussy, bringing her to one powerful orgasm after another. 

Soon Abby’s blue eyes went wide with terror when she saw that typhoid’s fingers begin to spark. And then, . A typhoid inserted her fingers into abbeys pussy and again shagging her pussy was lightning, bringing her to many more orgasms. 

Abby was tortured non-stop by Typhoid for several days, she was now a shell of the strong vibrant she once was. 

 All of sudden, before her very eyes there was a huge lightning bolt that formed in typhoid hands and typhoid morphed the lightning bolt into a phallic shaped object and Abigail screamed like the little girl she was when typhoid rammed the lightning dildo in her virgin pussy and began to rape her with a phallic shaped lightning bolt.

Abby began to scream louder and louder from the horrible pain emanating from her formally virgin pussy. Soon, smoke even plumes of fire began to rise from her pussy because of the lightning bolt rape attack was so strong 


Abby was terrified and horrified that she was soon going to die, and that she was being raped by the same girl that killed her last time, and not only that, but she was feeling strange sensations from her private area, feelings she never really had before. Before long, Abby’s pussy was not only dripping wet with her juices but in addition to the smoking flames they were also plumes of steam from her love juices being evaporated by the searing heat of her pussy being literally raped snd cooked alive by the lightning bolt dildo. 

Despite seeing her pussy smoking and on fire, typhoid increase the power causing little Abby to make another bloodcurdling scream as she simultaneously came in a mind boggling orgasm. 

As the lightning was getting more and more powerful, Abby’s bloodcurdling screams of terror and pain got louder and louder and the smoke and fire rose higher and higher from her body and before long  The fire from her pussy was so high that it stretched as far high as the eye can see. And since Abby and typhoid were in a pocket universe she had someone created for her, had the fire from Abby's pussy been that high in reality, it would've stretched halfway into space. 

However, this was only a tiny fraction of Typhoid's true power as being in the pocket universe she was granted infinite powers and was basically the true lightning goddess of that universe. And typhoid it was going to show Abby what she did to scared little girls who's friends I got in her way.  

“Goodbye Abby, it was nice knowing you, just as I said last time, Let’s keep your demise between you and me, but this time, Elektra’s not around the save you, little Treasure. Also, I’m going to put your tiny little body in a time portal where on second for me in the real world will be a trillion years for you, little Treasure."





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