Queen Maker

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Lorna Dane raised an eyebrow as they finally arrived at their destination. She had expected as much, but the Hellfire Club's main headquarters was really something to behold, especially as even though it looked expensive it didn't really stand out from the other large buildings around it, meaning it was hiding in plain sight. As an added bonus, it was in the middle of the nation's capital of all places, and Lorna had to admire that audacity. Although given everything the Frost sisters had told her about the 'old farts' running the Hellfire Club Lorna wasn't expecting to like them, especially given how nervous they were making Esme, which only seemed to be getting worse now they were here.

Trying to make her feel better Lorna squeezed the hand she had been holding throughout the drive and told her lover, "It's okay, everything is going to be fine. I promise."

Esme smiled softly, then simply said, "I love you."

Before Lorna had a chance to respond Esme was leaning forward, which kind of came as a relief because Lorna had always been reluctant to share those words, even when she felt them threatening to escape from her lips. Luckily her lips were soon covered with Esme's lips, Lorna smiling softly before she leaned forward to meet her girlfriend in the middle so they could share a gentle and far too brief kiss before making their way through the building. The Frosts were then told to go first, as expected, and Lorna made the excuse of going to the bathroom. Or at least, it was supposed to be an excuse. God damn pregnancy. But Lorna finished up as quickly as she could, all the while listening to the conversation she was missing out on, via the fact that Esme had called her and left her phone on in her pocket.

Lorna placed her phone to her ear just in time to hear a male voice grumble, "You promised us an Omega Level Mutant."

"And we delivered." Phoebe of all people firmly insisted.

An annoyed female voice chimed in, "Potentially? Maybe, but she's not there yet."

"Her father is Magneto." Sophie pointed out.

"So?" Dismissed one man, "He never quite reach that level."

"And you have?" Esme questioned.

There was a brief silence, and then one man pointed out, "She's pregnant."

"What she is, is a leader of men, just like her father." Esme said firmly, "Given what happened when she left it's clear she was the only one keeping the Mutant Underground even kind of effective."

"We got everyone that mattered." Sophie said proudly.

"Left behind nothing but incompetent fools." Phoebe added.

"You didn't get as Fenris." Someone grumbled.

"We got the better half." Sophie countered.

"And we are working on the second half." Phoebe reassured.

"And Lorna has already shown her power by taking down that entire plane, in the process committing herself to our cause." Esme steered the conversation back to her girlfriend, "And more recently she helped us destroy a Sentinel Services black site and free about a hundred Mutants being held in captivity and being experimented on."

"So what?" Someone complained.

"We don't care about those Mutants." Another pointed out.

"And you didn't even recruit X23." Yet another whined.

"As we explained, she's not really open to joining us. Not yet." Phoebe explained.

"Maybe if we at least pretended to care about Mutants unworthy of our elite status, maybe the likes of her would be." Esme boldly pointed out.

"Until then, we should be treating this as a victory." Sophie quickly added, "We got in and out without leaving any evidence we were ever there behind."

"Or anyone alive." Phoebe smirked.

"And we didn't lose anyone." Esme quickly added, before grumbling under her breath, "Barely."

"And I personally made sure X23 as a way of contacting us." Phoebe pointed out.

"That's not what you were ordered to do." Was her response.

"That was the best option if you didn't want to lose a Frost sister." Phoebe pointed out with the glare, before quickly adding, "But the more missions like that, the more likely it is she'll join us."

There was a brief pause, then a voice said dismissively, "Missions like that compromises what we're trying to do, and since you showed recruitment isn't your strong suit, you three will be strictly on assassinations for the foreseeable future."

"At least you're semi-competent with that." Another voice grumbled.

"Be grateful were being so lenient." Yet another voice added.

"Of course, thank you sir." Esme said bitterly.

Lorna could practically sense the smirk, and it made her sick, "Come on girls, you can do better than that."

"Thank you." The Frost sisters chorused dully.

"Good, now leave and send in your girlfriend." The man who had been smirking ordered.

Lorna promised she would find out who that was, and make them suffer, as she quickly made her way back to the large doors she had been shut out of before. When she got there Esme gave her an encouraging smile, which Lorna returned before marching into the room which was pretty much like she'd expected, an unnecessary large long table featuring mostly old white men looking at her with pure judgement in their eyes, even as most were able to fake a welcoming expression. Then there was a smirking man, who made Lorna's skin crawl just with a look. But as instructed she faked a smile of her own, but as for sitting down on one of the chair opposite to them.

"Greetings my dear, allow me the pleasure of introducing myself. I'm Sebastian Shaw." Sebastian announced, quickly adding when he saw the expression on her face, "The second. My father actually founded this club, until the leadership was stolen from him, so I'm honoured to share his name. Although it does make me, a little hesitant to trust you."

"Why? Because my Daddy killed yours?" Lorna smirked, only too happy to rub it in, "I don't see why that should matter. I've never met the man, but I know my history, and I know of the many, many people he killed your Daddy was the most justified. You must know that, otherwise Esme would never have left me alone with you."

There was a brief pause and then Sebastian smirked again, "Indeed. I do not wish to seek revenge, as like you, I never knew my father. More importantly, I'm a businessman. Everyone in this table is, and we truly believe we can do great things together my dear. As long as you remember your place, and be a little more careful about who you trust."

"Is this the part where you tell me I shouldn't trust the Frost sisters?" Lorna mocked, "Because I've heard this speech before, most recently by my brother, and if I didn't listen to him, what makes you think I would listen to you?"

"Perhaps because we have information he didn't." Sebastian explained.

"Such as?" Lorna raised an eyebrow.

Sebastian leaned back in his chair and smirked with satisfaction as he monologued, "The Frosts isn't like us Lorna. We're the result of an active passion our fathers had with filthy human whores, which is embarrassing for us, but boys will be boys. The point is, we were destined to takeover from the previous generation. It is our natural birth right. But those sisters, they weren't born, they were created by human scientists in the lab. Literally made to destroy us. Do you really think they're not still trying? They can't help it. It's what they were designed for. Which makes them more soulless robots than real Mutants like you and I. Honestly, I have been pushing to exterminate these disgraceful creatures, but even I have to admit that they're the best assassins we have, just because they're so good at lying and manipulating their prey, who never see it coming. And if you're not careful, you're just going to be another one of their victims."

There was a brief pause and then Lorna asked, "And?"

Which took Sebastian off-guard, "What do you mean, and? Aren't you appalled by this shocking revelation?"

"So they're freaks." Lorna shrugged, "Isn't that what people call us? Doesn't that make them more Mutants than us, not less?"

For a few seconds Sebastian just stared at her, before smirking again, "It doesn't bother you that their soulless?"

"Why? Because they're test-tube babies?" Lorna scoffed.

"Oh honey, it's not that simple." Sebastian gleefully revealed, "They're clones."

Again there was a brief pause before Lorna shrugged, "So?"

"They're just poor imitations of Emma Frost, genetically altered to rob them of any pesky emotions, like mercy, compassion and love." Sebastian explained.

If anyone seemed to be missing these emotions it was these pricks, Lorna thought, barely resisting from saying those words out loud, but instead pointing out, "I don't believe that."

"That's because they're so good at lying." Sebastian insisted softly, before snapping his fingers, signalling to a few servants to lay a selection of carefully picked out files in front of their guest, "But you don't need to take my word for it. Why would you? We're strangers. So myself and my associates have taken the liberty of providing proof of our words. Please, look it over. We'll wait. "

Which seemed pretty desperate on his part, but Lorna did as she was told, slowly reading through the notes in the files and spreading them and the pictures out when she was done with them instead of putting them away. She really wanted to tear them apart, but she avoided the temptation because seeing them had the opposite effect desired by this group of old farts, as it just made her more sympathetic to the Frost sisters, especially her Esme. In a bizarre way she was mad at her for not telling her about this, but Lorna guessed the memories were too painful to relive. It was hard enough for Lorna just looking at them, especially those photos of broken little blonde girls being treated like animals. Collared, caged and forced to hurt their own kind.

What Lorna and the Frosts hadn't counted on was the information in the final report, not done by some government organisation, but by the Hellfire Club itself. Actually they had a few reports which were rather stomach turning involving the triplets successful assassination attempts, but Lorna had been expecting that, Esme even telling her what she might expect from them. But that final report revealed Esme hadn't infiltrated the Mutant Underground because she was desperate and receiving no help from the Hellfire Club. The report made it clear that that part was true, but the orders they had given Esme or eyebrow raising, literally, which was enough to put a smug smile of satisfaction back on Sebastian's face.

"Yes Lorna, WE ordered Esme to seduce the leader of the Mutant Underground." Sebastian grinned with satisfaction.

"We were hoping for Thunderbird." Grumbled one man, who swiftly silenced himself once Sebastian glared at him.

"Yes, we thought that she would go after him, or Eclipse, ideally inducting the core group in the process." Sebastian clarified, "We couldn't have imagined she'd have such a twisted desire to actually go after you, but the reason she did was ultimately because we told her too, not out of any misguided infatuation. And deep down, I think you know that. That your relationship with Esme is just a means to an end, and if you rely her or her sisters, it will be you, and your child, which suffers. But it doesn't have to be that way. I feel you have shown tremendous... potential, and would like to offer you leadership of your own chapter. Provided you can follow our instructions better than the Frosts, of course. As for the sisters, as their part with you is clearly done, we shall be reassigning them at the soon as it is convenient."

There was a brief pause, then Lorna asked coldly, "Can I go now?"

Sebastian frowned, "Would a little gratitude be out of the question? After all, we're saving you from making mistakes, and giving you a command position in our great organisation."

Another brief pause then Lorna muttered, "Thank you."

"And how about one more time with a smile?" Sebastian pushed, "You should smile more. I bet you'd be pretty if you smiled."

It was a struggle not to jump over the table and smash his face in, but somehow Lorna managed to force her face into a smile and repeat herself, "Thank you."

"Excellent. Please gather up the files and take them with you. Consider them a gift." Sebastian beamed, before pushing his luck as Lorna got up to do as he said, "What do you say?"

Again forcing a smile on her face Lorna replied, "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Sebastian said, turning to his colleagues as Lorna left, "See fellas, you just need to be firm with them. Show 'em who’s in charge."

Lorna gritted her teeth as she left without another word, clutching the files to her chest as she stomped past the Frost sisters and swiftly headed to the exit. The triplets swiftly followed her of course, their eyes glowing blue as they searched her mind for a recap on what had just happened, their expressions worried before they even looked, and then becoming more worried. Not that Lorna needed to look behind her to notice. She could practically taste the worried expressions, and she could definitely feel them poking around in her mind, which was a side-effect of being around them so long no doubt. Although it was kind of amusing they couldn't push past her initial facade this time to see what she was really thinking.

Once they were out the door Esme protested, "I didn't need to be told to seduce someone in the Mutant Underground. It's pretty much standard procedure when infiltrating an organisation. At least the way we were taught, anyway. Normally we don't have to try very hard, and make it seem like it was the other person's idea, which helps us blend in more. Some people are always interest when the new hot girl starts hooking up with someone. But that's not how I got my sisters back. Remember? And you joined us before anything really happened between us. And you took down that plane, and helped others join before anything happened, and you said it yourself, you're committed to our cause anyway, so why does it matter? And I swear Lorna, I swear, I would have done everything the same way without those ass holes simply waving their hands and telling me to seduce my way out of my mess."

Lorna stayed silent until she slammed the car door behind her, Esme having walked around the other side while still talking so she could sit next to her, giving her the chance to turn to her and ask, "Were you going to tell me?"

"Yes." Esme promised.

"We know it's hard to believe, but we are being honest with you." Phoebe promised from the driver's seat.

Besides her Sophie turned her head and told Lorna, "We just kind of forgot that part."

"What about being clones?" Lorna questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"It's, it's hard for us to talk about." Esme admitted softly, "But, we hoped you'd understand."

"We're not soulless." Sophie protested, before admitting sadly, "We don't think."

"We're just different." Phoebe argued, "Which makes us more worthy of the title Mutant, not less."

"Which you said yourself." Esme added softly.

There was then a few long seconds of silence as Lorna just stared at the heart-breakingly worried look on Esme's face until they were a comfortable distance away from the main headquarters of the Hellfire Club. Then Lorna suddenly leaned forward, grabbed Esme's face and pulled her girlfriend into a passionate kiss. For once it was Esme who somehow didn't see this coming, initially tensing up before relaxing into the kiss. She also let out an adorable, and yet kind of sad, whimper of relief into the kiss before they both became lost in it for a few long seconds, or maybe even a few minutes. Then Lorna gently pulled back, and stroked Esme's face and gave her a genuine smile.

"It's okay." Lorna said softly, "Everything I saw and heard in there just made me love you more."

"Love?" Esme questioned softly, and hopefully.

"Did I stutter?" Lorna scoffed, before softly promising, "I'm so sorry for everything that's happened to you, but you have me now, and no one is going to ever hurt you like that again. I promise."

"That's sweet." Esme smiled sadly, before pointing out, "But you can't promise that."

"I just did." Lorna insisted, promising her girl, "We're going to kill them all Esme. Everyone who's ever hurt you, or me, or the ones we love. And everyone who would hurt them. Burn the world of the wicked, and leaving only the innocent behind. Starting with those ass holes currently running the Hellfire Club."

"We'd love too, but they're expecting it." Phoebe grumbled.

"This whole thing was to drive a wedge between us." Sophie continued.

"Our combined power scares them." Phoebe added.

"We have to be smart about this." Sophie reminded Lorna, not for the first time.

"Then what would you suggest?" Lorna raised an eyebrow.

The Frost sisters smiled wickedly.


Six months later...

"Lorna! Come in, come in my dear." Sebastian greeted warmly, before hesitantly asking, "Do you need some help? I can get one of the helpers to-"

"It's fine." Lorna firmly interrupted as she slowly waddled in, clutching her heavily pregnant belly.

"Ah, there's that fiery spirit I admire so much." Sebastian beamed, "Please, sit down, sit down. Let us talk."

"Isn't that what we're doing now?" Lorna quipped as she slowly made her way to the chair in front of them.

"Indeed." Sebastian chuckled, waiting until Lorna was sitting before continuing, "You must be wondering why we called you here."

"You didn't." Lorna corrected him, "I did."

Sebastian scoffed, "I assure you-"

"Didn't you all wonder why this was at such short notice? And in the middle of the night?" Lorna questioned, and then as they began to look concerned she smirked, "Yeah, the Frosts are very, very good at making you do things, and making you think it's your idea. Trust me I know. Hell, you don't even question it. Not until it's too late."

There was a long pause, then someone made a move. For a weapon? For their phone to call security? For a tissue? Lorna couldn't know for sure, but she didn't want to take the risk so with a wave of her hand she sent a knife flying out of her pocket, through the air and embedding itself in the man's hand. She gave him a moment to cry out in pain, and then she pinned both the knife and his hand to the desk. Lorna then turned her attention to the old men who had been controlling her for their own benefit, all of whom looked worried, and then she smiled at them. Which was enough to make Sebastian Shaw Jr to shut his mouth for a few precious seconds, before of course his anger got the better of him.

"What is the meaning of this?" Sebastian spat.

"You wanted me to embrace my father's legacy, didn't you?" Lorna questioned, "Well, it's time for me to start..."

This time there was a brief pause before everyone desperately tried to make a move, but none of them were fast enough, as one gust of wind later they all found themselves unarmed, and staring in debelief at where there had been one child of Magneto there was now two. Quicksilver stood proudly for a few seconds, before dumping their weapons on the table in front of his sister who smirked at them. Then the big doors swung open and the three Frost sisters strolled in like they owned the place, despite the fact that they of course hadn't been invited. They then came to stand the other side of Lorna, the closest of course being Esme who not only looked smug, but proud.

"How?" Sebastian finally said in disbelief.

"Please, we're telepaths." Esme scoffed, "You think we need to be in the same building, or even in the same state, to be able to talk to each other? Or to come up with a plan?"

"Also Quicksilver was nice enough to hand out untraceable burner phones." Sophie added.

"Although if it makes you feel better, he's not happy about this arrangement." Phoebe pointed out.

"You know why." Peter grumbled, before turning his attention to his sister, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"It's what has to be done." Lorna said firmly, "For our dream to grow, we need to take out the weeds."

"Wait!" Sebastian shouted, quickly pointing out, "You said it yourself, the Frosts are very, very good at making you do things, and making you think it's your idea. That you don't even question it. Not until it's too late. Why do you think you'll be any different?"

"I'm the person they've been looking for. The one they need to lead our people out of persecution, and give them a place they can call their own." Lorna said firmly, raising her hands and causing the weapons to fly up into the air, "But to do that we have to take out the people only interested in looking after themselves. So goodbye Sebastian. I promise to make good use of your resources. Better than you did, anyway."

"Wait, I-" Sebastian protested.

"Oh, and another thing..." Lorna grinned sadistically, "Smile."

With that Lorna started her assault, firing the guns and throwing the knives to kill most of her enemies at once. Some were able to use their Mutant powers to shield them momentarily, or try to attack her, but the combined might of the Frost sisters kept them paralyse just long enough for Lorna to work her magic. Then, just like that, it was done. And for a second, Lorna had a little panic attack as she questioned what she had done. After all, killing Purifiers and Sentinel Services in cold blood was bad enough, but to slaughter her own kind felt wrong. But they really were the worst, and Lorna meant what she said, this was a necessary evil to save her people. So with a calming breath Lorna got over the brief panic and gave her next order.

"Quicksilver, clean up this mess." Lorna ordered coldly, "Girls, get the word out. The Hellfire Club is officialy under new management."

"Yes, your grace." Esme grinned, unable to resist the joke, "All hail the Queen."


When Esme returned she found Lorna staring out the window, prompting her to slowly approach her girlfriend and ask, "Is something wrong?"

There was a brief pause then Lorna admitted, "It was too easy."

Esme shrugged, "They were old and arrogant. Convinced that their old tricks would keep us in line. That we couldn't get past the technology meant to collar our kind and keep us on our knees. Hell, just for that technology they deserved to die."

Another pause and then Lorna said softly, "That wasn't what I meant."

Smiling softly Esme came to stand next to her girlfriend, "I get it. You're not used to killing Mutants, and-"

"It felt easy." Lorna repeated, turning to Esme and then clutching her stomach, "It felt easy to kill those people, in cold blood. What kind of mother does that make me?"

"One who will do anything to provide a better tomorrow for their child." Esme said softly, cautiously stepping into the other girl's personal space and wrapping her arms around her, "You know those people were holding us back. That they only cared about themselves. What you did Lorna, that was brave, and I'm so, so proud of you baby."

Lorna closed her eyes and rested her head against Esme's for a few long seconds and whispered, "What would I do without you?"

"Please, do you have any idea of any how many yes-men, and yes-women, you just acquired? After today they'll be lining up to kiss your ass... and I bet just about all of them would love to do it literally." Esme teased, wiggling her eyebrows adorably in a way which pretty much always made Lorna laugh, this time being no exception.

"Shut up, you know what I mean." Lorna scolded good naturedly.

"I do." Esme said softly, before deliberately ruining the moment by adding, "But I knew you could do with a laugh, and I live to serve My Queen."

To her annoyance Lorna laughed again, and then playfully retorted, "Whatever, marshmallow."

Esme huffed indignantly, and then tickled her. A grown woman actually tickled Lorna, and unfortunately it caused her to giggle, prompting her to attack Esme the same way, if only to get sweet revenge. She got it, but then Esme launched a counter strike, and then, it was all out war. At least until Lorna lost her balance, and toppled over onto her back, taking Esme with her as they were so entangled at that point. They didn't fall far, landing on the nearby table, but that also meant landing on the bloodstains, which were a grim reminder of both what they had recently done, and how ridiculous they were being. And yet the way they looked at each other it was clear there was something else on their minds, which was even more inappropriate than tickling in this moment.

Then Esme snapped out of it and asked, "Oh my God Lorna, are you okay? I didn't hurt you, did I? Or the baby?"

"No! Not, not me." Lorna quickly reassured, but Esme had just given her a terrifying thought, prompting her to ask, "Can, can you check on the baby?"

Esme's eyes glowed blue, and then her look of concern turned to one of relief, "It's fine. She's fine. Everything's fine."

"She?" Lorna raised an eyebrow.

"Oh crap." Esme swore, "I'm so, so sorry."

"It's okay." Lorna shrugged it off, "I kind of wanted to wait, but I have bigger concerns right now, you know?"

"I know..." Esme said softly, allowing the moment to linger for a little while, before she deflated it somewhat, "You know, Esme is a great name for a girl?"

"What? Name my child after my girlfriend? Are you insane? Gross!" Lorna scrunched up her face in disgust, but again some giggling escaped her lips.

"First of all, yes, I'm insane. But more importantly, imagine just how much fun it could be?" Esme insisted in delight, an evil grin crossing her face as she continued, "Just imagine, every time you call my name, we both answer? Every time one of us has been naughty, you'd scream ESME! Whenever the dinner is ready, you'd scream ESME! And whenever I'm giving you an orgasm, you'd scream OH ESME! Wouldn't that be funny?"

"No! Get off of me! You're so gross." Lorna laughed, equally amused as she was appalled for some twisted reason, almost enough to actually agree, but of course she'd never do that to herself or her child.

After giving Lorna a moment to laugh it off Esme added, "Actually, speaking of giving you an orgasm, I was thinking that while we were here we could, you know? Celebrate."

"What? You want us to literally have sex in the blood of our enemies?" Lorna scoffed.

"No, on top of. We made sure the blood didn't touch us, at least until now." Esme pointed out with a wicked grin.

"I don't know, I've crossed over a lot of lines lately, and today was the biggest one, but... this? It seems like something only a cartoon super villain would do." Lorna grumbled.

"Villain, hero, these are words for people wanting to simplify everything into black and white, and don't want to admit that the world is a hell of a lot more complicated." Esme shrugged, before grinning wickedly again, "And you can't tell me there wouldn't be part of you that wouldn't get a kick out of it?"

"Maybe..." Lorna mumbled thoughtfully, thinking about it for a few long seconds before her eyes and hands glowed green, securely locking the doors, before she casually murmured, "But I'm still not convinced. Maybe you should try harder?"

"Great idea." Esme chuckled with delight.

For a few painfully long seconds Lorna acted like she was still thinking about it, and worse didn't care about what her girlfriend was doing, but ultimately turned her gaze to Esme, who had been clearly waiting for that to truly get started. She was standing a short distance away from the table, and once Lorna was looking at her Esme grinned playfully and started slowly stripping off her clothes, constantly looking very proud of herself in a way which almost made Lorna want to look away. Of course it was hard for Lorna to look away from Esme at the best of times, but there was no chance of her doing it when the other girl was giving her a striptease. Oh yes, Lorna laid back and just enjoyed the show, momentarily forgetting what she was lying on.

Once she remembered Lorna got up and close the distance between them, "Not bad, but you still need to do better."

"Yes my Queen." Esme teased softly, closing her eyes and leaning in for a kiss at the same time as her girlfriend, only for Lorna to pull away at the last second.

Walking round to the little throne Sebastian use to sit on Lorna sat down on it and ordered, "Park your cute little butt in front of me."

"Yes my Queen." Esme grinned, eagerly doing as she was told.

Lorna looked Esme up and down when she was in position, and then ordered, "Touch yourself."

"Really?" Esme smirked.

"Uh-huh." Lorna nodded, "Put on a show for me, right here, where WE took over the Hellfire Club! Mmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, show me how badly you want me to fuck you."

"Yes my Queen." Esme moaned, eagerly doing as she was told, "And I do! Mmmmmmmm, I want you to fuck me soooooo bad Lorna. I always have."

That confession excited Lorna just as much as Esme starting to slide her hands over her own body. Which was at least partly because Esme started out slow, but mainly because such confessions always made sex that much more intense between them. Besides, after maybe a minute of sliding near to where Lorna wanted them, but not quite getting there Esme cupped her firm little titties, making the green headed girl want to slap them out of the way and replace them with her own. Which was a feeling she got used to over the next few minutes as the blonde continued putting on a show for her, gradually teasing her own nipples to full hardness before finally moving her right hand downwards to where they both most wanted it.

Once Esme's hand made contact with her own cunt the telepath let out a moan which sounded deafening in the otherwise silent room, and sent a thrill through Lorna's entire body. She continued enjoying that thrill, and the room was very much no longer silent, as Esme began rubbing her own pussy while parting her legs wide enough so that Lorna could get a good view of what exactly she was doing. Then a short time later Esme moved to slide a finger into herself, which was unacceptable. She didn't have permission for that yet. Although admittedly, it was very, very hard for Lorna to just tell her to stop. But if she was going to be in charge of a place like the Hellfire Club, then she was going to need to be strong and find the inner strength to carry out her plans.

So at the last possible minute Lorna ordered, "Stop!"

"What?" Esme frowned in surprise.

"Did I say you could finger yourself?" Lorna questioned.

"Lorna!" Esme whined.

"Did I say you could finger yourself?" Lorna repeated.

"No." Esme whimpered.

"No, what?" Lorna pushed.

"No my Queen, I'm sorry my Queen." Esme quickly admitted apologetically.

"That's right, I didn't." Lorna smirked wickedly, deciding to push it even further, "In fact, I didn't give you permission to touch that little cunt of yours, but I suppose I can forgive that, as I should have known that's how a little slut like you would interpret it. But that doesn't excuse your appalling manners, and disrespect at not using my proper title. But I'm in a generous mood, so I'll let you off with a warning just this once, but one more screw up, and you will be punished, do you understand?"

"Yes my Queen." Esme smiled in a way which made it clear that she would be perfectly okay with being punished.

"Good." Lorna said, leaning forward and cupping Esme's face, "Now shove two fingers in that hot little pussy of yours, and fuck yourself while imagining it's me. Mmmmmmm yesssssssss, I want you to close your eyes, lean back and fuck yourself nice and hard. But don't you dare cum without permission! Understand, slut?"

"Yes! Yes my Queen, I understand! Oh God!" Esme cried out as she did as she was told.

Their first time together had been like this, Lorna calling Esme names and generally treating her like dirt, something she had felt so guilty about afterwards she very rarely did it again, regardless of how much her twisted little girlfriend asked for it. But this definitely seemed to be the right mood to push the boundaries of what Lorna was normally comfortable doing, and she had to admit, she was having a lot of fun totally taking control of Esme like this. More importantly the effect it was having on the blonde was undeniable, as Lorna didn't need to be a telepath to know that Esme was enjoying herself. No, she just needed a working pair of eyes, and ears, and hers were consumed by the little show which was on display for her.

Namely Esme Frost now lying on her back frantically using one hand to go back and forth between her tits, and more importantly her nipples, while she used the other to rapidly pump two fingers in and out of herself. Using two right from the start had meant to be a punishment in itself, but Esme had been so wet and ready for it that those fingers slid straight in, the beautiful young woman crying out in pure pleasure as she penetrated herself. Those sounds of enjoyment only continued, and increased, over the next few minutes as Lorna just thoroughly enjoyed the show. But then predictably Esme gave in to the temptation of using her thumb to rub her clit, giving Lorna the excuse she needed to punish her. Which Esme was probably fully aware of, and welcomed, making what she did next that much sweeter.

With an evil smirk Lorna allowed Esme to keep fingering herself, just long enough to get a good rhythm going, and allow the other girl could practically taste her orgasm, before her eyes and hands glowed green, forcing metal to fly out of nowhere and wrap itself around the blonde's ankles and wrists. Lorna then gave Esme a second to realise what had just happened, and what was likely about to happen, then she pulled the other girl's hands slowly but firmly away from her own cunt. About the same time she spread Esme's legs unnecessarily wide apart and then pin them down, before doing the same to her arms, by those restraints. Which for most people would have been deeply disturbing, and infuriating, but Esme seemed delighted by it, even grinning up at Lorna after initially crying out with disappointment with her hands being forced away from herself.

There was then a brief pause, and then Lorna growled, "Did I give you permission to touch your clit?"

"No my Queen, I'm sorry my Queen." Esme quickly admitted apologetically.

"And what did I say would happen, if you screwed up again?" Lorna pushed.

"That I'd be punished." Esme admitted, before shamelessly pleading, "Oh please, please punish me my Queen. Punish me for being a naughty little slut who can't obey your orders properly. Please, Polaris... Lorna punish me."

Lorna glared at her girlfriend for a few long seconds, which was a punishment in itself considering how needy Esme was. In fact it might have been the perfect punishment for Esme deliberately forgetting her title just to annoy her, a.k.a. not something Lorna wanted to punish her too severely for, but a gentle punishment was warranted. Then she used her power to very slowly move Emse forward into the air, turn her until she was in an upright position, then forced her downwards a little more forcefully and quickly onto her knees. Which again, had the little slut crying out in pain and surprise, but then looking up at Lorna with wicked delight in her eyes, which only grew as a bag floated towards them, opened and one by one metal sex toys were presented in front of the blonde's face.

"This, is going up your snatch." Lorna explained while turning on the vibrator as it floated right in front of Esme's face, "It will be a low setting until you make me cum with your mouth."

"I look forward to it, my Queen." Esme grinned.

"And these..." Lorna continued as a pair of nipple clamps replaced the vibrator, "Are going to make sure those little nipples of yours gets some attention too."

"Yay!" Esme beamed, opening her mouth to say something else until the clamps were replaced by the next toy.

"And this... well, I bet you can guess where this is going." Lorna smirked as she made a butt-plug float in front of Esme's face, "But you only get this if you can't make me cum within five minutes, and we both know you can, so this part is up to you. But I'm betting you'd consider this a reward instead of a punishment, am I right?"

"What makes you think that?" Esme replied cheekily.

"Exactly." Lorna grumbled, "Which is why if it takes you more than ten minutes to make me cum I'll take my toys away and let you finish yourself off, understand?"

"Yes, my Queen." Esme replied solemnly.

"Good." Lorna mumbled, while pulling up her skirt and panties to the side so they were out of the way before using her powers to push Esme's head forwards, and down, "Then eat me! Eat my pussy you little slut, eat it, ooooooooooh yessssssssss, mmmmmmm fuck! That's it, just like that! Eat me, ohhhhhhhh, eat my pussy, oooooooohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh! Oh Esme!"

Unsurprisingly Esme pretty much started licking Lorna's pussy straightaway. There may have been a few long seconds where she was adjusting to her new position, and then smiling so wickedly and widely that Lorna could practically taste it, but then Esme stuck out her tongue and started eagerly lapping away at the pussy directly in front of her face, much to the delight of the green headed girl. Oh yes, Lorna found herself moaning, gasping, crying out and even whimpering from Esme's talented little tongue attacking her cunt so enthusiastically she actually thought the blonde might make her cum in five minutes, or maybe even less. But predictably enough Esme instead slowed down, inviting Lorna to give her some much needed attention.

Only too happy to oblige Lorna's eyes and hands glowed green and the metal sex toys started moving through the air. She started with the clamps, immediately attaching them to Esme's nipples and then giving them a little tug which made the cute little blonde cry out. Lorna then gave Esme a few long seconds to use of that before pressing the vibrator to the entrance to her girlfriend's pussy. It was incredibly tempting to shove that toy all the way in one hard thrust, especially as Esme would probably like that. But no, Lorna wouldn't take the risk of hurting the girl she loved like that, so instead she slid the toy up and down Esme's pussy lips before slowly pushing it inside of her.

Lorna again showed mercy by waiting a few long seconds after it was completely buried inside of Esme before flipping the on switch. Even though it was on the lowest setting, as she promised, it clearly had an effect on Esme who's licks became slow and lazy, so much so that Lorna actually turned off the vibrator so her girl would wake up and get back to giving her a proper licking. Sure enough it only took a few seconds for Esme to realise what was happening, and then she was licking Lorna even more impatiently than before, and more importantly lingering her tongue against her clit just to tried to push her closer to orgasm. Which Lorna rewarded her for by turning the vibrator back on and beginning to thrust it in and out of the other girl's pussy, literally fucking her with it.

More importantly, Lorna Dane was literally fucking Esme Frost with the power of her mind! Ha, take that telepath, Lorna thought with a wicked smirk on her face. Although then Esme looked up at her from between her legs, smirked against her pussy and then gave her a non-verbal reply in the form of wrapping her lips around Lorna's clit and beginning to gently but forcefully suck it. Combined with all the build up, and if she was being honest her victory today, meant she was on the edge of climax in mere minutes, Esme showing off that yes, she could make Lorna cum that quickly if she wanted too. But there was a clock above them, allowing Lorna to see that her girl clearly and deliberately went over the first time limit, leaving her no choice but to give her the punishment she had told her about earlier.

The butt-plug was small, but considering where it was going Lorna didn't even think about shoving it in dry. No, instead she moved it up to her own lips so she could take it into her mouth and suck it, the entire time imagining how pretty it would look in between Esme's cheeks, and exactly how it would feel for her girlfriend. And if she was being honest, how it would feel to have something like this up her own butt. So much so that Lorna even considered trying it out herself first, as chances were that would be a more effective punishment for Esme rather than just giving this to her. But no, in the end she just thoroughly sucked that toy for about a minute, and then positioned it behind her girlfriend.

Again she went nice and slow, Lorna turning up the vibrator one setting so Esme would be nice and distracted when she began pushing the smaller dildo into her ass. She also pulled on the nipple clamps again, but even those two things combined couldn't distract Esme entirely. Which certainly wasn't surprising, nor was the fact that instead of crying out in pain and begging for mercy Esme took the second penetration without complaint. In fact if anything she cried out in mostly pleasure, which was a relief to Lorna, because of course the last thing she wanted to do was hurt her girl. It also filled her head with other things they might do in the future, ideally when she wasn't pregnant anymore. However that was only brief, as mostly she was focused on making them both cum now.

"Fuck me! Oh God, fuck me Esme!" Lorna moaned loudly while pushing Esme's face deeper into her cunt with both hands, "Come on bitch, fuck me! Mmmmmmm yesssssssss, fuck me with your tongue, tongue fuck me, tongue me, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk! Oh yes, make me cum, and I'll make you cum! Oh fuck yes, make your Queen cum Esme! Oh please, ooooooooooh Esme!"

Of course it didn't take much encouragement for Esme to shove her tongue inside Lorna as deep as it would go and then start to thrust it in and out, making her cum almost instantly. Esme then quickly pulled her tongue out in favour of wrapping her lips around Lorna's entrance and swallowing what felt like every drop of her cum. It almost certainly wasn't given how hard Lorna came, but the fact that it felt like it made her next climax that much more intense. After that Esme definitely didn't get it all, but she swallowed enough to make it extra thrilling for Lorna, and of course she was constantly being marked as hers with the green headed girl cumming all over the blonde's face.

Normally at times like this Lorna could just become completely lost in the ecstasy which Esme effortlessly gave her, but this time she forced herself not only to keep control of the toys, but she began moving them in and out faster and gradually turning up the vibrator to full blast. Of course particularly the latter wasn't necessary, as Esme was cumming long before that, but Lorna just wanted to give her girl the most powerful orgasms possible. Which was why she started hammering not only her girlfriend's pussy, but her ass too, thanks to those metal toys. And yet Esme continued to be completely devoted to making Lorna cum, making this a truly wonderful intimate moment between them, one she had no doubt they both wanted to go on forever.

Sadly that just wasn't possible, as they didn't have unlimited stamina, and they were getting dangerously close to Lorna passing out from the ecstasy she was receiving. It certainly wouldn't be the first time, and while it was no big deal when they were in bed together, it was here, like this, which would force Esme to try to move Lorna with her powers, briefly turning the proud Mistress of Magnetism into a puppet. More importantly if she lost consciousness toys, and restraints, would stop working, leaving Esme with uncomfortable jewellery at best, and at worst leaving her in her current position for Andy, or the other Frosts or Quicksilver to find them. Or worse, they could both pass out from the pleasure they were receiving, leaving them in their current positions to be found by all their teammates.

Particularly the last scenario was just enough to push Lorna into using her powers to pull on the restraints still on Esme's hands and feet, slowly pulling her back just far enough that she couldn't reach the green haired girl's cunt. Lorna left her in that position for a few long seconds as she slowly recovered from her climaxes, then she sat up and admired the sight in front of her. And initially she was just going to let Esme go, but the blonde looked so cute in her current position, and so deliciously helpless, that Lorna just couldn't resist fucking her some more. So with an evil grin Lorna's eyes and hands glowed green as those toys started moving inside her girlfriend again, making Esme whimper pathetically.

"No more, please, I can't take it!" Esme whimpered softly after this.

Lorna carefully studied Esme's face for a few long seconds, then leaned forward and cupped it while telling her, "Please? Just one more. For me?"

Esme gulped, and then after a few long seconds nodded, "Just, oh, just one more."

"Good girl." Lorna beamed happily, increasing the pace of the toys again while beginning to pepper kisses all over that pretty face and whisper soft words of encouragement, "That's a very, very good girl. Ooooooooh yessssssss Esme, you're such a good girl for me. Mmmmmmmm, my good little slut. Look at you? About to cum with my cum all over your face. Mmmmmmmmm, another girl's cum covering that pretty face of yours while about to cum all over that girl's cocks. Ohhhhhhhhh, what a little slut you are, huh? Ooooooooh yessssssss, such a good slut, who's going to cum for me nice and hard. Yeahhhhhhhh, that's what you are going to do for me. And you're gonna look so pretty when you do it. Oh God Esme, you always look so pretty. You're the prettiest Frost by a mile, mmmmmmmmm, but you're even prettier when you cum for me, so do it! Cum for me Esme! Ooooooooh yessssssss, prove what a good little slut you are by cumming extra hard for me. Oh yes, that's my girl! That's my pretty little lesbian girlfriend! Oh fuck Esme, I love you so much."

The combination of those words and the toys ravaging her holes, and everything which had come before it, ensured that it didn't take long to make Esme cum again. Although what sent her over the edge seemed to be that confession of love, which was super-sweet, Lorna rewarding her for it with a deep kiss. She then continued that kiss as she used her mind to fuck the telepath through her orgasm, Lorna tasting her own cum and pussy cream on Esme's lips and tongue, just like she'd tasted it on her girlfriend's face. It was enough to give her some after-shocks to her orgasms, and maybe even a tiny fresh one, although Lorna barely noticed it as she was so consumed with Esme's pleasure, and just all things Esme Frost.

Despite her promise it was very tempting for Lorna to continue fucking Esme, but she couldn't guarantee she wouldn't knock her girlfriend into unconsciousness, and again that would be bad given where they were. So Lorna reluctantly decreased the pace until she came to a stop, then slowly pulled those toys out of her girlfriend's pussy and ass, all without breaking the kiss. When she finally did break the kiss Lorna only pulled back a few inches, then smirked, before bringing the vibrator which had just pounded Esme's cunt up to the other girl's lips. Twisted little slut that she was Esme grinned happily and began eagerly licking that dildo, Lorna moving it up and down so Esme could slide her tongue all over the shaft. Then Lorna pressed the tip against Esme's lips, and the blonde eagerly parted them so the green headed girl could push it inside.

For a moment it looked like Lorna was about to follow through with that, only to suddenly replace the vibrator with the butt-plug at the last possible moment. Esme had just closed her eyes, so the timing was perfect, Lorna grinning wickedly as Esme opened her eyes wide in surprise. However it was then Lorna who was surprised as instead of complaining Esme almost immediately began sucking it clean, which was one of the most twisted things Lorna had ever seen. Sure, the plug was 'clean' of anything truly vile, but still. And weirdly, Lorna found it hot just how kinky Esme was being, and she thoroughly enjoyed the show while guiding the vibrator to her own lips so she could give it a thorough clean.

Once both toys had been thoroughly cleaned and were now coated with nothing but saliva Lorna used her mind to return them to the bag she had pulled them out of, and then used the restraints on Esme's arms and legs to bring her up into her lap. She then removed the restraints and just held Esme tightly to her as she could for a few long seconds. After a few truly relaxing moments Esme began kissing her neck, face, and eventually her lips, the two women becoming lost in another gentle kiss before finally Lorna fixed her clothes, and Esme put hers back on, before finally they got back to work. After all, there was still a lot of work to be done to make their dream of a Mutant Homeland a reality.

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