Queen Maker

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Lorna Dane watched from the shadows as her friends slowly got up, collected themselves, and then finally left, all the while ignoring the annoying voices in her head telling her she needed to go. She knew she should go, but she just couldn't, not until she knew her friends were okay. Besides, the voices in her head were not her own, and she was in no mood to be told what to do by the Cuckoos, or Frosts, or whatever those triplets wanted to call themselves. Hell, part of her wanted to stay and get caught just to spite them. And because maybe she deserved it after what she'd just done, Lorna unable to stop her eyes from wandering to the flaming wreckage which was all that was left of the plane she had destroyed.

Suddenly a familiar voice called out, "Regret is natural, but beneath you. We both know you did what you had to do."

"I know that." Lorna snapped without bothering to turn around.

The familiar voice, which was much closer now, said, "Not yet. Not truly. But you will."

Finally turning around Lorna glared, "Are you questioning my commitment? After this!"

The blonde smiled softly, "No, but what you did, it wasn't easy. And it's only natural it would take a toll on you. But it will get easier, and the fact that you did it, proves that I was right about you."

"What about?" Lorna huffed.

Again the blonde just smiled, "You're a Queen."

Unsure how to take that Lorna just blushed and grumbled, "Erm, so which are you?"

Looking hurt the blonde softly asked, "You can't tell?"

"Esme?" Lorna guessed after a few long seconds, and then when the blonde grinned she quickly shut her down, "Don't look so happy. It was just one of you, instead of two, so I made an educated guess."

Undeterred by the attempt Esme teased, "Awww, that's cute, but the whole tough girl act won't work with me. Telepath, remember? I can tell when you're lying."

"Because that's not annoying." Lorna quipped, before sighing, "Look, do you want to wait around for Sentinel Services, or do you want to get out of here?"

Esme grinned, "My sisters are bringing the car around now."

"Great." Lorna said with no enthusiasm, following Esme out of the shadows before stopping her, "Wait, before I go anywhere with you, you have to promise me my friends won't get hurt."

Initially Esme opened her mouth to agree to that term as believably as she could, but instead pointed out, "You know that's an up to them thing, right? I mean, I don't want to hurt them, but if they get in the Hellfire Club's way..."

"What?" Lorna pushed, her eyes and hands glowing green.

"I can promise you that they wouldn't be killed. That's the best I can do, and you know it." Esme said pleadingly.

There was a long silence, and then Lorna grumbled, "I suppose that will do."

"Good." Esme smiled, and then again when a familiar black van came around the corner, "Our ride's here."

"One more thing." Lorna added quickly, again her eyes and hands glowing green as she stepped menacingly towards Esme, "Betray me, and I'll kill you myself."

There was a brief silence, then Esme laughed, "You don't get it, do you?"

"Get what?" Lorna grumbled.

"You're who I've been looking for." Esme explained as she guided Lorna into the car, "Those old farts funding the Hellfire Club, they think I want to be the Queen, but I don't. It's too much work. And I'm not exactly a leader of men. But you, you're royalty. And I'm not just talking about your father. Mutants would follow you just for that, or because you have his powers, but more importantly, you have his inner strength. You can command a room, if you let yourself. And deep down, you're willing to do what's necessary. I always knew you were, and you proved me right. Because of it mutants will flock to you, begging you to lead them, and with their help you could make a better world for all of us. Mutants, and humans. If you want. It's up to you."

For a few long seconds Lorna just stared at the other woman, then glared, "And what do you get out of this?"

"The honour of watching you change the world, like the proud Queen maker I am." Esme grinned, "And to be your right-hand woman."

"Oh, is that all?" Lorna mocked, "And what makes you think that I would trust you, let alone put you in that position?"

Esme smirked, flipped her hair and with a grin designed to make her new Queen uneasy told her, "I can be very persuasive."

That much was pretty clear, although Lorna didn't want to tell Esme that, so she just folded her arms and refused to talk again for the rest of the ride back to the Hellfire Club mansion. Unfortunately Esme didn't seem to be at all put off by this, and from the faraway look on her face she was probably talking to her sisters the entire ride. Not that Lorna really cared. No, she was too busy hating herself and second-guessing her decision, and when they got back to the mansion she just wanted to curl up in her bed and go to sleep, or more likely spend a few more hours in her own head while breaking everything metal around her.


Lorna had forgotten that she had already broken her new bed, but when she returned she found it as good as new. Which made her wonder, had they fixed it somehow or was it just new. Was there someone like her already in the Hellfire Club? No, she thought, if there was Esme probably wouldn't be taking such an interest in her. Then again, who knows with that girl. Or girls. Lorna was still a little confused about how all that worked. She tried to put it out of her mind, but the next hour or so she found her mind wandering back to Esme, which was extremely annoying. She told herself it must be the Frost sisters deliberately doing this to her, just like they had the last few days... only, why would they? Unless...

Hearing a knock on her door Lorna was initially relieved to have something to interrupt her thoughts, only for it to of course be a certain beautiful blonde, causing the green haired girl to grumble, "What do you want?"

That annoying blonde asked, "Can I come in?"

"Why? Do you need an invitation?" Lorna quipped, leaning in and slightly smirking, "Are you a vampire?"

The blonde smirked back, gently but firmly pushed her back and practically slipped her way inside while murmuring in a singsong voice, "I'm Esme, by the way."

"I know!" Lorna snapped, hating the way those words caused Esme to smile happily, "What do you want?"

Those words also caused Esme to smile as she thought about the obvious reply, before ignoring the question and telling the other girl, "I have a little gift for you."

Lorna had been so distracted by Esme she hadn't noticed the other girl had a hand behind her back, which momentarily concerned her until she saw what the blonde was holding. Then Lorna groaned, "Really, a crown? Really? Aren't you taking this whole Queen thing a little too far?"

"Honestly? I just wanted to see if I could get a smile out of you." Esme confessed, to her delight getting what she wanted, "Oh, there it is! Totally worth it."

Hating herself for the moment of weakness Lorna grumbled, "I was just laughing at how pathetic you are."

"You know it's pointless to lie to a telepath, right?" Esme asked softly, moving closer.

 There was a brief pause as Lorna consider denying it, and then just sighed, "You know that's super annoying, right?"

"I've been told." Esme said softly, closing the distance between them before gesturing to the little crown she was holding, "Can I?"

Lorna looked down at the crown, and then scoffed with only a fraction of the annoyance and contempt she meant to convey, "Seriously?"

"I just want to see how it looks." Esme shrugged, gently pushing, "Come on, what's the harm?"

There was another brief pause, and then Lorna sighed and nodded, causing the blonde to smile softly, reach up and slowly place the crown upon her head. There was nothing playful or mocking about it as far as Lorna could tell, and there was this weird, rather intense moment right after it where Esme brushed a stray strand of green hair behind Lorna's ear and just stared at her for a few long seconds. Then Lorna cleared her throat, moved back slightly and then turned to look in the full length mirror, a cutting quip on the tip of her tongue about how tacky and cheap the thing looked. Only that quip was quickly forgotten as she had to admit, if only just to herself, that she looked kind of good.

"See, a perfect fit." Esme smiled.

Yet another brief pause and then Lorna asked softly, "Is it real?"

Esme nodded, "To the tune of $30000."

"Fuck me, seriously?" Lorna exclaimed, "That's more than anything else I've ever owned. Combined!"

"So, maybe don't wear it when you think you're going to have to get your hands dirty." Esme suggested playfully.

"Wait, you're giving this to me? Seriously?" Lorna exclaimed in disbelief.

"Welcome to the Hellfire Club." Esme winked, and then when Lorna gave her a sour look she pouted, "Oh don't be like that Lorna. You can still save the world without wearing rags. Speaking of which, your wardrobe is filled with clothes in your size. Pick something out and join me downstairs. We've got some mutants to recruit."

With that Esme turned and left the room, Lorna watching her leave before snapping herself out of it and walking over to the wardrobe and opening it up to sure enough find plenty of expensive looking clothes inside. They were all in her size, and more or less all in her style, or at the very least something she might consider wearing, which Lorna couldn't decide whether was creepy or impressive. Maybe slightly less so because she knew it was a result of literally having three mind readers at it's disposal. But still, the Hellfire Club was clearly trying to buy her loyalty, proving they didn't know her at all. Lorna couldn't, and wouldn't, be bought by pretty things. She was here because she had to be. No other reason. That said, the benefits certainly didn't suck.


Lorna spent an embarrassingly long time picking out her outfit. Normally that wasn't her. That was the kind of girly girl that used to make fun of her, until they realised they should be scared of her. But she had to admit, it was nice to have the time for that indulgence, and it was certainly worth it. While all of it looked and felt so right on her body, there were a few combinations which seemed to be made for her. Which again, kind of creepy, but totally worth it for the feeling she got from looking at herself in a full-length mirror. And the look on a certain pretty blonde's face, as she knocked on the door and then walked in after getting permission and then looked her up and down.

Which made Lorna frown, and blush a little, "What?"

The blonde shrugged, "I just see why my sister likes you."

Still frowning Lorna guessed, "So, not Esme?"

"Sophie." Sophie clarified, before turning her attention to the rejected clothes covering the bed, "Been busy, I see."

Lorna shrugged, begrudgingly began to put the clothes away, and grumbled, "Did you want something?"

"You don't have too do that you know? We have maids. Just one of many benefits of being on a team with actual money." Sophie quipped, trying not to smirk as of course this just made Lorna defiantly put away everything herself. It did make her chuckle a bit, before she walked over to the dresser containing the crown and murmured, "Pretty... you know how much it costs, right?"

There was a brief pause, then Lorna waved her hand, causing a bedside drawer to open up in the crown to fly into it and then as the drawer closed itself Lorna quipped, "Better?"

"Not what I meant." Sophie quipped.

"So what do you actually mean?" Lorna grumbled.

There was another pause and then Sophie smirked, "Esme is really embarrassing us right now. Normally she is the best, and God does she know it. Infiltration, seduction, extermination... nothing phases her. Then you show up, and suddenly she's a big dork who's handing out gifts like candy. Like, geez girl, control your-"

"Are you getting to a point?" Lorna interrupted, shutting her wardrobe.

"Just that if this continues being a problem, we'll have to re-evaluate... certain things." Sophie said sweetly

Lorna got right in her face and asked, "Is that a threat?"

"Just a warning." Sophie said, "Trust me, you'll know if one of us is threatening you."

Yet another pause, then Lorna shrugged it off, and headed for the door, "Whatever."

"Also, if you ever hurt Esme, I'll kill you, and convince the Inner Circle that it was a tragic accident." Sophie called after her.

"You can try." Lorna singsonged, briefly turning to give the other girl the finger, before opening the door and startling when she saw another one of the annoying blondes, "Whoa, stop doing that?"

The blonde frowned, "Doing what?"

"You know what." Lorna grumbled, "Anyway what gives, I thought you were going to wait for me downstairs?"

"Esme is. I'm Phoebe." Phoebe casually explained.

"Isn't it the same thing?" Lorna shrugged, already walking towards the stairs.

"Yes and no." Phoebe said casually, she and Sophie following behind the green haired girl, "You know, the Inner Circle is pretty pissed at Esme for giving you that crown. They think she's laying it on too thick. Of course, they'd be even more pissed if they knew she wasn't trying to buy you off."

"Then why is she doing it?" Lorna frowned, beginning to descend the stairs.

"You can't tell?" Phoebe smirked, crossing her arms as she and Sophie stayed on top of the stairs.

"She's not exactly being subtle." Sophie grumbled.

As Lorna slowly descended those stairs and came into view Esme's mouth opened slightly, and then when she was close enough Esme murmured, "Wow... good choice."

"Thanks." Lorna said dismissively, and... was she blushing? Again? Desperately trying to distract from that she clarified, "Just so we're clear-"

"No one touches your friends, I know. I know." Esme sighed, before grinning, "There isn't going to be a fight, don't worry. I'm not even bringing my sisters, so if your friends did attack us, I'd be helpless."

"As if." Lorna scoffed.

"Okay, maybe not." Esme admitted, before teasing, "I would be out gunned, but I'm sure you would protect me."

"Don't flatter yourself." Lorna grumbled.

Which of course led to Esme quipping, "Telepath, remember?"


It was harder than Lorna thought it would be, and that was saying a lot. She truly, deeply loved Marcos. That didn't just go away overnight, but he didn't understand what she was doing. What she needed to do. And she was afraid he never would. Perhaps she should have been glad there was still love in his eyes after what she had done, even after it became clear what she was doing now, but it just made things harder. Of course, it was foolish to think he'd make this easy on her, but she had to remain strong, something that Lorna reminded herself over and over again as he approached, not stopping until he grabbed her arm and tried to yank her away from Esme and their new recruits, as if it would change anything.

"Lorna please, you can't do this." Marcos pleaded.

"Let go of her!" Esme said softly and darkly, her eyes glowing blue.

"Stay out of this!" Marcos snapped, just before Lorna pushed him back.

"Get your hands off me!" Lorna yelled as she pushed.

"Babe?" Marcos protested, obviously hurt.

But not enough if she was going to let he was go, Lorna realised, so she told him, "I've made my choice."

"It's a bad choice." Marcos said firmly.

"We'll see." Lorna said dismissively.

"What about... us?" Marcos asked.

That was the billion-dollar question that Lorna had been trying to decide herself, and she had gone back and forth for what felt like a thousand times, but in that moment it was never more clear that he would never be okay with her choice. And even if he did, pretending to for the sake of their relationship and/or the baby, she didn't want him to follow her down the path she was now going. So even though it broke her heart, she was going to have to break his. It was the only way to keep him safe. And perhaps more importantly, to stop him from changing her mind. But what could she possibly do or say to make him leave her alone if killing people wasn't a deal breaker?

Lorna certainly couldn't think of anything to say, but as she glanced around she thought of something she could do as her eyes fell on Esme. There was just something in the blonde's eyes which had Lorna re-evaluating everything that had happened over the past couple of days and suddenly she saw it in a new light. At least as far as everything with Esme was concerned. She actually felt a little stupid for not realising it sooner. No, she'd realised what had been happening, what she had been doing, but she hadn't wanted to admit it. After all, Esme was manipulative by nature and a little flirting didn't have to mean anything. But, at least in this case, it did.

It was surprising, and exciting, and worrying, and most of all confusing and Lorna just didn't have the time to figure out what it truly meant, but in that moment it didn't matter. All that mattered was that she had her answer to her previous question. Because she knew what she could do now to push Marcus away for good. Something which would break Marcos's heart and get him to leave her alone. Something which at least one person in this room wanted. Maybe two. No, definitely two, if only for this one crazy moment. Something she could blame on needing to push Marcos away, if needs be. Perhaps something she'd do once, and then never again. Or maybe not. And admittedly, it would be something deliciously overdramatic to bring this awkward reunion to a close.

That thing? Lorna turning to Esme, grabbing her head firmly with both hands and then yanking her into a kiss. She didn't need to be a telepath to know that everyone around them was shocked, and if Lorna was honest she was shocked too. Mostly, because it didn't suck. In fact, it was worryingly good, Esme quickly getting over her shock and kissing back with skill and enthusiasm. So much so that the kiss went on much longer than Lorna had intended, and when she broke it she needed a few seconds to recover. Also to stop herself from apologising to Marcos, who sure enough looked completely heartbroken. Then she forced on her best cruel smirk, And twisted the knife.

"Like I said, I've made my choice." Lorna quipped.


"Well, that was... eventful." Esme grinned teasingly a few minutes later once they were back in the van.

"You know that was just for show, right?" Lorna questioned, "I needed to make sure he'd stay away."

Esme cocked her head, then repeated, "Telepath, remember?"

"Meaning?" Lorna frowned.

"I know when you're lying." Esme repeated with a grin.

"You wish." Lorna scoffed.

"I do." Esme admitted softly.

There was a brief pause, then despite herself Lorna murmured, "You realise I just used you to hurt my ex, right? That doesn't bother you?"

"Nope." Esme softly smiled, shuffling forwards slightly as she admitted, "I'm a, by any means necessary, kind of girl."

For a moment Lorna actually found herself considering it, "How do I know this isn't just another lie?"

"How does anyone?" Esme questioned, before amending, "Other than me, or someone like me. But the rest of you? You just have to trust. And maybe you're not there yet, and maybe you never will be. But why should that stop us from having some fun?"

As she spoke Esme undid her seatbelt, slowly moved across to the middle seat so she was right next to Lorna, prompting the green headed girl to raise an eyebrow, "Really? Here? Now?"

"I don't have anything else to do for the rest of the ride, do you?" Esme grinned, and then when she noticed the other girl glancing at the driver she quickly added, "Don't worry about him, he's very discreet. And also a robot."

Lorna's eyes went wide at the last comment, "What, really?"

In response Esme just giggled, which was nowhere near good enough for Lorna and she was going to insist on getting a real answer to that question. More importantly, a truthful answer. But, later. Now she was very focused on Esme Frost leaning in cautiously so she could press their lips together. For the few long seconds before that, which felt like an eternity, Lorna remembered all the reasons she shouldn't do this, which was immediately forgotten when their lips actually met. Then she was kissing Esme Frost again, and like before it was annoyingly good, especially as the kiss slowly became more bold, the blonde pushing her tongue into Lorna's mouth and the green headed girl massaging it with her own.

Shortly after that Esme straddled Lorna's waist, and wow, was that a new and wonderful experience for her. Well, she had once drunkenly pulled a friend into her lap for a hug, but then almost immediately pushed her off for being too heavy. But Esme wasn't too heavy. Esme was just right. God, this felt so right, and good, and Lorna never wanted it to stop. But of course it did as soon as they were back in their HQ. Not that Lorna realised it. She just knew that one moment Esme was straddling her, their hands all over each other as they frantically kissed, and then... the bitch climbed off of her and gracefully exited the other side like nothing had happened. Meanwhile Lorna was just left there, feeling as if she'd been hit by a train.

"New recruits, follow me." Esme cheerfully announced, leaving her Queen in training sitting bewildered back in the van they had shared.


Lorna was lying on her bed and thinking about Esme Frost. More accurately, more disturbingly, she was lying on top of her bed and thinking about the kisses she had shared with Esme Frost, those kisses on repeat in her head and no matter how much she tried she couldn't get them to stop. How could this happen to her? She didn't even like women. Not like that. Did she? What, was this some weird pregnancy craving? And why wasn't she thinking more about Marcos? The father of her child and the man she had loved so totally only a few days ago. He had been so heartbroken to see her kiss Esme, and she felt bad about it, she truly did, but wow, that kiss! Or more accurately kisses. She now couldn't stop thinking about it.

Which was only because Esme started something and didn't finish it, going around, showing everyone to their rooms, flirting with them... wait, what? What kind of excuse was that? Lorna was sounding like a crazy girlfriend, or worse, someone who got jealous and possessive after only one kiss. And didn't finish what she started? God, why did kissing Esme have to turn her on so much? Was that bitch messing with her mind? Or was this one of the other Frost sisters? Was this pregnancy hormones? Or was she just finally going crazy after the plane, and Marcos, and just, everything? And most importantly of all, why wasn't Esme here distracting her?

Just then there was a knock on the door, Lorna answering it immediately to of course find a smirking Esme, who told her, "Sorry, some of our new recruits were very chatty. But I heard you thinking very loudly, and I was wondering if you'd like a distraction?"

"Yeah, yeah, shut up and get in here." Lorna growled, grabbing Esme and yanking her inside.

She didn't even wait to shut the door before kissing her, because Lorna just didn't give a fuck at that moment. Maybe even a really unhealthy part of her brain wanted people to see this, to know that this flirty little blonde was hers and, oh God, what the actual fuck was wrong with her? This wasn't her. She didn't like girls, and she certainly didn't like liars. There was no way she could be kicking her bedroom door closed and pressing Esme Frost up against the nearest wall so she could feel their bodies pressed against each other. This bitch had to be doing something to her. Or someone else had to be. They just had too, because otherwise...

Breaking the kiss and wrapping her hands around Esme's neck Lorna growled, "Are you doing this to me?"

"What?" Esme croaked, the word barely audible as the pressure on her neck increased.

"Are you, or anyone else like say, your sisters, messing with my mind?" Lorna demanded, reminding herself to decrease the pressure a little bit so she could get an answer.

"No!" Esme answered, sounding genuinely hurt, "I wouldn't do that to you."

 Lorna radically decreased her grip, but pushed, "If you're lying-"

"I'm not. I would never hurt you, Lorna." Esme insisted, again sounding genuine, "I... I... I'm crazy about you."

Despite the mood Lorna genuinely laughed, "You're crazy all right. Maybe we both are."

"No." Esme said firmly, "You're special. You're royalty. You're a God damn Queen, and don't let anyone tell you different. Not even you."

There was a brief pause as despite the fact she didn't trust the blonde Lorna found herself reassured by her words, gradually letting go of her and stroking her face. God dammit, Esme Frost was so freaking pretty. It was one of her most annoying qualities. And in that moment, Lorna was enthralled by it. It was new, and exciting, and really freaking scary. Most of all, it was really easy to blame the way she was feeling right now on powers, because that seemed a lot more on the brand for her then actually liking Esme. Still, she needed to make herself crystal clear, which she did, albeit after another kiss, this one brief and actually a little sweet.

"You're sweet." Lorna murmured.

"I'm really not." Esme said dryly.

"But if..." Lorna continued, "If... I stay, or anything else, no mind controlling me. Ever. Or I walk."

"Understood." Esme nodded, and then when Lorna gave her a look she rolled her eyes and grudgingly added, "And I promise I won't use my powers on you. Unless you want me too."

"Why would I want you too?" Lorna frowned, before moving back when Esme grinned wickedly, "Ewww."

"You say that now." Esme teased, pushing things even further when she got a reluctant smile out of the other girl, "And feel free to choke me again. I'm totally into that."

"Why doesn't that surprise me?" Lorna grumbled.

"Hey, we all have our kinks." Esme pointed out, gently pushing Lorna backwards, "There's no shame in it. And this, this is what I remember you enjoying."

Despite herself Lorna smiled as Esme pushed her into gently sitting down on the bed and the other girl sat on top of her lap again, just like in the car. Then Esme just stayed like that for a few long seconds, smiling down at Lorna, before leaning down for another kiss. Her mind now at ease Lorna didn't hesitate to kiss back, losing herself in it for a few blissful minutes as her hands wandered over Esme's soft little body, at one point even grabbing her butt and then a boob, the latter of which was a new but not unpleasant experience for her. Then she flipped them around so Esme was lying on her back on the bed with Lorna on top of her, their bodies pressed against each other so wonderfully as the blonde's hands gave the green headed girl a taste of her own medicine.

Then all of a sudden Esme broke the kiss, her eyes glowing blue, and she quickly slipped from underneath Lorna while apologising, "I've got to go. Something's come up. Sorry."

"You've got to be kidding me?" Lorna groaned in frustration, rolling onto her back and grumbling, "Can't your sisters deal with it?"

"They're trying, but..." Esme hesitated, before settling on, "It's a busy night."

"I bet." Lorna grumbled.

"I could come back later?" Esme offered.

"You know what? Don't bother." Lorna grumbled, rolling away from the other girl impatiently, "This whole thing was a big mistake. Let's just forget it."

There was a brief pause and then Esme asked, "Do you mean that?"

"You're the Telepath. You tell me." Lorna grumbled, but there was no response, and when she looked over her shoulder she was alone.


Lorna hated herself for snapping at Esme so childishly, but she had just been so frustrated and in the moment she had lashed out. The only bright side was that unlike Marcos, or anyone else for that matter, Esme knew what she was actually thinking, and that she truly didn't mean it. Although that didn't mean Esme deserved it. She maybe a crazy, murderous bitch, but she didn't deserve that. But again, it reminded Lorna she should have been staying away from her, instead of lying in bed for the next few hours thinking about kissing her again, until she just couldn't take it any more and she actually went looking for the bitch. To apologise? To firmly end this for good? To have sex with her? Lorna honestly wasn't sure, she just knew she couldn't sleep until she had dealt with this.

Before she'd even started searching the grounds she heard a familiar voice in her head telling her where to go. Yet although it sounded identical to Esme's voice for some reason Lorna was able to recognise it wasn't. She couldn't tell which sister was helping her, but her tone was dispassionate, maybe even a bit annoyed, which certainly didn't seem like Esme. Unless, Esme was mad at her. But even then, she just knew it wasn't her. Then Lorna found herself outside an unmarked door, which theoretically could have anything behind it, but she believed it was the right one, and... she just stood there like an idiot for a few long seconds as she tried to decide what she was going to say. Which she really should have done before now.

Come in Lorna, please?

The words echoed in Lorna's head briefly, taking her back a little at the suddenness, but mostly because she could clearly tell it was Esme this time. Then she took a calming breath and open the door to find a bedroom not unlike her own. She had been expecting something at least twice as big, and Esme Frost sitting on top of the bed wearing the tiniest lingerie imaginable. Instead Esme was under the sheets, a little dishevelled but still gorgeous, her smile of course lighting up the darkness which was initially in her room. At least until Lorna stepped inside the room, turned the lights on and shut the door behind her, barely taking a second glance around the uninteresting room before focusing on the other girl.

"You're disappointed?" Esme teased, "Not luxurious enough for you? Well, maybe when we're running the place, but for now this will do. And trust me, the bed's plenty soft. Why don't you come closer and see for yourself?"

Lorna chuckled at that, and asked a question of her own, "Why didn't you come back?"

"You asked me not too." Esme pointed out.

"And you knew I didn't mean it." Lorna pointed out.

Esme gave a mocking, and maybe even angry, smile before pointing out, "Yes, but my powers make consent a little tricky. If I persisted every time someone said no, but thought yes, what would that make me? Besides, in case there's any confusion, if you want a one night stand, I'm your girl, but I was kind of hoping for more."

"You were?" Lorna questioned softly.

Feeling she took things too far too quickly Esme backtracked, "Look, I'm not saying we have too. It's just on the table, for me. If you want. But only if you want. Which is why I didn't come back to you after the... situation, was dealt with. I... I wanted you to make a move on me."

Lorna nodded in understanding, then slowly step forward until she was standing right in front of the bed, and asked, "Are you naked under there?"

The smile on Esme's face was telling, "Is this you making a move?"

"Finding your bedroom in the middle of the night was me making a move." Lorna pointed out, "This is me making a demand."

"I thought it was a question?" Esme teased.

"Now it's a demand." Lorna growled, and then when Esme simply nodded she gave her another demand, "Show me."

Esme obeyed immediately, then when the other girl just stared at her she cautiously asked, "So?"

"You're gorgeous." Lorna murmured, quickly adding when she saw the look on the other girl's face, "Oh don't look so smug, you know just how fucking pretty you are."

"I do." Esme grinned, before admitting, "I just wasn't sure it would affect you like this."

"Me neither." Lorna softly admitted, her eyes travelling over that soft pale skin in front of her.

There was a brief pause and then Esme asked, "Don't you... don't you feel kind of, overdressed?"

Lorna smirked at the other girl, and then after a few long seconds reached down to grab the luxurious pyjama top and slowly pull it up and over her head, and then toss it aside. She then pushed the pyjama bottoms down around her ankles and stepped out of them, meaning that both girls were naked. Which unsurprisingly Esme took the opportunity to slide her eyes up and down Lorna's body, even as Lorna slowly approached the bed, pushing the covers completely off of it before crawling onto it, and up Esme's body, which made both girls let out a soft gasp. Their bodies had been pressed together a lot lately, but to have bare skin touching bare skin was incredibly thrilling, and that was before their breasts, and other places, were pressed against each other.

With her mouth inches away from Esme's Lorna teased with a pout, "So, no sexy lingerie?"

"Imagined me sleeping that way a lot, have you?" Esme teased, "Or maybe just in here, wearing next to nothing, and thinking about you?"

"It does sound like you." Lorna pointed out, leaning in a little more.

"True." Esme nodded, "But I... I wasn't sure you'd show."

"Neither was I." Lorna admitted softly.

"Besides..." Esme smiled, "It would have been presumptuous, and I didn't want to scare you off."

"And sleeping nude wasn't?" Lorna raised an eyebrow.

"That's just how I sleep." Esme shrugged, "But since I disappointed you, I'll be happy to let you pick out something for me to wear. Or put on a little fashion show for you."

"I might like that." Lorna admitted, her lips now about an inch from Esme's.

"But, later." Esme pleaded, "Kissing now?"

Somehow Lorna felt that Esme didn't mean just kissing. At least she hoped she didn't, as it wasn't all Lorna wanted. But she trusted Esme to say something if they were moving too fast. Well, they were definitely moving too fast, but Lorna didn't care. She didn't know if this was going to be anything real, and in many ways it would probably be better if it wasn't, but she couldn't just stay in bed and think about everything that had happened today over and over again. Bringing down that plane. Killing those people. Officially leaving the Mutant Underground and joining the Hellfire Club. Encouraging others to join, including a 15-year-old kid. And most of all breaking her baby Daddy's heart, which broke her own just as much. Oh yes, Lorna needed a distraction, and Esme was willing to give it.

So Lorna closed the tiny distance that was between their lips in a gentle but passionate kiss. Unsurprisingly Esme kissed back right away, and tried to intensify the kiss. Initially Lorna stopped her, although she wasn't sure why, and she really didn't want to think about it right now. No, she just wanted to concentrate on kissing another girl. Kissing Esme. The incredibly frustrating yet incredibly beautiful bitch who she could no longer stop thinking about. And she did, so much so that she almost didn't notice when Esme flipped them over so Lorna was now the one on her back. She did failed to notice the hands that began to wander, at least until Esme broke the kiss and grinned down at her.

"Relax." Esme soothed, "We both know you haven't done this before, but I have. So just relax and enjoy. And yes, I'm sure. Mmmmm, I've wanted this since the moment I first saw you."

Before Lorna could even properly pout and glare at the other girl Esme was kissing her again, making this whole situation even more annoying. Lorna would have totally lied, or just not said anything, about never doing this with a girl, but with a telepath that just wasn't an option. Of course that kiss made her forget all about her annoyance, at least for that moment, and Lorna didn't exactly complain when Esme moved her lips down her cheek to her neck which she lingered on for a few long seconds, kissing and even licking and sucking the sensitive flesh there. Then Esme slowly moved down to give other parts of her body the same treatment. Parts which needed more, but of course the frustrating girl didn't go straight for where Lorna wanted her the most.

She still didn't complain when instead of heading straight downwards Esme took a detour, kissing up one of Lorna's breasts and taking a nipple into her mouth. Which caused Lorna to gasp softly, and then moan just as softly, even though Esme was barely using any pressure to suck her nipple. It was more anticipation of what was to come, and the novelty of this being another girl. Although it was not that long before Esme not only increased the suction but began sliding her tongue around Lorna's nipples and flicking them. First though Esme went back and forth between them, kissing her way down one boob and up the other and back again, driving Lorna wild.

Along the way Esme's hands came up to massage Lorna's tits, pushing one more firmly into her mouth while really going to town on the other, tweaking that nipple in a way which really had Lorna crying out with pure joy. But it just wasn't enough for her. She wanted more, and from the way Esme grinned around her nipple it was clear the blonde knew that and was simply torturing her anyway. Or she was just waiting for Lorna to ask for it, Lorna resisting as she was pretty sure she couldn't say anything without it coming out like begging. Which might have been Esme's intention, but seemingly the blonde grew impatient, and eventually just started kissing her way down Lorna's flat stomach anyway.

Not long after that there was another girl in between her legs, Lorna staring down and marvelling at that sight. Their eyes then looked for a few long seconds, Esme silently asking for permission and Lorna only too happy to give it. Which of course made Esme smile, and thankfully finally lean forward, sticking out her tongue and sliding it over Lorna's pussy, starting from the bottom and working her way up to the very top. Which in turn caused Lorna to cry out loudly in pure pleasure. Which continue to be the case as Esme quickly followed the first lick up with another, and another, and another, the other girl licking her pussy with a slow but steady rhythm which Lorna instantly loved.

On the one hand Esme had been shamelessly teasing her all day, and much longer than that but today had been particularly intense, and it had been just so long since someone had gone down on her. When they first got together she and Marcos would have sex all the time, and he was really good at it. Even this part, which was rare. In fact, he might just be the best pussy licker she'd ever had. At least until now. But all she and Marcos had done towards the end was fight, and while they initially tried not to go to bed mad it felt more like a ceasefire than actually resolving their issues. And now Lorna wasn't fearful of that, and could actually just enjoy sex with Esme. Or at least that's what she told herself.

In reality there were still issues with everything about this, but thankfully Esme was making it easy to forget all about them with gentle strokes of her tongue, each ending in attention to Lorna's clit. Which if Esme kept this up would make Lorna cum in no time, which she almost put a stop to so she could savour this precious moment. But no, Lorna was just too eager to forget her problems and cum. Unfortunately it just couldn't be that easy. No, Esme had to insist on staying at the same pace for like an eternity, pushing Lorna towards orgasm without ever actually making her cum, or even getting close to it. Not even when Lorna growled in frustration, and began moving the furniture with her powers.

You want more? You know what to do!

Esme's voice echoed through her head, the way the blonde looked up at her and grinned against her skin confirming this wasn't some kind of delusion brought on by the growing need inside of Lorna. Of course she wasn't going to give the bitch the satisfaction. At least not right away. In fact, giving in was probably inevitable given how needy Lorna was beginning to feel. But that didn't mean that she couldn't resist for as long as possible. Which was ironically the reverse of what she wanted before, but the discomfort and even pain was worth it to get one up on Esme. Unless, Esme wanted this to last, and was playing mind games with her? God damnit, it was so hard to tell with this sneaky bitch.

Lorna tried looking down at Esme for a clue on what she wanted, but the blonde wasn't looking up at her any more. No, her eyes were closed, her face mostly hidden with that blonde hair, and while what the expression Lorna could see seemed happy that didn't actually tell her much. Just that probably no matter what she chose she was giving Esme what she wanted, which annoyed Lorna no end, even if it was worth it for the pleasure she was currently receiving. Of course that experiment kind of backfired on her, as focusing on the fact that there was a beautiful, naked blonde girl in between her legs and licking her pussy just increased the pleasure to the point where it was painful for Lorna to resist begging for more.

So for better or for worse Lorna whimpered, "Please... more... fuck me... I, ah fuck!"

She quickly became incoherent again as she almost immediately got her wish, Esme increasing her attention to Lorna's clit, lingering more and more until that was her only focus. She even took it into her mouth and began sucking on it, bringing Lorna to the very edge of climax, but somehow not letting her go over it. Which was a level of teasing Lorna had never had to deal with before, and caused her to groan, whimper and cry out in frustration, the furniture around them beginning to shake and bend under the force of that frustration. Which she desperately had to keep under control, as she certainly didn't want to destroy the bed while they were in it. Not after what happened with her last bed, when Esme had upset her.

So for the sake of them both Lorna clarified what she wanted, "Make me cum! Ohhhhhhh Gooooooddddddd, make me cum you bitch! I need to cum! I need it."

What's the magic word?

Again Esme's voice echoed through her head, the blonde looking up at her and grinning in a way which made Lorna want to hurt her, but instead she whimpered, "Please? Please make me cum, mmmmm, I need to cum."

Say my name!

Yet again Esme's voice echoed through Lorna's head as the blonde looked up at her and grinned, but this time the green haired girl just glared down at her, prompting Esme to remove her mouth to push her luck, "Please baby, just say it. Mmmmm, tell me who you want to make you cum."

There was a brief pause and then Lorna forced the next words out of her mouth, "Esme! Make me cum Esme, oh God, make me fucking cum."

Please, Esme psychically reminded the other girl as she happily returned to sucking Lorna's clit.

"Please! Please, please, pleassssssssssseeeeeeeee, oooooooooh Esme! Mmmmm, please Esme, fuck me!" Lorna desperately pleaded, "Please make me cum... I need to cum... I need it soooooo bad, ohhhhhhh fuck, Esme, make me cum Esme, oh God, oooooooohhhhhhhhh Gooooooodddddddd Esme, please Esme, aaaaaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk Esme."

It was pretty embarrassing but after that Lorna only managed to get out the word 'please' and Esme's name, and of course a series of cries and swear words, as Esme slowly pushed her tongue inside her. Inside her cunt! Another girl's tongue was now inside her cunt, and just having it pushing inside her was overwhelming enough, but as soon as she started sliding it in and out that was it and Lorna finally came. And of course, she just had to give Esme the satisfaction of making her cum incredibly hard. Not that Lorna could be too upset about that when she was being bombarded by such incredible ecstasy, the fact that Esme was greedily swallowing her cum only making her orgasm that much more intense.

Before Lorna could come down from her high Esme shoved first one and then two fingers inside of her and started pumping them in and out while sucking on her clit. Which unsurprisingly didn't take long to make her cum again, albeit this time on Esme's fingers. Partly because she was just so riled up, but also because Esme was really good with her fingers, not just pumping them in and out but curling them upwards to attack her G-spot. Which she did relentlessly, along with forcefully licking and sucking her clit. Esme continued to do that, or tongue fuck her, through orgasm after orgasm until Lorna passed out from overwhelming ecstasy. Then when she came to of course she found Esme lying on her side next to her while triumphantly smiling down at her.

"So, did you enjoy that?" Esme teased smugly.

"What do you think?" Lorna groaned sarcastically.

"I think... the answer is all over my face." Esme grinned, indicating to her cum covered face.

"You bitch." Lorna tried to sound mad, but she couldn't stop herself from laughing, which totally took away from the effect. Although either out of anger or amusement, most likely the latter, she was able to push herself up onto her side facing Esme so she could tell her, "Sometimes I don't know whether I want to punch you, or kiss you."

"Yes you do." Esme countered smugly, then when Lorna gave her a look she admitted, "At least right now."

Not wanting to admit Esme was right, and certainly not wanting to give Esme a chance to point out Lorna knew she was right, Lorna shut the annoying bitch up in the best possible way, namely by pressing her lips to hers. She was so exhausted from her orgasms that all she could manage at first was a gentle peck, which Esme thankfully seemed more than fine with. Whether she'd truly be fine with Lorna not returning the favour tonight was another question. Lorna suspected she would tell her she didn't have too, but would be upset if she took her up on that offer. Besides, it wasn't an offer Lorna thought she could accept. Or wanted too. No, she wanted to make this bitch cum for her, and that's exactly what she was going to do.

Reinvigorated by that thought, and admittedly the gentle kiss, Lorna pushed Esme down onto her back and got on top of her, to the clear delight of the other girl. Especially because as she did this Lorna increased the force of the kissing, Esme with her every step of the way, and even 'fighting back' more than Lorna would have liked at that moment. Oh yes, Lorna was suddenly overcome by a need to dominate the kiss, and although it took a while she eventually succeeded. She also really enjoyed pinning Esme down and pressing herself firmly on top of her, their naked bodies were again pressed against each other in a feeling which Lorna increasingly enjoyed, and wanted to feel more in the future.

Something else she was getting very fond of was the feeling of Esme's soft body underneath her hands, Lorna barely beginning to slide her hands over her body before she started massaging the other girl's tits. Which resulted in a satisfying cry and moan of pleasure from Esme, which made Lorna smile with delight into the kiss. Although she smirked with delight at just how hard Esme's nipples were, and all the little reactions she got from her lover while playing with them. Which just motivated her to play with them even more roughly. After all, they were well past the foreplay stage, and this was just a bit of teasing before the main event, and oh how Lorna loved to tease Esme like this. It was the perfect revenge, especially given the wonderful sounds the other girl was making.

Wanting to hear more of those sounds Lorna broke the kiss, and started sliding her lips down to Esme's neck, then up to her face, before eventually to her lips again. This gave Lorna a chance to taste herself some more, which was not unfamiliar to her as she had tasted her own cum and pussy cream on Marco's face and lips, but it tasted on a girl's lips and face was a new and wonderful thrill, one she savoured almost as much as the cries Esme was letting out. Then she slowly reached down, and after briefly teasing Esme by grabbing her cute little butt Lorna slid her hand around to touch what they both really wanted her to touch. Esme's pussy. Oh yes, she was touching another girl's pussy for the first time in her life, and it was unsurprisingly soaking wet.

"Oh my God!" Esme cried out, breaking the latest kiss the second Lorna started touching her twat.

"Shouldn't that be, oh my Queen?" Lorna teased.

"Shut up and fuck me." Esme groaned in frustration.

"Sorry, what was that?" Lorna grinned as she cruelly moved her hand away from where Esme so desperately wanted it.

"No, I... I'm sorry." Esme quickly apologised, "Please, your Majesty, fuck me."

"Your Majesty?" Lorna mocked, "Yeah, right. Stop messing around and give me what I want."

Esme desperately searched her mind for a few seconds, then Lorna's, before smiling and softly pleading, "Oh please Lorna, my Queen, fuck me. Fuck me with your fingers. Please? I'm a desperate little slut who needs you to fuck her so bad. Mmmmm, only you. Please, my Queen... Polaris, fuck me. Oh fuck me, oooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeessssssss, oh, oh my Queen, oh God!"

Most of those words Lorna wanted to hear, perhaps more than she wanted to admit, but there was certainly no denying it from a telepath. So Lorna rewarded the annoying blonde by not only touching her little twat again, but beginning to rub it. Oh yes, she began gently rubbing Esme's pussy. Which Lorna suppose was technically more unnecessary foreplay, but Esme certainly wasn't in a position to complain. In fact she was not complaining very loudly. Maybe a little too loudly. God, was Lorna that loud when she was being pleasured? Then again, what did she care what anyone in the Hellfire Club thought of her? Or them? Or this? Okay, she kind of cared, but it felt way to good to stop.

Seeing just how much this line of thinking was amusing Esme Lorna glared at her and instead concentrated on just how wet the other girl was, and she barely even started touching her. The fact Esme then blushed told Lorna that the bitch was reading her mind, which she decided to used to her advantage by imagining herself fingering the other girl. As in her fingers actually inside of Esme, pounding them in and out of her and making the hot blonde quiver and cum around her fingers. Which again caused Esme to blush, and let out the most wonderful sounds of enjoyment, both of which Lorna adored. Perhaps a little too much, another thought she ignored by beginning to taunt her new lover.

"Wow..." Lorna mumbled, before basically repeating a thought she'd had in her head, "You know, you just called yourself a desperate little slut as an insult, but I'm not sure there's a more accurate description of you. Oh yes, I've barely started touching you, and you're already practically ready to cum. Aren't you? Mmmmm, yeah you are. God, what's wrong with you? Why are you such a whore?"

"Only... only for you." Esme stammered weakly.

This took Lorna aback, and then after a few long seconds of silence she pushed, "I bet you want my fingers inside you, huh?"

Yes, Esme silently said, and nodded her head.

Which wasn't quite enough for Lorna, "Say it out loud!"

"Yes." Esme whimpered, and then when Lorna gave her a look she clarified, "I want your fingers inside me. Ohhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddddd, I want you. I want you inside me. Only you! Please Lorna, I... need you inside me. Please fuck me, mmmmm yesssssss, fuck me, finger fuck my pussy, oooooooh fuckkkkkkkk! Please, Lorna, my Queen, oh fuck! Ooooooohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh!"

Lorna had intended to cruelly leave Esme begging for a few long minutes as punishment for making her beg, and maybe just, everything. But almost the second Esme started begging again Lorna just lost it and started pushing her index finger into Esme's pussy, causing both girls to cry out as one penetrated the other. Oh God, that feeling of her finger being slowly engulfed in tight, wet heat, and it meant she was inside another girl for the first time in her life, and it was almost beyond words for Lorna. Better yet it seemed to be beyond words for Esme, the normally mouthy bitch just whimpering, gasping and crying out as Lorna slowly pushed her way up to the knuckle inside her.

Immediately Lorna wanted to start taunting the annoying blonde again, but she just couldn't. She was equally speechless by this moment, and she just couldn't resist savouring it. Well, that and those wonderful sounds coming out of Esme, and the look on the beautiful blonde's face, things which Lorna was lost in for a few long seconds before she began pumping that finger in and out of Esme, officially beginning to finger fuck another girl for the first time in her life. Which unsurprisingly got similar reactions out of Esme, but as much as Lorna enjoyed them she was overwhelmed by a need to torment this little telepath like she'd been tormenting her throughout this incredibly long day. And longer than that, if she was honest.

"This is what you wanted?" Lorna growled, "My finger inside of you? Fucking you? Mmmmm, me fucking you with a finger while my cum is drying on your face? Is this really what you wanted you desperate little slut? Answer me!"

"Yes!" Esme whimpered.

"Say it!" Lorna pushed.

"I'm a desperate little slut!" Esme gasped, "I'm a desperate little slut who wanted you to finger her with the taste of your pussy on her lips, oooooooh, and on my tongue, ohhhhhhh, your cum on my face, oh my God Lorna please, please fuck me! Finger me and make me cum for you!"

Maybe Lorna was out of her depth here. After all, talking was clearly Esme's game, and as much as Lorna could try and use words against her the telepath could throw them right back in her face. Although in this case there was away Lorna could literally get the upper hand and Esme under her thumb, perhaps truly leaving Esme speechless in the process. Namely by adding another finger into Esme's cunt and starting to rub her thumb against her clit. That sure did wipe the smirk off that pretty face, which had been there until Lorna had made her move, then Esme didn't look so smug. No, she was too busy crying out and moaning in pleasure, and writhing underneath Lorna's hand.

At one point Esme also closed her eyes and tilted her head back to let out a particularly loud cry, which angered Lorna who demanded, "No, look at me! Look at me! No matter what happens you keep looking at me!"

As she did this Lorna reached down without thinking and grabbed Esme's face, pulling it back into position. Then after thinking about it for a few long seconds Lorna smirked, and moved her hand lower to wrap around Esme's pretty little neck. As Esme's face lit up with delight Lorna felt justified about tightening that grip while increasing the speed and the force of the fingering until she was sure the other girl was going to cum, and then easing off back into a steady rhythm. Which got the whimper of disappointment Lorna had wanted out of Esme, but it was quickly followed by an impressed look, which annoyed her enough to tighten her grip around the other mutant's throat.

"Say when..." Lorna then smirked, trying to punish the little blonde slut by squeezing down on her throat so tightly she cut off her air supply completely, but then when there was no voice in her head telling her to stop even after a few long seconds Lorna released the grip and swore, "God dammit Esme!"

"No, please choke me." Esme gasped and whimpered, "Choke me and make me cum!"

There was a brief pause and then Lorna tightened her grip again and warned, "You cum when I say you cum, or not at all."

Esme nodded in understanding and then made a few more wonderful sounds as once again Lorna increased the pressure on her throat and more importantly the pace of her fingers and thumb. At first the choking was meant to be a tease based on Esme claiming to enjoy this kind of thing, and honestly Lorna had wanted to do this whenever the blonde annoyed her, which was a lot. But now she hated every moment of it, and Lorna desperately wanted to stop it and just finger Esme to orgasm. But she wanted to make Esme cum hard even more, and probably thanks to the telepathic powers of this girl, Lorna just couldn't stop herself from giving Esme what she wanted.

Thankfully it didn't take long for Esme to be on the edge of orgasm, Lorna immediately ordering, "Cum! Cum for me! Cum for me now!"

Happily obeying her 'Queen' Esme came instantly, her pussy squeezing down and covering Lorna's hand in yet more liquid. But Esme had made her cum more than once, so Lorna wasn't satisfied with that. No, she just kept hammering those fingers in and out of the other girl, curling them upwards to hit Esme's G-spot and bashing her thumb against the other mutant's clit. And the entire time Lorna stared into Esme's beautiful eyes, and that gorgeous face, and contemplated what she was doing. That she was making another girl cum for her. This girl was cumming for her. Esme Frost was cumming all over her fingers, over and over again, and it made Lorna feel powerful and proud.

Maybe about halfway through Lorna finally gave up on choking Esme and just concentrated on the fingering, although mostly she wasn't sure when that ended. All she knew was there was a long and awkward pause when she finally slowed down and pulled her fingers out of the other girl. Then Lorna heard a suggestion in her head which made her smirk, and then she obliged by sticking her cum drenched fingers against Esme's lips. Esme then grabbed hold of her hand, as if to make sure it wouldn't go anywhere, and then she shamelessly and sensuously took those fingers into her mouth and slowly yet greedily sucked them clean, causing Lorna to chuckle. Then Lorna leaned down to kiss Esme's sore looking neck and then her lips in a slow, sweet kiss.

"On your side." Lorna ordered softly when she broke the kiss, prompting Esme to grin and do as she was told, clearly knowing Lorna's intentions.

Sure enough Lorna got down behind her and wrapped her arms around her, making Esme the little spoon while she was the big spoon. Lorna honestly wasn't sure why she did it. It didn't feel like a telepathic suggestion, but then again who knows with Esme. But... it just felt right. So right. And that was before she was actually in the position. Which was a first for her, because she had been a little spoon, but to be a big spoon, and to cradle such a soft and beautiful creature felt so truly wonderful, magical, and again, right. Lorna felt an oh so rare feeling of peace, the likes of which she had only known a few times before, namely whenever she was in Marcos's arms, or when Esme was in hers.

"Lorna?" Esme whispered softly.

"Huh?" Lorna hummed.

Esme lifted her head and looked back, the two girls locking eyes for a few long seconds before Esme smiled, "You're going to make a great Queen."

Then Esme pecked her lips and settled down again, seemingly falling asleep instantly, leaving poor Lorna dumbfounded. Partly because she wasn't sure the last flirty comment had been what Esme meant to say, in fact she was pretty sure she wanted to say something more serious which would likely make Lorna freak out more than she already was, mostly because she just couldn't get over how beautiful Esme looked and how happy she felt. There were still a million thoughts going through her head the next few minutes, so much so that Lorna didn't think she would ever sleep again. And yet, when her head finally hit the pillow she felt at ease and soon drifted off with an incredibly dangerous woman in her arms.

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