Bad Girl Shenanigans On Another Planet

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"Honey, I'm home!" Daisy called out loudly, "And I caught dinner!"

Daisy Johnson wasn't surprised there wasn't a reply. For one thing the ship was kind of big, and her girlfriend Jemma Simmons wouldn't necessarily hear her call out, or hear the big doors opening and closing, especially if she was where she expected to find her. Where she was almost always throughout the day. After all, Daisy was a superhuman, far more capable of hunting without having to worry about Jemma. Meanwhile Jemma was a scientist, and even with limited resources they had she'd done her best research on this forsaken planet they found themselves stranded on, the alien monsters that Daisy killed and bought back to see if they could be eaten safely, and of course trying to figure out a way for them to go home.

Honestly, Daisy had lost hope of ever finding a way home. After all, Jemma had been trying for about a year now, and unless circumstances changed she just didn't have the equipment to send them back, even if she could figure out how to do it. Although for Daisy it wasn't so much losing hope as finding it. True, life could be better. The water purification system Jemma had set up was far from perfect, their supplies were gone, and there was probably a limit to the alien creatures they could eat, which tasted horrible anyway. But all that was bearable because she had Jemma the way she'd always wanted, and she never got tired of the intimacy of it just being the two of them.

It was different for Jemma. She was going crazy without anyone on her intellectual level to talk too. She never said that of course, but Daisy could tell she wanted to talk science with a fellow scientist, someone like Fitz. And to be in a real lab again, with someone like Fitz. To have a conversation with someone other than Daisy, someone like Fitz. And maybe just Fitz. Because sure, Jemma had reassured her time and again that there was nothing between them. That she just didn't see him that way. But maybe that was before they had spent so much time apart, and now Jemma realised there was something there all along. Or maybe she would realise it if she saw him again. Which was a really petty and selfish thing to be afraid of, but Daisy just couldn't help it.

So she secretly loved coming home to find that Jemma hadn't made any progress again, because honestly Daisy was far more focused on making sure they could stay alive here, because hopefully this would be their life now. However instead of finding Jemma sulking somewhere in the ship, or on the bridge poring over her research, or dissecting her last catch, Daisy found her frantically checking the monitors as the machines went haywire. Well, this had happened a few times, and it was never anything good, Daisy fearing the worst, especially when she saw how her normally calm girlfriend was frantically pressing buttons and muttering to herself.

"Jemma!" Daisy exclaimed, rushing into the room and checking to see if her girl was okay, "What is it? Is it that thing? Is it back? God, I thought for sure I killed it last time."

"No!" Jemma exclaimed excitedly, glancing over her shoulder briefly, "Someone's trying to open a portal!"

"Oh!" Daisy mumbled, her heart sinking.

"This is it Daisy! I can feel it in my bones." Jemma grinned, returning her full attention to her machines, "We're going home. Oh my God, I can't believe we're finally going home."

Daisy gulped, and then despite trying not to she then cautiously pointed out, "It could be anything. We can't assume it's our people. We discussed this. It could be-"

Jemma suddenly turned around and cut Daisy off with a passionate kiss, and then told her, "It's them. Trust me. And trust you have nothing to worry about. I'm with you. I love you, with every fibre of my being. Now, give me a second to pinpoint the reading, and then let's go home and tell our friends all about us."

For a few seconds Daisy just blinked, and then she mumbled, "Okay?"

Jemma gave her another soft smile, return to her research, and then without turning around quipped, "But we're not telling them about our bad girls shenanigans on this planet."

"Awww, that's the best part of the story." Daisy quipped back.


" Ice cream!"

"My lab!"


"New reading material!"

"Cookie flavoured ice cream?"

"A nice bottle of wine!"

"A bubble bath! A real one, with candles, and soft music, and actual bubbles!"


Jemma and Daisy exclaimed that last part in unison, which was the end of the long list of things they'd missed while stranded here, which they began to recite the closer they got to the portal. They only finished it when they were almost there, but when they got over the hill, their excitement, and their stomachs, turned as there was a figure standing between them and the portal. Initially Jemma tried to tell herself that it could be one of their friends waiting for them, but deep down she knew who it was. Or more accurately, what it was. It was the creature which had been stalking them this entire time, and it wasn't about to let them leave without a fight.

They had never actually seen the thing up close before, which turned out to be a blessing, as they had no choice but to head straight for it, and there was a bright light coming out of the portal, which gave them the best ever look at it. Before it had just been moving about in the shadows, and wailing, so much so at first Daisy had tried to reassure her it was simply their minds playing tricks on them. Jemma had told Daisy that mutual hallucinations were incredibly unlikely, and all but unheard of, making that the rare occasion that Jemma wished she was wrong. Because the thing was truly hideous, looking so much like a man, yet almost literally nothing but skin and bones, and so pale it looked like a literal corpse. Which of course, Daisy had to point out.

"I told you it was a Zombie." Daisy quipped.

Jemma rolled her eyes, "Zombies aren't real."

"Oh yeah? Then what the hell is that?" Daisy questioned dryly.

"It's just a scary looking alien." Jemma pointed out, before the creature let out a terrifying scream and began charging towards them.

Stepping in front of her girlfriend and putting her hands up, Daisy ordered, "Get to the portal! I'll cover you."

"No! I'm not leaving you!" Jemma said forcefully.

"Jemma, please..." Daisy whined, just before she shot out a few warning beams of energy.

Initially that had been enough to scare the creature off, but it had become a lot more bold lately, and it seemed to know that this was it's last chance, otherwise they would escape it's clutches. Which honestly was far more terrifying than if it was simply a dumb beast. Which it further proved by avoiding the energy blasts and almost knocking Daisy off her feet. Luckily her SHIELD training allowed Daisy to back flip out of the way, Jemma simply running in the other direction. For better or for worse the creature then went after Daisy, perhaps out of sheer luck, or perhaps after recognising who was the real threat to it. Which was Jemma's chance to run for the portal like Daisy wanted her too, but she just couldn't abandon her girlfriend like that.

So for a few long seconds Jemma was just rooted to the spot, watching her girlfriend fighting for her life, Daisy at least able to give as good as she got, but she was clearly tired from walking and she took a few strikes to her beautiful face which made Jemma whence. Then Jemma looked around desperately for a way to help, before spotting a rock, grabbing it and slowly walking over to where the fight was going on. Luckily the creature was too preoccupied with Daisy to notice her, and ended up pinning Daisy down by the throat. Not that Jemma enjoyed watching her girlfriend getting the life strangled out of her by something which admittedly did look a lot like a Zombie, not that she was about to admit that, but it did give her a chance to help.

Daisy wondered if the creature had been holding back for this moment. Deliberately trying to lull her into a full sense of security, so that when it really mattered it could surprise her. Or perhaps desperation was giving it the fuel that it needed to get the upper hand. Either way, as long as she was able to give Jemma enough time to escape, that was all that mattered. Even if it meant becoming food for this creature. Then just when Daisy’s exhaustion caught up with her and she thought she was done for something smashed the creature on the back of it's head, causing it to fall on top of her, and ironically almost knock her out. She then rolled it off of her and looked up at her saviour.

"Jemma! What the hell?" Daisy exclaimed.

"You're welcome." Jemma quipped sarcastically.

"You should be safe now." Daisy whined, "You should be home."

"I told you, not without you." Jemma insisted, kneeling down to help Daisy up. Then to end the argument, which they really, really didn't have time for, she quickly added, "Not without my girlfriend. I can't do this without you Daisy. I love you."

Despite herself Daisy smiled, and even though she knew Jemma was only saying it to stop the argument she couldn't help return the gesture, "I love you too."

"Then let's get out of here, together." Jemma insisted as the beast began to stir. Then she tried to help Daisy up, only for her lover to let out a sharp cry, prompting her to grumble, "You're hurt."

"I'll live." Daisy insisted, getting onto her feet with the help of her girl, "Let's just get to the portal."

Once they were on their feet they turned their attention to the portal, to find there was another figure standing in their way. Initially Daisy's heart sank as she thought it was another one of those creatures, which was very possible given she had explored such a small part of this planet, and if there was just a couple more of them then they would be done for. Hell, Daisy wasn't so sure she could take a second one of those things right now. God, she wished she was at full strength, then she could take on a whole pack of these creatures and save the girl like a proper superhero. Instead she was in danger of failing the most important person in her life, and dying on this nightmare world.

Then they got closer to find that the figure in front of them was attached to a rope, and holding out his hand for them to take. Because it wasn't another creature, it was someone here to rescue them. Finally! It, it was Fitz, who was screaming at them to hurry up. Which they did, even as they worried what exactly he had seen, as neither one of them wanted him to find out about them this way. Although it was a fleeting thought, as Jemma tried to then push Daisy into his arms, and them both through the portal, as the creature got up and ran at them again. But Daisy wouldn't let her, grabbing Jemma firmly so she tripped forward, knocking Fitz backwards in the process so that all three of them tumbled through the portal, which closed just as the creature was leaping towards it, which was really something out of a superhero movie.

There was a long pause, and then Fitz exclaimed, "I did it!"

"We're alive!" Jemma exclaimed.

It was probably extremely telling that Daisy and Jemma then fell into each other's arms, hugging each other tightly and crying, which lasted almost a full minute. They then of course took turns hugging Fitz, and the rest of their friends who were all surrounding them, while constantly glancing at each other and giving each other soft and encouraging smiles. It wasn't something they could stop, and came as naturally as breathing, but they were in a room full of spies, so some of them inevitably noticed. Thankfully Fitz didn't seem to be one of them, as he was far too busy hugging Jemma, kissing her face and whispering in her ear. Daisy tried not to be jealous, but she couldn't help it. This was by no means the time, but she definitely wanted to tell him about them as soon as possible. To tell all of them. Hell, she wanted to tell the world Jemma Simmons was her girlfriend, and they were home, so Daisy had never been happier.


Jemma and Daisy have been trying to get back for so long, but ironically now they were, they just wanted some time alone so they could process and recharge their batteries. So they made small talk on the way back to SHIELD HQ, then made their excuses and headed to bed. Luckily it was night time, and they really were tired. Of course, Daisy just couldn't resist taking Jemma's hand and leading her away, towards her quarters, which at least some of their friends had to notice, but honestly Jemma didn't care at this point. She just wanted to relax with her girlfriend. Which she was expecting to involve just cuddling on Daisy's bed, which might be for the best, as it would be totally understandable. However, Daisy had other plans.

"Wait here!" Daisy insisted once they were inside, before she headed to her bathroom.

"Daisy?" Jemma chuckled, the gears in her head already turning before she heard the sound of running water, "Are you running me a bath?"

"Waita spoil the surprise!" Daisy pouted, opening the bathroom door.

"It's not much of a surprise." Jemma pointed out with a smile, before quickly closing the distance between them, "But it is really sweet. Thank you."

Jemma pecked Daisy's lips, and they exchanged a soft smile briefly, before Daisy pointed out, "It was something you said you missed, and I thought, well, here's your chance."

"Well, it wasn't number one on the list." Jemma teased.

"Yeah, but we both know you're too tired to work, so you'll just have to relax." Daisy teased back, giving Jemma a kiss before and after telling her, "Now, wait right here and finish off the bath. I have a few more things for this."

"Okay." Jemma smiled, happily doing as she was told.

It didn't take long for the bath to fill up with warm water, Daisy having already added the bubble bath which meant it was extremely tempting just to get in before her girlfriend got back, Jemma feeling a little awkward towards the end until Daisy finally showed herself, proving it was worth the wait by holding up ice cream and wine, before explaining, "I'm not really a wine girl, so this may be horrible, but it's all I could find in the kitchen."

"And the ice cream?" Jemma raised an eyebrow, suspecting she already knew the answer.

"From my mini fridge." Daisy grinned, happily confirming Jemma's suspicions, before pouting, "What? Don't give me that look. I work out a lot, so I'm allowed to have my own private stash. And look, it's cookie dough flavoured ice cream, so it's like a two in one for something we wanted. Well, things that I wanted, but who doesn't like cookie dough flavoured ice cream? And we've definitely earned the chance to indulge. And-"

Jemma cut off the rambling with another kiss, this one longer and sweeter than the last, before she pulled back and told her girl, "It's perfect. Thank you."

Daisy beamed, then pointed out, "Great... but it's going to melt quickly, so we should probably get to it."

"We? I thought you were getting the stuff for me?" Jemma teased, then when it seemed that Daisy misinterpreted that she quickly reassured her, "But you know, I'd welcome your company. I always have."

This caused another beaming smile from Daisy, the two women sharing another long kiss, and each other before they remembered the ice cream, and quickly started removing their own clothes. Once they were both naked, they moved the wine and the ice cream as close to the bath as possible, then slowly got into it. Well, Jemma went slowly, as any normal person would when lowering themselves into hot water, but Daisy was content to go about halfway, and then to just drop down. Which on it's own wouldn't have been so bad, but she grabbed hold of Jemma and forced her to go with her, causing the scientist to cry out with shock and the inhuman to chuckle with delight. Jemma then turned to give Daisy a piece of her mind, only to be cut off with a soft pair of lips.

Even though she instantly melted into it Jemma pulled back a few seconds later and grumbled softly, "You're terrible."

Daisy smirked, and teased, "You love me."

"I do." Jemma admitted softly, before closing the distance between them for another gentle kiss.

Which stunned Daisy enough for Jemma to truly punish her, namely by grabbing the ice cream, pushing the second spoon away and beginning to devour it herself. Adorably Daisy was so stunned by the kiss and the words of love that it took her a few long seconds to react, then she protested, almost falling out of the bath grabbing her spoon, and then the two girlfriends started fighting over the carton. Jemma even blocked her from being able to get any at first, but then Daisy tickled her, causing her to squirm and almost drop the ice cream in the water. Fortunately Daisy had great reflexes, caught it, and then was nice enough to share it with her, at which point the two women just focused on finishing the desert, albeit in between rounds of tickling each other.

Once that was dealt with they finally got a chance to truly relax, which was exactly what Jemma needed at that moment. God, how she had missed relaxing in a bath with a nice glass of wine, something which had been a rare treat for Jemma before, but after fantasising about it for months it would definitely become more regular occurrence. Especially if she could have Daisy in there with her, because it really made the moment perfect. In fact, there was a lot about Jemma's life, which would be perfect now she had Daisy in it the way she'd always wanted her. It was certainly the only reason she had survived the past few months, and suddenly it felt vital for that to be acknowledged.

"Thank you." Jemma whispered, breaking the pleasant silence which had fallen between them.

"For what?" Daisy frowned in confusion.

"For being you." Jemma shrugged, allowing them both to enjoy the moment, before she added, "But seriously... I, I know it wasn't your choice, but thank you for coming with me to that horrible place. If you hadn't been there, I don't know what I would have done."

"You would have been fine." Daisy insisted, and then when Jemma let out a disbelieving sound she then insisted, "Seriously, you don't give yourself enough credit. You're smart, and that's the most important thing when it comes to survival. If anything I should be the one thanking you. No way does my dumb ass survive long enough to be saved without you."

"I doubt that." Jemma said softly.

"You shouldn't." Daisy said firmly, "You're brilliant Jemma. There's no doubt in my mind you would have survived without me."

"Perhaps..." Jemma admitted, looking over her shoulder directly at her girlfriend, "But you kept me sane."

Daisy smiled softly, and agreed, "You too. You were the best thing about that other planet. Well, you and are bad girl shenanigans."

Jemma rolled her eyes, then look thoughtful "Huh, shenanigans on another planet? That would make a fun title for my report?"

"Not bad girl shenanigans on another planet?" Daisy teased.

"Too wordy." Jemma shook her head, and then giggled, "And what, you expect me to put that stuff in my report?"

"Well, it would make it a spicy read." Daisy chuckled against Jemma's skin, kissing whatever part of it that was currently easy to reach, then continue to do so in between further teasing, "Oh, then maybe you could sell it as an erotic novel? Or at least post it on some porn website. Yeah, that would be hot."

"Oh God, you really are terrible." Jemma laughed, beginning to squirm under Daisy's touch.

"And you really do love me." Daisy whispered into one of Jemma's ears, before biting gently on it, "And I really do love you."

"Daisy..." Jemma moaned as a hand reached round to massage one of her breasts.

"Shhhhhhh, I got you babe." Daisy whispered, before grinning with delight, "Just let me show you how much fun bad girl shenanigans can be on this planet."

Daisy was actually kind of proud of herself for that admittedly cheesy line, and if Jemma didn't include it in her report, she would definitely include it in hers. Not in one that she would give to Colson of course, but she genuinely wanted to have something to remember this glorious day, every tiny detail. Sure, she would probably remember regardless, but Daisy really, really didn't want to take the risk. Not when everything was so perfect. Which was also why she was content with just gently fondling and kissing Jemma for a few long minutes, finishing off her wine in the process. Also Jemma's, as the other girl didn't seem to be in a state of mind to finish it, just holding it for a few long minutes, and not protesting when Daisy took it from her hand.

However it was a different story once both glasses were finished and placed safely down besides the tub. That was when Daisy was given two hands to roam over Jemma's body, and pull the other girl more firmly against her, and grind her nipples into her back. She also tried grinding her crotch into Jemma's 'arse', however in their current position it was more like she was grinding into her lower back, which wasn't quite as hot. The end result was more or less the same though, as it seemed to have a very positive effect on both girls, and pushed Daisy into playing with Jemma's nipples more passionately, causing her girl to tip her head back and let out a loud groan of pleasure.

This caused Daisy to grin against Jemma's neck and then whisper against it, "You like that, huh?"

"I like everything you do to me." Jemma moaned with a playful smile.

Daisy laughed, and then accused, "Charmer."

"Like you're not just as bad." Jemma pointed out with a chuckle of her own.

Briefly Daisy pretended to be offended by this, before grinning, "Well, why don't I show you just how bad I can be?"

Throughout that little interlude Daisy had been massaging Jemma's tits, and to emphasise her point she twisted her girlfriend's nipples very hard, making the other brunette cry out loudly in a mixture of pain and pleasure. However she knew Jemma was super into that, and it didn't feel like nearly enough, so Daisy then pushed one of those hands downwards to her ultimate destination. Which was arguably a bit premature, but Jemma didn't exactly complain about it. In fact she did exactly the opposite, this time crying out in pure pleasure, and following that up with moans, gasps and whimpers which were just as pleasurable. Which in turn made Daisy grin against the other girl's neck, while continuing to play with her tits, this time with one hand, using the other to play with her pussy.

At first it was gently sliding her fingertips up and down Jemma's pussy lips, but combined with all the build-up there was more than enough to get the kind of sounds out of Jemma that she craved. Which lasted for several long minutes, her scientist girlfriend seemingly perfectly content with those teasing touches, and to be fair so was Daisy, at least for a little while. She particularly liked kissing up and down Jemma's neck, and just the feeling of the girl she loved in her arms. In fact, part of Daisy just wanted to stay like this all night long. Another part of her though, a more adventurous part, wanted to do something extra special to celebrate their homecoming. Admittedly she wasn't sure whether her girl would be willing to try, but now she thought about it Daisy was struggling to get it out of her head.

Just then Jemma broke the silence which had fallen between them, "Daisy... please... I... ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh..."

Jemma wasn't hesitant because she was embarrassed to talk dirty, like she had been when they had gotten together. No, she was just so relax, and more importantly so horny, that it was just a struggle to get the words out. But of course, Daisy knew her body better than she did at this point, and could always tell what it needed. Because she was the reason she needed it, the little tease. Oh yes, Jemma was aching to be fucked, and she was lucky enough that she barely had to say anything to get what she wanted. Or at least at the start of this, as Daisy couldn't help teasing her a little more by slowly pushing a finger up to the knuckle inside of her, and then leaving it for a few long seconds before beginning to fuck her with it.

Naturally this led to some rather pathetic whimpering from Jemma, which was thankfully mostly drowned out by her cries and moans of pleasure, which Daisy had more than earned with her wicked ways. Besides, Jemma was barely aware of them, as her body had been so wound up at this point she more than welcomed the treatment she was getting. Just as she welcomed the second, and third fingers, which ended up joining the first in quick succession. To make matters even better Daisy pressed her thumb to Jemma's clit along the way, meaning that by the time she was thrusting three fingers in and out of her Jemma was practically ready to cum in record time. Instead a fourth finger was added, which made Jemma frown, before she realized what was going on. Although, as it turned out, that was only part of it.

Daisy whispered, "Do you want more?"

Jemma blushed, then answered truthfully, "Already? Really?"

"Really?" Daisy grinned, briefly, before softly pushing, "We both know it will make you cum nice and hard, oooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, and you know I love that. Love making you cum. And, I want you to do that to me, at the same time! For us to fist each other! Can you do that for me, baby? Please? For me?"

Jemma blushed, and ultimately whimpered, "Okay."

"Okay?" Daisy checked.

"Yes." Jemma squeaked, before quickly adding, "Just be gentle, okay?"

"With you baby, always." Daisy grinned.

That wasn't necessarily true, but Jemma appreciated the sentiment. She also appreciated that Daisy complyed with her request, spending a few long minutes just gently pumping her fingers in and out of her pussy before going any further. Admittedly this was kinda torturous thanks to how close to orgasm Jemma was, but Daisy clearly wanted her on that high to make what happened next easier, namely sticking her thumb inside Jemma's twat and then beginning to stretch her entrance around her knuckles. Which hurt, but thankfully before she could even complain Daisy was pulling back and spending a few more minutes of gentle pumping before trying again.

Over and over again this process was repeated for a while, Daisy getting closer and closer to her goal until finally her entrance was stretched wide enough for the widest part of Daisy's knuckles to get past, and then the rest of the hand just slipped inside, meaning Jemma had a whole fist inside her. Again! Oh God, Daisy had her whole fist inside Jemma's cunt, and it was only the fact that this was Daisy Johnson, the woman she loved, which allowed Jemma to deal with that fact. Also the fact the other woman just left her fist there for a few long minutes, before gently starting to fuck her with it, which felt weird, but it gradually got better and better, until she received one of the most unique orgasms of her life.

Daisy needed those few minutes to adjust herself, but she just couldn't get over her amazement of having her whole hand inside Jemma Simmons. Oh God, her whole hand, was surrounded by the tight wet heat that was pure Jemma Simmons, and it felt so good. And if she timed this right, it would be even better for the scientist. God, Daisy really hoped she could make this good for the other girl. They had done this a few times now, and clearly her girl was still struggling with it. Which was certainly worrying for Daisy, given what she had asked for, but she was confident that her sweet Jemma could find a way to make it good for them both. Especially under these circumstances.

After all, these were probably the best circumstances to do it under, as Jemma was as relaxed as she could possibly be in the still warm bath, and Daisy's arms were still tightly around her, something her girlfriend had told her several times she found comforting. Then there was the fact that Daisy's incredibly hard nipples were poking into her back, not to mention her extremely wet pussy, two more things she knew Jemma enjoyed. And sure enough when she cautiously started to move her fist around inside of Jemma she received a cry of mostly pleasure from her girl, which Daisy took as a sign she should continue. Then as a sign she should increase the pace, which definitely got a positive cry out of Jemma.

Although there were a lot of whimpers too, so Daisy whispered into Jemma's ear over and over again, "It's okay, it's okay. I got you."

"And I've got you." Jemma quipped, pretty bravely by her standards.

To Daisy's delight, her girl turned around in her arms, and repeated her actions verbatim. Something which was pretty tough, given that Jemma had a fist inside of her pussy at the time. But Dr Simmons proved that she deserved each and every one of her PhDs, and other scientific achievements, as she brilliantly filled Daisy's cunt with fingers. First two, sliding in their straightaway, and then a third joining them soon afterwards. Jemma then gave her some much-needed time to relax and get used to the sensation, before adding a fourth finger and her thumb. Another pause followed, before finally, the Inhuman got exactly what she been asking for. Namely, her girlfriend's fist inside her cunt, while her own fist was inside her girlfriend's cunt.

Like when the roles were reversed, Jemma did her the courtesy of taking her time, stretching Daisy's twat around her knuckles widely, before pulling back. Which was a process she repeated over and over again, albeit pushing more in each time. The other difference, was that Daisy was far more used to pain, thanks to her training, among other things, meaning Jemma got that fist inside of her a lot faster. Of course, one thing, which was exactly the same, was that the supposedly mighty superhero cried out loudly as her body was invaded in the most extreme way she'd ever felt. Something she had only received a few times from this wonderful girl.

For a few long seconds Jemma cooed softly, and then parroted just as softly, "It's okay, it's okay. I got you."

It was impossible for Daisy to tell whether Jemma was being cheeky or not, but she was happy to return the favour, "And I've got you."

Jemma cried out loudly and in mostly pleasure as Daisy started moving her fist inside of her. Because it had been resting there for quite a while now her twat had time to relax and get used to the sensation. Or more accurately, as used to it as she was ever probably going to get. It still felt really weird, and painful, but the pleasure was overwhelming it. So overwhelming, that she was about to return the favour. Almost. Luckily for them both, Jemma had a lot of experience working in this extreme conditions, and picked up the pace, so that the two girlfriends were fist fucking each other at the same time, hard and deep, so they could cum about the same time. Or at least, that was the plan.

Perhaps inevitably Jemma came first, but to her credit, she kept fisting her girlfriend through her climax, and then later through Daisy's. Which wasn't easy, given what they had done each other, and what they were doing now, but it was totally worth it, especially because they got to stare into each other's eyes while they came all over the others hand. Oh God, thanks to Daisy's libido, and the fact that there wasn't much to do while stranded on an barren waste of a planet, or the broken down spaceship they were lucky to find, the two Agents of SHIELD had constantly been having sex, but this was extreme, even for them. Luckily all that practice not only helped Jemma survive, but continue fucking the other girl.

It also gave her an idea of how to get an advantage, starting with removing the bath plug. Admittedly it took a few long minutes for the water to drain out of the bath, and at that point, they were both clearly aching to stop, but Jemma just couldn't resist following through. Mostly because she knew it would impressed Daisy. So as soon as she was able, Jemma turned around so they were in the classic 69 position and started attacking Daisy's pussy with her tongue. Admittedly, it was even more awkward than she thought it would be in that position, but thankfully basic training showed her how to get into a tight spot, and out of it, if she needed too. Best of all, she didn't have to wait long to get Daisy's reaction to this.

Not long at all, as Daisy laughed loudly in between her cries of pleasure, "JEMMA! OHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKK, you sneaky little bitch!"

"I learned from the best." Jemma quipped, feeling very proud of herself.

Of course, that was just about the only coherent thing, the two of them could get out, given that Daisy's fist was still buried inside of Jemma's pussy. Also, there was the fact that in her current state, the only way Jemma could think of to get to Daisy's twat was in this position, which made it easy to return the favour. Or maybe that was exactly what she wanted? Honestly in her current state of mind, it was hard for the scientist to tell. And it didn't matter. No, all that mattered was fucking the other girl as hard as possible, for as long as possible. Something which, to her delight, Daisy clearly agreed wholeheartedly, given how passionately she returned the favour.

Daisy didn't actually return the favour nearly as soon as she would have liked. She was just too busy chuckling with amusement at Jemma's antics, and more importantly, cumming incredibly hard for her. Cumming for Jemma Simmons! That's what she was doing, and she was cumming on Jemma Simmons's whole entire hand, and covered it with her girl cum and pussy cream, while Jemma did the same with her hand. Oh God, it was so hot. Daisy loved every second of it, which was why she didn't immediately return the favour. Not really. Not like she should have. Because sure, she kept moving her fist inside of the other girl's cunt, but that was pretty much automatic at this point. Or even just a by-product of her own orgasms.

However, although it took a long time to start returning the favour, she did it, not only picking up the pace of the fisting again, but bringing her tongue to Jemma's twat. To her credit, her beautiful girlfriend had spent time licking the outside of it, before going for Daisy's clit. But since she was behind, Daisy cut out the middleman, and just went straight for the sensitive bundle of nerves, wrapping her lips around it and start sucking on it, hard and passionately. Of course, she attacked it with her tongue, and swallowed some of that precious liquid which seem to be all around her, but that was more of a by-product. Mostly, the two girls just fisted each other, and sucked on the other's clit, fucking each other to countless climaxes in the process.

Sadly that stamina wasn't infinite, and ultimately they collapsed with exhaustion. To Jemma's credit, it was about the same time, which really showed how she'd grown as a lover under Daisy's tutelage, the thought of it making Daisy smile widely. Although that could be just the blissful aftershocks she was feeling? Whatever the case, the two girls just lay there for a few long seconds, getting their breath back, then they both grimaced as they pulled their hands out of each other, and rolled onto their sides. Of course, they didn't get far, given they were still in a bathtub, which only encourage them to move back into the cuddling position they had been in earlier. Well, Jemma did most of the work, but Daisy helped as much as she could.

Jemma then chuckled, "I feel like we need another bath."

The next chuckle was shared between them, and then Daisy admitted, "Hey, I'm down if you are. Mmmmmmmm, especially if it ends like the last one."

"God no." Jemma groaned, before quickly clarifying, "I mean, it was fun. I enjoyed it. You know I enjoyed it. I just..."

Daisy cut Jemma off with a gentle kiss, which was all too brief, then reassured her, "It's okay, I get it. I'm sore too. And this isn't exactly the most comfortable place we've ever had sex in."

"But not the worst." Jemma quipped sadly.

"Yeah, but all that's behind us now." Daisy reassured, cupping Jemma's cheek, and stroking it gently, before smiling, "From now on, our bad girl shenanigans will remain strictly on this planet."

"Good." Jemma chuckled wickedly, before quickly adding, "And a bed, right?"

"I don't know..." Daisy grinned wickedly, and teased, "Now we're finally back, I have a lot of bad girl shenanigans planned. Some of them even involve beds."

"Promises, promises." Jemma chuckled, settling into Daisy's chest.

Unsurprisingly given what they'd been through Jemma seem to drop off right away, and although Daisy wished she had waited until they reach the bed, she just couldn't wake the other girl. Partly because she had been through a lot, and partly because she just looked so cute when she was sleeping. Also, partly because she was just exhausted, and was in no hurry to move again. And most of all, it gave her a chance to think about all the bad girl shenanigans that they would get to do now. Because she'd had plenty of time to think about it while on that God forsaken desert planet, but the difference was now, she knew she could actually do them. Every single one of them. Or at least, all the ones that her girl was willing to do. Which might be more than she originally thought, given how Jemma had really stepped up her bad girl shenanigans while they'd been away.

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