Bad Girl Shenanigans On Another Planet

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Daisy Johnson and Jemma Simmons had been stranded on another planet for about two weeks now. Or at least they were pretty sure it was two weeks. Daisy's phone was completely dead, because yeah, she had zero self-control, while Jemma refused to turn hers on for something trivial like what day it is, or what time. Which meant they were now sleeping when they were tired, and eating only when they couldn't stand it any more. What were they eating? What else but the creature that initially tried to eat them, Daisy using her powers to tear it's arms off one by one before finally pulling out the body. No matter how long they cooked it the thing didn't taste good, but it kept them alive. Only, now it was gone, and they were out of food and were getting increasingly desperate.

If it had just been one of them alone here it would probably be hell, and in a way it still was, but in a weird way it was also like heaven. Why? Because Daisy had finally admitted how she felt about Jemma, and Jemma had returned those feelings, meaning they were now together, and trying to figure out what that meant. Doing that without any interruptions, as there wasn't anyone else seemingly on this planet, was very freeing, and they were having outdoor sex constantly. Although they also just held each other and talked about their lives, growing closer than ever before now there were no more secrets between them and they could truly be honest with each other. Which almost made up for the fact that Daisy didn't think she'd ever be free from the sand covering her body.

While part of Daisy was sad to leave their love nest it stood to reason that if one place like this existed there would be another, as Jemma had pointed out. Or a group of angry aliens who would be furious at Jemma and Daisy for eating their friend/pet/whatever that was back there, as Daisy had happily pointed out. Whatever the case they were now out of options, and already dangerously running low on water given they had only been able to take a little via the makeshift bottles Daisy had created from the alien creature's bones. And Daisy trying to be good and not complain, and stay silent and conserve their energy like Jemma had said, but it wasn't exactly in her nature, and ultimately she just couldn't help herself.

"Do you think we should turn back?" Daisy asked after what felt like an eternity of silence, quickly adding, "It's just that this is getting us nowhere, and this is our last chance to turn back and pick another direction."

"If we do that we'll just end up being even more hungry by the time we get back and pick a direction." Jemma said dismissively, before sighing and further explaining, "I know it's frustrating Daisy, but our best shot is just to keep going. If you need a break, we can stop and have one, but it could literally mean the difference between life and death, and there are so many variables I don't know which one is better."

"Hey, hey, hey! Enough of that." Daisy scolded, gently pulling Jemma into her arms, "We'll get through this Jem. I know we will."

"You don't know that." Jemma pointed out softly.

"I was right last time." Daisy reminded her with a grin.

They both knew it could be different this time, but they also both knew they needed hope right now, not to dwell in their sorrows. So they just exchanged a smile and spent a few more hours just like that, pushing themselves to the limit physically and mentally. Then just like last time all hope seemed to be lost, they found salvation of a sort. Only this time it wasn't a big inviting open ball of water, but what looked to be a spaceship which was much more foreboding. Which was why despite how tired they were they approached the seemingly crashed vessel cautiously, and then were just as cautious when it came to searching the ship.

"There's no one here." Daisy pointed out the obvious again while being the first to break the silence, "But I'm not sure that's a good thing, or a bad thing."

"For now, it's a good thing." Jemma announced, holding up a box, "Military rations. They won't taste much better than the creature, but it will keep us alive."

"What about water?" Daisy pushed hopefully.

"Plenty, and better." Jemma grinned, revealing that she had been hiding a bottle of wine behind her back.

"Oh hell yeah!" Daisy exclaimed enthusiastically, before laughing, "Jemma, I could kiss you."

"What's stopping you?" Jemma grinned flirtatiously.

Jemma wasn't sure she'd have been able to flirt so boldly with another woman, and certainly not with Daisy, before this unique couples holiday. Then again there was something about being totally alone which allowed her to be more bold than usual. Especially as it always led to a reward, in this case the happy smile on Daisy's face, followed by the other girl closing the distance between them and giving her a soft, loving kiss. From there Daisy briefly took a few more patrols of the ship in and outside of it, not quite believing their luck, while Jemma broke out some real food out of their supplies to celebrate the momentous occasion.

She didn't dare to give them a big portion, but even the small amount they did have was the best meal either of them had had in ages. Honestly it felt like the best meal Jemma had ever had, even though she knew that wasn't true, simply because it had been so long. Likewise the cheap wine tasted better than it ever had, Jemma so grateful that somehow this was not just a crashed spaceship, but a spaceship from Earth. Maybe even the future, given the things she found there, albeit not from a too distant future. But that was a discovery for tomorrow. For now Jemma was more than satisfied sharing a bottle of wine and a few laughs with her girlfriend. Assuming that's what Daisy was now.

"So, are you enjoying our second date?" Daisy teased.

"Second?" Jemma raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, second." Daisy grinned, before clarifying, "I'm counting our squid monster dinner as our first."

"Ewww, no. That totally doesn't count." Jemma protested.

"That totally counts." Daisy argued, quickly pointing out, "I mean, I know the food was terrible, the seats were uncomfortable, and the view was kind of dull, but the company couldn't be beaten."

"Awww." Jemma smiled.

"Besides, I've had worse first dates." Daisy quipped.

"Me too." Jemma chuckled, before quickly adding, "But it still doesn't count. I want a real first date, in a nice restaurant. Maybe after a movie. Assuming, you want that."

"Was there anything about my love confession which made you think otherwise?" Daisy teased.

"No." Jemma blushed, "But... I don't know. Some people, they romanticise the idea of being with someone, and their goal becomes that person, and they just assume everything will work out. But maybe it isn't everything they thought. Maybe they'd find the reality disappointing, or-"

"You could never be disappointing." Daisy interrupted, "You're amazing."

Jemma smiled bashfully, and then quipped, "Says the girl with superpowers."

"Yes, she does." Daisy grinned proudly, "And your superpower is your big brain, and being a sexy little nerd."

Again Jemma smiled bashfully, and quipped, "Says the hacker."

"Yeah, I guess that makes us both sexy nerds." Daisy giggled, before realisation hit, "Wait, were you talking about Fitz? When you said some people?"

"Yes, and no." Jemma admitted, "I think Fitz is in love with the idea of me, of us, but I'm not sure he's thought it through, and I'm not sure it would work."

"And you're worried I feel the same way?" Daisy finished for her.

"I'm worried you like the idea of me." Jemma said softly.

"Do you wanna know why I want this to be a second date?" Daisy asked softly after a brief pause, "It's because, to me, we've been kind of dating for two years. Just think about it, we went through the whole getting to know you stage, grew closer as time went on, and now I can't even imagine my life without you in it. I don't want too. So I just want us to be officially dating already so I can call you my girlfriend, even if it's just in my head. And I know it's too soon to throw around the G-word like that, because in reality this is really so new, but I just... want it. I want you Jemma. And not some perfect version of you I dreamed up, but the real girl I've gotten to know over the past few years."

There was a pause, and then Jemma compromised, "How about we make this our third, or fifth, date? Our first was your death bed confession. The second, and probably a lot more than that, was that horrible squid dinner. And this is at least our third, if not fifth?"

"Oooooh, I like that." Daisy grinned, before wiggling her eyebrows, "Especially because everybody knows what happens on the third date."

"What? Sex?" Jemma giggled, "It's a little late for that."

"No. We're both women Jemma. That means sex on the first date, and then it's moving in together on the third." Daisy teased.

"Well, since we've been living together for two years for work, and we now have to out of necessity, how about something else for this milestone?" Jemma offered.

"Anal?" Daisy joked just to make Jemma blush. At least this time.

"I, I meant we could be official." Jemma stammered and blushed, before summoning up all her courage and then asking, "Daisy Johnson, will you be my girlfriend?"

"Oh hell yeah!" Daisy exclaimed happily, getting up so she could grab Jemma's face and kiss her before grinning, "As long as your mine."

"Sounds fair." Jemma grinned. They then simultaneously leaned in for a kiss, which was initially slow, gentle, and sweet, then when Daisy tried to intensify it Jemma pulled back with a gasp, "Daisy, the food."

"Screw the food, I want you now." Daisy softly growled.

"We only have so much. We can't waste it." Jemma protested, before quickly making a point she knew Daisy couldn't argue with, "Besides, given the way things have been going, you're going to need your strength for our bad girl shenanigans."

"Is that right?" Daisy raised an eyebrow, but she couldn't stop herself from grinning.

"Well..." Jemma blushed, "I'm certainly going to need it."

"True." Daisy conceded, staring at Jemma thoughtfully for a few long seconds, before grabbing her plate and bringing it over to where Jemma was sitting, and then sitting down in her new girlfriend's lap.

"Daisy! What are you doing?" Jemma laughed.

"I'm feeding you. Like in those cheesy romantic movies you secretly love." Daisy grinned, thinking nothing of using her own fork to bring some food up to Jemma's mouth.

"You're just as bad." Jemma grumbled, before allowing Daisy to feed her.

It was a little awkward because while they were the same size Daisy was maybe a little heavier, if only for her slightly larger curves and the muscles she had slowly gained by training with Melinda May. Not that Jemma would dare point that out. Well, maybe by accident, but luckily her mouth was filled with food when she thought of it, and Daisy was being cute, so she was kind of distracted. Besides, the weight was nothing that Jemma couldn't handle, especially to make this cute moment last longer. So she just continued to let Daisy feed her for a few long minutes, even getting to repay the favour a few times in the process, until the food was gone, at which point Daisy dragged her to the nearest bedroom.

The fact that there was no sign of the crew and a large supply of rations was extremely unsettling, and almost a guarantee that they weren't alone on this planet, but that was something they could worry about another day. For now it was just as important to Jemma as it was to Daisy that they indulged in the needs of their bodies, and while she had needed to insist that they satisfied their need for food, drink and a little rest first Jemma now was more than prepared to satisfy a different need. One she'd had ever since meeting Daisy if she was being honest, and after allowing Daisy to take control of things during their first time Jemma was very much determined to take over now. Something which Daisy was surprisingly willing to let her do.

Daisy was also concerned by the fact that the ship and it's contents proved that there might be a threat on this planet which wasn't hiding in water, which was why she was good to wait until they were locked inside some sleeping quarters before she tried to remove Jemma's clothes. Of course it certainly wasn't going to stop her from fucking her new girlfriend. Nothing would. Although she was surprised when that normally sweet and innocent girlfriend pushed her hand away in favour of starting with Daisy's clothes, before insisting on removing her own without any help. She then pushed her down on the uncomfortable bed, jumped on top of her and kissed her again.

They had been kissing throughout the abrupt removal of their clothes, something they were clearly both practised in as they had been doing it ever since they had started hooking up, something Daisy certainly wasn't complaining about right now as their naked bodies were pressed against each other. Hell, if there was a change of clothes around here she would happily rip up some of their things in a hurry to get naked again. Provided that Jemma allow her, because Jemma was being very demanding right now, and Daisy loved it. She always thought Jemma would be a pure bottom if she swung that way, but certainly the idea of being topped by her was very appealing.

So Daisy happily let it happen, even if at first it was only Jemma controlling the kissing and removal of her clothes. And of course, literally being on top. Then Jemma moved down to her neck, lingering there are for a frustratingly long time without allowing her hands to wonder, or more to the point allowing Daisy's hands to wander. Then after being to gently slide her hands over Daisy's body Jemma started kissing her way downwards, eventually working her way up one boob, wrapping her lips around a nipple and gently sucking on it. Which of course had Daisy crying out loudly and arching her back, followed by whimpers, cries and moans as Jemma not only continued sucking but swirled her tongue around that nipple.

After maybe a minute of concentrating on just that nipple Jemma slowly made her way to the other, kissing down one boob and up the other first before repeating the process with that other nipple. Jemma then went back and forth like that, initially spending plenty of time pressing gentle pecks to Daisy's tits along the way, before eventually phasing that out in favour of going straight from one nipple to the other, which Daisy very much approved of. Although not as much as Jemma bringing her hands into the mix, pushing whichever breast she was working on into her mouth while caressing the other. Which was heaven at first, but lasted way too long for Daisy's liking.

Eventually Daisy even whimpered, "Please Jem, mmmmm, lower. I need that hot mouth of yours lower baby. Please, ohhhhhhh, oh please, you know what I need. Please give it to me. Please Jemma, ooooooh, eat me! Eat my pussy, oh fuck, eat it good! Yessssssss, that's it, lower, lower, lower, oh fuck! Oooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk!"

Jemma was extremely tempted to tease Daisy to the point of madness, which the Inhuman had done to her on more than one occasion over the past few blissful days, but she decided there would be plenty of time for that later. Ideally when she was giving the other girl a lot more pleasure. So Jemma obediently went lower, not that it stopped Daisy complaining of course. In fact Jemma punished her for it by lingering on her tight little stomach, even pausing to lick Daisy's bellybutton teasingly before finally settling in between her legs. And even then she spent a few long seconds kissing Daisy's thighs before going in for the kill.

As she was leaning in Jemma briefly regretted not saving the very first time she licked Daisy's pussy for this special occasion. Especially now they were in an actual bed, albeit not a very comfortable one. But that would have meant going days without eating Daisy's pussy, and after two long years of being denied that treat Jemma just couldn't help herself. Especially when she found out from fingering it, and then sucking her fingers clean, that Daisy was even more tasty than she ever imagined. Besides it would have been rude to continuously refuse to return the favour in the vague hope that they would find themselves in a bed again.

So over the past few days Daisy and Jemma had been living with their faces between each other's legs, taking then time to get to know each other and what they liked, something which Jemma reminded herself she firmly pressed the tip of her tongue against the bottom of Daisy's pussy and started slowly sliding it upwards. Only too happy to prove Jemma's point Daisy cried out loudly in pleasure just from that gentle touch, followed by a long moan as Jemma concluded the lick. Which Jemma was proud to say, or think as the case may be, was a very common occurrence whenever she started to lick Daisy's pussy. Which again was proven as Jemma made Daisy cry out, moan and whimper as she repeated the process, licking Daisy's pussy with a slow, steady rhythm.

Those were the kind of sounds which Jemma had been living for ever since their first time, which would have been the case regardless of where it happened, but more so in this awful place when she had little else to live for. Then of course there was the taste, which was even better than Jemma had imagined it would be, and she had imagined it being pretty amazing, pretty frequently if she was being honest. Which might be why the sex between them was always so good, because they had both wanted this, and now they finally had it. Which certainly made Jemma cherish every moment of this, and made her glad there had been such a build up.

Daisy loved build up as much as the next girl, but Jemma tended to overdo it, which was the story of their relationship. Sure, if she had pushed the girl into the nearest bathroom or storage closet and fingered her right after meeting her like Daisy would have liked they wouldn't have the intense connection they now had, but going two whole years without fucking had just been painful. Which was the same for the build up Daisy had received just now from Jemma, especially considering they had been wandering the wilderness for days without touching each other. God, they'd barely kissed in the name of saving their energy, and now finally Jemma's head was in between her legs again Daisy was surprised she didn't cum right away.

With a little fingering, or maybe even just a little more attention to her clit, Daisy could probably cum, initially she was disappointed that Jemma didn't get straight to the good stuff like that. But she knew that wasn't in Jemma's nature, and it was hard to complain when she knew it would just mean that her eventual orgasms would be that much harder and frequent. It was also hard to complain when Daisy had Jemma's tongue gently caressing her cunt over, and over, and over again in the most exquisite pussy licking she'd ever had. Well, second only to the very first time that Jemma Simmons had gone down on her, but obviously that wasn't saying a lot.

That particular memory put a smile on Daisy's face, and almost certainly always would. Jemma had been too exhausted after their first time together and had fell asleep right away in Daisy's arms, leaving Daisy just to stare lovingly at her for a few moments before she joined her in sleep. During that time Daisy tried to remain positive, but she'd had the creeping feeling that Jemma would freak out during the 'morning after' phase, even if there was no telling what time of day it would be, and insist what they had done was a mistake. But then when Daisy woke up she found Jemma's mouth around one of her boobs and sucking it gently, which was a far more positive sign then she had been expecting.

After she had woken up Jemma confessed she'd been hoping to wake her with a pussy licking, and Daisy had laughed and told her 'don't let me stop you', but she thought she had. That Jemma would be too embarrassed to continue her original plan, but Daisy had been wrong. So wonderfully wrong. Oh yes, sweet little Jemma Simmons had finished crawling down her body with surprising and intoxicating confidence and then started lapping away at Daisy's pussy, and didn't stop until she made her cum. Most of the day had then been spent having sex, easily making it one of the best days of Daisy's life, along with the day before where she confessed her feelings for Jemma only for those feelings to be reciprocated.

This day in turn would be right up there, because now it was official, they were dating. They were girlfriends. Daisy was Jemma's girlfriend, and Jemma was hers. Which of course echoed in Daisy's happy mind throughout the pussy licking, and made every single lick that much more intense. So much so that Daisy felt the urge to beg for more much sooner than usual, and although she fought it with every tiny bit of restraint that she had she was only fighting the inevitable. In the end it was only the fact that this was their first time as girlfriends which allowed Daisy to hold out a decent amount, although it was also the reason she happily started begging.

"Please, more." Daisy whimpered, "Oooooooh Jemma, mmmmm, please baby, I need more. I need more, ohhhhhh yessssssss, more of your little tongue on my clit! Yesssssss, tongue my clit, oh God! Oh my God Jemma, that's so good, sooooo goooooodddddd, oh baby, I love you. Oh yeah, you're so good to me Jemma. Such a good girlfriend. Ooooohhhhhh yeeeeeessssss, lick me just like that, oh fuck!"

It was extremely hard for Daisy, but to her credit she managed to avoid begging to cum for quite a while. Admittedly that was because the increased attention to her clit was distracting, especially when Jemma took it into her mouth and sucked on it almost hard enough to make Daisy cum, but not quite. However it was also just nice to get more attention, and Daisy was truly satisfied by for a few long glorious minutes. Of course the inevitable need to cum returned stronger than ever, and ultimately Daisy just couldn't take it any more. Not when she had her new girlfriend, Jemma Simmons, between her legs and worshipping her cunt with her wonderful little tongue.

So Daisy cried out, "Please Jemma, make me cum! I need to cum baby, ooooooooh yesssssssss, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me and make me cum, ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhh, mmmmmm, fuck me with your tongue, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS, OH JEMMA!"

Luckily it seemed Jemma had decided that she had teased her enough, because almost immediately she pushed her tongue inside her. Which was when Daisy realised she was wrong, Jemma was still in the mood to tease her, just in other ways. Namely by sliding her tongue into her just slowly enough to keep her from cumming, although it was very touching go, as was just having Jemma resting her tongue inside her, both women savouring that fact before she officially began the tongue fucking by beginning to thrust it in and out of her. Jemma obviously tried to keep it slow to prevent Daisy from cumming, but it was just too much and she went over the edge of the kind of powerful climax that Jemma had effortlessly given her right from the start.

That climax was quickly followed by another and another and another which if possible made Daisy fall even more in love with Jemma Simmons. Something she tried to tell this whole horrible planet, or at least this whole ship, as she screamed with the pure ecstasy she was feeling. Unfortunately given her powers Daisy had to make sure she didn't lose complete control and hurt her lover, but she let go as much as she dared, and eventually she even started grinding herself against Jemma's face. Which made it hard for her to breathe, especially as she pushed her face down into her cunt, but it was nothing her girl couldn't handle.

Jemma knew that was coming, as it was something Daisy nearly always did when she went down on her, but thankfully she left her alone initially, making it easier for the scientist to swallow the hacker's girl cum. Which she had got better at thanks to all that practice she'd had recently with Daisy, which was coming back to her so easily now. Which was why of course she had made the other girl cum so easily in the first place. That, and it had been days without satisfaction, and just being around each other had the same effect on Daisy as it had on Jemma. All of which resulted in a lot of girl cum for Jemma to swallow, and she was proud to report she got most of it. At least at first.

The first time was particularly easy, because while Jemma had been trying to prevent Daisy from cumming right away it wasn't at all surprising that she went over the edge and the scientist was ready for it, pulling her tongue out of the hacker immediately and wrapping her mouth firmly around her lover's entrance so she could swallow everything Daisy had to give her. As soon as Daisy's first climax subsided Jemma shoved her tongue back inside of her and fucked her with it to another orgasm. Not that it took very long. She then repeated the process over and over again, albeit each time more girl cum escaped her hungry mouth. But that was okay, because it was covering her face, meaning it was likely she would get it later. Or at least it would remind her how good she could please her new girlfriend.

Occasionally Jemma was able to eventually replace her tongue with a couple of fingers while moving her mouth up to Daisy's clit, partly to give her tongue a little rest, and partly out of variety, but mostly to make sure the other girl came as much and as hard as possible. And so that she could keep being the main reason that happened. But like almost always Daisy switched from being mostly still and keeping a loose grip on the back of Jemma's head to grinding her against her face and pushing it deep into her cunt. Which was incredibly hot, but now Daisy was in control, and Jemma was barely getting any girl cum, or oxygen for that matter. Instead she just had to hold on and wait for Daisy to be done with her.

As usual just as Jemma was really beginning to feel faint from lack of oxygen she was yanked away from Daisy's pussy, and barely given a few seconds to recover before she was pulled up into a heated kiss. In fact this time she wasn't even given a few seconds to breathe before hungry lips were pressed against her own, and shortly after that a tongue pushing into her mouth. Thankfully then Daisy pulled back to kiss and lick her own cum off of Jemma's face, giving her a much needed reprieve, but it wasn't long before she was being kissed again, although this time she did a much better job of fighting back. Daisy went back and forth between kissing her lips and face, before pulling back ever so slightly and beaming happily at her.

"God I needed that." Daisy confessed.

"I could tell." Jemma quipped.

"Although not as badly as I now need to say thank you." Daisy grinned wickedly.

"Thank away." Jemma said challengingly, if a little hoarsely.

When Daisy had pulled Jemma up she had also pulled her on top of her, and surprisingly she kept her there throughout their latest round of kissing. She quickly changed this of course, Daisy flipping them over so she could be on top while pressing a hand to Jemma's thigh and slowly pushing it upwards until she reached her pussy. Of course by that time Daisy had been kissing her again, this time pressing her lips to Jemma's neck, probably so she could hear Jemma gasp, moan and cry out as she was intimately touched. Especially when Daisy's hand came into contact with her needy cunt, at which point Jemma let out some extra loud sounds of pleasure.

She continued to do so as Daisy spent a few long seconds just rubbing her pussy lips before pushing a finger slowly into Jemma's pussy and then sliding it in and out. Daisy was far from the only one affected by getting exactly what she wanted, and then having to go cold turkey for a few days. Hell, Jemma had secretly wanted to jump Daisy as soon as they reached the ship, but she was glad they had done the right thing and taken the time, which meant the satisfaction that they were receiving was that much more satisfying. Which was also why Jemma also appreciated the initial slow and gentle treatment, even if it felt like she could take a lot more, a lot quicker.

Eventually though she got another finger, and then another, and then surprisingly another. There was quite a gap in between fingers, Daisy even speeding up the fingering for a little while before adding another digit, making sure every part of this process was extremely pleasurable for Jemma. Daisy even rubbed her clit with her thumb after pushing a fourth finger inside of Jemma, which was good because that was more than she'd ever taken before. Which was good, it really was, but also stretched her like never before. Oh well, at least that was it, right? Wrong, Daisy slid her thumb alongside her fingers, and then pushed forwards, with startle Jemma into breaking their latest kiss.

"Daisy!" Jemma exclaimed with a blush, but she was interrupted before she could say anything else.

"Is this too much?" Daisy asked cautiously.

Jemma briefly hesitated, before admitting, "No."

"Good." Daisy smiled softly, "Do you think you can take more?"

Which really made Jemma blush, but after thinking about it briefly she admitted, "Theoretically... yes. The vagina was designed to stretch. It's just, well..."

"Yours has never been stretched as much?" Daisy offered with a wicked grin, before becoming very serious, "I get it. And we can just do this if you want. I could eat you out if this is making you uncomfortable. But, our first night together in our new home, as girlfriends? I just, I just wanted to make it special. You know? And I promised Jemma, I promise I'll make you cum extra hard, if you're up for it."

Jemma bit her lip, and after some brief debate nodded, "Okay."

She didn't like that Daisy basically used manipulative language to get her to say yes. Whether her girlfriend was aware of it or not was debatable, and maybe Jemma would check later, but she was sure Daisy thought she was doing her a favour, which ultimately pushed her into saying yes. That, and she just wanted to please the other girl. Which she did, given the wide smile which was on Daisy's face as she slowly starting pushing forwards until her knuckles were stretching her entrance. To Daisy's credit she then stopped and pulled back several times when it was clear Jemma wasn't ready, but she did eventually achieve full penetration, which left Jemma feeling completely speechless, and barely able to think. Then she lost that ability too when soon after she was made to cum gloriously hard.

Daisy knew she could probably handle this better, like talking to Jemma about it much later on, which was her original plan for this and other things. However on the spur of the moment she truly wanted to make this night extra memorable, and she could think of no better way than to fist Jemma Simmons. So that's exactly what she did, albeit as slowly and carefully as she could, making sure to get Jemma's permission before she went through with the actual act itself, even if she had pushed her halfway there first. Then when she pushed her entire fucking hand into Jemma Simmons's cunt Daisy made sure to give her new girlfriend a chance to get used to the sensation before she continued.

That didn't exactly make Daisy feel better about herself though, considering how loudly Jemma cried out in pain from being stretched like never before. She almost pulled her hand out of the other girl, when as if reading her mind Jemma gave her a warning look which told Daisy to remain still, so that was exactly what she did. Which was a very good thing, as Jemma's crying faded away into soft whimpers, the latter of which remained a mixture of pain and pleasure, but soon it became of pure pleasure when Daisy cautiously started pushing her hand back and forth. To try and make this easier on the other girl Daisy curled her fingers upwards to attack Jemma's G-spot and went back to kissing Jemma, albeit on her neck, with extremely positive results.

At first these results were simply Jemma crying out, whimpering and moaning in pure pleasure, but a lot sooner than Daisy was expecting the other girl came. Sweet little Jemma Simmons actually came on her hand, the mental stimulation of that practically making Daisy cum herself. After that it was easy to make Jemma cum again and again and again, Daisy slowly getting bolder as time went on to the point where she was pulling her fist out until her knuckles were stretching Jemma's cunt, and then punching her fist inside her as deep as she could push it. And through it all she kept kissing Jemma's neck, face and occasionally mouth, although she preferred to keep that last one free so she could hear those positive sounds.

Of course eventually Jemma whimpered something which sounded like 'no more' and Daisy immediately started to slow down, bringing the super smart girl down from her high. She then carefully removed her hand from Jemma's cunt and started to lick it clean, only for Jemma to join her. It took a while for that to happen, but Daisy was delighted when it did, especially as it cause them to move into another kiss after the fist was clean. Then as both felt exhausted they snuggled up together, Jemma pretty much falling asleep right away while Daisy forced herself to remain awake for as long as she could, because although there still wasn't any sounds of it, she wasn't convinced they were alone.

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