The Spartan Rain

BY : Assassin
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The bell rang and in less than a minute the class was empty, except for one student. Peter Parker remained seated at the back of the class to complete a sketch he was drawing of Captain America, one of his biggest role models. He thought of the time he had to fight against him as a favor for another role model of his, Tony Stark. Was I doing the right thing? he thought. I don’t know.

The classroom door flung open and Harry Osborne entered, closing the door behind him.

“Hey, Pete,” he said as he slowly walked towards him.

“Harry,” smiled Peter.

Harry removed Peter’s sketchbook off the desk and sat in its place. He stooped forward to give Peter a long soft kiss on the mouth. Peter closed his eyes and kissed him back. He ran his hand gently up Harry’s thigh and reached for his crotch.

But Harry stopped him.

“You spoke to Gwen, right?” he asked Peter.

“Em… yea… no. I will,” said Peter.

Harry stood up and backed away a few steps. “You still didn’t break up with her?”

“I will, I’m just waiting for the right moment. She’s having a bit of family troubles, you know that.”

“Well, if you want us to move forward, you have to tell her. And I’m not gonna have sex with you until you do.”

“But… just this once. Come on. I swear I’ll end it with her the next time I see her.” He tried to grab Harry’s butt but Harry pushed his hand away.

“You have a phone, right? Just call her right now.”

“I’m not gonna break up with her over the phone.”

“Idiot. Call her, set up a meeting: now! and then tell her.”

“Fine,” said Peter making a cute childish sad face.

“Don’t be a pussy, Pete,” said Harry. “I don’t like pussies.”


Later that day, Peter met with Gwen outside school.

“So you’re gay?” asked Gwen.

“Yup,” said Peter.

“Full on gay? Not even bi?”

“Yup. I like guys, Gwen. I always have. I just didn’t really know about it until a few weeks ago. But I’ve always had gay fantasies, but I thought they were just there, you know. That they didn’t mean anything. I thought that because I’m a boy then that means I have to be with a girl. But I don’t. I can be with whoever I wanna be with.”

Tears started falling out of Gwen’s eyes. “I loved you.”

Peter put his hands on her shoulders. “I’m sorry, Gwen. I thought I loved you to. But I just can’t pretend to be someone else anymore.”

“You can’t, can you?” she cried. “Spiderman!”

“Shhh!” He covered her mouth. “Just don’t… someone will hear.”

He hugged her tightly as she wept. “I’m sorry, Gwen. I’m sorry.”


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