The Spartan Rain

BY : Assassin
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A few months after the events of Captain America: Civil War…


Steve Rogers was laying in bed in an old motel room in the middle of nowhere. He couldn’t sleep. Not because his best and oldest friend is frozen somewhere in Wakanda. Not because the team of superheroes he once lead is now disbanded. Not because he’s probably the most wanted fugitive in the world. No, he got used to that real fast. But something kept him up for months, and it wasn’t something his mind was able to suppress.

He couldn’t stop thinking about the web-slinging boy he fought at the airport. That kid from Queens reminded him of himself when he was young. The tenacity, the bravery, the compassion, but not the sense of humor. No, definitely not that annoying sense of humor.

He was a young kid, thought Steve, about fifteen or sixteen years old maybe? That’s way too young for him even without the seventy years of his life that he spent in the ice. That would be wrong, he thought, imagine… “Captain America: World War 2 Super Soldier/Pedophile.” That would be wrong. But it wasn’t something he had control over. He didn’t choose to have such feeling towards that boy. Of all the strengths he had, Steve was weak against the power of sexual desire.

Steve couldn’t stop visualizing the slim and toned body under that tight layer of red and blue spandex.  He remembered the boy swinging and flipping with the fabric squeezed between his butt cheek. What a perfectly round and firm butt it was, he thought with a smile on his face.

He closed his eyes and envisioned the boy swinging and flipping again, but this time he was naked. His penis started to get hard and he imagined the nude boy jumping through the window into his motel room and on to the bed to join him.

Steve took off his underwear while picturing the boy taking it off for him instead. The boy climbed on top of him and put Steve’s cock inside his butthole. 

Steve masturbated as he imagined himself fucking the spider-boy, who was moaning like a girl. He pictured the boy’s cum raining over his chest as he himself ejaculated.

“Fuck,” he whispered. 

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