Left Out

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This time no one was left out. Exactly the opposite actually...


"Hi May." Skye greeted brightly, then waited a few seconds for May to respond. Of course this was just out of courtesy, as her mentor just gave her a look, which would have intimated Skye when they first met, but now she just brushed it off, "So, I was talking with Bobbi, and apparently you help Natasha give my girlfriend her first experience being double teamed. And you even borrowed her a few nights after that. Is that right?"

May sighed, "What of it?"

Beaming with triumph Skye continued in a softer voice, "Well, I was thinking. One of the few things Bobbi has never done, not even with the mighty Black Widow, is have a foursome. Or being made air tight. You know what that is, don't you May?"

"Of course I do." May grumbled, then when Skye gave her an expectant look sighed, "It's where a girl gets fucked in her pussy, mouth and ass all at the same time. Any other questions?"

With a smirk on her face Skye knowingly confirmed her mentor suspicions, "I was just wondering if you'd like too-"

"Yes." May said flatly, "Now leave me alone, I'm meditating."

"Great... erm, come by mine in about an hour, okay?" Skye clarified, before turning her back and walking away while murmuring, "Wow, that was easier than I thought."


May had glared after her protégé briefly, but quickly closed her eyes and returned to her meditation. Or at least she tried. Then with a growl of frustration she stood up and worked over her punching bag for about an hour before making her way to the little lesbian love nest. She had voice disapproval many times of their relationship. Not for the fact that there was three of them, and certainly not because they were women, but because they seem to have no concept of the word discreet. Natasha Romanoff was the same way, flaunting her sexuality and sexual conquests all over the place, but May tended to give her a pass given who trained her. Bobbi, Jemma and Skye didn't have such an excuse, especially not Skye as May had been mainly responsible for training her, therefore she should have known better.

The worst part of it for May was that she found it so incredibly distracting, hence why she spent most of the last hour punching something instead of finding her inner piece. The three of them were just so beautiful, and the thought of them together was breath-taking enough without imagining adding herself to the equation. It had been hard enough not to think of that before, but now it was a certainty May couldn't think of anything else, and even considered arriving early even though it would inspire Skye to tease her in a way which would be unbearable. She would also shame herself by being so impatient, so May was just about able to resist, but perhaps that had been the incorrect decision given the sounds she heard during her approach.

While those sounds further enraged her it also fuelled her libido something fierce, and despite herself May found herself not only stopping outside of the room and closing her eyes to imagine exactly what was going on in there, but using her override code to open the door and enter silently as possible without alerting the others to her presence. She was rewarded by quite the sight for it, namely that of a completely naked Skye standing in the centre of the room with her equally naked girlfriends on their knees before her, Jemma obviously licking her pussy while Bobbi ate her ass. Which was obviously what Skye wanted her to see as she entered, and it was hard for May to stay angry about that. Not that it stopped her from trying.

"I've been meaning to talk to Colson about getting you a soundproof room." May said dryly, folding her arms.

Well-trained slut that she was Bobbi didn't react. Meanwhile Jemma let out a little squeak, and Skye finally opened her eyes and grinned shamelessly at the newcomer, "I've tried, but he always changes the subject as quickly as he can. I guess someone needs to remind him that, even though we might both wish otherwise, he isn't really my Dad."

May snorted, "That doesn't mean he can't be embarrassed for you. I am."

"Awww May, don't be like that. You're here to have fun. So lighten up." Skye pouted, before brightening up herself, "Oh, I have the perfect remedy for that! Bobbi, go over there and show May what you can do with your tongue."

"I remember perfectly well thank you." May said dryly, "But as it would only be a reminder, I was thinking of sampling the tongue of a cute brunette."

Skye grinned, "Now that's what I like to see, Ms Serious lightning up and having some fun. Okay Jemma, crawl over to May and eat her pussy."

"I was talking about you." May smirked, obviously taking Skye off-guard, then following up by shrugging, "But Jemma will do nicely... Jemma, that's your cue."

There was a brief pause, but after she was prompted Jemma immediately turned around and shuffled over to May. She did it as quickly as possible while still on her knees, instead of getting down and crawling on all fours like a well-trained sub, but again it was hard to concentrate on the things May disapproved of when she was seconds away from finally sampling the tongue of Jemma Simmons, something she'd wanted since she met the girl if she was being honest. And it was so cute to see the girl so flustered and unsure what to do with her suit, before May gave an exaggerated sigh and took it off for her.

"Would you like Bobbi too?" Skye offered, "Trust me, having them together is quite the combo."

"I can imagine." May fought the urge to smirk, "But I wouldn't want to leave you with nothing."

Skye on the other hand did smirk, "How very generous."

Pulling her face out of Skye's ass Bobbi softly asked her, "Would, would you like me to move to your pussy?"

"No, you just keep eating my ass." Skye ordered, looking over her shoulder and smiling at her blonde girlfriend, "You'll get rewarded soon enough."

"Getting to worship your amazing body is a reward." Bobbi figuratively kissed Skye's ass before going back to doing it literally.

Bobbi had suspected that this was what Skye would want, but she just hadn't been able to resist asking if there was a chance she could have switched to licking Skye's yummy pussy. Of course Skye's ass was yummy too, but her pussy tasted even better, and more importantly if she had been able to switch holes Bobbi could have made her girlfriend cum in her mouth, which was one of her favourite things to do ever. It would probably be easy given that her other girlfriend had done a fine job of eating Skye out before now, the combination of that and the rim job they had been giving their dominant lover making sure she was nice and wet and ready for what was to come.

Unfortunately through her selfishness Bobbi had embarrassed Skye in front of May, and part of her wish that her girlfriend would punish her for it. Ideally with a nice, hard spanking, the smaller girl bending the bigger one over her knee and beating Bobbi's butt until it was bright red. At the very least she wished Skye would grab the back of her head and push her face as deep as it would go into her butt, like Skye did sometimes when she was about to cum, when she was in the middle of her orgasm. But instead she just allowed Bobbi to work at her pace, clearly captivated by the sight of Jemma licking May's pussy, making Bobbi worry that this lack of response would make May see Skye as weak, or a lesser top, when Bobbi knew nothing could be further from the truth.

Trying to make up for her mistakes Bobbi buried face as deep as it could go in between Skye's ass cheeks and redouble her efforts into giving the woman she loved the most thorough rim job she was capable of giving her. Luckily she'd had plenty of practice from spending hours with her face buried in between the big meaty cheeks of Natasha Romanoff, then the smaller globes of Melinda May and many others before finally the likes of Jemma Simmons and most frequently of all Skye herself. It was particularly the last experiences which Bobbi drew inspiration from of course, but as always when giving a rim job she couldn't help but think of the others.

Her main focus for the next few long minutes was Skye's butt hole, and Bobbi tried to concentrate on that above everything else, frantically stroking it with her tongue and even trying to push her tongue into that incredibly tight orifice, without much success. However while it might have been easy to concentrate while eating Skye's pussy Bobbi couldn't help listen to the sounds of enjoyment coming from May and Skye, their nearly constant banter, and the occasional words of encouragement which made Bobbi preen when they were directed at her. Most of all she was distracted by sky's fingers eventually entering her cunt, Bobbi whimpering with disappointment as they did what she so wanted to do, and pushed Skye over the edge of an eventual climax.

Before that Skye moaned happily, "Mmmmm, that's it Bobbi, eat my ass! Ohhhhh yeahhhhh eat it! Eat it like the ass kissing slut you are while Jemma eats May's pussy. Ooooooh yeahhhhh Jem, eat that pussy. Chow down on the cunt of the woman you're so afraid of. Yeahhhhhh, she's so good isn't she May?"

"Shes adequate." May said dryly, then when Skye gave her a look admitted, "Okay, maybe more than adequate."

"Oh please, my girls are awesome, and you know it." Skye said confidently, before pushing, "Now say it, or I'll kick your ass."

May raised an eyebrow, which earned her a stern look from Skye, then she sighed, "Bobbi yes, but I reserve the right to pass judgement on Jemma after she earns the right to make me cum."

"She will." Skye said confidently, "Mmmmm, yeah she will make you cum in her pretty little mouth, then you'll have to admit what an amazing cunt lapper my Jemma is. Oh yeah, just like Bobbi."

May applauded Skye with a little smirk for that, as this was the first time she had been truly impressed with her protégé during sex. It was fleeting given the fact she went back to running her mouth incessantly, but if there was one redeeming quality about Skye's new relationship was that she always stood up for her girlfriends no matter what. Which in this case was definitely warranted, as Bobbi had already proven herself the perfect submissive slut, and May highly doubted that had changed, and so far little Jemma Simmons was proving to be just like her girlfriend Bobbi Morse. At least when it came to the art of eating pussy.

Even May struggled to remain serious and stern with Jemma's hot little tongue caressing her cunt. Sure, she seemed unsure of herself at first, even as she leaned forward and started licking pussy, but that was all part of the charm, and May wouldn't be surprised if Jemma had deliberately acted all shy and timid to turn her on. If it was Natasha who had trained her there would be no doubt in her mind, and given now Bobbi was part of that relationship it wasn't impossible that she would have passed on some of her tips for being a sub too Jemma, making Jemma inadvertently trained by a real top, which May wasn't quite convinced Skye was. At least not yet.

She just seemed a little, soft. Constantly praising her subs for just doing their job. And God, was she mouthy. May used to think that about Natasha, but The Black Widow was downright restraint compared to Skye. Most importantly of all, she just didn't carry herself like a proper Dom. But then, she was young, and May had known plenty of Doms who got better with age. When given the proper advice. Or training. Yes, May could take Skye under her wing and turn her into a proper Dom. And she would do it by giving her some sage advice, and more importantly showing her how to treat a sub. Either by demonstrating on Skye's girlfriends, or Skye herself.

Particularly the latter was very appealing, although all the things of the former included were almost just as fun, and the combined thoughts of both drove May closer to her climax. So much so that May almost considered saying something, as that was clearly what Jemma was used too. As it was a bit early to resort to that anyway May instead chose to gently grab the back of Jemma's head and push it forwards into her cunt. For better or worse, or both, Jemma immediately began increasing the speed and force of her licks, even lingering more and more on her superior's clit. It was impressive, although there was no way of knowing whether that was because of Skye's training, or because of the training of Bobbi from Natasha.

Jemma hoped this was what May wanted. Her experience with Skye, and to a lesser extent Bobbi, told her it was, and May's reactions certainly seemed positive, but it was hard to tell with Melinda May. Ultimately Jemma decided that if she was doing something May didn't approve of she would soon hear about it, and to instead just enjoy herself. After all, this was her third ever pussy she had ever licked, further proving that she liked girls. Not that she really needed it at this point, but it was still nice to have the confirmation, and despite how scary this woman was it was fun to please her. Or maybe was because she was scary that Jemma was enjoying this so much. After all, while it couldn't compare to how much she had wanted Skye and Bobbi Jemma did have a crush on May, so this was literally a dream come true.

Most of all there was an undeniable pleasure to licking a woman's pussy right before she was going to cum. The way her body tensed and her sense of enjoyment became higher, both building towards a crescendo, and while they weren't as obvious as with Bobbi and Skye it was heartening to see they were still there, Jemma patting herself on the back for being able to spot them. Then there was an increased amount of cunt cream, which Jemma didn't quite love as much as her girlfriends, but it was still great. Perhaps best of all was the anticipation of tasting girl cum, and it would be the first time from this woman, only increasing Jemma's anticipation.

"Okay..." May said, "You have permission to make me cum."

It felt like Jemma had been waiting for an eternity to hear that, and while she did consider pulling away so she could thank May for that privilege she decided just to get on with it. So Jemma pressed her tongue against the entrance to May's pussy and then slowly pushed it inside. If this was Bobbi or Skye she'd have easily got a cry of pleasure and begs, or demands, for more. Normally a lot of praise too. But May just continued staying mostly silent, even as Jemma finished pushing her tongue all the way inside her pussy and then beginning to thrust it in and out, eventually building up to giving her all she'd got. Then just as Jemma was questioning her skills she got an honest to God cry out of the solemn Melinda May, more than restoring her faith in her own abilities.

Of course Jemma didn't really have time to savour that fact as she was too busy removing her tongue from May's pussy, wrapping her mouth tightly around it and trying to swallow every last drop of girl cum May was graciously giving her. Again it didn't taste quite as good to her as that of Bobbi's and Skye's, although Jemma could admit that was probably because she was biased/in love with the other two women. It certainly didn't stop her from swallowing at least the majority of May's cum and then shoving her tongue back inside her to try and get more of it. Which May was only too happy to give her, Jemma even making her stern friend crying out a few times in the process, Skye making it very clear that pleased her, which in turn made Jemma's heart flutter.

"Oh yeah May, cum in Jemma's mouth!" Skye called out with delight, "Cum in her hot little mouth and all over her pretty little face! Mmmmm, fuck! Fuck yeah, I know what it's like. I know what it's like for Jemma Simmons to make me cum. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh, still think she's just adequate? Ha, didn't think so. Oooooooh yessssss, Jemma's good at that. Almost as good as Bobbi. Oh fuck Bobbi, you're going to make me cum! That's it you beautiful little butt muncher, fucking eat that ass! Shove your fucking tongue up my ass while Jemma makes May cum! Ooooooohhhhhhh, yeeeeeeeeesssssssss, good girl! Good girls! Eat that pussy Jem! Eat me Bobbi! Yesssssssss, oh fuck, you both make me so fucking happy!"

Skye said a lot more, but she was only half paying attention to what she was saying during the actual sex, so why would this be any different? Hell, she didn't normally when it was just the three of them, and especially when it was just her and Bobbi, and this definitely felt like a situation that Jemma wouldn't mind her saying the absolutely filthiest things that came to her mind in the name of getting more. Although by her standards it may have been less graphic as every so often she got a look from May which had her hesitating. Mostly just to grin at the other woman, but a hesitation nevertheless, which caused her to lose her train of thought.

It didn't help that she spent the entire time studying May's face, and really her entire body, for a reaction. And grinning with delight when she saw them. Sure, there were only a little, but they were there, over a year of getting to know Melinda May making it easier for Skye to spot her tells. And when May did finally cum it was a great relief to Skye, as she had been holding out so she could concentrate on that moment. Of course the second May clearly came Skye ordered Bobbi to start tongue fucking her ass, her girlfriend wasting no time in pushing her tongue as deep into her butt as it could go. Which was not far given that unlike Bobbi, Skye wasn't an anal whore. But it was still enough to push her over the edge. Well, that and shoving a couple of fingers inside of her.

Over the past couple of minutes, which felt like hours, Skye had dabbled in pushing a finger inside herself, but had quickly needed to remove it to stop herself from cumming too soon because Bobbi was just doing such an amazing job at eating her ass. As a result she was able to immediately slide two fingers inside herself, and pushing a third in shortly after just to give herself the little push she needed to make herself cum. That, and more swearing and increasingly incoherent words, along with tightening the grip she'd had on Bobbi's hair and shoving her girlfriend's face as deep as it would go into her butt, practically smothering her with it, much to the clear delight of both of them, and Skye rode out her orgasm.

When it was over Skye quickly pulled Bobbi out of her butt, turned around and kneeled down so she could kiss the other woman in taste her own back hole on Bobbi's lips, and eventually her tongue. Skye then heard a disapproving cough from May, which only made her kiss Bobbi longer and harder, giving her the added bonus of shoving her cum and pussy cream coated fingers directly into her mouth when she finally broke the kiss. Of course she had been going to do the latter anyway, but instead concentrating on Bobbi greedily sucking her juices off her fingers Skye turned to frown at the stern woman. Well, she was watching Bobbi gleefully cleaning her fingers for a few long seconds, but then Skye was all about the glaring.

"What?" Skye finally questioned.

May just sighed and turned her attention to the subs, "Bobbi, Jemma, go get us some cocks that we can fuck you with."

Jemma was barely aware of the glaring contest, and Bobbi didn't care, both of them scrambling to retrieve a couple of strap-on dildos and then holding them out so that Skye and May could step into them. Bobbi and Jemma then pulled those harnesses up the legs of Skye and May, tightened them around their waists, and then moved backwards for further instructions. Or at least they tried too. Before Jemma could May grabbed the back of her hair, yanking it roughly and causing her to cry out. Then she took advantage of her mouth being open and shove her cock roughly into it for sucking, while Skye simply gave Bobbi look and the Mockingbird immediately started blowing her.

The irony was that Bobbi was much more used to the rough treatment, and with most likely welcomed it. However it wasn't the first time Jemma had been face fucked. It didn't happen often, but sometimes Skye got a little rough with her. So Jemma knew what to do, and May allowed her to at least control some of it. The only real problem was giving May the thorough deep throating she clearly wanted. Even then after a few tries, and more than a little force from May, Jemma was just about able to get the full length into her throat. Meanwhile from the sounds of it Bobbi typically had no problem giving Skye a thorough blow job.

"Ooooooh yeahhhhhhh, that's it Bobbi, suck my cock! Suck it good! Make it nice and ready for your slutty ass." Skye happily encouraged, stroking Bobbi's rapidly bobbing head while occasionally looking over at where May was fucking Jemma's mouth, "Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, take it deep down your throat you little slut! Cover it in spit. That's all you need, isn't it? Yeahhhhhhh, all that slutty little ass hole needs is a little spit and it's ready to be fucked good and hard. Ohhhhhhh yesssssss, and tonight it's not just me. No, it's May too. You like that, huh? You like having two dominant women taking it in turns to pound your bitch hole? And making you go ass to mouth as we switch fuck holes? And using Jemma to make you air tight? You like that, don't you? Yeah you do, I can tell by the way that your sucking my cock. Well don't worry Bobbi, because tonight you're going to get thoroughly fucked."

"Speaking of which, shall we get on with it?" May questioned dryly, before pointing out, "That cock of yours is more than ready for her ass by now."

"Yeah it is." Skye grinned, roughly pulling her cock away from Bobbi's mouth, "You heard her. Go and get a cock for Jemma and then go and sit on it. No need to give it a proper blow job. I imagine your whore cunt is more than ready for this."

"Yeah it is." Bobbi grinned proudly, before doing as she was told.

Having got very used to DP'ing the Mockingbird, Jemma quickly got down onto her back in the middle of the Queen size bed, and then lifted her legs and bum up when appropriate so that Bobbi could strap a dick to her. Bobbi then spat on the head of the dildo, rubbed it into the shaft and then gave Jemma a wicked grin before mounting her. Unsurprisingly Skye was proven right as the head of that strap-on easily slid into Bobbi's wet pussy, the tall blonde moaning happily at the penetration. Bobbi then continued to moan as she slowly lowered herself all the way down Jemma's cock until she was sitting on Jemma's lap with the full length buried inside her pussy.

For a few long seconds Bobbi savoured the moment, as did Jemma, then Bobbi grinned down at her submissive girlfriend and then started slowly bouncing herself up and down. Knowing how much Skye loved watching that kind of show it wasn't surprising that Bobbi was allowed to continue bouncing for quite a while. She normally did, although with May here it was possible that this would be cut short. Apparently May liked it too though, and Jemma got to enjoy the sight of the Mockingbird's tits bouncing up and down in time with her thrusts, and more importantly the look of pleasure on Bobbi's face. Not to mention the stimulator bashing against Jemma's clit, and again the sheer joy of the mighty Mockingbird riding her.

Of course inevitably May ordered, "That's enough of that. Bobbi, stay still so I can get inside your sweet little ass hole. Jemma, spread your girlfriend's cheeks for me. Give me access to her bitch hole."

"Yes Agent May." Jemma replied nervously, while Bobbi wordlessly did as she was told with a happy smirk on her face.

"Oh yes, please fuck me Agent May!" Bobbi grinned, "Mmmmmm, fuck my ass. Fuck my slutty little ass hole. Pound it Hard! Please? Slam it like the fuck hole it is!"

May smirked as she pressed her dildo in between Bobbi's cheeks and then slid it up and down her ass crack, which just made Bobbi beg more shamelessly to be butt fucked. She did this for a minute or two, although it felt much longer, then she started pushing forwards as slowly as possible, the fact that Jemma was still spreading those cheeks allowing May, and Skye, get a perfect view of Bobbi's butt hole stretching. Which of course just made Bobbi whine and complain like a little brat, which in turn led to May stopping in her tracks until Bobbi shut her mouth. Then and only then did she reward her by pushing forward enough to stretch Bobbi's anal ring enough to allow the head of May's cock to slip through it and into the Mockingbird's slutty little bottom.

The shameless bottom then cried out with pleasure, and continued to do so as May slowly began pushing the rest of her cock into it Bobbi's butt. Which wasn't surprising of course, May knew exactly what kind of twisted little anal whore she was dealing with. Partly because Romanoff trained the best sex slaves, but mostly her past experiences with Bobbi told May that the bigger girl was just a natural submissive bottom who was naturally addicted to anal sex. Which meant May could have slammed every inch of her strap-on directly into Bobbi's ass hole from the beginning, but the little anal slut would have enjoyed that too much, and it was important to remind her of her place. Something Skye had perhaps forgotten, or never realised to begin with.

Although May hadn't been impressed with Skye much tonight it was a nice surprise that she hadn't been whining along with Bobbi, and when the Mockingbird realised it was in her best interest to shut her mouth Skye didn't take over from her. What was even better was that when May finally pulled her eyes away from where her dick was slowly sliding into Bobbi's back hole so she could look over at Skye's face she saw nothing but gleeful lust, for once Skye very willing to be patient as she was enjoying this as much as May was. Maybe not as much as Bobbi, but again that was hardly surprising given what an ass whore The Mockingbird was.

Of course even though May went very slowly her thighs inevitably came to rest against those spread cheeks, announcing that she had buried every inch of her cock into Bobbi's bowels. Unable and unwilling to resist the urge May then stayed there for about a minute, and delighted in both the moment and the fact that Bobbi and Skye didn't complain. She was almost tempted to wait longer, but even her patients had its limits, especially as all this reminded her how much fun it was butt fucking Bobbi Morse. And she got yet another reminder when she started pumping her hips back and forth, officially beginning Bobbi's first of many ass fuckings for tonight.

Skye was as addicted to butt fucking Bobbi as Bobbi was addicted to getting her butt fucked, and there was definitely part of her which was itching to beg May to hurry up so she could have her turn. However for what felt like an eternity it was completely overtaken by a desire to continue watching someone else anally take her girl for the first time. Which was weird, because while Skye had like the idea of sharing Bobbi in theory, especially making her airtight, she had been worried about getting overwhelmed by jealousy when it came to sharing her favourite fuck hole. Especially with such an obvious top as Melinda May. Instead she was absolutely loving it.

Part of it was she was able to occasionally walk around to see the look of rapture on Bobbi's face, although she'd seen it plenty of times as Bobbi spread her cheeks for her and pressed her face into the bed sheets at an angle, just about allowing Skye to see it. Another part of it was that she could see Bobbi's ass hole stretching for a strap-on, but that was something she got to enjoy all the time. No, the main reason she seemed to like this so much was she was getting to share Bobbi with another top, which made Skye wonder if she should make this a regular thing. Ideally with May, although it might be fun to find others too. Maybe even share her with her precious Natasha Romanoff, Skye suddenly liking that idea, especially as she could show off to The Black Widow how a real top should treat Bobbi.

If it hadn't been obvious before Bobbi made it very clear she wanted this to be a regular thing as she went back to begging, "Ohhhhhhh Goooooooddddddd May, mmmmmm, I've missed you. Oooooooh, missed having you in my ass. Ooooooh, it feels so good to have you in my ass again. Oh yeah, my ass has missed your big cock, mmmmmm, but so has my mouth. Yeahhhhh, I wanna suck it like I used to, only with Jemma in my cunt, and Skye in my ass. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, I want to be made air tight by you three beautiful women! Please make me air tight! Fuck all three of my holes until I'm cumming over, and over, and over again like the submissive little lesbo whore I am! Oooooooh fuckkkkkk yesssss, use me however you want, mmmmmm, whenever you want, yeahhhhhhh, just slam fuck my holes hard and make me cum!"

"Well, since you asked so nicely." May said dryly, pulling her cock out of Bobbi's butt and then glancing at her protégé, "I assume you're good with taking over."

"Fuck yeah I am." Skye replied gleefully.

Not needing to be told twice Skye eagerly got behind Bobbi as soon as May had pulled out of her butt. Hell, she barely took a second to enjoy the sight of Bobbi's back hole gaping open slightly before ramming half of her cock inside her rectum with one hard thrust. This predictably earned her a cross look from May, but Skye just gave her a smirk and began slowly pushing the rest of her dildo into Bobbi's butt. The scowl on May's face faded, which in the world of Melinda May was virtually a smile of approval. Skye certainly took it that way as she gave a smile of her own as she returned her attention to Bobbi's butt hole.

That smile was also caused by the breath-taking sight in front of her. The sight which would never get old. That was perhaps the most addictive part of sex with her girlfriends. The sight of Bobbi Morse's butt cheeks being spread by Jemma Simmons, allowing Skye to get the perfect view of her strap-on cock disappearing into the most private hole of the mighty Mockingbird, and then later pumping in and out of the bigger and stronger woman's shit hole. It was so captivating that when the time finally came Skye almost couldn't pull her eyes away from it to see the moment that her precious Bobbi finally got her wish and was made air tight. Almost. But then, that was a sight which Skye had been waiting for all night. And longer, if she was honest with herself.

Bobbi had been experiencing the best kind of hell over the past few minutes. She knew that a slow and gentle anal penetration was best for her in the long run, as it made sure her inevitable orgasms would be that much more powerful, but an anal whore of her calibre just didn't need the intense and thorough shitter stretching that May and Skye insisted on giving her. It didn't help matters that she was increasingly desperate to finally have that third cock in her mouth, especially when it was made clear that when she got it would be covered in her ass cream, which just made it harder not to beg for it. But she had given into that impulse before, embarrassing Skye in the process, and if she did it again she might not get what she wanted. So Bobbi kept her mouth shut and took what she was given.

For a while that was a great hardship. After all she lived for dick in her ass, and even though it was slow and teasing first May and then Skye were giving her a wonderful ass fucking which quickly overwhelmed her with pleasure and painful anticipation of what was to come. It was a poor substitute for getting exactly what she wanted, and May continued to draw this out by just watching sky sodomise her for quite a while, and then came to kneel in front of her almost but not quite enough for Bobbi to wrap her lips around that cock which had just been up her butt. After failing to reach it Bobbi looked up and bit her lip, trying to guess whether May wanted her to beg again or not, and ultimately deciding just to do it.

"Please, give me your cock. Please? Let me taste my own ass. Please-" Bobbi begged softly, interrupted surprisingly quickly by May shoving her cock into her mouth and pretty much straight down her throat.

"Hey, not so hard!" Skye scolded.

Disappointed by this reaction May frowned, "She can take it."

"I know she can take it." Skye said firmly, unknowingly restoring some of May's faith in her, "But you should give that little ass to mouth whore a chance to savour her favourite flavour."

"Please, we both know what she really wants." May quipped, pulling her cock out of the taller girl's mouth to prove her point, "Isn't that right Bobbi?"

"Yes... please, please fuck me harder, oooooooh I need to cum." Bobbi whimpered shamelessly, barely hesitating to side with May over her girlfriend, "Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, I need to cum like a bitch with a dick in my ass! Oooooooh, a big dick! Oh I need a big hard dick to pound my big fat ass and make those juicy cheeks of mine jiggle as you wreck my rectum and make me cum like a bitch. No, mmmmmm, make me cum like a whore! Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, a DP whore! Slam my pussy and ass and make me cum like a DP whore with two big dicks in my slutty little fuck holes! Fuck all my holes! Oh yes, fuck my ass, pussy and mouth all at the same time! Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, fucking use those holes! Just use me, oooooooh, use me for your pleasure. Please? Please, ohhhhhhh please fuck me hard! Please? Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeessssssss, mmmmmmm, fuck me Skye! Fucking wreck my fuck holes! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeee!"

After what felt like an eternity Skye finally increased her pace, slowly at first, but it was enough to make Bobbi cry out with joy and gratefulness as this signifies finally getting what she wanted. Sure enough Skye didn't slow down again, but continued to increase her pace until the sound of her thighs smacking against Bobbi's butt cheeks were almost loud as the hysterical screams of pleasure coming out of the blonde's mouth, Bobbi once again becoming shameless as her ass was once again hammered by one of the women she loved, impaling her on the cock of the other woman she loved. Not to be forgotten May reinserted her dick into Bobbi's mouth and started hammering it with every ounce of her strength, using it like she would a cunt, or an ass hole, making this moment perfect.

Shortly after May and Skye achieve their full speed and force Bobbi experienced the kind of powerful climax she'd only ever received while being DP'ed by the women she loved. It had been the only thing better than getting just ass fucked, and in turn been pounded in all three of her holes quickly replaced being pounded into of them. Especially when Jemma got in on the action, thrusting up into her pussy and making Bobbi cum even harder on her cock. It also made Bobbi love Jemma more. Skye too. Even May, albeit not quite in the same way, which was the last coherent thought Bobbi had before she became a completely mindless slut who was cumming over and over again.

Jemma was taken aback at first by just how brutally May was fucking Bobbi's throat. Not even Skye had been so abusive with Bobbi's mouth, and Jemma had been worried enough when her girlfriend had face fucked her other girlfriend. However it only seemed to make Bobbi cum harder and more frequently, and in her current position Jemma could even see a blissfully happy smile crossing the mighty Mockingbird's face as her mouth and throat were abused as badly as her ass. Which perhaps Jemma should have guessed would be the case, but it seemed she was still taken aback by just how twisted Bobbi truly was. And, to her shame, Jemma found it also an incredible turn on.

Wanting to please Bobbi the same way that Skye and May were, well sort of, Jemma started thrusting upwards into Bobbi's cunt. At first randomly, then on every other thrust, and then trying to time her thrusts with Skye's, or thrust in when Skye thrust out and vice versa. She then repeated this process with May as Skye reluctantly pulled out of Bobbi's butt hole and allowed her trainer to take over, watching for about a minute and then stuffing her cock back into Bobbi's mouth and started fucking it almost as hard as May had. This of course also took Jemma off-guard, but she still tried her best to please Bobbi, even if it felt really awkward.

It always did, but Bobbi had made it very clear how much she loved it, hugging Jemma tightly and thanking her for going the extra mile after almost every session like this. Although the way she came was more than enough for Jemma to reach down and find her inner top to please one of the women she loved. Or at least copy the other woman she loved. Whatever she had to do to make Bobbi feel good, even if that included inviting a fourth woman into their bed so they could make this slutty little spy air tight. Which Jemma had a few misgivings about at first, but in this wonderful moment it seemed totally worth it to make Bobbi cum this hard.

Of course Bobbi wasn't the only one experiencing multiple orgasms. Oh no, the stimulator constantly bashing her clit and the sheer perverted joy of doing something like this to the much taller and stronger woman was more than enough to make Jemma cum multiple times. Not as frequent and overwhelming as Bobbi, but still pretty amazing, and she'd seen Skye enjoy the same thing enough times to know that first Skye and then May experienced the same thing. She also recognised when Skye and then May began running out of steam, which actually came as relief to Jemma because she was feeling a little overwhelmed, and even though she was sure Bobbi would love this to continue on longer even The Mockingbird had her limits, and Bobbi very much looked like she was at the end of hers.

All of a sudden May pulled her cock out of Bobbi's butt hole, moved back slightly, and ordered, "Spread your cheeks! Show me, and Skye, our handiwork."

"Oh yeah Bobbi, show us that gape!" Skye quickly added with delight, and then as Bobbi did as she was told Skye happily continued the encouragement, "Mmmmm yeahhhhh, spread those bitch cheeks! Show us that fucking gape! Oh fuck yeah, that's it, show off that gaped whore hole like the shameless slut you are! Oh fuck! Hey May, have you ever seen a wider gape?"

"Yes actually." May said dismissively, before admitting, "But it's not bad."

Skye smirked, "You hear that Bobbi? That's practically a five-star rating of my skills as an ass pounder."

"You want a proper review? Let's see how you do with Jemma's ass first." May said dryly.

"Sure, but first why don't we get our dicks cleaned?" Skye suggested cheerfully, "Bobbi, come here and suck May's cock clean. Jemma, you stay where you are. I'll come to you."

Bobbi always loved showing off her gaping butt hole after some deep, hard anal pounding. Obviously she could never see it, but in this case it certainly felt like she was widely stretched, which wasn't surprising after both May and Skye had used her ass hole as their personal fuck hole. As Agent May unnecessarily pointed out, it wasn't her widest gape, but it was pretty close, and more than satisfying given the incredible orgasms Bobbi had just received. Perhaps more importantly for right now showing off her gape refuelled the exhausted Bobbi with plenty of adrenaline, so while she might have been a little slow by her standards to spread her cheeks she obeyed the next order much more quickly and eagerly.

Although Bobbi's love for ass to mouth definitely had something to do with that, the tallest and the strongest woman in the room scrambling to get off of Jemma's cock so she could go kneel in front of May and wrap her lips around her cock. One of the cocks which had just hammered her slutty little ass hole. The head of the cock had been shoved into the very deepest part of her butt, and Bobbi immediately started sucking it like the greedy ass to mouth whore she was. Further proving what she was Bobbi moaned happily at tasting the very deepest part of her butt, May allowing her to savour the flavour for a few long seconds before encouraging her to continue.

"More!" May growled, "Take it down your throat you little whore!"

If it had been Skye, or Natasha,, or even Jemma, then she would have said a lot more. Not that it was necessary, as that was more than enough encouragement for Bobbi to start bobbing her head up and down on the dildo, taking it into her mouth and then eventually down her throat just like May ordered her too. The whole time Bobbi sucked noisily and passionately, occasionally glancing up to May who stared back with her typically blank expression, although she could just about pick up on the tell-tale signs of enjoyment thanks to her spy training, and more importantly her years of knowing Melinda May. And it was incredibly fulfilling to make that mask slip, just a bit, although honestly Bobbi missed the more expressive reactions of Jemma and Skye.

Quickly making up for that May grabbed onto the sides of her head with both hands and began thrusting her hips back and forth, beginning to fuck Bobbi's face, which the submissive slut welcomed. She welcomed it even more when May started putting some effort into it, the top unnecessarily starting slow but then working her way up until she was hammering Bobbi's throat with the same speed and force she had used on her ass hole. Clearly May had started out slow for her own enjoyment rather than a concern for Bobbi, but Bobbi was impatient to be abused, and very happy when she finally received it, even though it didn't come with the same wonderful commentary that Skye was giving Jemma.

"Yeahhhhhhh Jem, suck my cock! Suck it good. Oh yeah, clean that big dick of every drop of Bobbi's butt cream. Mmmmm fuck, that's so hot! Good girl." Skye gleefully encouraged, "Yeahhhhhh, take it deep down your throat you little cock sucking slut! Oh fuck yeah, suck it! Suck my cock, ohhhhhhh, suck Bobbi's ass juice off of my dick! Ooooooh fuckkkkkk yeahhhhhhh, get every drop like the submissive little bitch you are! Mmmmm, suck it like Bobbi! Oh yes, Bobbi is taking every inch an her throat like a good girl, and I know you can do it too Jemma, so do it! Come on baby, don't embarrass me in front of May! Yes, yes, yes, that's it, lower, lower, lower, ooooooohhhhhhh fuck yeah!"

Skye not only laughed but clapped gleefully when Jemma finally got the last inch into her throat, something which was still a struggle for the less experienced bottom. Of course it was an unfair comparison given that Bobbi was trained by The Black Widow, but Skye couldn't help it. It was just automatic, given just how much she had sex with her girlfriends, either together or separately, and Skye just couldn't help but push Jemma to her limit, and then passed it. To her delight this was one of those times when Jemma was really able to push herself past it, making Skye feel that Jemma deserved a reward. More than words, and triple teaming Jemma didn't count as that was always her plan. Also, she could think of something which would be a reward for them both.

The only reason that Skye was rightly hesitant was May, Skye looking over at the other women for the first time since the cleaning began, partly because she was so focused on Jemma, but mostly because she knew Bobbi could handle whatever was given to her, and even preferred rough treatment. She was certainly getting it from May, Skye distracted for a few long seconds by watching Bobbi getting brutally throat fucked, and it was only the fact that she knew her so well which kept her from getting worried about her. Then she looked up at May's face to see that, of course, her scary mentor was staring at her, just as Skye had predicted.

It was enough to put her off for a few long seconds, then Skye just grinned at her mentor, and then lowered her head down to the dildo that was still strapped around Jemma's waist. The dildo which was covered in Bobbi's delicious girl cum, Skye only hesitating to lick her lips before taking that fake cock into her mouth. She then paused to moan and savour the flavour of Bobbi's cum before greedily beginning to bob her head up and down Jemma's dick, meaning that the two girls were now 69'ing like a couple of gay men. Which she kind of found a humorous visual as it was two women 69'ing without any pussy licking involved. Although at least Skye was tasting pussy cream and girl cum while doing it.

Of course she didn't need to look up to know that May wasn't finding this so amusing, as this in no way seemed like the actions of a dominant top. But Skye didn't care. She was rewarding Jemma for being good. And besides, she was confident in her role in her relationship with Bobbi and Jemma, and there was no way those two total bottoms would think any less of her because of it. Besides, Skye was getting some incredibly tasty cum out of it. So who cares if Melinda May was annoyed? Actually, Skye found it a little thrilling, and it only pushed her to push even more of the dildo into her throat. Like she needed it. In fact, Skye used to be very good at sucking cock, a skill she showed off now by eventually taking every inch of Jemma's strap-on into her mouth and down her throat.

Jemma was a little surprised when Skye initially moved herself downwards so they were in a 69, but she quickly realised she shouldn't be. Skye was always rebellious, and while that could often be a problem, or annoying, it could also be endearing, and in this case even touching. It was a signed that Skye didn't really care about assigned roles so much that she wanted to do what felt good, and in a way reward Jemma for her actions, which was more than enough to make Jemma smile happily and push herself even further. Although there wasn't much more she could do at this point, as Skye's cock was thoroughly clean, and all was left for Jemma to do was enthusiastically bob her head up and down before receiving further instructions. Which unsurprisingly soon came from Agent May.

After clearing her throat to make sure she had Skye's attention May questioned, "So what do you think, is Jemma ready for her turn?"

"Good question." Skye grinned after she moved her mouth from Jemma's strap-on, then after slowly getting up asked her girlfriend, "What do ya think Jem? Wanna go in the middle? Be our little air tight whore, just like Bobbi? Huh? Do you want to be as big a slut as The Mockingbird?"

"Yes." Jemma admitted softly with a huge blush on her face.

"Then give Bobbi your cock, and then sit on it." Skye ordered, fairly firmly by her standards.

Both bottoms mumbled a happy agreement and then scrambled to do as they were told, Bobbi laying down in the centre of the bed while Jemma fumbled to get her strap-on off of her and onto Bobbi. Once that was done Jemma aligned herself up with the dildo and began slowly lowering herself downwards. Thanks to recently receiving a blow job the strap-on was nice and wet, and so was Jemma from, well, really everything that had come before, so Jemma let out a cry of pure joy as she was penetrated and then filled with cock. She only stopped when the full length was inside her, and that was more to savour the moment before she began bouncing up and down.

She didn't wait long as she could feel Agent May's expectant eyes on her, and there was a limit to how much Skye and even Bobbi would allow her to wait. Happily Jemma was then afforded some time to just bounce up and down, enjoying the cock inside the place in her body which was always meant to be filled, before she received some more unnatural additions. Additions she was of course very much looking forward to, especially as she hadn't really experienced that combination before, but she couldn't help being nervous. Of course as always Skye was so good at relaxing her, both with her filthy words and with her actions.

"Alright, stop. Mmmmm, stay still so I can get that tight little ass of yours ready for my big cock." Skye ordered gleefully as she got behind Jemma, before briefly shooting a glance at May, "And I am going first this time! Got it?"

"Whatever." May shrugged.

"Should I spread her cheeks?" Bobbi offered eagerly.

"Fuck yeah spread those cheeks." Skye agreed gleefully, "Mmmmm yeahhhh, show me that pretty little butt hole!"

Again both bottoms were happy to obey, Jemma coming to rest with the full length of Bobbi's cock in her cunt and Bobbi spreading her cheeks to give Skye all the access she needed to prepare Jemma's arse. Skye wasted no time in doing that, slipping a couple of fingers into her mouth and then pushing one finger straight into Jemma's back door, causing the scientist to cry out in mostly pleasure. Jemma wasn't ass fucked quite as regularly as Bobbi was, but it was still pretty frequently, so it wasn't long before she was ready for more. At first that just meant another finger, but soon it meant something much bigger, and by the time she got it Jemma was very much ready for it. In fact, she was downright eager.

"So Jemma, are you ready to be DP'ed?" Skye whispered softly into her ear.

"Yes." Jemma moaned happily as Skye continued to pumper fingers in and out of her bottom.

"You can do better than that." Skye whispered softly with an eager grin, "Come on babe, convince me just how badly you want my cock up your ass."

"Oh please Skye, fuck my arse! Mmmmm, fuck it while Bobbi fucks my cunt." Jemma immediately begged, her normal hesitance when it came to this forgotten as she told her girlfriend whatever she wanted to hear to get what she wanted, "DP me! Make me your DP whore! Mmmmm, stuff my bottom full of cock so I can be double fucked. Then triple fucked! Oh yes, triple fuck me, ooooooooh Gooooodddddd, make me air tight, mmmmm, fuck me like Bobbi! Fuck me like you just fucked Bobbi! Please Skye, Agent May, triple stuff me! Please? Ohhhhhh yesssss, I wanna be fucked in all of my fuck holes like a total slut!"

"You got it baby." Skye grinned wickedly, leaning in to kiss Jemma's cheek.

Skye then pulled her fingers out of Jemma's ass and replace them with her strap-on. Normally she might have taken more time stretching out that hole, both when it came to the official penetration and the preparation stage, but she was still tired from making Bobbi air tight, and everything before that, so almost immediately after she pressed the tip of the dildo against Jemma's butt hole she pushed through that anal ring and into her girlfriend's ass. This caused Jemma to let out a sharp cry, but she offered up no real protest. Still, Skye cooed softly, rubbed Jemma's back and waited a few long seconds before pushing more dick into the other girl's butt hole.

Thankfully when Skye did start stuffing Jemma's ass full of cock the brainy brunette moaned, groaned, gasped, whimpered and cried in mostly pleasure, allowing Skye to just enjoy the sight of her dick disappearing into her girlfriend's back hole. While her other girlfriend continued to spread Jemma's butt cheeks to make this as pleasurable as possible for all involved. Even the usually stern Melinda May seem to enjoy it. Not that Skye bothered looking away from Jemma's stretched shit hole even for a second, but she just got this feeling that it wasn't just her watching this intently and enjoying it. Although she didn't really care at this moment, because all that mattered was her girls and this nice tight hole taking her strap-on.

Which was still true when inevitably her thighs came to rest against Jemma's butt cheeks, announcing that every inch of her cock was once again buried in Jemma's bowels. Skye took a few long moments to savour that fact, and let Jemma relax, and then she began gently pumping her hips back and forth, officially beginning to fuck that tight little butt. Just like before this got a very positive reaction out of Jemma, so Skye picked up the pace a lot sooner than usual, again mindful that her tired body was running on adrenaline at this point, and it wouldn't be long before May would be demanding her turn with Jemma's butt, and Skye wanted to make sure she had thoroughly loosened Jemma's rectum before giving May her turn with it.

At the same time Skye made sure not to give Jemma too much too soon, as the last thing she wanted to do was hurt one of the women she loved. Besides, unlike Bobbi, Jemma wasn't as shameless ass whore, and needed to be eased more into anal sex. Then again Skye, and to a lesser extent Bobbi, had been making an active effort to give Jemma's ass more attention, licking, fingering, and in Skye's case strap-on fucking it about half as regularly as Bobbi's slutty ass, which was a lot. All that work was clearly paying off given Jemma's continuous positive reactions, making Skye feel very pleased with herself as she continued staring lustfully at that pretty little stretched forbidden hole.

May was a lot less proud of Skye. In fact she still thought she was still being way too soft on her subs. At least during the anal penetration. Right now wasn't so bad because they didn't want Jemma to cum too soon. At least not until May had a turn with that ass. And to be fair Jemma was apparently knew it this, and not even the most coldhearted Dom would roughly violate an inexperienced butt. Or at least not one May would associate with. Still, while Skye was able to keep her mouth shut and just enjoy the wonderful sight for a while inevitably she opened her mouth and embarrassed herself, even more than when she had cooed softly.

"Oh fuck yeah, moan for me Jemma! Moan while I fuck your tight little arse!" Skye encouraged with delight, slipping into her fake English accent which she knew annoyed her English girlfriend, "Ooooooh yeahhhhh, you bloody love it, don't you? Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, you English girls love it up the bum. Ohhhhhh yeesssss, and I love your sexy little bottom. Oh fuck yeah, take it! Take it like a bitch! Mmmmmm fuckkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhh, take it in the bum. Oh fuck! Tell me you love it! Oh yeah, I know you do, but I want to hear it. Mmmmmm, I want my sweet little English muffin to beg me to bang her hot little bitch hole, come on Jem, beg!"

"I, I love it!" Jemma whimpered and blushed, but still did as she was told, "Fuck me! Ohhhhhh fuck my arse. Fuck my tight arse! Make it loose like Bobbi's whore hole! Oh God, just fuck me! Fuck-"

"Stop hogging that ass." May said forcefully, "It's my turn."

For a few seconds Skye just glared at her friend and comrade, then she said mockingly, "Well, since you asked so nicely..."

With that Skye pulled her dick out of Jemma's butt and May replaced Skye, positioning herself behind Jemma and shoving her cock up her ass. Mostly for her own enjoyment, but also slightly for Jemma's inexperience, May gave one initial hard thrust, taking advantage of Jemma's already slightly gaping ass hole, but the next thrust was long and slow, giving the chance for her to savour the sight of the younger woman's butt hole slowly swallowing her cock. Proving that she would soon make a fine anal slut Jemma cried out loudly in mostly pleasure at the first thrust. There was a whimper of pain afterwards, quickly drowned out from the moans of pleasure as May proceeded to stuff her ass full of cock.

In a move which actually impressed her Skye dared to glare at her for initially causing Jemma pain, May very nearly glaring back. But she didn't want to discourage such bravery, and to be fair she deserved it for her miscalculation. More importantly May didn't want to pull her gaze away from Jemma's butt hole, especially when stuffing it with dildo. So she slowly push the rest of it into Jemma's rectum, and then started butt fucking the scientist nice and slowly, much to the hacker's approval, again May wanting to glare at Skye, this time for the wicked smirk that she could sense the other top giving her.

Increasing that desire Skye called out encouragement, "Yeah May, fuck that arse! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, bum my sweet little Jem! Take that tight, tasty little back door and make it your fuck hole."

"Aren't you going to make her air tight?" May interrupted dryly.

Another brief pause, then Skye grinned, "Hell yeah I am! Open up Jem! Mmmmmm, time for you to taste your own ass, and become a little three hole fucked slut! Just like Bobbi! Oh yeah, Bobbi took it in all her holes, and now it's your turn. Oh yes, ooooooh fuckkkkkkk yesssssss, oh God! Oh fuck! Fuck yes, suck it you little three hole whore!"

Finally tearing her gaze away from her strap-on dildo on sliding in and out of Jemma's ass hole May watched as Jemma Simmons officially became air tight. Oh yes, nerdy little Jemma Simmons began taking a cock in her pussy, one in her ass and another in her mouth, the little slut even moaning happily as she tasted her own ass and started taking it in all three of her fuck holes. It was enough to even bring a smile to May's face, although she quickly wiped it off as she sensed Skye smirking at her again. At least this time instead of annoying her with her words Skye's attention quickly returned to her precious Jemma, who she was only too happy to encourage.

"Yeahhhhhhhh, take it in all three of your hot little holes my pretty little slut! Mmmmmm, fucking take it!" Skye cried out with delight, "Take it down your fucking throat while May taps that ass! And you ride Bobbi's cock! Ohhhhhh yeah, take it in all three of your little fuck holes you sexy little air tight slut! Oh fuck yeah, mmmmm, suck it! Suck it Jem, suck every drop of your arse cream off of my dick, and then when it's clean I'll just go and get you some more yummy cream to clean while May lets you suck it off hers! Ooooooooh hell yeah, me and May are going to take turns with that tight little English bottom of yours Jemma, mmmmmm, make sure that you always have three cocks inside you at all times like a real whore! Because that's what you are right now, our whore! Our little three hole lesbian whore! Oh yeah, take it whore, take it!"

Jemma blushed a little at Skye's words, but mostly she was concentrating on cleaning that cock of her own ass cream. She might not be as big a ATM whore as Bobbi but thanks to Skye she had developed a taste for her own butt, and Jemma had never been more grateful for that as May and Skye started swapping places over and over again, meaning that Jemma constantly was tasting her own ass. Then again she had quite the distraction with the other two cocks pumping her pussy and ass, and the sheer thrill of being made airtight for the very first time, although hopefully not the last, as the pleasure was exquisite.

The pleasure was almost too distracting, and whenever Jemma had May invading her mouth the older woman would start thrusting her hips back and forth, fucking the younger woman's mouth like it was a cunt, or ass hole. Luckily it was another thing Jemma had been trained for by her dominant girlfriend, but while May started out nice and gentle she eventually got rougher, making Jemma choke and gag, and eventually redouble her efforts into sucking those cocks. Which probably should have been a turn off, but it wasn't. God help her, it only pushed Jemma closer to climax. But of course, she knew she wouldn't receive it without begging for it, and while Jemma tried to hold back to enjoy the moment, let the dominant women have their fun, there was only so long she could wait.

"Please, please make me cum! I need to cum! Fuck my arse and make me cum! Please?" Jemma cried out pathetically, "Please Skye, Agent May, fuck me. Fuck me hard! Mmmmmm, fuck me as hard as you can. Please? Please fuck your three hole whore in all three of her whore holes at the same time. Please? I need to cum so bad?"

Looking over at the older woman Skye firmly said, "If you won't, I will."

"Fine." May sighed, "Just make sure she cums hard."

"She always does with me, isn't that right Jem?" Skye grinned.

"Yes! Oh Skye, you always make me cum so hard!" Jemma immediately replied, "Please do it again, I need it. I need you to fuck me like an anal whore and make me cum! Ooooooooh, pound my fucking arse! Pound it! Pound my arse hard and. ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooddddddddd!"

During that conversation May pulled her cock out of Jemma's arse hole and seconds later Skye shoved hers in and started giving Jemma what she so desperately wanted. She was a little slow about it at first, but Jemma definitely preferred that to May's rough treatment as it was a sign Skye's love for her. Plus even though her rectum felt loose and ready for a brutal pounding right from the get go it was probably good for her body, at least long term, for there to be at least some build up. Besides, it felt like no time at all until Skye had built up her rhythm to a brutal rectum wrecking which easily sent Jemma over the edge perhaps the most earth shattering climax of her life, quickly followed by another, and another, and another.

At some point there was a brief pause as an exhausted Skye pulled out and was almost immediately replaced by May who literally slammed her strap-on inside Jemma's most private hole and then started ruining it with every ounce of her strength. Jemma was barely conscious at that point, and it wasn't long before May pushed her over the edge, but not before a number of mind shattering orgasms which cause Jemma to let out deafening screams while her girlfriends, who were now both in view, watched with sadistic glee. She was glad for it, because oh how she loved them in that moment, Jemma eventually collapsing down on top of Bobbi and holding her tight while grinning at Skye just before she passed out.

Bobbi loved watching her girlfriends cum. It was easily one of her favourite things in the world, especially when she was involved like she was during these climaxes, the proud pure bottom even pumping her hips upwards a couple of times to make sure Jemma's climaxes would be that much more powerful. Which made the screams even louder, but it was totally worth it because Jemma had never looked more beautiful as far as Bobbi was concerned. Clearly Skye agreed with her given the grin which was glued to her face first she butt fucked Jemma, then while she watched, Bobby not needing to look behind her to know that grin was still in place.

There was a similar grin on her own face pretty much throughout, because Bobbi was genuinely happy for Jemma. She was. Really. Okay, despite how much she was loving the show, and how turned on she was, and how aching her still gaping butt hole was, Bobbi was more than a little jealous of the pleasure that Jemma was receiving. Sure, the stimulator bashing against her own clit and the sheer joy of seeing Jemma like this was enough to make her cum, but it couldn't compare to the ecstasy she had felt while being made air tight. It made her hope that they would do this again, and thankfully Bobby was confident they would, and not just because Skye and May obviously came too.

Even though Bobbi's main focus was her beloved Jemma receiving the greatest pleasure she had ever known Bobbi glanced at May and particularly Skye, first for relentlessly sodomising Jemma, and then of course when they were perhaps literally destroying her rectum. Oh yes, May might be a little difficult to read but Bobbi knew her tells, and even the stern May was struggling to keep her poker face while dominating another woman so completely. Meanwhile Skye was an open book, especially when she was verbally encouraging first Bobbi and then Jemma, and even though they were passed that point it was still very clear that she was loving this, even when she wasn't the one sodomising Jemma.

Of course even experienced tops like Skye and especially May didn't have unlimited stamina, and even Skye was eventually forced to stop. Part of the reason that May stopped was because poor Jemma passed out, although she didn't stop nearly soon enough after that for Bobbi's liking. But just as she was about to complain May stopped, looking more exhausted than Bobbi could ever remember seeing her, and suddenly Bobbi forgot all about complaining in favour of begging to be able to clean those cocks for the tops. After all, Jemma was in no condition to do it, so as the only conscious bottom of the group it was Bobbi's duty to give those dicks a thorough spit shine, Bobbi thought while licking her lips.

Skye loved watching May fucking Jemma's ass, but what she loved even more was admiring the damage they had done to that forbidden hole, especially as without needing to be told Bobbi pulled open those cheeks again to give May and Skye the best possible look at that brutalise back door. The two tops then just stood still while gradually regaining their strength, or at least a bit of adrenaline, by admiring how Jemma's ass hole remained widely stretched open, both a clear sign that both the dominance and just how effective the butt busting had been. Oh yes, Jemma's butt had been thoroughly busted, allowing Skye and May to see deep into her butterfly's bowels, which was way more fun then it should have been. Hell, they only pulled their gaze away from it because of a shameless ATM slut.

"Can I clean those for you?" Bobbi begged hopefully, then when she got the full attention of the tops she shamelessly pleaded, "Please? Please let me taste Jemma's ass! Please? Mmmmm, she got to taste it plenty of times, and now she is clearly in no condition to give your cocks the cleaning they deserve, so please let me do it. Let me taste that yummy ass."

"What do you think?" Skye grinned at her fellow top.

"Sure." May shrugged, "Unless you want to do it."

"Maybe later." Skye cheeked, before stepping over to Bobbi so they wouldn't have to disturb Jemma, "For now... Bobbi can suck it! Oooooooh yeahhhhhh Bobbi, suck my cock! Suck it clean of all that ass cream you filthy little ATM whore! Oh fuck yeah, that's so hot, mmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, suck it Bobbi! Suck my dick! Take it deep down your throat. Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh!"

Naturally Bobbi opened her mouth before Skye could even press her cock against her lips, and Skye was only too happy to feed that ass flavoured dildo to her girlfriend, pushing it directly into her mouth and watching as Bobbi then closed her mouth, and eyes, and then let out a loud moan of satisfaction. Then after obviously savouring that flavour for a few long seconds Bobbi started bobbing up and down the first few inches of Skye's cock. She was obviously on her way to giving it a deep throating, but then May appeared on the other side of her, giving Bobbi unique conundrum. Although it wasn't that long before she switched to giving May's dick the same treatment.

Just before Bobbi did that May asked, "So, are you going to clean that cock?"

Briefly Skye frowned in confusion, then she had a stirring from the exhausted scientist, and she grinned, "And deny Jemma the chance?"

"What?" Jemma mumbled dully, still getting her bearings back.

"It's cock cleaning time sweetie." Skye turned to her smaller girlfriend and explained, "And Bobbi has a nice cum covered cock for you to suck. Mmmmm, so what are you waiting for? Get down there and suck it! Yes, good girl. That's a very good girl, mmmmm, I knew you wouldn't let me down. Oh yes, mmmmmm, suck it!"

Given what Jemma had just gone through Skye was actually surprised how quickly she pulled herself off the cock, lowered herself down, and then took that cock into her mouth. Sure, she wasn't exactly quick about it, but she was still moving a lot faster than Skye would have thought. Maybe the chance to taste her own cum was just too enticing for her to resist. Or she was just eager to obey Skye. Either way it was hot, especially when she wrapped her lips around the head of that dildo and moaned at tasting her own cum almost as loudly as Bobbi was moaning at tasting Jemma's butt cream, Skye gleefully watching as her girls thoroughly cleaned those cocks, even pushing them into their throats to make sure they got every drop of that yummy liquid.

As Jemma was the first to finish Skye beckoned her over, the biologist getting up on shaky legs and staggering over to where Skye could pull one girlfriend into her arms and kiss her while her other girlfriend deep throated her dick. Then when those dildo were completely cleaned Skye pulled Bobbi up into a kiss, so she could end this perfect little orgy by tasting Jemma's pussy, ass and cum on the lips of her girlfriends, just like she had said she wanted. And more importantly of course, to make sure no one was feeling left out. She even considered kissing May, before concluding that it wouldn't go down that well. Although the least she could do was thank her, Skye disappointed to find that her mentor was dressed and already leaving by the time she finally stop making out with her girls.

"May!" Skye called out, and then when she had the older woman's attention added nonchalantly, "This was fun. We should do it again sometime. You know, if you want. After all, we wouldn't want you feeling left out, would we?"

"No, we wouldn't." May agreed, turning away so Skye wouldn't see her smile.

The End?

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