Left Out

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Daisy was being left out. It was sad, but sometimes it was inevitable that one of them would be left out. Especially considering their job involved being split up for missions, and given their different skills it was unreasonable to ask for special treatment just because the three of them were together. Honestly though they were just glad that because their team was so small two of them normally stayed together simply because the odds were in their favour. Of course sometimes they were completely separated, which was kind of a nightmare, if only because sleeping without anyone to cuddle was lonely, but luckily those occasions were extremely rare.

It was also extremely rare that Skye was given a mission without Bobbi, but it did occasionally happen when Colson felt that Bobbi could be more of a assistance to Jemma than to Skye. Given that she didn't have the same discipline which came with the training that her girlfriends had received Skye certainly didn't hide her displeasure at this, but she always complied, normally fucking Bobbi and Jemma extra hard before she left and getting back to them as soon as possible. However this time Skye had to leave in a hurry, while Bobbi and Jemma had to get to work right away, leaving all three of them unsatisfied for the first time in a long while.

Of course they weren't animals and could control themselves. Or at least Bobbi and Jemma could, more or less working around the clock to finish their work. They only stopped to sleep, and occasionally eat, and that was only because Bobbi was less of a workaholic than Jemma. Also Skye Skype chatted them daily, and she could always tell when they were lying. And most importantly of all, Bobbi was figuratively and literally a brown nosing submissive bitch who would do anything to please her Dom, and making sure Jemma got a good night sleep was hardly asking a lot, especially as it involved the two of them cuddling.

Both Bobbi and Jemma loved just about every aspect of their relationship with Skye, but especially how much they had sex. Bobbi needed the discipline and humiliation she received from Skye like she needed oxygen, and although she wasn't quite as desperate for it was hard for Jemma to complain about frequent and powerful orgasms. However one thing they didn't have the heart to tell Skye was that they sometimes liked it when she was left out, because it meant that they could go for several nights where they could just collapse in exhaustion onto their bed and cuddle. Although there was only so much lack of sex they could take, and often they didn't have the patience to wait for Skye to return.

Unsurprisingly it was Bobbi who broke first, wrapping her bigger body around the other girl and whispering into her ear, "Come to bed."

"Just five more minutes." Jemma promised dismissively, still engrossed in her work.

"You've said that before." Bobbi sighed in disappointment.

"You're starting to sound like Skye." Jemma smiled fondly, still not turning around.

There was a brief pause and then Bobbi whispered, "I miss her."

"I know. I do too." Jemma said softly, turning around in Bobbi's arms and telling her the words she knew would comfort her, "But she'll be back before you know it. And until then, you have me. Which I know, isn't the same for you, but at least you still have someone to take charge."

Another pause, and then Bobbi smiled and challenged, "Prove it."

Jemma gave her girlfriend an unimpressed look for a few long seconds, then she grabbed the back of her head and pulled her down into a heated kiss. This caused Bobbi to let out a little gasp, and then a little giggle in delight, into Jemma's mouth, but it wasn't long before she was eagerly kissing back. Maybe too eagerly, Jemma softly but firmly forcing Bobbi to slow her role and just enjoy the kiss. Which of course made Bobbi moan softly with joy and melt into the smaller girl's arms. Something which Jemma had to admit, was quite delightful, and prompted her to continue the kiss perhaps a touch longer than she originally planned. But it wasn't long before she was breaking the kiss and pulling back to face a pouting Bobbi Morse.

"Just five more minutes." Jemma said as firmly as she possibly could.

Honestly Jemma was a little worried that she sounded like one of her schoolteachers more than Skye, but to her surprise the firm tone worked, not only earning her another five minutes but a look of lust on Bobbi's face. Partly because of that look, partly because of the kiss, and partly because she was just eager to fuck her girlfriend Jemma kept a close eye on the clock and the second the time was up she grabbed Bobbi's hand and led her out the lab. Also she noticed Bobbi keeping a close eye on the time, so to stop her from complaining further she took matters into her own hands, and while they didn't get much done in the extra five minutes it was the principle of the thing.

Not that Jemma could really concentrate on that now, not when they were rushing through the SHIELD base at a speed which she was surprised didn't get them stopped with questions of what was the emergency. Jemma was very grateful this didn't happen, as she wasn't keen to explain how she was eager to have sex with the taller girl, partly because it would be embarrassing, but mostly because it would be a waste of time. Luckily it took them only about a minute to make their way to their quarters, and once they were inside they were all over each other, roughly kissing and quickly stripping off each other's clothes on their way to their bed. Then Jemma roughly pushed Bobbi down onto her back, got on top of her and restarted the passionate kissing.

If Skye was here she would mock Jemma for not acting prim and proper. Maybe even using that atrocious fake English accent that she liked to put on to wind Jemma up. Jemma could hear it is clear as day in her head, and is much as it usually annoyed her she wished she could hear it now. She wished Skye was lying beside them right now, waiting her turn to be kissed. Maybe stroking a hand up and down Jemma's spine while whispering encouragement. Maybe sliding that hand down to squeeze Jemma's arse. Maybe even grabbing Jemma by the hair and pull her into a passionate kiss, before Skye broke it and equally 'forced' Bobbi to kiss her. It was certainly a very vivid fantasy, one which Jemma became lost in as she continued kissing Bobbi, at least for awhile before she put her plan into motion.

Bobbi loved making out with Jemma. Or Skye for that matter. She'd always liked kissing, and when it was someone she loved she could do it all day long. But while she could Bobbi would much prefer right now to move on to a little more non-PG fun. Although she very much appreciated the teasing, especially when Jemma started sliding her hands all over her, almost beginning to grope her boobs and butt as quickly as Skye did when they were in this position. She wanted it even more when Jemma finally broke the kiss, leaned down and started kissing her neck. Which admittedly wasn't much of an improvement, but it was definitely a sign that they were moving in the right direction. The direction Bobbi wanted. The direction she'd wanted all day long.

Of course it wasn't long before Bobbi whimpered, "Please Jemma, more. Mmmmm, I want more. Oooooh, go lower, ah fuck, or something. Just, AH!"

Before Bobbi could get anything else out Jemma bit her ear too hard to be playful, and then whispered directly into it, "Patients slut."

The Mockingbird whimpered an apology and then let out a grateful cry as in a way Jemma gave her what she wanted, even if it was only slightly more in the form of biting down on her neck, the other girl seemingly determined to give her a hickey. This was something Skye did all the time, but it was rare that Jemma did it because she got really embarrassed about having to cover up love bites, or when Skye forced her to expose them. Meanwhile Bobbi loved them, as it was a sign she belonged to someone, or more accurately two beautiful women, which she was happy to admit to anyone who would ask, meaning she very much liked this rough treatment, especially as Jemma soothed her by licking and sucking the wound straight after.

Better yet shortly after Bobbi was sure that Jemma had left a mark the small girl made her way down to her breasts and did more or less the same thing, taking one nipple and then the other into her mouth to lick, suck and eventually bite on it. Although unlike with Skye this biting was very gentle, and just on her nipples, so Bobbi was sure they wouldn't leave a mark, but she appreciated them just the same. Maybe even more, because this was something outside of Jemma's comfort zone that she was just doing to please Bobbi, making Bobbi's heart flutter with delight. She also very much appreciated the adding of Jemma's hands into the mix, covering one boob into her mouth while using her fingertips to tweak the nipple which wasn't being played with by her tongue.

It felt like Jemma teased her like that for what felt like hours, Bobbi finding a real struggle not to beg for more again. Then her heart raced when Jemma finally descended further down her body, pressing gentle kisses all the way down her stomach and lingering over her belly button and the area just before her centre. Then just to tease her a little more she went down one leg and up the other, and then just as Bobbi thought she was finally going to get what she had been aching for Jemma got off of her completely and smiled wickedly down at her. Which of course made her whimper pathetically, but it was just the kind of teasing Skye would have given her, and Bobbi couldn't help love Jemma for it.

"While I might not be comfortable with the idea of giving you a spanking..." Jemma said almost conversationally as she slowly crawled up Bobbi's body until she was hovering over her face, "I know how much you like to be teased. More importantly, I know you love it when Skye rides your face like the cunt craving slut you are. So, as she isn't around, why don't I ride you?"

"Yes, sit on my face! Please Jem, give me your pussy!" Bobbi pleaded eagerly, "Mmmmm, smother me with that yummy treat. Please Jemma, I want to eat your pussy while you sit on my face."

"Well, since you asked so nicely." Jemma smiled teasingly as she started to lower herself down.

Jemma then let out a loud gasp of joy as Bobbi impatiently lifted her head up to slide her tongue along her pussy sooner than Jemma was expecting it. If Bobbi had been so cheeky to Skye, or done that to Jemma when Skye was around, the Inhuman would probably insisted on punishing The Mockingbird. Part of Jemma was even tempted to rat Bobbi out to Skye, just because she knew both her girlfriends would probably enjoy the following punishment, and the fact that it was because of Jemma. But no. How could she possibly punish this? It didn't matter if it would be directly or indirectly, Jemma just couldn't imagine punishing a woman she loved for being eager to lick her pussy.

That feeling was so good, and caused her to become so lost in her thoughts, that Jemma didn't even move for a few long seconds, instead just staying there hovering above Bobbi and softly gasping and moaning as that first long lick was quickly followed up by another, and another, and another. Then Jemma refocused and realised that she was causing Bobbi to strain her neck just to get at her twat, which made her blush with embarrassment and quickly lower herself the rest of the way down. Too quickly and forcefully, Jemma making an embarrassing mistake as she rushed to correct her earlier error and she briefly smothered Bobbi's face with her pussy.

Of course pressing herself down forcefully got a whimper of approval from Bobbi, followed by a grumble of disapproval when Jemma eased off. It was no secret that Bobbi like to be smothered in pussy, or ass or even Skye's boobs, and under the right circumstances Jemma loved it too. But it was too soon. Maybe later, when she was on the edge of orgasm, or when Bobbi inevitably sent her over it, and she had lot of her inhibitions, but not now. Now she just wanted to relax and enjoy a nice long pussy licking from one of the two women she was in love with. Was that really so much to ask?

Apparently the answer to that question was yes, because instead of the slow long, slow pussy licking that she initially got Jemma soon found that Bobbi increased the pace, and went from ignoring her clit to lingering on it with every stroke of her tongue. Which was nice, really, really nice, but Jemma just wasn't ready for that. Which to be fair she hadn't made clear, but normally she didn't have too. Normally Bobbi was so good at getting what she wanted, and giving it to her. Maybe she was angry with her for accidentally teasing her by briefly smothering her only two ease off of her, or maybe she was just so horny, but either way Jemma couldn't let it continue. After all, she was supposed to be in charge here.

"Stop!" Jemma said, before quickly correcting herself, "Well, I don't mean stop, just mmmmmm, that's it. That's exactly what I want. Ohhhhh yes Bobbi, nice and slow. Lick me nice and slow. Oh Bobbi. Bobbi, mmmmmm, that feels so good. Just like that. Mmmmmm, good girl."

Bobbi quickly did as she was told. That's all she had wanted. She hadn't lost control, and she certainly hadn't been trying to punish Jemma, she just wanted Jemma to boss her around. It's what she always wanted. Needed even. She was a soldier, not a leader, and had always needed orders to give herself a sense of purpose, and to make her feel safe. But after being broken by Natasha Romanoff and being turned into the bottom she was always meant to be Bobbi needed someone to top her in the bedroom. Someone to take control, even just in some small way. Skye could do it with these, but when she wasn't around, with the right prompting, Jemma could do just fine.

Normally if she tried topping from the bottom with Skye, even subtly, Skye would call Bobbi out on it and punish her accordingly. So far Bobbi was pretty sure that Jemma hadn't noticed, and while part of her hoped that would change soon and Jemma would become more of a proper top for her she had to admit there was a certain enjoyment of this. When she was getting away with something really, really naughty right under the noses of her girlfriends. But more importantly it gave her what she wanted, and while it wasn't as good as the true loss of control Skye regularly gave her it was still a version she loved, from a girl she loved just as much as Skye.

She knew that Skye would definitely approve of this current position, and if she was here she would be greatly encouraging it. If she wasn't busy fingering, tongue fucking, or strap-oning Bobbi's pussy. Or her ass. Oh, Bobbi especially love that last thing. So much so she could practically feel Skye abusing her butt while dishing out some verbal encouragement. Or at the very least pressing her equally naked body against Jemma's and whispering filthy things into her ear just for Bobbi to hear them. So many wonderful possibilities, all of which was denied to them thanks to Skye sadly being on mission somewhere else. But as was always the case when one of them was left out their presence was missed, and almost felt, which just pushed Bobbi to be the best pussy pleaser she could be in that moment.

For a long time that meant ignoring her urge to shove her tongue as deep as it would go into Jemma's cunt and fuck her with it. Which was good, because it meant she got to savour Jemma's yummy pussy cream, which she got to greedily swallow down like the well-trained muff diver she had become, and she spent a long time pleasuring Jemma in general, while making sure that her eventual orgasms would be that much more powerful. However at the same time Bobbi wanted to make Jemma cum, both because she wanted to give this girl she loved the most amount of pleasure possible, and she was just a greedy cum slut who was looking forward to the moment where she would be metaphorically, and ideally literally, almost drowned in girl cum.

Jemma held off from giving Bobbi the order she was waiting for, partly because she just wanted to savour this wonderful moment of having her pussy licked by her girlfriend, and partly because she knew Bobbi loved this kind of teasing. If Skye was here she would probably be very proud of her, and Jemma was certainly proud of herself, because she held out for her like a record amount of time. She even held back when Bobbi started playing dirty, gradually increasing the pace of her licks until they were back to what they were when Jemma had stopped her, and then going even further to practically bring the smaller girl to the edge of climax before bringing her back down again.

There was also increased activity on her clit, Bobbi going from occasionally touching it to lingering on it with every stroke of her tongue. She even took it into her mouth and began to suck it, which really made Jemma cry out loudly in pleasure. Well, she was doing that throughout, but it was much louder when Bobbi concentrated on her clit, and especially that first-time she sucked it and Jemma thought for sure she was about to cum. But Bobbi was too much of an expert clit teased to let that happen, taking Jemma as close to the edge as she could before slowly beginning to bring her down from her high, leaving Jemma a whimpering wreck.

It did occur to Jemma that technically she should have given Bobbi permission before she stopped coming nice and slowly in the first place. Of course her mind was so fuzzy that she could have given the permission and just not been aware of it. Or maybe Bobbi was being deliberately disobedient in the hopes that she would punish her. Or at least tell Skye. Whatever the reason it didn't really matter, because again, how could she be mad about getting this kind of incredible pleasure from a girl she was in love with? It just didn't make sense to her. And increasingly, neither did her reluctance to cum. Well, she still understood it, but the desire to continue was eventually overridden by desire for more and ultimately the only thing Jemma could do was try and make it sound like she was ordering Bobbi to make her cum, instead of begging for it.

She wasn't sure she succeeded, but honestly Jemma didn't care as long as she got the message across, "More! Give me more! Ohhhhhh, more! Fuck me! Fuck me Bobbi, fuck me with your tongue and make me cum. Oh yes, make me cum. Make me cum now! Just oooooooh yesssssss, yesssssss, yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooodddddddddddd!"

Unsurprisingly it didn't take that long for Bobbi to obey her, or grant her request if that was what she did. Whatever the case Jemma soon found her words being dissolved into screaming in pure ecstasy as her first orgasm hit her. It came pretty much right after Bobbi slammed what felt like every part of her tongue inside her in one hard thrust, and then it was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, Bobbi using that incredibly talented mouth of hers to make Jemma feel things she couldn't have even imagined before getting together with Bobbi and Skye. And through it all she could practically see Skye in front of her, smiling in approval.

Bobbi had thought about Skye a lot as she had sex with Jemma, which was always the case when Skye wasn't around, but she wasn't thinking of her now. She wasn't really thinking of anything now, as Bobbi's whole world was Jemma's orgasing cunt squirting the most delicious liquid she had ever tasted pretty much directly down her throat. Of course inevitably great amount of escaped onto her face, and while part of Bobbi loved that as it was a sign that she was being marked as Jemma's for at least the first couple of climaxes she felt it was important to get every drop of that heavenly cream, or at least the vast majority of it, which was what Bobbi did.

It was almost easy at first, at least for a veteran at cum swallowing like Bobbi Morse, however then Jemma restarted riding her face, which was both the best thing and the worst thing about this sex session so far. It was the best, because Bobbi had been waiting for this all night long, and finally she was getting smothered in pussy. She was getting smothered by the cunt of her little nerd, until the only thing Bobbi could see, smell or taste was pure Jemma. Which should have been perfect, but it wasn't. It was the worst, because a lot of Jemma's cum didn't go straight to her belly were it belonged, and even though Bobbi knew she could scoop some of it up later inevitably some of it would go to waste, which was a heart-breaking thought.

Another mark against this was because Bobbi couldn't keep up the tongue fucking, which she had initially restarted as soon as Jemma was over her first orgasm, the blonde just shoving her tongue right back into the brunette and hammering her until they both got what they wanted, namely a nice powerful orgasm which rocked Jemma's body and filled Bobbi's belly with girl cum. Of course when Jemma really went crazy and started grinding down onto her face Bobbi didn't need to keep up the tongue fucking, and this made her feel even more submissive and like she was Jemma's bitch, but she still missed taking a more active role in this.

In the name of that Bobbi reached up to grab Jemma's butt cheeks, caressing them as the other girl fucked her face. She briefly considered collecting some of the escaped liquid on one of her fingers and shoving it into Jemma's ass, which always made them cum harder when Skye was fucking them with her mouth. But she decided against it, partly because it felt too dominant in a moment that she was enjoying her submission, but mostly because she remembered Skye's words about giving Jemma's little booty more attention, and that wasn't the kind of attention she wanted to give it. So Bobbi waited patiently for Jemma to roll off of her, collapse in exhaustion on top of her and lazily kiss her before bringing it up.

"Can I eat your ass?" Bobbi blurted out as soon as Jemma broke the kiss.

"What?" Jemma frowned in confusion.

"Your ass... I, I wanna lick it." Bobbi essentially repeated herself, before clarifying, "Skye said something the other day about me hogging all the bum fun, and at first I thought she was just teasing me, but then I thought about it, and yeah. Skye practically lives with her dick in my ass, and I think she's right. I need to make it up to you by kissing yours. I, I want to make it up to you by kissing yours."

There was a brief pause in which Jemma blushed, then she smiled shyly, "All you had to do was ask."

Jemma then turned over so she was on all fours and looked at Bobbi expectantly. Bobbi quickly returned the smile she still had on her face, then briefly lean down to press her lips against Jemma's, then she moved around to do the same to Jemma's butt. Which made Jemma blush a little, but it also made her coo with delight, especially as Bobbi repeated the process, sliding her lips all over one arse cheek before moving to the other and doing the same. It was something that Jemma could remember watching Bobbi do to Skye all the time, but she couldn't remember receiving it herself. At least not to this extent.

There had been a few occasions where Skye had given her an abbreviated version of this before burying her face in between her cheeks, or spreading them with her hands, so she could lick Jemma's back hole. Or shove a lube covered finger in there. One time Skye even continued kissing her bum while finger fucking her, which was a particular pleasant memory for Jemma. However that had been all preparation for a more thorough anal stretching from her dominant lover. This was a sign of submission from her submissive lover, and as such it felt a little weird. Good, but weird. But if this was something Skye wanted them to do together Jemma would happily do it.

She would do anything for Skye, and clearly Bobbi felt the same way given how eagerly she took to literally kissing Jemma's ass. Of course as Bobbi loved to submit to Jemma, and she certainly loved to rim Skye, she probably didn't need much convincing, and Jemma certainly didn't required any because the more she got used to the arse licking the more she liked it. Then eventually Bobbi gently pulled her cheeks apart and sliding her tongue up and down Jemma's arse crack, lingering against the back hole with every stroke of her tongue, which really felt good. Although not as much as when Bobbi focused on her bum hole and really got the rim job underway.

As Bobbi really started going to town on her arse hole Jemma considered reaching down and beginning to rub her pussy, and/or better yet shove a finger or two in there. If she did she would definitely cum, and soon from the feel of it, but she had already cum plenty. It really did feel like it was Bobbi's turn now, and while this was no doubt a treat for Bobbi it just wasn't enough and Jemma just couldn't be that selfish. So even though it was tempting Jemma resisted the urge and allowed Bobbi to continue rimming her as a unique way to prepare the taller woman for what came next, which was something Jemma knew for a fact that Bobbi would love.

Bobbi loved ass licking. Mostly receiving, because that normally meant she was minutes away from being butt fucked, and more recently by Skye who she adored, but there was definitely something to the submissive thrill of worshipping someone else's bottom with her mouth and tongue. It helped a lot that Jemma had a cute little butt, and even cuter little butt hole, and Bobbi felt that it was an honour to lick it, and wished she had the chance more often. Because Skye was right, Bobbi had been hogging the bum fun, and this cute little bottom had suffered because of it, making Bobbi ashamed of herself for her selfishness.

Wanting to make up for that Bobbi gave Jemma a nice long, drawn-out rim job, starting out slow by thoroughly worshipping her ass cheeks before concentrating on the tiny hole between them, and even then she started with a gentle, teasing licking. She even spent some time in Jemma's ass crack before going right for her ass hole. But eventually she went for some serious butt munching, pressing her face deep in between those cheeks and literally shoving her tongue into Jemma's tight little rear hole. As Skye hadn't been around lately to loosen Jemma's butt hole, and it didn't take the frequent fucking that Bobbi's slutty little whore hole did, Bobbi wasn't able to get that far, but she got it far enough to get extra loud moan of pleasure from Jemma, which made The Mockingbird grin into her girlfriend's bottom.

Shortly after that Bobbi began thrusting her tongue in and out of Jemma's butt, and for the first time in a long time Bobbi actually began sodomising someone. It might even be the first time she was sodomising Jemma, she couldn't recall doing it before, not even in this way. Although instead of making her feel nostalgic for her old ways Bobbi just wished there was a tongue in her butt at the exact same time as Jemma's, or instead of. Or better yet Skye's biggest strap-on, her dominant girlfriend shoving her big cock up Bobbi's butt while she continued to rim her submissive girlfriend, and maybe even prepare her ass for Skye. God, the thought was so hot that Bobbi caught herself reaching for her pussy.

After briefly considering it Bobbi decided not to be that selfish and tried to put thoughts of her own pleasure out of her head and continue worshipping Jemma's amazing body like a good sub should. However even at Natasha's worst her first Dom made sure she had a turn receiving pleasure, and Bobbi was beginning to worry that she had done something wrong and Jemma was punishing her for it worse than Skye ever had, and in such an unthinkable way. Of course she should have known better, and Jemma suddenly went from reaching back and pushing her face deeper into her ass to pulling her face away from the cute little butt and up into a passionate kiss.

Then, after she'd had plenty of time to taste her own arse, Jemma broke the kiss and asked, "Do you want a turn now?"

"God yes." Bobbi whimpered.

Jemma smiled, stroked Bobbi's hair, and asked sweetly, "What do you want?"

"Whatever you're willing to give me." Bobbi instantly replied.

"That's not very helpful." Jemma pouted.

"I know." Bobbi admitted with a smile, "But hopefully with that big brain of yours you can think of something."

Jemma gave her girlfriend a look, and then smiled, "Flattery will get you everywhere."

Jemma then moved her hand to Bobbi's face and pulled her in for a passionate kiss. Unsurprisingly Bobbi eagerly responded, although perhaps it was a little too eager as Jemma found herself fighting for her life during that kiss. Luckily she had plenty of experience with receiving kisses like this from Skye, and knew how to continue pleasing her lover while having her lips and tongue assaulted. Or her body was just really good at working while on autopilot. Either way, without anything spacific Bobbi wanted Jemma just went for her initial plan, which involved sliding her hands all over the bigger girl to begin with, just to tease her.

The groaning against her mouth made it clear that Bobbi didn't approve of this, but that just made Jemma tease her for longer. Which she had figured Bobbi had earned from not being decisive about what she wanted, and being a little too eager. Getting the hint Bobbi calm down the kiss and allowed Jemma to take control of it. Then Jemma kissed her and groped her softly for maybe about another few minutes, just to annoy her, then when it seemed like Bobbi was about to pull away and complain Jemma quickly slid a hand down to her girlfriend's cunt. She then just left it there for a few long seconds as she enjoyed Bobbi's little flinch and then eager moan of approval, followed by a whimper of disapproval as Jemma didn't immediately start doing anything else.

Feeling she had punished Bobbi enough at that point Jemma then started rubbing the other woman's pussy, starting out slow and steady but gradually increasing the pace, before slipping two fingers into her girl's welcoming cunt. Under normal circumstances she would start out with just one finger, even with Bobbi, but this wasn't part of desperate groping while going through the door, or coming after a few minutes of frantic kissing, this was after Bobbi had thoroughly worshipped her body, and all that giving had made Bobbi's pussy wet and very ready for this. Which was further proven by Bobbi breaking the kiss and then crying out in pleasure, before giving further encouragement.

"Oh God yes, fuck me!" Bobbi moaned happily, "Fuck me Jemma! Fuck me with your pretty little fingers! Ooooooooh yesssssss, that feels so good, mmmmmm, oh Jemma! Jemma! Fuck me! Ohhhhhhh, more! Give me more. I can take more, please give it to me. Skye would. Please Jem? Stick another finger into my whore cunt and fuck me like the little lesbian slut I am! OH FUCK YEAH!"

While Jemma loved to hear Bobbi begged for her it wasn't long before she couldn't resist slipping another finger in, and then another, and then another if you included her thumb. Which was unprecedented. Hell, it wasn't that often she used three fingers, as normally when she was fingering her girlfriends it was during oral sex and just something to make them cum extra hard. Or as was more frequently the case, preparing Bobbi for a strap-on fucking, and that was normally her butt hole. But for this very rare occasion Jemma decided something extra special was in order, something which, when she did it, left her speechless and marvelling over the feeling of Bobbi's insides wrapped around her like never before.

Bobbi didn't really register the addition of the fourth finger, and shortly after Jemma gave her the third she continued begging automatically, and even though what she really meant was for Jemma to finger fuck her harder she welcomed another finger inside her. However when Jemma slipped her thumb inside her cunt Bobbi got a wicked idea of what might be coming, and all she had to do was look Jemma in the face for it to be confirmed. True, her girlfriend blushed adorably and lowered her head, but then she looked upwards with a little smile and a wicked look in her eyes which told Bobbi she was right on the money. But just in case Bobbi was happy to beg for it, so one way or another she would get it.

"More!" Bobbi demanded firmly, before adding more pleadingly, "Please Jemma, give me more. I want more. I want your hand! Mmmmm, I want your whole hand inside me. Please Jem, shove your whole hand inside me and fuck me with it like the lezzie whore I am! Please? You know, mmmmm, you know I can take it. Skye has done it before, even a few times when you weren't there, but I want from you now. I want you to fist me. Please Jemma, ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk, please fist fuck my cunt! Please? Please, please, please, just do it. Just, ah yeah, that's it! Don't be afraid, oh shit, stretch me! Stretch me, stretch me, stretch me, more, more, more AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK!"

There was a few horrible minutes where Jemma stopped thrusting in and out of her completely. Whether she did that to make it easier for her to speak, or just to tease her, Bobbi really didn't appreciate it, but Natasha had trained her better than to complain about such things, so Bobbi just concentrated on begging. This paid off as Jemma suddenly began pushing forwards, and while she was more slow and awkward than Skye she did eventually get the job done, Bobbi crying out joyfully, and with a little pain, as her entrance stretched wide enough to allow Jemma's knuckles to slip through it, with the rest of her hand quickly following.

After that Jemma left her hand perfectly still for maybe about a minute or two. She probably did that more to savour the feeling of Bobbi's pussy around her hand than to give The Mockingbird a chance to recover, but it was still appreciated, and Bobbi loved the chance to savour the feeling of Jemma's hand resting inside her. Then just as Bobbi was opening her mouth to beg Jemma to fuck her that's exactly what she did. Because of the combination of Jemma's inexperience, and just how horny Bobbi was, it wasn't long after before Bobbi came wonderfully hard, and it was quickly followed by another, and another, and another until Bobbi's entire world became nothing but pleasure.

In fact the next thing Bobbi was aware of was the hand being removed from her cunt, much to her dismay, and then Jemma softly asking, "Are you okay?"

Bobbi wanted to demand the return of the hand, but as this was clearly out of Jemma's comfort zone she instead chose to be satisfied with what she got, which to be fair was very satisfying, and return the question, "Are you?"

"Yes." Jemma smiled softly.

"Me too." Bobbi grinned, "And that was great."

"But not as good as Skye." Jemma said solemnly, "Maybe I should just stick to eating pussy next time."

"Or you could just have more practice." Bobbi offered with another grin, then when Jemma gave her a look admitted, "Okay, you're not as dominant as I usually like, but I still love you. Just don't ask me to list why right now. I just wanna cuddle."

"Me too." Jemma smiled, leaning down while clarifying, "I love you too, and I just want to cuddle."

That had been sort of a lie, which became clear as Bobbi stopped Jemma from lying down and then gently pulled her hand up to her lips so she could lick and suck it clean. She then pulled Jemma into a gentle kiss, allowing Jemma to taste Bobbi's cum and pussy cream on her lips and tongue. But then they snuggled together, and even though it didn't feel quite as wonderful as when Skye was here it was still close enough to the perfection they were used too. After all, unlike their poor girlfriend, they weren't the ones being left out. Although given recent events Bobbi had a horrible feeling that it would be her turn to be left out next.

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