Love Given Up

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Overdue Love
By Wren

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SUMMARY: Jubilee has left the X-Men. What happen's when Remy finds her again? Romance. Jubilee/Remy


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She stretched out lazily across her warm bed underneath the thin sheet as rays of sunlight poured down on her. Looking over at the clock she saw it was 9:00AM she would have to hurry to make it to work as it was but she just couldn't pull herself out of bed. A cold wet nose bumped against her hand excitedly as she heard a whimper from its owner. Looking over she smiled at the dog bouncing up against her hand.

"Is it morning already? And lemme guess, you're hungry right?" The dog yipped excitedly, turning in a circle and edging towards the small kitchen. His eyes pleaded with her, begging to be fed.

"Alright.. alright.. I'm up.. really.." She pulled the sheet tighter to her only to feel the bed bounce as the dog ran over and jumped onto the bed. He licked her face happily as she weakly batted him away throwing the sheet to the side. "FINE! Don't let me get that extra minute, when I'm crabby later you'll only have one person ta blame."

The dog wagged his tail proudly and led her to the kitchen area, plopping down to sit semi-patiently as she filled his bowl. Looking at the clock she figured she had 20 minutes to shower and dress before she had to run to work. That would leave no time to take Wolvie for a walk.

"Sorry, Wolfster." She placed the bowl in front of the obviously 'starving' dog. "Looks like your walk will have to wait until after work."


He looked around the closet of his hotel room wearily. He had been through this before, his closet may have enough suits and casual wear to last him two lifetimes but he could never find anything good to wear on his missions. He thought reflectively on the last mission, it had proved to be the death of his last black jumpsuit and bulletproof vest.

He grabbed his keys of the dresser as he headed for the door. Time to go shopping at the local hunting shop, it's a good thing his most-recent customer was paying well because the equipment and attire he needed would not be cheap.


"Yo, sweetheart, what's a nice little girl like you doin' workin' in a big man's shop like this?" Yet another manly man leaned across the counter leering at her as if she was a piece of meat. Putting the cleaning cloth down she brought the gun she had been cleaning down in front of her facing it directly at the guy.

"Listen up bub, it'd not the smartest thing to hit on a girl with a gun, huh?" She rolled her eyes in disgust as she turned her back on the guy.

"Hey, bitch, I'm talkin' to you." The guy leaned over the counter and grabbed her wrist. Five seconds later his scream could be heard blocks away, she had taken his hand off her shoulder and in one fluid movement flipped it neatly straining it nearly to the point of breakage -- but not quite.

"Yes, you WERE talking to me, now you're NOT. You're also leaving now, aren't cha?" She grinned sweetly as she let go of his wrist pushing him towards the door. The man muttered something under his breath as he rubbed his wrist exiting the store.

"Thank you for coming by and have a nice day." She grinned to herself, yet another jerk disposed of. Her grin quickly left as she turned to see her boss glaring at her.

"That's the fifth customer this week that you've scared off. I understand they're bothering you but we need the business." He walked over to her and checked the register to empathize his point. "Look, I know you know the stuff here better then any of the other employees but you gotta quit scaring off the male customers like that."

Inwardly she called him a coward, what the hell did he think, she was just going to let the men slobber all over her and treat her like a bimbo?! She didn't have to take this, she could find a better job in two seconds -- but she couldn't, and she knew it. "Sorry, Dave, it won't happen again."

"Yeah, like it didn't happen again before?" He sighed putting an arm around her shoulder. "Look, kid, I know they're pigs - I know what they say - but you gotta just let it slid off better. We need the business and I don't wanna fire ya."

She smiled at him briefly. "I know, I know, look, we'll get some business, don't worry, just a bad time of the year, eh?"

He chuckled looking into her blue eyes. "I hope so." He wandered back off to the back of the store just as the front door opened and a new customer came in. Putting on her best 'saleslady' face she smiled and turned to greet the customer.

"Hello, how may I.." She gasped in amazement, she knew this customer! "Oh my god! What are you doing here?" She squealed happily as she ran around the counter and flung herself arms around him giving him the best bear hug her small frame could handle.



Gambit looked at the young lady sitting across from him and could hardly believe his eyes. She had grown up so much in the years it'd been since she had left the institute saying it was time for them to treat her like an adult rather than a child. She had wanted to prove herself to be an adult in their eyes, and, other then the Christmas card once a year, they hadn't heard from her. She had extracted a solemn promise from all of them not to try to track her down, and, as if she didn't believe they wouldn't come after her, had taken enough technology to null her powers for periods and keep them from tracking her with Cerebro. He had found her though, he hadn't meant to find her, and she seemed to have let that pass.

"So, like what ARE you doin' here in Missourah?" Jubilee too a long sip of her soda watching his carefully. She could tell that he hadn't been sent to find him -- he had been just as surprised to see her as she had been to see him -- but she knew this wasn't a personal trip either.

"Pet'te, der's been a lot happenin' since you left." Gambit struggled to find a way to tell her everything that had happened without telling her too much. "Dis t'ief left de team six months back. Dey be doin' fine without me tho'. Logan misses ya.."

"Wait, you left? Why?" Jubilee cut him sort before he could change the subject, why would he leave the X-Men, why would he leave Rogue?

Gambit sighed inwardly, he knew he should have left that part till the end. "Since dat mess in Antarctica, Rogue never has been able ta completely forgive dis Cajun. I couldn't stay der forever so I left. Been doin jobs here and der to pay de bills, doin preddy well."

Jubilee looked him over noticing the pained look in his eyes at the mention of Rogue. He still loved her, the fool, she thought angrily. When will the X-Men learn to return the love of the people who truly love them, first Logan told her it could never be now Rogue is shutting poor Gambit off. She pushed the thoughts away, no need to reminisce on past loves lost.

"So what job brings you to St. Louis? Top secret thief stuff?" Jubilee grinned at him attempting to change the subject, which he seemed relieved by.

"Ah, but pet'te, if I told you I'd have to kill you." He grinned at her cocking his head slightly. She had grown up for sure as she leaned across the table to get a piece of bread out of the basket he noticed her breasts pressing against the edge of the table through her light shirt. Wouldn't Logan be hitting himself if he could see this now, then again, this is what made him push her away, she grew up to face for the old man.

She smiled back at him, briefly noticing how his eyes lit up slightly when he smiled. "You and what army? Bah, lemme give you my number so you can keep in touch now that you've found me.."


Well, it's been nine hours. 540 minutes. 3240 seconds since she had watched Gambit walk out the door of the shop after they had come back from eating. She had taken her lunch break with him and when they got back she sold him the items he thought were needed for his 'top secret thief stuff'. From what he bought it would take an army just to stop him, what with his mutant powers and all.

Now she just sat, warily watching the door and phone. Waiting. Not for him to call but for THEM to. Even if he didn't live with them still he could give them her number. They could come for her. He had said he wouldn't but trust wasn't what had kept her going for so long after leaving the institute. She wanted to trust him, really, she just figured it was easier not to trust him at this point. It had been what, 5 years since she had left. It was right after her 18th birthday. Logan had said any 'adult' feelings he may have had for her never mattered and never would because she would always been too young for him, more like a daughter. She accepted that, a long time ago, but she still couldn't go back.

She felt something brush up against her leg as she was jarred from her daydreams. Looking down she saw Wolvie had found his leash and was patiently waiting for her to take him for a walk. She smiled at him as she took the leash from him rubbing his head and stood up.

"Okay, Wolvie, but if I run into the X-Men on the walk you better put on your best 'mean' face." He jumped excitedly, the thought of a walk overriding whatever she might be saying, it didn't matter, he was going on a walk!

She clicked the leash into place and grabbed her house keys. Opening the door she gasped as Gambit fell into the doorway.

"Sorry for intruding, pet'te." He slowly collapsed into her arms as his eyes rolled back into his head.

"Umpfh! Sorry Wolvie looks like the walk will have to wait." Jubilee pulled Gambit into the room and dropped him gently onto her bed, noting the small trail of blood coming from his body. "Damn, this is a rented apartment, hope he didn't mess up the hall too much."

Wolvie followed her around with a sad expression. No walk. She said walk now no walk. Not fair.


Ugh, that pain was definitely not there when he woke up this morning. Gambit tried to sit up but found out doing so only intensified the pain.
ah, ah, hold on there bub, don't think your body's quite reading to be movin' yet. You got quite a bump on the head there." He knew that voice.. Wait, what.. Jubilee? His eyes flashed open as he tried to focus on his surroundingHe wHe was in a small apartment, the bed was clearly second-hand and he could see the bathroom from where he lay in the bedroom -- or was this the living room?

"Jubilee.. what.." He looked beside him and found himself face to face with a furry brown face with a wet black nose and a red tongue that readily licked his face eagerly. He jerked his head back slightly and felt his head pound from the action.

"WOLVIE! Don't scare the guest!" Jubilee ran to the other side of the bed to pull the dog back. "Sorry, Wolvie loves guests. You up for some soup?" She searched his face for any signs of pain or weariness.

"Soup?.. Did you order in?" Gambit tried to smile lightly only to find that the action gave him pain as well.

"Ha, ha, very funny, mister, I can cook you know." Jubilee noticed the bit of pain he experienced and decided to grab some aspirin while she was in the kitchen getting the soup.

Gambit looked up as she sat the soup down next to a glass of water and some aspirin. She reached behind him gently to push the pillows up a bit so he could sit up some. In doing so her t hut hung right in front of his face.

Gambit inhaled gently and savored the scent of jasmine as his eyes traced the curve of her neck and roundness of her breasts. Oh, lord, but she smelled good, and though her breasts weren't as full as Rogue's were they were firm and perky. He wondered what they would feel like in his hands.. No! He can't think that way, this is little Jubilee, pet'te, Logan's darling -- she's barely an adult. But that is the thing -- she was an adult. Doesn't matter anyways, he figured, she probably had guys lined up around the block, plus he was hurt, she was just being nice -- a friend.

She helped him, painfully, sit up and gave him the aspirin as well as the water before feeding him the soup, spoonful by spoonful. As she watched him swallowed the soup her eyes trailed over his abused face. He had a cut lip as well as multiple bruises. His hair was ruffle but still held the body she had remembered from her days at the institute.

Her eyes traveled to his now bare chest. She had had to remove most of his clothes to clean and bandage his wounds. What a chest, he wasn't as muscular as Logan but the muscles he did have were well defined and his chest was basically bare of all hair. She looked at his nipple that were slightly erect from the cold air and wondered how they would taste. She shook her head mentally, this was REMY -- Rogue's Remy -- he loves Rogue, or at least he did, and that wasn't the type of thing he could get over, especially not for her. She was not nearly as curvy as Rogue, hell, he probably still saw her as that little girl. That was why she left the mansion to begin with!

Pushing her thoughts and the soup away she looked down as his eyes fluttered sleepily. "Get some sleep, Cajun, we have a lot to talk about when you wake up." Gambit barely heard her finish the sentence before he passed out - again.

God, she thought, he is beautiful, but he won't be here too long, just until he feels better then he'll want to be on his way. She looked longingly over his body. She hadn't been with a guy since Logan had pushed her away, sure she had dated but she never got past the first date.


Something wet was on his toes. No, something wet was licking his toes. It was warm. A tongue was licking his toes. His wet toes were wet. The tongue tickled. Whose tongue is licking his toes?!

Gambit's eyes flashed open and he struggled to sit up to look at his toe's assaulter but fell back to the bed with a groan of pain. The action however let him glimpse the brown-haired dog that was licking his toes as well as scared the dog off. Wait a second, a dog? Where was.. Oh yea, Jubilee's apartment.. And her dog.. Wolvie?

Sighing, Gambit closed his eyes trying to remember what had happened. It was just another job, sure he needed a lot of equipment from Jube's work but that was all precautionary -- it probably saved his life. He was supposed to get some technology back for a business that claimed their rivals had stolen it. Normally he wouldn't have cared if they were lying or not, but they were willing to pay a hug amount which made him question them. They turned out to be legit and he took the job. It was going to be an in-out deal, get into the building, grab the discs from the safe and get out. They had known he was coming, that was the only answer, and somehow they had known about his abilities and had been able to clock them.

He was ambushed. He barely got away. When he did he knew he was hurt badly and needed help, Jubilee was his only choice. He groaned as he thought of how Jubilee must hate having him hear, just another up close reminder of her life with the X-Men. God, be she had grown up.. Where was she?

Carefully he moved his head to the side looking around the room for her, finally spotting her asleep on a small sofa taking up the far wall. His eyes traced her form as she slept. She lay on her side face him, her eyes shut and lips pouting slightly, a lock of shoulder-length black hair falling across her eyes. He chest rose and fell as she slept, he noticed she was wearing an oversized tee-shirt and a pair of shorts -- some habits never die no matter how grown-up you get. Her curves were all in the right places and he almost hated to wake her. Unfortunately, certain human functions occur even in the mightiest of mutants and nature called.

"Jubilee?" Her eyes fluttered open and she looked at him, her eyes held weariness and a sadness he couldn't place. As if he had woken her from a nice dream only to be confronted with her present situation.

She sat up pushing her hair out her eyes. "You're awake, are you okay?"

"Oui, pet'te, dis t'ief feel like a truck run ova him but other dan dat life goes on." He gave her his best smile as he struggled for.. appropriate words to convey his needs. "But.. uh.. it been a long time since.. I've frequented dam lil'Cajun room..?"

Jubilee looked at him for a split second before laughing out loud. "Oh Remy! I'm so sorry, I totally didn't think about it! Here, lemme help you up."

She pulled his legs over the side of the bed and helped him to stand, resting his weight on her. "Uh.. if you don't mind me asking.. are you going to stand or sit?"

She thought she actually saw Gambit blush. "Pet'te, uh.. stand."

She looked down at his lanky, battered body leaning against her and blushed a bit herself. "I'll turn around then, while you.."

Gambit nodded carefully. "Dis pet'te is one situation dis t'ief never counted on."

Jubilee smiled inwardly. She, herself, had had her little dreams about Gambit, though none of them involved this particular activity many did involve him only in his boxers as he was now. Her minded roamed back to those dreams and she felt something stir within her. She wasn't sure whether she wanted to quench the feeling or go with it.

"All done, pet'te." Gambit sighed from the exhaustion this little bit of walking had done to him. Not that he minded having his body pressed so close to Jubilee's, in fact he felt quite the opposite and worried she would notice his feelings and get upset.

After he was settled back in bed, Jubilee sat down on the bed facing him. "So you wanna tell me what happened?"

Figuring he had little choice in the matter he relayed his tale as best he knew.


Jubilee crouched down to pick up Wolvie's droppings with the paper towel she had brought and put it into a plastic bag. "Geez, Wolvie, one of these days you're gonna have ta learn to do this yourself."

She followed Wolvie who pulled happily on the leash. After Gambit's tale she had left him to rest more in the apartment while she took Wolvie on a much-needed walk. She needed time to think. Remy had gotten himself into a mess, while he swore it was all for a good cause she still didn't see why it was worth losing his life, no matter what he was paid. But now he needed to finish the job. He could probably use her help, but he would need to rest a few days. His injuries weren't as bad as they could have been, he mainly ended up bruised with some deep gashes but nothing was broken.

She was hesitant to become involved, it'd been a long time since she's done anything like this and she wasn't in the same shape he had once been. Not to say she hadn't kept working out, but too many night of take out had added some weight to her. Sighing she realized that she couldn't turn her back on him though. She had done that once, to all of them, her family, but she couldn't do it to Remy, not now when he needed her most.

Bah, she had already missed a couple days and from what Dave said business was running smoothly. Sure she wasn't there to intimidate the male customers who felt that she threatened their manhood. She figured she could get a week more, tops off before Dave started noticing the neglect on the weaponry and realized he needed her still. She smiled, she knew Dave appreciated her work, but he was always bothering her about taking some vacation time, she had normally refused but now might be a good time to cash in on it.

Tugging on the leash she headed back to the apartment. "Come on, boy, let's get back and see how our patient is doing, eh?"


Remy woke up to find that the throbbing in his head had dulled some and he was able to concentrate better on what he saw. He remembered telling Jubes everything and shook his head slightly, he hadn't wanted to get her involved. Swinging his feet over the side of the bed he pulled himself up running a hand through his matted hair and noticing the odor he emitted slightly. A shower would be nice, the chere would probably thank him in the end for it, he stumbled over the bathroom and turned the faucet on.

He noticed some bath beads by the tub. He had never known Jubilee to worry much over baths and such, she really had grown up. He imagined her slipping into a hot bath steaming with scented oils and running a sponge down her legs. Shaking his head slightly he turned up the cold water, this is Jubilee, not some woman he just met, the last thing he needed to do was start having feelings for her.

But he had already begun.


Opening the door and letting Wolvie pull her into the apartment Jubilee wondered, belatedly if she should have done some shopping of it maybe she should just order in. Looking over to the bed for her patient she stopped dead in her tracks.

"Uh.. You know, Remy, last I looked women's clothing weren't your particular style." She could barely contain her laughter as she surveyed the clearly unhappy, Cajun sitting there in her neon orange workout shorts and gray mid-riff tee shirt. His lanky legs seemed to burst forth from the short shorts while his slight pubic hair leading from his belly button down to disappear into the shorts stood out like a sore thumb.

"Chere, dis t'ief would feel muctta tta in his own clothes..?" Remy scowled at her as she burst out laughing. Wolvie, on the other hand seemed to think their guest looked perfectly alright and jumped onto the bed licking his face eagerly as the Cajun tried unsuccessfully to push him away.

Jubilee dug through a basket of clean clothing in the corner of the room and appeared with a pair of gray over-sized sweats and a man's shirt she kept around to wear while she was cleaning. "Sorry, Remy, the clothes you had on when you got here were so cut up and bloody I just threw them out. These may fit you better, if you're feeling up to it we can go buy you some new clothes. I don't know if you'd want to return to your hotel room so soon since these creeps seem to know so much about you."

Remy looked at the clothes with resignation, he would rather have had a nice pair of slacks and a collared shirt but these would have to do. He immediately began removing his shorts and heard an "eep" coming form Jubilee as she turned her back on him. Blushing to himself, he cursed himself for his crudeness. "Dank you, chere, these are much better, but dis Cajun does need ta buy some clothes of his own. Meybe we go out ta dinner to?"

"That sounds great, Remy, I know the perfect place! Let me change and we'll go get you some suitable clothes and grab some grub!" Jubilee rushed into her closet closing the door behind her.

Remy smiled to himself wondering what the "perfect place" to eat would be for a girl - no, woman - like Jubilee.


She looked one last time over her outfit. She could just take him to McDonalds, knowing Remy he probably left all of his money and credit cards in his hotel room in the safe so she'd have to buy him his outfit and dinner. No, she had to do this, this would prove she had grown up and didn't need the X-Men anymore. When he talked to them again he could relay the message. And this had NOTHING to do with the feelings she felt for him, that was pure lust and could be controlled. Yes, lust, only lust.

Taking a deep breath she stepped out of the closet. "Okay, Cajun, let's go get ya some clothes."

She was rewarded by a speechless Remy.


They were finally seated in a nice little Tai restaurant in the heart of downtown St. Louis. It had taken the better part of an hour for Gambit to find appropriate clothing and the rest of the hour for Jubilee to convince him he was no less suave for letting her pay for his clothes and dinner.

Gambit looked over at his dining companion thoughtfully. She wore a rich green silk dress with morning glories embroidered up the side. The dress was cut short and the neck line was cut low leaving very little to the imagination as it hung over her curves like a second skin. He had not let his eyes leave her form since she had emerged from the closet. Now, in the small restaurant with only dim candles for light he could truly behold her beauty.

Jubilee glanced up at Gambit nervously the waiter had since took their orders leaving them in silence. Gambit had been quiet the entire ride over here and was now staring at her with a look she had never seen in his eyes before. It was almost as if he desired her but that couldn't be true, even if he now viewed her as a woman, she was nothing compared to Rogue.

"So, uh.. Remy? I figure I can get a week off from work to help you pay back those bastards and finish your job. Look, I know you're not askin' or nothin but I'm volunteering, you need help, you know you do." Jubilee put on her most stubborn face and crossed her small arms across her chest pushing her breasts up ever so slightly.

Gambit let his eyes roam her face, barely believing what she had said. Sure, back at the mansion they had always been friends, partners in crime, pulling pranks on the other team members but he hadn't considered eve asking for her help here. He had figured after tonight she would bid him goodbye and return to her happy, normal life. Looking into her eyes though he saw that fierce resignation to help out her friend at all costs. Smiling at her he reached across the table and took her hand lightly in his.

"Chere, Gambit would be honored ta have your help, but t'nigh we relax and enjoy, oui?" He smiled deeply into her eyes as he thumb ran up and down her hand enjoying the softness of her skin and the reflection of the candlelight in her eyes. He could always hope she would see and return his affections, and if not after this job he could leave the city, nothing lost or gained. But even as he told himself that as he looked into her eyes he knew that something would indeed be lost is she never returned his affections.

Jubilee blushed lightly, she swore he was flirting with her, but that wasn't possible, it simply wasn't. "Of course, I think you'll enjoy this restaurant, I come here often."

"Den you have found amoir?" A shadow passed over Gambit's eyes as he took a deep breath and prepared himself for the answer.

Jubilee nearly laughed out loud. "Remy, please! If I had found someone do you think I'd still be living in that apartment talking to my dog?" She smiled warmly at him. "Wolvie's the only man in my life now."

"As, yes, de canine. You named him after de Canadian? Remy see de resemblance. You miss him?" Remy knew Jubes had loved Logan since the day she met him and was devastated when he turned her down. He prayed she no longer entertained fantasies of him changing his mind.

She shook her head sadly. "No, Remy, I know nothing can ever happen with Logan. His only feelings for me are paternal, he won't let himself feel any differently. I have accepted that and moved on. I wish we could go back to the ways things were but I've grown up, and things will never be the same."

Letting out a breath he didn't realize he had been holding, Remy realized she had gotten over that part in her life and there may be a chance for him. He flashed her smile as their wine came. "To de future den, chere."

"To the future, Remy." She smiled at him, for now, at least, he was her world, her future.


The next couple of days were torture for Remy. Jubilee had thought that it'd be better if he stayed in the apartment while she went out and did the foot work. He spent many long days with Wolvie following his every move. und understood Jube's love of the dog, it was good to have someone to hold who wouldn't push back or argue with you.

As he watched her fix dinner that night he realized how much he had really enjoyed the last few days. He almost wished it would never end but he knew she probably was getting sick of him and wanted her bed back. He had often caught her staring at him when she didn't realize he was aware of her presence, he had hoped that there might be some feelings of love behind those gazes but she had kept her distance. She was able to keep the whole situation much more professional then he was.

"Remy." Her voice drew he back to the present. "I researched that company you're after. I have maps of the security system and from my calculations we can get in and out tonight with minimal chance of detection."

"Oui, chere, dis sounds like a plan, when do we leave?" He put aside the magazine he was supposedly reading and stretched out his limbs.

"Tonight, half an hour." She watched him rub his arms and legs as he stood up. God, he was beautiful she yearned to reach out and rub her hands up and down his body.

"Den we best get ready."


They had made it inside the building easily enough climbing in through the roof. And, with the help of the maps, had found the main computer terminals. Jubilee stood guard as Gambit quickly downloaded the files he needed onto zip disks and deleted the originals, ringring his tracks as he went.

"Done?" She looked over at him as he stood up and went to one of the file cabinets.

"Almost.. dey should have backup disks somewhere.. Ah! Here dey are." He removed the disks from the cabinet and charged them briefly before letting them drop to the ground where they exploded. "Let's go, chere."

He led them out of the room and back to the roof with no problems. "Well, chere, dat's dat." He looked over at her in the moonlight, her short black hair was tied back and she wore a tight black jumpsuit. "Will you allow dis t'ief to walk you home?" He held his hand out to her with a wide smile on his face.

Jubilee turned her head slightly to hide her blush. He was just happy to have had your help, she told herself, nothing more. "Sure, Remy." She took his hand as he led her to the edge of the building.


He had been playing it over in his mind the entire way back to her apartment. He would take her up to the door, lean against it blocking her way in.. no, no, that would be too aggressive. He could let her open the door and then, as she walked inside, grab her hand and kiss it gently.. Yes, that was it, he would romance her.

And then she'd turn him down. Where was his confidence, why was this any different then being with Rogue? Because with Rogue, he known, despite their many fights, where he stood. He had no clue if Jubilee had romantic feelings for him. All he knew is that he didn't want to lose their friendship, but he also wanted desperately to kiss her.

She looked over at Remy, he had been quiet during the entire walk back. They were only a block from her apartment. She was dreading arriving at her apartment. She felt so happy here, just walking next to him, she never wanted it to end.

They stopped at the door of her apartment. "Here we are chere, dis Cajun got you back safe and sound." He flashed her a nervous smile as he stepped back slightly, unsure now of what to do.

"Remy.." She turned to look in his eyes and saw her own desire reflected in his eyes. "Chere.." He looked down at her and drew her up into his arms, letting his lips touch hers gently.

She pulled him to her, kissing him feverishly, running her hands though his hair. His lips left hers slowly as she opened her eyes to find his red on black orbs staring back at her.

"Chere.. I.." He looked at her unsure of what to say, all he knew is he wanted more.

She nodded mutely and fumbled for her keys as she turned reluctantly to the door. His hands trailed up and down her body sending shivers down her spine. She could feel him hard, pressed up against her and felt her own desire grow wet between her legs.

Pushing the door open she stumbled inside drawing him after her as he shut the door. She turned to kiss him softly before stepping away from him. "I'm going.. to go.. um.. get more comfortable." She stepped into the bathroom and closed the door softly behind her.

Remy stared at the door for a few minutes before quickly stripping off his own clothes and heading for the bed only to be cut off by a furry bump. Looking down he saw Wolvie staring up at him wagging his tail happily. "Non, dis nigh is not for you." Remy reached down and rubbed the dog's head affectionately before sitting on the bed, pulling the covers back.

He fluffed the pillows gently and leaned back, staring at the bathroom door intently. He wanted this night to be perfect and he didn't want to miss a second of looking at her beautiful body. Running a had through his hair he looked down his long, lean body. His washboard stomach was near hairless and his long legs stretched out luxiorously. He could only hope she wouldn't be disappointed in him, he had nowhere near Logan's bulk or muscle mass.


Jubilee leaned over the sink and stared at her reflection in the mirror. He wants me, he really wants me, but why, she couldn't help wondering about the man lying on her bed. It was most likely purely physical, he just had a need, his adrenaline was pumping from heist they had just pulled, nothing else. But at dinner, could he have been flirting with her?

She looked at her now nude body and smiled slightly, she had grown up in all of the right placed. Her breasts were full, firm and perky. She would never be as curvy as Rogue was but her weight sat well on the curves she did have. Her hips were still pretty small but had a fullness that hinted that childbearing wouldn't be impossible. She kept her pubic hair shaved off completely and subconsciously ran a hand over her snatch to be sure it was silky smooth.

Shivering slightly she let her index finger trail between the folds of her lips and gently run over her clitoris. There was a man in her bed tonight. A man who wanted her. Remy. What was she doing in here still? Playing with herself as she watched her face in the mirror? He was out there waiting. And that thought terrified her.

She wasn't a virgin, she had lost her virginity a long time ago thinking that the loss of it would allow Logan to overcome his fatherly feelings and come to her as a man to a woman, but that had never happened. And she hadn't been with another man since. She wanted this, she did. But what if he reconsidered? He had had multiple partners and was known as a good lover.

Her nipples had gone hard form the cold and her own anticipation. Standing up straight she turned to the door. She had to go out there now or she never would. She flicked the light off, waited a minute for her eyes to adjust and open the door to her darkened bedroom.

There on her bed she could make out his shape, lying there, waiting for her, she stepped over to the bed and gently sat on the edge, pulling the sheet over her naked body. She could feel his eyes on her, roaming over her bar back and taking in all of her curves.

A warm hand reached out and touched her back gently causing her to jump nervously. She turned her head to look into his bright red eyes.

"Remy, I.." She places a hand cautiously on his chest and felt him trembling underneath her.

"Chere... if dis not be what you want jus' say de word." She could feel his eyes searching her face as she lowered her eyes.

Bringing her gaze back to his she leaned against him and softly put her lips against his in the most tender of kisses. He wrapped his arms around her pulling her more firmly against him as he returned the kiss. Her mouth opened slightly as she moaned into his mouth, he took that moment to slip his tongue into her mouth, probing hungrily for satisfaction.

That night they both found the love and acceptance that was long overdue.

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